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Experience Michigan's Best Oil Change right here in Farmington Hills. Conveniently located in Orchard Lake on W 12 Mile Road, our friendly and knowledgeable technician staff will service your car, truck, or van with a fast and professional oil and oil filter change. But that's only the beginning!

In addition we provide a thorough 19-point inspection with advice on the condition of your vehicle. We will check your car's fluids and if they are low, we can top them off. As an added courtesy we set your tire pressure, check your exterior lights, inspect the wiper blades and hand wash the windshield. All in just 10-15 minutes!

Our Orchard Lake location is a full-service location, meaning we can perform additional preventative maintenance services such as transmission fluid and radiator flushes, help increase gas mileage with our engine additives and treatments, and install or replace air filters, wiper blades, and bulbs.

Our service doesn't stop once you leave! As a valued customer you receive our free fluid and tire check in between oil changes - a $25 value yours free to use as many times as you’d like!

Staff Information

Market Manager Lawrence Hollie III for Uncle Eds Oil Shoppe on 30740 West 12 Mile Rd in Farmington Hills, MI 48334

Lawrence Hollie III
Market Manager

Store Manager for Uncle Eds Oil Shoppe on 30740 West 12 Mile Rd in Farmington Hills, MI 48334

Andrew Velez
Store Manager

Ask our Customers
  • Everything was good checked and showed me everything on my car

    Hussen – Clinton Twp, MI 5/31/2019

  • They do a good job here!

    Krista – Macomb, MI 5/10/2019

  • Everything was great!

    Major – Detroit, MI 5/10/2019

Recent Customer Reviews

Mike – Farmingtn Hls, MI 6/7/2019 Andrew was extremely helpful.

Jennifer – Ferndale, MI 6/7/2019 You got me with the add-ons; the value seemed fairly good. Super fast service!

Carrie – Royal Oak, MI 6/5/2019 Too expensive

ALISON – TROY, MI 6/4/2019

Roman – Detroit, MI 5/28/2019 The blond guy with a mustache that helped me was knowledgeable and friendly. he really is a superb employee! He should be congratulated for his job well done & should be on a track to management!

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Jon – Bloomfld Hls, MI 5/18/2019 Joshua and Andrew did a great job of making sure I was in and out quickly since I was in a rush. Thank you guys!

NIDHI – Farmingtn Hls, MI 5/17/2019 Was good

Terrill – Detroit, MI 5/16/2019 The staff was friendly and on point with services

Erin – Farmingtn Hls, MI 5/16/2019 Guys were a lot nicer than expected

Sonya – Farmingtn Hls, MI 5/10/2019 They guys here are always really nice and that’s why I keep coming back

Craig – Farmingtn Hls, MI 5/8/2019 The guys did a great job Ronald the manger was fantastic and the tech Matthew worked fast. I have to say for an oil change place the shop looked clean and neat. !

Jennifer – Detroit, MI 5/3/2019 They were great. Fast. 😊

Kymberli – Farmington, MI 5/1/2019 Ronnie, Andrew, and Josh were all excellent. They were very quick and efficient at getting me back to work on time and Ronnie was very helpful with his knowledge on my vehicle. I’ll be back to this location again!

Glenn – Farmingtn Hls, MI 5/1/2019 Was good as usual.

Gregory – Southfield, MI 4/30/2019 Guys were good

Linda – Farmingtn Hls, MI 4/24/2019 Manager Ronnie was amazing!!

LaDonna – W Bloomfield, MI 4/24/2019 The manger Ronald helped me through the hole process of my antifreeze issue and explained everything to me. He even found my leak and changed out my thermostat with no issues! The technician Joshua was a great help as well in explaining what was going on. The district manger came and introduced himself and made sure everything went smoothly with my thermostat. I Will be back again!

Zach – New Hudson, MI 4/23/2019 Andrew and randy were very helpful and quick on my cars service and well balanced 3 cars in my time here

Larry – W Bloomfield, MI 4/19/2019 Team was good as always.

Brianna – Farmingtn Hls, MI 4/16/2019 Great service.

Andrew – Bloomfld Hls, MI 4/14/2019 Guys did a good job

Terry – Farmingtn Hls, MI 4/5/2019 Great visit

Hans – Taylor, MI 3/28/2019 Great service

Michael – W Bloomfield, MI 3/22/2019 The following were not checked/inspected, though marked as such on invoice: wash windshield, tire pressure (I instructed to have F 33 and R 36) all set to 35, power steering fluid, radiator fluid, air filter, cabin air filter, light bulbs (rear turning indicators not checked), serpentine belt.

Todd – Ann Arbor, MI 3/19/2019 Ethan, the service technician, was friendly, welcoming, knowledgeable and a good listener. In a friendly conversational way, he conveyed the information I needed to know and learned from me the things that he needed to know. Then, of course, Andrew, the manager, was OUTSTANDING as always. He is really dynamite. He always recognizes me, greets me with a smile. Then, jumps right in with prompt, efficient, detailed, expert service. There's one other thing that Andrew does that's really remarkable. Towards the end of my visit as things are wrapping up, he asks me several times "Is there anything we can do for you today?" And he says it enthusiastically and with feeling, so I can tell he means it. This is a terrific touch. It lets me know that he's here to help and he's not hurrying me out the door. He doesn't want me to leave until I've gotten everything I - as the customer - need. Brilliant!

Dustin – Wixom, MI 3/19/2019 Andrew was very fast for being by himself and acted like a true professional. I’ll be back in the future to have my vehicle serviced by him again!

Curtis – Commerce Twp, MI 3/15/2019 Great service

Marjorie – Northville, MI 3/2/2019 I've been coming to this location a long time and the staff is always very polite and fast. Thank you to all the staff !

Therese – Farmingtn Hls, MI 2/26/2019 My husband and are always satisfied with our visits to this location. They are proactive but not pushy about things that may be needed. They have discovered things in the past that I never knew about or no one ever checked before like a filter inside glove box. Mine was a full mouse nest making fan less than effective Good story to pass on !

Stuart – Farmingtn Hls, MI 2/24/2019 too hard sell on upgrades--more expensive oil, air filter, etc.

Kelly – Dearborn Heights, MI 2/21/2019 As my experience with oil changes, they just try and sell you stuff. I had geared myself up to be strong and say "no" and get in and out as quickly as I could and as cheap as I could. My technician was so polite, nice and courteous. Gave me my safety run down and options and didn't guilt, force or try to sell me anything my car didn't need. What a breath of fresh air.

Adam – Farmingtn Hls, MI 2/19/2019 Good service, quick and friendly

Richard – Farmingtn Hls, MI 2/15/2019 Good services

Kendra – Na, MI 2/9/2019 I have nothing more to say.

Milad – Farmington Hillsm, MI 1/29/2019 Great service from Andrew

Maryrose – Dearborn, MI 1/24/2019 Team was friendly as always.

Ruthie – Farmingtn Hls, MI 1/2/2019 service rep...excellant !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Larry – W Bloomfield, MI 12/23/2018 service technicians were fast, friendly and efficient !!!

