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Experience Michigan's Best Oil Change right here in Kalamazoo. Conveniently located in Milwood Plaza on Portage Road, our friendly and knowledgeable technician staff will service your car, truck, or van with a fast and professional oil and oil filter change. But that's only the beginning!

In addition we provide a thorough 19-point inspection with advice on the condition of your vehicle. We will check your car's fluids and if they are low, we can top them off. As an added courtesy we set your tire pressure, check your exterior lights, inspect the wiper blades and hand wash the windshield. All in just 10-15 minutes!

Our Milwood Plaza location is a full-service location, meaning we can perform additional preventative maintenance services such as transmission fluid and radiator flushes, help increase gas mileage with our engine additives and treatments, and install or replace air filters, wiper blades, and bulbs.

Our service doesn't stop once you leave! As a valued customer you receive our free fluid and tire check in between oil changes - a $25 value yours free to use as many times as you’d like!

Staff Information

Asst District Manager David Houser for Uncle Eds Oil Shoppe on 4215 Portage Rd in Kalamazoo, MI 49008

David Houser
Asst District Manager

Ask our Customers
  • Everything was good checked and showed me everything on my car

    Hussen – Clinton Twp, MI 5/31/2019

  • They do a good job here!

    Krista – Macomb, MI 5/10/2019

  • Everything was great!

    Major – Detroit, MI 5/10/2019

Recent Customer Reviews

Hertz – Portage, MI 6/3/2019 2 cars in a row done very quickly

Jordan – KALAMAZOO, MI 6/1/2019 I asked a question about how the engine flush worked and the assistant manager brought me over the bottle they used and explained how it worked. It was exactly the knowledge I was asking for. It made me feel like it was totally worth the additional cost.

Scott – Kalamazoo, MI 5/31/2019 Could use some wifi to complete surveys and some coffee for the customers would be good to.

Hertz – Portage, MI 5/31/2019 Fast and friendly

Jessica – KALAMAZOO, MI 5/24/2019 Great service

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TRI STATE – Kalamazoo, MI 5/13/2019 Service was quick.

Hertz – Portage, MI 5/13/2019 Gets faster every time

Hertz – Portage, MI 5/10/2019 Great and fast work as always

Michelle – Kalamazoo, MI 5/6/2019 Fast friendly staff

Hertz – Portage, MI 5/2/2019 I bring in Hertz vehicles quite often and the guys are always happy to see me and we have a good time while getting the oil changed.

Hertz – Portage, MI 4/29/2019 Fast every time

Mar – Portage, MI 4/24/2019 The prices are ridiculously high. Yes, service is fast, but not that fast.

Bethany – Battle Creek, MI 4/22/2019 5 star service

Hertz – Portage, MI 4/15/2019 Fast and friendly as always

Lee – Kalamazoo , MI 4/2/2019 Came in for oil top off, got oil filled and others checked out

Adam – Kalamazoo, MI 3/31/2019 Great work and good speed

Michael – Portage, MI 3/28/2019 Adam and Hunter were awesome. I brought my truck in around 11am and was so pleased I turned around and brought my car in 4 hours later. You’re lucky to have employees like that and they worked very well together.

Rosemary – Kalamazoo, MI 3/12/2019 Connor and Hunter were great.would recommend uncle eds to all my friends

Lon – Kalamazoo, MI 3/2/2019 This team is TOP NOTCH all the way. Personable, efficient, and genuinely cares for their customers. I use the tire check frequently in addition to oil changes. They have NEVER given me less than great attention/service for any reason I stop!! This survey scale doesn't even fairly evaluate the way this location works and acts!! GREAT Job store#1112. Your team sets the bar that others need to achieve!! Shout out to today's team of Shaun, Connor and Hunter from the pit!! Although, everyone here are star performers in my book!

Amy – Lawton, MI 2/23/2019 OMG. your guys knew what a crush washer was. I didn’t think that existed outside a Subaru dealer. Only one dealer and me touch my car. I was happy with Ed’s for sure since I could see and hear everything. Carrying Mobil 1 oil or Amsoil would be a good addition.

Brett – Kalamazoo, MI 2/22/2019 Completely satisfied customer

Brianna – Kalamazoo, MI 1/28/2019 The guys there always take great care of me! They always explain things in a professional manner without making it seem like they know everything and I know nothing. This is everything to me as I do know a great deal about my car and they help me learn even more; ensuring I can take the best care of my car. The staff was extremely friendly and easy to have a conversation with. I will always go to Uncle Eds for my oil changes!

Darius – Kalamazoo, MI 1/26/2019 Friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Don – Augusta, MI 1/23/2019 I would like to start by acknowledging that I have never had less than a wonderful experience at any of your locations, prior to today, and I regret having not completed a more positive survey in the past, since I've always been very pleased with my service. I came in just before three for an oil change, and was informed that I should probably get an engine cleaning service, that it would take an additional five minutes. I've had this service before, and had no problem with the additional time, and agreed that it needed to be done. I also had a license plate light replaced. While the staff was very friendly and courteous, efficiency was not their game today. I did not end up leaving until 3:50, and had to immediately return as the panel on the back hatch hadn't been properly re-assembled after installing the bulb- the button to activate the hatch-closing mechanism pushed entirely into the door as I tried to push it to close the hatch. Additionally, I had originally asked to check on the warranty on my windshield wiper blades, and was told that I had coupons that could be applied to the service, which were not applied. But, after having to postpone and ultimately cancel a meeting this afternoon, I was frustrated and eager to just leave, and did not press these issues. (After looking at my receipt, I do see that I was not charged for the bulb change, however.) Although the manager did acknowledge and apologize for the unusually long wait, I was a little surprised to not be offered a discount or partial refund, especially after having to return because of the hatch issue. While it was not an ideal experience, this won't keep me from returning. I do understand that people and teams have off-days, and up until today, I have only had exceptional service at not just this location, but the Gull Road location as well. But because it was such a departure from that exceptional norm, I thought it best to bring it to your attention.

Kathy – Kalamazoo, MI 1/19/2019 Friendly and knowledgable staff.

Scott – Kalamazoo, MI 1/14/2019 Went in for an oil change and headlight bulb replacent. Great work done.

Alexander – Portage, MI 1/11/2019 Y’all kick ass every time I come through. Great service and extremely friendly staff

DEBRA – Kalamazoo, MI 1/7/2019 Convenient location, always polite, never have to wait, in and out quickly.

Kristin – Kala, MI 12/29/2018 No fluids were checked besides the oil. My wiper fluid wasn’t even tipped off.

Nicole – Kalamazoo, MI 12/28/2018 Convenient and fast service. The coupons offered definitely keep me returning!

Jill – Kalamazoo, MI 12/22/2018 This store has very knowledgeable and personable staff. I just came in for a "check oil" light concern and fluid top off and the solved the need quickly and professionally. Thank you!

Debra – Kalamazoo, MI 12/14/2018 These young men were extremely friendly, knowledgeable and professional. I very much enjoyed the experience!

Kimberly – Hartford, MI 12/4/2018 To many upcharges!

Alysha – Kalamazoo, MI 11/28/2018 Calob and hunter were professional and got me in and out fast.

Mark – Kalamazoo, MI 11/26/2018 The staff has been incredibly friendly and I enjoy that they don't mind explaining what they're doing to my truck in mechanical detail.

Laura – Scotts, MI 11/25/2018 I always appreciate how professional and respectful the staff is at Uncle Ed's. I can never find the lever to release the hood, nor do I ever remember how to reset my oil change indicator on my dashboard. The staff is always very helpful and courteous and is never condescending, unlike how other oil change shops treat women who are a bit unfamiliar with the workings of their vehicle. Thank you for always being so respectful.

Amanda – Kalamazoo, MI 11/17/2018 nothing else

Jonathan – Kalamazoo, MI 11/2/2018 I told the crew I was in a hurry and it still took 25-3o minutes. I was a little confused about what was taking so long, as I was the only one there. My car is new with 11,900 miles on it and they told me I needed to run a system cleaner and have a transmission fluid change. Why are you always trying to sell me things I obviously don’t need?

