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Come experience Michigan's Best Oil Change right here in Macomb. Conveniently located on Hall Road, our friendly and knowledgeable technician staff will service your car, truck, or van with a fast and professional oil and oil filter change. But that's only the beginning!

In addition we provide a thorough 19-point inspection with advice on the condition of your vehicle. We will check your car's fluids and if they are low, we can top them off. As an added courtesy we set your tire pressure, check your exterior lights, inspect the wiper blades and hand wash the windshield. All in just 10-15 minutes!

Our Hall Road service station is a full-service location, meaning we can perform additional preventative maintenance services such as transmission fluid and radiator flushes, help increase your vehicle's gas mileage with our engine additives and treatments, and install or replace air filters, wiper blades, and bulbs.

Our service doesn't stop once you leave! As a valued customer you receive our free fluid and tire check in between oil changes - a $25 value yours free to use as many times as you’d like!

Staff Information

Asst District Manager Jordon Pittman for Uncle Eds Oil Shoppe on 20951 Hall Road in Macomb Twp., MI 48044

Jordon Pittman
Asst District Manager

Store Manager for Uncle Eds Oil Shoppe on 20951 Hall Road in Macomb Twp., MI 48044

Jordan Vanlacken
Store Manager

Ask our Customers
  • Everything was good checked and showed me everything on my car

    Hussen – Clinton Twp, MI 5/31/2019

  • They do a good job here!

    Krista – Macomb, MI 5/10/2019

  • Everything was great!

    Major – Detroit, MI 5/10/2019

Recent Customer Reviews

Joe – Clinton Twp, MI 6/17/2019 I brought my car in for an oil change on 6/17. I sat and waited for over 45 minutes. I specifically asked both workers to check my tire pressure. They did and said the tires were inflated TOO much and took air out of my tires. I woke up the next morning with a completely flat tire. I had to have my vehicle towed to the dealership to be repaired. I find it very hard to believe this was a coincidence...

KYLE – Harper Woods, MI 6/14/2019 Ryan and Alexis performed the oil change and made to experience one of the best oil changes I have ever experienced in over 25 years, cheers to Uncle Ed's Oil Shoppe and to an amazing staff!

Cory – Lake Orion, MI 6/5/2019 The manager Ryan showed me fluids and filters that I was unaware of and recommended services without being pushy, I was unable to afford them today... but I'm glad I stopped in and learned a few new things!

Jenaire – Macomb, MI 6/5/2019 Ryan and Allen took excellent care of me, will continue to get all my services done here!

James – Clinton Twp, MI 6/3/2019 Ryan is my man Alan is great these guys treat me better than I get at home!

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Hussen – Clinton Twp, MI 5/31/2019 Everything was good checked and showed me everything on my car

Karen – Clinton Twp, MI 5/31/2019 Very fast and efficient

Jeanelle – Mount Clemens, MI 5/30/2019 Good and very fast

Tarshawna – Clinton Twp, MI 5/29/2019 Good experience

Emily – Macomb, MI 5/28/2019 Fantastic job

DOUG – Clinton Twp, MI 5/26/2019 Great service

Napin – CLINTON TOWNSHIP, MI 5/24/2019 They take time to explain my car to me I will come back for that reason

Beth – Macomb, MI 5/18/2019 I came in for an oil change and was super impressed when the tech and manager pointed out that my oil looked good and I didn’t really need it changed. Very impressive service, not just taking my money! Thank you so much, I’ll be back!

Krista – Macomb, MI 5/10/2019 They do a good job here!

Major – Detroit, MI 5/10/2019 Everything was great!

Kristina – Macomb, MI 5/7/2019 Everything was good. Very convenient a little pricey but worth it for the service and the time they save you.

Dan – Grosse Pt Pk, MI 5/3/2019 Very good

Sharon – Macomb, MI 4/27/2019 Great service

Judy – Macomb, MI 4/25/2019 Wish we could have gotten conventional oil.

Bill – Clinton Twp, MI 4/23/2019 I heard great things about uncle Ed's and I have never been to one until I recently just bought a used car from a friend. Jordan the manager brought some services to my attention the vehicle was due on and I could tell the moment I left the car was running a lot more smoother since! I'll be coming back from now on also helps I live across the street!

Nick – Macomb, MI 4/18/2019 A little pricey, but the thoroughness of the service and the helpful employees keep me coming back!

DIANE – Macomb, MI 4/17/2019 Jordan the manager was just excellent for me today. I most definitely will be back with the service I was provided true customer oriented place to be especially for an oil shoppe! Great work!

Ian – Clinton Twp, MI 4/16/2019 Jordan, Alan and Jon were all fantastic, checked everything under the hood and didnt skip a beat. im always impressed when i come here. will be back for sure. 5☆ service!

Ray – Macomb, MI 4/14/2019 Always great service here.

Paul – Macomb, MI 4/10/2019 Very knowledgeable staff will be back soon to get my transmission fluid exchanged

Robert – Chesterfield, MI 4/10/2019 Great service here

Dylan – R, MI 4/3/2019 Came in today after hearing the radio add for tire check. I was very well taken care of on my first visit to Uncle Ed's ever. Ryan and Jon also let me know that both my wipers were damaged and was able to replace them. Will Be Back Thanks!!

Jeffrey – Macomb, MI 4/3/2019 Jordan and John, were just so great. They noticed that I had build up in my engine and recommend that I get that taken care of before it became damaging to my engine. They also noticed that my air filter needed to be changed, even though my car dealership said they replaced it. I refuse to go back to my dealership, you have a loyal client with me. Thank you for all that you do. See you guys in a couple thousand miles

Nicholas – Warren, MI 4/1/2019 Very fast we were in a rush and they got us in and out very quick while being thorough!

Creola – Macomb, MI 3/31/2019 Great service provided

Bill – Macomb, MI 3/31/2019 Always receive great service from this store no matter whom is there!

George – Tampa, MI 3/30/2019 Very polite staff, if I'm ever back in the area I'll most definitely be coming back!

Wendy – Macomb, MI 3/28/2019 Everything was great

Robert – Macomb, MI 3/26/2019 Not sure if I put down the right store number, was the one where Jordan’s a manager in Macomb

Becky – Macomb, MI 3/23/2019 This location always seems under-staffed, but the wait was better this time than last time, so it's an improvement.

Ron – Macomb, MI 3/22/2019 Very satisfied. Just five minutes from my home.

Errol – Macomb, MI 3/20/2019 Good service

Corey – Clinton Twp, MI 3/12/2019 It was a fun time. They really too care of me and my vehicle

Ray – Macomb, MI 3/9/2019 Always great service.

Michelle – Macomb, MI 3/8/2019 Normally the visit is quicker but there were only 2 people there so it was slower. I didn't mind though, it was Friday.

Dave – CLINTON TWP, MI 3/8/2019 I usually go to Valvoline and this was way more expensive

Tasia – Clinton Twp, MI 3/1/2019 A little pricey for an oil change but great service.

DIANE – Macomb, MI 2/22/2019 Very friendly staff

Kim – Macomb, MI 2/17/2019 Team hall road was amazing I wont go anywhere else for my oil change very knowledgeable and takes time to explain things. I dont know much about cars but I feel like I learn something each time I come in! Thank you and keep up the good work!

Brian – Macomb, MI 2/16/2019 The extra charge for synthetic blend oil is a disgrace! Highway robbery! I typically change my own oil but was unable this time so my wife took the car in. Never again. Just disgraceful!

Daniel – Macomb, MI 2/14/2019 the service tech were very friendly, although they did suggest some additional services, i did not feel pressure to accept, which was very nice and will make me return

Ron – Macomb, MI 2/12/2019 Everything was great

Ron – Macomb, MI 2/12/2019 I have to share my experience with whoever is reading. Hopefully this reaches someone high up in Uncle Eds because you will be very proud of your employees. Today we just got the top off service. When we brought the car home, the wrench lit up and finally no power. I called up and spoke to Jordan. I was asking how to open my fuse box and explained that I didn't know what happened to my car. After some good suggestions, he asked me if he could send over the district manager Jordon. I was completely shocked. I have always loved Uncle Ed's service but once Jordan thought that they may have done it, even if the chance was slight, he wanted to send someone to make sure I was taken care of. Man what customer service. I met Jordon outside in the garage where my car was. He looked over my engine compartment. He then made a phone call to someone to discuss. Then he was convinced that it was my battery, even though my self battery test was green. Then he made this suggestion even though it most likely wasn't their fault. He said that he would take off my battery, go somewhere and get it tested. If it was good, he would bring it back. If it was bad, he was going to grab one from the store and put it on. Sure enough, when we went to test it, the self light turned red. He came back to my house, installed the new battery, and now my car is running great again. Please think about what Jordon, the district manager, did for one of his customers. I don't know him. I'm sure he has better things to do. He went out of his way to not only come over, but left and came back again. That is someone that truly cares. This was the best customer service I have ever received in my entire life. I offered Jordon money but he insisted that it was his job and that he was happy that things worked out. I immediately drove to Uncle Ed's to thank Jordan and pay for the new battery. I cannot stress how impressed I am with both Jordan and Jordon. I've been coming to Uncle Ed's for a long time and will continue forever. I'm going to tell many, many people what great service you provide. I got a big mouth and like to talk and I promise I will spread the word on the great experience I had. Thanks guys for making my bad day something that I will remember for a really long time.

Robert – Macomb, MI 2/11/2019 I also had a coupon.

Ioana – Clinton Twp, MI 2/6/2019 Very kind and helpful staff!

Jack – Macomb, MI 1/31/2019 I asked for a standard oil change and then when he was giving me the oil options “he said ford reccomends at least *this oil type*” and asked if i wanted that and i said “whatever is standard” but he took that as i wanted what ford recommended and gave me the synthetic oil. Ended up spending 20-30 bucks more than i wanted to all cus he asked me one quick question that i didnt know exactly how to answer and he kinda just took my answer and made it work with what would cost me more. The guy wasnt pushy really it was just more of a sly sneaky sales trick that i didnt appreciate from whats supposed to be a reliable hometown oil shoppe. Ive been coming to ed’s since i started driving and didnt ever have this problem but i felt like i was kinda taken for a ride for my money today, especially after producing a coupon for a standard oil change and stating outloud to the manager and technician that i wanted standard oil, and was still served and charged for synthetic because i stumbled in answering one quick question. I appreciate the techs always being polite but this instance made me feel like the kindness was a mask for trying to bleed more money out of customers without their full knowlege.