Daniel – Farmingtn Hls, MI 12/20/2018 I had seen price that was significantly lower than what I was charged on the Internet. The service agent had already started work on my car before this could be considered and he said it would require me to but the service online 7 days in advance but since he had started on my car that was not an option. I could have waited for this service. This was at least a $20 cost difference even after coupon and I would have been better off just going to the dealer.

Laura – Farmingtn Hls, MI 12/19/2018 Andrew was very friendly, great job as always.

Chris – W Bloomfield, MI 12/15/2018 great visit. love the enthusiasm

Paul – Farmingtn Hls, MI 12/15/2018 good crew

Donna – Farmingtn Hls, MI 12/12/2018 Great service. Friendly people

Renee – Farmingtn Hls, MI 12/11/2018 In and out quick!

Phyllis – W Bloomfield, MI 12/9/2018 Two significant issues with regard to this visit. First, your assistant manager provided a receipt with your service checklist items marked hand washed, completed, checked or inspected but I had to ask(following receipt of invoice to wash my windshield. I am pretty sure you can’t inspect the air and cabin filters through their respective covers. I feel that I received a $19.99, not your typical full service. Second, and most disturbing, the assistant manager offered a two for one discount on the oil system cleaner only to charge me for two and claim my $15 coupon was applied to the “free” oil system cleaner. It seemed that your assistant manager’s approach was designed to deceive. I hope that extra $19.99 was worth losing a customer.

Tom – Farmingtn Hls, MI 11/28/2018 Team was fast

Williamson – Oak Park, MI 11/26/2018 Good job

Dwayne – Farmingtn Hls, MI 11/24/2018 Service was great. Johnathon and Tony were apologetic for the visit taking longer than usual due to high volume but were efficient and very polite. You have a great team at this location. I will be back. Thank you.

Nicol – W Bloomfield, MI 11/23/2018 Andrew and Josh were very nice and I will be back to visit these two in the future!

Richard – Commerce Twp, MI 11/21/2018 really well staffed and very knowledgeable

Anetra – Farmingtn Hls, MI 11/19/2018 everyone was nice and knowledgeable

Jackie – Farmingtn Hls, MI 11/12/2018 Staff is always friendly and quick service

Mark – W Bloomfield, MI 11/10/2018 Over filled the tires. Should be 33 but filled two tiers to 36.

Alan – Farmingtn Hls, MI 11/10/2018 I liked that I could use electronic coupons so they were applied without me having to remember to bring them with me.

David – Farmingtn Hls, MI 11/6/2018 service good

Victor – Wixom, MI 11/6/2018 Andrew was very fast and had a lot of knowledge he was able to lend me, I will be back in the future!

Rico – Farmingtn Hls, MI 10/30/2018 Lawrence and Andrew took very good care of everything my car needed. They gave me the best options and showed me everything that needed to be assisted before doing so. They were very kind and knowledagably in what they do and I would recommend anybody to go there. Great customer service and overall a great expirence with them. They were very upbeat and happy and delivered and excelled in what they did. God bless them.

Renatta – Livonia, MI 10/30/2018 I've heard so much about uncle eds but never went there until today, the service was excellent and very professional.

Kate – Livonia, MI 10/29/2018 Aaron and the team were great

Brandi – Detroit, MI 10/17/2018 John was very professional and answered all of the questions I had!

Brenda – Farmingtn Hls, MI 10/17/2018 Team was great as always

Joseph – Stanton, MI 10/16/2018 Service was great, very thorough and not pushy at all

Michelle – Wolverine Lk, MI 10/13/2018 Andrew was very respectful of my time thank you!

Thayra – Farmingtn Hls, MI 10/2/2018 great service

Angela – Southfield, MI 10/2/2018 Service was awesome and the manager was very informative on what I needed

Raymond – Franklin, MI 9/26/2018 Andrew V is excellent--he provides GREAT customer service! I have had the pleasure of his professionalism at both visits. I hope he will be there for my next 6000 mile oil change!

BRANDI – Farmingtn Hls, MI 9/21/2018 First time here and service was awesome!! Will

Dustin – Livonia, MI 9/18/2018 very helpful and professional experience.

Bryan – W Bloomfield, MI 9/15/2018 very friendly service. helpful explaining service needs

KATH – Livonia, MI 9/12/2018 Please contact me. I purchased the 10,000 mile oil but my sticker, I just noticed has 3,000 on it. Kathleen at 313-670-5266

Anudeep Reddy – Farmingtonhills, MI 9/8/2018 Good service

Pierre-Antoine – Farmingtn Hls, MI 9/8/2018 Friendly team, Aaron was great

Ariel – Southfield, MI 9/4/2018 keep up the great work

Colton – Farmingtn Hls, MI 9/2/2018 Terrible service. Took an hour for just an oil change. When I left the shop my white car was covered in various fluids on top of the hood and passenger side fender, which I took pictures of. I also had to clean up after the technicians underneath the hood because of a pool of oil was left around the cap. I was not pleased because the fluids that stained the front of my car were very noticeable and the technician who put my hood down and guided me out of the shop was very inconsiderate to ignore the mess he made. I’ve been a customer of Uncle Ed’s for several years but my last two visits have been very unpleasant.

Andrew – Farmingtn Hls, MI 8/31/2018 Willie, the manager was excellent. Great service. 👍

Diane – Novi, MI 8/31/2018 Great experience and Willy has great taste in sunglasses!

Todd – Ann Arbor, MI 8/30/2018 Another excellent visit. Andrew, as always, was terrific. It-s such a great, classy touch that he recognizes me as a regular customer. That personal connection, combined with the professional, expeditious service is impressive. Hats off to Aaron as well. Initially, I wasn-t sure if this was the same Aaron that I encountered previously. Ultimately, I concluded that it was. What a pleasant surprise. Aaron was excellent: Personable, knowledgeable, warm and helpful. And it was clear he came by it naturally. Again, I-m amazed with my Uncle Ed-s experience - a fact that I tell to everyone who will listen. Thank you!

John – Lathrup Vlg, MI 8/29/2018 I was serviced by the acting manager Willie along with Blake and another young man who had recently graduated from U of M. I was very impressed with how they worked as a team from the leadership of Willie and the outstanding service and efficiency with which it was provided. I intend to keep you as my oil Shoppe. I also intend to refer you to others!

John – Farmington Hills, MI 8/27/2018 great fast service

Sheryl – Southfie, MI 8/25/2018 Always a very pleasant, non stressful experience,

Lillian – Southfield, MI 8/25/2018 Lacadaisicle service. Not up to my usual expectations. I've been a loyal customer for many years. ' this visit was very substandard. My windshield was not washed I was not given feedback. I needed to remind the service people of various procedures . I did not get good feedback when I asked a question. When the attendant was filling my tires I really had to remind them that I had nitrogen in the tires. It wasn't until I asked for feedback That some actions were taken. I think this station could use some further training regarding acceptable procedures. I was the only customer there at the time so they were not under any pressure but seemed Not to care. When I read the list of services on the left of your print out it was a obvious that many which were listed had either been poorly done or not done at all. I will try one more time and hope that next time the staff will be able to live up to your usual standards.

