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Experience Michigan's Best Oil Change right here in Royal Oak. Conveniently located on Woodward Avenue, our friendly and knowledgeable technician staff will service your car, truck, or van with a fast and professional oil and oil filter change. But that's only the beginning!

In addition we provide a thorough 19-point inspection with advice on the condition of your vehicle. We will check your car's fluids and if they are low, we can top them off. As an added courtesy we set your tire pressure, check your exterior lights, inspect the wiper blades and hand wash the windshield. All in just 10-15 minutes!

Our Royal Oak location is a full-service location, meaning we can perform additional preventative maintenance services such as transmission fluid and radiator flushes, help increase gas mileage with our engine additives and treatments, and install or replace air filters, wiper blades, and bulbs.

Our service doesn't stop once you leave! As a valued customer you receive our free fluid and tire check in between oil changes - a $25 value yours free to use as many times as you’d like!

Staff Information

Market Manager John Martian for Uncle Eds Oil Shoppe on 31717 Woodward Avenue in Royal Oak, MI 48073

John Martian
Market Manager

Store Manager for Uncle Eds Oil Shoppe on 31717 Woodward Avenue in Royal Oak, MI 48073

John Martian
Store Manager

Ask our Customers
  • Everything was good checked and showed me everything on my car

    Hussen – Clinton Twp, MI 5/31/2019

  • They do a good job here!

    Krista – Macomb, MI 5/10/2019

  • Everything was great!

    Major – Detroit, MI 5/10/2019

Recent Customer Reviews

James – Berkley, MI 6/14/2019 The rapid fire requests to address future maintenance (with costs) made me feel like I was about to get nickle and dimed. This made me go in the defensive.

David – Berkley, MI 6/10/2019 Fast and easy

Elizabet – Royal Oak, MI 6/7/2019 Very friendly and fast service

Napoleon – Auburn Hills, MI 6/7/2019 N/A in this field

Patrice – Royal Oak, MI 5/23/2019 Very helpful and friendly

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Craig – St Clr Shores, MI 5/22/2019 Quality time and service plus location

Nicolejordan – Macomb, MI 5/17/2019 Very convenient

Kay – Southfield, MI 5/16/2019 I came in for an oil change. The manager and employees did their jobs, but I was being bombarded with up-sells. The entire time my oil was being changed I was asked to do other maintenance on my vehicle. I was told my radiator fluid was a liter low and that my air filter needed changed. I declined the engine cleaning, the trans flush, steering fluid flush... and said I would change my own air filter and add my own radiator fluid. My vehicle thermometer is exactly in the center, where it should be. I checked my reservoir and there is coolant in that as well. I purchased an air filter and when I pulled the old one out it was barely dirty and you could still see light through it. I was informed my front drivers side blinker was out, but I am not paying shop prices for a replacement bulb. While your employees where polite and I know they are trained to up-sell, I only wanted an oil change which even with a coupon is egregiously over priced. I will not be coming back.

Ilya – Beverly Hills, MI 5/11/2019 Service was outstanding, but I was surprised that the service isn't recorded on your vehicle history (ie carfax, autocheck...) like other service centers; Valvoline, Midas, Pep Boys, Dealerships.

Cyndi – Oak Park, MI 5/10/2019 Excellent service!

Justin – Huntingtn Wds, MI 5/9/2019 The team at this location is excellent.

Erik – Royal Oak, MI 5/9/2019 John r is a great guy. Really helped me know a lot more about the ins and outs of my car.

Steven – Royal Oak, MI 5/6/2019 Great people

Matt – BLOOMFIELD HILLS, MI 5/4/2019 Great service

Laura – Waterford, MI 5/3/2019 Great service!

Leslie – Waterford, MI 4/29/2019 Very professional group and knowledgeable .

Meghan – Oak Park, MI 4/29/2019 Jon and Will and Nick were wonderful

Chris – Birmingham, MI 4/29/2019 Fantastic service

Wallace – Royal Oak, MI 4/26/2019 Very good service

Erin – Royal Oak, MI 4/23/2019 Great service!

Jason – Berkley, MI 4/19/2019 Nope good services

Joseph – Huntingtn Wds, MI 4/19/2019 Thanks We

Carol – Farmingtn Hls, MI 4/18/2019 Great service!

Jordan – Bloomfld Hls, MI 4/15/2019 Thanks

Kelly – Royal Oak, MI 4/13/2019 They were very busy but still managed to be quick! I did not wait long! Very friendly and helpful.

Ryan – Royal Oak, MI 4/13/2019 Tech who worked on the car was great, your air filter pricing needs work.

Brian – Royal Oak, MI 4/12/2019 It was great. But more than what i intended on spending

Barbara – Waterford, MI 4/7/2019 Always been a good experience- probably been a customer over 30 years.

Kelcey – Warren, MI 4/7/2019 I was greeted by the friendly faces of Nicholas, John R, and Jalen as i drove up to uncle ed’s. they were very helpful and informative on everything that could help improve my vehicle. they topped off all my fluids and even gave me a discount. i will be coming back for all my vehicle needs!

Clay – Oak Park, MI 4/6/2019 Thins is the only place I will take my car other than a certified dealership service center. The team at this location is fantastic. John R and John M are superstars.

Brent – Berkley, MI 4/6/2019 It was good

Lisa – Royal Oak, MI 4/2/2019 The staff was very friendly and hsppy to help answer my questions!

John – Royal Oak, MI 4/1/2019 Nice service, nice people

Scott – Shelby Twp, MI 4/1/2019 John R. & all the guys were really good. Didn't pressure me to purchase anything but told me the things I needed to get done. I got a few things done and will have a few more done on the next oil change.Good people.

Michael – Southfield, MI 3/22/2019 I always have anxiety when getting my oil changed because I know nothing of cars and just want it changed and leave. They fellas at the royal oak location on Woodward were super fast and helpful, told me all the things I needed cleaning and changed and of course I declined cause I'm poor and don't have money for every cleaning and replacement. Got my oil changed and went on my way, super solid work

Haro – Lake Orion, MI 3/19/2019 Work in Royal Oak and thought I would try it. Felt like they were trying to up sale me. When needed to get in and out in 10 minutes. Definitely not going back to uncle Ed’s again. I thought prices were to high as well, same service at my usual local oil change spot is $20-$30 cheaper.

Raye – Detroit, MI 3/14/2019 Mgr John, Sales Associate Zackry, very personal @& knowlegable!!

Matthew – Southfield, MI 3/5/2019 Manager and tech were very good

David – Southfield, MI 3/5/2019 Great service

Brian – Bloomfld Hls, MI 2/27/2019 Easy to get in and out. Great service.

Maureen – Oak Park, MI 2/27/2019 Everyone was super nice!

Stephanie – Berkley, MI 2/16/2019 It seemed like Uncle Ed's was understaffed on the day that I came in for an oil change. I got right in the bay, but it took approx. 45 minutes to get an oil change. It was freezing out that day, and my car was off the whole time so I was very uncomfortably cold. I wish they would have let me turn my car on if I was just waiting. Then when I went to turn my car on to leave, my battery had died. Probably due to how cold it was and because the radio was still on, since my door hadn't been opened. I had to wait for the asst. manager to come back (5-10min) and jump my car.

Jim – Royal Oak, MI 2/15/2019 Very good

Carmen – Troy, MI 2/10/2019 John R is excellent! He is very friendly and makes valid additional purchase suggestions. The service here is professional and quick, I will definitely keep returning as long as I'm satisfied!

Pau[ – Rochester Hls, MI 2/9/2019 I usually go to the Rochester Rd location but was on the other side of town today. John, the manager I believe, was very unprofessional. He used bully tactics to try to get me to pay $96.00 for a simple oil change. He talked to me as if I was stupid, got indignant and then apologized haphazardly making an excuse for his behavior. I will stick to my location from now on.

APHRODITE – Birmingham, MI 2/8/2019 I was on a very tight budget and the guys were so cool and understanding, they did their best to help me out. Everyone seemed very knowledgeable. I trusted them with my car.

Jeff – Royal Oak, MI 2/4/2019 Very disappointed to be lightly I came in for an oil change in my ram1500 first I asked for 10w30 not the 5w20 that is recommended. WHAT Uncle Ed’s does not have 10w30 what the #$@& ok fine .I said go ahead before you try to sell me an air filter just put one in. Great the managers tell $59.00 iffy but fine go ahead. Then comes at me with needing anti freeze change WAIT 15 months ago I replaced the water pump and the anti freeze,but I get he needs to lie to upsell . He gives me the iPad to fill out while the crew works on my truck . As they wrap up he tells me $89.00 of course I ask what happens to $59.00 which he seemed like he forgot about,with a #&$*# Smiirk he states “I can’t give you the cost of the air filter before the oil change” B.S I know what he was doing and he claims a miscommunication. There is now frickin way I would pay $59.00 for just an Oil Change or I would have Sid thank you but no thank you at this point I had a few choice words and seeing the smirk again I thought of some choices and being I’m older wiser I thought 1) grab him by the throet and jam the IPad down it 2) tell everyone to step away from my truck and leave both would put me in jail or 3) Pay get the hell out of there and make sure I post my experience on every social media outlet I can as often as I can. Talked with my neighbor he said was insane to go there wish I talked to him before . BTW if in fact an oil change for my truck was $59 he should made it clear not after everything was done and at $59 the fricking nuts and I will make sure as people I can reach it is a frickin scam . Also note the guy who actually did the work was really good ,polite and efficient the manger could learn from him. I hope someone actually reads this and does something effective like retrain or demote .Hopfully cooperate cares a bit more then the Woodward shop

Phyllis – Bloomfld Hls, MI 1/30/2019 Great service

Michael W. – Royal Oak, MI 1/30/2019 No comment

Casey – Berkley, MI 1/27/2019 Did perfect. No other things to say.

Abigail – Waterford, MI 1/25/2019 It seemed like they were trying to force me to buy extra things

Tricia – Birmingham, MI 1/19/2019 It was quick and easy

Emilie – Waterford, MI 1/17/2019 All gentlemen were polite and fantastic.

Angela – Detroit, MI 1/16/2019 Great Work

Semonna – Bloomfld Hls, MI 1/15/2019 Great service

Mitch – Galesburg, MI 1/11/2019 Technicians did a fine job. They explained the services which were completed and which are needed in the future for my vehicle very well. This was not my fastest experience there,but it did not take too long that it was a problem.

Derek – Royal Oak, MI 1/10/2019 Too expensive

Jack – Royal Oak, MI 1/3/2019 John R and his staff provided me with excellent service. It always seems like most other “Oil Change” shops try to push additional services onto the consumer, especially with someone like myself who isn’t car saavy, but in my opinion, John was extremely professional. He asked me about the health of my transmission (which had work done last year), and after hearing that he suggested that we don’t perform that repair. But was able to educate me on the power steering fluid, he suggested that I replace it, and showed me that it was not clear at all. That is something that I really appreciate and why I choose to return to the shop at Woodward and 13. I don’t typically write reviews, whether they are positive or negative, but I felt that this was a situation that I deemed worthy of a review!

El – Royal Oak, MI 12/15/2018 Once in awhile, you run into someone who really makes you smile. You have an employee named Peter. Simply put, he is outstanding. He seems to love his job. Cheerful, respectfull, very professional. You have a gem in that kid. I hope he is recognized for his job very well done.

Daniela – Clarkston, MI 12/14/2018 Service was fast and well done!

RYAN – MACOMB, MI 12/14/2018 I thought your prices were Way too high. I’ve had an oil change with all the synthetic oil at the dealership for $35 and other times at Majic lube for $55. That includes them cleaning my car mats and vacuuming my car. I also get to see the actual bottles of oil they going to my car. Your store charged me over $100 for an oil change. I was fine with leaving after that. Your staff then took off my engine covers to show me how bad my air filters are which would have been fine if I had the time and wanted them to do that. I did not. I basically felt like that was done so that I would be prompted to buy the new air filters which were already in his hand. $155 later I finally get to leave. Then I was told I got a $25 discount!! That’s with a discount? Just giving my honest opinion prices are way too high. It took way too long. I say that it took too long because instead of wrapping up my deal and getting me out of there, your guys off working on his other customer. I was almost late for work. I wanted a simple oil change but was offered an innumerable number of other services which probably would’ve totaled $500 if I agreed to all of them. Never again.

Juri – Detroit, MI 12/12/2018 The guys there are very professional! I'll definitely be back! Telling everyone about Uncle Ed's! Happy Holidays!

Accurate – Warren, MI 12/11/2018 High Price

Geoff – Ferndale, MI 12/8/2018 None thank you

Annie – Birmingham, MI 12/7/2018 John is an excellent Manager and explains everything in plain English to help you make the right decision for your car.

Mario – Oak Park, MI 12/7/2018 John R. and Justin were friendly and professional

Sally – Troy, MI 12/5/2018 Every time I'm at Uncle Ed's I receive the best service. The technicians are very professional and courteous.

Seth – Bloomfld Hls, MI 11/29/2018 I went to a different location on both Tuesday and Wednesday after work and was horribly dissatisfied. I emailed customer service and Brian Bricks called me back personally and took care of all of my concerns.

Debra – Birmingham, MI 11/21/2018 Great service

Frederick – Troy, MI 11/13/2018 CSA John R.

Michaela – Royal Oak, MI 11/9/2018 Very kind and helpful

Gilda – Bloomfld Hls, MI 11/8/2018 loved working with John M. and peter M. they were polite, thorough, and quick.

Angela – Royal Oak, MI 11/2/2018 I had the same great service today. I will be back in the future as I service 4 cars.

Marian – Southfield, MI 11/1/2018 Amazing!!!!

Paul – Southfield, MI 10/31/2018 Great work and customer service

Morgan – Detroit, MI 10/29/2018 John and Justin are great and always provide the best service.

Kevin – Detroit, MI 10/29/2018 Great service

Alana – Detroit, MI 10/24/2018 I came to Uncle Ed ׳s for an oil change for my daughter’s car. My daughter just had a baby. This oil change was the first one they needed for this car since they recently purchased it. I wanted to make sure that the car was in the best possible condition for my daughter and my new granddaughter. John R helped me,along with Justin and Ryan. John was incredibly helpful in explaining all of my options and I felt confident that I was doing the right things. I will be giving my daughter and her husband all the information and Service Review so that they will come back to Uncle adds when the next service is needed. Thank you for providing such excellent service!

Judy – Ferndale, MI 10/16/2018 John R was very cordial and knowledgeable. I was not happy about the extra $25.00 charge for the oil filter. John R explained that it was out of their hands as i5 was needed on my model vehicle, 2017 Buick Encore.

Cody – Berkley, MI 10/11/2018 Always a joy to see those guys.

Allison – Saint Clair, MI 10/9/2018 great service!

Tracey – Detroit, MI 10/3/2018 John R and Sheldon was very nice and professional

Gail – Oak Park, MI 10/2/2018 Did not like the up sell on services that are unnecessary

Alan – Southfield, MI 9/24/2018 The team is doing great! I like the fact that one particular gentleman remembers my name and greets me pleasantly.

Martin – Royal Oak, MI 9/23/2018 John R was great and always is, the other two staff members were just as great and were super helpful. I will always go there for my car needs and services. They all deserve raises for how much effort they put into customer service.

Chris – Birmingham, MI 9/16/2018 Well done

Jim – Bloomfld Hls, MI 9/14/2018 John the manager and Mateo were excellent !!! I can’t remember the last time I had such great customer service. And such nice young men. Again, really impressed. (It was almost 6:30 pm and my car battery was dead. I knew you closed at 7. They not only got my battery - from somewhere else, they also stayed a little late to do all my neglected car service). Really, I can’t than you and the boys enough!!!

Anthony – Berkley, MI 9/12/2018 John and William we're both very friendly and informative on the products being used. Suggestions were made to help improve engine performance which is always appreciated.

Harvey – Detroit, MI 9/8/2018 This is the BEST oil change place in metro Detroit by far. The service-acceptional; the products way above par. John, Raeshaun, Justin and William were literally the best. They walked me through my options, they informed me of prices and prior service done. I felt like going into a doctor's office with the level of throughtfulneess and care taken to make my vehcile run smoothly.

Loren – Royal Oak, MI 9/7/2018 very helpful team of workers!

Scott – Ferndale, MI 9/6/2018 I specifically asked the tech who was filling my tires with Nitrogen if they were at manufacturer specs (30PSI in front and 35PSI in rear) and he looked me in the eye and said yes. After driving for a bit I checked the pressure levels and they were 48PSI in front and 54 PSI in rear, incredibly dangerous. I immediately pulled over and bled the tires to appropriate levels. While I was doing this I noticed a large grease mark on the rear quarter panel and a scratch that was not there before. Very disappointing. I won't be returning to this location again.