Brandon – Kalamazoo, MI 11/2/2018 Great team, Sean is amazing worker gets work done quickly and efficiently. Will is an awesome manager.

Russ – Gobles, MI 10/16/2018 William and his staff provided fast, friendly and professional service. Great customer service and a great exoeriance!

Austen – Saugatuck, MI 10/12/2018 Very informative of what I needed to get done. I had just gotten this vehicle recently and did not realize how much was wrong with it already. Much appreciated as I want to keep this car running as long as possible.

Aaron – Kalamazoo, MI 10/12/2018 This team on portage road is my go to choice. They have an amazing staff. Sean and will Always help me make sure I’m safe and ready to go on the road.

James – Byron Center, MI 10/8/2018 None today

Gary – Kalamazoo, MI 10/4/2018 Stanislas and Hunter were fast, efficient and courteous.

Ginger – Portage, MI 9/29/2018 One of the technicians hit his shoulder on a hook sticking out of the wall that they use to hang a a air line on. He could’ve really hurt himself that needs to be put up higher than where it’s at or needs to come from the ceiling I feel that is a safety issue you need to check into. It was at uncle Ed’s on portage road in portage Michigan.

Jp – Kalamazoo, MI 9/22/2018 The overall experience of my oil change wasn’t unpleasant other than the fact I was stuck in my car for over a hour and a half due to an over tightened oil plug that ended up needing to be replaced, I knew there wasn’t much more that could of been done about the situation and the staff was friendly so I couldn’t complain.

Blake – Vicksburg, MI 9/21/2018 Great service and knowledgeable Tech's

Nicole – Kalamazoo, MI 9/16/2018 They were great. The team always helps me out and makes me feel safe. Will and Sean are a great team

Kevin – Portage, MI 9/16/2018 Love the team great service

Brett – Kalamazoo, MI 9/16/2018 Amazing service love the team

David – Kalamazoo, MI 9/14/2018 Amazing service as always

Jason – Battle Creek, MI 9/14/2018 Guys are really polite and I love the service

Antwion – Kalamazoo, MI 9/14/2018 Great service

Emily – Portage, MI 9/14/2018 Amazing service as always !

Charles – Kalamazoo, MI 9/14/2018 Great time

Everett – Portage, MI 9/14/2018 Great service

Matt – Kalamazoo, MI 9/14/2018 It’s a convenient service and always welcoming

NANCY – Vicksburg, MI 9/13/2018 Fantastic customer service team. Will consider Uncle Ed's for future service needs.

DEBRA – Kalamazoo, MI 9/13/2018 Service was great as always

Brielle – Gobles, MI 9/13/2018 This team is amazing i currently get free oil changes from the dealer however I always come in for any other implications I have with my vehicle such as low tire pressure, fluid checks and all that amazing stuff that uncle eds has to offer. Will and hunter do an amazing job at making me feel important and showing that they care about my vehicle and my well being.

Joshua – Kalamazoo, MI 9/12/2018 Michigans best!

Kevin – Kalamazoo, MI 9/6/2018 Great service every time I stop in!

Sandra – Mattawan, MI 8/23/2018 Will and the crew were great! They greated me with such good and happy feeling that alone will bring me back.. I felt they were honest about my visit and I felt special. Thank you Uncle Ed for good service but most of all great employees.. G. Kalleward

Bill – Kalamazoo, MI 8/18/2018 Great job

Drew – Kalamazoo, MI 8/16/2018 Will and Sean were both incredibly helpful and nice. A+ customer service. They made my day a lot better.

Brian – Kalamazoo, MI 8/15/2018 Keep up the good work!!!

Jeremy – Kalamazoo, MI 8/11/2018 Will and Hunter were great. Very enthusiastic and excellent to work with. Would highly recommend.

Bill – Kalamazoo, MI 8/11/2018 The team was great

Heidi – Mattawan, MI 8/9/2018 Great service everytime will and hunter are amazing

Sue – Kalamazoo, MI 8/9/2018 Will provided us GREAT service and is such a nice young man

Ron – Portage, MI 8/7/2018 service was very good

Della – Portage, MI 8/7/2018 Stanislav was manager on duty and was extremely helpful and polite. Great service!

Dayton – Kalamazoo, MI 8/6/2018 No feed back

Amy – Kalamazoo, MI 8/4/2018 All good

Gary – Sturgis, MI 8/2/2018 Very positive experience.

Gary – Kalamazoo, MI 8/2/2018 I was told I am overdue for a power steering flush. I agreed to the service. Oops, it turns out this location doesn't have the equipment to do it. Okay, how about a radiator flush? I asked how long, and the manager said he could have me out the door in 15 minutes. Oops, the pump on the equipment kept breaking down, and the clock on my dash said it took 29 minutes. It sounds like someone needs to decide whether or not this is a viable location and invest in decent equipment. Because bad equipment = bad service = customer will look for alternatives.

Stephanie – Baldwin, MI 8/1/2018 They were very friendly and curtious and made sure everything waz done exactly how it should of been

Katherine – Kalamazoo, MI 8/1/2018 Everything was good.

Gary – Sturgis, MI 7/30/2018 Service was delayed by the need to bring an air filter in but technicians were very courteous and concerned about the length of time.

Barbara – Kalamazoo, MI 7/30/2018 Josh was very knowledgable and friendly! Thank you

Kelly – Kalamazoo, MI 7/28/2018 Guys were great, didn't oversell, were very helpful and encouraging with my learning-driver daughter!

Bradle – Kalamazoo, MI 7/27/2018 All the dudes were very nice.

Lisamarie – Portage, MI 7/27/2018 I can count on the William and staff to treat me well no matter how little or big my need. I send many friends to this store because of William.

Karen – Kalamazoo, MI 7/26/2018 The guys that were working today were the most friendly two people I have ever met at a business. They seemed to know there job very well

Miranda – Kalamazoo, MI 7/21/2018 No comments

Lolisa – Kalamazoo, MI 7/21/2018 Awesome great

Stephen – Vicksburg, MI 7/17/2018 Great service good prices

Rachel – Kalamazoo, MI 7/16/2018 Will and Sean were very friendly and efficient!!

Collin – Portage, MI 7/15/2018 Very easy to get in for an oil change. Employees were very nice and explained everything. Will go back again.

Miranda – Kalamazoo, MI 7/13/2018 No comments needed

Rhonda – Paw Paw, MI 7/9/2018 fast and friendly

Jay – Kalamazoo, MI 6/28/2018 Everyone is friendly, highly recommended

Dave – Portage, MI 6/23/2018 Less sales re: alternate options

Colleen – Schoolcraft, MI 6/10/2018 Thank you.

Rachel – Sturgis, MI 6/8/2018 I dont know very much about cars so I was very happy with all of the extra stuff yours guys checked out for me...lights...fluids..etc. Informed me of some lights out and was then able to replace them before I was pulled over. I am going to be a returning customer. I really like the service I get here. Also the employees were very nice and knew their job well. We we're very impressed.

Shelby – Climax, MI 6/7/2018 The manager and the service tech were really great. Very helpful and nice. Even though my car was being difficult for them they made sure everything was done right. I really appreciate it.

Jodi – Portage, MI 6/6/2018 Great service today! This just may be the best Uncle Ed's location in town! I've visited several of them!!

Scott – Kalamazoo, MI 6/5/2018 Good job

Tammy – Kalamazoo, MI 6/2/2018 Even though service took a bit longer than expected (my hybrid have them some difficulties and bruised knuckels!) William persevered, always professional and positive, to complete the service. This is exactly why I keep coming back.

Mandy – Kalamazoo, MI 6/1/2018 Will & Josh are just the best. We had to get an oil change last minute before a trip, it was fast and they were as kind as can be. Not to mention our car reacted poorly to the change and they waited for us to come back a half hour past close to fix everything. A+++ Thanks guys!

Jeremy – Portage, MI 5/26/2018 Love this shop! Always feel like I belong on every visit.

Janneen – Kalamazoo, MI 5/25/2018 Staff continues to be friendly and informative.