Jared – Na, MI 8/21/2018 Great team

John – Farmingtn Hls, MI 8/21/2018 Good team

Ian – Farmingtn Hls, MI 8/21/2018 Andrew was very inviting as a manager and I didn't feel pressured. Thank you!

Robert – Bloomfield Hills, MI 8/20/2018 Very efficient!

Donald – Farmingtn Hls, MI 8/13/2018 I have been coming here for quite a few years - 12 at least- the service is great.

Jordan – Farmingtn Hls, MI 8/10/2018 Friendly team and seemed like they were having fun!

Kimber – Farmingtn Hls, MI 8/9/2018 Not sure if the manager was there; my son took then car in, but he said the staff was pleasant

Ally – WATERFPO, MI 8/7/2018 Andrew was in such a good mood and showed he really cared thank you!

CHERIE – Southfield, MI 8/1/2018 Andrew was friendly and I'll be back in the future!

Malika – Detroit, MI 7/25/2018 The technicians were very professional.

HENRIETTA – SOUTHFIELD, MI 7/25/2018 great service

Regg – Southfield, MI 7/25/2018 need coupons

Mike – Farmingtn Hls, MI 7/21/2018 Andrew took the extra time to locate and show me the condition of my cabin filter, which I then had replaced.

Mike – Farmingtn Hls, MI 7/21/2018 Tony W was very friendly and attentive.

Lisa – Wixom, MI 7/21/2018 Service was fast and friendly

ALFORD C – Redford, MI 7/17/2018 always very satisfied with professionalism and respect. thanks again!

Kyla – Farmingtn Hls, MI 7/9/2018 Aaron was great!

Paul – Bloomfield, MI 7/7/2018 Fast and friendly team I will be back!

Thongnak – Farmingtn Hls, MI 7/5/2018 Friendly guys

Patrick – Farmingtn Hls, MI 7/3/2018 Andrew was very friendly and I was happy to hear he had remembered me from my last visit!

Terry – Farmingtn Hls, MI 6/30/2018 Very friendly and professional

Carlos – Southfield, MI 6/25/2018 best service ive ever had

Deierdre – W Bloomfield, MI 6/22/2018 Very professional, courteous and efficient. Good bargain, as well.

Ash – Romulus, MI 6/21/2018 The guys working were excellent!

LEE – New Braunfels, MI 6/21/2018 These guys were fast and very informative

Charles – Farmingtn Hls, MI 6/21/2018 The team here always helps me take care of my vehicle thank you guys!

Maryrose – Dearborn, MI 6/15/2018 Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Will definitely come again.

Kyle – Farmingtn Hls, MI 6/12/2018 Tom and Andrew were very informational, I felt no pressure the entire time I was in, I'll be back in the future.

Deborah – Southfield, MI 6/9/2018 I love this location and staff. I have been coming here for over 15 years, and while the staff may change I am always greeted with a smile and great service. My Tech Andrew and Aaron were ALLSOME~~~

Joseph – W Bloomfield, MI 6/6/2018 Service was slow and the crew seemed unorganized and required constant help from the Manager.

TYLER – Farmingtn Hls, MI 6/4/2018 fast and friendly

Todd – Ann Arbor, MI 5/31/2018 Manager Andrew and Technician Blake did an excellent job! As always. They were welcoming, friendly, thorough, very knowledgeable and efficient. Of course, I recognized Andrew from a previous visit. I was pleased to see that he recognized me and thanked me for returning to the shop. That's a great touch. I must say that the treatment and service I receive at Uncle Ed's not only makes me feel appreciated, but it also makes me feel that my Flex (our family's "family" vehicle) is safe and ready for the road. Thank you very much.

Emily – Farmingtn Hls, MI 5/31/2018 Blake and Andrew were so nice and quick to get me back to work, thank you!

Jerry – Troy, MI 5/31/2018 Andrew talked a little too fast but was very informative.

Maureen – Farmingtn Hls, MI 5/31/2018 I will be back, fast service!

Steven – Madison Hts, MI 5/30/2018 Tom was great and provided excellent service. I was really impressed with the friendliness and enthusiasm of the whole team. Everyone seemed like they were having fun and made it a great experience for me.

Evileen – Farmingtn Hls, MI 5/25/2018 the staff were very clear and very great

Thomas – Ypsilanti, MI 5/17/2018 Keep up the good work!

Sabrina – Farmington Hills, MI 5/16/2018 great service

Brad – Livonia, MI 5/13/2018 Great friendly service

Kirstyn – Livonia, MI 5/12/2018 Great service

Na – Na, MI 5/12/2018 My first time visiting and I will definitely be back, great service by Andrew's team and they were very friendly!

Darren – Farmingtn Hls, MI 5/11/2018 Aaron was excellent.

Keith – Southfield, MI 5/5/2018 First time ever, but will be back.

Renee – Farmington Hills, MI 5/4/2018 As always very professional, even when I pull up as soon as they open (sorry guys!).

Jim – Brighton, MI 5/1/2018 great service

Mike – Farmington Hills, MI 4/30/2018 Great service. I will be back....

Helayne – Walled Lake, MI 4/29/2018 Would be helpful to have more than one employee working on a Sunday morning

Michael – West Bloomfield, MI 4/23/2018 I was satisfied with the service provided as always.

Garri – Farmington Hills, MI 4/23/2018 They're nice, efficient, and informative. Every time. Solid crew. I love when a customer arrives in the bay, and one team member shouts, 'What time is it?!?!' and the rest of the crew responds, 'Gametime!'

Kyle – Clinton Twp, MI 4/23/2018 They did a great job ill be sure to use them again as the store is right down the street from work and is a easy in and out for lunch !

Ronald – W Bloomfield, MI 4/9/2018 VERY KIND AND SERVICE WAS AWESOME

MARK – Farmington Hills, MI 4/5/2018 good service

David – Farmingtn Hls, MI 3/31/2018 Very good

Debra – Farmingtn Hls, MI 3/26/2018 Staff was very friendly, and very professional!! Excellent Customer Service

Todd – Ann Arbor, MI 3/15/2018 Andrew - your customer service advisor/manager on duty - was excellent! Everything I've come to expect from Uncle Ed's and everything that Uncle Ed's regularly delivers. However, I believe there is room for improvement for Aaron's customer service. He asked me the right questions when I arrived - though he did overlook checking/reporting to me my tire pressure (later, at my request, Andrew took care of it). Most significantly for Aaron, he talked so extremely fast and low that I had trouble understanding him and I had to ask him to repeat himself several times. Additionally, his demeanor was neither welcoming nor warm nor upbeat. I got the sense I was inconveniencing him and it made me very reluctant to entrust him with the care of my family's "family" vehicle. Frankly, his approach was in such contrast to what I'm accustomed to at Uncle Ed's, I was thinking about leaving and waiting until I got back to Ann Arbor and going to Uncle Ed's on Washtenaw. Andrew's timely involvement in the process and his friendly, confident and "I'm here to help" approach reassured me and convinced me to stay. Thank you for listening and I look forward to my next visit to Uncle Ed's.

Rachel – Laingsburg, MI 3/10/2018 Change the music. Give Aaron a raise.