Katelyn – Clinton Twp, MI 1/31/2019 Very satisfied with visiting this location

Sheryl – Clinton Twp, MI 1/31/2019 Really informative place to go for an oil change I've learned quite a but about my car through coming here!

Rose – Clinton Twp, MI 1/31/2019 No comment I always come you guys are great

Samantha – Macomb, MI 1/29/2019 Fantastic job really fast and professional

Shannon – Lake Orion, MI 1/29/2019 They do a great job

Jack – Chesterfield, MI 1/28/2019 Great service from a fine team stay warm!

Andrea – Imlay City, MI 1/27/2019 Ryan and Jaylin were nothing short of amazing. These two men shoes what customer service is all about. I’ll definitely be back to this store because if Ryan and Jaylin!

Eva – Sterling Hts, MI 1/26/2019 Very helpful and knowledgeable, polite, professional

Maria – Macomb Twn, MI 1/21/2019 Everything was good

Donna – Harrison Twp, MI 1/5/2019 No comments

Christopher – Macomb, MI 1/4/2019 No not at this time

Felicia – Clinton Township , MI 1/2/2019 No comment

Brooke – Clinton Twp, MI 12/31/2018 Everything was fantastic just like every visit I've been here

Melissa – Mount Clemens, MI 12/31/2018 Friendly very professional dont get service like this from any other oil place!

Jordan – Chesterfield, MI 12/31/2018 Very fast and polite

Mary – Macomb, MI 12/29/2018 Your prices are a lot higher than most places around, but I love the customer service.

HEATHER – Macomb, MI 12/28/2018 Good visit even though they were slammed I thought about coming back later but I stayed I had to get it done and Jordan and his team didnt skip a beat still checked everything and let me know what was coming in due.

Ron – Auburn Hills, MI 12/26/2018 They were friendly very thorough while working on my vehicle and letting me know what was going on with my car.

Becky – Macomb, MI 12/22/2018 Under staffed on this day and service took an exceptionally long time.

Nick – Macomb, MI 12/21/2018 Always takes good care of me. Very fast too!

Rose – Clinton Twp, MI 12/16/2018 Very friendly. Knowledgeable helpful

Zoe – CLINTON TWP., MI 12/14/2018 The manager was great, very friendly staff and knowledgeable.

Dontez – Burtchville, MI 12/14/2018 Very good service they had 3 cars in when I pulled in I could tell they were working very hard so they could get me in much appreciated keep up the good work!

Charles – Macomb, MI 12/10/2018 Very efficient place to come not like most oil change places

Ray – Macomb, MI 12/2/2018 Great service here.

DeErica – Macomb, MI 11/30/2018 Uncle Ed's is the best oil shop I've ever been to they're so kind and respectful you dont see that often enough!

Tung – Macomb, MI 11/30/2018 Very nice people they take time to explain things to me

Diego – Chesterfield, MI 11/30/2018 Very good

TAMMY – Chesterfield, MI 11/30/2018 Jordan and Chris were super fast and very quick. Great pork and I be returning

Elizabeth – Macomb, MI 11/28/2018 Great service everytime I come in

Susanna – Grosse Pointe, MI 11/27/2018 Ryan is always friendly and highly professional. He remembers me and gives great advice. He and Jaylin did a fantastic job! The last time I was in he had noticed a problem with my tire and pointed it out to me and I did need new tires. Was very grateful!!!

Sam Or Cori – Sterling Hts, MI 11/21/2018 Don’t be pushy with services.

Rob – Macomb, MI 11/13/2018 Great service, friendly staff!

Rich – Clinton Twp, MI 11/13/2018 Fast and did very well

Gillian – Macomb, MI 11/10/2018 I love the enthusiasm and the walk, especially since I am not a car person. They made it easy to understand why I need what need.

Alteuis – Macomb, MI 11/10/2018 Very fast and friendly like always it's why I keep coming back with my vehicle

Tithonus – Mount Clemens, MI 11/10/2018 The assistant manager tried to talk me about how the fluid was contaminated in my trans simply for the fact that the fluid level was very low. Also, he tried to tell me about a "transmission pump" that pumps all the fluid through the transmission. Meanwhile, I don't see the reason why it's $175.00 to flush a transmission. I don't appreciate the attempted scam about a "trans pump" and trying to sell me on things I do not need.

Mike – Clinton Twp, MI 11/9/2018 Great service

John – Macomb, MI 11/8/2018 Needed my tires to be rotated and they could not rotate them.

Ron – Macomb, MI 11/6/2018 Service was great

Shawn – Clinton Twp, MI 11/5/2018 Excellent job and saved me a lot of money I will be coming back!

Brian – Macomb, MI 11/5/2018 Great work each time I'm there doesn't matter whose there!

Archie – Macomb, MI 11/3/2018 They were guiding me out and I said can u reset my car so it does not say need a oil change he showed me how . I said did u do air in my tires the light is still on two people they rechecked my presser in my tires and two tires were at a33 they need to be a 35 so they lied they did not put air in. Then the manager said that that 2 air pressure is not going to affect ur light warring I don’t know wgy it’s on. Well they added the air and like a miracle the light went off. Can’t believe the manager would lie and not do his job there was no one else there not busy no reason to not do there job correct or most of all lie. Don’t think I’ll be back own up to mistakes do not lie, The last two times have been wonderful this one sucks

Jason – Macomb, MI 11/2/2018 When Ian showed me the dipstick it was before he put the oil in the car. He then realized that he forgot, then he put the oil in and showed me it again. After him and the manager said I was done they noticed that something was wrong and had to take the oil filter off and put it back on. I was told that there wasn't a gasket on the oil filter. My car has never leaked oil in the past 6 years of owning it. They never put air in my tires before I left and I didn't say anything because it was taking so long and I just wanted to leave. After all of this my change engine oil light is still on and it doesn't show that I have enough oil in my car. For a 59.88 oil change that included at 7 dollar charge to unscrew 7-10 screws for a plastic skid plate cover i am very disappointed.

Richard – Macomb, MI 11/1/2018 Make sure to have all supplies needed to service vehicles.

Basma – Macomb, MI 10/30/2018 Very fast answered all the questions I had about my car.

Josh – Macomb, MI 10/30/2018 Went in for the oil change let the manager Jordan know that my power steering was whining I thought I needed a new pump. He said he would take a look at it while I was in. He informed me that he didnt think I'd need a new pump just the fluid exchange because my fluid was really dark. We did the power steering fluid exchange and the noise was non existent after he was done with it. He saved me quite a bit of money I appreciate the service that I received today! I will most definatley come back when it's time for my next oil change!

Erick – Chesterfield, MI 10/29/2018 Great service each time I have came in! Keep up the good work

Angela – Mussey, MI 10/22/2018 Very friendly even topped off my washer fluid while I was in and I didnt have to pay nothing for it now that's customer service!

Maia – Clinton Twp, MI 10/22/2018 Great work! super friendly, and very helpful.

Helmut – Na, MI 10/20/2018 Very fast be back next time

Renee – Utica, MI 10/18/2018 I always come here because they do a good job and keep me informed!

Danielle – Macomb, MI 10/17/2018 Very friendly staff!

Steven – Macomb, MI 10/13/2018 None at this time

Bianca – Clinton Twp, MI 10/7/2018 Always great service and great location.

Gary – Clinton Twp, MI 10/5/2018 No further comments

Roberto – Clinton Twp, MI 10/2/2018 Outstanding service, very attentive to detail. will definitely return

Susanna – Grosse Pointe, MI 10/2/2018 Very nice and efficient. Manager Ryan was very professional and friendly! I always feel very confident bringing my car here!

Tim – Clinton Twp, MI 9/30/2018 Everything was great

Helena – Macomb, MI 9/29/2018 Very good location

Robert – Macomb, MI 9/29/2018 Fastest oil change I ever had told them I was in a rush and they still brought things to my attention and got me out before 10 minutes! Great work Jordan and Ian!

Denise – Clinton Twp, MI 9/28/2018 Very friendly staff with a lot of energy keep up the great work!

Victoria – Macomb, MI 9/21/2018 Great customer service very hard working guys you have here. Keep up the great work!

Joey – Macomb, MI 9/19/2018 Jordon was amazing and very nice!

Ray – Macomb, MI 9/17/2018 Awesome service at this location.

Tammy – Macomb, MI 9/15/2018 They were very fast and friendly! It was a great visit I'll be back for my next visit!

Tiffany – Macomb, MI 9/11/2018 Spent a half hour in shop, not 10 minutes. Annoying amount of upselling attempted.

Gabriela – Macomb, MI 9/8/2018 Jordan took great care of me I'll be back for my next oil change. Everyone was so kind and courteous with all the please and thank you's!

Rachel – Macomb, MI 9/7/2018 Great service very fast and friendly

Kiley – Clinton Twp, MI 9/6/2018 Good overall!

Gina – Macomb, MI 9/4/2018 They were great and very nice. Help explain to me why the oil was more expensive. I would suggest having mixed synthetic so that it is more afforable and an additonal option.

R.E. – Macomb, MI 8/27/2018 You guys always allow me to drop off my used motor oil, so when I had the company pool car and it needed an oil change, I brought it to you! Thank you.

Perry – Macomb, MI 8/24/2018 Great crew, work well together. Ryan great mgr. Always helpful.

Jim – Macomb, MI 8/23/2018 Ryan the manager and his team always take good care of me every time I come in!

Greg – Clinton Twp, MI 8/18/2018 Service techs were super friendly. I really like the step-by-step updates they announced as they went along; it was neat and I've never seen that elsewhere. No overly pressured sales tactics, which is appreciated. But the price was far far too steep for me to return again until they are dramatically lowered. I paid it this time, but can easily find a cheaper place, even if the service is below Uncle Ed's.

Jason – Sterling Hts, MI 8/17/2018 Service was excellent

Danielle – Harrison Twp, MI 8/16/2018 Ryan was terrific. I love how positive he was and gave praise to his workers. He provided good information for the services.