Nate – Schoolcraft, MI 5/25/2018 William and Sean were very pleasant answered all my questions. These young men are very professional and act accordingly. I appreciate there very speedy service

Brenda – Portage, MI 5/25/2018 Service was super fast and friendly the team at this millwood location is excellent. I will definetly be returning for my next oil change

Ryan – Kalamazoo, MI 5/24/2018 William and Sean killed it, handled my side mounted oil filter like pros. Great service on a busy and hot day. They we're fast and courteous and down to earth.

Wyatt – Kalamazoo, MI 5/16/2018 William G and Joshua H provided the amazing level of service that keeps me coming back to uncle Ed's every time. Regardless of the issue uncle Ed's is my go to for any issues, questions, or checkups I need. It is rare that a company follow its mission statement with such sincerity and accuracy. Thanks for everything guys.

Riley – Kalamazoo, MI 5/14/2018 Will and Brandon were super friendly and professional. Also they're cute (:

Kelly – Delton, MI 4/20/2018 I love the guys they are so nice and professional!!

Donita – Portage, MI 4/6/2018 So very impressive fast knowledgeable and convenient.

Robin – Portage, MI 4/2/2018 Service is always great!!

James – Schoolcraft, MI 3/31/2018 Very helpful and polite

Faustina – Kalamazoo, MI 3/23/2018 The service was awesome...dave was alot of help my car stalled on sprinkle after the oil change and he came to me as quick as possible...i would recommend uncle eds to anyone

Tina – Kalamazoo, MI 3/21/2018 Will and josh on portage road location were awesome...made the visit very fun.. I would recommend them to anyone... I will be returning friday for more service... Will made it easy to want service from him.

Jamie – Kalamazoo, MI 3/19/2018 Took 45 minutes for an oil change. They dented the only oil filter for my particular size and refused to spray down the engine and left a big greasy hand print on my white hood.

Patty – Kalamazoo, MI 3/17/2018 Great service!

Jesse – Kalamazoo, MI 3/9/2018 The service was great and well done. Everything was explained very well and they took me through all of the steps that they were performing. Everyone was very nice and professional.

Amanda – Kalamazoo, MI 2/26/2018 William was the manager. David took care of all services. Both were fantastic and friendly. I enjoyed the group of guys in the building. I did receive many services and it took a little time. But it was done professionally and with ease. This is usually the Uncle Ed's I take my car to! It's close to home and I have always enjoyed the atmosphere. Thanks again guys for taking good care of my vehicle. She needed love and received lots of it. Amazing crew!

Stacey – Kalamazoo, MI 2/25/2018 Knowledgeable, friendly, quick, and there was no wait time to get things started.

Taylor – Kalamazoo, MI 2/19/2018 1. I understand why you do it, but I wish your organization would stop trying to upcharge me on EVERYTHING. Engine flushes, high mileage oil, wiper blades... everything. It's exhausting to use your service when you keep trying to sell me more and more when you already charge me way too much for an oil change. 2. I had to remind them to check my tire pressure. One of my tires was low, so I'm glad I reminded them. 3. All that being said, everyone I talked to there gave me great service and was incredibly friendly.

Tyler – Portage, MI 2/14/2018 Awesome crew, friendly and knowledgeable. Use to do my own oil changes, but why would I waste a day when these guys can give me the full rundown on all my fluids in the time it took me to write this!?

Jamison – Kalamazoo, MI 2/12/2018 Will was fantastic and explained everything thoroughly. He really should be awarded for his over the top customer service.

Christine – Kalamazoo, MI 2/11/2018 Service was great and staff super friendly and professional.

Jerri – Kalamazoo, MI 2/9/2018 Friendly and always go above and beyond. Sean and will are an amazing team can't wait to come back and see them again!! Love this shop and all the staff!

Scott – Kalamazoo, MI 2/9/2018 Great service everytime

Katey – Bethlehem, MI 2/7/2018 William and Brian were incredibly professional and kind. Took care of a small problem and Thanked us for stopping in. We will definitely return.

Wes – Kalamazoo, MI 1/25/2018 Fast, Friendly and gave me a first time discount, which I didnt know I would receive so that was great! A little more expensive than I'm used to but the service was about what I would expect for the price point so I'm not upset at all.

Na – Na, MI 1/20/2018 Really was unhappy about the price of the oil change and almost did get it, but the manager told me he'd see what he can do to help out. He helped me to search online for a coupon, which I was able to find. After the coupon I was okay with the oil change price. Not sure why you guys charge so much for what Walmart does for a quarter of the price. The energy of the team and thoroughness of Sean and Brandon was enjoyable to watch.

Trent – Kalamazoo, MI 1/19/2018 Service was exceptionally positive and thorough especially thanks to employee Brandon K.

Dave – Portage, MI 1/13/2018 good service

Heather – Kalamazoo , MI 1/9/2018 Best service I have ever received from Uncle Eds. Brandon did a great job.

Lissa – Kalamazoo, MI 12/29/2017 Bryan S. was awesome throughout my visit to get my oil changed. He made sure to explain things to me so I understood why I needed it. He was very personable and even noticed my engine wasn't warming up completely and let me know I should take it to a full service shop. I've never had an unpleasant visit to this store, but this last trip in I was very pleased with my service.

Kevin – Kalamazoo, MI 12/27/2017 Just stopped in to have my fluids and tires checked before a long trip for the holidays.

Christopher – Kalamazoo, MI 12/27/2017 These guys have synergy that make my simple visits move quick. I'm in and out in minute's for simple things. They even cleaned the snow off my car, talk about going the extra mile. See you guys next year.

Dennis – Kalamazoo, MI 12/27/2017 I came in last week before the holiday for an oil change and also took care of my transmission on my Mercury. When I was in today they check all the fluids and when they went to fill my washer solvent up, they noticed some slush had formed. So they emptied out the container and pit hot water in to melt any ice. Brandon the manager doubled check his washer solvent with a weird disc tester, him doing this apparently can tell when the washer solvent would freeze. He told me that I'd be good to as cold as -25 F. He was so attentive to make sure everything done to my vehicle was done the right way. He's a reason I'll continue to return to Uncle Ed's, or as Brandon put it today "you come to the best in Michigan, you get the best service in Michigan". Thank you for having such amazing people whoking at these shops.

Marnie – Kalamazoo, MI 12/22/2017 great service as always!

Scott – Kalamazoo, MI 12/21/2017 Need some wifi for the customers so we can take our survey's easier.

Melissa & Kyle – Portage, MI 12/15/2017 I came in just to get my tires checked, turns out I had a few fluids low. I only found this out because Brandon asked me to check my fluids while I was in. He's so full of energy and his smile in contagious. I'll always trust my cars to Uncle Eds, or as he put it "you're in good hands when you come to Michigans best". Thanks and as always keep up the good work and don't stop smiling.

Siaba – South Bend, MI 12/9/2017 The best, hands down.

Scott – Kalamazoo, MI 12/7/2017 Brandon and Sean always provide top notch service.

Nancy – Vicksburg, MI 12/4/2017 Good service but I like the one on Westnedge better.

Amber – Portage, MI 11/26/2017 Professional and knowledgeable staff

Mike – Vicksburg, MI 11/25/2017 Very professional, never leave uncle Ed's worried. Always get what you pay for, best service I. Town.

Rhonda – Paw Paw, MI 11/20/2017 The head light was not easy to get to. Grateful I didn't have to do it. Calob and Bryan were great they are awesome. I will be back for my next oil change

Mike – Kalamazoo, MI 11/18/2017 High energy workers keep me coming back.

Michael – Kalamazoo, MI 11/18/2017 Always able to check my fluids and keep them all safe and full and get back out on the road quickly.

Monica – Kalamazoo, MI 11/16/2017 During my first visit, Brandon was quite gracious in helping me out with a low oil signal on my Audi just before my daughter was taking it out of town. Remembering how helpful and outgoing he was, I decided to take the same car back to him when it came to a standard oil change. Luckily, he was there again and not only was he knowledgable about what my car needed but his personality & enthusiasm were contagious! I felt happy for the rest of the day knowing that he had taken good care of me and that he would be a person making the world a better place.

Saad – Pawpaw, MI 11/16/2017 Best service in town hands down.

Rick – Kalamazoo, MI 11/16/2017 Always can count on them to make sure all my fluids are where they belong. They got me in and out in 5 mins.