Patrice – Bloomfld Hls, MI 9/2/2018 Oil change for my daughters car.

Jesse – Novi, MI 8/31/2018 John R took great care of me with a detailed description of services that would benefit me and presented me with the best options for my situation. The entire staff was friendly and helpful, the store was busy but they had time for everyone, and I was very happy with the service. I will be back and I will recommend Uncle Ed’s to others.

Ian – No, MI 8/29/2018 John, raeshaun, and William were great!

Annie – Birmingham, MI 8/26/2018 Justin was being trained as a Service Manager. He was knowledgeable, explained all services, recommended a fuel injector cleaning and power steering fluid based on my 55K mileage. He kept me informed thru the 48 minute visit. I really liked the hand held tablet. Justin asked if I wanted to pre-pay for the next oil change and explained how cost effective it was. So I did. He did a nice job of upsetting with good logical reasons. John his manager said he was being trained and asked If I would make any improvements in his training. I felt all the Assistant Managers were working as a team helping him and correcting him professionally as he assisted other customers. This is is my home store and I was happy to see such great teamwork!!

Lisa – Royal Oak, MI 8/24/2018 It really was fast service. The Manager John M and the Service Advisor John R were extremely helpful. Of course the Tech Ryan did a good job. I could of went to the Uncle Ed's by work but I have received such great service at this location by home I just kept coming back!

Greg – Clinton Twp, MI 8/23/2018 I came here because I had a free oil change coupon from my first-ever oil change at a different Uncle Ed's location. Justin was very friendly and knowledgeable, and I like the way he announced what he was doing each step. The other employee was also nice but clearly in a rush and less outgoing, which I didn't mind though. But the normal price without a coupon is far far too steep for me to return again until they are dramatically lowered.

Lauren – Ferndale, MI 8/20/2018 It has been a day and I am still LIVID from yesterday's experience. First, on a positive note, the two young assistant managers were sweathearts. They asked if they could open my door to look at things and I said yes. The older, store manager, did not ask and just opened it. I thought that was rude. Now the experience. I went in expecting to pay a little extra. $115 max. The team was nice enough. However. My tires were not checked properly or at all. They looked inside to see what they should be but never went around to check each of them out. At the end they said the tire light would turn off on its own because they'checked them'. I drove halfway home, about 10 minutes, before turning to go to Belle Tire. And what would you know?! THE TIRE WAS LOW! What? No way! Who would have guessed that?! That's not even as much of a big deal as is my next problem. 'Engine cleaning service'. $109. I told the manager I didn'™t want it. He said it was NOT OPTIONAL and that I HAD TO. It had seemed like they had already started the process befo

Lisa – Birmingham, MI 8/15/2018 John R, Raeshaun C, and Mateo M were friendly, helpful, and professional. They did a nice job!

Kristina – Northville, MI 8/13/2018 John R provided great customer service. This far I'm happy.

Kathleen – Birmingham, MI 8/12/2018 Not happy at all!!!!! Every single time I go the price is a joke!!!! NEVER what the online fees are stated. Every single time I go I'm told I need this and that... which is false!!!!! I had my air filter checked prior to coming just to see if they would say I needed a new one... sure enough they did! Tires were NOT checked!!!! Lights were NOT checked!!! My $35.99 oil change with a $10 coupon cost me $58. For regular oil.... not even synthetic. Last time I purchased a rear windshield wiper, completely the wrong size... does not even clean my whole back window! Will NOT be back ever!

Kerstin – Royal Oak, MI 8/11/2018 When I can to Uncle Ed's for an oil change, I was expecting my normal service. Top off those, refill that, change the oil and I'm good to go. This time, however, was different. John R. went through and checked the quality of the fluids in my car, which was HUGE. I had noticed a problem with my power steering a while ago and, assuming it was a leak, I chose to put off fixing it until I could afford to even look into getting it fixed. John R. found that the power steering fluid was almost black and needed to be replaced. That simple service fixed my problem. He went above and beyond to explain all the details to me of what my car needed and what order to do them in based on my budget and importance. Mateo completed the service and walked me though every step of the way. Then once I was good to go, John R. stopped me so that he could clean off my headlights. All of these little checks, 30 second explanations, and concerns for my safety made it feel like I was being taken care of by a family member. All I can say is thank you!

David – Berkly, MI 8/10/2018 John r was very knowledgeable & polite.

Ashante – Oak Park, MI 8/5/2018 Everyone was very friendly and genuinely cared

Brandi – Southfield, MI 8/2/2018 They were very helpful. I had a little bit of oil stuck in the Skid thing and they flushed under my hood for me the next day.

Morgan – Detroit, MI 7/30/2018 The guys are always super friendly and explain everything in a really easy way to understand. Keeps me coming back!

Michele – Royal Oak, MI 7/27/2018 Excellent service

Horace – Detroit, MI 7/26/2018 I was beyond disappointed with my previous visit to Eds. The pnly reason i cane back was for the issue to be corrected but it was never addressed. I dont plan on coming back again. My car was damaged which caus d me tj return10 mins later with a overheating engine. I was then charged for the part which was nit damaged prior to my visit and then overcharged and swindled put of payment for radiator fluid because my car had None thanks to the damage. I have been a consistent customer for years but that is over now. Thank you.

Amy – Royal Oak, MI 7/22/2018 Both the manager and the technician were so helpful. They were kind, and very fast.

William – Bloomfld Hls, MI 7/20/2018 Raeshaun C. and William B. are excellent representatives of the organization.

Michelle – Royal Oak, MI 7/19/2018 Great efficient professional service. Thanks.

Bianca – Washington, MI 7/17/2018 Very nice team at this location! Great job guys!

Michael – Ferndale, MI 7/17/2018 I love the team at Uncle Ed's. It's the only place I have my car serviced.

Maria – Southfield, MI 7/13/2018 Great service. Friendly staff. Have had no problems with service done.

Kathleen – Royal Oak, MI 7/9/2018 Wonderful, professional people. Wanting to inform and educate. I will continue to go back and refer!

Elizabeth – Ferndale, MI 7/6/2018 Very fast and friendly.

Stephen – Southfield, MI 6/30/2018 My advice would be to not make me fill out this box

Nicholas – Royal Oak, MI 6/29/2018 None to provide

Shelley – W Bloomfield, MI 6/15/2018 The manager John and utility technician Raeshaun were very friendly and did a great job.

Doug – Royal Oak, MI 6/12/2018 john R should do a youtube was a very professional friendly promotion of the services ryan F was ls sharp and fitted for his job excellent over all

Christine – Royal Oak, MI 6/9/2018 All the guys at 13 1/2 and woodward were so courteous and kind. Each and everyone of of them met all of my expectations. Would definitely come back for this great service again. Thank you.

Blake – Bloomfld Hls, MI 6/7/2018 Excellent and efficient service! Team members are very knowledgeable.

David – Dearborn , MI 6/6/2018 New tablets caused delays in service.

Pam – Berkley, MI 6/6/2018 These guys are great!

Raymond – Royal Oak, MI 6/6/2018 John R. did a great job explaining the services and was very knowledgeable about my vehicle. Raeshaun C did a great job with the inspection and installations.

Alex – Ferndale, MI 5/24/2018 All of the staff are extremely professional and friendly every time I've been here. Honest, good communication, and fast service.

Gayle – Huntington Woods, MI 5/23/2018 Always great service!!!

Carolyn – Bloomfield Hills, MI 5/9/2018 The custom service advisor, John R, was very friendly and helpful right when I pulled up. He helped me last time and was very nice and super quick with the service. The Manager was Raeshaun C, who was very helpful as well. I decided to purchase a 2 step fuel system cleaner because of him. I also purchased the oil system cleaner after he explained what it did. He was very helpful and informative. I own my car, so I try to invest in its maintenance. I applaud your oil shoppe for it's fast service and friendly atmosphere. As a woman, that's all I look for in a oil change place.

Nick – Birmingham, MI 5/9/2018 The guys were great!

Gary – Birmingham, MI 5/5/2018 It was very good.

Arthur – Berkley, MI 5/5/2018 Great service. Very friendly.

Andrew – Bloomfld Hls, MI 5/4/2018 Both John the manager and John R provided amazing service and I will definitely be back!

TODD – Ferndale, MI 5/2/2018 I have 2 classic cars and I do my own oil changes. I have a daily driver that I could do the same with, but I just take it here instead. The guys who work at this store are amazing. I always have a good visit. I never feel pressured to buy anything - rather I feel informed. John is amazing. Recognizes me on every visit. I never fill these things out, but this shop deserves recognition.

Steve – Berkley, MI 4/29/2018 John R was very professional and courteous. He shared information about our new vehicle that was unknown since this was our first oil change.

Alex – Royal Oak, MI 4/26/2018 Great service, very fast!

Stephanie – Huntington Woods, MI 4/26/2018 John M is fantastic and the reason we came back. He's sincere, polite, professional, and impressive overall.

Carrie – Royal Oak, MI 4/25/2018 Too expensive! Will not go without large coupons or rewards $

Jonathan – Bloomfield Hills, MI 4/24/2018 No feedback to give; great service as always.

Carmin – Oak Park, MI 4/24/2018 The patience, sincerity,and the thoughtfulness of the service was taken to such great extent with both visits! John R helped me with my 1st and last visit and exceeded my expectations of his service and his attendant! Everything was taken with such great carefullness and honestly..the knowledge given all made sense. I will be back!

Kendall – Southfield, MI 4/20/2018 Keep up the good work John R., Cody B. and Logan S.!

Taylor – Birmingham, MI 4/19/2018 All members helping us were wonderful, John R., Logan,Ryan, and Raeshaun. They all made sure I knew what they were talking about and were helpful and very nice. The manager on duty, Raeshaun, introduced himself and made sure to let us know if we needed anything to not hesitate.

Karen – Royal Oak, MI 4/19/2018 It is a little expensive compared to other shops

Jack – Clinton Twp, MI 4/18/2018 John and Raeshaun were both very friendly. John showed me how to use my dashboard oil life indicator, and offered me additional services that I thought made sense and that might actually be useful to me. I did not purchase any additional services, but I thought that he was genuine and caring. I will certainly recommend Uncle Ed's and this location specifically to my friends and family.

Kim/John – Bloomfield Hills, MI 4/18/2018 John R Was very Knowledgeable and helpful!

Sarah – Royal Oak, MI 4/17/2018 The manager and other two gentlemen working were super friendly and helpful! My brain was fried because it is final exams week but this team made me laugh. My car was overdue for several small maintenance issues along with the overdue oil change, and they helped me make an informed decision on my purchases. I definitely feel safer driving to my campus now. I was highly impressed with the service I received and will certainly recommend this location.

Jennifer – Royal Oak, MI 4/14/2018 Friendly employees

Pat – Royal Oak, MI 4/13/2018 Great service

Jessa – Royal Oak, MI 4/11/2018 Very friendly and efficient service. Very thankful & satisfied!

Dan – BIRMINGHAM, MI 4/9/2018 I was annoyed that your technicians constantly tried to upsell me into higher pricedservices. Had I accepted everything thrown at me, it would have cost me more than $500 to get out of there. My car was serviced less than six months ago, so none of this necessary. I wanted a simple oil change and not to be nagged into buying additional services.

Frederick – Troy, MI 4/9/2018 Very satisfied. People are well-trained and professionl. Thanks !!

Dorian – Southfield, MI 4/9/2018 Once again I'm a satisfied customer!

Christopher – Royal Oak, MI 4/7/2018 Everyone was great - John R Raeshaun Zach and Logan

David – Royal Oak, MI 4/6/2018 Excellent service as always! I would recommend this place to anybody. John M was AWESOME!!! ðŸ-ŠðŸ'

Brian – Bloomfld Hls, MI 3/28/2018 I felt bad coming in at the end of the day - BUT - the staff couldn't have been any nicer of more accommodating!!! I had a GREAT experience!!! Ryan the manager was VERY professional! Mateo was my technician and was also VERY professional!!! One of my co workers told me to go to another oil change place that was closer to where I work but I'm glad I didn't listen and went to Uncle Ed's - I will say I don't like having to pay an extra $7.50 to remove the skid plate - it'™s not my fault my car has a skid plate !!!

Phil – Royal Oak, MI 3/28/2018 The manager on duty John R was very knowledgeable, very helpful & very thorough. He made sure to go over all recommended items, & most importantly was not at all pushy like many quick oil change places, very much appreciate that! Great experience, fast service..i will absolutely recommend.

Sally – Troy, MI 3/23/2018 Anytime I drive in there, the servicemen are always so kind and very helpful. The work is done in a very professional way. Service is just great.

Felicity – Warren, MI 3/23/2018 Customer service was excellent, felt like I was well taken care of, and they didn't pressure me too much into things that I didn't need, they also didn't make me feel horrible if I couldn't get one of the recommended services at the time. I had a really positive experience this time around.

Janai – Detroit, MI 3/21/2018 John and the manager on duty were very helpfu!

Jim – Royal Oak, MI 3/19/2018 Some additional services are pretty expensive, eg trans flush, engine flush, etc.

CATHERINE – Troy, MI 3/17/2018 No comment

Anne Marie – Southfield, MI 3/17/2018 Great customer service! They were not too pushy on spending tons of money for an oil change.

Dorian – Southfield, MI 3/12/2018 I appreciate not only the fast service, but the friendly service as well. They didn't just tell me what needed to be done, but they helped me to understand what needed to be done and why. I left feeling good and smarter. I recommend this location!

Jillian – Warren, MI 3/7/2018 Tom is the best!!

Nick – Royal Oak, MI 3/6/2018 Will and John (manager) were awesome. Everyone there's always so nice and takes the time to explain everything they're doing. Super cool, awesome customer service, totally listen to you too-and they recommend services in a way that makes you want them but not feel uncomfortable/put on the spot. Great job ya'll.

Chelsea – Royal Oak, MI 2/21/2018 Everything was great

Carrie – Royal Oak, MI 2/20/2018 Took much longer than usual this time.

Tera – Berkley, MI 2/17/2018 Everyone at this location is SO nice. I got a flower for Valentine's Day from them. I appreciate how courteous everyone is here. That they all introduce themselves and ask permission to open the car door or reach in. I really appreciate that they offer me add on services or upgrades without pressuring me into it which a lot of places do. I won't go anywhere else-not even another uncle Ed's. The service at this location is phenomenal, i can't say enough good things about it.

Shakita – Berkley, MI 2/14/2018 The customer service was excellent. Actually, ' excellent' is an under ' statement '. I arrived at least minutes prior to closure. The team and representatives of this corporation greeted me with respect, patience and kindness. Prior to arriving , I knew that I was on 0 zero percent oil. I also knew that I had just got off work and I am single parent and have limited support system and knew I needed this oil change to ensure my vehicle operated of such. The technician ' Mateo' and his manager 'œ Rayshawn' took their time to go over the safety check of the vehicle, the additional services that are needed, such as, bulbs for my license plates, etc. Unknowingly to the manager or the technician, I used some of my last money of the work week to pay for my oil change. I realize the importance of hard work, dedication, positive feedback,organizational structure, respect and great customer service. This teamwork should be recognized for receiving gratitude to demonstrate such professionalism and leadership skills. 'œ Mos

Taylor – Bloomfield Hills, MI 2/6/2018 kind and quick

Carey – Bloomfld Hls, MI 2/3/2018 Fine.

Connor – Royal Oak, MI 2/1/2018 nothing to complain about

JULIE – Royal Oak, MI 2/1/2018 these guys are awesome

EMILY – HIGHLAND, MI 1/31/2018 no ideas for improvements very friendly complete service

Nicole/Quentin – Berkley, MI 1/31/2018 my husband QUENTIN and I prefer to only have John R. service our vehicles. He is always so friendly and helps to maintain services that are due and how to use the coupons to help us save money...HE IS THE BEST!

Philip – Hazel Park, MI 1/31/2018 John and the rest of the team were friendly and very helpful.

Ross – Sterling Hts, MI 1/31/2018 john r is the best

Jacqueline – Bloomfield Hills, MI 1/31/2018 quick, friendly

Rommel – Royal Oak, MI 1/31/2018 will recommend definitely, did good job in my last visit.

Jonathan – Ferndale, MI 1/31/2018 great job guys

Bruce – Birmingham, MI 1/31/2018 manager was personable and had his crew acting with the same decorum great job

Cindy – Bloomfield Hills, MI 1/30/2018 very good

John – Berkley, MI 1/28/2018 Pretty upset - staff was quick to upsell services but even after discussing my coupons none were applied and cost $25.