Gregory – Commerce Township, MI 3/8/2018 Will be back very knowledgeable

Raymond – Franklin, MI 3/1/2018 Still can't believe what great service was provided!!! I'll be back! I was at the shop prior to the service hours but the employee took me in just the same! (I originally thought I would be late to work!) I was pulling out [finished!] of the service location prior to the hours listed for being open!!! Can't praise enough! GREAT work ethic.

Robert – West Bloomfield, MI 2/27/2018 In my opinion, the service level has dropped off during the past year. The guys there don't seem to care, like the tech's in the past did. I had to remind them to do the windows, twice! And the rear was not done at all... I have been a loyal customer for years, and now re-thinking about returning! In addition, I told many people about the GOOD service, and now the opposite will happen! Looking forward to hearing back from you... ps, there was no mileage sticker because he said his machine was broken!

Amy – White Lake, MI 2/23/2018 nothing, it was good

Ellen – Huntington Woods, MI 2/22/2018 Super nice guys!

Spencer – Farmingtn Hls, MI 2/20/2018 Aaron & Tony were awesome. Answered my questions, were very knowledgeable and efficient and I felt they were very trustworthy'which is important when you're seeking services for a car you're not very familiar with (I had my son's car.) I'll definitely be sending my son back.

Mutakabbir-mahlik – Detroit, MI 2/14/2018 Andrew and Aaron were great.

Vicki – Farmington Hills, MI 2/14/2018 Aaron was very informative!

CAROLYN – Farmingtn Hls, MI 2/13/2018 While I went to the location for convenience, I believe the upcharge for the convenience even with a coupon and a rebate offer was significantly higher than having the same service and multi-point inspection done at a dealership. I paid 2.5 times more at Uncle Ed's Oil Shoppe - that's a lot for convenience.

Brian – West Bloomfield, MI 2/13/2018 Andrew and Willie were very helpful and Andrew even checked my cabin filter which I had never seen before. Thank you guys!

John – Farmingtn Hls, MI 2/12/2018 Friendly service professionals

Kevin – Lathrup Vlg, MI 2/6/2018 Pleasant

Barbra – Farmingtn Hls, MI 1/31/2018 thank you

Taylor – Madison Hts, MI 1/26/2018 None. Andrew was great!

Karilyn – Farmington Hills, MI 1/26/2018 Team was great - impressed at how they run their process of the oil change. I said they are like a well oil machine.

Stone – Troy, MI 1/17/2018 The assistant Mgr was very good.

Lee – Farmington Hills, MI 1/15/2018 great job!

Natosha – Southfield, MI 1/13/2018 First car in and the last to leave, after 2 cars came in after me. I did not like that, make sure your focus on one car to complete in a timely fashion. I come here all the time and usually have great timely service.

Jennifer – Farmington Hills, MI 1/11/2018 great service

Mihane – Farmington Hills, MI 1/5/2018 great service

Devra – Farmington Hills, MI 1/5/2018 l felt like the staff was being honest with me. i felt no pressure. this is my place of choice!

Terri – Farmington Hills, MI 1/3/2018 awesome service every time

Anne – Farmington Hills, MI 12/31/2017 Very fast and professional

Brian – Farmington Hills, MI 12/20/2017 Great service

Jackie – Farmington Hills, MI 12/19/2017 great service

John – Farmington Hills, MI 12/16/2017 well mannered emplyees

Alex – Berkley, MI 11/29/2017 Failed to clean my windshield. Otherwise a very good visit.

Krystal – Farmington Hills, MI 11/21/2017 great service

Jennifer – W Bloomfield, MI 11/21/2017 great customer service! very impressed

Mike – Farmington Hills, MI 11/11/2017 They were very short staffed, so that was probably why Zachary M. did not have time to run through a great deal of other services available, which was fine by me.

Kelly – Ferndale, MI 11/10/2017 everyone was fantastic

Stephen – West Bloomfield, MI 11/10/2017 Extremely knowledgeable and fast.

Eric – Farmington, MI 11/7/2017 always a great team. good energy. professional

Dee – Farmingtn Hls, MI 11/2/2017 team was great

Stephen – BLOOMFIELD HILLS, MI 10/20/2017 and the coupons are a good reminder!

Joe – Farmington Hills, MI 10/4/2017 Thank you.

Angela – Chesterfield, MI 10/4/2017 Manager is fast and friendly. Not push about extras.

Patricia – Farmingtn Hls, MI 10/4/2017 Awesome service

Hengst Of North America – Novi, MI 10/4/2017 I appreciate the team testing my product!

Stephen – Farmingtn Hls, MI 9/16/2017 Tom was great!!!

Ricky – Southfield, MI 9/5/2017 Very satisfied

Renee – Farmingtn Hls, MI 8/31/2017 Prices are a little high...other than that everything's great!

TOBI – Farmingtn Hls, MI 8/30/2017 very convenient

Bobbie – Birmingham, MI 8/25/2017 Instead of performing the basic services included in the oil change, I was harasses over and over to buy tservices I didn't need or want even after telling your lying scheming salesperson I only had so much money 2-3 times. This didn't drop him from coming up with more pressure by telling me I had a serious oil leak. When I informed him that there was no oil ion my garage floor and that the initial check showed my oil was full just a little dirty. He offered 3 different services when I said no from $100 to finally a $20 oil additive. I was exhausted when I left. This was an unpleasant experience and I won't be back. Please call me at 248 376-6970 as I have more info that. I think management should know.

Fred – Farmington Hills, MI 8/22/2017 Good friendly service.

Carmen – Farmington Hills, MI 8/15/2017 friendly and quick

Vicki – Farmington Hills, MI 7/29/2017 Andrew and Zack work well together. They addressed all my inquiries which made for a very good vehicle service visit.

Michael – Farmingtn Hls, MI 7/25/2017 Always a great experience at this location.

Deborah – Southfield, MI 7/21/2017 Ace and Andrew were awesome. They explained every, continue to ask what else they could assist with. Answered any of my questions. I LOVE THIS LOCATION!!!!

Bharath – Southfield, MI 7/10/2017 Very good

Jim – Brighton, MI 7/1/2017 when I got home after the oil change, I opened my hood and realized the plastic clip that holds the strut in place was gone. now I have to just put the strut on top of the radiator loose. I'm extremely frustrated that I now have to order the part and install it!

Monica – Bismarck, MI 6/29/2017 Fast, very friendly and painless! 😉

Donald – Farmington Hills, MI 6/26/2017 Willie is the reason I keep coming back. Willie has been taking care of my vehicles for years and his professionalism and know-how is great. Willie trains his staff well and as a customer I can see and tell how his experience rubs off on them.

Michael D – Northville , MI 6/24/2017 Engine clean was recommended when service was performed last visit

James – Detroit, MI 6/17/2017 Very friendly staff

Tom – Farmington Hills, MI 6/17/2017 Great job as usual

Tanya – Detroit, MI 6/12/2017 Excellent Service

Cindy – Farmington Hills, MI 6/12/2017 The manager, William, was very professional and friendly at the same time. He made me feel comfortable and that I could totally trust him to advise me and suggest what may be needed. In fact, the entire team was friendly and professional.