Larry – Macomb, MI 8/16/2018 First time coming here and the staff was excellant. The manager made it easy to talk to him and answer all my questions. Thanks I found my new oil change station.

Paul – Macomb, MI 8/15/2018 Never saw my air filter or radiator fluid. I don't feel my vehicle was 100% inspected

Jackie – Clinton Twp, MI 8/14/2018 He workers were great!! So pleasant and nice, I will definitely be back!

Michael – Macomb Township, MI 8/14/2018 Great job

Maggie – Clinton Twp, MI 8/13/2018 Ryan S. and the rest of the crew were absolutely fantastic, I felt very welcomed. He was very personable and walked me through the process. Definitely will be back!

Rebecca – Clinton Twp, MI 8/11/2018 Ryan and Ian were both so helpful! I went in today just because my oil change light came on a few days ago. When I told Ryan that my windshield wipers also needed replacing and I had a tail light out, he let me know that they could help me with those things as well, no problem. They were so patient and informative, and to say 'thorough' would be an understatement. The care and communication was above and beyond what I expected, and I could not be more thrilled. Ryan also took the time to let me know about the buildup in my engine and that they could service that as well to clean out the gunk. When Ryan told me that I would definitely be able to tell a difference when driving, he was not kidding! My car drives SO MUCH more smoothly! It's better than it was the day I bought it used. I will absolutely go back to them and I will be telling everyone else I know about Ryan and Ian as well.

Michele – Clinton Twp, MI 8/10/2018 They are always upbeat and friendly. They are very knowledgeable.

Jordan – Detroit, MI 8/9/2018 Ryan is an excellent manger. He is very polite and a very clear communicator. He was very informative about what my car needed. Donte was very quick and efficient at the oil change. I am very pleased with my visit and will recommend others to come here.

Laurie – Clinton Twp, MI 8/8/2018 Everything was great, thanks

Donna – Harrison Twp, MI 8/6/2018 No comments

EDGAR – Macomb, MI 8/4/2018 Trip prep

Gabe – Clinton Twp, MI 8/2/2018 Outstanding Service!

Jenna – Armada, MI 8/2/2018 Great customer service!

Perry – Macomb, MI 8/2/2018 Great music played Everyone nice

Nanci – Chesterfield, MI 8/2/2018 Manager Ryan is very friendly and thorough

Elizabeth – Macomb, MI 8/2/2018 Actually feel comfortable going to this service station. In past I've felt a bit intimidated not knowing much about cars and out of my element in a 'guys' auto place.

Victor – Clinton Twp, MI 8/2/2018 Awesome service

Regina – Harrison Twp, MI 7/31/2018 Ryan and the guys always treat me with respect. Very cheerfully and always kee me up to date.

Tim – Macomb, MI 7/31/2018 I recieved fast and professional service. Will be recommending to friends and family

Tina – Armada, MI 7/31/2018 Always professional and very helpful. Quick service.

Paul – Macomb, MI 7/31/2018 overall I was very impressed. The service manager Ryan was very knowledgeable and took care of me during my visit. Will return again to same location.

Amy – Macomb, MI 7/30/2018 Always fast service! I always leaves with a smile on my face!

Teonni – Mount Clemens, MI 7/30/2018 Company is very great and helpful

Steven – Macomb, MI 7/30/2018 Great friendly helpful staff

Philip – Macomb, MI 7/30/2018 They were great

Elizabeth – Clinton Twp, MI 7/30/2018 Love the staff at this location!

Greg – Macomb, MI 7/30/2018 Awesome !!!

Sal – Macomb, MI 7/30/2018 great and fast service. wonderful friendly manager and staff..... will be back

Jerry – Macomb, MI 7/30/2018 I've known Ryan my whole life and trust him with all of my vehicles.

Toni – Macomb, MI 7/28/2018 Ryan, Clarissa and Ian were and are always top notch. Clarissa and Ryan are my regulars whenever I come. Excellent attitude, very professional and open to support extraordinary customer service.

Zachary – Clinton Twp, MI 7/28/2018 Everyone was very helpful and knowledgeable. Especially the manage Ryan. I will definitely be returning after the great service I received today.

Emily – Clinton Twp, MI 7/28/2018 Thank you for great service.

Edith – Harrison Twp, MI 7/28/2018 Io was just released from the hospital today and the guys worked very fast to get me on my way home! Very nice crew!

Michael – Macomb, MI 7/27/2018 Appreciated that I was informed it would take longer than normal since there was only one person there when they opened. I chose to wait regardless.

Michael – Clinton Township , MI 7/23/2018 It was a little slow and I didn't need a new air filter and yet it was still suggested.

Catherine – St Clr Shores, MI 7/21/2018 Very friendly staff

Steve – Clay, MI 7/20/2018 It was nice seeing Ryan and his new team.

Anthony – Center Line, MI 7/19/2018 Great service all the time.

Steven – Macomb, MI 7/18/2018 No comments neededðŸ-Šthank you

Mick – Macomb, MI 7/17/2018 Excellent service!!!!!!

Dave – Macomb, MI 7/17/2018 Ryan was great,,,,I'd hire him at my company

Wes – Grosse Pt Pk, MI 7/17/2018 I've brought my trucks to Ryan in the past and he's always been mindful of my time. He's very fast and efficient!

Shelli – Macomb, MI 7/11/2018 Every visit, every oil change, every time is top notch and the guys are great!

Rachel – Grayling, MI 7/11/2018 None at this time

Angela – Roseville, MI 7/7/2018 It's pretty expensive for just an oil change. Didn't receive a receipt or sticker either. Could have just gone to my dealership and saved about $30

Joshua – Clinton Twp, MI 7/3/2018 Alot of pressuring of buying other things and too much promoting.

Alexis – Sterling Hts, MI 7/3/2018 The guys were really nice and took extra good care of my car for me!

Theresa – Clinton Twp, MI 6/30/2018 Great service!!

Rick – Macomb, MI 6/28/2018 Ryan the manager and his staff did a great job

Michele – Clinton Twp, MI 6/28/2018 I always recieve such great service at this shop! Fast and friendly!!!!

Rachel – Clinton Twp, MI 6/19/2018 I've been coming to see Ryan the manager for years! Him & his staff are always so friendly & helpful. They always take care of me & treat me with such respect! My husband comes here, and so does our daughter.. I wouldn't trust anyone else with our vehicles! I would (and sometimes do) recommend this location to everyone I know!

Jeff – Macomb, MI 6/16/2018 Ryan and Trevor worked on my car this morning and were fantastic. Although this was the first time I've had Trevor work on my vehicle (and he was very through and courteous), Ryan has done work on both my and my wife's vehicles. He is always very friendly, knowledgeable and informative. I've been to other Uncle Ed's in the past, but the service I receive at store 1129 far surpasses my other experiences and is the reason I will not only continue to come back, but to recommend that store to friends and family. Thanks guys!!

Mark – Macomb, MI 6/15/2018 I was pleased wit the service.

Elizabeth – Sterling Hts, MI 6/11/2018 Ryan is so knowledgeable and thorough. He gives the best care to everyone who comes in. He goes above and beyond for ever customer.

Denise – Macomb, MI 6/8/2018 Great job!

Paul – Macomb, MI 6/5/2018 Great company!! top notch team!!!!

MICHAEL – Clinton Twp, MI 5/29/2018 Ryan and Chris went above and beyond during my visit - they both stayed well past closing time to complete the recommended service items on my vehicle. Great service from a great team!

Susanna – Grosse Pointe, MI 5/24/2018 The guys were great! Very professional and Efficient

Gethon – Clinton Township, MI 5/24/2018 Ryan and his team are the best!! Always courteous and professional!

Matthew – Rochester Hls, MI 5/21/2018 The service Iand manager Ryan were very professional and friendly. I will definitely be returning for my next oil change

ANN – Clinton Twp, MI 5/14/2018 Excellent all around. My car runs great.

Andrew – Macomb, MI 5/12/2018 They let me know what would be best for my vehicle and took care of me in a quick manner

Patrick – Macomb, MI 5/12/2018 Ryan and hunter were great like always

LAURA – Utica, MI 5/10/2018 The guys were great. Very friendly and helpful. Very concerned about getting to out in time for work.

Melissa – Mount Clemens, MI 5/3/2018 ryan and hunter were really awesome and made us feel really welcomed and felt really comfortable and also the other staff makes us feel really welcomed and well.

Lori – Port Huron, MI 5/2/2018 They were great and very helpful!!!

Kristi – Clinton Township, MI 4/28/2018 You guys are always great!

Eric – Macomb, MI 4/28/2018 Ryan and everyone there always take great care of me that's why I keep coming back. Fast and friendly service!!!

Kurt – Macomb, MI 4/8/2018 First time for the wives car. Great job again

Tyler – Macomb, MI 4/8/2018 Hunter really helped out picking out what might help the car run better

Jay – Clinton Twp, MI 4/2/2018 First time was amazing. Manager was there through everything. Amazing experience.

Steven – Sterling Heights, MI 3/31/2018 tire pressures all over inflated, had to reduce pressure on all tires

Joshua – Macomb, MI 3/29/2018 Loved the workers, easy to talk to, and explained everythin in a simple, understandable way.

Hailey – Clinton Township, MI 3/22/2018 Everyone was very nice and helpful

Jordan – Saint Clair Shores, MI 3/21/2018 I have been coming to this Uncle Ed's location for about 4 years now. Since then I've moved to Saint Clair Shores and I still come back to this location simply because of the kindness of Ryan and his technicians and their professionalism. They give great advice but are never pushy in their sales. They are quick, efficient and keep me in the loop about my car and how it's running or if there are ways to improve the efficiency of my car. The country music they play in the shop is a plus too. Great service all around and I'll definitely keep coming back to this location.

Mike – Macomb, MI 3/18/2018 Every time I go to UE near my home I always leave happy!! The workers there are so nice, upbeat and very helpful/informative

David – Macomb, MI 3/16/2018 I have never had a bad experience I have been taking my cars here for years it's always been quick fast service. You can tell they really care about their customers they even remember what other cars you brought in on other visits

Ashley – Clinton Twp, MI 3/13/2018 The people working today were awesome, friendly, and helpful! Told my husband how much I liked the store!