Stephen – Southfield, MI 1/27/2018 Give me a reminder sticker with the correct number of miles to get next change

Mary Ann/Jeff – Beverly Hills, MI 1/27/2018 service was great, they helped me with everything!

Kathy – Troy, MI 1/27/2018 great staff and honest. sent my 16 year old by herself and they were kind and helped her understand car maintenance

Stephanie – Royal Oak, MI 1/27/2018 very helpful. always a good experience here.

David – Southfield, MI 1/27/2018 very pleased

Chris – Royal Oak, MI 1/26/2018 thanks for the great service from john r

Nichole – Superior Twp, MI 1/26/2018 great service as always !

ROBERT – Ferndale, MI 1/26/2018 When i pulled into bay i asked tech how much my oil change would be and he told me forty five dollars.i said ok. Then a minute later another tech told me they had to remove a part covering my cars under carriage and that would cost another seven dollars and fifty cents. I felt Uncle Ed was nickle and diming me to death so i refused to buy radiator fluid etc that they said i needed.

JOSH – Birmingham, MI 1/26/2018 very fast and efficient

Kelli – Berkley, MI 1/26/2018 it was great

Ben – Grosse Pointe Park, MI 1/25/2018 Quick, professional

Leslie – Royal Oak, MI 1/22/2018 Staff was very good, friendly and helpful

Carlos – Highland Park, MI 1/15/2018 everything was great

Mark – Royal Oak, MI 1/14/2018 John did a great job, fast and courteous but also thorough. Enjoyed having my car serviced by him.

Kelly – Beverly Hills, MI 1/6/2018 I have been using Uncle Ed's oil shops for a few years now and I always pre-pay for future oil changes when I visit. At my last visit, I tried to pre-pay for another oil change but I was going to be charged more than usual (I was told it was due to logistics - because I convinced my husband to use Uncle Ed's recently for his vehicle, and this re-set the computer system so it looked like I had never pre-paid for an oil change on my current vehicle, which meant I had to pay more for my next oil change). It seems wrong that I should have to pay more for an oil change because I brought more business to Uncle Ed's oil shops. Aside from this issue, my last three visits to Uncle Ed's have been extremely slow (around 50 minutes each). I am finally done trying to make this work out. I do not intend to return to Uncle Ed's Oil shops anymore.

David – Royal Oak, MI 1/6/2018 john r was fantastic today we will be back

Keisuke – Royal Oak, MI 1/5/2018 always happy with staff and services. best staff and services in town!

Elisabeth – Hazel Park, MI 1/5/2018 service was quick and friendly and why I use uncle eds

Jason – Troy, MI 1/5/2018 good service

Tina – Birmingham, MI 1/5/2018 The service was excellent

Jackie – Novi, MI 1/5/2018 I had bought the wrong fluid for my washer fluid and it had frozen and wouldn't come out. I called the shop amd John M told me to come in and he could fix it for me. John M and his team took excellent care of me and i was really impressed with their service. I will definitely be back for my next oil change.

Brian – Royal Oak, MI 1/2/2018 service technicians are always courteous and knowledgeable

Christopher – Berkley, MI 12/23/2017 none everything was great

Paul – Beverly Hills, MI 12/22/2017 great job

Kaleena – Detroit, MI 12/22/2017 I really liked that when I came in too early for an oil change - they let me know, instead of just doing unnecesssary work.

Amber – Warren, MI 12/21/2017 i always bring both my dAUGHTER AND MY CARS TO THIS LOCATION BECAUSE i TRUST THE GUYS TO TAKE CARE OF my cars needs and to be trustworthy of their recommendations.

Lauren – Birmingham, MI 12/19/2017 excellent visit

Madonna – Auburn Hills, MI 12/19/2017 Great service again! I'll be back for my next oil chage

Michael – Royal Oak, MI 12/17/2017 John R does a fantastic job at being professional, personable, thorough, and always takes sufficient time to explain the service being performed. He exhibits a great leadership quality with the other service techs and obviously enjoys what he does. I have been to several Uncle Eds in the area and this one is the best.

Kurt – Sterling Hts, MI 12/16/2017 Not sure if the suspension was greased, they should double check.

Tania – Lake Orion, MI 12/15/2017 Too expensive

Leroy – Dearborn, MI 12/15/2017 RAESHAUN is #1 the whole team was great! excellent customer service. I most definitely recommend Uncle Ed's to others.

LOLA – Detroit, MI 12/15/2017 JR is #1 the whole team was great! excellent customer service.

Janai – Southfield, MI 12/14/2017 Nice fast and good at there job

Jourdan – Huntington Woods, MI 12/8/2017 We told our friends from Chicago about this place when they were in town and needed an oil change. They had a great experience as well, and said they'll be back for additional work needed in the future, since they visit often enough!

Ken – Redford, MI 12/6/2017 the guys let me know my brakelight was out, I had them fix it. I had NO IDEA. THANKS FOR KEEPING ME SAFE!

John – Berkley, MI 12/6/2017 John R. and the crew akways do an excellant job...

Mark – Oak Park, MI 12/5/2017 it was great

Karen – Detroit, MI 12/3/2017 Really nothing to add that would be helpful. Thrilled you are open on Sundays

Julia – Royal Oak, MI 12/3/2017 JOHN R IS AWESOME...

John – Royal Oak, MI 12/3/2017 always the best, friendly, and fast...

Megan – Royal Oak, MI 12/3/2017 JOHN R. has helped me twice now... he is excellent!

Logan – Berkley, MI 12/1/2017 outstanding service- very professional team.

Giovanni – Clarkston, MI 12/1/2017 John and the crew are always very helpful. I am a regular customer and they always do a good job

MAKENZY – Royal Oak, MI 11/30/2017 John R. Was great! He helped me so much!! I'll come back because of him

Meghan – St Clr Shores, MI 11/30/2017 good sevice

Jennifer – Shelby Twp, MI 11/29/2017 Everyone was very nice

Melissa – Berkley, MI 11/29/2017 john r. is always a joy....HAPPY HOLIDAYS.

Derek – Royal Oak, MI 11/29/2017 great and honest service. will come back.

Jeffery – Bingham Farms, MI 11/27/2017 Great service and advice!

Tom/Janet – Huntington Woods, MI 11/25/2017 John R is always a joy.

William – Royal Oak, MI 11/24/2017 great service

Bruno – Lansing, MI 11/22/2017 John R is very friendly , helpful and knowledgeable of his job and the vehicle recommendations for service. its nice to see service with a smile these days, since most of society these days is go go go.

Melanie – Berkley, MI 11/22/2017 my team was great. always is. especially love my fellow ginger, john r

Heather – Madison Hts, MI 11/21/2017 I have always had good experiences with uncle eds

Mike – Berkley, MI 11/19/2017 the manager John R. was extremely helpful and how to use my coupons to best service my vehicle. His knowledge and description of what was needed and what to be mindful of was extraordinary. The fuel injection service we did I already feel the difference. I trust John R. and will bring all the family cars to him.

Matthew – Berkley, MI 11/18/2017 John R and the team exceeded my expectations. I had an appointment to get to and John called for a "SPEED CHALLENGE" WOW that was GREAT!

JENNIFER – Beverly Hills, MI 11/18/2017 none ... thanks

Phil – Madison Heights, MI 11/17/2017 No thank you

Siearra – Ypsilanti, MI 11/17/2017 always great service

Eric – Brighton, MI 11/13/2017 great service

Megan – Ferndale, MI 11/13/2017 great service

Brad – Royal Oak, MI 11/13/2017 great service

Heath – Royal Oak, MI 11/13/2017 got there few minutes before opening, got me in earlier. appreciated the service.

Anna – Huntington Woods, MI 11/12/2017 good service

Ayanna – Bloomfield Hills, MI 11/12/2017 everything was great

Brian – Southfield, MI 11/12/2017 good service

Devin – Royal Oak, MI 11/12/2017 need a oil change

Ezra – Oak Park, MI 11/12/2017 great service

Patrick – Hazel Park, MI 11/10/2017 please allow me to express these comments upon the very professionals that's served me T Totally AWESOME... Thank You All...

Steven – Birmingham, MI 11/9/2017 great service

Michael – Detroit, MI 11/9/2017 The service was great

Scott – Saint Clair Shores, MI 11/8/2017 good work John r was great

Chris – Birmingham, MI 11/5/2017 Robert Welch was AWESOME!

Sarah – Ferndale, MI 11/3/2017 great job John r and John

Eric – Southfield, MI 11/3/2017 very helpful

Kathryn – Royal Oak, MI 11/2/2017 loyal customer! always treated well

Karen – Lathrup Vlg, MI 10/31/2017 it was great

Rebecca – Novi, MI 10/28/2017 very helpful technician. made good recommendations and explained every charge we were given fully.

Rhett – Royal Oak, MI 10/28/2017 no thanks

Tom – Birminhgham, MI 10/27/2017 To much pitching of products.


Andrew – Royal Oak, MI 10/25/2017 Very helpful and friendly staff.

Jim – Birmingham, MI 10/25/2017 great service as always JOHN R.is exceptional with his auto knowledge/

Mike – South Lyon, MI 10/25/2017 great team

Robert – Grosse Pointe, MI 10/25/2017 great work byjohn r and team

John – Birmingham, MI 10/25/2017 repeat customer because of great service

Theresa – Huntington Woods, MI 10/25/2017 always happy and great music. glad that the extras are not a hard sell and the guys do take no for an answer.

JACK – Grosse Pointe, MI 10/25/2017 john r. and Rae were very friendly and educated me about full synthetic oil in my car.

Nick – Berkley, MI 10/21/2017 John r is great. Very thorough.

Christina – Royal Oak, MI 10/19/2017 super friendly

Bill – Troy, MI 10/18/2017 john r. and raeshaun were quite knowledgeable and informative

Katrina – Pontiac, MI 10/18/2017 guys were great

Chris – Royal Oak, MI 10/18/2017 great service!

Andrew – Royal Oak, MI 10/16/2017 Took too long. Completed my car after a car who came in much after. Manager very rude to staff

Valarie – Davison, MI 10/15/2017 I came to Uncle Ed's because of past experience several years ago and the service was excellent. I appreciate that the staff are not pushy. When I declined more expensive options they didn't try to change my mind. After leaving, my friend who was with me pointed out that when the oil change options were presented to me the tablet only displayed the 2 most expensive options. I asked if there were any "sales" which I realize now was poor vocabulary choice. What I SHOULD have asked was to see "additional" options which was an option on the tablet I didn't see.

Joe – Sterling Heights, MI 10/13/2017 awesome service. fast and efficient.John R. was very knowledgeable. THE WHOLE STAFF WAS EXCELLENT.

Glen – Royal Oak, MI 10/12/2017 great service

Chris – Royal Oak, MI 10/11/2017 very professional and friendly

Tom – Ferndale, MI 10/7/2017 John R was great -- talked me through all my options. was friendly and engaging. great service

Barbara – Huntingtn Wds, MI 10/7/2017 john r. was perfect also Raeshaun

Steven – Chicago, MI 10/7/2017 recommended from local friends out of town from Chicago and needed and oil change - really quick and friendly and knowledgeable service

Mari – Farmington Hills, MI 10/6/2017 john r. was great

Jason – Birmingham, MI 10/6/2017 service was outstanding

Martha – Birmingham, MI 10/5/2017 great help

Sara – Detroit, MI 10/5/2017 super friendly staff

Emily – Royal Oak, MI 10/5/2017 great service

Jared – Lathrup Vlg, MI 10/4/2017 john R and team did awesome. He and team went out of way to educate me on the importance of my vehicles needs. They were very generous, I love the hospitality. Thanks John, Raeshaun, and Steven!

Tom – Saline, MI 10/2/2017 great job as always

Abby – Madison Hts, MI 10/1/2017 The guys who helped me were very nice and polite!! I came in close to when they close and they stayed to make sure I was taken care of. They’re also very good at upselling :)

Wade – Birmingham, MI 9/30/2017 Ray and Ryan did excellent and professional work. And John the assist manager always explains everything in full.

Calvin – Royal Oak, MI 9/30/2017 great service

Edward – Huntingtn Wds, MI 9/30/2017 John R. was extremely helpful and informative

MEGAN – Birmingham, MI 9/26/2017 no I don't

Kelsie – Ferndale, MI 9/25/2017 easy and quick service

Chad – Birmingham , MI 9/23/2017 always explain and don't over sell it's very good service

Rebecca – Royal Oak, MI 9/22/2017 I always have a great experience at this location

Chris – Royal Oak, MI 9/22/2017 very friendly, great product knowledge, quick service

Janice – Ferndale, MI 9/19/2017 Great service!

Gail – Oak Park, MI 9/16/2017 The 2 employees were great. You need more workers. Other than that, I was satisfied.

Dusty – Ferndale, MI 9/13/2017 John R WAS VERY HELPFUL I WILL BE BACK

Mariko – Detroit, MI 9/12/2017 great service and quick! always professional at Uncle Ed's. I do wish they didn't try to upsell, but I know its their job. I don't feel pressured, though.

Antonietta – Royal Oak, MI 9/12/2017 everyone was very very nice . informative. and not pushy. I will defy be back

R – Southfield, MI 9/11/2017 The service techs and management kept me inform on each step of the process to ensure my satisfaction and a good job done.

Jake – Shelby Twp, MI 9/11/2017 Great staff, funny guys, can't think of much room for improvement thank you

Rebba – Rochester, MI 9/11/2017 Just going a bit slower to explain what my car needs. but super helpful!

Connor – Beverly Hills, MI 9/10/2017 John R is the best. Helped in every way and made sure everything was running great before I left.

Jean – Rochester Hills, MI 9/9/2017 They have always been quick & courteous.

Aurelia – Dearborn, MI 9/9/2017 john R and Ryan were very helpful and extremely nice!!

Jason – Royal Oak, MI 9/9/2017 Excellent service.

Michael – Ferndale, MI 9/8/2017 The technicians are always professional and friendly. I'll keep coming back!

Kevin – Berkley, MI 9/7/2017 great service

Cynthia – Royal Oak, MI 9/6/2017 John R is the best! Highly satisfied; thank you.

Barbara – Bloomfield Hills, MI 9/5/2017 This was a fast service which I appreciated as I was in a hurry, the service men were extremely polite and patient.


Elizabeth – Berkley, MI 9/5/2017 it was good

Rebecca – Berkley , MI 9/3/2017 All 3 of the gentlemen that helped me were kind , considerate and helpful. I also was confident that they knew what they were doing. Lastly , I know they did not know this but because of my MS I have a cognitive impairment that makes it hard for me to understand things and directions. They were very patient with me!

Dean – Bloomfield Hills, MI 9/2/2017 john is always pleasant and friendly and always suggesting service needs but is not pushy which makes me very open to his suggestions and bring all my vehicles to this location

Bryan – Detroit, MI 9/2/2017 all good

Jim – Royal Oak, MI 9/1/2017 was treated well.

Mike – Birmingham, MI 9/1/2017 John R and the guys were very thorough in telling me which services were due and why... Well done boys, again!!!

Micah – Huntington Woods, MI 8/31/2017 no need great service

Janice – Royal Oak, MI 8/30/2017 Everytime I come I get amazing service. This is an awesome team of guys. The managers genuinely care about my cars performance and service record. Awesome all around!

Phillip – Bloomfield Hills, MI 8/24/2017 John and Tyler were fast and informative

Robert – Mount Clemens, MI 8/23/2017 great service.

Scott – Madison Heights, MI 8/23/2017 excellent service

Lindsey – Royal Oak, MI 8/23/2017 none. great job. john r very helpful

Julie – Royal Oak, MI 8/23/2017 great !

Patricia – Commerce Twp, MI 8/21/2017 great service

Dan – Harper Woods, MI 8/20/2017 great service

RONALD – Bloomfld Hls, MI 8/17/2017 great team great job

Jan – Davisburg, MI 8/15/2017 great service

Susanne – Flat Rock, MI 8/15/2017 very friendly and knowledgeable staff

Andres – Royal Oak, MI 8/15/2017 fantastic service today very thorough and look forwardbtoncomingbback

Enna – Birmingham, MI 8/14/2017 extremely helpful for first time customers

Steve – Beverly Hills, MI 8/6/2017 The service was good and the employees were great. The pricing was not good and I almost left before we started. The manager gave me a first time customer discount of $10 so I stayed. Mostly because of him not because I like to pay extra for things. There is no such thing as a drive-through premium oil change facility. So there is no reason to charge more.

