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Come experience Michigan's Best Oil Change right here in St. Clair Shores. Conveniently located on Harper Avenue, our friendly and knowledgeable technician staff will service your car, truck, or van with a fast and professional oil and oil filter change. But that's only the beginning!

In addition we provide a thorough 19-point inspection with advice on the condition of your vehicle. We will check your car's fluids and if they are low, we can top them off. As an added courtesy we set your tire pressure, check your exterior lights, inspect the wiper blades and hand wash the windshield. All in just 10-15 minutes!

Our Harper Avenue service station is full-service location, meaning we can perform additional preventative maintenance services such as transmission fluid and radiator flushes, help increase your vehicle's gas mileage with our engine additives and treatments, and install or replace air filters, wiper blades, and bulbs.

Our service doesn't stop once you leave! As a valued customer you receive our free fluid and tire check in between oil changes - a $25 value yours free to use as many times as you’d like!

Staff Information

Asst District Manager Jordon Pittman for Uncle Eds Oil Shoppe on 28820 Harper Ave in St. Clair Shores, MI 48081

Jordon Pittman
Asst District Manager

Store Manager for Uncle Eds Oil Shoppe on 28820 Harper Ave in St. Clair Shores, MI 48081

Thomas Sampson
Store Manager

Ask our Customers
  • Everything was good checked and showed me everything on my car

    Hussen – Clinton Twp, MI 5/31/2019

  • They do a good job here!

    Krista – Macomb, MI 5/10/2019

  • Everything was great!

    Major – Detroit, MI 5/10/2019

Recent Customer Reviews

Edward – Eastpointe, MI 6/14/2019 No, I had always been served well that’s why I return.

Rachel – STERLING HEIGHTS, MI 6/14/2019 Great service! Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Only complaint is the price.

Aaron – St Clr Shores, MI 6/8/2019 Very fast and friendly service! First time visit, but will never go back to the dealer for an oil change

David – GROSSE POINTE SHORES, MI 6/5/2019 This location always kiss my Jeep running at top of the line love the attitude love the atmosphere will always come here

Pam – Harrison Twp, MI 6/4/2019 Tom always gives great service runs a great team and always keeps me up today with what my truck needs that's why I always continue to come back

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Richard – St Clr Shores, MI 6/2/2019 Thomas and Brian were excellent and provided great customer service and information

Tonisha – Eastpointe, MI 5/31/2019 The employees are very friendly and make the experience that much more easy and fast while you are waiting.

Mark – St Clr Shores, MI 5/28/2019 Tommy the manager is Thee Best

Debi – Harrison Twp, MI 5/15/2019 They could not of been nicer or more helpful. It was like spa day for my car!

Natalie – St Clr Shores, MI 5/13/2019 They did a great job

Nicole – Grosse Pt Frm, MI 5/11/2019 Brian was very helpful!

Robert – St Clr Shores, MI 5/7/2019 I was welcomed in very friendly workers performed in a timely fashion

Kelly – St Clr Shores, MI 5/3/2019 The assistant manager Brian s was very nice. He did a great job

Dianna – St Clr Shores, MI 5/3/2019 Excellent service.

Richard – St Clr Shores, MI 4/29/2019 Thomas S., the customer service advisor, and Kevin B., the utility technician, both have done a stellar job with the customer service as well diagnosing the needs of the vehicle expertly. I am a repeat customer with this branch and all of utility technicians and the managers provide excellent service every time. The honesty and ease and quickness of service makes this branch a tier above other competitors and branches.

Randall – Grosse Pt Wds, MI 4/24/2019 The team that serviced my car that day was excellent! In this was a movie there were the Top Gun crew, constant communication and a friendly atmosphere amongst each other. The manager was Tom Cruise (the leader) the lady was Kelly (the glue for the both of them) and the guy in the pit was Goose (the humble side kick willing to help). That's just how much fun I had watching them change my oil and service my car. Great group, great job!! 100% satisfied!!

Kyle – Saint Clair Shores , MI 4/19/2019 Unbelievable feeling coming into the store today I am always on edge when I go to these places but Tom was very honest very upfront and made me feel extremely comfortable with a services I was purchasing I did not feel pressured at all and feel like I can truly trust him I will continue to bring this and my other vehicles back in the future thank you to Tom an his Team.

Brendan – St Clr Shores, MI 4/12/2019 Very good and very friendly.

Matthew – St Clr Shores, MI 4/12/2019 Amazingly fast and very helpful with planning out other services that I need to have done to my vehicle. Literally a one stop shop that can take care of almost everything needed to keep my vehicle running in top condition.

Jakki – Roseville, MI 4/11/2019 Very impressed with the service of Tom and his team today not pushy at all and I will definitely be back

Jim – St Clr Shores, MI 4/8/2019 I was in the hospital and my wife took my sons car in. We had rewards to use and the coupon just expired but the manager honored the coupon as well. Since it is not very affordable to get an oil change at Uncle Eds unless you get at least $20 off, I'm very happy the manager did this for us.

Mark – St Clr Shores, MI 4/8/2019 close to home

Carrie – St Clr Shores, MI 4/7/2019 I would not come back without a coupon. Your prices are way too high.

Dan – St Clr Shores, MI 4/6/2019 Staff delivered outstanding customer service. To bad other businesses are not like these two employees. Tom was terrific.

Chris – St Clr Shores, MI 4/5/2019 Brain, Shane and Kevin were excellent. Great customer service and knowledge of products. Been going to another place forever but decided to come here as it's closer to me home. This guys made us change our minds and Uncle Ed's will be our new go to forever:) Thanks Guys!!!

Ellen – Harrison Twp, MI 4/2/2019 I've been to this location a number of times; usually for a tire pressure check. All the staff have been friendly and helpful. Kevin Smith gave me excellent advise on tire replacement (better than the service advisor at the dealer). I always receive great service at this location.

Robert – Roseville, MI 3/31/2019 Helpful,friendly,quick and courteous. Will definitely be returning.

Julie – Roseville, MI 3/28/2019 the service team of Brian, Tom and Shane were all very helpful, friendly, and efficient

Jordan – St Clr Shores, MI 3/28/2019 Brian expressed his care for my vehicle, Shane doesn’t like my mustang but was impartial when he provided service, Thomas is chill and friendly cared about the look of my car.

Cornelius – Eastpointe, MI 3/26/2019 Kevin S did a excellent job of changing my radiator fluid and recommending a new radiator cap really appreciate these guys

Cornelius – Eastpointe, MI 3/26/2019 Tom always takes good care of me always make sure I get the best deal so I'm happy and keep coming back

Jason – St Clr Shores, MI 3/24/2019 Brian told me my wipers were 10 per billed showed 16.99 and 12.99 and he tried to say that’s 10 for up to 20 inches was rude about putting them back and refunding. Also would not stop telling me I was using the wrong oil for my flex. HE IS FOR SURE WRONG. the flex owners Manuel states saw 5w20 seriously stop trying to upsell with lies

Phillip – Eastpointe, MI 3/21/2019 I always get good service.

Jacqueline – Clinton Twp, MI 3/11/2019 I had to go back to this store and have the service person show me how to clear out my computer. My check engine light was on and would not go off. Also, my low tire message was still on so that is how I know they did not check my tires. The manager was very friendly and did the job way to fast. It seemed to me that he just wanted to get rid of me. I went back on March 27, 2019. They were very helpful and got me on my way. They rechecked everything for me to make sure I would not blow up my engine. I thank them for that. I will come back but if Jacob is there I will wait for another day.

Benjamin – ., MI 3/4/2019 Love heaven Tom back at the Saint Clair shores location hes been taking care my wife and I's vehicles for years and continue to come to him because we trust them

John – Roseville, MI 2/10/2019 very good service

Jalan – Eastpointe, MI 2/10/2019 Great team up there. Super fast and friendly! 👍🏾

Sharon – Harrison Twp, MI 2/9/2019 Today was so amazing and we had so much fun I had to bring the husband's car back to make sure it was all caught up team had a lot of hard work on the headlights but never broke theyre smile

Sharon – Harrison Twp, MI 2/9/2019 Absolutely amazing at the store today you can feel the energy so great to see Tom back and get my cars taking care of

Cathy – St Clr Shores, MI 2/7/2019 I could not be happier that I decided to stop in today. Tom, Kevin and Troy were warm, welcoming and I would absolutely recommend giving them a try.

Mark – St Clr Shores, MI 1/30/2019 Like the staff

Mark – St Clr Shores, MI 1/30/2019 always friendly

Mark – St Clr Shores, MI 1/30/2019 nice guys most of the time

J.R. – Ferndale, MI 1/26/2019 Very statsfied

ROSANNE – FALLS CHURCH, MI 1/11/2019 This team is the bomb, very well mannered, Jacob was very educational, he absolutely knows what he's talking about when it comes to vehicles, love it

TONYA – St Clr Shores, MI 1/4/2019 Everyone was very nice and helpful.

Hilary – St Clr Shores, MI 12/31/2018 Best location we’ve been to so far!

Adam – St Clr Shores, MI 12/26/2018 Thank you

Joseph – St Clr Shores, MI 12/23/2018 Great job

Lindsay – St Clr Shores, MI 12/21/2018 Great service!

Nikki – Detroit, MI 12/19/2018 None at this time

Jeni – St Clr Shores, MI 12/17/2018 The guys were very friendly and efficient. They turned a simple oil change into a fun experience for my kids and I. You could also tell they enjoyed each other’s company ... which was clear by their comradery with each other. We will definitely be back!

Melissa – St Clr Shores, MI 12/9/2018 Jacob took amazing care of my care. 10/10 would reccomend. :)

Jim – St Clr Shores, MI 11/29/2018 I used to bring all of my vehicles here for oil changes but it's goteen too expensive. I purchased this oil change from an email promotion (which the discounted oil change was still more expensive than where I usually have it done) and I still had to pay some cash. They told me my tires were worn (they're a year old) my wiper blades were worn ( I just replaced them) so I would have a difficult time believing I needed an engine cleaning, coolant flush and power steering fluid exchange. Also, the kid who was talking to me tried to talk so fast that I couldn't understand half of what he was saying. $62.65 was my total discounted price. I came here because I needed a quick oil change and thought the promotion would make it worth while but it was not. I don't even pay $40 for High Mileage oil where I usually take it.....and to pay over $20 for "convenience" is a bit ridiculous. Unless all of your coupons, discounts, rewards and promotions can get me close to a $40 oil change, I probably won't be back.

Kevin – Na, MI 11/29/2018 This team is great

Todd – Scs, MI 11/26/2018 Awesome seeing you buck t this store

Terry – St Clr Shores, MI 11/26/2018 Tom and his team are amazing

MARCIA – St Clr Shores, MI 11/25/2018 Excellence in service and safety to make sure transmission taken care of properly as well as proper oil used. I am a visiting home health RN in Wayne and Macomb counties of MI and rely on my vehicle for not only my livelihood however also well being of my patients. Kevin and Jacob were excellent. Made me feel like family!

DARYL – St Clr Shores, MI 11/25/2018 Fast and friendly

Haylee – Warren, MI 11/24/2018 Best service by far

Patti – Grosse Pt Wds, MI 11/19/2018 Great service

Erin – Roseville, MI 11/17/2018 Nothing to add

Trinity – St Clr Shores, MI 11/14/2018 Every single technician was super friendly. I will definitely be back!

Todd – St Clr Shores, MI 11/8/2018 GREAT JOB

Adam – Harrison Twp, MI 11/8/2018 They only change the oil and tire pressure.

Paulette – St Clr Shores, MI 11/3/2018 I have always experienced that the personnel there are all very professional, informative, friendly and happy. It's very refreshing!!

Chris – St Clr Shores, MI 10/30/2018 Marcus did an excellent job !

Craig – Roseville, MI 10/26/2018 Took too long to replace skid plate

BRIAN – Eastpointe, MI 10/18/2018 No additional feedback

Stephanie – Eastpointe, MI 10/15/2018 Never over sell things

Austin – St Clr Shores, MI 10/14/2018 Funniest oil change I’ve ever had

John – Eastpointe, MI 10/12/2018 Very professional and courteous.

Cat – St Clr Shores, MI 10/8/2018 very professional, friendly and we felt like we got a good service.

Emily – St Clr Shores, MI 10/1/2018 very nice, hard workers

Christine – Roseville, MI 9/24/2018 Great service

Ayana – Detroit, MI 9/24/2018 I was not given the complete safety inspection. I had to advice the manager on duty (Shane) that my radiator fluid was not checked and as I drove away I realized that my tire pressure wasn't checked. Also, none of the technicians (manager included) introduced themselves to me. I had to ask for their names as the oil change was being completed. I was not satisfied by the service at this location.

Pamela – Roseville, MI 9/13/2018 Very happy with the service. I will return.

Tiffany – Grosse Pointe, MI 9/11/2018 What a wonderful Staff you have at this location super friendly, knowledgeable and hard workers!

Yvette – Sterling Hts, MI 9/11/2018 I love my visit here

Geraldine – St Clair Shrs, MI 9/11/2018 Hello this is my first time coming to Uncle Ed's oil change and it's been a fantastic marvelous excellent Super Service in this first time I've ever had such good service at an oil change with good information

Phillip – St Clr Shores, MI 9/2/2018 This crew was awesome!

Martin – N/a, MI 8/31/2018 Hello been coming to Uncle Ed-s oil change for a while now this is top-notch service Nathan runs a tight ship the gentleman are so friendly and polite I will always come back and refer other people

Josh – St Clr Shores, MI 8/31/2018 -1 highway to visit today it was awesome!!! We had the friendliest sweetest guys helping us and they that the most awesome job we-re so happy and will be returning

David – Roseville, MI 8/27/2018 The coupons enabled me to get more services than I would have been able to afford without them, which makes me happier

Tayonna – Roseville, MI 8/21/2018 My visit was great .. Nathan explained everything well .. He's great i like him . i will most definitely coome back to this location

Joseph – Eastpointe, MI 8/21/2018 Great visit!!!Loved it! Fun time

KIAH – ROSEVILLE, MI 8/21/2018 Fantastic visit

JENNIFER – St Clr Shores, MI 8/17/2018 No commenr

Denise – St Clr Shores, MI 8/15/2018 Cost is not worth the convienence. I would rather wait the extra 15-30 minutes at my usual location and save the extra $30/40. Also think it is ridiculous to charge extra to remove/replace the skid plate. Have not had to pay this extra fee anywhere else. Most likely will return with our other vehicle for the one time free oil change but do not plan on returning.

