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Experience Michigan's Best Oil Change right here in Kalamazoo. Conveniently located on Westnedge Road (only three minutes from Bells Brewery), our friendly and knowledgeable technician staff will service your car, truck, or van with a fast and professional oil and oil filter change. But that's only the beginning!

In addition we provide a thorough 19-point inspection with advice on the condition of your vehicle. We will check your car's fluids and if they are low, we can top them off. As an added courtesy we set your tire pressure, check your exterior lights, inspect the wiper blades and hand wash the windshield. All in just 10-15 minutes!

Our Westnedge Road location is a full-service location, meaning we can perform additional preventative maintenance services such as transmission fluid and radiator flushes, help increase gas mileage with our engine additives and treatments, and install or replace air filters, wiper blades, and bulbs.

Our service doesn't stop once you leave! As a valued customer you receive our free fluid and tire check in between oil changes - a $25 value yours free to use as many times as you’d like!

Staff Information

Market Manager Greg Wierenga for Uncle Eds Oil Shoppe on 3429 S. Westnedge in Kalamazoo, MI 49008

Greg Wierenga
Market Manager

Store Manager for Uncle Eds Oil Shoppe on 3429 S. Westnedge in Kalamazoo, MI 49008

Andre Pagan
Store Manager

Ask our Customers
  • Everything was good checked and showed me everything on my car

    Hussen – Clinton Twp, MI 5/31/2019

  • They do a good job here!

    Krista – Macomb, MI 5/10/2019

  • Everything was great!

    Major – Detroit, MI 5/10/2019

Recent Customer Reviews

Jeff – Portage, MI 6/17/2019 I needed my power steering and transmission fluid changed in my car and I thought the technician that worked on my car, Joshua L., did a really great job. He was very friendly and explained everything he was doing. He even filled up my washer fluid and put air in my tires, which I was really pleased he did that. I was really happy with the service I received. I am going to go back soon and have my cooling system flushed. Thanks!!

Emily – Kalamazoo, MI 6/13/2019 Very professional, friendly staff

Laura – KALAMAZOO, MI 6/12/2019 Good service from manager, Andre, Josh ,Kalob. I recommend this location if you want great service

Kayla – Portage, MI 6/6/2019 Andre and Eric (aka Tony) provided great service. They didn’t judge me when I had no idea how to turn on my lights (they were automatic) and they were able to joke around as well which made the visit that much better. Overall, it was yet another great experience at Uncle Ed’s. Keep up the good work guys and don’t worry I will make sure to be just as sarcastic to you at the next!

Trisha – Kalamazoo, MI 6/4/2019 So convenient!

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Anastasia – Kalamazoo, MI 5/28/2019 They were great

Ann – Kalamazoo, MI 5/16/2019 Staff was friendly and service was fast.

Cody – Portage, MI 5/14/2019 Andre did wonderful and Jaslyn is learning quick!

Alexander – Parchment, MI 5/12/2019 It was very good service

Kristen – Kalamazoo, MI 5/12/2019 Devon the technician was very nice and helpful checking everything on my car. Cody the service advisor was also very friendly and personable, both did an outstanding job and the service was very fast.

Ryan – Kalamazoo, MI 5/10/2019 Great service

Sheri – Kalamazoo, MI 5/10/2019 Andre, Cody and Devon were all very friendly and helpful in telling me how certain things on my car were doing and when certain things were due, and completed the service with great speed. I'll definitely be coming back to the location on Westnedge and referring those guys to my friends!

Adam – Portage, MI 5/7/2019 They did a great job

Sarah – Kalamazoo, MI 5/6/2019 They were very busy, so it took a little longer than expected, but they were very grateful and apologized for the wait. Andre & Grant gave me great service and I will be back!

Luke – Kalamazoo, MI 5/2/2019 Amazing service

Amy – Three Rivers, MI 4/27/2019 I’m very pleased with the level of service.

Ray – Kalamazoo, MI 4/26/2019 Thank You!

Jeana – Portage, MI 4/25/2019 I have been coming to Uncle Ed's in Kalamazoo County for many years and always have great service no matter which location I pick. I appreciate the fast, professional, effective services.

Bertha – Kalamazoo, MI 4/23/2019 It was excellent, boys were very friendly

Shawn – Kalamazoo, MI 4/11/2019 Great service

Jarena – Kalamazoo, MI 4/5/2019 Devin was very kind and professional and Justin was polite and respectful!

Larry – Kalamazoo, MI 3/19/2019 Nice and fast.

Bobby – Kalamazoo, MI 3/19/2019 Excellent service as always

Meghan – Kalamazoo, MI 3/19/2019 Great service

Mary – Kalamazoo, MI 3/16/2019 Andrew was great assisting me with a new car I just purchased. Great service, I will definitely be coming back for my recommendations.

Bonnie – Kalamazoo, MI 3/16/2019 Andrew and Devon of great help and kind hearted.

Isaiah – Kalamazoo, MI 3/14/2019 My first visit to Uncle Ed's was an excellent visit. Andrew was very informative with every question I had, while also being communicative with what Uncle Ed's had to offer. Justin was quick, clean, and professional about his work... Overall my visit was vvery cool and those two make a great team. I definitely plan to return. .

Jerjuan – Detroit, MI 3/14/2019 Good fast service

Todd – KALAMAZOO, MI 3/14/2019 Great speed

Brandon – Kalamazoo, MI 3/14/2019 Great service

Marco – Kalamazoo, MI 3/14/2019 Good job

Gene – Kalamazoo, MI 3/14/2019 Andrew and Devon were extremely friendly and professional

Mike – Kalamazoo, MI 3/14/2019 Nice and fast and friendly

Bob – Portage, MI 3/14/2019 Great service

Nicole – Cincinnati, MI 3/14/2019 Andrew and Devon were a great help. I was on a business call the entire time and they found a way to let me know everything that I needed done without me having to end my call or put them on hold. They did an amazing job and I will be back for all future oil changes.

Ben/Lisa – Kalamazoo, MI 3/11/2019 I bring all my vehicles here because of the service provided. You are always friendly fast and helpful, and Andrew and Eric were no different today. I can in early afternoon late morning and they were full of energy working together as a team and I could tell that they had a system down for oil changes. One of my best experiences I have ever had st uncle eds. Good work and keep it up.

Anthony – Watervliet, MI 3/11/2019 Andrew was extremely professional and knowledgeable. He isn't pushy at all for a sale and I can tell he truly cares about me and not the bottom line of the business

Jennifer – Kalamazoo, MI 3/9/2019 Fast exelent service

Dianne – Kalamazoo, MI 3/9/2019 Andrew and Devin were extremely friendly and professional. They were able to explain everything that I needed to have done in a way that I could understand as I know nothing about cars.

Paul – Kalamazoo, MI 3/9/2019 Great speed.

Jeremy – Kalamazoo, MI 3/9/2019 Excellent job great speed and friendly

Michael – Scotts, MI 3/9/2019 Great service

Michelle – Portage, MI 3/9/2019 Great job and fast

Karla – Kalamazoo, MI 3/4/2019 Great fast service.

Demetrius – Kalamazoo, MI 2/27/2019 Great customer service very nice men

LISA – KALAMAZOO, MI 2/22/2019 Good fast and friendly

Cory – Battle Creek, MI 2/22/2019 Great service

Laura – Kalamazoo, MI 2/22/2019 I came in for washer fluid and Andrew noticed my Wipers were tearing and recommened them be replaced. I had no idea they were tearing. I am extremely great Ik for Andrew and Justin at uncle eds on westnedge for there thoughtfulness and attention to the little details of my car.

Robert – KALAMAZOO, MI 2/22/2019 Great fast service

Kirstyn – Kalamazoo, MI 2/22/2019 Andrew and Justin were fast and friendly. I loved my visit and will be coming back.

Alisa – Kalamazoo, MI 2/22/2019 Very friendly and professional

Emily – Portage, MI 2/16/2019 Great service

Kimi – Kalamazoo, MI 2/16/2019 Came in with my car making a whining noise and needed my power steering fluid changed. So glad that Andrew and Justin were friendly and knew how to help me out as I'll be on the highway all over the state for the next two days.

Craig – Kalamazoo, MI 2/15/2019 Very good fast service. Love coming here.

Sue – Kalamazoo, MI 2/15/2019 Great speed

Terrence – Kalamazoo, MI 2/15/2019 Very friendly will be back.

George – Kalamazoo, MI 2/15/2019 Great job

Susan – Kalamazoo, MI 2/15/2019 Good service a littlesow but they were busy.

Robert – Kalamazoo, MI 2/15/2019 Great time

Mackenzie – South Lyon, MI 2/14/2019 Andrew and Devin were incredible!!

Sara – Kalamazoo, MI 2/12/2019 Andrew did a very good job and was extremely thorough- he is good at upselling due to his knowledge of the different product features and benefits.

Joe – Kalamazoo, MI 2/10/2019 Well done by both guys working

Amanda – Kalamazoo, MI 2/9/2019 Andrew Devon and Justin were fast and professional

Josh – Kalamazoo, MI 2/9/2019 Once again Andrew and Justin were the best. They did another oil change for me early in the morning with the same level of care and speed.

Ashely – Kalamazoo, MI 2/9/2019 Andrew and Justin were very friendly and professional. And got my ok change done first thing in the morning with a smile.

Pamela – Kalamazoo, MI 2/4/2019 I stopped in for a top off. As always great service

Dakota – Kalamazoo, MI 2/2/2019 Andrew, Devon, and Justin were fantastic!

Jack – Kalamazoo, MI 2/1/2019 Very friendly

Lucille – Kalamazoo, MI 2/1/2019 I've been to multiple locations but always come back to this one because of the level of friendliness and care they prove

Veronica – Vicksburg, MI 2/1/2019 Excellent speed.

John – Portage, MI 2/1/2019 Good service

Elyce – Paw Paw, MI 2/1/2019 Very good service. Judging was very friendly and Andrew was extremely helpful even letting me know about the emailed coupons, which reminded me that I had an email but never looked down far enough to see the coupons. I love the fact that they thought of me and my budget enough to inform me of coupons available to be. Will definitely be back for every oil change from now on. Thank you so much for all your help.

Lawanda – Kalamazoo, MI 1/26/2019 Excellent customer service love this location

Jeana – Kalamazoo, MI 1/26/2019 Good service

Anthony – Kalamazoo, MI 1/26/2019 Will be back for serpentine belt

Margaret – Kalamazoo, MI 1/26/2019 I came in with my 2005 prius to have my tires filled. I do this a lot and really love the service. After service was rendered, I tried to leave but my car would not re start up. The guys at uncle heads, especially Andrew B told me repeatedly it was ok. I felt super frustrated and embarrassed that my car was stuck in their bay. However they assured me it was ok and allowed me the space to try and cycle my cars power. When that did not work, they trouble shot with me, eventually jumping my battery so we could get the trunk open (prius needs power to open the stupid trunk) It was there that we discovered that my battery not only was dead, but frozen solid in two inches of frozen water. Andrew actually had to order me a battery, calling around to many stores to get one fast....and spent his time and energy chiseling the battery out of the ice....as well as getting all of the ice out of the compartment so it could not melt later. Everyone there was very friendly and made me feel welcome and calm. It did take over an hour, but for how much they had to do to get my trunk open, battery ordered and old battery/ice removed. I felt it was not a bad wait time. 100% A++++ service, glad my car decided to die here and not anywhere else.