Emily – Royal Oak, MI 8/3/2017 no additional comments

Alexander – Manchester, MI 7/26/2017 john r was excellent at advising and diagnosing my situation. I had just bought this car and explained the benefits of the services I chose

Harry – Troy, MI 7/26/2017 John R. is always excellent at taking care of me and applying coupons to save me more money

Stephen – Southfield, MI 7/25/2017 john and Tyler were very helpful

Joseph – Birmingham, MI 7/25/2017 always very helpful and great customer service

Eric – Pleasant Rdg, MI 7/25/2017 great service

Tom/Janet – Huntington Woods, MI 7/24/2017 I've always had a good experience at this location. John is particularly helpful and knowledgeable.

JULIE – Royal Oak, MI 7/22/2017 good service


Andrea – Novi, MI 7/22/2017 great service as always

Matthew – Ferndale, MI 7/22/2017 great work

Joe – Waterford, MI 7/21/2017 none T THIS TIME

Brad – Royal Oak, MI 7/18/2017 I arrived before the shop was even open and they still took me in and gave great service.

Phyllis – Bloomfld Hls, MI 7/18/2017 everyone was very knowledgeable, professionals, and kind which led to a excellent visit.

Hugh – Royal Oak, MI 7/15/2017 fast, professional and courteous. John r answered all my questions.

Alex – Warren, MI 7/13/2017 Too much of a sales push on extra things.

Laura – Royal Oak, MI 7/12/2017 I won't go ANYWHERE else. I love this place!!!!

Jamie – Berkley, MI 7/12/2017 kept being trying to be sold services I don't have the time or money for

Allison – Saint Clair, MI 7/8/2017 John and the whole team were great as always. love tbe professional, friendly service.

Karen – Southfield, MI 7/8/2017 John r and ray are very helpful they provided me with an understanding of what concerns I am having with my car the customer service was wonderful

Rob – Grosse Pt Pk, MI 7/6/2017 took about an hour for the oil change

Serena – West Bloomfield, MI 7/6/2017 good service

Kimberly – Bloomfield Hills , MI 7/6/2017 I love your company and the thorough services you provide. I just moved to Michigan. Your employees are so nice and so helpful. You should be all over the country!

Dakota – Lava Hot Spgs, MI 7/2/2017 great quick thorough work by ray and john.

Colter – Swan Lake, MI 7/2/2017 john Ryan and ray were professional and quick.

Jordan – Birmingham, MI 7/1/2017 great service

Daniela – Clarkston, MI 6/29/2017 I always have excellent service when I visit this location! All the techs are kind and curtesy!

Lesly – Clinton Township, MI 6/29/2017 very thorough

Jourdan – Huntingtn Wds, MI 6/28/2017 supper helpful staff. explained everything that needed to be done and showed me everything before they replaced them.

Paul – Oak Park, MI 6/24/2017 these guys are so friendly and completely professional. true service with a smile and accountable for their work. thanks John!! no place else you should go!


Whitney – Royal Oak, MI 6/19/2017 I have been using Uncle Ed's for all types of services for this car and my previous ones. this was my favorite visit so far.

BRIAN – Royal Oak, MI 6/18/2017 Honest and friendly

Ezra – Oak Park, MI 6/18/2017 technician was great

Kaylee – Pontiac, MI 6/16/2017 I hate going to places because they are pushy and try to sell me things. The guys at Ed's were very nice, fast, and not pushy, which I appreciate. I'll definitely be back!!

Sarah – Royal Oak, MI 6/15/2017 very friendly staff

Amanda – Berkley, MI 6/14/2017 great and quick

Tim – Bloomfield Hills, MI 6/13/2017 manager was very pleasant and provided good recommendations

Otis – Detroit, MI 6/12/2017 Everything was really perfect I wouldn't change anything.

William – Bloomfield Hills, MI 6/10/2017 They were very busy!

Kevin – Berkley, MI 6/7/2017 was good

Erika – Ferndale, MI 6/6/2017 great help and service

Barbara – Berkley, MI 6/5/2017 Great service

Darius – Royal Oak, MI 6/1/2017 Great people

Carly – Bloomfield Hills, MI 6/1/2017 it was great

Amanda – Berkley, MI 5/30/2017 Great service!

Patrick – Hazel Park, MI 5/27/2017 they were very, very PROFESSIONAL..!..

Andrew – Detroit, MI 5/27/2017 The Manager John at the Royal Oak location was fantastic... with the crew and fast excellent service. I will highly recommend this branch to all my friends and family.. Its worth the drive to the burbs from downtown ..Thanks for making to a great visit. you guys rock! Thanks again Drew Esslinger

Will – Troy, MI 5/26/2017 Fast and great service

Chris – Ferndale, MI 5/25/2017 excellent service. John R. wasexceptional....

Janet – Beverly Hills, MI 5/25/2017 awesome services early in the am

R – Southfield, MI 5/23/2017 staff answered all my questions and the ones they did not know the asst mgr explained in detail and examples.

Al – Southfield, MI 5/22/2017 great service

Leonard – Oak Park, MI 5/22/2017 no comment

Brad – Royal Oak, MI 5/22/2017 it was great

Alan – Southfield, MI 5/20/2017 great service

H0ward – Huntingt0n W00ds, MI 5/20/2017 excellent customer service

Laura – Beverly Hills, MI 5/19/2017 great service and very professional

Meribeth – Royal Oak, MI 5/18/2017 patient with me when I asked him to repeat things when I wasn't really listening

Roberta – Southfield, MI 5/17/2017 the staff was very knowledgeable and informative. awesome job, will return.

Debbie – Royal Oak, MI 5/14/2017 it was great

Brett – Birmingham, MI 5/14/2017 ........

William – Birmingham, MI 5/13/2017 everything was great

Taria – Detroit, MI 5/13/2017 very honest workers here. they didn't want to just take my money and I appreciate that.

Maireen – Detroit, MI 5/10/2017 raeschaun was excellent. he went over and above for great service! very personable

Madonna – Auburn Hills, MI 5/9/2017 John R was excellent!!!

Richele – Ferndale, MI 5/8/2017 i felt like i was on a reality tv show or an airplane with overly friendly, phony flight attendants. i think there were a total of six different guys that all had specific duties which i found odd. and they really try to oversell everything. even with the $20 off coupon and another coupon for $5 off i spent $85 for an oil change and an air filter. should have just gone to the dealership. i won't be coming back to this place.

Angela – Royal Oak, MI 5/7/2017 very good


Ian – Royal Oak, MI 5/5/2017 good visit

Christina – Bloomfield Hills, MI 5/4/2017 I had a bad experience at another location in the past but tried a different location and they were all professional, friendly and great.

Alison – Birmingham, MI 5/4/2017 nice guys :)

Evan – Troy, MI 5/4/2017 great and friendly job

Stone – Troy, MI 5/4/2017 very satisfied

Tim – Berkley, MI 5/4/2017 everything was great

Alex – Huntingtn Wds, MI 5/2/2017 fast, friendly and professional

Courtney – Richmond, MI 5/1/2017 I feel that I was being pushed to purchase fluid/filter changes pre-maturely. I felt that I was taken advantage of for being a woman, when really I am an automotive engineer.

Michael – Bloomfld Hls, MI 4/25/2017 no comment

Don – Royal Oak, MI 4/22/2017 great service

James – Huntington Woods, MI 4/21/2017 Jordan has been great

Jonathan – Royal Oak, MI 4/21/2017 I've been coming to this location for years and they've always taken excellent care of me and my vehicles.

Chelsea – Bloomfield Hills, MI 4/20/2017 it was great

James – Huntington Woods, MI 4/20/2017 great, friendly service

DANIELLE – Royal Oak, MI 4/20/2017 Entire team was awesome! They explained all available options and quickly convinced me that I needed new wiper blades. Professional, polite, friendly, and quick! Could not have asked for better service.

Jennifer – Ferndale, MI 4/18/2017 best service ever.

Anna – BIRMINGHAM, MI 4/18/2017 fantastic crew at the Birmingham location off of Woodward!

Jessica – Royal Oak, MI 4/14/2017 great service

Angela – Beverly Hills, MI 4/14/2017 friendly yet professional and thorough service is the reason for always returning

Daniel – Ferndale, MI 4/13/2017 good service

Glenn – Royal Oak, MI 4/13/2017 great service

Nicholas – Clinton Twp, MI 4/13/2017 it was good

Marty – Bloomfield Hills, MI 4/12/2017 The on site manager, Raeshaun, was very professional and did an outstanding job with customer service.

Laurie – Beverly Hills, MI 4/11/2017 Servicemen are very professional and friendly! Excellent customer service and explanations as to the additional services my vehicle will need in the future. Love the coupons Uncle Ed mails to me!! Was able to get $25 off my total bill today!! Will always choose Uncle Ed's for my oil changes!!

Alana – Bloomfld Hls, MI 4/5/2017 great service and friendly staff!

Laura – Royal Oak, MI 4/4/2017 I love the great service and that you can come in and get your oil and other fluids topped off and tires checked for no cost. AWESOME!

Kathryn – Pleasant Ridge, MI 4/3/2017 very good

Leigh – Royal Oak, MI 4/3/2017 great service

Joey – West Bloomfield, MI 3/30/2017 it was good

Anthony – Berkley, MI 3/25/2017 Out of stock on a part needed. The part was obtained, but after taking quite a bit of time.

Valerie – Ferndale, MI 3/24/2017 I like this coupon incentive .

Laura – Royal Oak, MI 3/23/2017 You guys do a great job :-)

Kyle – Royal Oak, MI 3/21/2017 Great Place Great Service

Matt – Berkley, MI 3/19/2017 Appreciated that they did not push you to do any additional services like other places do.

Victoria – Fraser, MI 3/19/2017 easy and fast

Eddie – Auburn Hills, MI 3/17/2017 I am looking for coupons. I don't always want to pay in advance for a change to get a discount.

Maeve – Dearborn, MI 3/15/2017 nothing else to cover, service was great!

Jamie – Bloomfield Hills, MI 3/11/2017 Love this shop!

Cristian – Beverly Hills, MI 3/9/2017 I also went to get my turn signal fixed and the technician was unable to do this.

Marlyss – Beverly Hills, MI 3/6/2017 very courteous and professional work

Lakenya – Royal Oak, MI 3/3/2017 no comments

William – Royal Oak, MI 3/2/2017 gpood overall visit

Raven – Bingham Farms, MI 3/2/2017 it was good

William – Bloomfield Hills, MI 3/1/2017 Reashaun C. is a fine representative of your organization.

Susan – Bloomfld Hls, MI 2/27/2017 Very polite and informative staff.

Danielle – Berkley, MI 2/26/2017 Everyone there was great=especially the young man in training to become the ast manager.

Deborah – Berkley, MI 2/25/2017 I've been visiting this location for years and always receive fast, friendly and efficient service. Every time I visit I'm impressed by the professionalism of the team. Every one seems to genuinely enjoy the work that they do and it shows! Thanks again for a great visit.

Janell – Detroit, MI 2/25/2017 Nothing at this time

Bryan – Berkley, MI 2/10/2017 Thank you

Leda – Birmingham, MI 2/6/2017 Thank you for everything

Larry – Royal Oak, MI 2/6/2017 Coupons made the Service even cheaper.

Nate – Royal Oak Mi, MI 2/3/2017 None today

Howard – Birmingham, MI 1/29/2017 John is great guy

Sultan – Bloomfld Hls, MI 1/26/2017 great service as usual.

Amber – Waterford, MI 1/26/2017 best oil change experience I've had EVERY time. happy to always continue my business here

John – Troy, MI 1/25/2017 The only issue was the 1 individual that was working at the time. He was great however, he was the only one there.

Hanna – Birmingham, MI 1/23/2017 I always have a great experience here. Uncle Ed's is the one place I can receive an oil change, and feel like I'm being given honest information.

Martin – Berkley, MI 1/21/2017 no additional comments

Jake – Royal Oak, MI 1/20/2017 great job

Dan – Birmingham, MI 1/18/2017 Great service very friendly and fast

Robert – Ferndale, MI 1/14/2017 There were a lot of people working but seemed very disorganized. I was pulled in immediately and still took about 25 minutes. The caps for my valve stems were not put back on. I did not receive a receipt or sticker in the window. Poor experience

Emily – Madison Hts, MI 1/14/2017 I was so very impressed with the level of customer service!!! The men working here are so professional and honest. I will definitely be a return customer. Thank you!

Darius – Royal Oak, MI 1/12/2017 Great service...

Clark – Royal Oak, MI 1/7/2017 There is seriously too much chatter that goes on with the process. I understand that you all would like to sell me more services. I come in for an oil change and do appreciate it if you advise me of anything about the underside of my vehicle that I otherwise would not have noticed. Beyond that I am not looking for a discussion on a myriad of other choices. Suggestion: Similar to how you have check boxes on this form asking me about how much more I want to hear from you I suggest you do the same at the outset of a visit. Ask me if I want the full option treatment or the abridged version. Get that issue settled right up front. The service was great as always and I will be back. Thank you.

Megan – Ferndale, MI 1/6/2017 Windshield cleaning was not very good. Left residue all over my front windshield

Melissa – Royal Oak, MI 1/6/2017 Good customer service.

Adam – Berkley, MI 1/4/2017 Assistant manager here was very informative and helpful. He made sure I took care of my engine with doing a transmission flush. My old transmission fluid was very dirty.

Diane – Bloomfield Hills, MI 1/4/2017 this has always been my A EDS of choice, best people and service here

Mark – Bloomfield Hills, MI 1/3/2017 None, thanks.

Gerald – Birmingham, MI 1/3/2017 friendly staff, very helpful

Ariel – Birmingham, MI 1/2/2017 very good service!

Brandy – Birmingham, MI 12/29/2016 very pleasant experience

John – Berkley, MI 12/28/2016 fine experience

Sheryl – Farmingtn Hls, MI 12/26/2016 They forgot to apply a $20 off coupon, even though at the beginning of the visit we discussed prices and my coupons.

Lain – Royal Oak, MI 12/26/2016 John R did a good job to explain my options to me and help me realize the savings I can get with uncle EDS . he has a very good amount of auto knowledge . John and Tyrell were very friendly and informative.

Greg – Ferndale, MI 12/24/2016 all was great!

Christine – Lathrup Vlg, MI 12/24/2016 GREAT SERVICE MERRY CHRISTMAS

Shane – Southfield, MI 12/23/2016 John is an amazing person! definitely took care of me as always

James – Berkley, MI 12/22/2016 doing great

Jim – Royal Oak, MI 12/22/2016 great work guys. Merry Christmas @ Happy New Year!

Peter – Bloomfld Hls, MI 12/22/2016 great guys

Dan – Rochester Hls, MI 12/21/2016 Had scheduled oil change at dealership, but learned it would be $67 with tire rotation, so I stopped here. After topping off radiator and washer fluid, asst. manager (?) said my oil was clean and didn't need changing. Dealer would've changed it in a heartbeat (dash notification said it was time). Spent nothing with you, but will return and recommend to all and tell this story.

Valerie – Ferndale, MI 12/20/2016 Convenient location

Carlee – Plymouth, MI 12/19/2016 Y'all are always great

Alex – Madison Heights , MI 12/19/2016 great service, fast and was well informed

Maria – Highland Park, MI 12/17/2016 John and Jacob were very professional and gave excellent service

Kaycee – Berkley, MI 12/16/2016 always friendly and informative

Carol – Grosse Pointe Woods, MI 12/16/2016 great service at this location

Bill – Bloomfld Hls, MI 12/15/2016 nogggggy

Missy – Royal Oak, MI 12/14/2016 love this place, friendly and knowledgeable.

Jennifer – Harrison Twp., MI 12/13/2016 great customer service will be back they were very informative and smiles. thank you

Joel – Royal Oak, MI 12/13/2016 great job

Lesley – Ypsilanti, MI 12/12/2016 The staff and manger are very knowledgeable, friendly and always does a great job!

Rachel – Royal Oak, MI 12/12/2016 They're super friendly and not pushy with services

Domenic – Royal Oak, MI 12/10/2016 team here is always great as well as helpful. they always go above and beyond.

Jill – Northville, MI 12/9/2016 John rvwas

Patricia – Birmingham, MI 12/9/2016 very impressed with the way Tyrell spoke to me on the phone..... so I really felt like I would have great customer service.....I did by the whole crew

Jim – Waterford, MI 12/9/2016 very friendly group of guys..

D0n – Royal Oak, MI 12/8/2016 convenient too

Amanda – Troy, MI 12/8/2016 Great communication skills with all tech support.