Trish – Vicksburg, MI 11/13/2017 I've taken my car to Uncle Ed's for many years and this store #1112 has the best managers and technicians of all the different stores I have visited. They are by far the most informative with regard to automotive care education and the most friendly/patient with their customers. Impressive staff at Store 1112!

Tina – Kalamazoo, MI 11/10/2017 Bryan S great as usual very friendly and helpful. Same with Sean D. Quick service, helpful advice, not pushy but informative to what should be done now and what should be done in near future. Always a good experience at this location.

Kellie – Portage, MI 10/29/2017 Okay where do I start. I rolled up to the shop around 3:40 on a Sunday (shop closes at 4, and I work nights), thinking it wouldn't take too long to change out my headlights. I had forgotten that the last person (my friend) who (literally unprofessionally) changed my headlights, used duct tape to keep the headlights in. I was informed by your good ol' boys that I was missing both of my headlight housings, and gave me a great reccomendation on where to get some. I was impressed he knew about the place because I'm pretty sure he said he wasn't from the area. I'm not a car person, but I've heard great things about this hole-in-the-wall. Brandon said how much it might be, and how much it would cost to get it installed, which is really great to know. Now like I said, my friend installed my headlights. With duct tape. And I forgot about it. I felt really bad about them having to peel off the duct tape because it was pretty well on there, but they said it was no problem. To get the headlights to stay in, because I obviously didn't have the headlight housings, Brandon looked for tape, just to keep me on the road because like I said, I work nights and I literally just cannot be on the road after dark. He couldn't find any in the shop, so he took some electrical tape out of his emergency bag FROM HIS OWN CAR. You want a customer for life? Because that's how you get a customer for life. Not only that, but Kaleb C and Brandon K stayed working on my car HALF AN HOUR AFTER CLOSE to help me get back on the road after dark. I felt really bad for keeping them, but they acted as if they were still open. No grimaces or anything close to. They were still super nice to me. They even refilled my tires and window washing fluid, put oil in my car, and checked the rest of my lights. There was probably something more but I could only see what I could from inside my car. Tipped them both $10 because they absolutely earned it. I wouldn't have taken no for an answer. Point being: Shoutout to Brandon K and Kaleb C! You went way, WAY out of your way to save me from misfortune! It is so much appreciated!

Richelle – Kalamazoo, MI 10/28/2017 Ive been to the location on Portage Rd multiple times and the guys there have been amazing every time! They’re very thorough and pay attention to detail! Very fast work and really friendly people! Brandon, Calob, and Dylan have been great to me and I plan on recommending them to my friends and family!

George – Marcellus, MI 10/27/2017 Question on the safety check, particularly the battery check. It seems that during one visit the person doing the battery check, uses some sort of tester, yet other times they do nothing except look at it. What is the proper procedure? I do pay attention to everything they are doing and have seen this multiple times (sometimes a tester is used, sometimes nothing) and was just wondering how this test/check works?

Tamim – Plainwell, MI 10/24/2017 Employee like Foster makes Uncle Ed great oil shoppe, keep up the good work

Bill – Marshall, MI 10/9/2017 Very good service, ty

Jerry Ann – Kalamazoo, MI 10/3/2017 technicians were very professional

Nelda – Kalamazoo, MI 9/16/2017 nice people and good service

Ray – Kalamazoo, MI 9/10/2017 A little pricy for a high mileage oil change but i like the service and my buddy works there so its always nice to chat with him while my car gets maintenance.

Julie – Kalamazoo, MI 8/31/2017 Keep up the good service

Ian – Portage, MI 8/25/2017 As always great service. I feel confident in Uncle Ed's for my vehicles. Always friendly!

Thomas – Scotts, MI 8/16/2017 Excellent as usual, they're the best in the west.

Richelle – Kalamazoo, MI 8/11/2017 I go to uncle eds when i dont have the time to make it some where with the valvoline oil.

Monty – Kalamazoo, MI 8/10/2017 Both guys were very friendly and helpful.

Adonios – Kalamazoo, MI 8/4/2017 They get done with things pretty fast & good work

Marchelle – Kalamazoo, MI 8/3/2017 Great service

George – Marcellus, MI 7/27/2017 Awesome service

James – Kalamazoo, MI 7/19/2017 I am very happy with the staff and service, the price even with the coupons used is steep.

Calob – Kalamazoo, MI 7/9/2017 The guys at uncle eds helped out a lot they were the fastest people I've ever met watt as awesome and so was kaleb will definitely be back again

Drew – Kalamazoo, MI 7/8/2017 Very friendly and knowledgeable. Tried to upsell without uncomfortable pressure. Will be returning.

Mickey – Portage, MI 6/24/2017 was very good and clean

Erica – Kalamazoo, MI 6/13/2017 Great friendly service!

Autumn – Marshall, MI 6/13/2017 I think using O'Reiley's as a parts provider is a huge mistake. The only thing about my service today that was sub-par was waiting for ONE HOUR for O'Reiley's to deliver an engine air filter. While I'm probably the world's most patient person, this was a bit of an off-putting part of my day. The staff at the Portage Rd. store were entertaining, thorough, and helpful. Brandon K. had an endless supply of fun facts and encouragement. This is my second time at the Portage Rd. store and it is the store that, in my opinion, has the BEST customer service of all other Uncle Ed's stores in the Kalamazoo area. Brandon had a great idea in partnering with another locally-based auto parts stores and I think in the light of waiting an hOUR for an engine air filter is a bit ridiculous. However if partnering with the local auto parts store - I think service would be better all around. Inside the bay was SO WARM. Everyone was dripping sweat. While there is a time and place for this (hot yoga, hot dates, etc.) the Uncle Ed's Oil Change Bay is not one of those places. Get these guys a fan. I love Uncle Ed's and will continue to come to the Portage Rd. store for all my oily needs. Brandon K really knocked this customer service out of the park and certainly deserves a raise... and a fan.

Keyosha – Kalamazoo, MI 6/12/2017 I love this company! Great job!

Charles – Kalamazoo, MI 6/10/2017 Was wonderful and quick

Charles – Kalamazoo, MI 6/10/2017 Very satisfied and thankful for the information they gave.

David – Kalamazoo, MI 6/5/2017 great service

Kevin & Vicki – Kalamazoo, MI 6/4/2017 Service was fine

David – Portage, MI 5/19/2017 Very nice visit workers were very attentive and told us everything that needed to be done

Joseph – Scotts, MI 5/5/2017 Job well done!

CHRISTY – Galesburg, MI 5/5/2017 Great job!

Suzan – Kalamazoo, MI 4/29/2017 Great guys

Nicole – Mattawan, MI 4/24/2017 They were great! Highly recommend!

Deondra – Kalamazoo, MI 4/21/2017 They did a great job

Masina – Kalamazoo, MI 4/14/2017 All employees were fun and friendly! Including David H, Justin J, and Joseph S.

Daniel – Kalamazoo, MI 4/12/2017 Great service!!

David – Kalamazoo, MI 4/12/2017 Great Service Provided

Aaron – Kalamazoo, MI 4/11/2017 My family has been coming to this store for almost 30 years. They are fast, friendly, and convenient!

Sarah – Kalamazoo, MI 4/8/2017 Not only did they very thoroughly check my car and change my oil, when I had troubles with the hood latch, they took the time to help fix that as well. Very polite and efficient.

Mickey – Portage, MI 3/24/2017 was a good experience

Adonios – Kalamazoo, MI 3/17/2017 The service was real good, keep up the good work!

Danette – Vicksburg, MI 3/13/2017 I would highly recommend this Uncle Ed's location to anyone! (Including my dear hubby, who's not real great at car maintenance! :) ) They alerted me to a transmission fluid issue that I would have never suspected if not for their care. I am a customer here with tremendous faith in your techs and mgr. It's very nice to feel trust in a mechanic. They were polite, respectful and professional.......and fast! Thank you!

Jocelyn – Kalamazoo, MI 3/12/2017 Very friendly and fast

Tom – Kalamazoo, MI 3/5/2017 Great customer service and professionalism.