Teaira – Eastpointe, MI 8/13/2018 Awesome staff! Awesome manager! And entertaining to boot.....

Chris – Sterling Hts, MI 8/9/2018 Always good

Justine – Roseville, MI 8/9/2018 Fun time overall satisfied

Kim – Harper Woods, MI 8/4/2018 Great customer service

Audrey – NORTHVILLE, MI 8/3/2018 My service was started with a gentleman named Brandon who did inspect my lights and tell me about them, he then handed the iPad over to Jake who did nothing more than change my oil. When I drove away I was reviewing my invoice only to find that it says that my Winchell wipers were inspected and my windshield was 'hands washed'...both of these are complete lies. I believe he was just standing with the iPad clicking on boxes as I am currently looking at a windshield is covered with dirt, and no point in time during my entire visit did anyone Touch my windshield or squirt anything on it ,it was not hand washed and my wiper blades were never touched Nor asked about them, the second part is my tire pressure which I know for a fact it is at 36 because I put air in my tires yesterday I pulled away only to find that they invoice as all four of my tires are at 33 pressure' Not sure how this is determined when no one checked them. I am very disappointed in the level of service. I understand that uncle Ed's is trying to say that they give one of the 'fastest 'œoil changes, but just because you'™re doing something fast doesn'™t mean you should Compromise on the quality of the service ur giving.

Richard – Eastpointe, MI 7/31/2018 Guys are great

Carolyn – Clinton Twp, MI 7/31/2018 Great service and informative

Julia – Grosse Pt Wds, MI 7/27/2018 They were awesome. Super friendly, personable, and helpful. I will be back.

Greg – Roseville, MI 7/26/2018 I don't know where you find these guys but I need one for my business. The manager was sick as a dog and alone but you couldn't tell from the service he provided. I felt bad because he was sick be he assured me that my oil change would still be perfect. I'll be back

Mark – St Clr Shores, MI 7/23/2018 Not very happy

Lynne – St Clr Shores, MI 7/22/2018 Excellent love the Manager Nathan!

Melinda – Linden, MI 7/21/2018 Very fun entertaining, Great guys

Ross – St Clr Shores, MI 7/21/2018 Fast in and out

Florence – Eastpointe, MI 7/21/2018 No additional comments

Mike – St Clr Shores, MI 7/21/2018 Good visit

Courtney – Southgate, MI 7/21/2018 Great visit

George – Grosse Pt Pk, MI 7/21/2018 Very good

Jaclyn – Eastpointe, MI 7/21/2018 Fast service thats why i come see the guys on Harper

Todd – St Clr Shores, MI 7/21/2018 100% Awesome after bad experience at Pennzoil so rude.Love it here Nathan and Tyler know their stuff

Terry – Roseville, MI 7/21/2018 Awesome Service

Betty – Detroit, MI 7/21/2018 Great as Always

Justin – St Clr Shores, MI 7/18/2018 Great service

Joyce – St Clr Shores, MI 7/18/2018 Love this place and the people in it

Rebecca – St Clr Shores, MI 7/17/2018 Was great

Greg – Harrison Twp, MI 7/13/2018 Good servoce

Mark – St Clr Shores, MI 7/7/2018 After approx 15 years of going to this local I have spent most of the day power washing my own drive just to get the Trans fluid and Anti freeze from the cement. I have trans fluid and grime marks on my front right fender, I have fluids dripping off my engine compartment on to my drive yesterday. After having almost $350.00 worth of work done I get passed of to low man on the totem pole so to speak and get to watch him spill Trans fluid continuosly on to my engine conpartment and if you ask why I did not speak up then I will tell you all that I would have gotten was a bunch of fluids wiped deeper in to my trucks engine conpartment. I am NOT HAPPY and would appreciate a call from the DM Please

Scott – St Clr Shores, MI 6/30/2018 Fast Service

John – St Clr Shores, MI 6/30/2018 Great place

Karen S – St Clair Shores, MI 6/28/2018 Everyone there was very professional, friendly and helpful and answered questions that I had about their work and my car and very quick for the amount of work they did. They did a lot of work and they did a really good job and I watched them and they explained what they were doing and answered all my questions in a friendly helpful manner. I enjoyed my visit and am very happy with the work they did and my car definitely runs better now! I have a used car, different from the last time and I had no knowledge of the service it had received and it was having problems and that is why I asked them to try to fix problems. The paper work they presented details what certain procedures will do to improve your vehicles performance. It did.

Frances – Roseville, MI 6/28/2018 service is always excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Veronica – St Clr Shores, MI 6/28/2018 Extremely friendly staff

Miranda – St Clr Shores, MI 6/25/2018 Excellent vist very informative

Brenda – St Clr Shores, MI 6/25/2018 Visit was wonderful Nathan and Shane very helpful

Keith – St Clr Shores, MI 6/25/2018 Fabulous Service, in and out love it .Nice and fast

John – St Clr Shores, MI 6/19/2018 Will visit again

Dan – Roseville, MI 6/8/2018 Five star service

Lindsey – Harrison Twp, MI 6/8/2018 Great Service will be back

Walter – Clinton Twp, MI 6/8/2018 Great as always With My guys Nate and Shane

Zach – St Clr Shores, MI 6/6/2018 Brandon M was very inviting when I stopped in today. He broke down my needs into terms that I can understand and normally when it comes to my car, it's all gibberish. Fantastic and fast work from Brandon and Marcus R who worked under the car but popped out to let me know how everything looks and advised me what to do in the future. Great shop. I'll be back in 3,000 miles!

Mary – St Clr Shores, MI 6/5/2018 Nathan Best ive seen at this location

Linda – St Clr Shores, MI 6/1/2018 Everyone was friendly, knowledgeable and explained things very well

Art – St Clr Shores, MI 5/31/2018 Successful oil change again

Luther – Detroit, MI 5/31/2018 Great visit

Shavonnea – Eastpointe, MI 5/30/2018 Great Service

Rose – Saint Clair Shores, MI 5/19/2018 Great service

Kayleen – St Clr Shores, MI 5/11/2018 Nathan was great! All the guys are phenomenal, I'll be recommending Uncle Ed's to everyone now.

Mark – Saint Clair Shores, MI 5/11/2018 always a fun time

CHM – St Clr Shores, MI 5/9/2018 Enjoyable visit - friendly and informative.

David – Detroit, MI 5/3/2018 Great viait

Sara – Grosse Pointe Woods, MI 4/30/2018 Excellent

Brian – Frankfort, MI 4/30/2018 Great work

Melissa – Grosse Pointe Woods, MI 4/30/2018 Service was great

Carol – Eastpointe, MI 4/30/2018 Good job

Steven – Portage, MI 4/28/2018 Great great

David – Grosse Pointe Woods, MI 4/28/2018 Great work guys

Courtney – St Clair Shores , MI 4/25/2018 Yesterday morning, my engine light went on while I was driving to work. I knew in the back of my mind I had not had an oil change in awhile, and I was worried that that was the reason. Right after work, I got to my car and found the battery dead. After receiving a jump, I wanted to make sure I took care of my oil change and make sure there was nothing else wrong with my car. I initially went to Valvoline, which was on my was home. I pulled in to the parking lot at 6:56 and was turned away by a employee that said they were closing at 7:00. I knew there was an Uncle Ed's up the road and rushed there to see what their hours of operations were. I pulled into the parking lot at 7:02 and got discouraged because I saw that they also closed at 7. Thankfully, Marcus and Nate Myles, the store manager, were very welcoming and serviced my car. I am so grateful that they did. After they changed my oil, they instructed me to turn my vehicle on and THE BATTERY HAD DIED AGAIN. They had the battery in stock and replaced it as well. They stayed an hour after close to service my vehicle and were so friendly and professional. They also gave me a list of future recommendations of service to be done to my car. I can't imagine what I would have done if I didn't go to Uncle Ed's yesterday evening. You made a customer for life!

Pam – Harrison Twp, MI 4/11/2018 This is been the best experience for oil change the men were absolutely wonderful respectful great good work and they told me what my car needs and I will be back shortly this week thank you I appreciate it

Cheryl – Hamtramck, MI 4/11/2018 Fast and friendly service

Andy – Madison Heights, MI 4/9/2018 Evreryone was Amazing!

Kevin – Saint Clair Shores, MI 4/6/2018 Great service!

Linnea – St Clr Shores, MI 4/6/2018 would have appreciated a discount/coupon for/towards today's visit

Ellen – Sterling Heights, MI 4/2/2018 Just want to say that I drive 35 miles to come and get an oil change because when I come to the store in St Clair Shores I am with family and I trust me he is the absolute best Greg was wonderful as well but Nate's my favorite and I just trust him and I get the best service here I don't go anywhere else I send my friends here as well thank you Nate

Megan – St Clr Shores, MI 4/2/2018 Thanks it was great

William – Clinton Township, MI 3/24/2018 Great service great management team

Rebecca – Saint Clair Shores, MI 3/19/2018 Good service fast helpful friendly

Anita – Saint Clair Shores, MI 3/12/2018 Great Vist

Amanda – Saint Clair Shores, MI 3/12/2018 Great efficient service. Friendly and helpful.

Walter – Clinton Township, MI 3/6/2018 It was a very awesome visit I enjoyed everything about these guys!

Renee – Ann Arbor, MI 3/6/2018 Nathan took care of me very efficient honest and informative. Personable who would have thought an oil change was a pleasant experience!

Angela – St Clr Shores, MI 3/2/2018 Good Top notch Service

Tim – Saint Clair Shores, MI 3/2/2018 Really Good visit

Richard – Roseville, MI 3/2/2018 It was great service today.Nathan and Ricky good team.

Dave – Madison Heights, MI 3/1/2018 Absolutely outstanding service. Most professional. I will always come back to this location.Nathan was great

ROB – Saint Clair Shores, MI 2/23/2018 Great fast efficient service

Erin – Warren, MI 2/22/2018 You guys are awesome

Troy – Roseville, MI 2/22/2018 Thank for Service

David – Saint Clair Shores, MI 2/22/2018 Good Times !

Gregg – Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 2/21/2018 Nathan and the crew were AWESOME! Very polite, high detail and efficient!!!

Brian – St Clr Shores, MI 2/18/2018 Scripted sales pitches not appreciated. No need to replace a 3 month old air filter. I wish I could just get my "oil changed".

Leia – Roseville, MI 2/17/2018 The service techs were nice & polite. The service was done fast. My only issue is the price. Even after a $15 off coupon, I paid $70. Normally my husband does my oil change but he has been working a lot, and the weather has been poor. I came to uncle ed's out of ease. I will probably not return due to price.

Doris – Eastpointe, MI 2/17/2018 Great information

Maggie – Saint Clair Shores, MI 2/17/2018 Good Good Good

Melissa – Grosse Pointe Woods, MI 2/16/2018 Every time I visit the staff is ALWAYS personable and the service experience is a good one!!

David – Grosse Pointe Woods, MI 2/15/2018 Every time I go it's different people but all provide the same customer experience. Well done on the training regiment.

Rebecca – Southfield, MI 2/14/2018 Good Job Nate and Crew

Victoria – Harrison Twp, MI 2/14/2018 Excellent service

Charles – Saint Clair Shores, MI 2/2/2018 Everything was great!

Kathy – St Clr Shores, MI 1/30/2018 very good service

Dave – Monroe, MI 1/30/2018 fantastic!!!

Davd – Grosse Pointe Park, MI 1/30/2018 very friendly, super nice and helpful guys. A good experience.

Jimmy – Detroit, MI 1/30/2018 Great visit

Phillip – Saint Clair Shores, MI 1/28/2018 I am a loyal customer and I have been for years. I just moved from the Hazel Park, MI area to St. Clair Shores, MI area. This is my NEW store. Whether I am in Pontiac or Auburn Hills, or down river if I need to get services done I normally go to Uncle Ed's

John – Saint Clair Shores, MI 1/26/2018 Great Time with the New Team Nate's Great

Mark – Saint Clair Shores, MI 1/26/2018 Great Visit

Noreen – Eastpointe , MI 1/26/2018 VERY PROFESSIONAL Excellent services

Mike – Harrison Township, MI 1/25/2018 great job

Christine – Roseville, MI 1/23/2018 very nice

Debbie – Saint Clair Shores, MI 1/20/2018 Great service as always

Joe – Saint Clair Shores, MI 1/20/2018 Fantastic job !! Very professional, great service !11

Catherine – Saint Clair Shores, MI 1/20/2018 great customer service all were extremely friendly and explained to me in a way I understood what they were doing 5 stars

Randy – Saint Clair Shores, MI 1/20/2018 awesome service

Sandy – Fraser, MI 1/4/2018 Service was over the top. The manager is a very hard pleasant worker.

Johnny – Saint Clair Shores, MI 1/2/2018 Great and Fast Service as always

Nicholas – Fraser, MI 1/2/2018 Nate was very informative and helpful. will be back for sure for all my auto needs.

Machum – Eastpointe, MI 12/30/2017 everything was great two thumbs up

Vic – Saint Clair Shores, MI 12/30/2017 very good

Ben – Grosse Pointe, MI 12/30/2017 Kendall oil change is a smart choice

Kim – Roseville, MI 12/30/2017 good and fast

Tamra – St Clr Shores, MI 12/30/2017 great! informed me of an oil leak and bad plug.