Joseph – Royal Oak, MI 12/7/2016 John R sets a great standard of service

Rayvon – Southfield, MI 12/6/2016 Very informative and helpful. Took extra steps to override the coupon's inability to scan.

Nick – Troy, MI 12/6/2016 great visit

Shayne – Warren, MI 12/6/2016 very good service

Cynthia – Royal Oak, MI 12/6/2016 Excellent and friendly service.

Katherine – Bloomfld Hls, MI 12/5/2016 John r was helpful

Johanna – Ferndale, MI 12/5/2016 Everyone was very polite and helpful.

Monica – Oak Park, MI 12/5/2016 Tyrell did an amazing job! I am never disappointed when I come to uncle EDS. great customer service always!!!

Erin – Southfield, MI 12/5/2016 always efficient and great service

Robin – Romeo, MI 12/4/2016 Great service

Andy – Bloomfld Hls, MI 12/3/2016 John the asset mgr was extremely thorough and very good to work with.

Angela – Royal Oak, MI 12/3/2016 great job

Johnny – Berkley, MI 12/2/2016 John R. and the staff took excellent care of me today, as they always do!

Danita – Detroit, MI 12/2/2016 the service was excellent.

Maritza – Detroit, MI 12/2/2016 great service

Adam – Novi, MI 12/2/2016 great service

Gary – Birmingham, MI 12/2/2016 great technicians. super friendly and helpful

John – Center Line, MI 12/1/2016 Great guys

Frederick – Royal Oak, MI 12/1/2016 a stylist to sign would be great.

Mike – Farmingtn Hls, MI 12/1/2016 team was very thorough and helpful

Sultan – Bloomfld Hls, MI 12/1/2016 amazing service as usual.

Audrey – Royal Oak, MI 11/30/2016 I usually get my oil changed at Valvoline and decided to try Uncle Ed's. It was twice as expensive for the same type of oil! I told the manager that it was very expensive and I have never paid that much before, and he didn't seem to care or offer any explanation as to why it was so much. My hood was already popped and they had already started the service, so I had to choose a very over priced oil. I will absolutely not be back.

Jonathan – Royal Oak, MI 11/27/2016 This location has taken excellent care of me and my vehicles in the time I've been using them for my routine maintenance. They're never pushy about extra services, but make their availability and benefits clear on each visit.

Meko – Farmingtn Hls, MI 11/26/2016 Wonderfully

Maryanne – Downers Grove, MI 11/25/2016 too many options

Pulkit – Royal Oak, MI 11/23/2016 excellent people

Michael – Franklin, MI 11/16/2016 John R was polite and informative. No Pressure which is why I keep coming back.

Karen – Ferndale, MI 11/14/2016 The guys waving to traffic out front got my attention and brought me in! Everyone was friendly, knowledgeable, and professional 😊. Nice to see employees having a good time... Overheard some singing and saw some dancing too! Definitely got the feel of a family environment. Thank you, I will be back!!

Blair – Sterling Hts, MI 11/13/2016 The reason I came into your shop was the fact that your shop was open on a Sunday and my car told me I needed an oil change ASAP. I hate your pricing. Just because your a chain doesn't mean that your pricing is overly pricey. Your $79.99 price should include tax. I should not have paid over $100 for a oil change. When I can get the same service with the same nice great service from a mom and pa store. I don't tell people your paying extra for great service when it should already happen for normal pricing. I will never go to another one of your shops because of the pricing.

Audrey – Royal Oak, MI 11/13/2016 Thank you!

Alyssa – Clawson, MI 11/12/2016 Everyone was extremely friendly and helpful. Staff was literally running to keep things moving quickly. Appreciate the kind, upbeat, and informational service.

Ken – Royal Oak, MI 11/6/2016 Location seemed understaffed at the time of my visit. Service was rushed and less thorogh than usual. My guess is someone called in sick.

Steven – Madison Heights, MI 11/4/2016 very informative and helpful!

Sharon – Royal Oak, MI 11/3/2016 Did not fill tires and I receive a notification from OnStar the day after my oil change that my pressure is too low still Also took almost an hour. I don't have time for an oil change that takes an hour and costs $100, I'll go to the dealership if that's the case

Becky – Royal Oak, MI 11/2/2016 John R. and his whole team were absolutely wonderful. Great at friendly customer service and they each explained everything thoroughly and it was an overall very pleasant experience! I will definitely be back to this location again.

Patrick – Royal Oak, MI 10/30/2016 Loyal customer here they have earned it. appreciate the consistency

Dennis – Royal Oak, MI 10/29/2016 All the staff was friendly and professional. Greg and John were both very informative.

Michael – Royal Oak, MI 10/28/2016 My Wife told me that the service technician placed his oily gloves on the leather of her new 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee. He then wiped her wiper blades with an oily rag. It sounds like my wife did not have the Disney experience she normally has. This technician was switched out and her oil change was completed. But she was not happy

James – Taylor, MI 10/28/2016 very pleased with all the employees and the Manager Mr John R is very professional and efficient. great job, keep up the good work.

Dale – Southfield, MI 10/26/2016 John and his crew were terrific. One of the reasons I came in was that I had a turn signal lamp out. My car is a 2008 Saab 9-7x that I recently purchased and I attempted to change the bulb myself, but could not remove the headlamp assembly as described in the Owner's Manual. The crew at Uncle Ed's had a similar problem but persevered and found a way to replace the bulb by coming up from underneath the vehicle. I never would have thought of that. Their going 'above and beyond' earned my future business. Thanks for creating and encouraging a terrific team.

Patrick – Lenox, MI 10/21/2016 great service

Julie – Royal Oak, MI 10/16/2016 The whole crew was friendly and efficient. I appreciated John explaining all of my options, he was very knowledgeable and professional.

Karen – Detroit, MI 10/16/2016 100% pleased with visit.

Chris – Huntingtn Wds, MI 10/8/2016 Your techs have to sloooooooooooooow down when they talk. I have time to listen and would probably understand what they are trying to sell if they slowed their pitch down. One of the techs talked so fast the guy in the car next to me noticed and rolled his eyes and shook his head. I want to be sold on a $100 dollar service. You can't sell a service from a tornado sales pitch that is being suggested and not confirmed. I perceive no problem why would I pay for it? Uncle eds is great and provides great service. I don't want a quickie oil change anymore. Add another 5 min with a slow sales pitch and I might bite.

Justin – St Clr Shores, MI 10/6/2016 everything was great

Michael – Madison Heights, MI 10/6/2016 Good work

Shakeisa – Southfield, MI 10/4/2016 N/A the guys were friendly professional and fast as usual

Fleet – Royal Oak, MI 9/29/2016 Just fine.

Drew – Royal Oak, MI 9/24/2016 None at this time

Devin – Southfield, MI 9/23/2016 great work, I came to uncle EDS because I knew they are very reliable

Katie – Birmingham, MI 9/23/2016 John M and John R were very informative and helpful!!

Gregory – Royal Oak, MI 9/23/2016 great service

Shelley – West Bloomfield, MI 9/22/2016 the service was very professional and friendly staff

Timothy – Southfield, MI 9/21/2016 John R is amazing as well as the rest of the staff. I will be returning again for more of this awesome service.

Jasmine – Birmingham, MI 9/21/2016 John R delivered an amazing experience of service ,not only in giving a great oil change, filter replacement and customer service but also education in my vehicle and how I can preserve its life and steps into doing so, which is greatly appreciated!

Robert – Troy, MI 9/21/2016 All personnel were friendly and personable. All were very focused and got me in and out quickly. Very professional. Good value. I will be back. This is my four or fifth time anyway.

Douglas – Huntingtn Wds, MI 9/18/2016 I have no comments

Janelle – Berkley, MI 9/14/2016 great service!

Adam – Berkley, MI 9/10/2016 always helpful staff

Jonathan – Detroit, MI 9/9/2016 good service

Samantha – Sterling Hts, MI 9/8/2016 Great service.

Verlinda – Southfield, MI 9/8/2016 ALWAYS GREAT

Eric – Royal Oak, MI 9/8/2016 I felt a little overwhelmed with the amount of services they were trying to sell me and the price. I don't know what I needed but I felt like they said I needed things I didn't really need. it was very expensive.

Kinshasa – Lathrup Vlg, MI 9/7/2016 lots of upsales

Jason – Beverly Hills, MI 9/6/2016 great staff

Jamie – Bloomfld Hls, MI 9/3/2016 I a;ways get my oil changes at Uncle Ed. even coming in from Canada ftp them. This location is my favorite, as everyone is always so friendly. they go above and beyond to serve customers, and it is always entertaining.

Shelley – Detroit, MI 9/2/2016 Great Service!

Tom – Royal Oak, MI 8/31/2016 I think the customer service is great here. The employees display integrity

Lauren – Royal Oak, MI 8/31/2016 great service

James – Bloomfld Hls, MI 8/29/2016 Very personable manager. One of the best that I have had at this store. I have been utilIzing this location since it opened.

Daniel – Royal Oak, MI 8/25/2016 quick and friendly.

Deborah – Berkley, MI 8/25/2016 I always get exceptional service at this location, regardless of the employee who helps me. Thanks so much!

Noah – Orchard Lake, MI 8/25/2016 great service

Amber – Rochester Hls, MI 8/18/2016 Amazing service both of my visits. I went out of my way to return to this location, even during Dream Cruise week, because I was so happy with the level of service I received previously

Jackie – Novi, MI 8/17/2016 The service was speedy, the technicians were all very friendly and seemed well educated on what they were doing and explaining to me.

Cole – Detroit , MI 8/15/2016 everyone is always so kind when I come in. John R explained everything Cleary to me and was very knowledgeable

Marie – Royal Oak, MI 8/15/2016 I drive an older vehicle and I am confident that l'm safe on the road because of the service and I get from the team at my Uncle Ed's. thanks Marie.

Michael – Livonia, MI 8/14/2016 Some people need to talk a little bit louder.

Todd – Haymarket, MI 8/14/2016 really liked the coupons and the speed to finish the oil change.

Michael – Huntingtn Wds, MI 8/13/2016 Manger John M went above and beyond to give me great customer service.

Cody – Berkley, MI 8/9/2016 I have none.. But you insist on something being in the box to submit the survey.

Kareria – Detroit, MI 8/7/2016 Ok this is my problem they check my tires and we i left there and got to work when iit was time for me to leave my tirer was low😡😞😞😞😞 that i had to put some air in my tirer

Cynthia – Royal Oak, MI 8/7/2016 Appreciated thorough explanations of suggested maintenance and politeness when certain additional services were declined.

Bill – Birmingham, MI 8/4/2016 The team of professionals at Uncle Ed's is excellent. They're efficient, pleasant, conscientious and fastidious. We're very satisfied with the level of service we receive at this location. Thank you!

Brian – Royal Oak, MI 7/30/2016 Technician recommended synthetic motor oil and said it was recommended by the manufacturer. I brought in a Jeep Grand Cherokk with 5.7L Hemi which I just bought so wasn't certain if Jeep recommended synthetic. I agreed to synthetic, went home, checked the Jeep manual and learned synthetic is not recommended. So, I spent a lot more money than I needed to. Based on this alone I may not return and will recommend my friends don't go to Ed's either.

Lauren – Royal Oak, MI 7/29/2016 Awesome job! Very happy with service

Peter – Grosse Pointe Shores, MI 7/29/2016 great service

Alison – Detroit, MI 7/28/2016 Excellent service.

Kevin – Atlanta, MI 7/28/2016 Service was great!

Michael – Huntingtn Wds, MI 7/24/2016 Air pressure in tires was not checked or properly set. Had to add air later in the day.

Howard – Birmingham, MI 7/24/2016 Great people working there. A+++

Tom – Birmingham, MI 7/22/2016 all good uncle ed services all r of our cars

Michael – Ferndale, MI 7/20/2016 Excellent teamwork Everyone was very professional.

Dave – Birmingham, MI 7/20/2016 Wonderful, very kind. Informative and thorough.

Joann – Rochester Hls, MI 7/20/2016 nothimgnto add

Susan – Royal Oak, MI 7/18/2016 raeshawn was extremely helpful in explaining all facets of the process.

Mary Ann – Beverly Hills, MI 7/18/2016 perfect in every way. thank you for making it so easy ,relaxing and enjoyable.

Laura – Berkley, MI 7/18/2016 great service

Jessica – Royal Oak, MI 7/17/2016 rayshawn was very helpful and friendly

Alissa – W Bloomfield, MI 7/17/2016 I live on the other side of town but always come here because of the great service, friendly, professional and genuine service workers and appreciative of all the explanations of not only why but what will make my car work better. kudos to Ray today sincerely Alissa Pizanin 248-3e0-8114

Melissa – Chesterfield, MI 7/17/2016 Raeshaun, John, Shane and Brandon were professioal and efficient.

Dan – Royal Oak, MI 7/16/2016 great job, as usual

Eric – Royal Oak, MI 7/16/2016 good service

David – Metamora, MI 7/16/2016 awesome

Kim – Royal Oak, MI 7/16/2016 Great service nice people

Sean – Pleasant Rdg, MI 7/16/2016 raeshsun did a great job today

Al – Southfield, MI 7/16/2016 A little less push on items to buy would be nice

John – Berkley, MI 7/16/2016 great service!

William – Bloomfield, MI 7/14/2016 Both Shane and Brandon were first-class representatives of your organization.

Duane – Detroit, MI 7/13/2016 the service was ok.

Nancy – Troy, MI 7/13/2016 Friendly service

Christine – Huntingtn Wds, MI 7/13/2016 I have no additional comments

Christine – Huntingtn Wds, MI 7/13/2016 I have no additional comments

Alan – Birmingham, MI 7/13/2016 Personable, courteous and patient interactions with manager Tom, who seems genuine rather than robotic or rushed. Humorous, too -- always a value-added bouns!

Marty – Bloomfield, MI 7/13/2016 You guys love the up-sell. But every time I get something more than the oil changed the promise of "it takes an additional 10 minutes" never hits the mark. I'm always in there longer than promised.

John – Hazel Park, MI 7/7/2016 everything was great

Michael – Huntingtn Wds, MI 7/3/2016 Team solved my oil pan leak - saving me an expensive dealer trip - and took the time needed to ensure no leakage after filling. Great job, great attention to detail.

Michael – Royal Oak, MI 7/3/2016 Everyone was great and Raeshaun was extremely professional and knowledgable. I will definitely be back!

Denise – Ferndale, MI 7/2/2016 Everything was great!

Larry – Royal Oak, MI 7/2/2016 Good service.

Mary – Warren, MI 7/2/2016 This was the best service so far I have received at Uncle Eds! Thanks John R!

Judy – Rochester Hills, MI 7/1/2016 Jared and Joe were great

Meagan – Detroit, MI 6/29/2016 The team that helped me out was so understanding and professional. I'm three weeks away from my due date and was starving, and they made sure I could go grab a snack while my car was in line. That seems little but really wasn't :) Once they changed the oil, they talked me through other things going on with the car and all the pricing involved, and helped me to make an informed decision. I felt like I was in great hands. Raeshaun did an excellent job helping me out and I will return because of him.

Maureen – Troy, MI 6/25/2016 no comments

Diane – Royal Oak, MI 6/24/2016 This is the first time I visited that my expired coupons were not honored. I had left the current book at home. The oil change cost me $91.!!! This is not acceptable. I will not be returning. The manager would it give any discounts unless I spent more money. Bad. I had been a loyal customer for years.

Jill – Berkley, MI 6/23/2016 john r was very knowledge and friendly. he walked me through everything my truck needed. I never felt like he was trying to sell me a service that I did not need. being a female that only knows the basics about cars, I felt very comfortable taking his advice

Shelley – Royal Oak, MI 6/21/2016 Always friendly!

Jency – Detroit, MI 6/20/2016 guys waving on the street so I stopped instead of going to normal place

Erica – Pontiac, MI 6/17/2016 great servicemen

Christian – Detroit, MI 6/17/2016 no complaints, thanks again guys

Dina – Huntingtn Wds, MI 6/17/2016 Great service

Julie – Royal Oak, MI 6/17/2016 no additional information

Julie – Bloomfld Hls, MI 6/16/2016 excellent service- will return

Janessa – Huntington Woods, MI 6/14/2016 Very friendly staff- went through everything thoroughly

Matthew – Grosse Pointe, MI 6/14/2016 love the services

Nicole – Berkley, MI 6/13/2016 great service and friendly staff

Julie – Royal Oak, MI 6/13/2016 none now

Jacquelyn – Birmingham, MI 6/11/2016 I always have a good experience.

Joseph – Troy, MI 6/10/2016 always such an amazing experience coming here!