Anthony – Clinton Township, MI 3/11/2018 Keep up the good work

Lisa – Harrison Twp, MI 3/7/2018 Ryan and Hunter were awesome! Super friendly, honest, and helpful. These guys are great.

Ben – Macomb, MI 3/6/2018 They were nice and explained everything well. They were quick even though I had 4 services done.

Jonathon – Clinton Twp, MI 3/1/2018 I've been coming to Uncle Ed's Oil Shoppe now for the last four years. Each and every visit, I am met and given amazing customer service and information of what is happening with my vehicle, unlike your normal run of the mill oil change place. The Manager Michael and his coworker Samuel did an amazing job today on making sure my vehicle was in top shape for driving. Thanks again guys and I will continue to keep coming back. This service you get from Uncle Ed's Oil Shoppe is second to none!

Luisa – Clinton Twp, MI 2/28/2018 very friendly

Mike – MACOMB, MI 2/28/2018 great service

Paul – Macomb, MI 2/27/2018 Great service!

John – Macomb, MI 2/27/2018 Great service

David – Clinton Twp, MI 2/27/2018 Very professional but down to earth staff. Ryan and Clarissa were both extremely helpful today.

Ray – Macomb, MI 2/24/2018 I always get great service at this location.

Christina – Macomb, MI 2/12/2018 I really enjoyed talking with the workers. They are very knowledgeable and friendly.

Norris – Macomb, MI 2/10/2018 Hi! My name is Norris. Best. Oil. Change. Ever! Ryan, Michael, and the third guy that was there were all VERY helpful. (I'm so sorry that I forgot your name). We were cracking jokes, laughing, and having a great time. I'm going to get my oil change there all the time now. Thank you so much! Awesome playlist!

Jim – Macomb, MI 2/1/2018 I been going to Uncle Eds oil shoppe sence 1993 . I never had enety probloms thay all was take care of me even if they mest up and tell me it was there failt and fix there own probloms and very good people i have nothing bad to say about Uncle Eds oil shoppe it is a good place to go ?

Randy – Macomb, MI 2/1/2018 Once again the friendliest oil change shop in town! Ryan and Miller were friendly and professional.

Donna – Clinton Twp, MI 1/31/2018 Ryan, the store manager and Clarissa we're amazing as always! They always treat me like family! I love this store location!

Jaclynn – Warren, MI 1/31/2018 Kind and courteous staff, no pressure sales which is appreciated!

Robert – Macomb, MI 1/29/2018 Store manager was very friendly and service tech doing the oil change actually came up out of the pit to show me the new oil level on the dip stick. Great service !!! This store has a long term customer !!

Laura – Clinton Twp, MI 1/27/2018 Awesome service! So friendly and great staff! Great experience!

Tony – Macomb, MI 1/26/2018 There were three attendants that serviced my vehicle, Ryan, Sam and Mike, they were extremely friendly and maid the experience a complete joy. I cant say enough good things about these guys. I typically change my own oil, but when I can't I will definitely go back.

Pamela – Macomb, MI 1/25/2018 The techs were awesome. friendly, informative, over and above what I expected

Kayla – Clay, MI 1/24/2018 Ryan is a great manger, during my service he was very upbeat and positive with the other staff as well as giving complements to them while they perfromed my service. He also answered any question I had with no hesitation and made my experience very pleasant! Thankyou Guys!

Jody – Macomb, MI 1/20/2018 The store Manager, Ryan was excellent. I typically take my car's to the dealership that I lease from for all of my oil changes. In the past I dreaded going to oil change places because I always being pressured with "up selling." That was not the case here, in fact Ryan was honest enough to tell me that the oil in my car looked great and could come back at a later time. I was very impressed and happy with his honesty. I still got the oil change because I was there and appreciated the time that he had already spent with me. Because of Ryan, I will definitely return to this location. Great customer service is hard to find these days but I found it at this location with Ryan. Thank you Ryan for making this oil change pleasant!!!

Fred – Grosse Pointe, MI 1/15/2018 I needed a headlight and rear wiper replaced on my Dodge Durango. The day before my visit to Uncle Ed's, I stopped in at a Snappy Oil Change. They told me that I'd have to go to the dealership because the headlight was too difficult to replace and they did not have a proper wiper in stock to replace. At Uncle Ed's, Ryan (the store manager) and Sam were friendly, helpful, and made the extra effort to make sure that I was taken care of as quickly as possible. There were also two other customers there at the same time as I was. Being in a service business myself, I would be lucky to find a couple of employees that take as much pride in their work as Ryan and Sam. I'll definitely be going back to Uncle Ed's.

Jacob – Macomb, MI 1/14/2018 Keep up the good work

Greg – Clinton Township, MI 1/5/2018 Outstanding service from Ryan, Mike and Mikele as always!

NICOLE – Grass Lake, MI 12/16/2017 Wonderful staff of happy employees. They were friendly and timely. Unfortunately was too pricey for what I am used to.

Hannah – Chesterfield, MI 12/16/2017 The two men on duty were very friendly and really pushed to get me out of here within the time frame I gave them, even though they ran into some difficulty changing my headlight. Would recommend 100%!

Steve – Clinton Twp, MI 12/14/2017 After a recent bad experience at a place I have been going for some time, I came to your station today looking for confidence in an oil change place. As a former business owner and manager in the auto industry, I am well aware that any business is worthless without good employee's. And with the greatest of adulation and praise, I say that you are one blessed man to have Ryan S., Clarissa S., and Mike H. working for you. And I say that with the greatest sincerity. As I waited my turn and listened to the communications between them as they were servicing other customers, I knew that these young kids were working as a team and were following what appeared to be strict protocols to the letter. It was impressive to see in today's day!! And it followed through as they serviced my vehicle. Well, as I said, you are blessed to have them working for you. And although it may be unprecedented within your ranks, these young people are easily deserving of you sending them each some kind of Christmas bonus. That is if you don't already do such things. I assure you, they are well worth it and doing a great job to move your business forward!! Sincerely, Steven Coppens

Dale – Macomb, MI 12/12/2017 I had to immediately take my truck back in because I was leaking oil. My driveway is a complete mess now. I am also hopeful my truck engine is fine. The oil pressure dropped so low that I barely made it back to the store. I would like a follow up to getting my driveway cleaned up. There is oil everywhere.

Scott – Macomb, MI 12/10/2017 Honestly, I always enjoy my visits and find the service to be very professional. I don't really have any advice for possible improvements.

Maxwell – Clinton Township, MI 12/10/2017 Assistant Manager Mike provided amazing customer service as always. Lot of positive energy and pleases and thank yous' between him and his team members Sam and Clarissa. Always a great experience.

Jose – Clinton Twp, MI 12/7/2017 Manager Ryan and Assistant Manager Mike provided amazing customer service and I will continue to return for all future maintenance on my vehicle.

Paul – Macomb, MI 12/7/2017 Ryan, Mike and the rest of the team provided fantastic service as always.

Angela – Clinton Twp, MI 12/7/2017 Will be back next week for additional service! Thank you, wonderful team!

James – Clinton Twp, MI 12/4/2017 We were very impressed by how professional both the manager on duty Michael H. And the utility technician Clarissa S. were. They did their jobs in a prompt, polite way. I was impressed by how respectful they were not only towards my husband and myself, but to each other.... great teamwork! I would come back for the reasons above! Great employees! Can't get better service than perfect!!

Regina – Harrison Township, MI 12/1/2017 Jordon P., Ryan S., and Michael H. all are very courteous, respectful and explained so I can understand what my car needed and how they could repair it. Very helpful, kind young men. I have been bringing my vehicles to Uncle Ed's in the past and will continue to do so in the future. You have marvelous employees. Keep up the great job!!!

Mike – Clinton Twp, MI 11/22/2017 Great service

Debra – Warren, MI 11/21/2017 Service Technician asked about my wiper blades. I said the blades I purchased on my last visit were not up to par and not working well. He was going to check them out but never did. I left without the blades looked at or the situation resolved. I mentioned this on a follow up phone call but the manager never did call back. A recent snowstorm had me pulling over several times to wait for wet streaks to clear up.

Chris – Macomb, MI 11/18/2017 Ryan and group were very helpful and polite

Ray – Macomb, MI 11/15/2017 None at this time.

Sara – Mount Clemens, MI 11/15/2017 Nice and easy service!

Blake – Macomb, MI 11/15/2017 Nothing, fantastic service!

Andrew – Chesterfield, MI 11/15/2017 Ryan was really friendly got my oil change done super quick he is the best!

Devon – Clinton Township, MI 11/13/2017 The price is definitely not the best, but I come back to the same location for the friendly and speedy service.

Elizabeth – Given, MI 11/3/2017 Both times i have visited this location I have been very pleased. I specifically chose this location to return to because the staff were so friendly and accommodating not once, but twice!Great customer service and very knowledgeable. Ryan and Mikele were a great team todat. I will be a returning customer.

Jeff – Macomb, MI 10/30/2017 My service was fantastic. Ryan S, the manager, was very informative and let me know everything that was going on with my vehicle and what his team was doing. Additionally, he followed up with a phone call to me a few days later to insure I was satisfied. I'll continue to come back to store 1129!!

Louis – Clinton Twp, MI 10/30/2017 Both the assistant manager and the manager Michael and Ryan were excellent at their customer service had a great attitude very helpful. It was a pleasant surprise and their personalize service in meeting my expectations above and beyond. Both were knowledgeable and making recommendations for my vehicle in its present state and future services

Lisa – Macomb, MI 10/30/2017 Michael did a fabulous job! Gave me lots of great info about my current vehicle and another vehicle I'm planning to lease! Definitely coming back!! :)

Peggy – Clinton Township, MI 10/30/2017 Friendly service

Dave – Macomb, MI 10/27/2017 The guys were great, very friendly, quick, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful. Went over and above the typical service experience. I'll be back for sure!

Mike – Clinton Township, MI 10/26/2017 None everything was great.

Sheryl – Clinton Township, MI 10/25/2017 The manager on duty, Mikele, has assisted me in the past. He is friendly and a very nice young man. As a matter a fact, last visit I forgot that they had my wind shield wiper on order because they didn't have it last visit. I paid for it, but forgot about it. Well, he didn't, he had it stored for me since last January waiting for me to come back! You don't find this type of employee just anywhere. He's a keeper. I will be back because of Mikele!