Jason – Portage, MI 1/26/2019 Very friendly and informative without being pushy for a sale.

Justin – Mattawan, MI 1/26/2019 Very informative

Samueel – Kalamazoo, MI 1/26/2019 Great service

Anthony – Kalamazoo, MI 1/26/2019 Good service

Theodore – Kalamazoo, MI 1/26/2019 Great job very helpful

Jeff – Kalamazoo, MI 1/26/2019 Great service

Lorraine – Portage , MI 1/26/2019 Andrew and Justin were amazing. We came in to get the tires set and they asked to check out the lights and Wipers for us free of charge. We ended up needing new wiper blades and we're short on money but they informed us that we had over $50 in rewards and could use them for the wiper blades, which made them affordable for us be be able to get. I love the customer service they provided and that they car about our safety. I will definitely be coming back for my next oil change

Deanna – Kalamazoo, MI 1/25/2019 I love this store. The workers are friendly and competent. I have never had a bad experience and I have been there many times. I won't go anywhere else. Andrew the manager was excellent.

Hunter – Kalamazoo, MI 1/25/2019 Justin and Andrew were very helpful

Richard – Kalamazoo, MI 1/25/2019 Andrew and Devin were very helpful

Brok – Kalamazoo, MI 1/25/2019 Good service good speed and friendly

Jonathan – Kalamazoo, MI 1/25/2019 Excellent service very friendly and caring.

SCOTT – MATTAWAN, MI 1/22/2019 Great service

Nicholas – Kalamazoo, MI 1/22/2019 Excellent service, Andrew the manager is very professional and knowledgeable Eric is very friendly

Nolan – Kalamazoo, MI 1/21/2019 Really amazing service and very knowledgeable, kind, and thoughtful technicians and Manager. Devon was kind and very helpful. Justin was knowledgeable and offered every opportunity to choose whichever service I would need. Andrew, the Manager, is definitely running a well organized and clean shop. I advise keeping them all around.

Jill – Fulton, MI 1/16/2019 Great service

ROBERT – KALAMAZOO, MI 1/11/2019 Andrew and Devin were very knowledgeable and friendly

Matthew Carolyn – Portage, MI 1/9/2019 Andrew and Greg were fast and friendly.

Brad – Kalamazoo, MI 1/8/2019 Great fast service.

Katherine – Portage, MI 1/6/2019 I don’t really know of anything to add.

Michael – Portage, MI 1/5/2019 Excellent job.

Janaeva – Kalamazoo, MI 1/5/2019 Andrew and Justin very very friendly and professional.

Sarah – Kalamazoo, MI 1/4/2019 Andrew the manager was awesome. And the other two, Devon and Justin, were just as great. Best oil change experience EVER. Thanks!!!

Tim – Mattawan, MI 1/2/2019 Andrew and Devon were great

Vanessa – Colon, MI 12/29/2018 We love coming here the service is excellent.

Jose – Kalamazoo, MI 12/21/2018 Love coming to this location.

Denise – Kalamazoo, MI 12/19/2018 Great service

Orla – Climax, MI 12/15/2018 There were 3 guys and I was the only customer for the first 15 minutes! The sign in front advertised a 10 minute oil change and it took almost 30 minutes! Horrible service!!!!

Gerardo – Moline, MI 12/14/2018 Very helpful and understanding.

Andrew – Kalamazoo, MI 12/14/2018 I called earlier and asked for an oil change price. And Andrew told me about the coupons online. I got a coupon online for $20 off and was able to afford my oil change. Thank you for being so helpful and caring.

Grace – Battle Creek, MI 12/14/2018 A little bit slow but I understand as they were busy. Still great fast service.

Syed Hamza – Kalamazoo, MI 12/14/2018 I work for Ford and love coming to uclle Eds because i know that you will take the same great care of my vehicle that I do when I'm making the vehicles.

Nick – Three Rivers, MI 12/14/2018 Brought my own oil and filter and they still treated me like a valued customer. Great service.

Shirley – Kalamazoo, MI 12/14/2018 Great service and very informative will be back for next oil change.

Kelly – Kalamazoo, MI 12/14/2018 I'm so glad you are always understanding of my budget, this is why I keep coming back.

Brian – Kalamazoo, MI 12/14/2018 Great speed for my oil top off

Danielle – Kalamazoo, MI 12/14/2018 Great service and friendliness

Laura – Kalamazoo, MI 12/14/2018 Good service r

Angelisa – Kalamazoo, MI 12/14/2018 Good fast oil change.

Jose – Kalamazoo, MI 12/14/2018 Great service

Mary – Kalamazoo, MI 12/13/2018 Great Service. Andrew was even able to check my cabin filter which is previously been told I didn't, and I was able to get it replaced. Very nice and friendly. A big thank-you to the boys at Uncle Eds on Westnedge

Clairise – Kalamazoo, MI 12/13/2018 I have to go to Detroit and back today and was told th as t Uncle Eds does good fast oil changes and thought I'd try them out. Andrew and Devon did an amazing job and helped me take Greer care of my car so that it would not only male the trip but last me a long time as well. Great job gentlemen and I'll be back for all future oil changes.

Timothy – Grand Rapids, MI 12/13/2018 Andrew and Devon were were extremely friendly and professional.

Daryl – Kalamazoo, MI 12/11/2018 Great job and really quick

William – Kalamazoo, MI 12/10/2018 Great service and excellent speed.

Noelle – Kalamazoo, MI 12/10/2018 Great service

Tauhric – Kalamazoo, MI 12/1/2018 great staff and service. keep up the good work.

James – Kalamazoo, MI 11/19/2018 Very friendly techs!

Mac – Kalamazoo, MI 11/19/2018 Greg the manager was very helpful! I will be back

Ashleigh – Kalamazoo, MI 11/13/2018 The manager at the time, Cole, was so great! I hate to admit that I know nothing about cars but..I know nothing about cars. He explained it well enough that even I understood what was going on and I appreciate that! Service was great and I will definitely come back.

Wanda – Kalamazoo, MI 11/12/2018 I will begin with OMG...Cole & Eric were AWESOME. When I say they went way beyond the call of duty, I really mean it. I stopped in for a simple air check for my tires. My Jeep had been sitting outside for a few days while we were on vacation. When getting back in my Jeep I noticed that my low tire pressure light was on so I headed to the nearest Uncle Ed's Shoppe to air up the tires, at the S. Westnedge location. After airing my tires, I begin chatting with one of the technicians when he noticed a mouse running under the wiper blades of my Jeep and going under the hood. Being horribly terrified I immediately let out a scream and asked if my son and I could safety get out of the car. He said yes and instructed us to stand in the front by the big bay doors. Before I knew it they had rolled up the windows to keep the little fury guy from getting inside the vehicle and both Cole & Eric were desperately searching for the mouse that had disappeared somewhere under the hood. After about 15 minutes (which seemed like a lifetime - LOL), they finally got the little critter to surrender and it ran from the vehicle somewhere in the Shoppe. I have always had great service with Uncle Ed's in the past but again they went beyond expectations with this visit. Hats off to Cole & Eric for a job well done. I will definitely return to this location for future needs. Thanks again to Cole and Eric - YOU BOTH ROCK!!! Mrs. Wanda Thomas!

Darius – Kalamazoo, MI 11/10/2018 Cole was very polite and professional. He answered all of my questions with a smile and made me feel confident in the service that i received. Even though i spent more than i was expecting because i got my engine cleaned I am completely satisfied with this visit. THANK YOU!

CHERYL – Portage, MI 11/7/2018 Cody Heinzman and Andre both serviced my car and both very professional and friendly. We won’t go anywhere else now and we tell everyone the great experience coming here!

Allie – Kalamazoo, MI 11/3/2018 I had not been to an Uncle Ed's in awhile due to a previous visit which I was not thrilled with. I visited this location today out of convenience. I am happy that I did. Both Cole W. and Devon M. were very polite, professional, and knowledgeable. The oil change itself was quick. Cole informed me of all the things with my vehicle that were recommended to be serviced. He was very informative and not pushy about any of the information. Based on this experience I will definitely be back to visit this Uncle Ed's location as he has restored my trust in Uncle Ed's.

Stephen – Kalamazoo, MI 10/30/2018 They always tell me what I need, but never pressure me. Always walks me through what could be going on with my vehicle. Always quick. Always friendly. Will keep coming back.

Chalen – Kalamazoo, MI 10/27/2018 Amazing service I don't know why I would even go to another place for the same services.

TERESA – Kalamazoo, MI 10/14/2018 Everything was great they did a great job!

Stacey – Kalamazoo, MI 10/5/2018 Did a great job!

CHERYL – Portage, MI 9/9/2018 My first time there and very impressed by The professional guys there. We will definitely go back!

David – Kalamazoo, MI 9/3/2018 Friendly service

Chance – Kalamazoo, MI 9/1/2018 Manager Greg was outstanding! Extremely friendly and helpful. It could help some potential customers if it was advertised which oil brands are used. Kensington and Mobil 1 are a plus for me, and could be to others who are particular to what brands/products they use on/in their vehicles.

Aaron – Flint, MI 8/8/2018 Great. High price though

Jesus – Kalamazoo, MI 8/8/2018 Great job!

Ram – Portage, MI 8/6/2018 The guys were nice, but forgetful. They sold me on a licence plate light, but had to be reminded. I also had to remind them to clean my windshield twice.

Sebastian – Kalamazoo, MI 8/3/2018 I pulled in right away, no wait. Then I waited in my car for a while before my first conversation. I just needed an oil change. Then I waited for a really long time for the oil change to start. I was extremely disappointed that it took almost an hour for an oil change when I pulled right into an empty bay. Nothing fast about this visit. Very disappointing.

Pamela – Kalamazoo, MI 8/1/2018 The initial wait was a little longer than I'd like. But, all 3 bays were full and only 2 people working. They were excellent, it wasn't their fault there was not enough help.

Kate – Kalamazoo, MI 7/24/2018 Friendly and fast service.

James – Kalamazoo, MI 7/20/2018 The service was superior to any other shop I've attended! Your service manager and associates were all pleasant, knowledgeable and trustworthy. I will definitely be doing all my oil change services at this location!

Anthony – Kalamazoo, MI 7/18/2018 Andrew and Devin were amazing. I came in with little money to get just a basic oil change and when I told them I didn't want anything but the oil change their attitudes and energy didn't change at all. They gave me the same level of care and attention as if I was spending hundreds of dollars. I will definitely come back again and tell everyone I can about the service provided at the Westnedge location. Enough praise cannot be given to these to amazing young gentleman.

Shaquilla – Kalamazoo, MI 7/18/2018 Came in for a high milage oil change and Andrew was very thorough with explaining everything going I didn't understand and what all my car needed. I had no idea that the power steering was so bad and was able to get that taken care of right away. I love the customer service I recieved here and will definitely be back for my next oil change. Everyone is always so friendly and professional, that I don't kind paying a little bit extra for my oil changes because I know the service I'm going to get will be top of the line.

Derik – Kalamazoo, MI 7/17/2018 Stupidly expensive. Makes me want to learn to change my own oil.

James – Kalamazoo, MI 7/16/2018 I want to let you know that I quit coming to Uncle Ed's because if poor service. Thanks to Andrew B. I'm going to continue my services with your business.