Ashley – St Clr Shores, MI 6/9/2016 great per usual

Marty – Royal Oak, MI 6/9/2016 thanks Joe and John! I drove in with broken coolant hose overhearing etc. John knew what it was immediately and took care of it. thanks form the expert and friendly service we love you guys!

Jared – Southfield, MI 6/1/2016 Great job

Mia – Ferndale, MI 5/26/2016 Service was great!

Patrick – Ferndale, MI 5/25/2016 Both Nathan and Brandon were friendly and helpful. I got the maintenance I needed for a road trip this weekend.

Kaitlyn – Birmingham, MI 5/25/2016 great service as usual! Brandon M. and the other staff members were awesome.

Jonathan – Bloomfld Hls, MI 5/24/2016 it was a great visit like always

Sandy – Royal Oak, MI 5/24/2016 the manager John was very professional and very easy to work with. the technician was great too and they worked together to get the job done.

Mike – Ann Arbor, MI 5/20/2016 great service, over and above expectations!

Martin – Birmingham, MI 5/20/2016 John and Shane are excellent at what they do. definitely assets to your organization. will be back.

Meghan – Royal Oak, MI 5/20/2016 things went very smoothly

Samuel – Royal Oak, MI 5/20/2016 good job

Stewart – Oak Park, MI 5/20/2016 All ok Thanks

Sandy – Royal Oak, MI 5/20/2016 super friendly, clean, and efficient

Corry – Redford, MI 5/20/2016 great customer service

Bruce – Troy, MI 5/19/2016 very nice personnel

Marcus – Detroit, MI 5/19/2016 great staff, all happy n smiling

Gina – Huntingtn Wds, MI 5/19/2016 great service

Lauren – Huntingtn Wds, MI 5/18/2016 very helpful and Joseph was honest and very professional resource

Hannah – Birmingham, MI 5/18/2016 John R was the best!

Henry – Birmingham, MI 5/18/2016 Joe and John were amazing

Matt – Royal Oak, MI 5/18/2016 excellent job

Leatrice – Pontiac, MI 5/17/2016 great service

Craig – Troy, MI 5/16/2016 great staffers

Jennifer – Royal Oak, MI 5/16/2016 great service

Taria – Detroit, MI 5/15/2016 great service

Jackie – Fraser, MI 5/15/2016 John R and Shane were amazing. Helpful, courteous and very informative.

Yorg – Royal Oak, MI 5/15/2016 John R and Joseph K are the best peeps ever! Good dudes and very professional!

Julian – Lathrup Vlg, MI 5/15/2016 GREAT overall experience

Ryan – Oak Park, MI 5/14/2016 one of the greatest service experiences ever! John R. keeps me informed on my services that are due.

Zach – Royal Oak, MI 5/14/2016 excellent service!

Jake – Orion, MI 5/14/2016 NONE THANKS

Jake – Birmingham, MI 5/14/2016 great job

Jennifer – Berkley, MI 5/14/2016 quick services

Bob – Royal Oak, MI 5/14/2016 will be back

Jim – Berkley, MI 5/14/2016 it was fast and good

Joseph – Royal Oak, MI 5/13/2016 great team, friendly and professional.

Margaret – Bloomfld Hls, MI 5/13/2016 Friendly staff. Easy and convenient!

Lisa – Bingham Farms, MI 5/13/2016 fast and friendly

Angela – Pontiac, MI 5/13/2016 great service.

Robert – Southfield, MI 5/13/2016 efficient

Eric – Royal Oak, MI 5/13/2016 Great service

Jose – Southfield, MI 5/13/2016 very professional and knowledgeable. Very pleasant experience..

Andrea – Birmingham, MI 5/13/2016 excellent service

Johnathan – Roseville, MI 5/12/2016 Great job!

Mia – Ferndale, MI 5/12/2016 These guys are great! Friendly, knowledgeable, dedicated and a tight knit team. I will be back. :)

Colin – Southfield, MI 5/7/2016 Great experience. Thank you!

Shannon – Royal Oak, MI 5/2/2016 The techs go above and beyond the service.

Nancy – Royal Oak, MI 5/1/2016 Convenient

David – Huntingtn Wds, MI 4/30/2016 Great crew. Personable

Corinne – Bloomfield Hills, MI 4/28/2016 Very friendly service

Kelsey – Southfield, MI 4/28/2016 Everything was great!

Eve – Royal Oak, MI 4/27/2016 no comment

Kelli – Saint Clair Shores, MI 4/27/2016 Great service. Very friendly and quick.

Josh – Birmingham, MI 4/27/2016 Jon, the manager, was great!

Mary Anne – Royal Oak, MI 4/22/2016 Good job

Amanda – Royal Oak, MI 4/21/2016 Always great service and techs!!

Stephanie – Royal Oak, MI 4/18/2016 I always find John R so helpful and honest so I come back for him...

David – Troy, MI 4/18/2016 Thank you

Jason – West Bloomfield, MI 4/9/2016 Knowledgable and friendly. Great salesman.

Jessie – Beverly Hills, MI 4/6/2016 Very friendly service. Made recommendations in a consultive manner did not push any services that weren't needed immediately but informed me of importance for next visit. Would highly recommend visiting this shop should you want great service and clear review of your cars health and maintenance needs.

Michael – Huntingtn Wds, MI 4/3/2016 John R was great, friendly (taking time to chat about jazz in Detroit when he heard my player) - he took the time to share a rebate on the Bosch wipers I replaced.

Michael – Huntingtn Wds, MI 4/3/2016 John R was super helpful, making sure to be careful in regard to the helicoil in my oilpan. Likewise Raeshawn.

Leda – Birmingham, MI 3/29/2016 Everyone is very professional. Thank you

Karen – Troy, MI 3/28/2016 Maybe better to have just the guy who will work on your car and the manager introduce selves; lots of guys running around and I sorta lost track. Everyone was very nice and very fast, which helped make a needed thing to do more of a pleasure.

Jan – Oak Park, MI 3/25/2016 I didn't see the technician checking or filling my tires! He didn't say anything to me that they were at the right or wrong pressure. I would have liked to have known one way or the other with out having to ask the manager if they were even checked. Everything else was perfect and very professional!!

Susanna – Grosse Pointe, MI 3/23/2016 The guys were extremely professional and knowledgeable and I appreciated that!

Jessica – Berkly, MI 3/17/2016 Very quick, did not see them top off washer fluid though.

Wade – Birmingham, MI 3/15/2016 Excellent service and advice

Russ – Royal Oak, MI 3/15/2016 First oil change on new vehicle.

Gilda – Bloomfld Hls, MI 3/14/2016 John & Jacob were friendly, knowledgeable and courteous. I was in a bit of a rush & they took great care of me while keeping that in mind.

Obinna – Southfield, MI 3/13/2016 Very knowledgeable with honest advice and insight

Bob – Troy, MI 3/11/2016 The store is getting to pushy on upselling services.

Mark – Franklin, MI 3/11/2016 None at this time.

Nada – Troy, MI 3/10/2016 My passenger-side headlight was out, and I happened to spot an Uncle Ed's on Woodward Ave. in Royal Oak with the store lights still on around 7:30. I did a U-turn to ask if by chance they replaced headlights. A very personable young man advised me to swing into a stall and an assistant promptly got to work to assess my needs. I, also, bought some windshield wipers and said I would return when my oil warning light informed me to change the oil. Both the manager and his assistant were professional, prompt, and very pleasantly friendly in their service for me.

Jenny – Rochester Hls, MI 3/2/2016 Lindsay went out of her way to assist me

Andrew – Roseville, MI 3/1/2016 It seems like every other time I go to this location I have not so great service. It is all a timing thing. For example today, when I pulled in I was the only one there. As they started to work on my car, they had a whole bunch more pull in (all four docks filled, plus three on standby). As that was happening people were jumping around trying to get everything done, which I can respect and understand. That being said, it was almost like they forgot about my car because the other three cars left before I did. Now I also understand I was waiting for the to replace my light, but at that point I was there for 30 min and 2 people had already left. Well turns out they couldn't fix my light because it was a wiring issue (which I totally understand). So after that they finally made there way to get my payment. I am not pissed about it just annoyed because that was the same issue I have every other time I go there. They are always SUPER friendly, which is why I still try and give them a shot, but it is just annoying when this happens because usually I am on the clock and just trying to get back to worl.

Dan – Troy, MI 3/1/2016 Great new manager. Very efficient and customer oriented. Did not over sell services.

Pat – Birmingham, MI 2/27/2016 I arrived at the store at 7:50 am, ten minutes before it opened. However, John was already there and immediately brought me in. From there, the guys were super polite and friendly.

Mary – Sterling Hts, MI 2/25/2016 Excellent service!

Ryan – Ferndale, MI 2/21/2016 Need more than 3 techs on shift

Tom – Royal Oak, MI 2/20/2016 Really appreciate the consistency of this location

Monte – Southfield, MI 2/20/2016 Very friendly service.

Julie – Royal Oak, MI 2/20/2016 Fast and professional

Dave – Birmingham, MI 2/20/2016 Wonderful service! I was well informed at the visit here at Uncle Ed's

Samantha – Sterling Hts, MI 2/18/2016 Great service. Very friendly.

Melissa – Birmingham, MI 2/17/2016 Fast, efficient, and good service

Stephanie – Royal Oak, MI 2/17/2016 Keep coming back because of how friendly the staff is. Great!

Andrew – Warren, MI 2/16/2016 Ryan C always makes sure my truck is taken care of, would reccomend this location to anyone needing service on their car.

Lori – Ferndale, MI 2/13/2016 When I specifically tell the technician I want the basic oil change STOP trying to upsell me. My car is a lease. I DO NOT want to purchase additional services.

Mary – Ferndale, MI 2/13/2016 no comment

Angelia – Detroit, MI 2/13/2016 The service is entertaining and excellent.

Derek – Oak Park, MI 2/13/2016 Make things cheaper. Just kidding. Everything was awesome!

Mathia – Southfield, MI 2/11/2016 very good service

Ian – Troy, MI 2/9/2016 no additional comments

Michelle – Bloomfld Hls, MI 2/7/2016 Very happy with service provided.

Chris – Huntingtn Wds, MI 2/6/2016 Your guys have to speak slowly when asking customer to do a task. I have to ask them to repeat their command every time the holler. I understand they want to get me in and out but they need to slow their pace when talking.

Angelia – Detroit, MI 2/5/2016 All the staff were so polite and inviting. Great visit.

Brad – Troy, MI 2/5/2016 Non applicable

Julie – Royal Oak, MI 1/29/2016 I didn't like that I was quoted a price of $10 to replace my windshield wipers then it turned out yo be more due to length of my blade (not a huge increase but it still felt a little bait and switchy). I also said you front I only needed the oil change several times but was still offered other services, multiple times. I will.go.back again but this trip was unusual.

Elizabeth – Berkley, MI 1/29/2016 i APPRECIATE your technicians probably needing to sell related services to an oil change. I do not like being continually being "sold" on additional services... and then hearing there is cheaper version... I just want an oil change. Your technicians were delightfully nice guys even when selling as above... but the selling makes me want to avoid Uncle Eds.

Micheal – Bloomfld Hls, MI 1/29/2016 Good consistent employees

Steven – Berkley, MI 1/29/2016 The staff communicates everything thoroughly and rustles through their service.

Jason – Madison Hts, MI 1/27/2016 Super friendly guys. It's a real plus being able to stay in your car during the service.

Lisa – Troy, MI 1/25/2016 I have a 10 year old mini van- and I don't take it for service any where else. Your technicans are so friendly and efficient- they are completely professional. I love coming to Uncle Ed's because I feel like I won't be overcharged. Yhe service is superb.

Joan – Royal Oak, MI 1/24/2016 The guy under the cars was loudly yelling and complaining; very unprofessional.

Heather – Birmingham, MI 1/23/2016 Time estimate inaccurate

Najette – Beverly Hills, MI 1/22/2016 Everyone is very helpful, thorough, and friendly.

Wendy – Detroit, MI 1/17/2016 My advisor was Ryan C. He was awesome!

Tracy – Detroit, MI 1/10/2016 I was not told that my car required additional oil, for which I would be charged. Although the asst.mgr gave me an additional discount, I want to know upfront what the charges are.

Jennifer – Berkley, MI 1/9/2016 Dylan G was great very helpful

Taria – Detroit, MI 1/9/2016 Nothing to say here...everything was great

Sandra – Dearborn, MI 1/5/2016 A little slower than usual.

Tanner – Harper Woods, MI 1/4/2016 5 5 5 5 5

Andre – Southfield, MI 1/4/2016 Overall bad experience this time around. 1. Took to long to complete the service. 2. I don't remember paying that much the last time I had the same car serviced. 3. I was charged 12.00 to top off the Antifreeze reservoir, which took around a cup of coolant. I WILL NOT BE BACK

Gerald – Birmingham, MI 1/2/2016 Good oil change, got through pretty quickly

Sharisse – Detroit, MI 1/2/2016 Tony and his staff were wonderful!

Ross – Royal Oak, MI 12/31/2015 Made sure to double check oil for differential before starting. Thorough, very appreciated!

Matt – Hazel Park, MI 12/31/2015 Excellent thanks

Casey – Birmingham, MI 12/30/2015 Tony and his team always do a great job taking care of myself along with my family members. Always fast and efficient!!! Thank you as always!

Jennifer – Bloomfld Hls, MI 12/24/2015 Good job.

Mary Lynn – Royal Oak, MI 12/18/2015 Uncle Ed's has the business model of pushing hard for other services and products. I don't like this and feel pressured when I go in and explain I only want an oil change and not to be oversold on other services

David – Bloomfield, MI 12/15/2015 Always good service at this location

Tony – Royal Oak, MI 12/15/2015 Nice work fellas!

Lisa – Berkley, MI 12/12/2015 very friendly and efficient staff!

Morgan – Royal Oak, MI 12/11/2015 GREAT STAFF! manager was very helpful to help me use my coupons on an expensive service trip! Everyone was very friendly!

Kelly – Berkley, MI 12/10/2015 Great staff. Very helpful and pleasant while I waited for services on my car.

Janice – Ferndale, MI 12/8/2015 No comment at this time

Joseph – Royal Oak, MI 12/6/2015 Great service!

Ashley – Bloomfld Hls, MI 12/4/2015 Super friendly (as always), regardless of shop location.

Georgia – Berkley, MI 12/4/2015 Very friendly

Claudette – Berkley, MI 11/30/2015 Great service

Colleen – Birmingham, MI 11/29/2015 the guys are fast and efficient

Doug – Detroit, MI 11/19/2015 I travel all the way across town just to come to this Uncle Eds .

Timea – Hamtramck, MI 11/17/2015 Fast, polite, professional

William – Royal Oak, MI 11/14/2015 The service was fast and thorough

Melinda – Detroit, MI 11/14/2015 Ryan was excellent and very helpful.I appreciated that he did not go overly hard on the up sells.I spent about $180 for the visit and it was worth every penny.I do. It enjoy coming to Uncle Ed's when the guys try to sell me things too aggressively.

Donald – Birmingham, MI 11/8/2015 The people at this location were courteous and did a nice job on my vehicle.

Chris – Huntingtn Wds, MI 11/7/2015 All good. Speedy and convienient. The manager in training was very helpful and pitched all the services I know I need to do but will have do in the future. I enjoy the military drill style performance of your technicians and expect it from Uncle Eds. Keep on trucking.

Christine – Bloomfld Hls, MI 11/7/2015 Friendly service, quick, honest about condition of the vehicle

Emily – Bloomfield Hills, MI 11/7/2015 Very helpful and convenient

Colleen – Royal Oak, MI 11/7/2015 The technician and manager are wonderful!! I arrived at 730am on my way to a trip and realized they opened at 8. I went to pull out of the lot and they opened the garage and said they could help me early (I didn't even have to ask!) I was shocked and so grateful! Additionally they were very cheerful and bubbly. I always receive exceptional service at this location & I won't go anywhere else!

Nicole – Berkley, MI 11/6/2015 Everyone was friendly and informative!

Mary – Sterling Hts, MI 11/3/2015 Excellent customer service! Friendly staff and very helpful!

Ashley – Royal Oak, MI 10/31/2015 I always have a good experience and the staff is knowledgeable. That's why I always come back!

Mark – Royal Oak, MI 10/31/2015 It took 40 minutes for a regular oil change. 3 cars in the bays and employees scurrying from one vehicle to the next with no logic or method. No efficient system to handle multiple cars. Also spilled oil on my exhaust manifold, causing burning smell. A Trainwreck. I may go back to changing my own oil. The guys are super nice. I think there must be a planning and training issue.