Anita – St Clr Shores, MI 12/20/2017 exceptional service, excellent management, very informative, very impressed Nathan and Mike Great Job

Nancy – Saint Clair Shores, MI 12/16/2017 he went above and beyond and very polite and professional.

Heather – Saint Clair Shores, MI 12/13/2017 Fast Service

Mark – Saint Clair Shores, MI 12/12/2017 So close and service is good

Don – St Clr Shores, MI 12/2/2017 Services were a little pricey.

Ruth – Saint Clair Shores, MI 12/1/2017 wonderful service Fun Environment

Morgan – Detroit, MI 11/26/2017 No issues

John – Eastpointe, MI 11/24/2017 Very professional and courteous service.

Robert – Saint Clair Shores, MI 11/20/2017 Too much selling of products I had no interest in, I get cheaper oil changes from local Ford dealership, will compare before returning.

Edward – Warren, MI 11/17/2017 Very Good

Tim – Harper Woods, MI 11/11/2017 did a great job

Rebecca – Saint Clair Shores, MI 11/10/2017 Love this location

John – Eastpointe, MI 11/10/2017 Great as always

Jerome – St Clr Shores, MI 11/9/2017 Great Time!

Nichole – St Clr Shores, MI 11/9/2017 good service

Adam – Saint Clair Shores, MI 11/9/2017 Great Service

Charles – Saint Clair Shores, MI 11/2/2017 VERY GOOD SERVICE

Sarah – Saint Clair Shores, MI 11/1/2017 Service manager mumbled and I could barely understand him

BRENDAN – Clinton Twp, MI 11/1/2017 The whole crew was great!

Joyce – Saint Clair Shores, MI 10/31/2017 everybody is so nice

JOE – St Clr Shores, MI 10/28/2017 NO Comment


Keith – Saint Clair Shores, MI 10/24/2017 Great Service

Gabrielle – Chesterfield, MI 10/18/2017 very helpful and informative. pleasant experience!

GLEN – SAINT CLAIR SHORES, MI 10/18/2017 Great service........ Manager Nathan was awesome!! So impressed with Nicolas work ethic....... very professional!

Deanne – Harrison Twp, MI 10/18/2017 great customer service!

Steve – Detroit, MI 10/17/2017 Everything Great Nicole and Nate took care of me

Ellen – Sterling Heights, MI 10/17/2017 I returned after poor service at Shelby Rd to the St Clair shores shop which is approx. 30 miles from my home what a pleasure so very knowledgeable, pleasant efficient and a very dynamic team in the mgr Nate and NICOLE I spent more than anticipated but am pleased and confident that my choices were necessary and beneficial to the life of my car this is a very impressive young man and I will be traveling 30 miles in 3 months for more service. Nicole is very eager to provide service, learn and was a important part of the services that were provided. just a wonderful experience I felt that they really cared. thank you Ellen Hier

Yolanda – Detroit, MI 10/17/2017 in love the service here Nate an Nichole are the best thank you very much ill be back great good nate

Karimah – Detroit, MI 10/16/2017 awesome friendly service!

Nick – Saint Clair Shores, MI 10/16/2017 best service in the world. super friendly

Lou Ann – Saint Clair Shores, MI 10/14/2017 Everyone was very professional

Kurt – Saint Clair Shores, MI 10/13/2017 Fast and listen to my request.

PAMELA – Detroit, MI 10/12/2017 None at this time

Erik – St Clr Shores, MI 10/11/2017 help out after hours and great service

Sandi – Roseville, MI 10/5/2017 Nathan is very friendly and informative. He's why I came back.

Kathryn – Harper Woods, MI 10/4/2017 she was very helpful and informative. very sweet.

Jessica – Saint Clair Shores, MI 10/3/2017 Nicole was great. very helpful and knowledgeable.

Scott – Grosse Pt Wds, MI 9/30/2017 Great Fast Service

Brandi – Saint Clair Shores, MI 9/28/2017 Nate goes above and beyond. The first time I used your services, I had just left a Valvoline where they were unable to remove my skid plate and oil filter. I called Nate and he stayed open on a Saturday evening to fix what they had done. Being the CEO of Disabled American Veterans Department of Michigan, I applaud you for hiring Veterans in leadership roles. As long as Nate is there my business will be there, and I will be sending Veterans your way. Thank you.

Joelle – Saint Clair Shores, MI 9/23/2017 great service. very knowledgeable. very enthusiastic will come back again

Dan – Saint Clair Shores, MI 9/23/2017 no comment

Debbie – Saint Clair Shores, MI 9/23/2017 EXCELLENT JOB!

Michael – St Clr Shores, MI 9/23/2017 Another awesome experience! This manager is the BEST!

Conrad – Chesterfield, MI 9/23/2017 great friendly staff

Terry – Saint Clair Shores, MI 9/19/2017 Nathan and Nicole were AWESOME! Definitely coming back because of their service and warm atmosphere.

Cheryl – Saint Clair Shores, MI 9/19/2017 Nicole is great Nathan I trust

Robert – Roseville, MI 9/19/2017 Great Work

Kevin – Grosse Pointe, MI 9/19/2017 Great job

Gayle – Saint Clair Shores, MI 9/18/2017 Awesome service, great teamwork

Amy – Clinton Township, MI 9/18/2017 I've always came to this location but the service today was unmatched. Marcus and Ricky was fast and friendly loved the service

Max – Grosse Pt Wds, MI 9/8/2017 Nathan, Marcus and Nicole did a fantastic job as a crew. They were the only three employees on shift, and it was busy with all three bays occupied. Super friendly and hard-working folks, thanks!

Mary – Saint Clair Shores, MI 8/31/2017 The gentlemen at this shop were all very kind, helpful and respectful. I very much like going to this particular shop because of the great service and they are honest. Please tell them again that they are appreciated very much.

Jessica – St Clr Shores, MI 8/29/2017 GREAT JOB AND FAST

Gus – Saint Clair Shores, MI 8/25/2017 always happy with the service

Michael – St Clr Shores, MI 8/25/2017 awesome help. definitely a big help and will be back

Andrew – Saint Clair Shores, MI 8/25/2017 Great visit

Christine – St Clr Shores, MI 8/25/2017 good service

Bill – Saint Clair Shores, MI 8/25/2017 Good as always

Chester – Bradenton, MI 8/25/2017 Great Service Thanks for letting me know about my Trans leak on my Leased Encore Nicole was great. Nathan Great Manager

Corey – Saint Clair Shores, MI 8/24/2017 excellent service

Jordan – St Clr Shores, MI 8/12/2017 thank you.

Julia – St Clr Shores, MI 8/10/2017 Marcus, Nathan and staff were great

Julie – Saint Clair Shores, MI 8/9/2017 The manager and his staff were very helpful and knowledgeable. They were kind to my kids in the car. They explained what helps with prolonging the life of my vehicle. I was not coming in for a transmission flush but after seeing the color that came out I'm glad I did.

Ruth – Saint Clair Shores, MI 8/9/2017 A lot of Fun Great Staff Nathan and Shane are so Great Love the Energy.

Colleen – Saint Clair Shores, MI 8/8/2017 I love Uncle Ed's and the great service I always receive. The employees always seem to be friendly, happy, upbeat and ready to help any way they can. I never feel like they try to sell me something I don't need and that's why I continue to return to Uncle Ed's

Aaron – Grosse Pointe, MI 7/31/2017 all good, thanks

Kenneth – Saint Clair Shores, MI 7/28/2017 Manager on duty Nathan was very knowledgeable on service requirements on this visit. Was very friendly.

Michelle – Saint Clair Shores, MI 7/28/2017 Very friendly and helpful

Matt – South Lyon, MI 7/28/2017 A lot of guys working. Did a good and quick job.

Lauren – Detroit, MI 7/18/2017 Nathan the manager, and D'anthony were so helpful!! Because of their amazing customer service, I will be back to this specific location. Not only did they help me work within my budget they explained to me what was happening within the car along every step of the way (which meant the world to me because I am car illiterate) beautiful experience! I even put a note in my calender to come back in a few weeks when I have the money for radiator and transmission fluid exchanges as well as wipers and thanks to these 2 amazing employees I understand what that all means! They deserve raises and promotions! Whatever the company has capacity for

Jennifer – Roseville, MI 7/17/2017 I went to a different center the last few times and had bad experiences - slow, made mistakes (emptied the trans fluid accidentally) and vowed not to go back, but I had rewards dollars and coupons so I decided to try a different location. They were much better and much faster.

Melody – Grosse Pointe, MI 7/10/2017 Have been a long time client and this is the first time the service has been horrible. The manager did greet me upon my arrival by informing me it was 5 minutes before closing time, perhaps that is why so many other things were overlooked. They didn't even check my tire pressure much less "hand wash" my windshield. I waited while the team working on my vehicle abandoned me when another car returned to complain about an oil leak since he was just there. Finally the manager told them to finish my car, but only after the other driver left. The music was great, but too loud. I no longer have confidence in this store and will not be returning. Sad, as the previous teams have all been excellent.

Justin – Saint Clair Shores, MI 7/7/2017 very friendly and helpful!

Irene – Roseville, MI 7/6/2017 I came to the St Clair Shores location on Thursday 7/6 to have my oil changed and Shane H and Marcus R were amazing. They had passion and took great care of me. My boyfriend took his car to the shop on Friday and they put on a belt and put it on wrong. I took his car to this location in Saturday 7/8 because of the experience I had 2 days ago and once again they went above and beyond. Nathan and Tom were there this time around and they put the belt back on that the auto shop messed up. I am completely blown away by the gentlemen that work there. I will honestly only go to this location from now on. I usually go to the Fraser location which has always been good (no complaints at all) but this location was the best. Thank you to the entire staff for being amazing.

Noreen – Saint Clair Shores, MI 6/27/2017 I had a coupon on my phone and it was gone when i looked for it, I mentioned it to the service man but i did not get the $20.00 dollars off. It cost me over #100.00, I was not happy. Not sure I will be back for a oil change again

Melissa – St Clr Shores, MI 6/24/2017 😀great job

Mark – Grosse Pointe, MI 6/22/2017 I was shocked by how expensive the service was. My Ford dealer offers oil changes for about half the price. With the wiper blades I was told verbally by the technician that they were the same price as at auto stores, but they were about twice as much when I got the bill. Uncle Ed is convenient but not at those prices. I'll pay 20% more for convenience but not 100% more. Get your prices in line or I'll find somewhere else to go.

Albert – Grosse Pointe, MI 6/22/2017 Nathan is GREAT?!!!

Sammi – Roseville, MI 6/21/2017 Shane & the manager were both hella awesome & I will forsure be coming back to that location again! 11/10.

Albert – Grosse Pointe, MI 6/20/2017 Tom is great

Carrie – KIMBALL, MI 6/19/2017 The guys are great.

John – Eastpointe, MI 6/18/2017 Very courteous and professional.

Gordie – Roseville, MI 6/10/2017 All 3 of the guys helping were great

Nicole – St Clr Shores, MI 6/8/2017 awesome customer service!!!

Valerie – St Clr Shores, MI 6/6/2017 Way too slow. Very disappointed

Zandra – Saint Clair Shores, MI 6/6/2017 Nate and John where the best last time I was in here I did not have a good exp. NATE Was so awesome he needs a raise... I will come back only if these 2 are here... very happy...

Tim – Saint Clair Shores, MI 6/5/2017 Great service

Rose – Saint Clair Shores, MI 6/5/2017 Can't take this Crew away, Nathan Rocks Jake is awesome Please don't move them.Tired of the new Crews, Nathan is my new Favorite, Great choice!!!

Jordan – Eastpointe, MI 6/1/2017 Service was good. Technician and manager were nice.

Veronica – St Clr Shores, MI 5/31/2017 great service

Kim – Saint Clair Shores, MI 5/27/2017 wonderful

Stephanie – Prudenville, MI 5/26/2017 you g are always awesome

Ronald – Grosse Pt Wds, MI 5/25/2017 over and above

Linda – Saint Clair Shores, MI 5/25/2017 excellent Service

Douglas – Grosse Pointe, MI 5/20/2017 Love Service

Erin – Clinton Twp, MI 5/17/2017 Both gentlemen were very friendly and attentive. They answered my questions (dumb or not) and kept me informed. They did not talk down to me or take advantage of my ignorance. I really appreciated their kindness and humor. Even on a sweaty hot day. From all my oil changes in my 25 year old life, this was the friendliest staff. I usually dread getting an oil change because I don't know much about cars and feel taken advantage of because I'm a girl. These guys were awesome.

Jamie – Saint Clair Shores, MI 5/13/2017 not today

Theresa – Livonia , MI 5/13/2017 great service

Melissa – Grosse Pointe, MI 5/13/2017 The employees are very friendly and informative! Thank you!1

Sharalynn – Grosse Pt Pk, MI 5/13/2017 friendly and fast service. I had a great experience!

Michael – Saint Clair Shores, MI 5/12/2017 Nathan and his crew were not only helpful and professional, they were cheerful, as well. all in all, a great experience.

Randy – Saint Clair Shores, MI 5/12/2017 great service, friendly faces and honesty.

Antonina – Saint Clair Shores, MI 5/12/2017 great service!

DALETHIA – SAINT CLAIR SHORES, MI 5/11/2017 Everyone had a wonderful attitude, ready to work and serve. I will be back!

Kiah – Roseville, MI 5/11/2017 very friendly and trusted staff.

Angelia – Detroit, MI 5/10/2017 The staff was very friendly and professional with explanations, yet they kept it fun. My daughter loved them!

Linda – Warren, MI 5/10/2017 excellent Service Nathan Marcus and Cale Know their stuff. Very personable.