Adam – Schoolcraft, MI 7/16/2018 I came in because I was going out of town and needed to get my oil changed. My normal mechanic was busy so I decided to give uncle eds a chance. They were busy when I got there but got to me pretty quick. Answered all my questions and helped me out with my wiper blade that broke when i was driving on the highway. Will come back again in the future. Thank you to Andrew and Eric for their hard work and great teamwork.

Lyal – Kalamazoo, MI 7/11/2018 Great Service!

Madison – Warren, MI 6/23/2018 Good work

Jeff – Kalamazoo, MI 6/20/2018 Asked to have tire pressure checked. Only other service besides oil change performed. OK by me, in a hurry, fastest oil change ever. Reached in window and reset oil life monitor without asking. Fastest ever!

Steven – Kalamazoo, MI 6/18/2018 The eeee

Dan – Kalamazoo, MI 6/12/2018 Samar and Eric did a great job

Pamela – Kalamazoo, MI 6/7/2018 I just stopped in for a top off and tire check

Andrew – Portage, MI 5/22/2018 The "shout out's" to each other and attempts at funny unique "little ditties" are not impressive! Quite honesty, I think it's unprofessional and stupid.

Jesus – Kalamazoo, MI 5/22/2018 Great job!

Sherie – Lansing, MI 5/12/2018 Andrew and Foster did a great job.

Jacob – Kalamazoo, MI 5/4/2018 Got notified of a possible issue and was offered a service that would keep that issue from happening.

Tyler – Kalamazoo, MI 4/26/2018 Absolutely amazing service, give everyone a raise.Very professional.

Aleena – Kalamazoo, MI 4/19/2018 The manager and technician were both very knowledgeable and professional. I had a great experience and will be returning for my next oil change. Thank you!

Carlton – Battle Creek, MI 4/19/2018 Great fast friendly service.

Dominque – Kalamazoo, MI 4/16/2018 Great service! Very informal

Kaidee – Hillsdale, MI 4/13/2018 they did a good job, very informative. it was a great experience.

Clayton – Kalamazoo, MI 4/2/2018 Prices are ridiculous, and I get the sales pitch about it being top tier and service... I will go to my dealership for oil changes at $39.99 every time from now on. Felt pressured into paying $79.99+tax for an oil change after everything your workers had to do before they finally pitched me the price of it... A OIL CHANGE...$79.99+tax honestly think about that uncle Ed's. You have Walmart doing it for $17, dealerships for 39.99-49.99 and you think the customer service and a couple cheap top offs is worth an extra $40?

Abby – Parchment, MI 3/30/2018 thank you!

Anna – Kalamazoo, MI 3/29/2018 Everyone was polite and efficient.

Jeremy – Kalamazoo, MI 3/29/2018 Manager was told I only wanted an oil change. He said he looked at my antifreeze and it looked low and asked if I wanted him to top it off. He never mentioned a $10 fee for half of a quart. Usually I'm given the pad back and I complete the remaining survey at that point. I could see that he took the ipad back into the office and completed the survey himself. Not only will I NOT be using uncle eds again but I will make sure I post to as many social networking sites not to use uncle eds either. Poor service for someone who claims to be your site manager.

Nancy – Kalamazoo, MI 3/24/2018 I was so very impressed how friendly and helpful the staff was. Thank you to them.

Jerry – Kalamazoo, MI 3/20/2018 great service, see you next time!

Norma – Southfield, MI 3/19/2018 The service at this store is amazing! Each time that I had a question about my car, Foster W answered them with such clarity as well as provided me with real-life examples that better helped me understand exactly how the car parts function. Overall, great experience and I will definitely come back within 3,000 miles :)

KIM – Kalamazoo, MI 3/18/2018 I was only in to have my fluids topped off. I did also purchase an air filter at their suggestion.

Dan – Kalamazoo, MI 3/17/2018 Very friendly, helpful, and efficient staff. Kudos to Foster for the excellent service!

BILAL – Kalamazoo, MI 3/16/2018 Service was phenomenal. Andrew , the employee assigned to my car, was extremely friendly and professional. The only criticism I have is that It took a little long, other than that, it was awesome.

Sarah – Portage, MI 3/10/2018 Over an hour for an oil change. The asst manager worked on me and got very frustratd trying to do something under the hood and became very short with me. Said i need an extra 1/2 quart then said never mind. So im left thinking i needed it but it was too much effort. The other location in town is muuuuch bettet all around.

Carmela – Kalamazoo, MI 3/6/2018 Foster was great! Explained every thing i needed done which helped so much! He didnt make me feel dumb at all, he was polite and straight to the point , I bring in my moms car and he gave me good tips to tell her for upkeeping the oil and such , i get my car serviced at a dealership but im going to bring it to Fosters store next time he was awesome! Definitely will tell my friends and family to take it to Fosters location should they need a oil change or anything they can get done at uncles eds

Tavaron – Kalamazoo, MI 3/4/2018 Andrew was a great help to me and excellent customer service

Azia – Kalamazoo, MI 3/3/2018 Good job very nice

Kelly – Kalamazoo, MI 2/23/2018 Very knowledgeable staff, informed me of what services I required for vehicle and explained the reasons. Also letting me know what potential future issues could arise without service and what benefits there are. Happy with service.

Daniel – Gobles, MI 2/22/2018 i normaly get an oil change at my local garage but was in the area so i swang in and astonished how much you charge and then you got the managers trying to sell all these different services . i get an oil change for less then 20.00 bucks and alot of times i do it myself. this time i spent over 100. for oil change, air filter and 1 wiper blade. wow i wont do that again. FOSTER W. WAS THE MANAGER A REAL NICE GUY &ERIC L. WAS THE TEC

Danielle – Three Rivers, MI 2/20/2018 Foster was so kind, friendly, and informative. While I don't know a lot about cars, I felt like I could trust him. He was very personable as well. I only ever go to Uncle Ed's for my oil changes because of people like this. They make the company as great as it is. All of the guys are great. I never have a problem. Thank you, Uncle Ed's!!

Tony – Kalamazoo, MI 2/17/2018 Fast & efficient service. Always a pleasure to stop by this location.

Precious – Kalamazoo, MI 2/16/2018 Great experience every time

Amanda – Lawton, MI 2/15/2018 Foster W. and Andrew B. made a great team! Very professional service!

Quiana – Kalamazoo, MI 2/15/2018 Andrew and Foster were wonderful, honest and friendly. They were both great!

Andrew – Jones, MI 2/15/2018 The Manager on Duty, Foster, was excellent! Very friendly and professional.

Rachel – Kalamazoo, MI 2/12/2018 Great service!

Trevor – Kalamazoo, MI 2/12/2018 everything was explained thoroughly in clear terms. all the employees communicated well with each other. service was fast and friendly. that's why i always come back to this location.

Robert – Kalamazoo, MI 2/12/2018 Everyone in the shope was very helpful

John – Kalamazoo, MI 2/10/2018 Everything was great could make cost lower. The guys were great!

Ray – KALAMAZOO, MI 2/10/2018 Manager on duty (Foster) was great and fast. Great servive experience

Saleh – Kalamazoo , MI 2/8/2018 Super cool, great employees.

Brad – Kalamazoo, MI 2/7/2018 Too much of a sales push is the only thing i dont like about Uncle Eds

Barbara – Kalamazoo, MI 2/6/2018 Have had very positive experiences with Uncle Ed's for many years. Appreciate it very much.

Twan – Muskegon, MI 2/6/2018 Eric and Samad where terrific

Carl – Kalamazoo, MI 2/1/2018 Lot's of offers for service. I couldn't afford all of them. It was a good experience.

Rick And Felicia – Kalamazoo, MI 1/30/2018 They always do great work on my car!

Pamela – Kalamazoo, MI 1/20/2018 Just needed a tire checked this time. Be back in 500 miles for an oil change!

Taras – Kalamazoo, MI 1/8/2018 nothing to add

Lucille – Kalamazoo, MI 12/18/2017 I wanted to get high mileage oil change but had to decline because the pre purchase oil change only allows you to pre purchase what is being done at the time. I can't afford the high mileage every time and purchase other items from your great service techs. So allow pre purchase oil change options.

Jason – Portage, MI 12/17/2017 Nice job!

Philip – Kalamazoo, MI 12/16/2017 I have people, but it was a weekend and they were not available.

Jesus – Kalamazoo, MI 12/14/2017 Great job!

Joe – KALAMAZOO, MI 12/12/2017 The service was fine. However, the manager was so overly interested in trying to sell me high priced extra services I didn't need that he failed to check the work of the technician that performed the work under the vehicle. The technician apparently didn't know how to install the oil filter the new oil filter on my Toyota Sequoia. The housing around the filter was broken and it wasn't installed correctly. By the next afternoon, when I noticed it, it had leaked 3 quarts of oil. It cost me almost $200 to have it fixed I will be contacting the manager to get reimbursed for this as well as the cost of the overly expensive oil change that was performed by your company. I've been using Uncle Ed's for years and this is the second time something was done completely wrong or damaged by your staff. I will be hard-pressed to continue using Uncle Ed's in the future.

Alexis – Kalamazoo, MI 12/11/2017 Eric (technician) was very socialable very knowledgeable, made sure I knew what was going on at all times and made everything easy to understand. This was my first time going to uncle Ed's and from what I heard they were expensive but had good service my opinion was that the service was fatastic and Eric made sure that everything I was spending was needed and he expressed the importance so the amount of money didn't bother me as much.

Nick – Kalamazoo, MI 12/10/2017 This was my first ever time coming into Uncle Ed's. The staff took fantastic care of me, and were very informative. I left today feeling more knowledgeable about my car than I was when I came in. I will definitely be back!

David – Kalamazoo, MI 12/6/2017 Great service

Khandel – Kalamazoo, MI 11/29/2017 They were very helpful and honest

TAYLOR – Kalamazoo, MI 11/29/2017 Super friendly and fast!

Jonathan – Kalamazoo, MI 11/29/2017 Great job

David – Kalamazoo, MI 11/17/2017 I was satisfied with the service but would like to see less of the technician trying to sell me additional services when I only came in for an oil change.

Cedar – Kalamazoo, MI 11/17/2017 Friendly over the phone as well. Good customer service

Allison – Kalamazoo, MI 11/11/2017 As a classic doubter of many people, I was surprised by my joyful interactions with the men in blue today. And it's cold! Hearing them sing falsetto was the highlight, as well as encourage each other. Amongst many chemicals, there was not an ounce of toxic masculinity to be found. Staff was kind, humble and gentle.

Matthew – Kalamazoo, MI 11/10/2017 In a state without required vehicle inspection it's nice to have a place that does a quick and thorough check of what's going on under the hood.

Kevin – Kalamazoo, MI 11/7/2017 Super sweet people! Great service!

Jesus – Kalamazoo, MI 11/6/2017 Great Job!

Ezra – Dewitt, MI 11/3/2017 Samad N and Francis C did a fantastic job and my vehicle is now ready for the next adventure!

Ezra – Dewitt, MI 11/2/2017 Both Francis and Samad were very professional as usual. I will continue to come back as long as they are employed at this location. Appreciate the honest work and feedback on my vehicle from them.