Stephen – Kalamazoo, MI 3/5/2017 Friendly enthusiastic techs.

Toni – Kalamazoo, MI 2/23/2017 Visit ok

Monty – Kalamazoo, MI 2/13/2017 Justin and Kaleb were both very helpful and friendly, the service was super fast!

Kurt – Kalamazoo, MI 2/11/2017 Always appreciate your service

Jamie – Kalamazoo, MI 1/27/2017 All the services were great. The only complaint is that the price is a little too high.

Danielle – Kalamazoo, MI 1/15/2017 Keep up the good work

Erin – Kalamazoo, MI 1/14/2017 Excellent service! Thanks!

Katie – Kalamazoo, MI 1/13/2017 I just wish any suggestions for other services were put into comments on invoice instead of trying to tell me about it.

Calvin – Kalamazoo, MI 1/11/2017 I do not remember the names of the two gentlemen that helped me out today, but im sure you would b able to figure that out with everything being time stamped. They were extremely helpful and very concise when I needed them to be,. They both went above and beyond exceeding my expectations for just gettting my oil changed. From recommendations, fast and friendly service, and even reattachining a heat shield that i had been neglecting to fix for a while. Rediculously satisfied! I would have given them a tip had I been carrying any cash. Can't say enough, thank you!

Laura – Kalamazoo, MI 1/9/2017 Amazing staff! Justin J and Sean D are so friendly and so professional. The staff is what makes me want to come back.

David – Galesburg, MI 1/8/2017 Had an emergency loss of coolant on I94. Pulled off the road just as the engine was overheating. The manager and technician at the Portage street Uncle Eds found a disconnected hose (thought maybe the engine block was cracked or thermostat was not working.) Within about 15 minutes they reconnected the hose, topped off my power steering, brought my tires up to pressure and refilled my coolant which was totally gone. I went from imagining having to replace my engine to returning on my trip completely confident that the problem had been taken care of. I can't say how much I appreciated their professionalism and level of courtesy and service. Needless to say, I'll be back. Great way to start the New Year.

Chris – Springfield, MI 1/7/2017 Great service!

Balinda – Schoolcraft, MI 1/7/2017 The pre-paid oil change and reward points make Uncle Eds Oil Shoppe my new go to for oil changes.

Robert – Portage, MI 12/27/2016 Amazing!

Jennifer – Kalamazoo, MI 12/23/2016 We're regulars!

Amanda – Kalamazoo, MI 12/22/2016 The very nice employees didn't try to sell me unnecessary services just to take my money. They actually SHOWED me how disgusting my engine and cabin air filters were, which I'm grateful for. I will recommend to anyone!

Adonios – Kalamazoo, MI 12/16/2016 You guys do good work over at uncle eds keep up the good work.

Chrissy – Kalamazoo, MI 12/16/2016 The guys were great. They were extremely professional and it was very clear they knew what they were doing. They also didn't try to pressure me into purchasing unnecessary services.

Lauren – Kalamazoo, MI 12/16/2016 Usually they show me my other fluids other then my oil and this time they didnt. They still did a great and fast job.

Joe – Alpena, MI 12/13/2016 None, service was outstanding

George – Marcellus, MI 12/13/2016 In all my years coming to the location, this was by far the best experience I've had. The manager on duty (Zachary N.) was incredible, I was in and out in 15 minutes (twice as fast as my typical visits for the same thing). He was friendly, outgoing, very professional and treated the technician on duty with a professional manner. He made his recommendations to me without being pushy (which is a big bonus). All around a fantastic experience!!

Deanna – Kalamazoo, MI 12/1/2016 Manager, James, was especially considerate. James made sure I knew how to reset the Oil Gauge to 100% on my Honda Fit.

Valerie – Portage, MI 11/23/2016 Very convenience

Chad – Vicksburg, MI 11/9/2016 No other comments.

Karl – Kalamazoo, MI 10/12/2016 Whenough I got there I told both workers" All I want is a simple oil change, NOTHING ELSE", and asked them both if they uderstood this. Both said yes, and then for the next 30 minutes they tried to sell me everything bUT a new car.

Brian – Kalamazoo, MI 10/6/2016 on 10/6/16 I came to Uncle Ed's for an oil change because my dashboard indicator said I needed one. Your manager Zachary took care of me. As he scanned and looked at my stats from the last visit he noticed that I was only at 2000 miles since the last change. He told me such, and thought that the oil change indicator must not have been reset at the last service. With this information he gave me the option to continue with service but didn't think I needed it yet. He offered other services like windshield wipers etc. and had his employee finish checking the tires and lights. I opted for not getting the oil change but will return soon for service. I was very impressed with Zachary's professionalism and honesty. Other service providers may have taken advantage of the situation but he did not. I feel a greater sense of trust for your business because of Zachary N. and will be repeating this story to others to let them know of my positive experience. Please thank Zachary again for me and know that he is representing your company in a very professional and positive way. Thank you...Brian Powers

Jesse – Vicksburg, MI 10/3/2016 Great service and friendly staff

Matt – Kalamazoo, MI 9/26/2016 I greatly appreciate all the suggestions but most times just simply need a oil change and don't want to hear about upselling opportunities.

Barbara – Kalamazoo, MI 9/24/2016 Great service.

Becca – Kalamazoo, MI 9/23/2016 They were very helpful, they went above and beyond and they gave me great tips. I love coming to Uncle Ed's!!

Meredith – Portage, MI 9/23/2016 Fast reliable and trustworthy

Jordan – Kalamazoo, MI 9/14/2016 completely satisfied

Maya – Kalamazoo, MI 8/28/2016 It was nice to see Joe in a leadership position. He is always a pleasure to deal with, and is obviously a hard worker. Sean is also wonderful. The staff at this shop has the best customer service of anywhere (including non-car-related businesses) I have ever been. Two thumbs up!

Ida Williams – Kalamazoo, MI 8/27/2016 10+ Ian very happy with the service!!!!

Zach – Jackson, MI 8/27/2016 Always quick and easy.

Amanda – Portage, MI 8/20/2016 Appeared Thomas was new staff in training. He did well and his colleagues were very supportive of him. Good work environment

Henry – Kalamazoo, MI 8/20/2016 Non application

Heather – Portage, MI 8/17/2016 Exceptional job keep up the good work

Matt – Gobles, MI 8/16/2016 I had a very pleasant experience, I was explained everything thoroughly and was treated very well!

Dustin – Portage, MI 8/14/2016 Keep up the good work

Kevin – Kalamazoo, MI 8/11/2016 You guys have always been fast and friendly, I always come to this location.

Stephanie – Kalamazoo, MI 8/5/2016 Really fast

Randy & Darlynn – Kalamazoo, MI 8/4/2016 Dylan & Kyle worked in 92 degree facility. They assured me they were drinking enough water. The gentlemen worked efficiently and were sweating profusely. They both gave GREAT customer service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dylan took a step on the over achiever line and washed the inside of our rear window. THANKS guys!!!!!!!!!!

Patrick – Paw Paw, MI 7/28/2016 Really impressed with the professionalism of Uncle Ed's

Brooke – Grand Rapids, MI 7/27/2016 Great job, we'll managed.

Joseph – Ray, MI 7/25/2016 Great work

Brittany – Kalamazoo, MI 7/15/2016 Uncle Ed's is always the best! Great service, friendly techs, and quick. Oh and in the right locations! I love that it is right down the road.

Polly – Portage, MI 7/12/2016 Offer to exit the car during service as an option.

Greg – Portage, MI 7/11/2016 Dylan did a great job working through a difficult issue. I was a bit frustrated because of the time delay, but he kept me informed of the reason for the delay. He and his staff worked hard to keep their customers informed and satisfied.

Brenda – Kalamazoo, MI 7/8/2016 Always great service

Maya – Kalamazoo, MI 7/7/2016 The guys at this location always treat me in a professional manner while still being friendly.

Kyle – Kalamazoo, MI 7/5/2016 I got my vehicle serviced before heading on a three week honeymoon which we drove over 3,000 miles on. I was pleased that we made the entire trip without any issues. It was nice knowing that they checked my vehicle over thoroughly prior to the long trip, and we returned safe and sound!