Carole Leigh – Farmingtn Hls, MI 5/27/2017 Well done.

Arrow Electric – 11, MI 5/27/2017 Oil Change nuff said

Phyllis – W Bloomfield, MI 5/26/2017 So many different programs/coupons/specials. It is difficult to get the best options available.

Phyllis – West Bloomfield, MI 5/24/2017 3 employees were very efficient. Neat in their appearance.

Mary – Farmingtn Hls, MI 5/20/2017 everybody went out of their way to be prompt, professional and helpful. Very clear difference from competition.

Luciano – Farmingtn Hls, MI 5/19/2017 very nice guys working at the shop

Charles – Detroit, MI 5/16/2017 The guys up there are great that is what makes me keep coming back

Michelle – Farmingtn Hls, MI 5/13/2017 It was fun to watch all the guys working together and so efficiently.

Ian – West Bloomfield, MI 5/10/2017 Uncle Ed's is the BEST, every time I come in, I get great service.

Toia – Farmington Hills, MI 5/9/2017 The up selling is ridiculous a suggestion is one thing but telling me that a rear wiper "starts" at $9.99 then charging me $24.99 for it without yelling then losing a piece to my wiper is too much. This is the only placed I've trusted with every car since 2012 and now, I will find someone else I should not be paying nearly $100 for an oil change no matter what year my car. And previously in my 2014 Ana well as up until today since the techs were forth coming I was ok with the price. Today I specifically stated I wanted the cheapest wiper blade and not until I'm ready to go am I informed that the cheapest wasn't $9.99 it was $24.99. I feel TOTALLY taken advantage of I even asked them to out the old one back on then they go into another spill. I'm pissed I used to speak so highly of Uncle Eds

Nancy – West Bloomfield, MI 5/2/2017 Brandon B was very nice & explained everything completely. Raymond G was also very polite & D'Anthony W was very efficient. I will be back.

Jackie – Novi, MI 5/2/2017 No additional comments

Timothy – White Lake, MI 4/28/2017 Service Tech talked through his safety check and report at the end of my oil change, that it was next to impossible to follow him or understand what he was talking about. Also LIED and Pencil Whipped the report. As little as it may sound, the principal about him lying makes me question every other service that i was not able to see them preform. So the did not wash my windshield, that the report said they did. If you are going to pencil whip THAT, then how can i trust that you DID check my transmission and differential fluids?! Also, if you HAD checked my transmission fluid (it was changed 15K miles ago) you would have noticed that it was still clean and not waste my time trying to sell me on a transmission flush that i did not need. When a customer comes in and says that all they need today is an oil change, DONT TRY TO SELL THEM EVERY SERVICE YOU OFFER! The manager was also kind of an ass to one of the employees. The manager walked past a tech under my hood, i presume he was taking the oil cap off to start the drain, and the manager said in a voice that was apparent he was trying to hide from me, berating and belittling the employee for not having the air filter removed yet. so the manager removed the air filter cover (QUITE forcefully), and then proceeded to THROW my filter on top of my engine/brake fluid reservoir. Then he walks away muttering something. Manager then returns with a new-in-box filter, then throws it like a frisbee from ten feet away ALSO landing in my engine compartment and bouncing around. also thought it was suspicious that the manager said he checked all of my tire pressure's 15 seconds after i told the tech i wanted them at 42-43 psi. Manager looked at the paper work and told me that the other side of my vehicle was at 42 psi. Not happy, feel lied to, NO trust, and for the price, completely unacceptable!!!

Vicki – Farmington Hills, MI 4/27/2017 Rewards issue....on 3/23/17 received email from Uncle Ed's that I had $35.80 in rewards, today when I went to use, the rewards id# of 9737730e039 only reflected $25.65. in going back thru my emails, found an email dated 4/20/17 stating this $25.65 in rewards. What caused the changed, when I hadn't used any rewards and the only stop at Uncle Ed's since oil change in January was for oil check and it was topped off at no charge. Would like to better understand the change in my rewards balance and why.

Robert – West Bloomfield, MI 4/23/2017 Price is a little expensive

Brie – Westland, MI 4/21/2017 I'm stopped in for new wiper blades it was my first time ever at an oil shop. Brandon the manager was excellent and made me feel at ease, also tom was very friendly and let me know that my tires were low. Great service

Charles – Southfield, MI 4/21/2017 Funny, professional, and skilled.

Company – Farmingtn Hls, MI 4/18/2017 the guys were friendly made my morning s0 looking forward to my next visit

Angela – Chesterfield, MI 4/17/2017 Quick service! No pressure on add'l services recommended.

Jean – Wixom, MI 4/17/2017 Needed turn signal/brake light bulb changed. I like having my information stored in one place. need upgrades to computer system. my information was not in the system :-(

Raja – Farmingtn Hls, MI 4/17/2017 The staff were very friendly and knowledgeable about what they are doing . They were fast , efficient and good.

David – Farmington Hills, MI 4/15/2017 The location was very busy at the time I arrived. However, after visiting the location it is apparent that they were busy due to the dysfunction of the location. The technician assigned to my vehicle had no idea how to remove the oil filter from the vehicle and I had to call the manager over to assist him. Later in the visit there were THREE technicians all trying to find where the oil dipstick went ! When all you do is all changes (even if on different vehicles) this should not be an issue -- it was like a clown circus in there as they worked on the cars. I has to call the manager over to assist with this. It was apparent the number of technicians that were useful was limited, as there were only 2 that were really servicing the cars. The technician assigned did not even clean the window or discuss the safety check items. This was a real "clown circus" and makes you wonder about the quality of the services. The manager (Nate) was very helpful when I asked him to come over and help the "clowns", but it was apparent that he can not service all 3 bays by himself. Get the guy some qualified help !

Veneace – Farmington, MI 4/12/2017 My Service Advisor spoke way too fast. I know the goal is speedy service but he spoke so fast his words ran together and it was hard to understand.It made me not want to listen to him.

Jordan – Farmington Hills, MI 4/12/2017 As always Everyone there is so helpful and wonderful

Amy – Farmingtn Hls, MI 4/11/2017 Very friendly, and happy to answer questions when asked. I would definitely recommend Uncle Ed's to family and friends.

Helen – Farmington Hills, MI 4/9/2017 A little too expensive.

Shawn – Farmington Hills, MI 4/4/2017 Always a friendly and professional atmosphere..They go over a beyond to satisfy their customers!

Jim – Farmingtn Hls, MI 4/3/2017 You have a great team at Uncle Ed's!

Rose – Na, MI 3/27/2017 The staff is very knowledgeable and courteous! Great team that works well together! Keep it up

Hans – Farmington Hills, MI 3/24/2017 Great staff!

Sandy – Farmingtn Hls, MI 3/16/2017 The manager and a coworker greeted me with a big smile and seemed genuinely happy to work on my car. They were polite and friendly, very refreshing! I loved the experience and will return in the future!!!

Lauren – Franklin, MI 3/16/2017 Leonard and Andrew were polite and professional.

Patrick – Pinckney, MI 3/15/2017 Great crew at this location. They are fast, friendly and customer focused. I have 100% of my oil changes at this location over the past 4 years.