Morgan – Whitmore Lake, MI 10/25/2017 Excellent, fast service! Everyone is friendly and great at their jobs. I will be back!

Amanda – Mount Clemens, MI 10/24/2017 Micheal, the manager on duty, was very helpful. He explained every recommendation he made about my vehicle without pressuring me to purchase services I can't afford. Kaysey was very quick and efficient. Both Kaysey and Micheal were friendly and seem very trust-worthy. I will definitely be back to this location.

Michael – Sterling Heights, MI 10/23/2017 Michael H. And Mikele M. Are awesome at customer service. I will be back knowing I'm in good hands.

Todd – Macomb, MI 10/21/2017 Not only did I discover that Belle Tire can provide the same oil change services for $40, but a2 days after my oil change, I discovered that my windshield fluid is bottomed out.

Andrew – Chesterfield, MI 10/17/2017 Ryan is a great guy, explains things well dissent income off as condescending which I really appreciate. The only reason I go to Uncle Ed's is because of the great service Ryan gives.

Suzanne – Clinton Township, MI 10/16/2017 I came in because my check engine light was on. Mike the manager was excellent at his job with explaining what was happening. The professionalism and knowledge is why I keep coming back to uncle Ed's over and over again. Thank you

Keith – Clinton Township, MI 9/27/2017 It was a good fast visit

Kiana – New Baltimore, MI 9/22/2017 Ryan is always helpful and always makes me want to come back! I don't go anywhere else for service. Really great people here.

Donna – Harrison Township, MI 9/20/2017 Very disappointed that we are not able to combine coupons in the book. This is getting costly and will force me to consider other options for vehicle care.

Ray – Macomb, MI 9/17/2017 none at this time

Patrick – Macomb, MI 9/9/2017 The staff was terrific. The manager Mike was very helpful and I came in for an oil change and they took care of that plus much more. It felt as they were going above and beyond to take care of the truck and make sure it was in the best condition possible

JIM – Sterling Heights, MI 9/8/2017 Everything was fine but the price was way beyond what I think it should have been. Consequently I'll not be returning and cannot recommend Uncle Ed's Oil shoppe to others.............

Mark – Macomb, MI 9/7/2017 Ryan the manager is beyond friendly. He is the definition of great service. Great job guys. I recommend you all the time

Mary – St Clr Shores, MI 9/6/2017 Ryan is very personable, explained maintenance opportunities for my 2006 car. He explained the different oil choices. I was on my lunch hour, he kept me advised through the visit, and i got back to work on time.

Rebecca – Sterling Heights, MI 8/31/2017 I appreciate the courteous and professional way I am treated.

Joseph – Mount Clemens, MI 8/28/2017 I was completely satisfied with my service from the tech, tony, and the manager, ryan. I went in for a oil change but also received new wiperblades, air filter, pcv valve, and the engine cleaning service. The two were very friendly and took the time to explain what each replacement part was and why it needed to be swapped out. I don't consider myself a car guy, but ryan and tony made it easy and made me feel comfortable. I will definitely be returning in the future to get mine and my wife's car serviced at this shop. -Joe

Carlo – Macomb, MI 8/17/2017 Give Ryan and Lawrence a pizza party!!!! -From the 9 year old behind the wheel lol

Nina – Clinton Twp, MI 8/15/2017 Keep it up!

Charlene – Macomb, MI 8/13/2017 Always a great experience.

Mary – Macomb, MI 8/11/2017 Customer Service there is AMAZING and it's the reason I'll go back

Jessica – Clinton Twp, MI 8/8/2017 The store manager at the Macomb shop was wonderful. Very friendly and understanding!

Bruce – Chesterfield, MI 8/3/2017 I've known Ryan for years now. He has my best interest at heart. I trust him with all my vehicle needs. Not bad for 14 year old Saturn with 230,427 miles...........Thank you Ryan and Staff.........

Ron – Macomb, MI 7/29/2017 It was great service

Ken – West Bloomfield, MI 7/23/2017 Great service

Nicole – Clinton Township, MI 7/20/2017 Very friendly & honest!

Ryan – Macomb, MI 7/18/2017 Very friendly and professional staff. Ryan S. and Judge S. were very well educated and very helpful in getting us to understand the importance of certain servicing that was done to the vehicle. They were very fast and took excellent care of us. We will definitely be coming back again for additional upkeep and services and be sending friends their way.

Stacy – Macomb, MI 7/15/2017 Excellent service.

Steven – Sterling Hts, MI 7/13/2017 Extremely knowledgeable mechanics, could not have been any more helpful. Quick and efficient service, I will absolutely be returning.

Jeff – Macomb, MI 7/13/2017 Manager Michael was very informative. Provided additional info than the standard visit. Great employee for others to learn from.

Jennifer – Macomb, MI 7/13/2017 Promot and thorough as always!

Sarah – Clinton Twp, MI 7/7/2017 None at this time

Amber – Goodells, MI 7/6/2017 Michael H and Judge S were very kind and helpful they explained everything to me and made me feel welcome.

Corey – Chesterfield, MI 7/5/2017 Excellent friendly service

Megan – Warren, MI 6/30/2017 I was helped by two wonderful gentlemen (Ryan S & Stefen R). They were very kind and were very friendly. I've gotten many oil changes done before and so far, this has been my best experience. I'm very thankful to both men that assisted me today. Thank you for everything! -Megan

Ray – Macomb, MI 6/25/2017 Always great service here.

Rebecca – Clinton Township, MI 6/23/2017 Always friendly, great service!

Tyler – Clinton Twp, MI 6/22/2017 Staff was kind and quick

Kurt – Macomb, MI 6/22/2017 They always do an exceptional job

Bianca – Clarkston, MI 6/20/2017 Service is always wonderful

Michele – Clinton Township, MI 6/13/2017 Everyone's always helpful and courteous!

Ray – Macomb, MI 6/8/2017 Very good service at this store.

Andrew – Sterling Hts, MI 6/7/2017 Very nice guys

Ed – Milford, MI 6/3/2017 Ryan the store manager and Mike the technician did an awesome job. I will be back.

Patrick – Clinton Township, MI 5/26/2017 This location is by far the best, the manager and staff are excellent !

Andy – Clinton Township, MI 5/24/2017 Great service and super friendly! Worth every penny!

Joseph – Mount Clemens, MI 5/20/2017 Detail to guest service and job well done!

Kayleigh – Macomb, MI 5/10/2017 Mikele M and Kyle K are the most helpful car service men I've ever encountered.

Mike – Clinton Township, MI 4/29/2017 Nice work by everyone

Theresa – Macomb, MI 4/28/2017 All good

Andrew – Macomb, MI 4/28/2017 Great speedy service! Very friendly, job well done.

Gerald – Clinton Twp, MI 4/24/2017 Everyone was nice.

Mike – Macomb, MI 4/22/2017 No additional comments to give.

Tyler – Clinton Township, MI 4/20/2017 My last time at this location was my first time ever to Uncle Ed's. Like I promised I came back for my second oil change because I had such an excellent experience last time. Ryan, Kyle, and Rob were such a wealth of knowledge and are truly the reason I come to this location. They are awesome and thank you for everything. Ryan the store manager really has things under control here and will definitly be the reason I will keep returning to get my oil changes here! Thanks you!

KATHY – Macomb, MI 4/20/2017 Ryan and his team were very helpful, pleasant and thorough in their work! I'll be back again!

Robert – Harsens Is, MI 4/19/2017 They're always very friendly, and work hard to get me in & out and on my way. I've never had a bad experience, even when there was a wait due to a particularly busy evening.

Elizabeth – Warren, MI 4/18/2017 Team was kind and service was proffessional. Team sis not over sell.

Elizabeth – Warren, MI 4/18/2017 Service was excellent. Team was kind.

Perry – Clinton Township, MI 4/17/2017 Techs are very personable and friendly, thorough.

Derek – Shelby Twp, MI 4/17/2017 Keep up the good work

Michael – Macomb, MI 4/15/2017 Good service

Dominic – Macomb, MI 4/7/2017 tech was vey informative

Peter – Clinton Twp, MI 4/2/2017 Your manager, Jordan, was fantastic. I came in late on a Saturday needing A new headlight and he totally took care of me. Your assistant manager, Mikele, was great too. You've Got some very good put people working for you and you should reward them accordingly. They pointed out a couple of other issues I have with the car fixed them promptly and fairly. The service was very courteous and quick. Very hard-working crew and I will definitely come back to the store the future.

Eny – Chesterfield, MI 4/1/2017 Guys were very efficient

Amanda – Clinton Township, MI 3/25/2017 Ryan and his team did awesome.. They're very kind and do a wonderful job every time I visit. This is the only place I go to now. Thanks!

Ray – Macomb, MI 3/25/2017 None at this time.

Kristin – Clinton Township, MI 3/17/2017 The overall package, is probably good enough to bring me back, but I'm not positive. I had some areas of great dissatisfaction. Not all of the points of inspection (washing window for example) were completed as they have marked off on invoice. I also do not believe that tires were actually checked as stated - I have a lot of issues with tire pressure in two tires, and was told pressure was good in all tires - I couldn't tell you the last time I checked them and found them to all be at appropriate level. I gave permission for cap to be replaced, person stating (either definitively or estimating to be about) $6, then found after leaving on invoice that cap cost $14.99 or $15.99 (I don't have invoice in front of me at this time. The final point of dissatisfaction was in time taken. Upon arrival I was able to pull right in, but told it would be a bit of a wait, which I thought would be fine. But 25 minutes later they were just finally coming over to begin service. When stating a wait, especially one that would be as extensive as this, an estimate wait time is needed. I never imagined that a bit of a wait before starting would have been as long as it was. Once the staff were working on my car they were very friendly, and they did apologize for my wait.

Paul – Macomb, MI 3/14/2017 Marcus and Tyler's pleasant and joyous attitude made me want to come back.

Ken – Macomb, MI 3/5/2017 everything was fine

Andrew – Macomb, MI 3/3/2017 All the employees are great to talk with.