Josh – Three Rivers, MI 10/30/2017 It was informative. I will only do oil changes there. Any thing else I'll take to my mechanic

Philip – Kalamazoo, MI 10/25/2017 Good service

Allison – Battle Creek, MI 10/25/2017 Great job!

James – Detroit, MI 10/21/2017 Good friendly personalities!

Rev. Lawrence – Galesburg, MI 9/12/2017 Frances is an exemplary manager, kind & professional too!

Will – Kalamazoo, MI 9/7/2017 Great work and great music

David – Kalamazoo, MI 8/31/2017 Great people and service

Lin – Kalamazoo, MI 8/30/2017 All good

Rhoda – Kalamazoo, MI 8/22/2017 You guys were very friendly!

Scott – Kalamazoo, MI 8/19/2017 Samad did a great job of performing the oil change and provided excrement customer service.

Emil – Battle Creek, MI 8/19/2017 Excellent customer service and good feedback on services I might need.

Jerry – Battle Creek, MI 8/18/2017 Was a good experience thank you

Charles – Mendon, MI 8/18/2017 Good work!

Lisa – Kalamazoo, MI 8/17/2017 Great service!

Patrick – Kalamazoo, MI 8/16/2017 Everybody was very professional and the service was great!

Rachael – Kalamazoo, MI 8/14/2017 My customer service advisor was very flexible with pricing and services and helped me work out what was best for my car within and within my budget

Matthew – Kalamazoo, MI 8/12/2017 You guys were great!

Kimberly – Kalamazoo, MI 8/6/2017 I am always a little disillusioned when I go to Uncle Ed's. The dog and pony show has gotten a little better over the last few times I've been there. Not quite so over the top. I don't want to be entertained when I get my oil changed. Sometimes I save the task to use as an excuse to go and not have to think about anything for that 15 or so minutes. There are many "jokes" around now about women taking their cars in for some kind of service and the "technician" tries to sell the "blinker fluid". It's only funny because it's true. I get that selling extra services is how the money is made but I think with this visit it was taken a little too far. I was told about a "rebate" didn't receive the info about it, nor has there been a email or any communication about how to get that rebate (it's been 2 days), so I'm out $15 there. I was asked if I wanted nitrogen in my tires, said "no regular air is fine". At the end of the oil change the "technician" said "last thing, if you can answer a few questions (I assumed a survey), we can get you nitrogen in your tires as a thank you". I thought okay cool, rewards program....something for free, why not? Looking at my print out after I got home, there was a $3 discount for the nitrogen that is marked "web survey". I pretty sure this survey would have been on any receipt. I was under the impression that the technician had additional questions and thought I was being helpful by agreeing to spend a little more time (so another $33) I'm out. Let's see, that's $48. In answer to your "was I informed of additional services" of course I was, all to the tune of about $300 more dollars, mind you I actually spent $190.92 and they wanted me to spend $300? I think I will start taking my vehicles somewhere else that when I go in for an oil change, I get an oil change. The convenience (within walking distance of my home) is not really worth it to me. We have 2 vehicles, each of my children has a vehicle that have all been serviced at Uncle Ed's at one time or another, and before this incident, where quite honestly I feel I was taken advantage of, (especially with the nitrogen thing), convenience won out. I don't feel good about doing further business with your company. Thanks for listening. Would love to hear your thoughts but don't really expect to hear from you. Thanks for the opportunity to voice my concerns.

Bradley – Kalamazoo, MI 8/3/2017 Francis and Saad had excellent communication throughput the entire service. You don't see that very often.

Tessa – Kalamazoo, MI 7/31/2017 Salad and Will were amazing!

Bret – Kalamazoo, MI 7/27/2017 You guys are always quick

James – Kalamazoo, MI 7/17/2017 Your locations are very convenient

Nadyia – Kalamazoo, MI 7/17/2017 Samad and Francis were very knowledgeagle and helpful!

Mitch – Kalamazoo, MI 7/15/2017 Everything was fine

Monaesha – Kalamazoo, MI 7/13/2017 You guys did a great job being and informing me of all of the services my car needs!

Lorelei – Buffalo Grove, MI 7/13/2017 You guys did a decent job

Chris – Kalamazoo, MI 7/7/2017 Great job!

Ezra – DeWitt, MI 6/26/2017 Francis and Samad were both very helpful, professional & courteous.

Jeff – Kalamazoo, MI 6/12/2017 I keep coming back because of the great service and coupons that you offer.

Aspen – Lawton, MI 6/6/2017 I have a long drive this weekend and I wanted to get my oil changed as well as a general checkup, the manager was incredibly polite and helpful, as well as the mechanic! They were both very understanding and helped me through what they were doing, why, and showing me what they did. I'm very satisfied and will definitely be returning for my next oil change!

Heather – Three Rivers, MI 6/5/2017 very fast and friendly and went above and beyond to make sure my vehicle was safe. Also did not have my email coupon with me but the manager still honored it.

Jorge – Kalamazoo, MI 6/4/2017 service was better then other plaves i been im

Garrett – Mattawan, MI 6/1/2017 Very friendly service from both people working on the car. Gave me time updates and kept me informed.

Bria – Kalamazoo, MI 5/26/2017 They went above and beyond. Francis even peeled the old stickers out of my windshield for me. Great service

Shalaya – Kalamazoo, MI 5/18/2017 It was a great visit

Toni – Decatur, MI 5/15/2017 You guys were very thorough and we were very satisfied with our visit. We will be sure to come back!

Steve – Kalamazoo, MI 5/12/2017 Personnel were very nice and professional.

Linda – Kalamazoo, MI 5/8/2017 Tell your technicians, they need to stop putting oil smugges on people's car's. Or you can expect a bill from my detailer next time.

Thomas – Kalamazoo, MI 5/5/2017 Good work!

Augusta – Kalamazoo, MI 5/3/2017 Fast service

Dan – Kalamazoo, MI 5/1/2017 Francis and Eric did a great job.

Andrea – Kalamazoo, MI 4/26/2017 Great job!

Steve – Portage, MI 4/24/2017 Did not get windshield clean. Brought it to their attention. Agreed it was not clean,but did nothing about it.

Nhung – Portage, MI 4/21/2017 Good work!

Jimmie – Kalamazoo, MI 4/17/2017 Unlike other places, the people here let me know about other problems I had with my vehicle. The service was also very fast.

Alishia – Kalamazoo, MI 4/12/2017 Really great service!

Erick – Kalamazoo, MI 4/10/2017 I thought you did a good job

Richard – Kalamazoo, MI 4/8/2017 Friendly and fast, seemed knowledgeable.

Lindsay – Kalamazoo, MI 4/7/2017 You guys are super friendly!

Ira – Kalamazoo, MI 4/2/2017 Great service.

George – Kalamazoo, MI 3/31/2017 I'm a longtime customer, have had good service, little extras (tire pressure, topping off fluids), th mechanics are friendly, diligent.

Jesus – Parchment, MI 3/14/2017 I was pleased with the service.

Jesus – Parchment, MI 3/14/2017 I was very please with service that was provided.

Sarah – Kalamazoo, MI 3/7/2017 James was excellent and I continue to be impressed with your training which creates a consistent and high end customer experience. If only all automotive services were handled in such a way. Thank you!

David – Kalamazoo, MI 2/27/2017 Francis is a great leader and very friendly

Nancy – Paw Paw, MI 2/22/2017 I was impressed at how quickly the services were done.

Eric – Portage, MI 2/11/2017 Appreciate rewards and coupons

Roxane – Otsego, MI 2/10/2017 They are very friendly

Joel – Kalamazoo, MI 2/5/2017 The oil change sticker was not placed on my front windshield.

David – Kalamazoo, MI 2/4/2017 Close location and friendly service

Derik – Norton Shores, MI 1/26/2017 Very friendly service.

Carol – Kalamazoo, MI 12/30/2016 I've always had great service with Uncle Ed's.

Aaron – Kalamazoo, MI 12/18/2016 Francis continues to be consistent with excellent service and is noticeable amongst his peers interaction with him.

Alex – Kalamazoo, MI 12/14/2016 Fast service

Joel – Kalamazoo, MI 12/10/2016 No additional comment.

Dave – Saint Joseph, MI 12/3/2016 Everything was fine

Lindsay – Kalamazoo, MI 11/29/2016 Great customer service. Love the coupons too.

Justin – Portage, MI 11/25/2016 Another good visit to Uncle Ed's.

Jovona – Kalamazoo, MI 11/19/2016 No additional comments.

Kelly – Kalamazoo, MI 11/13/2016 Francis called back to check on the vehicle and service and that is very appreciated! Great customer service.

Rebecca – Kalamazoo, MI 11/9/2016 Good service.

Antionette – Kalamazoo, MI 11/4/2016 Stop trying to sell..make a recommendation and let the customer decide. I want an oil change not a 1/2 sales pitch..pleaseeeee!!!

Michael – Kalamazoo, MI 10/22/2016 I have none.

Tommy – Kalamazoo, MI 10/20/2016 they were warm and welcoming very knowledgeable was able to answer all my questions got my work done in a great time they were very friendly and professional felt like they were family i definitely will come back for additional services

Angela – Parchment, MI 10/19/2016 always awesome service

Rachael – Kalamazoo, MI 10/18/2016 I enjoyed my experience

Eric – Portage, MI 10/17/2016 Good service again at Uncle Ed's.

David – Kalamazoo, MI 10/12/2016 Very fast and friendly service

Mary – Kalamazoo, MI 10/6/2016 I go to Uncle Eds for all of my car services. The service is always great!

Kim – Kalamazoo, MI 10/4/2016 Would be great if you opened a store in plain well michigan

Mallory – Kalamazoo, MI 9/30/2016 Always friendly staff.

Harmony – Portage, MI 9/27/2016 I dislike all the additional questions. It almost feels like your pressuring me into spend additional money when the oil change is expensive as it is. Make me feel like I really need the service and its my suggestion.

Roger – Kalamazoo, MI 9/22/2016 Very professional

Joe – Kalamazoo, MI 9/14/2016 Well done as usual

Dan – Kalamazoo, MI 9/13/2016 great, friendly service by Jasmaine and Eric

Lisa – Kalamazoo, MI 9/11/2016 Great Service!

Lynn – Battle Creek, MI 9/10/2016 I dreaded getting my oil changed with you. I work in sales customer service & you make these guys sound so fake . I was shocked how expensive you are I KNEW BE HIGH priced ,BUT you are way too much I thought I agreed to 49.99 oil . I TOLD the guy my van burning oil & wanted the best oil to help. I DO NOT think a 69.99 synthectic was it. & I paid 19.95 to flush. YOU sold to me I spent 118.00 I could have gone to firestone, my regualar guys as I get this for about 20 as a long time card holder. BUT I was in a hurry. SO I feel I was ripped off I have 3 cars & THE CONVenICe with you a pealing. BUT I wont be back I just want an oil change NO FAKE sales. I would come if you did that & HAD a low cost oil change I think you shouls say want the FULL SERVICE < OR JUST oil change some people not car literate would like you to CHECK everthing I JJUS want a quick mnon scripted fake person trying to sell to me I just want 10 min no bother sales pitch oil change. so as I fell I gave you $100.00 more I should have I WONT BE BACK. you want to send me $100 in gift cards & THINK of offering the 10 min $20 oil change as an option & FULL SERVICE IF THE customer SAYS YES OLNE lane full service 1 lane $20 oil change no chit chat & CUSTOMER ON their way as SHOULD BE . IF you will give me $100 in coupons I will come back with my other 2 cars, my sons & daughters & MY dads........ so that is 9 cars I am in charge of up to you I was very angry fake sales pitch & THE huge cost FOR A quick oil change to save me time.