Mike – Farmington Hills, MI 3/11/2017 A went so far as to personally reattach missing skid plate screws on my vehicle.

Mike – Farmington Hills, MI 3/11/2017 Leonard and his team did a great job!

George – Grosse Pointe, MI 3/8/2017 Brandon was very knowledgeable and helpfull.

Angela – Chesterfield, MI 3/6/2017 Quick and friendly services. No pressure on additional services recommended.

Lakeisha – Farmingtn Hls, MI 3/6/2017 This is literally the first time I've gotten my oil changed since 2001, my husband or dad always took care of all car maintenance. I was a bit apprehensive to go anywhere other than to our family mechanic. I was extremely pleased with the service that I received from everyone involved. Andrew, Brandon, and Jonathon were extremely...even the young man who guided me out of the bay. They were every informative and friendly. Even with the up-sale they weren't pushy or rude. I will be back for my next oil change. GREAT JOB!!!

Jackie – Farmington Hills, MI 3/3/2017 Andrew V. and Leonard L were extremely helpful, kind, and knowledgeable. They were able to change my oil, clean my engine, and replace my wiper blades quickly and efficiently. They were also very friendly and their follow up call to ensure that my visit was superb was a great follow thru! I will be back next time to not only get my oil changed, but the recommended services they inquired about on my last visit.

Yvette – West Bloomfield, MI 2/25/2017 I have a foreign vehicle and the techs weren't exactly familiar with my car and certain aspects of how you handle things. Perhaps you should think about hiring staff that are educated and familiar with foreign vehicles as well as American. Otherwise maybe inform customers to be informed prior to oil change that cost of oil change is more than your usual standard oil change and if tech has no expertise in foreign cars customer should be notified prior to service in case any issues arise to your vehicle.


Michelle – Farmingtn Hls, MI 2/19/2017 In the past, they did a poor job. My caps weren't put on correctly and I had leaked fluids. In the past year my experience is better. They check everything and tighten all the caps.

Helayne – Walled Lake, MI 2/18/2017 No additional feedback

Ernest – Farmingtn Hls, MI 2/16/2017 Ok ok okay

Marina – Grosse Pointe, MI 2/15/2017 Excellent service this time especially

Michael D – Northville, MI 2/12/2017 Overall service was good

Marjorie – Farmingtn Hls, MI 2/12/2017 This is my local shop and I have been a regular customer as I drive a lot of miles. The managers and staff that interact with customers are always top notch. Not this time. Very disappointing - didn't seem to know what they were doing and not great communicators.

Angela – Canton, MI 2/11/2017 The guys are way too pushy and after i left i felt awful about the amount of money i spent. I felt bullied into purchasing more than i can afford. Im not coming back.

Tanaya – Wixom, MI 2/10/2017 having a warm beverage like coffee, tea or hot coco would have helped since its cold out.

Stephanie – W Bloomfield, MI 2/9/2017 Really nice staff

Shivanand – Farmingtn Hls, MI 2/9/2017 Excellent service and now on I will go to only uncle Ed's oil shoppe for oil change of my car.

David – W Bloomfield, MI 2/2/2017 Only place I take my cars to.

Joseph – Brighton, MI 2/1/2017 William and Brandon had several new people they were training so it took a bit longer. Everyone was friendly and courteous

Ruth – Prudenville, MI 1/28/2017 I was VERY PLEASED with the overall attitude of the crew, the cleanleness of the facility and the quick and friendly service. Everybody was very informative and professional. I have been to other oil change services in the past and I will only use Uncle Ed's from now on.

Gwen – Farmingtn Hls, MI 1/28/2017 Great job.

Laura – Southfield, MI 1/23/2017 Funny guys, good customer service

Brittany – Farmingtn Hls, MI 1/21/2017 Great Service!

Joanna – Farmingtn Hls, MI 1/20/2017 I received a coupon for a free second oil change. Excellent service at both visits. Thank you.

Tiffany – Farmingtn Hls, MI 1/19/2017 The manager at the time, Tim, was exceptional. He made everything fast and easy for me. He even had me laughing. I left extremely satisfied with my service from this shop. The only downside would be that it was a little more expensive than I was anticipating but in the end it was worth it.

Angela – Chesterfield, MI 1/16/2017 I use Uncle Ed's b/c it is fast and convienent. While they recommend some services, they are not pushy.

Tammy – Farmingtn Hls, MI 1/11/2017 William the manager onsite has a great personality and was making sure that everyone was following through on what they needed to do. Sharing for internal use only you do not have permission to use on your website, Facebook or advertising as the survey would not let me uncheck that box but I wanted to give credit where credit was due.

Gary – Farmington Hills, MI 1/11/2017 The manager kept me there while on my lunch hour longer than anticipated they stated they couldn't get the oil change done because they couldn't remove my cap, not a happy camper here.

Mark – Milford, MI 1/10/2017 The Acadia is a lease vehicle being turned in Feb/Mar timeframe, the reason for N/A.

Jean – Wixom, MI 1/9/2017 I like getting oil change service from the same provider/vendor. Dannie and Mike (helping from different location) were very helpful.

Steven – W Bloomfield, MI 1/2/2017 Everything was great. Sorry it took me a while to complete the survey.

Jon – Dundee, MI 12/19/2016 These folks at the Farmington Hills branch know how to treat a customer! They explained everything that they were going to do, always had a smile on thier faves, and I was in and out after 10-15 minutes (oil change). Keep it up, fellas!!

Michael – Bloomfld Twp, MI 12/17/2016 nothing additional

David – Farmingtn Hls, MI 12/10/2016 Good and quick service.

Aujualeek – Detroit , MI 12/7/2016 Great job! I instantly noticed a difference.

Marcus – Farmingtn Hls, MI 12/6/2016 very satisfied

Jeff – Howell, MI 12/5/2016 Nice job

Angela – Chesterfield, MI 11/29/2016 They didn't check my tire pressure. Everything else was great.

Megan – Troy, MI 11/27/2016 Happy with service as always

Rob – Farmingtn Hls, MI 11/25/2016 Cost conscious Service, Polite, Efficient, Friendly, Prompt!!!!

Todd – Ann Arbor, MI 11/22/2016 Love Uncle Ed's Oil Shoppe, especially District Manager Willie Pompey III. Was thrilled that he was in to help me during my visit for an oil change. Mr. Pompey is excellent at his job, an invaluable ambassador for Uncle Ed's and a first-rate leader. I marvel at how he can be so customer-oriented while simultaneously being an effective part of everything that's going on around him. Manager Josh also took care of me and my vehicle during my visit - he, too, was excellent. Lastly, the training that Uncle Ed's offers to its staff must be nothing short of miraculous - every one is knowledgeable, efficient, warm, welcoming, polite, courteous and grateful for my business. AMAZING!!! Should you ever tire of the oil business, Uncle Ed's should open a system of "finishing schools" for the youth of America.

Jim – Farmingtn Hls, MI 11/17/2016 I bought the crew two loaded pizzas in thanks for their superior service! Willie was on site today, so I always enjoy kibitzing with him!!!!!

Dan – Northville, MI 11/15/2016 Good service as always.