Sarah – Royal Oak, MI 10/25/2015 Tyrell was extremely helpful and professional. The entire team worked to get me in and out and I couldn't be happier with the service. Definitely recommending to others.

William – Auburn Hills, MI 10/24/2015 The service was very warm and friendly. It was such a pleasant experience.

Elizabeth – Birmingham, MI 10/24/2015 Tony and Mateo were so helpful! They had great recommendations and walked me through every step of the process. Can't speak highly enough about Tony!! I definitely will be returning for my next oil change.

Judy – Birmingham, MI 10/17/2015 These guys are always so friendly & helpful. I like & trust them.

Erika – Southfield, MI 10/17/2015 They didn't check my tire pressure and my tire pressure signal is still on.

Shakeisa – Southfield, MI 10/17/2015 The staff was very thorough. I was greeted promptly and the tech as well as the manager were very professional and nice. Explaining all needs to a tee without being overly pushy.

Mary – Warren, MI 10/17/2015 This location is always helpful!!!

Tom – Royal Oak, MI 10/15/2015 The manager and staff were all gentlemen. I work for trader joes- Customer Service is #1. It is nice to see this from a customers point of view and these guys have what will get you many return customers :) thank you -

Ken – Royal Oak, MI 10/14/2015 all the service getting the oil change was great. the problem I have is that I went to get in my vehicle the next morning and I have a puddle of oil under my vehicle on my brand new poured concrete garage I immediately went to the store and they said it was oil that was on the frame and not leaking from the oil plug. I don't know what to believe do to the large puddle under the vehicle. the manager said they would come over and clean it and know one showed up. VERY VERY UPSET. brand new concrete. This is the second time this has happen but I had an old drive way so that part didn't matter other than I traveled a lot of miles that day and did not know it till I started herring noise coming from the engine. I went back to the store and had them do a complete flush and put all new oil in. they had found that the oil plug was loose. this is unacceptable, twice with the same vehicle. I WILL NOT BE GETTING MY OIL CHAGED AT UNCLE ED'S EVER AGAIN

Josh – Birmingham, MI 10/12/2015 Speed of service seems to decline toward the end of the visit

Alexa – Bloomfld Hls, MI 10/11/2015 Joseph K gave me great service! He should definitely go to the Lions game! :)

Erin – Ferndale, MI 10/10/2015 Very nice and helpful service but extremely expensive.

Michael – Huntingtn Wds, MI 10/10/2015 Mgr made extra effort to obtain 0-40W syn oil for my diesel, took only 5-6 minutes!

Marta – Birmingham, MI 10/9/2015 Like that I get a discount if I pay for my next visit

Kate – W Bloomfield, MI 10/7/2015 The gentleman at this particular location were very attentive. I was very impressed with Tony's conduct towards his staff. Even when he didn't know I could hear him, he was being appreciative, supportive and displaying superior leadership skills towards his team. Being in customer service and management myself, I am very sensitive to such behavior. You're lucky to have him on your team. Issac assisted me as well with my services. His professionalism and warmness was delightful. The first thing I did when I got to my office was brag about how great my oil change service was this morning. Never thought I'd have such a delightful experience with an Oil Change. The only thing that could make my service a fraction better was a warm up on my coffee! Tehehe! Today, Uncle Ed's got me as a customer for life!

Ed – Bloomfld Hls, MI 10/6/2015 Everything was great, fast and friendly...thanks

Susan – Pleasant Rdg, MI 10/5/2015 Good service, a little pricey.

Curtis – Birmingham, MI 10/5/2015 Quick and easy location to access

Bob – Troy, MI 10/4/2015 Tires were supposed to be filled to 36 psi. Left the oil change and my tire psi was 34,32,34,33.

Jerry – Berkley, MI 10/4/2015 Overall a very easy process, quick professional service- very satisfied.

Odetha – Royal Oak, MI 10/3/2015 Helpful staff

Christopher – Royal Oak, MI 10/3/2015 No comments

Cory – Clarkston, MI 10/3/2015 Great service would not change anything

Mark – Rochester, MI 10/3/2015 Great guys

Justin – Ferndale, MI 10/3/2015 Tony and the others associates were helpful with my older vehicle.

Rob – Farmingtn Hls, MI 10/2/2015 Great job thanks!

Eric – Birmingham, MI 9/28/2015 Mike was Great and Really got me out fast with a great job done.

Barbara – Royal Oak, MI 9/26/2015 Great service!

Sara – Beverly Hills, MI 9/26/2015 I like going first thing in the morning - the team is very fast and courteous and I can be on my way quickly. thank you

David – Royal Oak, MI 9/25/2015 Offered great services and discussed needs for routine work needed on the vehicle.

Stephanie – Royal Oak, MI 9/23/2015 All of the employees were extremely nice and professional. But you guys try to upsell the crap out of me. I'm there for an oil change. Not a $1,000 tune up. I feel like uncle ed's employees are trained to sell sell sell, and because of this, I don't trust any of the recommended upgrades, fixes, cleanings, etc that were offered. And I was there for 55 min for an old change - no wait. The oil change took FOREVER. Probably because I was offered 50 upgrades to my standard oil change:/ ANNOYING.

Stacy – Birmingham, MI 9/23/2015 The techs sent me out after completing full 'checks' on my vehicle & telling me I was all clear to go. They did not reconnect some 'air box' to my engine after checking my air filter and one block away, my car shut down in the middle of a very busy 4-lane road. I was able to safely maneuver to a side street and call the shoppe to question what happened. They sent a tech out to reconnect the piece to my engine. I was put in a very dangerous situation and then made late for work on top of it. I paid almost $70 JUST for the oil change when I could have gone elsewhere for $20 and gotten safer service. I will not return.

Ausha – Waterford, MI 9/18/2015 Great service

Katie – Royal Oak, MI 9/14/2015 Awesome fast service

Carson – Rochester Hls, MI 9/14/2015 Was great

Alicia – Royal Oak, MI 9/13/2015 No additional comments.

Jamie – Royal Oak, MI 9/12/2015 Great staff

Paula – Southfield, MI 9/12/2015 Great experience.

Lauren – Royal Oak, MI 9/11/2015 Great service

Jenny – Berkley, MI 9/9/2015 Maybe a couple more supervised oil changes with new employees. He was nice and professional but had a lot of questions and took too long at first until another employee came and took over.

Richard – Detroit, MI 9/8/2015 Good work

John – Bloomfld Hls, MI 9/5/2015 Several mistakes made. Tire pressure only adjusted on passenger side. All hoses to airbox were not reconnected. Power steering fluid spilled in engine compartment and not adequately cleaned up. Windshield washer reservoir not filled. I have been coming to this store for 10 years and this is the first time I've had these mistakes made. Please counsel manager to be more careful as he performed these topside services.

Joanna – Huntingtn Wds, MI 9/4/2015 Everyone is friendly, professional and helpful

Andrew – Oak Park, MI 9/1/2015 The manager made the visit very easy and i really appreciate how low pressure it was when he recommended other services.

Alissa – Clarston, MI 8/31/2015 Service is always great, took a little longer this time.

William – Bloomfield, MI 8/30/2015 Joseph provided expert advice and fine service.

Scott – Ferndale, MI 8/29/2015 I get the up-selling. A little annoying but I get it. Overall it was a good experience.

Mike – Madison Hts, MI 8/29/2015 Fast friendly service

Jon – Oxford, MI 8/28/2015 Techs could be a little bit more subtle in trying to upswell services.

Akoshua – Pontiac, MI 8/27/2015 This was my first time ever here. Since i am a female i normally dread going to get an oil change because of how pushy and dishonest the service men can be. I took a leap of faith and tried uncle eds ! I was very happy with their service. Not only were they nice, they were genuinely professional . He offered me additional services without making me feel like i had to purchase them and being rude. This was the best oil change experience i have had in the ten years i have been driving !!

Ericka – Clarkston, MI 8/25/2015 I wasn't a big fan of this location specifically. It wasn't as fast as most other locations, even though they weren't very busy. I also don't think they checked something they should have. Usually at the end, the technician will have me start my car up, and then they check the pressure or something along those lines. They had me start my car up and just leave this time. Hopefully that wasn't an important step. I will return to an Uncle Ed's, just probably not this location.

Matt – Bloomfld Hls, MI 8/25/2015 The guys were nice and professional

Alicia – Detroit, MI 8/23/2015 Great staff.

Erin – Royal Oak, MI 8/23/2015 Very helpful visit! Very thorough and professional

Sherry – Ferndale, MI 8/22/2015 They were professional, courteous and fast. Accommodating in ALL ways! Excellent, Excellent!!!

Emily – Birmingham, MI 8/22/2015 Did you do away with the chanting like thing? I miss that.

Lyndsy – Rochester Hls, MI 8/21/2015 Always very friendly, helpful and speedy.

Xio – Birmingham, MI 8/18/2015 Your prices are a bit high and although I recommend your services, the prices make it difficult for some people to follow my recommendation. An adjustment would make your establishment more competitive.

Peter – Rochester Hls, MI 8/17/2015 I had told the guys I was in a hurry, but that did not mean to just change the oil. I know a guy looked at my door for tire pressure, but I did not see anyone check the tires. Nothing else was done except the oil change and I asked another guy to check my tires he walked around my car with the gauge, but told me the pressure was fine. My husband picked up the car and checked and informed me the tires were not filed. I could go on and on about everything that was not done, and I should have stayed and argued the point but obviously nothing was going to happen. I do not understand the ethics involved here as I have always had great service in the past in this location. Very disappointing. I don't think you should bother sending out a coupon as I am so disappointed and will be hard pressed to return.

Julie – Royal Oak, MI 8/17/2015 It was hot and they were short staffed. They still did a great job.

Greg – Royal Oak, MI 8/16/2015 They were short handed and the oil change took a very long time to complete.

Jennifer – Birmingham, MI 8/16/2015 I was told they were having a difficult time with a plate on the bottom of my car and they were supposed to charge me an additional labor charge but were waving it?? I've had multiple oil changes at various competitors and they never had an issue. I don't appreciate being told there was a potential charge that they were doing me the favor of waving when I believe 100% it was the techs issue not my cars make and model. Also was there for a long time. Will not be back. It was expensive and would take less time at the dealer.

Mary – Detroit, MI 8/13/2015 I had and great time just listening to what the technician was say to me when you hear something nice and spoken well to you it can turn out great. Well done guy's

Patti – Royal Oak, MI 8/13/2015 Guys are always great here. Super friendly & really helpful.

Mike – Troy, MI 8/9/2015 Both Larry and Joe provided quality and professional service today. They were both very respectful and seemed to enjoy there current positions which is always make an Uncle Ed's lil change more enjoyable.

Bret – Berkley, MI 8/7/2015 Hose within air intake system was left loose causing it to come off while driving. Car lost power multiple times and I had to call the store for them to send out a technician.

Keith – Troy, MI 8/5/2015 I hate when your guys become salesman. The gentleman today also told me I was all set but I stopped him because I noticed there was no oil in my car yet. He confirmed it with the technician and found out the plug was still out of the pan. But he told me it was OK To go. Kinda a joke.. I'm an engineer at GM Powertrain so I know what it takes to keep an engine going. I'm fine with the service reminders but please take no as an answer and move on. 50,00 miles and I guarantee my engine does not need to be flushed especially if I'm buying Mobil 1 every oil change . I think the guy asking me to start an engine with no oil in it may mean I won't return to that location

Kendra – Southfield, MI 8/4/2015 Ryan was great

Michael – Royal Oak, MI 8/2/2015 I paid 9.88 toward a future oil service and I did not get a receipt for the future oil change.

Sharon – Bloomfld Hls, MI 7/31/2015 The last time I was there, the people were enthusiastic and friendly. Today I found the people rather robot-like and since the prices are high, I won't come back.

Chris – Huntingtn Wds, MI 7/28/2015 Much different service vibe this visit. Seems the entire service team was replaced. My windshield was not cleaned. My tires were not checked and tech did not show me my oil dipstick to show new oil.

John – Bloomfld Hls, MI 7/28/2015 Been a satisfied customer for 20 years plus!

Christine – Bloomfld Hls, MI 7/26/2015 The manager Tony was kind and especially patient as I dealt with a screaming infant.

Lori – Ferndale, MI 7/25/2015 Very professional and helpful staff!

Matthew – Grosse Pointe, MI 7/25/2015 Joe and his team (Charles/Dustin) were OUTSTANDING! The manage on duty was Tony and he was fantastic, he introduced himself and made me feel so welcome. I came in for a regular oil change and upgraded to synthetic based on how well I was treated and the overall product knowledge of your professional staff!

Eric – Birmingham, MI 7/24/2015 Good Service!

Marlyss – Beverly Hills, MI 7/23/2015 Everyone was courteous, professional and humorous which is much appreciated! Very good crew at this location - makes me glad I moved over to this neighborhood.

Rachel – Fenton, MI 7/23/2015 Very friendly manager

Julie – Royal Oak, MI 7/23/2015 All was good today

Sierra – Royal Oak, MI 7/22/2015 I think the guys did a great job!

Suzanne – Birmingham, MI 7/21/2015 Ryan was the gentleman who helped me today and he was very nice, polite, helpful and fun. He made the short time i was there waiting great! Very nice young man!

Amy – Royal Oak, MI 7/21/2015 Always great staff very friendly and professional. Just wish you had more locations so I was always by one!

Ryan – Berkley, MI 7/17/2015 Very friendly

Kelly – Royal Oak, MI 7/17/2015 Joe was great. He actually went below my car to check oil leak himself. He was professional and was a great team lead in providing direction to the younger workers

Christy – Berkley, MI 7/16/2015 Service was excellent. I'm glad I stopped here.

Brenda – Royal Oak, MI 7/14/2015 Great service

J.D. – Royal Oak, MI 7/13/2015 Great job!

John – Dearborn Hts, MI 7/12/2015 Provide discounts for combined services

Michael – Troy, MI 7/11/2015 Very good service from Tony and Charlie and the entire team !

Teresa – Beverly Hills, MI 7/8/2015 All good - great crew

Diane – Redford, MI 7/3/2015 The man I bought my van from was very insistent that I come to your place for service. I was so impressed with staff and everything you offer for service. This is my place from now on!

Chris – Royal Oak, MI 7/3/2015 Always willing to go above and beyond to make me a consistently happy customer.

Ian – Troy, MI 7/3/2015 Great service. im a repeat customer.

Jonathan – Bloomfld Hls, MI 7/2/2015 I was told I need a new air filter. After waiting half an hour I was told it was "on the way" I was there over an hour, had to write three different checks because the total was wrong, and still have to go to an auto parts store to get a new air filter. There are many other oil change places out there. After several years at Uncle Ed's, it is time to find another.

Belinda – Birmingham, MI 6/27/2015 Great teamwork!!!!!!!!!!

Sharon – Royal Oak, MI 6/25/2015 The friendliness keeps me coming back. I'm happy to pay more when I get good customer service.

Angela – Huntingtn Wds, MI 6/23/2015 Great staff at this location. Well run and friendly.

Paul – Birmingham, MI 6/21/2015 Great service. Very informative. Knew what they were doing. Very friendly and nice.

Leda – Birmingham, MI 6/18/2015 Everything was fantastic! Thank you!

D0n – Royal Oak, MI 6/15/2015 my wife doesn't like to be hit on to have more stuff done but I appreciate that everyone has to make a living plus I would rather spend a few bucks proactively in prevention than a lot of money later in large repair bills that are needed because I was too cheap to have them done when first diagnosed. early detection means easier and hopefully cheaper correction.

Allison – Royal Oak, MI 6/12/2015 My oil change was $50 more than it was at the dealership. I showed my receipt to the workers and they said they didn't know why I had to pay $50 more for the same service. I would've left but was desperate as I had to get home to nurse my 8 month old and your location is across from my house. So disappointed as I could've used the extra money for my child

Joel – Birmingham, MI 6/12/2015 Good crew working here

Connor – Bloomfld Hls, MI 6/12/2015 The store manager was very friendly and helpful and the whole crew worked hard and carefully

Chris – Royal Oak, MI 6/10/2015 Good experience

Laura – Birmingham, MI 6/9/2015 I found service manager Tony to be very friendly, helpful and honest about what was and was not needed.;

Susan – Bloomfld Hls, MI 6/4/2015 Every time a workman approached my window, I was suggested another expense. I saw at least 6 workmen. They offered me a $99 'engine cleaning' with some scary story about engine life being reduced by build up in engine. What a bunk!! Heist!!