Krystyn – Kalamazoo, MI 9/9/2016 Great service great people

Lindsay – Kalamazoo, MI 9/1/2016 I am always impressed with the customer service and high energy I am greeted with whenever I come here!

Dale – Kalamazoo, MI 8/11/2016 I was pleased

Ray – Kalamazoo, MI 8/10/2016 Thank You!

Tyia – Kalamazoo, MI 8/6/2016 The oil change was fast and the employees were respectful. They gave me advice on my car so o will be alarmed about things I didn't know about.

Rebeca – Kalamazoo, MI 7/30/2016 The services were a bit overpriced compared to where I usually go...and all optional services were rather costly too, I'm not even sure if I really need it or not

Mike & Susan – Kalamazoo, MI 7/25/2016 good job except my tire pressure was not checked - refilled

Eric – Valrico, MI 7/25/2016 Great friendly service

Keith – Kalamazoo, MI 7/22/2016 Great convenient servicr

Lanita – Kalamazoo, MI 7/22/2016 Always quick and friendly.

Rebecca – Kalamazoo, MI 7/14/2016 Please check to make sure all hoses to things on top of the engine are tight and none loose or off. One of the hoses to the brakes for applying pressure were off. I had good brakes when I came in but not when I left. I think something got bumped when doing things under the hood. But when things were rechecked things were ok. Thank you.

Carla – Mattawan, MI 7/6/2016 Eric and Jasmaine were amazingly friendly and efficient. It was a pretty hot day and not one time did they complain. They really made me fe3el like they appreciated and very much wanted my business! They both deserve recognition for a job well done.

Deanne – Kalamazoo, MI 7/5/2016 Thank you for the great service Jasmaine and Eric.

Eric – Portage, MI 7/5/2016 Another good visit to Uncle Ed's.

Barry – Kalamazoo, MI 7/2/2016 I have a box truck that would not fit in the Drake Rd. store (where I usually take my car), so Chris (@ Drake) called Chris Vella and they contacted the Westnedge store, where they were able to fit my truck in just far enough so they could do the work needed. GREAT JOB in trying to take care of a customer!!!

Aaron – Kalamazoo, MI 6/26/2016 Francis and Jerry are great at what they do. They are always friendly and thorough and appear to enjoy their work. These guys are the definition of what customer service is.

Steve – Portage, MI 6/22/2016 Jasmine did a quick and professional job on my transmission fluid change. Can not be easy. She was amazing!

Sara – Kalamazoo, MI 6/21/2016 Found it frustrating that I had to look up some info about the recommended interval of oil changes for my car. I see a mechanic in Chicago for my regular car maintenance and he said there is no reason that your computer system should default to changing oil every 3 months. His shop puts the make, model and year into the computer and it pulls up all the recommendations for that specific car including oil type and interval for oil change. When I found out that I actually should be getting mine every 5-7 months, I felt a bit like I was being misled to get me to dump more money when that is not what is best for my car. I take responsibility for not knowing myself, but I do think it is not right that your computer system is not updated enough to know such things.

Michael – Kalamazoo, MI 6/19/2016 I have no comments.

Eric – Portage, MI 6/18/2016 Enjoy the friendly technicians.

Pamela – Kalamazoo, MI 6/10/2016 Good as always

Angela – Parchment, MI 6/8/2016 everyone there was so nice and explained everything to me , was great experience . thanks :)

Theresa Baker – Kalamazoo, MI 6/2/2016 get a bottled water machine...uncle ed's didn't have any cups this trip. I would pay for a cold bottled water. Get a coffee machine...I'd pay for a cup of coffee.

Joe – Kalamazoo, MI 5/22/2016 Great service!

Michelle Linda – Kalamazoo, MI 5/15/2016 This visit was not as good as past visits

Dustin – Kalamazoo, MI 5/14/2016 They filled my windshield wiper fluid when I told them not to. Very irritating since I have to use their crappy fluid until this one is gone

Dan – Kalamazoo, MI 5/12/2016 none today

Mike – Kalamazoo, MI 5/12/2016 No comments

Shaquille – Kalamzoo, MI 5/11/2016 Fast and friendly service

Kelly – Lawrence, MI 5/4/2016 Your staff was wonderful. However the bill was much larger than I usually pay for an oil change. It was convenient. Usually I pay about $45. for an oil change. The oil change with you was $82.65. I am paid $22.44 perhour. I would have to work over 2 hours additional to visit you again. Sorry I will never make that mistake again.

Brian – Kalamazoo, MI 4/25/2016 Every time that I visit Uncle Ed's (Store #1104) I know that I am going to receive the upmost care for my vehicle and myself. I feel like I am visiting old friends every time I pull up and am excited to come back every time I leave. Jasmine (who I met when she was a technician in training) has come into her own as a manager and Uncle Ed's would be better off if there were more of her helping run the company. Gerardo followed suit as the technician during my visit and provided me with excellent care. Look to those two individuals when in the hiring process. Your company will flourish if you do.

Jennifer – Kalamazoo, MI 4/24/2016 Always good service. Big thanks to Francis and Gerardo! Always a pleasure.

Joan – Kalamazoo, MI 4/19/2016 Love coming here. So fast and reliable. Very professional and they treat each other with respect. Great!

Cinda – Kalamazoo, MI 4/5/2016 Everyone was extremely friendly and polite.

Paul – Kalamazoo, MI 4/4/2016 Nonejjjjjjkjnnnnn

Ann – Kalamazoo, MI 4/2/2016 It's nice not to have a hard sales pitch on additional services.

Rhoda – Kalamazoo, MI 4/1/2016 During my visit a service technician broke my glove box. The manager promised that he would replace it at no cost to me.

Chris – Battle Creek, MI 3/30/2016 Great Service!

Jason – Portage, MI 3/21/2016 ............

Ian – Kalamazoo, MI 3/21/2016 I love the costumer service

Dave – At Joseph, MI 3/18/2016 They did a great job.

Dave – Saint Joseph, MI 3/16/2016 My windshield wasn't washed but I didn't know that you do that. Price was a bit high.

Joel – Kalamazoo, MI 3/12/2016 Fast and easy.

Genevieve – Otsego, MI 3/10/2016 So friendly and not pushy

Heather – Kalamazoo, MI 3/3/2016 I am very happy

Yolanda – Kalamazoo, MI 3/3/2016 thank you for taking good care of my car

Dan – Kalamazoo, MI 3/3/2016 love the service at ed's. hate all the up-selling, but i work in retail, so i get it. will keep coming back to ed's for sure.

Stacie – Kalamazoo, MI 3/2/2016 Francis and Eric were great today! Thanks!

Barbara – Kalamazoo, MI 3/1/2016 I'm a regular customer and always very satisfied with the service at Uncle Ed's

Katie – Portage, MI 2/23/2016 I will continue to go there very friendly and fast service

Jamie – Otsego, MI 2/23/2016 fast service, friendly staff!!

Jamie – Kalamazoo, MI 2/20/2016 I have been coming to uncle ed's for almost 9 years. Every time I have been there I have had great service and the employees are always very nice and even funny(bonus!). I trust them to service my vehicle and have never had any problems. I will most definitely be back for future service. Keep up the great work guys!

Nancy – Portage, MI 2/20/2016 I was at a different Uncle Ed's down the street that was very busy so they gave me the number of this Uncle Ed's I had never been to. I called and asked if I arrived in 10 minutes how soon could they get me in, and they said 10 minutes. When I arrived only one car was in front of me but they did not get me in for 30 minutes!! What's worse is that AFTER they FINISHED my oil change I had to wait over 15 minutes for the manager to come and say my oil change was good. I HAD TO ASK TO GET SOMEONE TO RING ME UP 15 MINUTES AFTER MY OIL CHANGE WAS COMPLETE. I complained to Francis and he said belligerently "What do you expect me to do?" RUDE!!!!! I will never go back there and am considering not using ANY Uncle Ed's at all for ANY FUTURE oil change. Furthermore, people at the store by Southland Mall should stop suggesting people go to this store because you will continue to lose customers.

William – Kalamazoo, MI 2/16/2016 I don't know why you guys advertise 10 minute oil changes. I've gotten my oil changed from probably four different locations and it's never been less than 20. Today I was the only car in there the whole time, with two employees working on my car, and it still took 20 minutes to get out of there.

Dominicia – Kalamazoo, MI 2/1/2016 Great service! Love stopping by to get fluids up to where they are suppose to be. Lots of locations on each side of town.

Anita – Kalamazoo, MI 2/1/2016 No comments

Alan – Paw Paw, MI 2/1/2016 Ron and Kaleb did a great job, hey had the routine down pat, Sincerely, Al No Tools, No Rags, all buttoned up. Show Time over,

Pamela – Kalamazoo, MI 1/26/2016 Nothing to add

Vearra – Southfield, MI 1/20/2016 Great service!

Richard – Kalamazoo, MI 1/19/2016 Good job

Joe – Kalamazoo, MI 1/14/2016 As usual the service was great. I was slightly disappointed when I presented the on line coupons I had. I clipped them all but didn't have the 15% off coupon for service over $175.00. When my total was over $200.00 it would have been nice for Ron to offer me that in lieu of the $15.00 off the oil change only. Not a huge deal but certainly would have been an above and beyond moment.

Regina – Kalamzoo, MI 1/8/2016 These guys are great! They are personable, professional and provide excellent service. Eric was particularly helpful. I have had my Subaru for 12 years and he is the first technician that showed me the special rings that go on all Subarus during an oil change. Bryan has been great also! I trust these guys!

Michael – Kalamazoo, MI 1/7/2016 Excellent job!!

Ben – Kalamazoo, MI 1/6/2016 Eric and Ron were excellent. I could easily change the oil myself but dont have time and i know these guys go above and beyond and treat it like their own. A++

Justin – Kalamazoo, MI 1/5/2016 Jasmine and ron did great!

Ken – Kalamazoo, MI 12/31/2015 Ron ...Chris ...everyone. Great service and visit. See you in 2016!

Dan / Dana – Kalamazoo, MI 12/24/2015 Good service!

Hany – Kalamazoo, MI 12/23/2015 It was good and fast

John – Kalamazoo, MI 12/23/2015 The manager, Trevor, is awesome.mhe is very informative and believable. His customer service skills are excellent. Jasmine did an awesome job too.

Joan – Kalamazoo, MI 12/22/2015 Super friendly and knowledgeable staff!

Twan – Kalamazoo, MI 12/18/2015 Great services

Jasmine – Holt, MI 12/16/2015 Great service!!

Sherese – Cassopolis, MI 12/15/2015 Travis was great. He took time to explain how to really read the oil stick and what they were doing and when I asked why, he took the time to explain things to me. He and his assistant made me feel as if I was the only customer they had and were mindful of my time also.

Dan – Kalamazoo, MI 12/15/2015 Travis and Eric always do a great job!

Karen – Kalamazoo, MI 12/13/2015 This was the fastest visit yet. I knew I didn't want to spend anything extra this time, and I said so, and I love that I was not pressured to do so. This, I think, makes it more likely that I'll purchase more services in the future. Dustin was phenomenal!