Marc – Commerce Twp, MI 11/14/2016 Thanks to Josh (manager) and Kevin for taking great care of my vehicle.

Phyllis – W Bloomfield, MI 11/12/2016 Manager applied a 15% discount which I assumed was the discount I had been emailed. Unfortunately it was not and I left and additional 5% on the table.

Diane – Farmingtn Hls, MI 11/9/2016 Wonderful service. All associates were very polite and friendly.

Marla – W Bloomfield, MI 11/8/2016 It was a great visit , it is a few miles further then another oil shop but I would come back

Michelle – Farmingtn Hls, MI 11/2/2016 Every time I go to your shop the guys are super friendly! Prices are higher than other oil places but the coupons help a little, it's mainly about the service. I'd rather spend a little bit more with no-pressure respectable workers than save a few bucks and deal with jerks!

Joe – Farmingtn Hls, MI 10/13/2016 Quick Service, thanks.

Jessica – Novi, MI 10/10/2016 Always great! I have a good time going there which I doubt many people have a good time getting their oil changed...hah! But the customer service there is always great and I really do appreciate the crew's honesty and their work. Best Uncle Eds location yet!

Jessica – Milwaukee, MI 10/5/2016 Nothing!

Mary Beth – New Hudson, MI 10/5/2016 The guys, especially Jason, could not have been nicer. Very professional - I felt comfortable letting them service my car and was not pressured to purchase extra services. Best customer service I have experienced in a long time!!!

Annette – Franklin, MI 9/25/2016 Very friendly, informative, and honest

Stefan – New Hudson, MI 9/15/2016 All the guys there are friendly, quick and fun to deal with. Keeps me coming back.

Mike – Farmingtn Hls, MI 9/10/2016 The were very fast.

Mike – Farmingtn Hls, MI 9/4/2016 Angelo D. & his team were very professional and extremely friendly.

Mike – Farmingtn Hls, MI 9/4/2016 Angelo & his team did a great job and were very professional.

Shannon – Farmington, MI 8/31/2016 Angelo and Jason were very nice and informative.

Greg – W Bloomfield, MI 8/27/2016 Very friendly and efficient.

Veneace – Farmington, MI 8/27/2016 The filter for my car wasn't on site so someone had to leave and get it which took about 15 additional minutes. Other than that, everything was fast.

Richard – Southfield, MI 8/20/2016 always a fun experience

Sharon – Farmingtn Hls, MI 8/18/2016 All the employees were friendly and professional. I will recommend this place.

Jessica – Novi, MI 8/15/2016 Even after my move to Novi, I still prefer to go to here because of the honest and friendly service! I love going here because it's a place I can always trust. Hope more locations will open near me!


Christopher – Farmingtn Hls, MI 8/9/2016 I have paid less for oil changes other places but prefer to use this location for it's really great employees and thorough job. They are quick and helpful. Today after I left the shop there was an issue with my tire light so I turned around and pulled right back through and four guys all got out and helped advise me on how I could fix the issue at a tire specialist. Great service. (Farmington Hills location on 12 Mile)

Jason – Madison Hts, MI 8/6/2016 You have good people at this store.

Kyle – Royal Oak, MI 8/2/2016 It was great!

Jordan – Farmingtn Hls, MI 8/1/2016 The guys here are amazing! I don't know or understand a lot about cars but they are very nice and understanding. Getting my oil changed is an enjoyable experience.

Christian – Farmingtn Hls, MI 7/25/2016 Top notch services...very friendly...

Olegario – Farmingtn Hls, MI 7/23/2016 As a customer pulls into the shop, the team leader shouts, "What time is it?" And the team responds with, "Go time!" It shows an enthusiasm that one wouldn't expect at a car shop. Today was a very hot day and the team was remarkably in good spirits.

Nathaniel – W Bloomfield, MI 7/16/2016 We had a great experience in meeting our service needs/

John – W Bloomfield, MI 7/13/2016 Very good branch/franchise

Della – Farmingtn Hls, MI 7/9/2016 Angelo and Josh and the rest of their crew ran like a well oiled machine.

Sheryl – Farmingtn Hls, MI 7/8/2016 I am consistently impressed with the attitudes and politeness and knowledge of everyone there!

Patrick – Pinckney, MI 6/30/2016 Great service as always.

David – Farmingtn Hls, MI 6/27/2016 great service

Kaitlin – Southfield , MI 6/26/2016 The guys are always super friendly and personable every time I visit and today was no different.

Daniel – Royal Oak, MI 6/23/2016 Appreciate the ability to purchase future oil change at a discount.

Michele – W Bloomfield, MI 6/21/2016 The gentlemen at this location are always incredibly friendly and efficient and even gave me a flower (for Mother's Day) when I was there in May. The efforts on the up-selling can be annoying but I can live with it. They did bring my attention to a cabin filter that I didn't even know existed so that was good. Overall, I have yet to be dissatisfied and will continue to return.

Troy – Farmingtn Hls, MI 6/16/2016 Always friendly and helpful

Krystal – Southfield, MI 6/15/2016 I enjoy the fast service!

Beau – Davison, MI 6/14/2016 Great service

Stephanie – Farmington, MI 6/8/2016 Great customer service and loved the attention to detail from all of the staff.

Ryan – Hazel Park, MI 6/8/2016 Great customer service from every employee.

John – W Bloomfield, MI 6/7/2016 The staff were enthusiastic and completed the work expeditiously.

Jeff – Howell, MI 5/25/2016 Please don't make me write a comment if I have none.......well I guess now this is my comment

John – Riverview, MI 5/24/2016 Excellent job!

Stanton – Southfield, MI 5/17/2016 Keep up the good work

Gary – Farmington Hills, MI 5/7/2016 Everyone is so great

Michele – Farmingtn Hls, MI 5/5/2016 No comments

Maharshi – Farmingtn Hls, MI 5/4/2016 good and very quick services

Greg – Wixom, MI 5/2/2016 Always excellent service. Willie is a fantastic area manager

Tammy – Farmingtn Hls, MI 4/30/2016 No sticker was available for the window since that is how I determine when I need to come back that although something little is something you should have.

Asha – Farmingtn Hls, MI 4/28/2016 You guys are amazing!

Jason – Detroit, MI 4/10/2016 Love the fast friendly service. You guys are more pricey then everyone else in town so thats always something to work on, but its usually worth the service.

David – Farmingtn Hls, MI 4/10/2016 Neglected to check tires.

Herman – Farmingtn Hls, MI 4/2/2016 Prices were higher than I expected.

Tom – Farmingtn Hls, MI 3/22/2016 lower prices

Jennifer – W Bloomfield, MI 3/22/2016 Always professional and friendly.

Brian – Farmingtn Hls, MI 3/6/2016 Nice place!

Michael – Farmingtn Hls, MI 2/24/2016 During the headlight inspection, it was clear that the high-beams were not working, but the manager passed on recommending a replacement (as if they worked just fine).