Trevor – Southfield, MI 6/4/2015 They did a good job

Barbara – Southfield, MI 6/4/2015 Keep up good work

Cheri – Berkley, MI 5/27/2015 Less up sale would be nice

Eric – Birmingham, MI 5/23/2015 Great Management Team - Always loyal to this Uncle Ed's - Tony was the Best!

Marci – Pontiac, MI 5/23/2015 Great service

Dennis – Birmingham, MI 5/22/2015 Very helpful

Curtis – Troy, MI 5/21/2015 My reason for coming is that I was overdue for an oil change. I've been a regular for some time. I did have a rather long wait to get in today. However, I was thanked for my patience.

Sabrina – Bloomfld Twp, MI 5/21/2015 The service is always great and the employees are friendly.

Gary – Bloomfld Hls, MI 5/19/2015 I like the uncle.

Faith – Berkley, MI 5/17/2015 Everyone at this shop was very friendly and seemed to work well together. Good experience. I will keep coming back as I have for many years.

Deanna – Grosse Pointe, MI 5/12/2015 Good visit. Thank you

Russell – Royal Oak, MI 5/11/2015 Excellent fast courteous

Frank – Berkley, MI 5/9/2015 Seemed everybody was stressed/tired. Didn't leave with full confidence that everything was put back together the way it should be. Oil drippings all over engine

Cody – Berkley, MI 5/9/2015 Quit skimping on oil, having it barely at the hatch marks and tipping the dipstick upside down to show its fuller than it really is, is a great way to not only hurt an engine, but also piss off the customers that know.

Josh – Royal Oak, MI 5/9/2015 My invoice has another customer's info on it. Technician put incorrect mileage on sticker after I told him previously it was incorrect on the tablet.

Stu – Birmingham, MI 5/9/2015 Great service

Todd – Royal Oak, MI 5/7/2015 Good job!

Sierra – Royal Oak, MI 5/5/2015 Very nice and friendly. More than what usually like to spend but it was easy and everyone was helpful.

Colleen – Royal Oak, MI 4/29/2015 The guy talking me through everything was so helpful, my father just passed away Thursday and he usually took my car for my oil changes. I was nervous to go and the technician was so wonderful, thank you!

Cathleen – Royal Oak, MI 4/26/2015 Everyone was very nice, great service!

Patrick – Royal Oak, MI 4/25/2015 Kinda pricy, that's theonyly reason I would use someone else. Try offering Veterians discounts.

Andrew – Clinton Twp, MI 4/24/2015 Normally, I love this location. They are fast, nice, and aren't pushy. Today was just ridiculous though. While I understand they were busy. Once I was checked in, it took 3 times of asking to get my tires done, 20 min before they even did anything and then still took another 30 min to get out. People were walking around with their hands in their pocket, two people were complaining about having to do stuff on my car because they did not check me in. I was just annoyed. The manager was nice enough but he seemed to be the only one doing anything and I felt bad because he was practically running from car to car. Finally after 45 min of being there he told someone that they needed to get my car done because I had been there for too long. Like I said, normally I love this location (I even gave them great remarks on a survey), but after today I might not use this location anymore.

Mary Lynn – Royal Oak, MI 4/23/2015 I bought an online oil change and the tech did not know how to enter the correct charge. I was also over charged $55 for what was explained as an entry error once they figured out the charge was. Most concerning was the misleading explanation of why I needed my power steering fluid changed. The tech showed me the 'brown' fluid from my van and then showed me what the new yellow ps fluid looks like when it is put in. I agreed to the service but noticed when the power steering fluid was being replaced it was a dark red color NOT YELLOW as he had showed me in the container he pulled from underneath the computer. Very disappointing and I've always felt pressured and sometimes belittled if I don't take the synthetic motor oil, additional services at an upcharge. I feel that Uncle Ed's uses pressure tactics to get sales and in my case, even deceptive practices to support their sales suggestions. I will most likely not return to Uncle Ed's for future service. In addition, my visit was way too long because the tech could not enter the online oil change I purchased and identifying/correcting the $55+ error on my bill. I was there at least 45 minutes.

Donna – Grosse Pointe, MI 4/20/2015 The visit was a pleasure. Everyone was upbeat and very engaging. All of the employees were extremely pleasant and ensured I just had to sit it my car and they took care of it from there. For example I didn't even need to bend down to reach my hood release - the associate did it for me. They explained everything thoroughly and presented options for recommended service needed. My dashboard gauge that read "Oil Change Needed" was reset which is great because I never remember how to! They put a sticker on my windshield as a reminder as well. There was a training session going on with their DM and he was wonderful with his team. Coaching was done in a positive manner and discreetly. I only recognized he was their district manager because I am in retail management. Their DM was helpful to his team and very customer focused. They all deserve accolades for outstanding customer care. I will only have my oil changed at Uncle Ed's!!!

Eric – Birmingham, MI 4/18/2015 Excellent Crew lead by Great Management. Great Experience.

Patrice – Bloomfld Hls, MI 4/18/2015 Garrett and Thomas were very professional and completed my services in a timely manner.

Mary Jane – Royal Oak, MI 4/18/2015 everyone was extremely friendly and courteous especially Mitchell B

Kirsta – Grosse Pointe, MI 4/15/2015 All of the employees were incredibly friendly, knowledgable and very understanding with a girl who is clueless on cars! They were professional and took the time to make sure everything was perfect

Mackinley – Royal Oak, MI 4/14/2015 Everything was great

Tracy – Berkley, MI 4/11/2015 This was a horrible visit. I usually bring my car to Uncle Ed's and have good service. It took an hour to get me out the door. All the employees seemed young and inexperienced and it just seemed terribly understaffed. There were awful wait times and I was not amused at being pressured into buying things when all I wanted was to get out the door. Finally I caved and let the guy sell me wiper blades just so I could get them to shut up about it, though I really didn't want to since it took forever. The young man never came back to finish wiping down my window, either, leaving it streaked. Horrible service that day.

Gail – Royal Oak, MI 4/11/2015 All of the young men were polite, professional and friendly.

Matt – Royal Oak, MI 4/9/2015 Josh was my primary care technician and was very cordial with an up-beat attitude. Group was overall very nice and I will come back to this location again even though I have a closer Uncle Eds.

Angelique – Detroit, MI 4/4/2015 Always a pleasure

Frank – Royal Oak, MI 4/2/2015 Fast and easy

Angela – Royal Oak, MI 3/28/2015 The young men who serviced my car were wonderful! They were extremely polite, friendly and respectful. Additionally, I appreciated that they were all clean cut and well-groomed! I was extremely pleased with these boys!

Tracey – New Hudson, MI 3/28/2015 Great job

Denise – Berkley, MI 3/28/2015 Great service. David was a pleasure to deal with.

Stephen – Royal Oak, MI 3/28/2015 Guys were friendly, well spoken, and pleasant to work with.

Terry – Royal Oak, MI 3/27/2015 Great store great people!!

Jay – Royal Oak, MI 3/27/2015 great service as always!

Adam – Birmingham, MI 3/23/2015 Friendly staff, information, thorough

Charles – Birmingham, MI 3/22/2015 I always receive great service at this location in Royal Oak, Michigan on Woodward Ave. I find all the employees there-in general- to be courteous, professional and offer good advice and counsel. I wanted, however, to make special reference to one employee in particular during two recent visits(the most recent being on 3.17.15). JACOB is his name. I had been experiencing some oil leaks and came by to see if they could help identify the source. Jacob went under the service bay and checked out the undercarriage of the car and gave me some helpful information. His service in all respects was very informative and professional. The Store Manager also(So sorry, can't remember his name at the moment) also introduced himself and was very friendly. Please know that these two gentlemen (and the Staff in general) are great "goodwill Ambassadors" to your customers. Thanks for all the many good service experiences I have had at Uncle Eds in Royal Oak, Mi. Sincerely, Charles Lewis Birmingham, Michigan

Erika – Royal Oak, MI 3/20/2015 I had excellent customer service on 3/14/15 at 11 am! It was a Saturday and everyone working was in a great mood! It was also impressive how well they all worked together and acted as a team! I wish everywhere I went I could receive this kind of customer service and exemplary employee interaction, especially on a Saturday! I will definitely return!

David – Detroit, MI 3/19/2015 Extremely professional service. I used to go to the Valvoline on Greenfield & 13 Mile, but will be switching to Uncle Ed's now. Thanks for the hard work and friendly service. I will recommend to friends & family as well.

Dori – Beverly Hills, MI 3/16/2015 What a terrific staff you have at this location. They were all polite and professional and did a great job explaining everything that they were doing.

Brian – Royal Oak, MI 3/16/2015 I've been coming to this location for years and like that options are explained but I never feel pressured to say yes and when I say no thanks for a service I don't ever feel put down.

Rose – Royal Oak, MI 3/16/2015 Everyone was extremely helpful and friendly!

Rondi – Bingham Farms, MI 3/14/2015 I was very disappointed as to the miscommunication of the service advisor. I was told that I would be provided with a list of the services that will be needed for my car and that was not given to me.

Scott – Huntingtn Wds, MI 3/13/2015 extremely slow service,I was there for close to 45 minutes for a simple oil change. I have been using uncle ed for over a decade. Your staff came off as a bunch of immature kids who don't know what they are doing. I'm highly inclined not to return to uncle ed's again. Apparently your staff think their time is more important than the paying customers.

Rajesh – Berkley, MI 3/13/2015 The guys were awesome.

Kevin – Fraser, MI 3/13/2015 These guys were professional and quick. Really appreciated the great attitudes as well.

Brian – Royal Oak, MI 3/13/2015 Very informational

Erica – Troy, MI 3/13/2015 Mitchell was very courteous and professional! Enjoyable experience. He also explained what needed to be done clearly.

Valerie – Birmingham, MI 3/12/2015 My oil change took about 40 minutes to complete.

Susan – Oak Park, MI 3/7/2015 The service was really great. Josh and his team went into action when my battery died while having my services done, the went into action and got me back on the road. Josh is a great manager,and he has a great team behind him.

Ali – Royal Oak, MI 3/7/2015 Had a great experience here, they went above the usual oil change to fix my windshield wipers and make my tire light go off! Thanks!! :)

William – Bloomfield, MI 3/1/2015 Anthony and Mitchell were very professional.

susan – Clarkston, MI 2/27/2015 I am a nurse at Beaumont and came on my lunch break. I was very impressed with your fast service and friendliness of the entire staff. My sales person, Mitchell B. was extremely helpful in explaining all of your available services. The technicians, Jacob C. and James R., were very efficient and quick.

Chris – Royal Oak, MI 2/25/2015 I come back because of convenience and it's close to my house. I would like to say I have never had a 10 minute oil change, usually 20-30. I do not like how I feel the people working on my car are also working on 2 or 3 others. Get one done and do the next one! Then maybe you could honor the name of your business. Also, I can't stand the unecessary vehicle recommendations that are an attempt to run the tab up. Almost forces me to never come back. I have a brand new car, 9,000 miles and I was asked if I wanted an engine flush for 20 bucks!!?? I feel I am always asked atleast two thing that are unecessary and an attempt to sucker you into spending more money.

Wendy – W Bloomfield, MI 2/25/2015 Excellent place to have your oil changed. I have been going to this location for years. I bring both my cars in for oil changes and the employees are friendly and competent.

Chris – Bloomfld Hls, MI 2/25/2015 Jon R was very helpful and professional.

Cameron – Royal Oak, MI 2/21/2015 Tony, Thomas, and Josh were all very friendly and fast.

Jodi – Farmington Hills, MI 2/20/2015 John R was friendly and fast

Tim – Royal Oak, MI 2/17/2015 My vehicle calls for 5W-30 oil and I overheard the technician saying he was putting 5W-20 oil in my vehicle. When I received my receipt, it was written up as 5W-30, so I asked for clarification. I was told that 5W-20 was put in my vehicle and it was "no big deal" because it was "just as good as 5W-30". I was never asked what I would like to have put in my vehicle prior to the technician replacing the oil. When I asked why that decision was made for me, I was told that the store had run out of 5W-30 and therefore had no other oil to put in my vehicle. I was never told this prior to the service being performed and given the option to choose. I am very unhappy with this lack of professionalism and do not want to operate my vehicle with any oil other than the recommended 5W-30 it is supposed to have. I didn't argue with the service representative because I was already late for an appointment and planned on calling Corporate, which I still intend to do.

Jeffrey – Birmingham, MI 2/15/2015 forgot to ask about nitrogen for tires

Jeffrey – Birmingham, MI 2/10/2015 A litte pricey

Karen – Berkley, MI 2/6/2015 I was infiltrated with continuos sales pitches for headlights, license plate lights, wiper blades, oil upgrades, filter upgrades, air filters, engine cleaning, nitrogen air for my tires...it was relentless!!! Even though the staff was very friendly, I hated every minute being there! I wanted to shout Just change the oil!! I don't need the $400+ options you are offering!!

Carol – Birmingham, MI 2/5/2015 Joseph P. Was extremely professional and helpful. I will return just because of his friendliness and professionalism.

Kim – Birmingham, MI 1/29/2015 I heard a ticking noise the following day and thought it might be from the oil change. I brought the car in and the manager (Anthony) remembered me from the previous day and looked at the car. It wasn't from the oil change. Despite that, he worked to try to fix what he thought might be the problem. I felt that the service was excellent because he went above and beyond what the problem was.

Russell – Royal Oak, MI 1/29/2015 John R was the manager and he and his staff did an excellent job!

Mike – Birmingham, MI 1/27/2015 Josh took care of my service today. I had never met him before, which gave me pause for concern because I am more comfortable with familiar faces. Josh was extremely professional, knowledgeable and friendly!!! I had almost $250.00/service done before coupons. I told him to go ahead and change the air filter, which as it turned out, I had had replaced on the previous visit. The filter was clearly in good shape and Josh brought it to my attention (which he did not need to do), telling me I didn't need it changed until next service. That honesty motivated me to take care of all recommended services as I now trust Josh, whom I'd only known for 20 minutes. Well done Josh! You have a strong employee in Josh at the Royal Oak store on Woodward. I bring my cars to you because I feel like I get gauged at the dealership. I have been a customer for close to 10 years and today was a great example of why I come to you, reaffirming my commitment to Uncle Ed's. Thanks, Mike Richardson

Vincent – Huntingtn Wds, MI 1/24/2015 The service technicians and the manager all said hello to me and informed me of all the things that were happeninging to my car as they were performing the oil change, engine cleaning, aqua-pel glass treatment, 2 step fuel injector cleaning etc.

William – Bloomfield, MI 1/22/2015 Robert D. and his team were first-rate.

Patty – Beverly Hills, MI 1/21/2015 "Chris" and "Thomas" were extremely friendly and knowledgeable. They recommended further services on my car than just an oil change, which was what I came to do. I felt they explained everything very thoroughly and didn't try to talk me into something that I did not need. For example, they showed me the current condition of my air filter and what a new one would look like, they shared #s, they showed current power steering fluid and what it would look like new, etc. I appreciated their thoroughness and not trying to scam me. I would definitely return to have them work on my car.

Branson – Bloomfield Hills, MI 1/21/2015 The manager on duty (John R) did an outstanding job.....I will return..Thanks

Miranda – Berkley, MI 1/20/2015 Tony was very professional, helpful and sincere. I always receive very fast efficient service at this location and the employees are very nice. I will definitely be coming back until I move to Chicago. Hopefully there are Uncle Ed's there too!

Robert – Royal Oak, MI 1/17/2015 Too expensive so I'll probably just get an oil change at the dealer next time.

Robert – Royal Oak, MI 1/17/2015 Staff was great, but prices seemed high.

Jeff – Birmingham, MI 1/17/2015 John R is awesome

Scott – Southfield, MI 1/16/2015 I come here for the professional and knowledgable staff. I've been coming to Uncle Ed's for 5 years. Wouldn't go anywhere else.

Thomas – Royal Oak, MI 1/14/2015 An overall great experience. All were knowledgeable and friendly.

Sandra – Dearborn, MI 1/14/2015 I appreciated that John R explained how I could use different coupons to save money on your services. Your store is more expensive than that of most others. I return because I love the service and feel safer when driving away. Particularly this store.

Johnnie – Detroit, MI 1/4/2015 John R always takes really good care of me and my family. He's fast and professional.

Wendy – Birmingham, MI 1/2/2015 I was shocked by the price of an oil change. I've had the oil changed on this same car twice before for less the half the price charged at Uncle Ed's. My husband is angry, and can't believe I was charged $78.78. I also can't believe it. I will stick to the Pennzoil quick lube that I've gone to in the past.