Drew – Portage, MI 12/10/2015 Super friendly and helpful!

Aaron – Caledonia, MI 12/9/2015 None today

Tanner – Kalamazoo, MI 12/9/2015 Good service

Tim – Ostego, MI 12/8/2015 Dustin and Jahleer were extremely helpful quick and courteous today! I can't wait to come back and keep my F150 running as long as possible!

Armani – Kalamazoo, MI 12/8/2015 Very polite and respectful. Explained everything very well and was very nice.

Shannon – Gobles, MI 12/3/2015 Price to replace headlight was cheapest

Christina – Kalamazoo, MI 11/25/2015 Everyone is always super friendly and helpful!

Elizebeth Or Brandon – Kalamazoo, MI 11/21/2015 It was a great visit

Brian – Kalamazoo, MI 11/20/2015 Travis Snook has AMAZING customer service. Such a personable manager and great attention to detail. I'll be back because of him alone.

Jasmine – Jackson, MI 11/15/2015 I came in ten minutes to close with an emergency. The guys took me right in with no problem. They were kind and friendly.

Joseph – Kalamazoo, MI 11/14/2015 Great service

Latina – Kalamazoo, MI 11/8/2015 Great service!

Marcia – Kalamazoo, MI 11/7/2015 I came yesterday and my car stopped running and needed to be towed to an auto shop. Chris was the manager here and of superb service through my dilemma. Today I returned for an oil change and as expected received superior service from Dustin, Eric, and Travis.

Lawrence – Vicksburg, MI 11/7/2015 It was nice to stay in my car. Never did that before.

Kirk – Kalamazoo, MI 11/7/2015 Travis and Dustin were great

Mary – Kalamazoo, MI 11/5/2015 The technicians at Uncle Ed's (and the manager) are always helpful and professional.

Roseq – Kalamazoo, MI 11/5/2015 Service was the best I've ever had! Thank you

Jim – Kalamazoo, MI 11/2/2015 Service could not have been better top notch Service from the manager travis and technition jasmaine!!! Thank you uncle ede

Lawrence – Galesburg, MI 10/31/2015 The friendly & professional team members are most appreciated! Great job!

Rachel – Macomb, MI 10/31/2015 Service was AMAZING and so friendly

Darnell And Natasha – Kalamazoo, MI 10/31/2015 Nice staff

Madeline – Kalamazoo, MI 10/31/2015 Always great!

Jason – Kalamazoo, MI 10/31/2015 They came across a mojor problem with my battery and fixed it asap with great customer service.

Jeff – Portage, MI 10/20/2015 Dustin and his team do a fabulous job at this location!! As soon as I pulled in on the lot, he recognized me and called out my name. I thought, Wow!! I haven't been here in almost 3 months and he remembers me like that?? That is special. I live in South Portage and never have a problem driving 5 mins+ out of my way to come to this location in Kzoo. Keep up the great work guys!!

Nicole – Kalamazoo, MI 10/20/2015 Let me get the oil changed even though I couldn't get there til 7:01 PM!

Richard – Clinton, MI 10/20/2015 although the service checklist indicated that the tire pressure was set to 38lbs. shortly after arriving home I doubled checked the tire pressure and found both front tires at 40lbs and the rear tires were found to be 33lbs and 26 lbs. evidently tire inflation was never performed....I think that I will be changing my own oil from now on.

Charles E Sr – Kalamazoo, MI 10/16/2015 Very good.

Jennifer – Kalamazoo, MI 10/16/2015 This is my favorite Uncle Ed's. Travis and his team take very good care of me each time I am in the store. They don't pressure me to purchase things, but encourage me to get what's best for my vehicle. I interacted with Dustin, Jasmine, and Jahleer also during this visit. All awesome! Keep up the good work!!

Kendel – Kalamazoo, MI 10/15/2015 These guys were the fuckin bomb! :) ♡

Kathryn And David – Kalamazoo, MI 10/15/2015 Very good

Alexis – Kalamazoo, MI 10/14/2015 Dustin and Jazmine were amazing! They helped me out so much. I'm super grateful that they took care of me today!

Randy – Kalamazoo, MI 10/13/2015 Dustin and jasmine were awesome i would recommend them to anyone

Antionette – Kalamazoo, MI 10/10/2015 I am tired of trying to be sold services that I dont need as it takes away the credibility of the company. I want 10 mins if I come in for an oil change dont try and push 10 additional services on me. I am sick of it. At this point I would pay triple for a oil change so that its not costing me time with being stuck in the car listening to false sale pitches.

Virgil – Phoenix, MI 10/10/2015 Great work by the Techs

Emily – Kalamazoo, MI 10/9/2015 Travis the manager is the coolest dude ever and the cat's pajamas...haha

Thomas – Kalamazoo, MI 10/9/2015 Both Jasmine & Travis were great to work with.

Justine – Grand Rapids, MI 10/7/2015 My oil light came on while driving in a city outside of my hometown. It was at 4% and I knew I needed to get it in right away. I saw Uncle Ed's on the map a few miles down the road, so I drove straight there. I pulled up at 8:10 am, and Dustin, the Asst. Manager came out and said "You're so early!" with a huge smile and friendly voice. They didn't open until 9:00. He said, "If you give me 15 minutes, we can finish up getting ready to open and we can get you right in!" I was so thankful and waited probably only 7-10 minutes. He and Jasmaine were friendly, professional and knowledgeable. I was in and out before the actual opening time. I would have purchased the cheapest option no matter what, but I was compelled to go with the one that was suggested simply because I felt I owed it to them for their favor to me. I never fill out surveys, but I want it to be known that this act of customer service was exceptional!

Dylan – Kalamazoo, MI 10/6/2015 Manager and employee were great! Both deserve a raise for their kindness, quickness, and quality of work.

Greg – Kalamazoo, MI 10/5/2015 The reason I go to this location of Uncle Ed's to service my car is because of Travis. Travis is friendly, professional, and makes me feel that I am his most important client. I know the service will be excellent and I trust him and the team at Uncle Ed's.

Mark – Kalamazoo, MI 10/4/2015 Uncle Eds is the only place i will go for service on my car. The staff is always friendly, informative and awesome. Best customer service hands down.

Jill – Kalamazoo, MI 10/3/2015 Cut down on always trying to sell me additional products because it gets frustrating with all the sell pitches.

David – Kalamazoo, MI 10/3/2015 All I was prepared for was a quick oil change. I was running late and my wife was taking the car to Chicago, so I had to be home soon so that she could leave on time. As a result, even though I knew that I needed an Engine Cleaning, my expectation from past visits was that this would add an extra half hour to 45 minutes that I didn't have onto my visit. Travis assured me that he could have it done quickly so that I could get home on time and he beat his promised time by 1 minute. I was very impressed. I normally wouldn't send this e-mail but I found the service to be so amazing that I couldn't not provide notice of what a fantastic experience I had. I'll be a loyal customer to this particular store from now on as a result of my experience today.

Afton – Kalamazoo, MI 10/2/2015 Great service!!!

Brian – Kalamazoo, MI 9/30/2015 Travis (Manager on duty) and Jasmine (technician) were both incredibly friendly, as always. As a consumer, coming to get your oil changed, fluid filled, or whatever the reason may be for visiting, it can sometimes be an intimidating/daunting experience because you don't want to be taken advantage of. This Uncle Ed's on South Westnedge in Kalamazoo is the friendliest, most easy to work with car service I've experienced. I won't go elsewhere because they set the standard too high. Keep hiring people of this caliber at your Uncle Ed's elsewhere. Their attitude is unmatched.

Treasa – Kalamazoo, MI 9/25/2015 Dustin was very great at explaining to me what needs to be done with my car. Go Dustin great job on telling me what's was more important for my car.

Linda – Kalamazoo, MI 9/23/2015 None unless you choose to lower the cost for services

Tony – Kalamazoo, MI 9/22/2015 Great, enthusiastic staff! No pressure sales & top-notch service!

Matthew – Kalamazoo, MI 9/19/2015 I had recently purchased a 2006 Chevy Cobalt from a relative. My relative told me that the car needed an oil change badly. I had to work a double that day, 8-4 then 5-midnight, so I didn't have much time to get an oil change and I REALLY didn't want to deliver pizzas with little-to-no oil. I decided to pull into Uncle Ed's because it was right by the Pizza Hut I work at. I arrived shortly after 4:20. The two gentlemen that were working, Dustin and Travis, were friendly and informative. In twenty minutes they gave me an oil change, switched my tires to nitrogen, provided an engine cleaning service, replaced a light bulb, and a new cabin air filter. I'm pretty sure Travis even had to go to Advance Auto to pick up something that wasn't in stock. I was amazed that such a high quality job could be done in merely 20 minutes. My only negative feedback would be that, about 30 miles after my trip to Uncle Eds, my oil change light came on. I'm sure I could just google how to take care of it, so it's really not a big deal. Either way, I'll be back in about 3,000 miles.

Lawrence – Galesburg, MI 9/19/2015 Both Travis & Dustin exhibit professionalism & knowledge of the automotive industry, definitely outstanding dedicated team members!!

Walter – Kalamazoo, MI 9/19/2015 Great job. Loved the service.

David – Kalamazoo, MI 9/18/2015 Service was as fast as possible considering the drain plug was giving the technician an issue, but all turned out well far as I know , travis was very friendly and his technician seem to be very helpful

Caitlin – Portage, MI 9/18/2015 Absolutely love the service at uncle eds!! I come to this specific uncle eds because I get the very best service around!! The manager is so very kind and helpful! When I do go to any oil change shop it is always uncle eds on Westnedge!!

Joni – Mattawan, MI 9/18/2015 Excellent service from everyone. Very friendly and eager to help me in any way possible.

Lauren – Kalamazoo, MI 9/17/2015 Did not appreciate the service. The technicians made me feel pressured and like as a woman I shouldn't go to uncle ed's alone.

Lynne – Kalamazoo, MI 9/13/2015 Dustin remembered me from my last visit. He was happy to see me return for a service he discussed with me during my last visit for an oil change. We discussed an additional service that I have to save up for. He advised me of the time frame I should shoot for regarding the radiator flush I am saving for. I have been receiving coupons in the mail and Dustin asked about that but I did not have any at the time. I have been throwing them out because I planned to go to an auto shop or Walmart where I might get a cheaper price. Now I know that I will continue coming to Uncle Ed's and I will be saving all the coupons that I get. It is just so convenient for me and so quick. I love the fluid checks, tire pressure checks and clean windshield I always drive out with.

Kim And Seth – Kalamazoo, MI 9/12/2015 Excellent service.

John – Kalamazoo, MI 9/12/2015 Excellent service and attitude

Raymond – Portage, MI 9/12/2015 Do not have any feed back. Excellent service!

Victor – Kalamazoo, MI 9/11/2015 Dustin was very patient and cordial while I teased him about over selling extra services. Had fun😀

Caitlin – Portage, MI 9/10/2015 Both the service technician (I forget her name... but she was great!) and the manager were courteous and provided great advice and service. The customer service manager was quite pushy with add-ons and other services, and at one point he told me that if my car was under warranty, it was absolutely necessary that I select the highest quality oil (which cost $80...). I'd never heard anything like that from previous oil change visits, nor was it corroborated in the terms and conditions of my Jeep warranty, so I immediately became skeptical of all of the products and services that he was up-selling. Fortunately, the store manager apologized afterwards and told me that the customer service manager was, in fact, incorrect, but overall it lessened the credibility factor during my visit.