Alexandria – Portage, MI 6/30/2016 I like how they weren't trying to keep adding things to my stuff.

Jacob – Battle Creek, MI 6/25/2016 I go to uncle eds because they have great service. Today was very different from my previous visits. The service time was ok, but the service from the manager "dakota" was not very good at all. Not sure if he was having a bad day or what, but he did not want to be there and showed it to his staff and to his customers, me and my family. He was not rude, but he was not excited, not happy at all to be there. I will not go back to this uncle eds ever.

Michaela – Kalamazoo, MI 6/24/2016 My technicians today were Kaleb and Dylan; both were extremely helpful! They fixed up my Goldie while making me excited to visit Uncle Ed's again in the future. Their customer service was exceptional, and both very knowledgeable. I will definitely be back. Thank you guys!

Rachael – Portage, MI 6/14/2016 Always go above and beyond.

Chad – Vicksburg, MI 6/9/2016 Wifi available to customers would be nice. I understand it's only ten minutes or so. But being a sales man and being able to hop onto a wifi connection is huge.

Alex – Portage, MI 6/8/2016 Kaleb and the manager Dylan were extremely friendly, curtious and professional. Couldn't have asked for a better experience. On top of the the excellent service, it was very fast service. Will definitely be back. Alex

Linda – Portage, MI 6/7/2016 I did a review of Uncle Ed's and read a comment that it was standard procedure to try and talk a customer in to at least $100 worth of service. I have also researched what maintenance services are actually needed and found that Uncle Ed's tries to encourage unnecessary services, perhaps with that $100 goal in mind. This is not favorable to me, and your oil changes are more expensive than any other place, but I DO take into consideration the safety checks done as well as filling other fluids that might need it, and/or adding air to tires (whether they need it or not).

Molly – Galesburg, MI 6/6/2016 Great work

John – Kalamazoo, MI 6/4/2016 Dylan was personal and professional and I will return to this location for future service.

Jennifer – Portage, MI 5/29/2016 Dylan L and Joseph S were WONDERFUL to work with! They were knowledgeable, energetic, and friendly. They were vwry respectful and made me feel comfortable with my lack if knowledge about my own vehicle. It was more than I expected to pay; I would have liked to have given them a larger tip because they were that good!

Lauren – Kalamazoo, MI 5/27/2016 No thanks

Derrell – Kalamazoo, MI 5/26/2016 I think the service is great.. But sometimes the fluids can be a little to pricey like antifreeze, which I thought was free with the top off's on fluids. but other then that, its great!!!

Brandon – Portage, MI 5/24/2016 Great service!

Amy – Kalamazoo, MI 5/22/2016 I like the convenience but could change my own oil for less than half the price if I wasn't so lazy, which makes me rather ornery with your staff

Ellen – Kalamazoo, MI 5/22/2016 I always get in and out quickly.Very friendly

Gary – Vicksburg, MI 5/17/2016 Always a secure feeling that everything has been double checked by caring profesionals,

Joseph – Ray, MI 5/14/2016 Dylan helped me slow down oil burnoff by recommending an engine treatment

Hanna – Kalamazoo, MI 5/13/2016 My experience at the portage site was good; however, other places like westnedge terrible. Dylan, Joe and sean were excellent. You need more workers like them.

Sara – Kalamazoo, MI 5/11/2016 Excellent job

Trish – Vicksburg, MI 5/4/2016 I think kaleb and Dylan were great and shoud be president.

Josh – Kalamazoo, MI 5/4/2016 Kaleb and Dylan the manager were great. Took great care of my car and explained everything they were doing. Now I know why they call you Michigan's best. Thank you

George – Kalamazoo, MI 5/2/2016 Great service

Ryne – Kalamazoo, MI 5/2/2016 Excellent service

Jeremy – Portage, MI 4/29/2016 Dylan and Sean were great very good service

Ayris – Kalamazoo, MI 4/29/2016 Things were awesome!!!

Terry – Kalamazoo, MI 4/28/2016 Great work

Stacy – Kalamazoo, MI 4/25/2016 Dylan the manager and Kaleb where beyond helpful today. They exceeded all of my expectations and a complete job of checking my vehicle offering ideas on over heating issues, basically addressed every concern and elevated my stress...I will always be back to see Dylan and kaleb💜

Davin – Portage, MI 4/23/2016 Great service, friendly, knowledgeable staff. Highly recommend to friends and family.

Sara – Kalamazoo, MI 4/16/2016 Manager in shop was very knowledgeable, kind, and helpful! Excellent service!

Ashley – Kalamazoo, MI 4/15/2016 Dylan and Joe were awesome!! Thank You guys!!

Rebecca – Portage, MI 4/15/2016 The guys at this shop were completly knowledgeable, kind and curtious. Best service I have seen in many years. A+ customer service

Gary – Kalamazoo, MI 4/7/2016 I bought wiper blades. The person in charge gave me a rebate form for the wiper blades, but the form says I need the UPC blocks from the packages, which I wasn't given, so I can't get the rebate.

Joe – Athens, MI 3/24/2016 The fast and friendly service is always appreciated.

Markeshia – Kalamazoo, MI 3/23/2016 Excellent service!

Greg – Portage, MI 3/7/2016 Dylan and Joe did a wonderful job.

Jeni – Kalamazoo, MI 2/29/2016 I did not want to return to Uncle Ed's because I found a location in Plainwell that is extremely friendly-you get a free car wash, and they are cheaper. Due to the pending storm and convenience of Uncle Ed's I went and spent $129. When I got back to my office I had an email for $20 off I called the location and the district manager approved the coupon. I really appreciated this effort.

Samantha – Kalamazoo, MI 2/23/2016 The manager Robert was very friendly and very knowledgeable on the questions I asked. Very pleased with this visit!

Jamie – Kalamazoo, MI 2/16/2016 The manager was excellent.

Kate – Kalamazoo, MI 2/6/2016 It was helpful to have a yearly summary handed to me regarding work done on my vehicle. Nice touch!

Joyce – Portage, MI 1/24/2016 They worked very well together. Showed me and explained the reason for their suggestions and were never pushy. They were very personable.

Lawrence – Galesburg, MI 1/18/2016 I rarely patronize this UE location and was highly pleased to see Ron on duty. I very much enjoy his particular work ethic, exhibiting all of the qualities of a fine and professional individual! Although there were a total of three team members present, only two, however, were mentioned on my receipt.

Roxanne – Portage, MI 1/17/2016 Excellent service again!! The service workers were very professional and knowledgeable.

Kacey – Marshall, MI 1/15/2016 Good service as always. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Jenny – Portage, MI 1/14/2016 Great service as always. Service workers were very friendly and professional.

Maya – Kalamazoo, MI 1/13/2016 I never have anything but the highest praise for this store. I have gone to a few others in the Kalamazoo area, and while they are not bad by any means, the Portage Rd store puts the others to shame. EVERYONE here is always friendly, fast, and fabulous. Shout out to Kaleb and Chris this particular time for being super awesome.

Renee – Paw Paw, MI 1/10/2016 The guys at this store were FANTASTIC! Very friendly and knowledgeable.

Angela – Vicksburg, MI 1/7/2016 Fast and easy

Joan – Shelbyville, MI 12/28/2015 Very polite

Nathan – Kalamazoo, MI 12/26/2015 I liked the verbal call out communication between the workers to complete tasks safely and Curtiously to one another.

Kathryn – Columbus, MI 12/23/2015 Very helpful and friendly

Cecelia – Kalamazoo, MI 12/21/2015 Back off on the hard sell - give me a basic oil change - basic oil, etc. don't offer to 'clean the engine' or put nitrogen in my tires! IF I'd wanted that I'd ask for it. Actually tone down the whole routine - there's a line between professional and over-the-top.

Blake – Vicksburg, MI 12/21/2015 Service was friendly and straight forward. The Tech's were knowledgeable about my vehicle. I would recommend a friend or family to Martin and Josh again. Thanks,

Randy – Scotts, MI 12/19/2015 Took way longer than expected. Not enough workers. 1 person working on 2 vehicle same time! Not good. Would rather have payed more for quicker service.