Lorraine – Clinton Township, MI 3/2/2017 The manager on duty was a young man named Tyler, and while Rob and Kyle serviced my car, Tyler was very careful to check their work. All the young men that interacted with me were extremely polite, very professional, and really fast! I had an oil change along with replacing my coolant, and in addressing my questions (as I know very little about cars), Tyler showed both knowledge and courtesy by explaining various lengths of time certain engine parts last. Superb job!!

Abby – Clinton Township, MI 3/1/2017 Excellent service, I can't thank These guys enough, they were both so helpful with telling what needed to be done with my car, so polite ! I'm so pleased!!! I hope to have these guys working every time I come in! Their names are mikele M and Robert V.

Michelle – Macomb, MI 2/15/2017 Service was great

Joseph – Mt Clemens, MI 2/11/2017 Awesome job!

Michele – Clinton Twp, MI 2/5/2017 Good work!

Kurt – Macomb, MI 2/2/2017 The staff here have always been knowledgeable and helpful.

Breanna – Utica, MI 1/28/2017 Both Ryan and Mikele were extremely helpful! They made the experience very personal. I highly recommend this location! Not only did they help explain what my car needed done, but they had excellent customer service. I say Double A+

Lynor – Macomb, MI 1/27/2017 These guys were awesome

Rose – Clinton Twp, MI 1/24/2017 Maurice was great and the manager is always very helpful!

Megan – Clinton Twp, MI 1/23/2017 The workers were incredibly nice and knowledgable. Some of the best service I've ever had.

Ronald – Sterling Hts, MI 1/9/2017 Very Aggressive selling attempts to the point of potentially losing me as a future customer. Must have trained at Art Vans. Talked way to fast at times for me to follow, had to request that he slow down so I could understand him. His pitch was scripted and very hard to follow. I was told that I would receive a $20.00 discount on wiper blades that I did not receive.

David – Clinton Twp, MI 1/4/2017 I went to Uncle Ed's yesterday because I needed a quick oil change. While the tech who I interacted with was friendly, there were a couple of issues. He asked and I agreed to have my reward of $1.86 (approx.) applied to my bill - it was not. I had coupons to use that he ignored until the manager intervened. Plus, I thought during an oil check they check the radiator. If they did, they did not make me aware of the results.

Hunter – St Clr Shores, MI 1/3/2017 Thank you for the quick friendly service.

Steve – Shelby Twp, MI 12/28/2016 Disappointed this time, all four tires filled to different pressure, tech indicated i had a coupon, biller said he made a mistake without explanation, quality service has always overriden the had upsell but this visit will make me reconsider

Ray – Macomb, MI 12/17/2016 none now

Karl – Clinton Twp, MI 12/16/2016 Great services

Robert – Macomb, MI 12/15/2016 The manager is phenomenal. Ive been coming back over the years because of his service . And he treats me like im his best and favorite customer.

Tyler – Clinton Twp, MI 12/15/2016 I just have to start out by saying that I am blown away at how amazing I was treated today while getting my 2004 Pontiac GTO serviced. Ryan the Manager came and introduced himself to me and I let him know it was my first time ever getting work done at Uncle Ed's. He immediately starting taking care of me like I was family. I was so humbled by how I was being treated. Kyle and Robert were giving me updates the whole time while they were working on my car. Kyle and Robert were very professional and kind, I even told them that I have never been treated this well before anywhere else. Ryan, Kyle, and Robert deserve to be recognized for their professional, polite, and knowledgeable customer service. They are the sole reason that I will going back to Uncle Ed's Store #1129 for all my oil changes. This is the first place I have left smiling after just spending $250! Thank you guys so much for making my day so much better, and taking care of all my car's needs! You guys are awesome!

Nikki – Macomb, MI 12/13/2016 Very nice service men

Andrew – Macomb, MI 12/10/2016 Maybe lower price a little on oil change considering the shop literally 100 feet away had then advertised for $17.98. I chose you beacsue of the coupons but that could drive buisness away.

Nancy – Clinton Twp, MI 12/1/2016 Great guys!

Latania – Clinton Twp, MI 11/29/2016 the service that was done on my car was not good at all

Elizabeth – Macomb, MI 11/25/2016 Wonderful service!

Heather – Macomb, MI 11/22/2016 This was the friendliest, most encouraging place I've visited Everyone was very respectful. Not just to me but to each other. You can't fake an atmosphere like that.

Matt – Sterling Hts, MI 11/22/2016 Staff @ this location is ALWAYS thouru, friendly, fast & courteous, I have been going there for years, they take great care of me & my car

Lauren – Shelby Twp, MI 11/6/2016 Everything was great! Fast and friendly employees and knowledgeable of their profession!

Matthew – Clinton Twp, MI 11/2/2016 Great service

Michael – Clinton Twp, MI 11/2/2016 Cool people working there and very friendly and kind.

Maegan – Saint Clair, MI 10/22/2016 Guys who worked there were all very friendly and got the job done quick.

Ron – Macomb, MI 10/8/2016 Service was great

Alexander – New Baltimore, MI 10/6/2016 Great manager very friendly

Michelle – Macomb, MI 10/4/2016 great experience

Mike – Macomb, MI 10/1/2016 Great Job!

Mike – Clinton Twp, MI 9/28/2016 Excellent quick service

Jasmine – Mount Clemens, MI 9/19/2016 great service

Peter – Clinton Twp, MI 9/17/2016 Mikele and Tyler were great. They call themselves the masters of aquapel because no one puts it on better and faster than them and without streaks.

Larry – Clinton Twp, MI 9/17/2016 Ryan and the team was great, they had good call outs and a guide in from Tyler.

Michele – Clinton Twp, MI 9/14/2016 As always, everyone was very friendly and fast.

Jessica – Clinton Twp, MI 9/10/2016 The manager, Ryan S. was very friendly, patient, and helpful. He even found me an additional discount for my service today! Technicians Kyle K. and Tyler F. were also friendly and did their jobs well. I usually put off getting an oil change or service on my car because most shops make me feel stupid. The guys at Uncle Ed's made me feel at ease. I will definitely recommend Uncle Ed's to my family and friends.

Charmaine – Macomb, MI 8/30/2016 Fast and professional but a little pricey

Ray – Clinton Twp, MI 8/26/2016 Great Manager

Rose – Clinton Twp, MI 8/23/2016 Manager and attendants were professional and friendly. Very informed about what I needed for my car.

Deana – Clinton Twp, MI 8/18/2016 Kurt was fantastic!

Nicole – Shelby Twp, MI 8/5/2016 Great service

Martin – Clinton Twp, MI 7/28/2016 Jeffery K was terrific. He checked my oil and advised that I could get 2000 more miles on it as it was very clean. That kind of integrity will bring me back every time!

James – Shelby Twp, MI 7/26/2016 Nice visit

Margaret – Sterling Hts, MI 7/24/2016 Fast and friendly technicians.

Deborah – Clinton Twp, MI 7/23/2016 As always, excellent service

Zachary – Harrison Twp, MI 7/16/2016 Very friendly and professional workers, always a nice visit.

Ken – Birmingham, MI 7/15/2016 My employer moved my sales team and I from the western to the eastern Detroit suburbs, around one-mile or less from your store 1129. Not being familiar with the east suburbs and needing an oil change, I Googled quick oil changes and this location was one of the options. A competitive fast oil shop to you is closer to my office than your store 1129 but their online comments and reviews were deplorable. Knowing that I've previously had nothing but favorable experiences at other Uncle Ed's Shoppes, I decided to use your company today. I'm glad I did. Everyone was courteous, pleasant, extremely upbeat and knowledgeable. I was resolute on not being up-sold on products today. I wanted to get in and get out. However, once your manager Ryan and the team member Michale (I didn't fully catch his name) explained why it made sense to purchase a couple of services today instead of waiting, it was the right decision to spend the money. I've shared my positive experience today with my coworkers and am encouraging them to also use store 1129 on their lunch break. Bottom line, your team was great and I appreciate their treating me like I mattered to them instead of being just another oil change count for the day's tally.

Andrew – Scs, MI 7/14/2016 Overall satisfied with this visit.

Carissa – Clinton Twp, MI 7/8/2016 Great place!

Gregory – Macomb, MI 7/6/2016 The manager on duty, Ryan, has a great personality and does very well connecting with the customer. His personality, combined with the great service, will certainly keep me coming back.

Todd – Macomb, MI 6/29/2016 The employees did a quick, through job!

Gethon – Clinton Twp, MI 6/25/2016 Outstanding and very professional crew!

Gregory – Macomb, MI 6/19/2016 great service

Ron – Macomb, MI 6/18/2016 Great service

Maureen – Kinde, MI 6/11/2016 Staff and manager were great!

Andrew – Macomb, MI 6/9/2016 No additional feedback needed

Valerie – Macomb, MI 6/3/2016 Mikele Mike. and Kyle K. we're both great!

Michele – Clinton Twp, MI 5/25/2016 Great customer service as always!

Amy – Macomb, MI 5/18/2016 Very friendly staff

Shannon – Sterling Hts, MI 5/16/2016 Tyler and his team were professional and explained things.

Tiffany – Chesterfield, MI 5/14/2016 Nothing

Amanda – Clinton Twp, MI 5/14/2016 No comment

Greg – Macomb, MI 5/12/2016 Lindsey and Ryan really were nice and did a great job.

Ken – Clinton Twp, MI 5/3/2016 Ryan was extremely helpful and friendly!! Love this location!

Jasmine – Mount Clemens, MI 5/3/2016 I only trust uncle eds doing my oul change and after today they are one of few i trust working on my car. They are brief with detail and very caring. I was told everything i needed to know. The prices are reasonable and the staff is very hepful

Veronica – Clinton Twp, MI 4/30/2016 Great service

Kristen – Clawson, MI 4/29/2016 Friendly & knowledgeable staff

Ron – Macomb, MI 4/24/2016 Service was great!

Alba – Macomb, MI 4/19/2016 Awesome place. I recommend anyone to come here.

Stacy – Macomb, MI 4/15/2016 Excellent Fast Service, that provides great car maintenance options for engine and transmission.

Creola – Macomb, MI 4/14/2016 I only go to store 1129. The guys are very nice there.They actually to you while you get your changed.:) Keep up the good work guys. :)

Samantha – Macomb, MI 4/13/2016 Very good service

Laurenne – Clinton Twp, MI 4/12/2016 Ryan,Josh, and Kyle were very helpful and went the extra mile to help me. They listened my concerns and helped me choose the best services for my budget.