Leon – Saint Clair Shores, MI 5/10/2017 Great job

Ed – Saint Clair Shores, MI 5/9/2017 Good guys

Kari – Saint Clair Shores, MI 5/9/2017 Great service

Mark – Grosse Pointe, MI 5/9/2017 Great Service

Benjamin – Saint Clair Shores, MI 5/5/2017 I really like this location. At first, I was disappointed to see that the entire crew was different from my last visit. But, I found the new manager, NATE, to be terrific and the entire crew was polite, helpful and fun. I enjoyed being there. Work was well done-I am completely satisfied. Keep this crew!! I've been going to this location for years and my only complaint is the constant change of managers and crew. I like building relationships with people in stores I use. That's often the very reason I return. I encourage you to keep this crew intact for they were terrific!

Alexis – St Clr Shores, MI 5/5/2017 staff was great and helpful

Ray – Grosse Pt Frm, MI 4/30/2017 When you hire knowledgeable, friendly staff, you'll spend money without thinking twice. I came to this location because your competition, Valvoline, has no clue when it comes to customer service. This location puts them to shame. I'll be back. So will my wife and daughter. Don't let me down in the future !!

Stephanie – Saint Clair Shores, MI 4/28/2017 you guys are great!

Walter – Clinton Twp, MI 4/28/2017 Great Service

Justin – Saint Clair Shores, MI 4/24/2017 great service

Jason – Saint Clair Shores, MI 4/22/2017 they did a good job

Rebecca – Saint Clair Shores, MI 4/21/2017 very friendly not pushy

James – Saint Clair Shores, MI 4/20/2017 repeat customer love location and new staff

Drew – Harrison, MI 4/20/2017 great work

Pam – Grosse Pointe, MI 4/19/2017 great service from marcus

Robert – Saint Clair Shores, MI 4/18/2017 great service

Rachel – Warren, MI 4/18/2017 I don't have any

Tanya – Saint Clair Shores, MI 4/14/2017 Your guys were great

Lynne – Grosse Pointe, MI 4/14/2017 Good visit.

Rebecca – Madison Heights, MI 4/14/2017 Nate was very informative and was a very good sales man, he talked me into new wiper blades. The people that were working on my car where very friendly, even singing to the music while they were working. All around it was a good experience and that's what keeps me coming back.

Mark – Saint Clair Shores, MI 4/12/2017 you are at end of my street and the guys are always fun

Rosa – Saint Clair Shores, MI 4/10/2017 Uncle Ed's is my go-to spot for oil changes.

Raquel – Saint Clair Shores, MI 4/8/2017 Will always come back!

Camiel – St Clr Shores, MI 4/5/2017 None at this time.

Roderic – St Clr Shores, MI 4/3/2017 You guys are awesome!

Terrell – Detroit, MI 3/27/2017 Good workers. Marcus was very helpful. cool dude

Thomas – Harrison Twp, MI 3/26/2017 You replaced my wiper blades, but within a week one of them broke off. I'm coming in to ask you to try to put it back on.

Debbi – Harper Woods, MI 3/22/2017 Everyone there is professional and the service is fast.

Carrie – Saint Clair Shores, MI 3/21/2017 Nate and the rest of the team were very friendly and the service was great

Barbara – Warren, MI 3/21/2017 Again, GREAT service!!! I ordered a light bulb, and Nathaniel and his team installed it within minutes. I'll be back.

Barbara – Warren, MI 3/21/2017 I had a GREAT experience!! Nathaniel helped me out, along with two other men. Nathaniel was very pleasant and detailed about what I needed, and how I can use my coupons to save me money. He also helped me order a tail light.

Jeff – Saint Clair Shores, MI 3/16/2017 Always fast and great customer service

Dan – Harper Woods, MI 3/16/2017 Met new manager today. Nathan was fantastic both personality and professionally. Very enjoyable experience. Nathan truly enjoys his job and in my opinion needs to remain with a raise. I will continue to go to this location

Morgan – Royal Oak, MI 3/14/2017 The manager Nathan was very personable and carried pleasant conversation throughout my visit. He was knowledgeable on products to help me finish out the winter. The technician Jake was friendly and helpful with the questions I had. 10/10 my favorite Uncle Eds and I visit 3 stores regularly depending on my location of my errands.

Crystal – Warren, MI 3/3/2017 The new manager Nathan, was very friendly and I loved his energy. Keep him there not that it was bad before he got there.

Cathy – St Clr Shores, MI 3/2/2017 Very friendly and convenient.

Diann – Saint Clair Shores, MI 3/1/2017 Josh is awesome!

Stephanie – Oxford, MI 2/26/2017 Great service! I was in and out in no time!

Laura – St Clr Shores, MI 2/18/2017 I experienced very disappointing service from the manager. I AM NOT AT ALL HAPPY ABOUT THE SERVICE. I'd like a return phone call regarding my issues, please

Timothy – St Clr Shores, MI 2/13/2017 Mark Williams, the Service Manager should be commended. Not only did he treat me with great respect, but his staff as well. I have been in the service industry for a long time and the quality of Mark and Uncle Ed's service is something you should be extremely proud of!

Lynne – St Clr Shores, MI 2/7/2017 I've been going to Uncle Ed's for years and have always been satisfied.

Dom – St Clr Shores, MI 2/4/2017 I came in the store on Friday to find out how much a oil change would be on a new car we just bought the dealer wanted 48.00 and it would take 60 min I was informed by the manager that uncle ed's would run me 65.00. I figured it would be worth the 15.00 or so to save the time and how close your store is to me to my surprise my bill came to 76.37 I am a bit up set because of this misleading Mark W was the tech who did my oil change and was also the person the day before who quoted me the price,to add to the situation when I returned home I found my hood had 2 large oil smudges on it from the palm of the gloved hands . I have 6 vehicles I bring to Uncle Ed's for the last 8 yrs . This 1 bad experience might change that. Just thought you would like to know

Benjamin – St Clr Shores, MI 2/3/2017 I like this location very much. Mark is a terrific manager. All the guys are very good. Special praise for Angelo and Mark. Mark called me this morning as a follow up which I really appreciated. Keep this guy!!

Amy – Macomb, MI 2/3/2017 Mark was so helpful and everyone was so nice. Will be back for my next oil change for sure!

Maria – Warren, MI 2/3/2017 Awesome guys!

Carrie – Saint Clair Shores, MI 1/28/2017 Guys are great

Corey – St Clr Shores, MI 1/27/2017 Been visiting this location for at least 6 years. Love the customer service above all else. Would like greater discounts for more frequent customers.

Ian – Saint Clair Shores, MI 1/24/2017 Store 1119 always anticipates needs, exceeds expectations and makes a positive lasting impression on every interaction.

Kenneth – St Clr Shores, MI 1/23/2017 Tried out your Co. years ago and was satisfied. However the cost is high but I'm not able to do the work anymore.

Julie – St Clr Shores, MI 1/19/2017 Josh and his staff are always courteous and professional. They let you know what you need without being pushy or rude.

Robert – St Clr Shores, MI 1/17/2017 Fast friendly service

Mark – St Clr Shores, MI 1/11/2017 Always fast and polite, No one was better than Tommy tho!! but I hear he was transfered a few months ago.

Lynn – Saint Clair Shores, MI 1/3/2017 Nothing to add.

Mary – Eastpointe, MI 1/2/2017 Coupon also was helpful in making my decision to return to your service station.

Sandy – Harper Woods, MI 12/23/2016 Team was fast and friendly.

Patrick – St Clr Shores, MI 12/20/2016 Friendly personnel

Dan – Saint Clair Shores, MI 12/19/2016 2 weeks ago I had my wife bring her car in and the Tech bent our dipstick for her transmission, I had to go to the dealership to get a new one. The Tech told her sorry but I can't get it back in. My wife drove home with the dipstick sticking out.

Sean – Roseville, MI 12/19/2016 Service is great. Place is a bit pricey.

Bryan – St Clr Shores, MI 12/17/2016 Great service as always

Tony – St Clr Shores, MI 12/16/2016 No additional feedback

Joelle – St Clr Shores, MI 12/13/2016 I am actually going to have to take my car back today. My engine light is on and came on when I left. I immediately turned around and came back and the manager told me that happens sometimes and should go off in a day. It has been two days now and the light is still on. I will be bringing it back later today and hopefully nothing is wrong and you can get the light to go off.

Robert – St Clr Shores, MI 12/12/2016 Great friendly efficient service checked tires and changed headlight.

Jannet – St Clr Shores, MI 12/9/2016 The guys here where awesome. They made me smile and laugh what I was irritated with traffic

Rachel – Roseville, MI 12/5/2016 Great service

David – St Clr Shores, MI 12/3/2016 No problems yet...

Jason – Roseville, MI 12/2/2016 Will definitely return

Ray – Roseville, MI 11/26/2016 they Didn't check tire pressure, they were more concerned with the radio they were listening too. I had to ask for them to check the wiper blades warranty. I had to ask them to tell me what will be the next service I needed beside an oil change. They did not check the air or cabin filters. I Have never had service this poor at this location before. Bring Tom back to this location.

Allen – Saint Clair Shores, MI 11/23/2016 Good fast service

David – Saint Clair Shores, MI 11/21/2016 good service

Jason – St Clr Shores, MI 11/14/2016 The guy who seemed to be the manager was very rude to the other employee I was there for over an hour and there was only 1 car ahead of me the manager seemed more interested in flirting with the attractive woman next to me. He was sarcastic and argumentative. I would say his attempts at humor come off as rude to most people. Between the hour I spent there and the behavior the manager exhibited in front of me I would work on giving him more training.

Krista – Roseville, MI 11/12/2016 Every employee was polite and courteous! Didn't treat me like a dumb girl! I'll be back! Damon was so polite on the phone when i called and he remembered me when i pulled in! Every single person that helped me was genuinely NICE!

Erena – Grosse Pointe Woods, MI 11/8/2016 It was great service.

William – St Clr Shores, MI 11/8/2016 I enjoyed my visit. It was fast

Lauran – Warren, MI 11/2/2016 The manager was very pleasant and professional. All of the employees worked well as a team and were very efficient! I will definitely go back to that location!

Jordan – Eastpointe, MI 10/31/2016 Service was good overall...little bit busy so the visit took a little longer than normal

Elizabeth – St Clr Shores, MI 10/31/2016 Mark and Shane were extremely nice and helpful. They went the extra mile to be sure I had everything I needed to safely leave.

Steve – St Clr Shores, MI 10/29/2016 The only negative was that the supervisor was "training" a new "recruit" by himself. I spent more than a half an hour waiting for them to finish (several potential customers turned away from waiting). My visit was on a Saturday (perhaps the busiest time for you!). I'll be back. S.B.

Margaret – Harrison Twp, MI 10/28/2016 Always great service.

Aaron – Roseville, MI 10/22/2016 Mark was a great Manager! Provided Excellent Service!

Greg – St Clr Shores, MI 10/22/2016 Service very good. Employees had a lot of enthusiasm. Got work done in a short amount of time.

Geoff – Royal Oak, MI 10/21/2016 Love uncle eds

Mandy – St Clr Shores, MI 10/21/2016 The Manager and staff were great.very friendly and knowledgeable.

Steven – Grosse Pointe Woods, MI 10/20/2016 I asked about my coolant level which was low the guy peeked at it from the drivers side door and said it was fine but put a temp raiting on the report even though the did not check level or open bottle, tires were not checked,I asked about wiper blades that I about a couple of months back that were under warranty and that was ignored. 78 dollars for oil and a filter is a bit much, air filter was not checked. Felt like I was rushed through I don't think I will go back to that location.

Mary – St Clr Shores, MI 10/17/2016 Everyone was very professional and they deserve an adda-boy. Maybe donuts or something from management to tell these men that they are appreciated. Too often all that is heard from management is what they have done wrong. They also need to know what they are doing right.

Vitina – St Clr Shores, MI 10/6/2016 Pricey but good service

Robert – St Clr Shores, MI 10/5/2016 Great service

Robert – Chesterfield, MI 10/4/2016 They were extremely nice, friendly and helpful. Actually had a great sense of humor and made the visit fun.

Deangela – Eastpointe, MI 10/1/2016 Special Thanks to Tom. I actually found a cheaper place but thanks to his great caring service, I keep coming back.

Valerie – St Clr Shores, MI 9/28/2016 Always great service at this location!

Rahma – St Clr Shores, MI 9/23/2016 Loved Paul & the other two gentlemen who helped!!! Such sweethearts.

David – Scs, MI 9/18/2016 95% satisify

Pam – Grosse Pointe, MI 9/16/2016 Great best local I've been

Beth – St Clr Shores, MI 9/16/2016 Very accommodating. Got me in and out very fast.

Gary/Corrine – St Clr Shores, MI 9/14/2016 Great manager in TOM !!!

Martineus – Clinton Twp, MI 9/12/2016 Great staff and excellent service!

Gary/Corrine – Saint Clair Shores, MI 9/10/2016 Manager TOM EXCELLENT WISH I HAD MORE CARS!

Shaina – Flushing, MI 9/9/2016 The guys were quick, friendly, knowledgeable, and very helpful!

Doug – St Clr Shores, MI 9/6/2016 competent service techs, good service.

Kellie – St Clr Shores, MI 9/4/2016 Great customer service!

Patrick J. – St Clr Shores, MI 9/3/2016 We spoke about the type of oil I wanted. He suggested one type, I wanted another. He told me I was getting tye type I wanted. I ended up with what they wanted to sell me. I called afterward, and spoke to him about miscommunication, but the manager told me that I had what he recommended, and it was the better choice. Also, the "10 min oil change" tooK almost 40 min with all the other crap they were trying to sell me. I doubt I will go back.

Nicholas – St Clr Shores, MI 9/2/2016 Everyone was competent, friendly and professional.

Etasha – Detroit, MI 9/2/2016 I love how welcoming and friendly they were and I would recommend any one I know to visit them

John – Eastpointe, MI 9/2/2016 Very professional and friendly.

Jeff – St Clair Shores, MI 9/2/2016 Guys are always friendly. Will continue to come back

Latoya – Harper Woods, MI 8/31/2016 It was costly but worth it!