David – Kalamazoo, MI 9/6/2015 I stopped by the Uncle Ed's location on South Westnedge in Kalamazoo, and was very please with my experience. I was in need of a fast oil change, and was hesitant to go to Uncle Ed's due to prior experiences where I felt they were trying to upsell additional products/services that were not necessary. This experience completely changed that perception. I dealt with Dustin the Assistant Manager and he was extremely helpful throughout the process. I felt that he was being very straight forward and up front with the state of my car and the services that were necessary. I did end up doing a engine flush at his recommendation and the process really helped improve the performance of the vehicle. I will go back to this location in the future because of the quality service by the employees.

Christopher – Kalamazoo, MI 9/5/2015 I came in to get another oil change due to mileage from the previous service and was informed that my battery needed replacing and transmission fluid was also needing service. I had both concerns addressed and they were taken care of quickly and efficiently.

Maria – Kalamazoo, MI 9/3/2015 I felt a little bit pressured on getting an engine cleaning, but other than that, it was a very good visit.

Patreese – Kalamazoo, MI 9/2/2015 They were timely, friendly, and very helpful.

Chris – Galesburg, MI 9/2/2015 Great staff, Dustin and jasmine. Great teamwork. Will definitely come back.

Vernon – Portage, MI 9/1/2015 Travis,jasmine and Justin were awesome and made they took care of me as promise best uncle and Ed shop ever

Jon – Kalamazoo, MI 9/1/2015 Staff was great, changed my lightbulb, offered what I needed and fast with the service. They also stayed past 7pm which is something most businesses don't do, open past close for stragglers.

Greg – Portage, MI 8/31/2015 Travis and Jasmine forgot to check the tire pressure after the nitrogen exchange. Tires were over-inflated to 38-39 per tire when it should have been 32-33 per tire. Travis apologized when I had to go back later in the afteroon to reduce the tire pressure.

Adam – Kalamazoo, MI 8/29/2015 Found out I didn't need an oil change anyways but they found some other issues that we got fixed and I appreciated that.

Marcia – Kalamazoo, MI 8/29/2015 I always get quick, professional, and friendly service at this location. Techs always are very thorough about going through every detail.

Joe – Kalamazoo, MI 8/28/2015 Great honest service

Gabriell – Kalamazoo, MI 8/28/2015 They were great they assured me that my car would be handled with care.

Jennifer – Kalamazoo, MI 8/28/2015 Dustin is great! I drive past several Uncle Ed's to go to this Uncle Ed's. The service is consistent & quick. Marcus also assisted, and was very easy to deal with. Always a great experience.

Digiovanni – Portage, MI 8/27/2015 They were very informative and friendly and fast!

Ian – Kalamazoo, MI 8/26/2015 Keep up the good work!

Robin – Round Lk Bch, MI 8/22/2015 Dustin and Eric were WONDERFUL...they treated me like a queen...

Jill – Kalamazoo, MI 8/22/2015 Dustin & Travis were awesome!

Melissa – Kalamazoo, MI 8/22/2015 Travis & Dustin were AMAZING!!!! They explained everything that they were doing & answered all my questions!! I will most certainly be coming back to them!! WONDERFUL expirence!!

Mike – Kalamazoo, MI 8/21/2015 I love the guys that work at uncle Edson they are very friendly and fast I feel like they are practically my family. Dustin travesty and jasmine has done an excellent job on my car and definitely be coming back.

Ian – Kalamazoo, MI 8/21/2015 Dustin, Travis and Jasmaine took great care of me and my work truck. they were very fast and professional I will continue visit these guys as they help me keep my truck running great .

Pat – Parchment, MI 8/18/2015 Very polite

Sabian – Kalamazoo, MI 8/16/2015 Dustin F and Eric L were exceptional help for us with our car! We've just bought it and they helped us to get the engine cleaned out so we were able to enjoy our car! They are awesome and we would love to continue coming back!!!

Marissa – Kalamazoo, MI 8/14/2015 Travis, Dustin, and Jasmaine were so nice and helpful.

Kathy Anne – Portage, MI 8/13/2015 Everyone was so nice and friendly. As a female customer I felt like my best interest was being kept in mind. The only other thing that could be improved upon would using a clean towel to was the windshield and it would be nice if they would wipe off greasy finger prints on the body of the car. They were on my trunk, were they checked the seal of my gas cap and on my hood. I will be going back for sure!

Colleen – Kalamazoo, MI 8/13/2015 The manager was extremely informative and helped break down what exactly needed to be done to my car. Both workers were approachable, kind and patient with all of my questions! I plan on returning to Uncle Ed's for the remainder of services my vehicle requires. I have been to many car shops and this was by far the best service I have ever had!

Theresa Baker – Kalamazoo, MI 8/12/2015 AWESOME crew

Ferdinand – Kalamazoo, MI 8/8/2015 Communication between team members was exceptional.

Jason – Kalamazoo, MI 8/8/2015 the guys at this place really love working there. I was great to see a group of people working together and having fun. It made the experience very comfortable.

Kimberly – Kalamazoo, MI 8/8/2015 Chris, Travis, and manju were excellent at their jobs and exhibited safety habits. I'll keep coming here.

Diane – Kalomazoo, MI 8/7/2015 I received excellent service as usual. Jasmine, Dustin and Travis were very professional and friendly. I would not consider going any where else for the services provided by this store.

Thomas – Kalamazoo, MI 7/31/2015 I used to spend hundreds of dollars at other auto services only for problem after problem to occur with my vehicle. Ever since I started coming to Uncle Ed's, my car has been running great! They put forth the utmost effort into all that they do and always try their best to get me the best discounts. Particularly, Travis, Jasmine, and Dustin were fantastic! You guys are awesome! Keep up the great work! :)

Elizabeth – Kalamazoo, MI 7/30/2015 Very friendly and helpful staff! Great service fromTravis, Shane and Marcus!

Jeff – Kalamazoo, MI 7/30/2015 Twice in the same day, and great experiences both time (two different vehicles)! Since I started taking my vehicles to this Uncle Ed's location aver 15 years ago, I've never experienced anything but GREAT service. Friendly, engaging employees and great prices and promotions make it easy to be a repeat customer. Thanks, Westnedge Crew!

Linda – Kalamazoo, MI 7/29/2015 Love the personalized services l receive when there. 😀

Keith – Kalamazoo, MI 7/29/2015 Travis did a great job.

Stuart – Kalamazoo, MI 7/25/2015 The new service manager was great. My understanding is he just got promoted. His promotion was an excellent choice by Uncle Eds. He's very friendly, clear, and professional. He has a bright future wherever he goes. I'd try to keep him.

Dan – Kalamazoo, MI 7/24/2015 Travis, Jasmaine (and Asst Area Mgr Chris) did a thorough job taking care of my car.

Emily – Portage, MI 7/23/2015 Travis and Marcus were awesome!

Dan – Kalamazoo, MI 7/23/2015 Travis and Marcus did a great job! PS: like the new music too!

Mallika – Stony Brook, MI 7/22/2015 Great service and nice people! Will definitely come back here

Jeanne – Vandalia, MI 7/21/2015 my visit was handled very well

Justin – Kalamazoo, MI 7/20/2015 The 2 service guys I interacted with were FABULOUS!!!!!!

Darren – Chicago, MI 7/18/2015 Dustin and his team were amazing. I live in Chicago and I was blown away by the customer service, how effectively the team worked together and how quickly they got me in and out. It was a Saturday morning and I was heading to a wedding they found that my steering fluid was the worst they ever had seen and I really felt alot safer after leaving that location. I got 245,000 miles and he said that he wants to help me reach 300,000. I will certainly be coming back to this location as long as I see a green mustang in the parking lot. When I move to Kalamazoo or Portage as that is where my wife is from, I might even just cruise by to say thank you again in person. Keep up the great work guys!!!

Kimberly – Kalamazoo, MI 7/17/2015 Wasn't expecting to spend this much money today

Katherine – Kalamazoo, MI 7/12/2015 Guys were awesome - especially easy visit - I really appreciate the info w/out the high pressure sales - makes me want to come back there when I am ready for the suggested service. great job & thank you!

Matthew – Kalamazoo, MI 7/10/2015 No comments

Joann & Lester – Kalamazoo, MI 7/10/2015 I am on the road for my sales job, and it is comforting to see manager s promoted to other locations... it is like seeing friendly faces no matter which location you go to. I normally go to se David and his crew st the Gull Road Kalamazoo location where I am more than pleased with customer service. Travis at this location learned well, and exudes the same TLC service. Along with me, there were two other female customers in the bays. The comfort level is evident. Thanks

Sara – Middleville, MI 7/10/2015 Dustin and Travis did such a wonderful job they were super friendly and were great to talk to. You can really tell that they love their job and enjoy providing excellent service to their customers. I will be returning again for my next oil change.

Patty – Wayland, MI 7/9/2015 Travis S and Jasmine R were absolutely wonderful I will be stopping in every 3000 miles to get my oil changed. I had such a great experience I will never go anywhere else.

Travis – Kalamazoo, MI 7/7/2015 everything was great

Doug – Portage, MI 7/7/2015 Marcus & Travis were extremely professional & friendly!!

Greg – Kalamazoo, MI 7/6/2015 Travis and Jasmaine were terrific. They serviced my car even though I arrived after the store was officially closed. Travis remembered me from last time and made me feel like an important customer. I was very appreciative of their service and very happy they are in Kalamazoo.

Christopher – Kalamazoo, MI 7/2/2015 Staff was very friendly and efficient, made a point of checking on more than just the oil change I originally came in to have serviced. Appreciated the care given and how thorough everyone was.

Jason – Kalamazoo, MI 7/2/2015 Great service. It is always unexpected when you get this high level of service.

Randall – Kalamazoo, MI 7/2/2015 Great friendly service from Dustin F., Travis S., and Jasmaine R.!!!

Juan – Kalamazoo, MI 7/2/2015 Love it the service was g"reat

Laura – Kalamazoo, MI 7/1/2015 Dustin and staff surpassed all expectations. I will be coming back

Tisha – Kalamazoo, MI 6/27/2015 Both the manager and his employee Eric managers name is Dustin here at the Uncle Ed Westnedge and the corner of hutchinson was very polite and informed me of everything that I need it and they did an awesome job

Dan РKalamazoo, MI 6/25/2015 The manager Dustin was so incredibly knowledgable and friendly. We felt as though we were in very professional hands and put very quickly at ease. We also really enjoyed our interactions with Manju,he was friendly and informed us of everything he was doing each step of the way. Me and my fianc̩ will only return to this location because of the dearlship like experience with the biggest touch of personality and professionalism.

Sasha – Kalamazoo, MI 6/25/2015 Very fast and genuinely cared about my car. And explained everything to me so I could quite easily understand everything that would be happening today and accommodated me every way possible.

Steve – Kalamazoo, MI 6/25/2015 Dustin the assistant manager was very helpful

Tom – Kalamazoo, MI 6/25/2015 Dustin worked with me to give my car complete service at the best price possible.

Nightngale – Kalamazoo, MI 6/24/2015 The reason we always come to UE is because of the consistent exceptional service and professional and courteous treatment each and every visit, for the past 7 years. We appreciate the extra care and suggestions on where to go to get parts or receive services that UE does not offer. It is great to see teamwork in the bay.