Heather – Riverview, MI 4/12/2016 Kyle was very friendly & welcoming, as were the rest of the members of the service team. Thanks !

Andy – Clinton Twp, MI 4/3/2016 Service was great today

Justina – Armada, MI 3/30/2016 Excellent service

Dave – Macomb, MI 3/24/2016 as long as there are no oil puddles in my driveway we will be good, last several times there has been oil stains because they are to lazy to remove my skid plate, or to rinse it off properly to avoid the dripping

Letitia – Clinton Twp, MI 3/23/2016 Mikele was great

Heating – Roseville, MI 3/23/2016 This is a fleet vehicle all the guys were very friendly and super efficient allowing me to get back on the road fast saving me time. Time = $.

Ryan – Armada, MI 3/23/2016 Great job.

Suzanne – Macomb Twp, MI 3/23/2016 Thank you!

Mary – Macomb, MI 3/21/2016 had great service

James – Macomb, MI 3/19/2016 It was an awesome service and would come back

Dan – Macomb, MI 3/19/2016 No comment. All good

Rachel – Shelby Twp, MI 3/19/2016 Great job!

Brandon – Macomb, MI 3/16/2016 Perfect. Come here every time, awesome managers, kept me informed through process.

Jessica – Clinton Twp, MI 3/9/2016 Everybody was absolutely so amazing and very helpful. The manager Kurt did an amazing job with helping me.

Daryl – Clinton Twp, MI 3/4/2016 Great experience

Kyle – Macomb, MI 2/21/2016 Kurt and Kyle were FANTASTIC!!, loved the speed and quality of the service!, will be back next time for sure!

Joseph – Macomb, MI 2/20/2016 Thorough check. Manager is an excellent salesman. Friendly staff.

Jordan – Clinton Twp, MI 2/19/2016 great staff. friendly service .

Terry – Clinton Twp, MI 2/18/2016 Prices are to high to keep coming back on a regular basis. I can get the full oil change for half the price.

Annemarie – Grosse Pointe, MI 2/17/2016 keep up the good work

Julie – Clinton Twp, MI 2/17/2016 Lower prices for cabin air filter would have been nice, I paid 10.00 at autozone for your 34.99 one.

Jeremy – Macomb, MI 2/13/2016 Ryan and his team, really made me feel like they cared about my vehicle.

Pam – Clinton Twp, MI 2/10/2016 Friendly staff

Gregory – Macomb, MI 2/7/2016 The team was quite courteous and efficient for today's visit.

Stephanie – Yale, MI 2/6/2016 I drive over a half hour to this location because of the great service I always receive. Very professional and honest. I am a single parent (mother) and it is very hard to find honesty when it comes to getting my vehicles taken care of. I will definitely be back again. Thank you!!

Mikele – New Baltimore, MI 2/4/2016 The guys here are absolutely fast and friendly!

Theodor – Clinton Twp, MI 1/21/2016 The two gentlemen that took care of my car were very respectful and courteous. They moved fast to get me out of there as fast as they could while still taking their time and making sure they did good good work. I loved how well the two gentlemen worked together to make a great team. I'm extremely impressed, I will definitely be coming back for both of my vehicles.

Gregory – Macomb, MI 1/18/2016 The entire team working at Uncle Ed's was very friendly, helpful, and appeared to look like a well functioning team. Each person was polite and explained what they were doing prior to starting their work.

Andrew – Macomb, MI 1/16/2016 Service was quick and simple professional.

David – Clinton Township , MI 1/16/2016 Ryan, Kevin, and Josh were great. They did my oil change for me and performed a fuel cleaner for me.

Paul – Royal Oak, MI 1/14/2016 Ryan and Kyle were fantastic. Quick, thorough, and extremely professional while still being warm, friendly, and inviting. I will be back!

Stacy – Macomb, MI 1/8/2016 excellent quick service and kindly walks through the different maintenance options based on driven miles.

Joe – Shelby Twp, MI 1/7/2016 Great service, as always!

Stephanie – Northville, MI 1/4/2016 The staff was very helpful each time I've visited this location. They were good about recommendations, but without being pushy.

Rodriquez – New Baltimore, MI 12/26/2015 good service but your price is very high

Alfred – Macomb, MI 12/24/2015 Oil change was way over-priced.

Jerry – Clinton Twp, MI 12/21/2015 Satisfying experience

Miranda – Macomb, MI 12/19/2015 Curt did a great job!

William – Macomb, MI 12/19/2015 Had to wait for premium oil filter to be delivered

Thomas – Macomb, MI 12/18/2015 As always, my oil change experience at Uncle Ed's was an excellent one. The staff; Justyn N, Kevin H, and of course The Manager on duty Ryan S were very Professional. I really feel informed about my car's condition and products, and not "pressured" into unnecessary services. I think that goes a long way with customers all around. My Family and I have been coming to Uncle Ed's (various locations) for 20 years and will continue because employee customer relations are top notch! Thank you again!

Judith Ann – Macomb, MI 12/18/2015 I was in a big hurry this morning. I told your techs that and they had me in and out of there in 12 minutes. I always get great service at this location. I have been a customer for many years.

Kayla – Clay, MI 12/16/2015 Ryan and his crew did an amazing job! Brought my bosses mini van in and had no idea any information about it or where the fog lights were even at. They kindly assisted me and were very professional. Lovely group of guys full of smiles! :) Thankyou Ryan!

Ray – Macomb, MI 12/13/2015 Service at this location is excellent.

Brian – Yale, MI 12/11/2015 The change in pricing without notifying customers and also the brand of oil being changed although it is the same standard of oil I was not pleased with not being informed. $111.00 for an oil change is a bit much especially after the use of a $15.00 coupon. I won't be returning because I can get the same change and service at a shop 5 miles away for $85.00, it's been a good experience until now.

Michelle – Macomb, MI 12/3/2015 It was good

Miranda – Clinton Twp, MI 11/21/2015 The staff is always great. I always come to this specific location, because of the great customer service and friendly environment.

David – Rochester, MI 11/20/2015 Good work

Sharon – Shelby Twp, MI 11/16/2015 Great job and very friendly service!!

Jeffrey – Macomb, MI 11/13/2015 Nothing

Ambur – East China, MI 11/12/2015 Great service.

Russ – Sterling Heights, MI 11/7/2015 My first experience at Uncle Ed's. Left the Valvoline Oil Change at 19 and Hayes after very poor service. Came directly to UE. Ryan is very professional and customer service oriented. All employees were neat, shaved, pleasant and doing their best to give me a good experience. Valvoline employees were disheveled, unkempt, unshaved, messy hair. Unconcerned that I was waiting 30 minutes for an oil change when they took customers just arrived ahead of me. That was the tipping point after 10 plus years of issues with this location.

Lindsay – Clinton Twp, MI 11/5/2015 Great service!

David – Clinton Twp, MI 11/1/2015 The store mentioned their battery checker was dead and they were having trouble getting a new one from the dictrict manager. Upper management needs to facilitate and provide the tools they need to get the job done as they lost a potential battery sale

Amy – Sterling Hts, MI 10/29/2015 Excellent , friendly workers and manager at this location

Kelly – Rochester, MI 10/27/2015 Shout out to the guy who replaced my windshield wiper blades faster than anyone before. they are super tricky and I've waited over a half an hour on average in the past. I will defintely come back to this location again in the future. everyone was really friendly and service was super fast!

Ray – Macomb, MI 10/27/2015 I received great service.

Ray – Macomb, MI 10/27/2015 Service is always good here.

Judy – Clinton Twp, MI 10/22/2015 I have been coming here a long time and can't think of any place I've ghone for an oil change. Uncle eds is the best.

Lisa – Macomb, MI 10/19/2015 Awesome staff, quick and efficient service!

Robert – Clinton Twp, MI 10/18/2015 Very friendly.

Bianca – Warren, MI 10/17/2015 No additional comments

Sylvia – Armada, MI 10/16/2015 My husband and I have been going to this location for about 10 years we love this location enough to drive almost 40 minutes to get our oil changed. Thanks for consistent amazing service and the great training provided to ensure quality service.

Michele – Clinton Twp, MI 10/3/2015 Always friendly and helpful!

Kurt – Macomb, MI 10/2/2015 They did a great job again. Offered the additional services, but did not hard sell which I appreciated.

Anna – Macomb, MI 9/30/2015 Great job!

Jerome – Macomb, MI 9/26/2015 Great team of people very professional

Carmelo – Macomb, MI 9/23/2015 Price is extremly high, Dealership $48 yours $75 plus dealer rotates the tires. FYI

Blake – Shelby Twp, MI 9/23/2015 Extremely nice and great service. Will be back.

Michelle – Macomb, MI 9/22/2015 It was great

Stacy – Macomb, MI 9/18/2015 Quick service and takes the time to review all the optional services available.

Ray – Wixom, MI 9/15/2015 excellent service

Thresa – Clinton Twp, MI 9/13/2015 Alex and Nathaniel were great! They were both very friendly and knowledgeable. They were definitely customer oriented and the service was fast and thorough. Not sure how they get recognized or rewarded within your company, but they both deserve it.

Kelli – Macomb, MI 9/12/2015 The three employees that were working this afternoon were very friendly, polite and professional. Would recommend this location!

Marcia – Chesterfield, MI 9/11/2015 Thank you for explaining need for extra product and showing the results for doing so.

Jennifer – Macomb, MI 9/5/2015 Assistant manager was very friendly

Arielle – Clinton Twp, MI 9/2/2015 Our service tech, Alex, was awesome! Kurt was very helpful and informative! These guys rock! We will definitely be back.

Kanisha – Southfield, MI 9/1/2015 Great place but prices are more than dealerships.

Debbie – Macomb, MI 8/27/2015 Fast service

Bruce – Chesterfield, MI 8/23/2015 Ryan, Alex and crew are top shelf..............

Michelle – Aterling Heights, MI 8/22/2015 The guys were great! Very interactive and informative!

Annemarie – Grosse Pointe, MI 8/22/2015 Keep up the great work!