Angela – Eastpointe, MI 8/29/2016 they are very nice

Taylor – St Clr Shores, MI 8/29/2016 The guys were friendly and told me a lot about my car I did not know. The guys were entertaining and knowledgeable

Crystal – Warren, MI 8/26/2016 Tom was very helpful

Lisa – Eastpointe, MI 8/26/2016 The guys were amazing!! I will definitely be going back

Don – St Clr Shores, MI 8/25/2016 Good fast service

Jesus – St. Clair Shores, MI 8/24/2016 Great service

Kelly – St Clr Shores, MI 8/24/2016 Excellent job overall but I was not asked to review lights or wiper blades.

Rathnaw – St Clr Shores, MI 8/23/2016 I was not exactly pleased with Mike R at this location on my last visit. Once I explained that I was not interested in any upgrades and just wanted basic oil and filter his tone completely changed from professional and engaged to almost being visibly upset. He actually stated ' I have to know, why do you use the basic filter and oil". I do not feel that I need to explain my choices. I have always received outstanding service in the past and am willing to try again at this location. Maybe Mike was having a challenging day and I arrived at a bad time.

Rod – Grosse Pointe, MI 8/20/2016 Excellent service

Paige – Grosse Pointe, MI 8/20/2016 Manger was super nice!

Pam – Grosse Pt Pk, MI 8/19/2016 excellent service

Diann – St Clr Shores, MI 8/18/2016 Excellent staff

Mark – Grosse Pt Wds, MI 8/17/2016 Tom and his crew did an excellent job. Very friendly and worked quickly.

Heather – Eastpointe, MI 8/15/2016 Keep up the great service!

Cathy – St Clr Shores, MI 8/12/2016 I visited the store on 23 Mile in Chesterfield for my other car the day before I had this service in St Clair Shores. I went there because it was convenient while I waited for my dog to get groomed. While the service was complete and the tech polite the great attitude and smiling faces I see every time at the Harper location were noticeably missing. Tom and the team at store 1119 are really great!

Richard – Eastpointe, MI 8/12/2016 Tom the manager was very professional and made getting an oil change fun. Will definitely go back.

Jeri – Eastpointe, MI 8/11/2016 I have none

Debra – St Clr Shores, MI 8/4/2016 When I pulled in the Manager was talking so fast that I could not keep up with him! Then he proceeded to tell me that my oil was totally empty!!! Really don't you think my oil light would have been on, then says really we should do a complete engine wash due to no oil showing on the dip stick. Hello you emptied the oil out of my car already. Gee no wonder it showed no oil!!!!! This just infuriated me. Yes I am blonde and yes I am a woman. But my father and husband taught me well on auto care! My car goes to the dealership for its services. But I needed the oil changed as it was well overdue and Uncle Eds was a lot closer than the dealership. This is wrong and if you want repeat service customers then you need to be honest and upfront with your customers!!!!! Please contact me ASAP in regards to this incident! I realize the more they sell the kid backs they get. But do not lie to me and try to get me to do some service that I do not need!!!!!

Joe – St Clr Shores, MI 8/3/2016 The things that keep me coming are the fun atmosphere and the speed of the techs. Being able to come in and get out in under 15 minutes is great.

David – St Clr Shores, MI 8/2/2016 Tim the manager was very professional, knowledgeable and informed me that this was my 34th time there

Patrcia – Chesterfield, MI 7/25/2016 -no comments

Noreen – St Clr Shores, MI 7/23/2016 Love the guys, they were great.

Ernestino – St Clr Shores, MI 7/23/2016 Right around the corner from my home. Decided to try it out today, normally I go to Valvoline down the street from this location. But not anymore. Uncle Ed's for now on.

Karissa – St Clr Shores, MI 7/17/2016 I found it VERY appalling that a company would charge $36 for nitrogen air when regular air is free, it is not necessary and not much of a fuel saver. It cost $116 for a simple oil, that's with a coupon. There is also no need for synthetic oil in a 2011 Ford, the technician should of known that instead of trying to make an extra sale. I sent my daughter to get an oil change to save time/money instead of doing it at home, very disappointing.

Julie – Ferndale, MI 7/15/2016 awesome service, tom & team was great!

Kimberley – St Clr Shores, MI 7/14/2016 The customer service at this location is excellent. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Bill – St Clr Shores, MI 7/12/2016 Everything was good, but my front windshield was not washed. I did not know it was supposed to be done. I might mention it next time.

Rachelle – St Clr Shores, MI 7/9/2016 Great service!

Mark – Grosse Pt Wds, MI 7/9/2016 Everyone there was efficient and had a camaraderie and enjoyment of their work most wish they could have!

Carlton – Detroit, MI 7/8/2016 Very happy with service.

Douglas – St. Clair Shores, MI 7/8/2016 I love going to Uncle Ed's. Everyone there is always so friendly and genuine. I feel like I am really being taken care of every visit. They always tell me exactly what's going on with my vehicle and they always answer any questions I have for them. Not only are they knowledgeable in their field of work, but go above and beyond great customer service. I have never had a bad experience going to ANY Uncle Ed's. Customer for life far as I'm concerned.

James – St Clr Shores, MI 7/6/2016 Staff was very professional

Robert – Saint Clair Shores, MI 6/30/2016 They had me in and out relatively quick, but your prices seemed a little high this time.

Jesus – St. Clair Shores, MI 6/29/2016 Great service

Janice – Sterling Hts, MI 6/28/2016 Have been to this location several times and each visit left a good impression on me. The technicians are courteous, professional and answer any questions I've had. I'd rather go to Ed's Oil than the dealership!

Eric – St Clr Shores, MI 6/27/2016 Very professional, fast, and awesome staff! Tom was great!

Eileen – Grosse Pointe, MI 6/25/2016 Music in shop sucked

Greg – Eastpointe, MI 6/21/2016 Had both Headlamp Bulbs replaced in record time!! Very impressed!! Both the Store Manager (Tom) and the District Manager (Robert Welch) were involved personally in my service today!! And Josh was excellent as my customer service adviser as well!!

Ricky – Saint Clair Shores, MI 6/17/2016 Mike R I think he was the assistant managers was awesome. I use uncle Eds for all of my vehicles and have for the past 20 years. Mike made this the best visit I have ever had. His social skills were off the chart and he took care of us with out being overbearing. Some of the managers in the past have been a little to much. Mike made it feel like an old friend was taking care of us. He is the kind of guy I would hire to run a business with social interaction.

Keith – St Clr Shores, MI 6/16/2016 Tom was great. Service was exceptional. I've been going there over 10 years.

Allen – Saint Clair Shores, MI 6/15/2016 Great Service - Tom and team did a great job.

Mark – St Clr Shores, MI 6/15/2016 Your guy Tommy is Fantastic!!!!

Rathnaw – St Clr Shores, MI 6/12/2016 Tom, the manager, always runs a good shop and provides a fast quality service.

Russell – St Clr Shores, MI 6/8/2016 no thank you

Matthew – Roseville, MI 6/7/2016 Tom was extremely helpful and informative. He has great customer service skills and I would come back just because Tom works there

Kimberly – St Clr Shores, MI 6/7/2016 AMAZING!!! I have 3 vehicles and your SCS team services all of them!!!

David – Richmond, MI 6/3/2016 no additional feedback all was good!

Rick – St Clr Shores, MI 6/3/2016 Everything was good with the exception that the person talked just a little to fast when explaining options.

Nicholas – St Clr Shores, MI 5/31/2016 Service men always friendly and polite and most of all - knowledgeable.

Josie – St Clr Shores, MI 5/27/2016 I will never go anywhere else for an oil change. I actually really enjoyed my visit. All of the employees were extremely nice. The manager Tom is an excellent manager!

Terrell – Detroit, MI 5/27/2016 I love going to uncle ED's to get my vehicle service. Manager Tom always take good care of his customers.

Marlene – St Clr Shores, MI 5/27/2016 Good service - no problems

Diann – St Clr Shores, MI 5/27/2016 Very good and very friendly

Kelsey – St Clr Shores, MI 5/23/2016 Oil changes have gotten so expensive, but it helps when someone is explaining why to you.

Sondra – Harrison Township, MI 5/14/2016 good customer experience

Kathy – St Clr Shores, MI 5/14/2016 Mike and team were great

Jennifer – St Clr Shores, MI 5/14/2016 Great manager!

Beverly – Roseville, MI 5/12/2016 Great service, will be back...

Joe – East Detroit, MI 5/9/2016 The manager Tom and all the other team members are always friendly, polite and helpful. It is a true pleasure stopping in to this location.

Jeremy – St Clr Shores, MI 5/9/2016 Love going there, great customer service

Nina – St Clr Shores, MI 5/6/2016 I truly found your staff to be friendly, fast, and professional!

Gregg – Grosse Pointe, MI 5/4/2016 Great service!

Dawn – St Clr Shores, MI 5/4/2016 Tom and his crew were awesome!! They make getting an oil change actually enjoyable!! :-)

Aaron – Grosse Pointe, MI 5/4/2016 fast and easy

Josh – Royal Oak, MI 5/3/2016 Tom rocks!

Melissa – Warren, MI 4/30/2016 I talked to a couple of different employees while I was there. Everyone was very friendly, professional, and they made me feel very comfortable.

Sharon – St Clr Shores, MI 4/29/2016 The team is great and they entertain while the professional job is being done! Tom, the manager, is the best and always makes me feel like he cares about providing the best service. He clearly explained the things I need to have done, but when I told him I could not afford it now, he completely understood. He reiterated what should be done and when I can afford it - just come on in.

Michael – Detroit, MI 4/28/2016 Tomorrow and the crew... we're great

Makenzie – Macomb, MI 4/25/2016 Great service!

Ray – Roseville, MI 4/21/2016 Mike the assistant manager was really polite and did a great job. Tom is awesome too.

Chris – St Clr Shores, MI 4/21/2016 Was a pleasure doing business with Tom and the rest of the crew.

Patrcia – Chesterfield, MI 4/19/2016 Manager recognized me

Tracy – St Clr Shores, MI 4/19/2016 Tom is always great! He knows us when we come in and is always pleasant and honest!

Jane – Saint Clair Shores, MI 4/18/2016 Tom and Shane were very professional, friendly and efficient.

Toni – Roseville, MI 4/18/2016 Tom was awesome. He was very down to earth and informative. He's the type of person that would be able to put together the silver monkey, win legends of the hidden temple, and barely break a sweat. Great job dude!

Jalan – Eastpointe, MI 4/16/2016 Great as always!

Bryan – Roseville, MI 4/9/2016 great service as always

Vera – St Clr Shores, MI 4/8/2016 I had forgot to reset my oil change button from the previous change, and started getting warning lights. Brought it in to check it out and get transmission fluid changed. Tom was great and also brought to my attention that the cabin filter may have to be replaced (it did.) I didn't even know it was there! Everyone's attitude was great.

Joe – St Clr Shores, MI 4/7/2016 Tom was knowledgeable and upfront

Brenda – Roseville, MI 4/5/2016 I drive out of my way to go to this location because I am treated very well. I am tired of other places were the people working are calling me honey and sweetheart. I will definitely continue going to uncle eds in st.clair shores.

Kelly – St Clr Shores, MI 4/5/2016 Manager Tom was great.

John – Eastpointe, MI 4/4/2016 Very professional and friendly.

Greg – Eastpointe, MI 4/1/2016 Coupon booklet that is sent should be simplified for long-term customers...not have to figure out a combination of coupons...custom tailor the next coupons to cover expected service needed at next visit, or two?

Patricia – St Clr Shores, MI 3/31/2016 Both associates were very friendly and helpful. They got me in and out while being thorough since my son was crying.

Melissa – Roseville, MI 3/28/2016 I really like uncle Ed's especially store # 1119, they are always friendly, fast, and thorough. The only complaint I have is the pricing even with the coupons. The dealership is much more cost effective.

Brian – Grosse Pointe, MI 3/25/2016 Great service and efficient team

Lia – Grosse Pointe, MI 3/25/2016 Everything was good.

Allison – St Clr Shores, MI 3/25/2016 None. You guys were awsome. We will definitely be coming back next time

Danielle – St Clr Shores, MI 3/24/2016 Technicians were polite and concerned with making sure they provided good customer service.

Robert – Roseville, MI 3/22/2016 Tom did a great job as usual! Will come back again!!!

Mark – St Clr Shores, MI 3/21/2016 Tommy is Fantastic and the reason why I go back everytime

Mary – St Clr Shores, MI 3/20/2016 Everyone was very friendly and professional.

Jack – Detroit, MI 3/18/2016 The service was great and the employees were very friendly.

Yvette – St Clr Shores, MI 3/18/2016 They are very professional and friendly.

Jennifer – St Clr Shores, MI 3/17/2016 No additional feedback

Kevin – St Clr Shores, MI 3/16/2016 None at this time.

Randy – St Clr Shores, MI 3/16/2016 no reason for me to change service, on my 4 cars. Need more discounts/rewards please

Donna – Saint Clair Shores, MI 3/15/2016 always great service here

Susan – St Clr Shores, MI 3/15/2016 Tom is extremely friendly, up front with service that is due, but not a pushy man trying to get his female clients to spend money that is not necessarily needed! Saw that I had coupons for the service done and worked with me to get the best discounts possible! Worked well as a team leader with all employees! Made me smile with his courtesy!

Emily – St Clr Shores, MI 3/14/2016 I love the staff and survive at this shop, I pass quite a few daily buy this is the only one I'll stop at. They go above and beyond to make sure my truck is safe for me to drive; and it's great when I pull up and they remember me even if it's been months since my last visit. A++ from me!

Erik – Clinton Twp, MI 3/14/2016 I am completely satisfied, as always, with services provided by Thomas S and his crew. Tom is professional, personable and knowledgeable and as a business owner/employer myself, I could only wish for an employee as great as him! I can always rest assured that my hi-milage vehicle is in great hands when it comes to maintenance.