Rosaline – Keysville, MI 12/15/2015 Dustin and Kaleb were the bees knees

Tom – Kalamazoo, MI 12/13/2015 Extremely courteous and friendly staff

Elizabeth – Climax, MI 12/1/2015 Great experience at Uncle Ed's!! Dustin, the manager on duty, replaced a brake light I had but failed to take the time to replace it. Great job team!

Kate – Kalamazoo, MI 11/14/2015 Mileage was incorrect in email. Stated 304,081. Correct mileage is 30,481

Tom – Portage, MI 11/14/2015 No comment

Jenni – Kalamazoo, MI 11/12/2015 It was a very pleasant experience.

Richard – Kalamazoo, MI 11/9/2015 none at this time

Kyle – Kalamazoo, MI 11/9/2015 Great service everyone was very helpful.

Mark / Jenelle – Kalamazoo, MI 11/7/2015 Very nice and professional staff! Owner is especially nice and genuine with his customer service.

Robert – Vicksburg, MI 10/30/2015 Great as always!!!

Tina – Kalamazoo, MI 10/29/2015 I ended up needing new battery and transmission fluid change. The team ran into difficulty getting one of my bolts undone, however they all jumpped in to help. Considering all the work that was done, I was very happy with how quickly it was accomplished

Emily – Kalamazoo, MI 10/26/2015 Jarrett and his team take great care of me. I feel safe and like a part of the family when I visit. Who knew and going to get an oil change could be such a pleasurable experience!

Belinda – Portage, MI 10/22/2015 I love interaction with the gentlemen at this location!! They were so great!!!

Tina – Portage, MI 10/22/2015 One of the better visits. Felt good about my purchases today.

Jerri – Kalamazoo, MI 10/20/2015 Dustin was great . Very helpful

Maya – Kalamazoo, MI 10/19/2015 I love this uncle ed's. They are awesome. Jarrett and Sean did a great job!

Jennie – Kalamazoo, MI 10/17/2015 Jarrett and his team are a great team. This Uncle Eds is on the opposite side of town from where we live but we love the service we receive. And being located next to a brewery doesn't hurt either!

Dave – Portage, MI 10/13/2015 The staff did an excellent job!

Chris – Kalamazoo, MI 10/9/2015 Not as fast as I wanted for a fast oil change.

Glenn – Vicksburg, MI 10/8/2015 Very kind and out going

Jason – Port Huron, MI 10/7/2015 Great guys

W – Portage, MI 10/5/2015 The last two oil changes from this location have left me with a leaking oil filter. The manager assured me it would not happen again.

Brian – Kalamazoo, MI 10/3/2015 The service was awesome and really eye opening on my baby.

Mamdou – Kalamazoo, MI 10/2/2015 i am very satisfied about the service provided ,great job

Mike – Kalamazoo, MI 9/25/2015 Saria, was awesome, very outgoing and friendly and would definitely go back again..

Esteban – Kalamazoo, MI 9/22/2015 They are great here. Every time they take great ccare of not only me but relatives who also come iin for oil changes.

Amy – Kalamazoo, MI 9/17/2015 Sarai and Sean at the location on Portage St. in Kalamazoo were phenomenal. They were very informational and helpful in educating me in the upkeep of my vehicle. I would definitely return to Uncle Ed's just because of my great first experience! Kudos to your staff!

Sarah – Kalamazoo, MI 9/14/2015 I would like to thank Jarrett N. and Sean D.for their wonderful service today.

Amie – Kalamazoo, MI 9/11/2015 I not only had the store manager but also his assistant manager service my vehicle - great service as always!

Brandy – Schoolcraft, MI 9/11/2015 I felt it was a little more expensive than I planned. Other than that it was good.

Mary – Kalamazoo, MI 9/6/2015 It was time for an oil change

Annmarie – Kalamazoo, MI 9/6/2015 Jarrett N. and Kaleb C. were excellent!

Wanda – Kalamazoo, MI 9/4/2015 Uncle Ed's is a great place! I initially went because it was convenient but came back because of the service. Most shop talk down to females but at Uncle Ed's everyone is equal. How great it was to see a female technican! Uncle Ed's is awesome

Gorden – Kalamazoo, MI 9/4/2015 whole staff was very helpful and friendly, I needed a serpentine belt which they did not have in stock, but was called in and delivered to them in 5 min. They removed the old belt and replaced it with the new one, had a hard time getting it on but they let me know what was going on, and soon afterwards they had the belt on, and I was on my way. Thank-you.... And keep up the good work. I will be back.

Maya – Kalamazoo, MI 9/3/2015 I love this Uncle Ed's store. It is not the closest to my house, but I will gladly drive the extra couple miles to see Sarai, Jarrett, and the rest of the gang. They are always friendly, professional, and downright fabulous. They remind me what I need to have done (e.g. radiator flush), but understand that I'm poor, so they don't push and make me feel guilty for not being able to take care of my car "properly". This is my Uncle Ed's, and I love it!

Steve – Hartford, MI 8/29/2015 I really thought your technicians were top notch..... Very satisfied. They located a cabin filter I was totally unaware of. Although Thinking myself as somewhat knowledgeable I never knew of it until today when the technician checked and replaced it...... The most disgusting thing I didn't expect to see as if mice lived there. So really pleased about that... Always wondered why the air conditioning was so bad. Now I know... First time a oil change company has changed it. Thanks Ed.


Breanne – Kalamazoo, MI 8/26/2015 Great service and freindly staff! Very litte wait time, they had my oil changed in no time. Probably the fastest oil change i have ever had. I will continue to use Uncle Eds services!

Larry – Kalamazoo, MI 8/24/2015 good service, as always!!!!

Jennifer – Kalamazoo, MI 8/22/2015 Team was super friendly

Jose – Kalamazoo, MI 8/22/2015 Awesome service!!!

Ken – Kalamazoo, MI 8/18/2015 I pulled up to the store at 6:59 and saw the sign that they closed at 7. The manager noticed that I needed a wiper blade and stopped me and told me to pull in and that they would get me taken care of. I was only going to do the wiper blades and come back another day to get the other work I needed accomplished because I didn't want them to have to stay late. They said they didn't want me to have to come back and they stayed a half hour after the store was supposed to close to get all of the maintenance finished that my car needed. I know other places would not have stayed late to work on my car and if they did they would have been in a hurry and rude. This was not the case tonight as Dustin and Kaleb were very thorough and very nice and informative. I always bring my cars to this store because of the great service and great attitudes of the people who work there. Tonight the crew at the store went above and beyond to make sure my wife's car got all of its needed service and I will definetely be back again. Next time I will try not to show up one minute before closing time.

Patty – Kalamazoo, MI 8/15/2015 Just keep up the good work

Tamin Kim – Parchment, MI 8/14/2015 Great service

George – Marcellus, MI 8/13/2015 Service was good.

Nathan – Kalamazoo, MI 8/10/2015 Manager was very informative about the service and questions asked. I think the verbal checks are a great policy procedure.

Jacquelyn – Kalamazoo, MI 8/3/2015 I can't tell you how easy and convenient it is to visit this Uncle Ed's location! The people are always so friendly and helpful and never pushy. I always purchase my next oil change at the same time and LOVE the discount! Keep up the good work!!

Peter – Kalamazoo, MI 8/3/2015 I wouldn't change anything. Sarai was delightful.

Gregory – Vicksburg, MI 8/1/2015 Lower price for repeat customers I have been coming for many years

Grady – Kalamazoo, MI 8/1/2015 Great service

Jonathan – Kalamazoo, MI 7/25/2015 Visit was 45 minutes. Way to long.

Zach – Jackson, MI 7/25/2015 Everyone was GREAT! very thorough. Service could have been a bit faster, but the excellent service makes up for it. Keep it up!

Katrna – Portage, MI 7/24/2015 The services was good the staff was very friendly

Jessica – Kalamazoo, MI 7/24/2015 The store manager is awesome! Very respectful and fun.

