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Engine Sealer

Stops oil leaks in their tracks, and prevents future leaks from costing you money.

Save Oil & Money with our Engine Sealer service

Protect your car (and prevent unsightly oil marks on your driveway or garage) with our Engine Sealer service. This additive treatment works with all oil types to stop existing oil leaks and prevent future leaks. No more adding oil in between oil changes - one treatment typically lasts between 6,000 - 9,000 miles.

Save money, extend your engine life, keep your driveway clean - all with one convenient service!

Does My Car Need an Engine Sealer Service?

Have you noticed oil drops on your driveway? Then come in today for our Engine Sealer service. If your car or truck isn't leaking oil now, don't wait until it's too late - we recommend the Engine Sealer treatment at every other oil change.

*Most vehicles. Includes up to five quarts of oil; additional quarts of oil cost extra. Additional charges may also apply for premium oil filters and skid plate removal charge (where necessary).

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