Kim – Clinton Twp, MI 8/20/2015 very fast service

Matt – Macomb, MI 8/20/2015 I got home and after a couple hours noticed an oil spot on the driveway under my truck. Upon further investigation it looked like a good amount of oil was left on the frame by the filter and then was dripping on my driveway forming a 1 ft. circle. Disappointed this wasn't seen before I left the location.

Lindsay – Clinton Twp, MI 8/19/2015 Friendly and ensured my car was running properly, while still informing me on what should be done next to keep my car lasting and safe

Derek – Macomb, MI 8/18/2015 Fans should be installed for employees

Rita – Macomb, MI 8/17/2015 Very friendly staff. Didn't worry about being taken advantage of

Alinafe – Southfield, MI 8/17/2015 Fast service

Robert – Macomb, MI 8/8/2015 Ray Nate & Alex did a wonderful job & were so patient. First group of gentleman that I believe are actually going to keep me safe on the road. I am very grateful to them & will return for future services. Thanks again to Ray, Nate, & Alex. Sincerely, Lisa Ragnoli

Allie – Mount Clemens, MI 8/3/2015 Happy with the service

Faith – Macomb, MI 8/1/2015 No comments

Gina – Harrison Twp, MI 7/30/2015 Mike j was awesome. Love this place. I see these guys waving all the time. Customer for life

Derek – Macomb, MI 7/29/2015 Fans should be installed for the employees it is stifling hot in there

Kara – Croswell, MI 7/29/2015 The gentleman taking care of us were very informative and very friendly!!

William – Clinton Twp, MI 7/23/2015 Very satisfied,and techs act very professional.

Gilbert – Clinton Twp, MI 7/22/2015 understanding There's a need to suggest ad-on's there's no point to push wave after wave. Point given point made

Chris – Macomb, MI 7/11/2015 Add fans or cooling system. With my vehicle off, couldn't run the air for my kids.

Joe – Macomb, MI 7/10/2015 Great job

Bret – Macomb, MI 7/8/2015 very good and fast

David – Clinton Twp, MI 7/2/2015 The technicians were very knowledgeable and helpful. They recommended services but were not too pushy about buying the products.

Jennifer – Macomb, MI 6/30/2015 always great here

Bret – Harrison Twp, MI 6/30/2015 Was a good experience.

Michele – Clinton Twp, MI 6/30/2015 Everyone was very helpful and polite. They took the time to explain everything to me.

Mike – Clinton Township, MI 6/27/2015 Everything was fine.

Bill – Macomb, MI 6/27/2015 Prices are higher than what they should be for similar services. The Uncle Ed technicians are constantly trying sell additional service, when they may not be needed on the car

Lisa – Macomb, MI 6/26/2015 keep up the good work

Joy – Clinton Twp, MI 6/26/2015 Need lower prices!!!

Debra – Warren, MI 6/25/2015 Always great service from the staff on Hall Road and the manager Ryan. In and out-fast.

Cody – Brownstwn Twp, MI 6/25/2015 Great staff, seems like everytime I go "could use" something else done to my vehicle

John – Macomb, MI 6/25/2015 The service people and manager were great and treated me great

Jaime – Macomb, MI 6/24/2015 Excellent

Martika – New Haven, MI 6/24/2015 The mechanics were wonderful yet again!

Perry – Clinton Twp, MI 6/22/2015 ryan always cheerful and greeting, remembers me, plus others that have come in. Love the Highway playing on radio.

Mike – Clinton Twp, MI 6/13/2015 Prices are starting to get way too high. Almost $50.for an oil change and that is using a$15.coupon is absurd.

Blair – Sterling Hts, MI 6/11/2015 STOP the SUPER sales pitch. I told the guy I only had "x" amount of cash to spend. Told him I couldn't use any cards to pay for the service being given. He wanted to me to get a few lights replaced that didn't need to be replaced. He wanted me to get a flash out (which I really didn't have that can of money). He wanted to replace my wipers (I can do that myself and they didn't need to be replaced).

Mike – South Lyon, MI 6/11/2015 Great service. Guys were very informational, friendly and professional.

Joe – Clinton Twp, MI 6/8/2015 Ryan & Alex serviced my car for a routine oil change and they did an awesome job! They have both serviced my car on different occasions and are always great and I know my car is in good hands. They always work hard. Uncle Ed ' s is my #1 choice!

Jim – Macomb, MI 6/5/2015 Kevin and Alex were awesome!

Debby – Chesterfield, MI 6/3/2015 Kevin H, Nathaniel W and Alexander J took good care of my car in a fast, friendly and efficient manner.

Perry – Clinton Twp, MI 6/2/2015 Great job by all.

Sheryl – Clinton Twp, MI 5/31/2015 The fact that you are open on Sunday is one of the reasons I came back to Uncle Eds. Catering to the working class who work 6 days a week and use any weekend hours they have available to maintain their auto is a big plus!

Michelle – Macomb, MI 5/31/2015 It was fine

Michelle – Macomb, MI 5/31/2015 It was fine.

Julie – Mount Clemens, MI 5/25/2015 Failed to check the air pressure in my tires, had to ask twice before getting it done. I usually visit Store # 1120 but their computer was not working so went to this one instead. I will continue to go back to my regular store.

Joan – Macomb, MI 5/17/2015 Everyone was very helpful and pleasant to work with

Justin – Clinton Twp, MI 5/15/2015 Good job!

Aaron – Macomb, MI 5/6/2015 great service. Friendly service men. Will come back!

Peggy – Clinton Twp, MI 5/4/2015 Nate was very friendly and the service to change my oil and transmission fluid was only 35 minutes.

Mark – Macomb, MI 5/3/2015 All employees where very personable

Lorraine – Clinton Twp, MI 5/2/2015 I took my car to your store for an oil change both because of the great service I received there previously and also because of a coupon sent to my e-mail--which I was very thankful for. This particular visit, the technicians were very careful to explain any extra charges beyond the price of the blend oil, and also gave me a handy price on new windshield wipers--which I need to pick up a little later. Always courteous and friendly, I'd recommend Ed's to anyone.

Kristy – Macomb, MI 4/18/2015 Extremely pricey

Matt – Macomb, MI 4/11/2015 I was satisfied with the service, but everyone seemed all too eager to up sell me an additional service. I ended up paying over $200 for the oil change, Trans flush and nitrogen service. the crew seemed to work together well, though.

Walalmer – Detroit, MI 3/15/2015 They were very professionally and did the job

Dave – Clinton Twp, MI 3/12/2015 Each visit is awesome. I feel my car is in good hands

Sharon – Macomb, MI 3/9/2015 I have a regular mechanic that does all my vehicles maintenance but it is was not convenient for me to get there and I needed an oil change. The manager Ryan put me at ease and was very knowledgeable. I also purchased wiper blades since mine were in bad shape (THANKS RYAN!!) They did a great job!

Alex – Macomb, MI 3/7/2015 I was not informed of how expensive the transmission fluid was. The crew started changing the fluid BEFORE I learned that it was close to $175 (at that rate I would not have purchased it). Very annoyed and will not be coming back to this store.

Nicholas – Mount Clemens, MI 3/7/2015 Michael and alexander were very helpful professional and over all kind for the entire experience.

Jacob – Macomb, MI 3/1/2015 very helpful employees

Jonathan – Washington, MI 3/1/2015 I told the guys I needed wipers and they they told me they start at 9.99 and the all weather go up to 24.99. I tell them to give me the cheap ones. So they install them, I get my bill, and they charge me 14.99 a piece. So I ask them, and then they decide to tell me that I was charged for longer wipers. Could've been told that prior to.

Melissa – Macomb, MI 2/23/2015 The assistant manager (I believe his name was Mike) was extremely nice and helpful. He was very personable and explained everything in simple terms. I have had other experiences at this store that were not very great with the store manager who is very rude and demeaning towards me every time I go. I was very pleased with this visit due to Assistant Manager Mike's great service.

Jeff – Clinton Twp, MI 2/21/2015 The staff here is professional and fast.

Lynn – Clinton Twp, MI 2/16/2015 Since my husband passed, I count on helpful guys like Michael H, Alex I and Kurt F to guide me. I always trust them and they take good care of me.

Laura – Chesterfield, MI 2/14/2015 They were very friendly and professional. I needed quick service because I had to go to the hospital to visit a family member and the guys were great.

Todd – Clinton Township, MI 2/10/2015 The staff was very knowledgable and friendly.

Chris – Macomb, MI 2/9/2015 I've have encountered this service manager a few other times in the past and he's always been very friendly and knowledgeable.

David – Macomb, MI 2/7/2015 Prices are a bit high. I understand overhead and all that, but no reason an oil change should be more the 35-40 dollars.


Mike – Cliton Twp, MI 1/29/2015 Very quick service. All technicians were working hard to ensure my satisfaction.

Sean – Brighton, MI 1/18/2015 CSA-Kevin H, MOD-Alexander J, and LT-Thomas W were all very professional, informative,helpful and friendly. From the beginning to the end of our service experience, this team was not only fast but also took the time to answer all questions and concerns and were very knowledgeable in doing so. "Uncle Ed's Oil Shoppe should be very proud for assembling a team that represents the very best in the business".

Jeffrey – Sterling Hts, MI 1/8/2015 I was driving by and saw your sign to see if your company offered Nitrogen air for tires. I drove in and was greeted by both the Manager "Ryan S" and his Technician "Kevin H". I inquired about the Nitrogen for my car tires and they explained it to me. So I decided to get it for my car. In the meantime they checked my windshield wipers and recommended I get new ones (which I did). Both gentlemen were very nice and helpful. I will be back due to their excellent attention to my needs. Thank you, Sincerely, Jeffrey Leonardi

James – Macomb, MI 1/7/2015 Another great experience! Not only was my oil change performed in a timely manner, Tom and Alex were very informative and worked well together. Alex even went above and beyond to help unclog my rear wiper fluid sprayer. I will definitely return to this location for future oil change needs.

Debra – Warren, MI 1/2/2015 Thumbs up to the Service Manager, Ryan, and his team Utility Tec, Alex J, and Lower Tech, Alex. In addition to that team, Kevin, explained a lot to me with some good advice. It is always a pleasure to visit Store 1129 when Ryan and his team are on board. Thanks, Uncle Ed's!