Kathleen – St Clr Shores, MI 3/13/2016 Wow- what a great service experience! Tom and his team were all so friendly and explained what they were doing and the reason for it. I appreciated the enthusiasm and diligence they all displayed to complete my service. Excellent team and excellent communication! Thank you!

Kevin – Saint Clair Shores, MI 3/12/2016 Great customer service as always

Taylor – St Clr Shores, MI 3/11/2016 I love this place! I have gotten an oil change elsewhere once and I will never do it again! Uncle Ed's always has the best service.

Sam – Roseville, MI 3/11/2016 Tom was my technician. We all have bad days, but I have not visited when Tom was having one. High energy, positive attitude , customer service oriented. All items that make for happy satisfied customers. I am one of those customers.

James – Grosse Pointe, MI 3/10/2016 I travel alot and rack up many miles on my car, Tom and his team take very good care and keep me on the road.

Cynthia – Roseville, MI 3/8/2016 Tom is the best! And now his new crew are great too!

Frank – St Clr Shores, MI 3/8/2016 Great service!


Patti – Grosse Pointe, MI 3/7/2016 Great awesome will be back Tom rocks

Kilcline – Saint Clair Shores, MI 3/5/2016 You always have a courteous service crew always pleasant thank you

Anitra – Harper Woods, MI 3/4/2016 The manger Tom & his crew was AWESOME, FRIENDLY AND VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE at the shop @28820 Harper St.Clair Shores Mi 48081 Will be back everytime

Christian – St Clr Shores, MI 3/3/2016 Tom the manager very professional and helpful to what my mini needed at the time i drove in. Mark asst manager also very helpful in preparing my vechile and preforming the service

Nicholas – St Clr Shores, MI 2/29/2016 The manager is always polite and personable.

Jeff – Detroit, MI 2/28/2016 Tom and Ray are great people to deal with.

Jason – Roseville, MI 2/27/2016 Excellent and speedy service. Very friendly and helpful staff, I will definitely go back.

Donna – Grosse Pointe, MI 2/27/2016 Always a pleasant experience. The guys do a great job!

Sandra – St Clr Shores, MI 2/20/2016 The manager was extremely informative. Feels like a long time friend every time I go there

Anthony – Grosse Pointe Shores, MI 2/20/2016 They are part of my extended family. Good people and good service will always bring people back!

Dominic – Saint Clair Shores, MI 2/20/2016 We are always very pleased with our service and friendliness of the workers there.

David – Scs, MI 2/20/2016 excellant service

Rod – Grosse Pointe, MI 2/19/2016 none at all

Danelle – St Clr Shores, MI 2/18/2016 Tom is the reason I keep coming back. I trust him to take good care of my vehicles.

Jeff – St Clair Shores, MI 2/13/2016 Always fast and friendly

Rathnaw – St Clr Shores, MI 2/6/2016 Store 1119 located on Harper in St. Clair Shores is the location I always visit and I am never disappointed. Of special note is the Manager Tom. He is professional, polite and knowledgeable. Tom is an asset to your organization.

Jeff – St Clr Shores, MI 2/5/2016 same great service as my first visit.

Ray – Roseville, MI 2/5/2016 The manager is great, very personable and courteous. Excellent service.

Lynda – Roseville, MI 2/3/2016 The service was fabulous and I will be back.......

Joseph – Detroit, MI 2/3/2016 Always a pleasant experience! The guys here make oil changes fast and easy.

Jeff – St Clr Shores, MI 2/3/2016 manager told me about ford trans fluid issue I did not know. thank you

Laurie – Harrison Twp, MI 2/2/2016 Very friendly and professional

Tim – Grosse Pointe, MI 1/31/2016 We had great service by Daryl & Anthony. Very knowledgeable and helpful.

Mark – East China, MI 1/29/2016 The manager and his crew though the crew has different people the manager is a professional and a very likable person who is always welcoming and remembers my previous visit. He has earned my respect and appreciation for your company.

Marlene – St Clr Shores, MI 1/28/2016 Good Polite Service

Bernadine – Saint Clair Shores, MI 1/27/2016 Great service

David – Macomb, MI 1/27/2016 I have used Ed's in the past. I have also gotten my most recent oil changes at a local service shop and the Chevy dealership respectively. Both of these other places were considerably cheaper for the same service and product. My Malibu takes the special oil required by General Motors. An oil change at the dealership was $25 the last time I was there. Your shop was $85. This is grossly overpriced and as such I will never return to an Ed's again. There is no reason to gouge the customer, and I felt as if I was the sole support of your establishment with this end result. Although not a 100% frequent user of Ed's, I used you due to the proximity to my house. With what I just paid for a simple oil change.....NEVER AGAIN!

Michelle – Chesterfield, MI 1/27/2016 Great service!

Scott – Grosse Pointe, MI 1/21/2016 no thanks

Dave – St Clair Shores, MI 1/18/2016 Tom and his crew did an outstanding job!!!

Matt – St. Clair Shores, MI 1/15/2016 Tom is always an informative manager, and I appreciate how he tries to educate me on manufacturer-recommended services for my Avalanche. I also value the environment there - I don't feel pressured to all of these services all at once and him and his team are helpful with providing a schedule so that I can plan ahead for future visits. Lastly, the technicians Daryl and Ricky provided quick service making my visit an easy in and out!

Sam – Roseville, MI 1/14/2016 I return to Uncle Ed's because Tom the manager and the employees treat me like their only customer even though they are busy. Great customer service.

John – St Clr Shores, MI 1/13/2016 Ray and Ricky were fantastic!

Becky – Saint Clair Shores, MI 1/9/2016 Just wish they would have put air in the tires and reset my oil change light! This is the first time when I've been to Uncle Ed's and they did not do that!

Vitina – St Clr Shores, MI 1/7/2016 They were all great

Doug – St Clr Shores, MI 1/3/2016 You are pricing your services too high. $50 is a lot for a ten minute oil change. see what you can do to cut a few $$ off of that.

William – Lapeer, MI 1/2/2016 Pricing way too high, most I've ever paid for an oil change. Including service at a Ford dealer. Will never come back.

Corey – St Clr Shores, MI 12/29/2015 Like the conveniece of the location, service technicians and speed.

Jennifer – St Clr Shores, MI 12/23/2015 Every time I go to this location, service is wonderful! Tom is always friendly and so is the rest of the staff!

Donna – St Clr Shores, MI 12/20/2015 Mgr Tom is fantastic. Personable but not pushy. Excellent service. Above and beyond regular scope of oil change. Installed my own new wipers I had with me. Really worked hard getting a decayed filter off the cap insert. Good job!

Jeffrey – Harrison Twp, MI 12/20/2015 none at this time

Russell – Grosse Pointe, MI 12/19/2015 top Notch service

Patrcia – Chesterfield, MI 12/18/2015 Great service, friendly people, fast and efficient.

Maggie – St Clr Shores, MI 12/18/2015 Tom, Daryl, Anthony, and Ricky were all great. Service was fast and friendly. I will be back next time!

Jeff – Detroit, MI 12/18/2015 Tom is a great manager

Jeff – Detroit, MI 12/18/2015 service is great

Jeff – Detroit, MI 12/18/2015 in and out fast

Jeff – Detroit, MI 12/18/2015 fast, friendly, service

David – St Clr Shores, MI 12/17/2015 Purchased online oil change

Bryan – Roseville, MI 12/14/2015 Manager Tom is always a pleasure to do bussiness with, always lets me know what service I may need currently or for future visits.

Gary – St Clr Shores, MI 12/12/2015 very polite and friendly - went about their business in a professional manner.

Joseph – Lake Orion, MI 12/11/2015 Great service!

Cora – Clinton Township, MI 12/9/2015 Tom and Ricky were amazing. Not only were they friendly, the service was fast and efficient.

Future – Saint Clair Shores, MI 12/8/2015 Super friendly and super fast. Definitely coming back when i have more car issues.

Russell – Grosse Pointe, MI 12/6/2015 no comments

Eric – Warren, MI 12/6/2015 no feed back

Alandra – St. Clair Shores, MI 12/5/2015 Friendly staff.

Joe – Scs, MI 12/4/2015 Very fast

Fred – Ferndale, MI 12/3/2015 Tom is always an absolute pro and considers all options when discussing work on the car. He always has a good rapport with his crew who are equally enthusiastic and caring. Thank you Tom for you continued assistance.

Jennifer – St Clr Shores, MI 11/27/2015 Happy Holidays!

Megan – St Clr Shores, MI 11/25/2015 Ray and Tom are always friendly and helpful.

Dyan – St. Clair Shores, MI 11/23/2015 Even my 9 yr old was impressed with the customer service. He said "They are so nice here!" I didn't feel pressured to buy any extra services which makes me more likely to come back and get them done.

Phil – Grosse Pointe, MI 11/21/2015 I do not understand the bill for this service. I had prepaid for this oil change on my previous trip. Yet the full cost of the oil change shows up on the bill even though I was not charged the full cost. But the bill does now a total of $95.48 which is misleading to me, the customer. In short, all the numbers from SubTotal down are confusing. It does not show what was charged to my VISA which is very strange for an invoice. I think this bill is written this way simply for the sake of your bookkeepers but it doesn't reflect the proper amount to the customer. The taxable amount on the bill is $25. How did UE calculate that $25 is taxable? On invoice 168147 for the nitrogen, I received $13 in coupons and discount bringing the cost of the service to $23. Why then is the tax calculated on the full cost of $36? I would think it proper to collect the tax on $23. You can reach me at 313 300 4552. Thanks Phil Matous

Susan – Grossepointepark, MI 11/18/2015 everyone was polite and courteous

Carole – Roseville, MI 11/17/2015 The technicians here are always very friendly make you feel comfortable and no question on my part is a stupid question.

Charnita – Grosse Pointe, MI 11/16/2015 Tom is always nice and very informative. Great experience every time.

Tim – Grosse Pointe Woods, MI 11/16/2015 The technicians provided excellent customer service.

Emily – St Clr Shores, MI 11/16/2015 I love the guys there, beyond friendly, they go the extra mile to help me out every time, and are are simply the best. <3 Also, very easy on the eyes.

Kimberly – St Clr Shores, MI 11/16/2015 LOVE THESE GUYS!

Kimberly – St Clr Shores, MI 11/16/2015 AMAZING STAFF!!!!!

John – St Clr Shores, MI 11/13/2015 Always great friendly service

Rathnaw – St Clr Shores, MI 11/12/2015 I always satisfied with the service at this location.

William – Clinton Twp, MI 11/12/2015 Good service

Angelia – Bloomfield Hills, MI 11/10/2015 They were wonderful. Very friendly and explained everything.

Nicholas – St Clr Shores, MI 11/10/2015 Tom and his crew have always given first class service to me. No high pressure when I have to delay recommended procedures until next time.

Karin – Harper Woods, MI 11/8/2015 Manager, Anthony, and manager in training, Daryl were especially helpful. Daryl was especially down to earth and a pleasure to work with. Keep him!

Vitina – St Clr Shores, MI 11/8/2015 Very friendly and they give great advice for your vehicle. Love the coupons too.

Jennifer – Saint Clair Shores, MI 11/8/2015 Extremely professional service

Michael – Clinton, MI 11/7/2015 Overall the staff was very good. High energy and honesty, I will be back

Andrew – Grosse Pointe, MI 11/6/2015 Ray was very sincere and helpful. He provided detailed information and explained every action the team was taking.

Shannon – Detroit, MI 11/4/2015 Just to clarify, they did the tire pressure check after I asked them, but did not ask about lights or wiper blades. I was given really wonderful service other than that and plan to come back for my next service.

Jeremy – St Clr Shores, MI 10/31/2015 Tom and Ray always take extremely good care of my vehicles. I trust their judgment and sincerely appreciate their excellent customer care. These guys don't just serve my vehicle they serve my family. My kids even received candy for Halloween! You've got a great team at this store.

Robert – Roseville, MI 10/29/2015 Excellent service! Will come back again!!!

Frederick – Roseville, MI 10/29/2015 Tom as always has great customer service skills and is always Helpful when I visit...

Nick – St Clr Shores, MI 10/26/2015 I was told I was getting a full synth oil change for $69.99, I also had a wiper replaced for $9.99 and my total before "discounts" was 121.97 and after discounts it was 109.72. I was charged extra for an oil filter which has ALWAYS been included with EVERY oil change I have ever gotten, and only after he noticed he charged me did he tell the tech to put in a new one. I will never go to an Uncle Ed's again,. "High Efficiency Oil Filter" give me a break!!!! They said they were going to check my tires..I don't recall seeing them do that. THANKS for the GREAT discounts..$79.98 in services cost me 109.72....with some real good "explanations"

Abby – St Clr Shores, MI 10/24/2015 Ray,Charles and Tom take extraordinary care of me and all of my referrals, even the ones they do not even know I refer. They provide consistent exemplary customer service and need to be commended. I forego free oil changes at my dealership to pay for the type of service I receive every visit. Good job to the entire organization for implementing employees who put customer needs first.

Esther – St Clr Shores, MI 10/15/2015 It's like watching a show while I wait for the service to be done! The boys were just amazing, always smiling always having a great time - even with the power outage. I always have wonderful service when I bring my automobiles in. Tom, Anthony and Daryl worked on my truck today! Thanks a bunch guys! See ya in about 3 months (or about 5000 miles or so).

Matt – St Clair Shores, MI 10/14/2015 Little expensive. Came in for an oil change and spent 188 bucks. Unreal. Service was good.

Jean – St Clr Shores, MI 10/13/2015 During my visit today I was informed that the wrong oil was used for my vehicle during my last visit to Uncle Ed's. An unnecessary engine flush needed to be done in order to remediate damage to my vehicle. The staff I worked with today (Raymond H, Thomas S, and Ricky B) were exceptionally helpful in informing me of the error, the mechanics of what went wrong with my engine, and the overall process. During this visit I definitely felt attended to and left feeling more knowledgable about my own vehicle.