Charlene – Kalamazoo, MI 6/23/2015 These ladies and gentlemen did an EXCELLENT job! Not only were they professional, they had a great sense of humor. They are a WONDERFUL team and I look forward to doing business with them in the future. Keep up the good work!

Jess – Kalamazoo, MI 6/19/2015 Dustin and Marcus did a great job! Very happy with the service today.

Isaac Melonie – Kalamazoo, MI 6/19/2015 Excellent and friendly service !

Tarun – Kalamazoo, MI 6/18/2015 it was good hope the staff communicate to each other and staffing is less.

Jackie – Kalamazoo, MI 6/18/2015 Awesome job Manju, Aaron and Jasmine!

Shar – Kalamazoo, MI 6/12/2015 Good customer service.

Kelli – Battle Creek, MI 6/10/2015 I would like to say Dustin is a great worker. I was there at the same store the day before and Dustin was not there and the person I was going to get service was the worst customer service I have had in a long time and because of that I choice to leave that day and not get my oil change and when I decided this the worker there said ok and led me out but he had forgot to shut my hood which I rode all the way to battle creek before I could stop and shut it. I also had by two kids out of my four with me and my son is 11 years old and he told me that when we left that that guy was a jerk and rude. So I decided to give you guys one more chance only knowing that Dustin was there which I did call to make sure he was. I will tell you I was very happy and pleased with his help with the service and with what I need to get done in the future and he knows that I can't get everything done right away and he was not pushy to make me get it done and I want to say a huge THANK YOU TO DUSTIN FOR YOUR SERVICE AND KINDNESS.

Donald – Kalamazoo, MI 6/7/2015 Dustin here was awesome.

Manuel – Battle Creek , MI 6/6/2015 Had a great service

Juan – Kalamazoo, MI 6/6/2015 No comment

Mary – Portage, MI 6/5/2015 Travis S. & Eric L. were outstanding & professional!!! They exceeded my expectations!! Thanks guys!! I'll definitely be back!! :)

Traci – Kalamazoo, MI 6/4/2015 Friendly people

Brian – Kalamazoo, MI 6/3/2015 Keep it up. Loved my experience. After one visit, I am now a loyal Uncle Ed's customer. Dustin and Eric were excellent and extremely kind. I felt as though they had been friends for a long while.

Kelli – Battle Creek, MI 6/3/2015 Very friendly people

Caitlin – Portage, MI 6/2/2015 Thought the store manager was super helpful and nice!! Had a good experience, except my car is now smelling bad after the oil change. I will be stopping in tomorrow if the smell is still there. Had really great service though!!

Joe – Portage, MI 5/31/2015 Great Job111

Greg – Kalamazoo, MI 5/30/2015 I appreciate the service manager informing me of additional service needed for my car. However, your prices are too high to do everything my car needs. Therefore, I use other service providers or do it myself.

Briana – Portage, MI 5/30/2015 Dustin = Great Customer Service!

Mary – Kalamazoo, MI 5/28/2015 The service was great, the time short, the shop clean.

Clarence Mike – Scotts, MI 5/27/2015 none to comment on

Robert – Portage, MI 5/26/2015 Ally and Joe are fantastic

James – Kalamazoo, MI 5/22/2015 Friendly staff with a sense of humor.

Luke – Kalamazoo, MI 5/22/2015 Excellent service today! Recommend some things but did not pressure anything on me while also assuring me some services could wait. Definitely going to be coming back. Kyle, Dustin and Eric took excellent care of me and my jeep.

Jeff – Kalamazoo, MI 5/20/2015 Dustin and Dylan did a great job last night taking care of my vehicle. There are Uncle Ed's locations that are closer to my home but I always drive out of my way to visit this location because of the personal and fabulous service. I will be back!

Dan – Kalamazoo, MI 5/20/2015 Dustin (and Dylan) did an outstanding and thorough job in assuring my vehicle was in top form.

James – Kalamazoo, MI 5/18/2015 Amazing service! Everything was explained clearly and both Travis and Dustin were friendly and professional. I appreciated Travis fixing my windshield wiper at no cost to me- saving me a trip to a mechanic. I've always had great service from Uncle Ed's and will continue to patronize. I tell people about my great experiences here- THANK YOU!

Brooke – Kalamazoo, MI 5/17/2015 Both Dustin & Travis were outstanding. They went above and beyond to provide the services I needed. Best oil change experience ever. Thanks guys!

Dennis – Blissfield, MI 5/17/2015 Came in for some new wipers, Dustin and Travis took good care of me and my truck. Loving this aquapel so far!

Pam – Portage, MI 5/15/2015 The guys were professional and polite.

Contractor – Kalamazoo, MI 5/13/2015 Staff was friendly and informative

Charlie – Kalamazoo, MI 5/11/2015 53$ for this service is too costly. My repair shop changes oil for $20. I only go to you because of convenience.

Grace – Blissfield, MI 5/10/2015 Dustin and Travis were amazing, super fun, and professional. It's a rainy day and they noticed that my wipers were sketchy, and were worried about my safety, so they helped me out with some new wipers and aquapel! It's awesome!! They also saved me money in the long run by filling my tires with nitrogen. I will definitely be back, those guys rock!! (And aren't bad on the eyes either)

Ian – Portage, MI 5/8/2015 Ok service . Tablets a great idea.

Chad – Kalamazoo, MI 5/8/2015 Manju Phillip and Marcus did a great job

Zachary – Kalamazoo, MI 5/8/2015 Overall the customer service was wonderful. Any questions that I had were answered to a level I was satisfied with

Maxwell – Kalamazoo, MI 5/8/2015 Manju F. Was the reason I came here last time. Same reason today. He seems like a good guy. The manager was doing a good job.

Trevor – Kalamazoo, MI 5/7/2015 I always make an effort to come back to this specific location because the service is always top notch. The employees are very knowledgeable and friendly.

Kim – Mattawan, MI 4/26/2015 Travis S and Dustin F were both incredibly professional. Not only were they both friendly individuals, but they completed my oil change in record timing. Uncle Ed's is truly the only 10 minute oil change in town. For that, I will be returning to Uncle Ed's in the future. Thanks!

Daniel – Portage, MI 4/22/2015 Kyle and Dustin were very friendly, courteous and knowledgeable.

Joshua – Kalamazoo, MI 4/22/2015 This was an awesome experience!

Peter – Kalamazoo, MI 4/19/2015 Dustin seems like a great addition, Travis was fast and professional as always. He made some suggestions for additional services that allowed me to maximize the use of my coupons. I bought everything he suggested.

Karen – Kalamazoo, MI 4/18/2015 The manager, Kyle, seemed to be having a bad day-frowning and sighing while working on another woman's car-and only introduced himself once he overheard me say I complete the surveys. Manju, another technician, was friendly but not happy to be working extra hours. He unfortunately, was unable to explain clearly how the new "pre-pay" service works. Dustin was PHENOMENALLY upbeat, personable, and helpful in every way. He's the kind of technician I look forward to getting when I come to Uncle Ed's.

Linda – Kalamazoo, MI 4/3/2015 Everyone was very polite and enthusiastic.

Dan – Kalamazoo, MI 4/1/2015 Though very busy today, Phillip, Marcus and crew did a great job!

Teresa – Kalamazoo, MI 3/28/2015 I was there at the end of the day & I liked how they congratulated each other on a good day. It left me with a good feeling about this store & their teamwork.

Andrea – Kalamazoo, MI 3/25/2015 I would frequent Uncle Ed's more enthusiastically if I knew that the company ensured that all employees were paid a good wage and that it was felt to be a great place to work.

Byce And – Kalamazoo, MI 3/20/2015 I enjoyed the whole team calling back out "no towels" , "no tools" after my service expert called it out to confirm nothing was left in the engine

Danielle – Kalamazoo, MI 3/10/2015 Nice friendly staff....

Janae – Kalamazoo, MI 3/10/2015 rather pricey for an oil change with no extra products purchased. Paying over $30 for 3 quarts of oil is extreme. If I had known the prices before hand, I would have left before any services performed.

Sophia – Kalamazoo, MI 3/10/2015 Employees were very friendly and knowledgeable.

Ronald – Dunbridge, MI 3/4/2015 The crew of Travis, Dustin and Dominic were great, kept me informed, no goofing off right to the job at hand. If I had workers these guys would be what I would like to have. I also liked the fact that Dustin was a U.S.M.C. veteran and the music was a type that I could understand the words (60's)

Ashley – Kalamazoo, MI 2/27/2015 My visit was wonderful. This is my first oil change experience since moving to kalamazoo that I felt the employees were being honest with me. I have lived in kalamazoo for 3 years and am happy to have finally found an oil change location that does not try to talk me into $500 worth of repairs and replacements I do not actually need. Travis was very friendly and helpful and I will definitely be making this my permanent oil Change location even though there is another uncle Eds closer to my house.

Gay – Paw Paw, MI 2/27/2015 This group was short handed that day, and I was short on time. They worked together and with me, pleasant, helpful, and not pushing the extra things I do need done. Got me out on time, asking me to come back after my out of town trip I was making, and we'd check things in a more relaxed time frame. They were great"

Mandy – Kalamazoo, MI 2/14/2015 The visit took over 30 minutes I was told I needed a new license plate light bulb, which I needed 2 but was not told, therefore sent an extra 10.99. The "O-ring" was not placed on, when we returned to your location the techs said that the leak was transmission fluid and stated that we must have hit something that knocked it loose, plus they were unable to get the filter off because they had over tightened it during the oil change. In actuality it was oil leaking because of the missing ring. therefore we had to go to a mechanic to diagnose the simple issue that could have destroyed our engine. When I called the location, my call was not returned by the manger because he had gone on vacation. My husband called the district manger and he stated we would be refunded. Overall I am highly dissatisfied by my experience, not to mention the final bill for the oil change was over $100, plus added mechanic cost.

david – Kalamazoo, MI 2/10/2015 Kyle, the manager was extremely professional and helpful.

Brandon – Portage, MI 2/6/2015 My technicians name was Kyle, he helped me with all my needs and went above and beyond to make sure my visit was more then satisfactory! Along with the amazing staff helping him, together they made my visit more then excellent! Kyle and his crew were diligent, quick, and on point. I will always recommend you guys. Thank you and see you next time.

Lela – Kalamazoo, MI 1/31/2015 this is not my first visit, I've been coming here since the very first time and service has always been great, I even told my friend and she says the same thing!

Stephan – Paw Paw, MI 1/24/2015 staff were great! super silly and friendly

Patrick – Kalamazoo, MI 1/18/2015 Uncle Ed's continues to be the most efficient, kind, & helpful oil change service provider I have ever been to. Keep it up, guys!!

Patrick – Kalamazoo, MI 1/18/2015 Fantastic experience, as always!

Dan – Kalamazoo, MI 1/15/2015 Travis and Marcus did a great job

Dave – Nunica, MI 1/8/2015 Kyle was excellent, by definition. He put in a headlight bulb and then he fixed my big concern. The hood. It wouldn't latch and I still had to drive eighty miles that night. I didn't know it but I came in near closing time and it was the night of a major storm and he didn't think twice about helping me. That guy deserves a medal and he is the reason I'll be coming back.