Full Service Oil Change Pricing

Full Service Oil Change

*Online Oil Change purchase includes up to five quarts of oil; additional quarts of oil cost extra. Additional charges may also apply for premium oil filters. *Online pricing cannot be combined with other offers, coupons, discounts, gift certificates, rebates or vouchers. Additional terms & conditions also apply, available here.

Conventional Oil Change

Michigan's Best Oil Change! Our exclusive 19-point check, plus up to 5 quarts of 10W30, 5W30 or 5W20 oil.

online only*
regularly $44.99

Blend Synthetic Oil Change

Our exclusive 19-point check, plus up to 5 quarts of synthetic blend oil for a cleaner engine.

online only*
regularly $64.99

High Mileage Oil Change

Specially formulated for vehicles over 75,000 miles, our high-mileage oil change service maximizes performance while reducing engine wear.

online only*
regularly $64.99

Full Synthetic Oil Change

Our exclusive 19-point check, plus up to 5 quarts of full synthetic oil. Meets Dexos global motor oil specs to maintain GM warranty.

online only*
regularly $74.99

Kendall GT-1 Full Synthetic Oil Change

Full-service oil change with up to 5 quarts of quality Kendall GT-1 Full Synthetic Oil. Ultimate engine protection. Meets dexos® global motor oil specifications to maintain your GM warranty. Plus our exclusive 19-point check!

online only*
regularly $89.99

European Oil Change

Give your European vehicle its recommended service with up to 5 quarts of 5w40 oil and our exclusive 19-point service check.

online only*
regularly $89.99

Diesel Truck Oil Change

Our full service exclusive 19-point check, plus up to 8 quarts of oil for your diesel vehicle.

online only*
regularly $74.99

Uncle Ed's Exclusive Oil Change Services

Experience the Uncle Ed’s Difference

At Uncle Ed's, you get more than an oil and filter change. You get a 19-point inspection and advice from knowledgeable specialists. For over 30 years, our friendly, fast service has built our reputation as the place to get a truly exceptional and enjoyable oil change. Use the exclusive offers below and join the Uncle Ed's family!

Not sure what services your vehicle needs? Don’t worry – we keep your vehicle’s maintenance history on file, so you don’t have to remember things like the grade of oil needed or when a filter or belt should be replaced. Visiting Uncle Ed’s is like coming home for your car!

Purchase your oil change on-line and save at least $10!

Ed's Exclusive 19-Point Check Service

During your visit, we will:
  • Change Oil with up to 5 Quarts of Motor Oil (5w20, 5w30 or 10w30)
  • Change Oil Filter 
  • Lubricate Chassis 
  • Check and advise: 
    • Air Filter 
    •  Cabin Air Filter 
    •  PCV Valve 
    •  Radiator Cap 
    •  Radiator Fluid 
    •  Serpentine Belt 
    •  Fuel Filter 
    •  Battery
  • Check and fill: 
    •  Transmission Fluid 
    •  Differential/Transaxle Fluid (upon request) 
    •  Power Steering Fluid 
    •  Windshield Washer Fluid 
  •  Safety check: 
    •  Tire Pressure 
    •  Wiper Blades 
    •  Exterior Lights 
    •  Wash Exterior Windshield