Ray – Roseville, MI 10/12/2015 Maybe have a computer program that tells the technician what is due so he doesn't have to scroll through the entire maintenance history of the vehicle.

Chris – Saint Clair Shores, MI 10/10/2015 keep up good work

Dennis – St Clr Shores, MI 10/9/2015 Nothing at the this time.

Paige – Grosse Pointe, MI 10/9/2015 Rays awesome!

Jennifer – St Clr Shores, MI 10/7/2015 Great kids. Very enthusiastic.

Keith – St Clr Shores, MI 10/7/2015 The young men at this Uncle Ed's location are always fast and very courteous. Great bunch of guys.

Stephen – Grosse Pointe, MI 10/5/2015 Na Na Na

Mark – East China, MI 10/2/2015 Very informed and we'll trained young men. Most other oil change shops u just want to leave as soon as possible. I've always had a professional person to handle my experience. All work and transaction is done with respect and a sense of knowledge one should expect. Thanks for the great service!

Cynthia – Roseville, MI 9/29/2015 Tom was the best. He knows just what my truck needs and takes care of it with no problem. Please don't lose him because I will follow him. He is the best and very helpful.

Danita – Roseville, MI 9/28/2015 Both technicians, Tom, who was the manager, and Charles, were great. They informed me of everything they were going to do and what would be needed in the future. The service was great. They were friendly and professional. My experience was great.

Rick – St Clr Shores, MI 9/27/2015 I watched the employee tilt the dipstick to let the oil run to the full line after filling the car with oil. The oil was a quart low, but instead off putting the correct amount in, he tried to cover it up by making it look full! The tires were never checked. Cabin air filter was never checked this time. Paid $80 for HORRIBLE service! I will not be going back to that service center again, if i even go back to uncle eds.

Marcus – Clinton Twp, MI 9/27/2015 Wonderful

Jeff – Saint Clair Shores, MI 9/26/2015 I've been visiting this location for years and management and staff are great! I can't think of going anywhere else for oil changes. Great job guys.

Kenneth – St Clr Shores, MI 9/25/2015 All employees are friendly and happy.

Jalan – Eastpointe, MI 9/24/2015 All smiles, always friendly, always a good time.

Donna – Warren, MI 9/24/2015 Did a good job. Great salesman....very friendly

Scott – Roseville, MI 9/22/2015 Ray was very helpful and great to work with.

Robert – St Clr Shores, MI 9/21/2015 Very friendly service. I've dealt with Thomas S a few times now. Always been upbeat and never pushy about his service. I've never felt he has ever been trying to sell me services to drive the price up. This was first experience with Daryl who is new. I didn't deal with Daryl a lot as he was working mainly on another car. Helped finish up my transmission fluid change. Good kid, Thomas giving him pointers and tips to help him along.

Hann Lin – St Clr Shores, MI 9/20/2015 Not too sure I would need to print out the coupon for can we just show it to the store manager the promo email received. Anyway, I just printed it out.

Russell – Grosse Pointe, MI 9/19/2015 I spent another $200 at my visit. Am I crazy for all the additional services I get when I am there? Am I just being Sold more stuff?

Sally – St Clr Shores, MI 9/14/2015 Fast and friendly and on my way!

David – Saint Clair Shores, MI 9/12/2015 Daryl, Ray & Thomas are great customer service reps and know their trade well. The service was quick & efficient, and the price was reasonable. I will definitely be back for future maintenance.

James – St Clr Shores, MI 9/11/2015 Great Service

Julie – St Clr Shores, MI 9/10/2015 Tom and his team were very professional. I felt as though they had my cars best interest in mind while determining the required services. I felt that they listened to and responded to my questions and preferences when it came to what services I needed. And they really seemed like they enjoyed their time there. I will be going back in the future. Thank you.

Kate – St Clr Shores, MI 9/9/2015 The guys were great! They were very professional but had a great attitude the entire time I was there (which was not long at all!)

Zach – St Clr Shores, MI 9/5/2015 Guys always busy their ass's off, love the service always knowledgeable and efficient.

Debi – Roseville, MI 9/4/2015 Helpful and knowledgeable staff

Debi – Roseville, MI 9/4/2015 Very knowledgeable staff

Erik – Clinton Twp, MI 9/1/2015 It's always a pleasure to have Tom S service my vehicle.

Pat – St Clr Shores, MI 8/31/2015 Staff was very nice

Suzanne – Grosse Pointe, MI 8/29/2015 None service was fine. A little pricey-even with coupons

Tami – Grosse Pointe, MI 8/28/2015 Service was great.

Anthony – St Clr Shores, MI 8/26/2015 keep specials coming

Rachel – St Clr Shores, MI 8/25/2015 Very nice employees

Raechel – St Clr Shores, MI 8/22/2015 No comment

Ronald – St Clr Shores, MI 8/22/2015 Ray, Anthony, and Ricky were very personal proffessional and very helpFul. I will recommend this shop to all my friends and family.

Deborah – St Clr Shores, MI 8/21/2015 The guys there were great. The oil change was a little pricy and I will check to see if my 2015 Chevy Malibu HAS to have a synthetic oil. But otherwise.... these guys made me laugh and I was having a really bad day

Albert – Grosse Pointe, MI 8/20/2015 Tom is great. Just love the friendly, efficient service.

Jane – Saint Clair Shores, MI 8/17/2015 Tom, Ray and Robert were all very professional and friendly and completed the service to my great satisfaction, as always.

Patrcia – Chesterfield, MI 8/17/2015 Friendly service. The technicians seemed to enjoy working together and it showed, which will influence my return visits :)

Alexis – St Clr Shores, MI 8/17/2015 These guys are great!

Kevin – Harper Woods, MI 8/15/2015 Everything was nice and professional. Great service.

Lionel – Grosse Pointe, MI 8/11/2015 Great job

Lauren – Grosse Pointe Woods, MI 8/11/2015 Great service and fast and fun

William – Pt Charlotte, MI 8/8/2015 Tom the manager and his two co-workers were extremely professional and effiecient.

Jeff – St Clair Shores, MI 8/7/2015 Very friendly

Faye – Grosse Pointe, MI 8/5/2015 Great service

Keith – Clinton Twp, MI 7/31/2015 I live next to a Mobile 1 service center. I have experienced unsatisfactory service from that service center. I switched to Uncle Ed's Oil Shoppe and have been pleasantly surprised with their superior service. I will be a return customer.

Albert – Grosse Pointe, MI 7/30/2015 I prefer to have Tom work on my car.

Susan – Grosse Pointe, MI 7/29/2015 When leaving the stall the manager directed me to stop and turn my wheel before proceding. While pulling forward there was a loud noise and my passenger side of my suburban was scraping the side of the door of the facility. He had me back up and pull out again and I have a large scrap and a pulled molding on my car. I took pictures and sent them to the district manager with no response. I called the shop again and Ray had not even called the district manager about the incident. He called them after my call and told me to call my insurance company. I feel this is the responsibilty of Uncle Ed's and I should not be inconvenienced with dealing with my insurance company.

Sam – Roseville, MI 7/28/2015 Team work well together to keep every moving.

Lee – Grosse Pointe, MI 7/24/2015 Great service, Fast service. Your crew is very professional and Tom is a top notch manager.

John – St Clr Shores, MI 7/21/2015 Service at this location has always been great and very personable

Shannon – St Clr Shores, MI 7/21/2015 The manager and technician were were very polite and friendly

Kevin – Saint Clair Shores, MI 7/21/2015 Friendly, courteous, and quick...but very expensive.

Ruth – Saint Clair Shores, MI 7/21/2015 The personnel at this store have always been pleasant and helpful.

Joseph – St Clr Shores, MI 7/20/2015 nice guys quick and friendly service

Michael – Eastpointe, MI 7/18/2015 The best service I've had for an oil change

John – St Clr Shores, MI 7/17/2015 Will definitely bring car back for next service

Joyce – St Clr Shores, MI 7/16/2015 Comprehensive summary given of services provided.

Louise – St Clr Shores, MI 7/15/2015 Raymond and Anthony were great. Love them

Greg – Eastpointe, MI 7/13/2015 Tom & Ray were top notch...dealt with everything that needed attention...including replacing a fog lamp bulb that was very troublesome to service. I'll definitely be back!!

JEFF – DETROIT, MI 7/13/2015 keep up the good work

Kathleen – St Clr Shores, MI 7/11/2015 Tom and staff were very helpful and explained things very well.

Gary – St Clr Shores, MI 7/11/2015 Tom the manager was very friendly

Jeff – Detroit, MI 7/10/2015 keep up the good work

Benjamin – Saint Clair Shores, MI 7/10/2015 great service. tom is an excellent spokesman

Randy – St Clr Shores, MI 7/6/2015 Tom and his team are exellent- they are trustworthy and professional

John – Chesterfield, MI 7/6/2015 Tom and his team are A-1. Keep up the great work!

Connie – Clinton Twp, MI 7/3/2015 Oil change

Barbara – Warren, MI 7/1/2015 Tom was great! He suggested that I needed a few extra services that I was aware of, but couldn't afford the last time, so he took care of me and let me know that I was in need of a radiator flush for next time. I appreciate his customer service.

Susan – St Clr Shores, MI 7/1/2015 I have been a customer of Uncle Ed's Oil Shoppe for many years and cars. Some experiences were better than others. (depending on employee's and managers through the years) This visit was excellent! From the kindness that Tom showed upon my entering the bay right through to the best application since Aquapel came out (have had awful applications before). In my area, there are many choices for Oil changes, but I am happy with Uncle Ed's and my local service personnel.

Matt – St. Clair Shores, MI 7/1/2015 Not applicable

Kim – Saint Clair Shores, MI 6/30/2015 Everyone was very proficient and friendly.

Kim – Saint Clair Shores, MI 6/27/2015 Great customer services. Always a good job done.

James – Scs, MI 6/24/2015 service was great. Tom the manger was very professional and curtious.

I C Systems – St Clr Shores, MI 6/23/2015 Great job Tom thank you so much

Resley – Greenbush, MI 6/23/2015 seriously you should think about opening one in Oscoda Michigan, there is a building already set to go that was closed buy jiffy lube.& see if you can get the crew from store #1119 to move up here.! they were military precision, great crew! honestly. while they changed our oil my wife made the remark the owner must be an ex marine! & it did remind me of being back in the corp.

Jane – Saint Clair Shores, MI 6/22/2015 Glad to see Tom back at this location!!!!

Kristina – Detroit, MI 6/22/2015 The main reason I am writing this review, is because this store location changed my perspective on the company from bad to excellent. My last visit, 2/20/15, was at another location, at the store in Troy, MI. It was horrible. The gentleman who I spoke with was rude, short and told me he was skipping over a bunch of information. I asked him to explain something about the oil he was putting in my car, and he walked away. I will add that when I came in, I politely told the employee that I was in a hurry, because I was going on a road trip, and that if I could get the lowest cost oil change for my car, I would really appreciate it. He all of the sudden pulled the tablet (where customers enter their information) away from me, and that's when he started skipping over the (what I presume to be) safety checks, light checks and all of that. I again asked a question about the oil, but he walked away. I had no idea what he was putting in my car, nor did he explain anything. He then went into his office, and never came back out. I had no idea what was going on. Unfortunately, I am not very knowledgeable about cars, and he put in regular oil, when my car needs a synthetic blend. This resulted in shards of metal being torn away from the pipe that holds the oil, floating around in the oil. Also, the oil was smoking when it was last opened on 6/22/2015, at this Uncle Ed's Oil Shoppe. The manager at this location (#1119) recommended that I use an oil system cleaner, because there were pieces of metal in the oil system. After my visit on 2/20/2015, I decided to never come back to Uncle Ed's Oil Shoppe, and my family said they would not either, because of the experience I had. I was so upset when I left. I work in customer service, and I think that's why I was so upset, because I couldn't believe that someone would be so rude and condescending to a customer. I truly was being polite, and I can't understand why this employee was so un-kind. A few months later, I needed an oil change, and my boyfriend took me to Uncle Ed's in St. Clair Shores, against my wishes. He said that this store was amazing, and he promised they would be good. Let me just say, this location, the St. Clair Shores store # 1119 was amazing!! They employees were very nice, helpful and fast! And the most important thing was that they explained everything that they were doing. I will now go back to this location for oil changes, for as long as I can, because these guys were amazing. They even apologized for the other store location, which I know they did not have to do. I want to thank all of them, they were great!!

Dan – Harper Woods, MI 6/22/2015 They were quick, consise and professional😄

Jeff – Detroit, MI 6/19/2015 keep up the good work

Carole – Roseville, MI 6/18/2015 All the employees were professional, efficient and friendly. Made to feel welcomed.

Mark – East China, MI 6/16/2015 Great service!

Nicholas – St Clr Shores, MI 6/16/2015 Tom the manager was very helpful explaining technical stuff in everyday language.

Julie – St Clr Shores, MI 6/16/2015 Tom and his entire staff was friendly and very helpful.

Patrick – St. Clair Shores, MI 6/15/2015 Tom was very nice and professional, the other members worked together like a well oiled machine.

Brandon – Saint Clair Shores, MI 6/12/2015 Like the Service I receive no complaints

Susan – Grossepointepark, MI 6/10/2015 it was a positive experience

Kathy – Eastpointe, MI 6/10/2015 No comments

Michael – Detroit, MI 6/8/2015 Very friendly

Carli – Detroit, MI 6/8/2015 I am always very impressed with the knowledge and great service, but I am most pleased that I am advised about what will best benefit my car, and what will NOT!

Russell – Grosse Pointe, MI 6/7/2015 I like the friendly service.

Yvonne – Garden City, MI 6/7/2015 very friendly and took me to see what else I needed to get done

Ken – Roseville, MI 6/6/2015 Great people!