Kathrine – Battle Creek, MI 7/21/2015 Kaleb C and Dustin F were great :)

Carey – Kalamazoo, MI 7/21/2015 Guys were amazing professional and knowledgeable. Definitely will come

Marcia – Parchment, MI 7/17/2015 Jarret was friendly and very helpful. And it was 90 degrees outside. awesomely helpful

Holly – Kalamazoo, MI 7/16/2015 Very friendly staff!

Chris – Kalamazoo, MI 7/13/2015 My experience was excellent. Jarrett and Sarai were quick, personable, informative, and ready to go above and beyond. Jarrett introduced me to aspects of my car that I was unaware of. Very helpful!

Matt – Kalamazoo, MI 7/11/2015 It was good service

Carrie – Kalamazoo, MI 7/10/2015 It took me 70 minutes to leave the bay. Just an oil change! Drove right in to the bay and it took that long. And WAY overpriced!!!! Will not return and will let others know not to go there.

Bridget – Kalamazoo, MI 7/8/2015 Jarrett N was awesome! He was very friendly and very knowable about the services he recommended. Did a great job of explaining why these additional services were needed.

Kevin – Kalamazoo, MI 7/6/2015 good times

William – Kalamazoo, MI 7/3/2015 The service was great and I was informed of the process from start to finish. The shop manager was friendly and gave me useful info on how to handle the maintence of my car.

Jennifer – Kalamazoo, MI 7/1/2015 Very good service

Jessica – Portage, MI 6/30/2015 ALWAYS extremely friendly and informative staff. Wouldnt go anywhere else!

Neil – Stevensville, MI 6/28/2015 they were open on Sunday and there was no waiting

Erika – Kalamazoo, MI 6/26/2015 great service, knowledgeable staff, informative but not pushy.great location.

Gary – Lawton, MI 6/25/2015 I am SO tired of you trying to UPSELL me on every imaginary service you can dream up. If I had agreed with all the random pitches you threw at me yesterday, I'd have been out $500 bucks and spent the whole day there. #1: Change my OIL. #2: if something is DANGEROUS or FAILING, fine, tell me. That's ALL. Forget all the fantasies you have about charging me for every square inch of my tires, my transmission, my filters, my engine. All those flushes and purges and replacements and upgrades are BULLSHIT and I'm tired of it! It took me an extra ten minutes to sit through all the pitches. I had to say NO ten times, and I got raised eyebrows back on every one. Big surprise? That I don't want BULLSHIT done to my car? Seriously? STOP IT!

Heather – Kalamazoo, MI 6/22/2015 Great service

Amy – Des Moines, MI 6/21/2015 Suggesting a higher grade oil was worth it as I did get better gas mileage! They explained options without being pushy. They were friendly and helpful even though I came at closing time!

Massamba – Kalamazoo, MI 6/21/2015 Sarai was very professional

Jeff – Paw Paw, MI 6/9/2015 Although certainly not a "10 minute oil change" the technicians were very thorough which, in my opinion, is better than being fast.

Sarah – Kalamazoo, MI 6/6/2015 Jarrett the manager and Sari were great!! Both were very knowledgeable and made me aware of the issues with my vehicle. Thanks again for the fast and friendly service. Sarah

Nicole – Portage, MI 6/6/2015 The manager was friendly as well as the manager in training. However they both worked on two different cars at the same time which appeared to extend the service time to both customers.

Jordan – Kalamazoo, MI 5/31/2015 This visit to Uncle Ed's took as much time as the last three times I was there combined. I was there for 55 minutes just for an oil change. I thought the sign said 10 minutes.. I usually love the service and the staff were still friendly. It was just ridiculous how long it took and how much I sat there.

Sarah – Mattawan, MI 5/30/2015 The manager was the only person working the day we came in, and not only was he still fast and friendly, but still upbeat, helpful and in a very good mood, which is amazing considering the extra work load he had.

Eric – Kalamazoo, MI 5/19/2015 It is always advertised as a 10 minute oil change, but I cannot think of a time it was less than 20 minutes minimum.

Heather – Kalamazoo, MI 5/19/2015 Great fast service

Chad – Lawrence, MI 5/16/2015 Great job by Jarrett and Sarai, they got slammed hard and still got the job done

Maya – Kalamazoo, MI 5/11/2015 Sarai and Jarrett were fabulous. I really felt like the cared about me (and my car).

Beth – Portage, MI 5/9/2015 There was a darn good team of guys working there today! They moved as one unit and it definitely gave me ideas on how to improve the team workmanship at my own company! Jarrett & Ryan are definitely assets to your company!

Dave – Nunica, MI 5/1/2015 I thought the service seemed a little slow but was still excellent, otherwise.

Jane – Kalamazoo, MI 4/27/2015 Jarrett was beyond excellent. I brought my VW to Uncle Ed's after having terrible issues from oil changes done at another mechanic. Haven't had any issues since. On this visit Jarrett patiently listened to my cars history, as well as other concerns I was currently experiencing. Jarrett's a peach. Never had such outstanding service.

Sabrina – Kalamazoo, MI 4/8/2015 I was very happy with my service as always. The employees are ALWAYS friendly and informative!!

Christina – Kalamazoo, MI 4/2/2015 Everyone is always very nice and friendly no matter which Uncle Ed's I go to.

Robert – Kalamazoo, MI 4/1/2015 Was pleased with the store

Sarah – Royal Oak, MI 3/23/2015 Great knowledgeable speedy competent service

Rachel – Kalamazoo, MI 3/19/2015 Jarrett was kind, respectful, and knowledgeable. I appreciate his insight and his great service! Also, great to see a female on duty as well!! She did awesome. Keep it up, ladies and gentlemen!

George – Kalamazoo, MI 3/14/2015 Ms. Lindsey and "J" were new to me on this service visit but accomplished to make me comfortable while servicing my vehicle. It may be a new face but I can always rely on assured excellent customer service/ Thank you, George Erimie

Greg – Kalamazoo, MI 3/2/2015 Both Techs were very nice and extremly knowledgable. We only take our cars to Uncle Eds for this very reason.

lawrence – Galesburg, MI 2/26/2015 I gave completely satisfied ratings above which is not true, due to the fact that my steering is making noise at the present time. I was clearly told that having the power steering fluid changed, there would be no more noise! Please help me, it was a lot of money for me to have the problem corrected.

Tom – Portage, MI 2/25/2015 Very satisfied other than it was a little expensive for an oil change

Kevin – Kalamazoo, MI 2/18/2015 I pulled in just after they were getting ready to close and instead of telling me they couldn't help me they were nice enough to let me in and help me out. The manager Jarrett and technician Cody were both very friendly. They were joking and having fun with me. I have repeatedly come to this location because of the AWESOME service I have always received. These two are exactly why I will continue to prefer Uncle Ed's when i need an oil change, and that's quite often as i travel a lot for work. They were awesome and incredibly helpful. My wife has even started taking her car to Uncle Ed's because of the amazing service.

Seth – Kalamazoo, MI 2/18/2015 The staff went above and beyond for my repair. Extremely happy with the work and will be sure to return.

Brandon – Kalamazoo, MI 2/18/2015 They was very nice best sevice in kalamazoo

Alex – Kalamazoo, MI 2/12/2015 the guys knew their stuff. great work

patr – Kalamazoo, MI 2/9/2015 I was shown my air filter. A mouse had decided to take up residence in it and it was full of black sunflower seeds and tuffs of mouse fur. The mgr suggested I buy a new filter, but since it wasn't very old and I was a little short of money, I declined (and thought I'd try to clean it at home. I'm 65 years old and live on my social security). Andrew A, the technician, took the pressure hose and spent some time blowing out the 'stuff' from my filter. Could have cost a lost sale of a filter (not in my case) but definitely assured my return visits to this Uncle Ed's.

Jordan – Kalamazoo, MI 2/8/2015 They did not ask what kind of oil I wanted. They did not talk much at all. They did not wash my windshield. They did not go over what they did or even check the other fluids. This was the worst visit I've ever had to Uncle Eds. I used to be impressed by the level of professionalism offered at every visit. Not anymore.

Kimberly – Kalamazoo, MI 1/30/2015 Fast, friendly and funny....Urah! Way to go Jarrett, Cody and the great portage rd crew.

Pat – Troy, MI 1/9/2015 Great service from the guys! No complaints at all!