Rebecca – St Clr Shores, MI 6/5/2015 I always get fast professional service from Uncle Ed's, especially from this store. The staff is always courteous and they do an excellent job of communicating with me during service. This time was no different. I have recommended this oil change store to all my family and friends.

Savanna – Warren, MI 6/5/2015 Made a top notch service very enjoyable ray and aalon are a great team.

Richard – Warren, MI 6/5/2015 Tom and Ray were very helpful and full of energy when I showed up right when they opened. They topped off all my fluids. Thank you guys.

Kate – St Clr Shores, MI 6/4/2015 They were super helpful!

Robert – Roseville, MI 6/2/2015 Tom the manager is the reason I come back!!! Very good team there!!!

Kevin – Harrison Twp, MI 6/1/2015 Tom runs that place like a well oiled machine. No Pun intended. Everyone was very professional and courteous.

Zach – St Clr Shores, MI 6/1/2015 Glad to see Tom back!

Denise – St Clr Shores, MI 5/31/2015 everything was great which is why i come back

Brandon – Saint Clair Shores, MI 5/28/2015 Tom and his team are awesome at the Harper location in St. Clair Shores! They are always helpful with advise without pushing the "extras" on you.

Katie – Roseville, MI 5/27/2015 This is my favorite place to come for an oil change. I've gone other place service is always better here.

James – St Clair Shores, MI 5/23/2015 Very professional, excellent service

Jennifer – St Clr Shores, MI 5/23/2015 All of the guys who helped with my service were super friendly and professional. While they did a great job and had me out in no time, they also all seemed like they enjoyed their job and worked well with eachother. Super happy with Uncle Ed's as well as Tom and the other guys who helped. Great work!!!!!

George – Roseville, MI 5/23/2015 the manager tom and his team are the best thats why i go there they always do a great job and i thank them for a job well done

Christina – Grosse Pointe, MI 5/22/2015 All the guys were fantastic. Personable and funny, along with efficient and knowledgeable. I came in right after work expecting to be grumpy once I left (car maintenance isn't cheap, after all) but I left giggling and happy. Great service!

David – Eastpointe, MI 5/22/2015 Friendly and quick.

Dave – Eastpointe, MI 5/22/2015 The guys were very friendly and professional as usual.

Zach – Oak Park, MI 5/22/2015 None. Cool crew and kick ass music. Very friendly environment

Scott – Smyrna, MI 5/22/2015 Very good service

Tony – St Clr Shores, MI 5/22/2015 I come to uncle Ed's because they use mobile one oil. I also like the staff and was especially pleased to see that Tom was back at this store.

Kristina – Roseville, MI 5/19/2015 I really appreciate the customer service I receive at this location and because they are so great I am happy to bring goodies for the staff to show my appreciation. Today I brought them pizza and pop :) Whoever is doing the hiring and training is doing a great job! Thank you to the wonderful staff for always being friendly and upbeat.

Elise – Saint Clair Shores, MI 5/19/2015 You guys are straight off the meat rack. I am very busy building a robot army for the impending war between humans and predators from space, and I was in and out within 45 minutes for an oil change and a radiator flush. The only thing I would suggest is playing Slayer at full blast in the shop at all times.

Alexandra – Eastpointe, MI 5/16/2015 This was my first time ever going to Uncle Ed's for an oil change and now I won't go anywhere else! Being a local small business manager it was great to experience the excellent customer service Ray, Tom, Charles and Cody provided! They were fun and energetic, especially for 9 o'clock on a Saturday morning! They were very helpful with everything and were willing to answer any questions I had! I will definitely be returning!

Stephanie – Clinton Twp, MI 5/14/2015 Great service. The only thing is the cost that I am spending every time I come in. I have been coming to you guys on a consistent basis and get discounts but nothing that says I am a valued customer. Other then that they take good care of my car.

Brian – Harper Woods, MI 5/14/2015 Tom, Anthony, and Charles were all fantastic. They offer everything I could have hoped for on my visit.

Ryan – St Clair Shores, MI 5/14/2015 Tom was very good manager

Angela – Saint Clair Shores, MI 5/12/2015 Thank You

Marvin – Detroit, MI 5/10/2015 Very nice young men

Christine – St Clr Shores, MI 5/10/2015 These guys went above and beyond to help me make sure my vehicle is safe for my road trip to the Pacific.

Jeffrey – St Clr Shores, MI 5/9/2015 They are a great team

Lucy – St Clr Shores, MI 5/9/2015 Today's experience at this store has officially made this my favorite place to get an oil change. Tom and the other gentlemen working there were friendly, courteous and funny (an added bonus!). This will be the only place I bring the car to get an oil change! Thanks!! :)

Linda – Grosse Pointe, MI 5/8/2015 I have been to this store often and the employees are always friendly and most helpful. I recommend it to my friends.

Martin – Grosse Pointe, MI 5/7/2015 too much yelling

Jim – St Clr Shores, MI 5/6/2015 The car only had 3700 miles on it so they didn't need to check anything out. Your oil changes are more expensive that the place right down the street but you open later, so I came here.

Cherise – St Clr Shores, MI 5/4/2015 Copied from my 5/9/2015 Facebook post: So I practiced my faith and trusted a stranger and I was rewarded with renewed faith tenfold!! Mondays oil change finding that turned into a rat cleaning of my engine- then turned into a 430pm return trip to the shop because my Ford engine and "wrench" light appeared. I had a 5am drive of 3 hours to Waterloo CA scheduled for the morning and Enterprise closes at 6pm. As Young Tom mechanic sweated out diagnosing the problem, time clicked away. Finally I was forced to abandon car to an "oil change " specialist and hitch ride from their employee to fetch a rental. I practiced my theory to never shoot the messenger 'No yelling, no cursing, no accusations or threats. Just left car with Buddha type calm.  I didnt call Tom -Whats-His-Name all week. Kept working my job with total focus. Returned home safely to a car fixed, intact and calipers cleaned. Oh, and a flower for being the most gracious and patient customer imagined! Young Tom, father of 2, manager of a bunch of other young men - displayed professionalism, exceptional customer service and more importantly - great moral and ethical character!  That is how we practice what we preach: let actions display our character and teach others  who are impressionable how to be  Awesome Human Beings! And I am talking about Tom.!! Uncle Ed's Oil and Lube -St Clair Shores . Ask for young Tom the manager - he rocks!!!!!!!!!! My week is complete! !!!! !! !!!! !!! !!!!! :-)

Rod – Saint Clair Shores, MI 5/4/2015 I do like the service! Not at all pushed into things that can wait till next oil change

Diana – Oxford, MI 5/2/2015 I have been a customer of Uncle Ed's (Saint Clair Shores MI) for several of years. I continue to re-turn because of the fast service and trusting business. On todays visit, my husband and I went to have service completed on our vehicle and we were truely satisfied with both, Service Advisor, Raymond H and Manager, Thomas S. We have had the oppertunity to deal with these two employees on different occasions, and feel that they are a great asset to this company.

Albert – Grosse Pointe, MI 5/1/2015 THANK YOU for bringing Tom back to this store. He's by far the best store manager you have in our area.

Barbara – Detroit, MI 5/1/2015 the whole staff was great, very proficient and knowledgable

Amy – Clinton Twp, MI 4/30/2015 This service center has been very good to me for many years. And unless things change drastically (friendly personnel, service, price, etc) I will continue to use this location.

Lynne – Grosse Pointe, MI 4/28/2015 Very happy with the new manager

Dan – Saint Clair Shores, MI 4/28/2015 Tom, the manager, was very friendly and informative. Overall, I was very pleased with the service he and his technician provided. Having been provided services in the past with Tom, I was very happy to see that he was back at store I have been going to for many years.

Martin – Grosse Pointe, MI 4/27/2015 Tom did an excellent job

Marianne – St Clr Shores, MI 4/26/2015 The only reason I came to Uncle Ed's was because I couldn't get into my regular place for an oil change. This is a rip-off. $89.99 for an oil change, $9.00 to put air in each on of the tires, people times are still bad out there,I went in for an oil change, nothing else. This will be the last time I go there. Unbelievable, I could have gotten four oil changes for the price you charge for one, plus to put air in my tires would have been free of charge. No recommendations from me to Uncle Ed's.

Barbara – Detroit, MI 4/24/2015 Tom, Ray and the rest of the staff were very professional, helpful and entertaining...excellent service

Jason – St Clr Shores, MI 4/24/2015 Excellent, fast service. I don't know why I waited so long to try your company.

Jason – Clinton Twp, MI 4/21/2015 Exceptional friendly service. Everyone was informative, friendly and there was no pressure sales for any of the services provided.

Hunter – Roseville, MI 4/20/2015 Very tight run, fast paced shop. Very likely to be my permanent go-to place for fluid changes

Dave – St Clr Shores, MI 4/20/2015 Tom and Cody did an excellent job! They were both friendly and professional.

David – St Clr Shores, MI 4/8/2015 40 minutes for oil change

Casey – St Clr Shores, MI 4/3/2015 I wish customer service was like this everywhere else

Rosa – St Clr Shores, MI 4/3/2015 I love this place! Always excellent service. My only complaint is that often they are very busy and I have to wait.

Nicole – Clinton Twp, MI 4/2/2015 The gentlemen, Austin and Aalon, were very pleasant and professional. Two thumbs up all around for excellent service.

Brian – St Clr Shores, MI 4/1/2015 Chris and Charles are excellent! I really enjoyed my service.

Donald – St Clr Shores, MI 4/1/2015 they always do a great job. That's why my family and I always go back we have six cars in the family one is a 1973 Vett and a 1985 mustang . Thanks for the great service in St Clair Shores.

Monika – Detroit, MI 3/28/2015 Awesome service!

Amber – Roseville, MI 3/15/2015 Ronald and Andrew were very helpful. I am always happy with this location.

Randy – St Clr Shores, MI 3/14/2015 this team is really great- effectively covering ALL information. I always come back

Rick – St Clr Shores, MI 3/13/2015 I have a total of 3 cars that I take to Uncle Ed's and I am always treated very well. The coupons are good and you might want to consider a senior discount progam also.

Patrick – Roseville, MI 3/8/2015 Everything was good but I always feel like I am overpaying when I go to Uncle Eds. I got a $15 coupon for a high mileage oil change which was accepted but I checked the price of the high mileage oil change online and it was $54.99 and I was charged $64.99. This happens every time I go to Uncle Eds which makes me reluctant to keep coming back. The service is always good though.

Tom – St Clr Shores, MI 3/8/2015 The team was Great, Chris is a great manager

Marcic – Eastpointe, MI 3/4/2015 The Team at this location are great team. After a very rough 4 days at my work the team at this location are always very informative. 100 percent why I come back even before my oil change is due. I do have a older vechle so it help a great deal to get info without going to a car dealership. Also watching the manager work with his team all were smiling and seem that they enjoyed.

Allison – St Clr Shores, MI 3/2/2015 Austin, Chris, and Charles were very awesome. Great coustomer service! It wasy first time getting anything done to my car but they made it a fun experience. They're very good at what they do. I will definitely be returning!

Sarah – St Clr Shores, MI 3/2/2015 Austin, Chris and Charles P rocked the house!

Dennis – St Clr Shores, MI 2/27/2015 It'd all about the price and coupons that is the reason I go to one place or the other

Amanda – Clinton Twp, MI 2/27/2015 They were great!!!

Douglas – St Clr Shores, MI 2/26/2015 Both guys were very professional and courteous. I wish you store somewhere in the database that I actually know cars quite well. Sometimes I feel like they're talking to me like I'm an idiot. The way they have to talk to those who have no clue.

Eugene – St Clr Shores, MI 2/24/2015 Very patient with all my questions. Very happy worth the money

Maddie – St Clr Shores, MI 2/24/2015 I've always been afraid to get my oil changed by myself, mostly because I'm a girl. I had the best experience! The staff was super friendly, Cody & Austin took his time to explain everything to me. Made sure I understood everything they were doing, I'll be back :)

Nicholas – St Clr Shores, MI 2/23/2015 Both Ray and Austin were very helpful and spoke in plain English, not motor jargon.

William – St Clr Shores, MI 2/21/2015 Wonderful teamwork as the staff completed all the necessary service, but then again this location has always been great!

Alexis – St Clr Shores, MI 2/21/2015 all of the guys in the shop were very nice and extremely helpful with the service of my vehicle.

Sam – Roseville, MI 2/20/2015 Team on duty were professional and made me feel that they actually cared about my vehicle

Suzanne – Grosse Pointe, MI 2/18/2015 Great crew very friendly! Fast service

Jeff – St Clair Shores, MI 2/16/2015 Great service

Sharon – Saint Clair Shores, MI 2/14/2015 The service is always GREAT there and very friendly..makes getting work done on your car enjoyable....

Faye – Grosse Pointe, MI 2/4/2015 Friendly staff. Great service.

do – Warren, MI 2/3/2015 They are so cool. Great speed and service excellence. I love them. They are oil change gods

Damon – Saint Clair Shores, MI 1/31/2015 Ray was very thorough and even though it was very busy everything ran very smoothly and timely. I am extremely pleased with the service I received today. I will definitely return for future maintenance. Thanks so much!

Xfelicia – Xst Ckair Shores, MI 1/29/2015 Andrew and Charles were very professional, knowledgeable, and pleasant. The computer system was down but they were still able to get everything done quickly and accurately. I was impressed. Usually something like that causes a long delay, but they ensured I was out in minutes. I truly appreciated they respected my time.

Kathleen – Saint Clair Shores, MI 1/25/2015 Robert Welch and the rest of the crew, very good love this place ! All work very hard and get you in and out with no worries when you leave! As long as I live in this area recommend it always! Great job keep up the good work!

Ruth – Saint Clair Shores, MI 1/23/2015 always a positive experience

Tim – St Clr Shores, MI 1/22/2015 Chris and Andrew were excellent as always!!

Tim – St Clr Shores, MI 1/20/2015 Chris and Andrew were very helpful.