Emily – Ypsilanti, MI 2/23/2016 The manager was friendly and helpful. The service took a while but I also did an engine clean - and it took a while to clean the air filter. The trainer

Terry – Southfield, MI 2/23/2016 Always had good service with Uncle Ed's, but, on 2/21/16 I was very disappointed. The young man that put my oil in, forgot to remove the plug/cap before pouring the oil. Thus, the oil went all over. That's when he noticed he needed to remove the cap/plug. He then took a tool and removed the cap/plug, proceeding to pour the oil. Also, the other young man that checked my tires for air, upon my request, I asked him to please check my spare tire on the back. When I got home I noticed my Jeep spare tire cover was not on correctly, and definitely not the way he found it. Furthermore the cover was not secured. I could have lost the cover. The next morning, I had oil spots on my drive way from the oil, which were not there prior to my oil change. I feel these employees were in a hurry, I say this, because I have never had these types of issues with organization before. Sadly enough, due to this poor service, I will not be coming back. I don't wish to get anyone in trouble, I just feel they need to care about their customers, and customers vehicles. In your survey , it asks if the manager introduced himself, I can not honestly say he did or did not. I do remember while my car was being worked on, another car pulled up, and your employees made disappointing sounds, like they did not want another customer. The customer appeared to have a question, and then left. He was only there a few moments. I very seldom complain, and I am sorry I feel I need to let you know about these concerns. Like I said, I am not looking to get anyone in trouble, but maybe to bring awareness to these young employees.

Brittany – Detroit, MI 2/20/2016 Everyone was very helpful and professional. I was able to get my faulty headlights replaced at Ed's ,which was really convenient. Also, I feel I got a good deal on the services I received.

Wesley – Southfield, MI 2/15/2016 My name is Wesley Meier and I consistently go to this Uncle Ed's. The previous crew at this location was outstanding, as they always followed the process. This past trip the process was not followed, a tech poured water over an engine while another tech was still underneath, my coolant was not checked until I pointed it out, they did not have any wiper fluid, and did not plan on telling me. The manager spent more time focusing on up selling than the actual work i was there to receive. Overall, I made it very clear that I was aware of the team's shortcomings, and the manager did acknowledge that they were not following the process. The previous manager and crew were on point, but this new group makes me very nervous.

Amanda – New Hudson, MI 2/13/2016 No additional feedback

Anthony – Farmingtn Hls, MI 2/12/2016 Love the convience

Donald – Farmingtn Hls, MI 2/10/2016 Excellent service.

Donald – Farmingtn Hls, MI 2/10/2016 Great experiences. wonderful service.

Donald – Farmingtn Hls, MI 2/10/2016 Excellent

Susan – Farmingtn Hls, MI 2/5/2016 Chris W. and Angelo D. took great care of me! As the last customer of the day on a Friday night, and the only customer in the shop at the time, I had wonderfully personalized service! They remembered me from previous visits and while my engine cleaning service and fuel system cleaner processes were underway, we exchanged friendly conversation. They always make me feel like a valued customer! They didn't try to rush me out with just the oil change, they took the time to give me all the services my vehicle needed. I was eager to fill out the customer satisfaction survey because these guys deserve the highest praise for their efforts! Kudos to them! I'm a customer for life!

Brennan – Oxford, MI 2/4/2016 The assistant manager Robert was very nice and courteous , he's an awesome employe

Russell – Na, MI 2/4/2016 Robert josh and Lorenzo were very kind to me and generous. The speed of service was impressive. ! Great work !

David – Farmingtn Hls, MI 2/3/2016 I need a new air filter, but none in stock. So it was suggested I pay in advance while store orders one in a few days. I've been going to the store for years. You don't trust me? Why don't you just have them in stock? I come in all the time with other cars too. Makes me feel very special.

Deborah – Farmingtn Hls, MI 2/2/2016 Outstanding crew at this location!

Stacey – W Bloomfield, MI 2/1/2016 Fast, professional and nice

R0selyn Holt – Farmingtn Hls, MI 2/1/2016 Robert and Jason was absolutely outstanding with me today , they helped me and showed me what was going on with my vehicle and what the noise was that was going on with the vehicle and found out about my power steering. They were very patient and professional , I will make sure to come back

Doug – Whitmore Lake, MI 1/29/2016 Overall it was a good experience.

Sandra – Farmingtn Hls, MI 1/24/2016 This is an excellent team. Very professional and thorough.

Brenda – Southfield, MI 1/23/2016 Everything was well taken care of and excellent services was provided.

April – Detroit, MI 1/23/2016 I only have my car serviced at this location. The service is great and the technicians are very professional.

Amanda – Farmingtn Hls, MI 1/19/2016 My husband and I usually receive amazing service however we had made separate visits over the last 2 days and had similar experiences. In both cases, a long, blonde haired technician was making unprofessional comments to his co-workers. These comments were probably workplace banter but still made each of us feel uncomfortable.

Larry – Farmingtn Hls, MI 1/18/2016 I've been using this company for years and have always been satisfied

Elizibeth – Farmingtn Hls, MI 1/17/2016 I appreciated the fact when I brought my car in for an oil change that they would not do it until I took it to Midas to confirm that there was not a gasket leak (Receipt 210474). Ian explained everything carefully. When I phoned from Midas with a signed confirmation that there was no leak, but that the car needed a coolant flush- Ian said to come back. Chris W and Christopher B did a great job. They changed the oil and did the coolant flush not only once but twice because the car needed it and needed a new cap. Ian was able to use my coupons to help reduce the cost. They told me to come back within a week to have the car re-checked and that I was safe to drive on expressway-- the red temp light stayed off. Excellent Service.

Donald – W Bloomfield, MI 1/16/2016 I would not ever consider going anywhere else for service on either our two family vehicles; unless of course it was something outside of Uncle Ed's service offerings.


Hans – Farmingtn Hls, MI 1/11/2016 Good service

Stephon – W Bloomfield, MI 1/8/2016 The team is always so professional and friendly.

Marc – Commerce Twp, MI 1/4/2016 Thank you for the great service!

Tom – Farmingtn Hls, MI 1/3/2016 Ian H is an exceptional worker as was Christopher b. Both of these gentlemen did an excellent job in a more than timely manner.

Walailak – West Bloomfield, MI 12/30/2015 No feedback, very great

Matt – Chicago, MI 12/26/2015 Manager and the other guys were very professional, thorough, and customer focused. They followed 'checklist' procedures like Navy pilots readying for take-off. There was clear pride and professionalism in their conduct. You guys are doing something very right! Keep it up!

Gerald – Detroit, MI 12/24/2015 They were good sales men. But didn't force buying extra stuff down my throat.

Jim – Farmingtn Hls, MI 12/23/2015 Friendly service!

Jim – Farmingtn Hls, MI 12/21/2015 District Mgr. WILLIE was there. Remember him from when I started bringing my cards to Uncle Ed's years ago! Really makes an effort to connect with his customers, as does the new Mgr at this Store location 1116.

Rich – W Bloomfield, MI 12/21/2015 Only bummer was that I had to return to have an engine code reset. Someone forgot to tighten or close an air filter door which caused engine light to come on.

Tim – Farmingtn Hls, MI 12/14/2015 I wasn't planning to include any comments here.... but since it was forced.... DON'T FORCE PEOPLE who are kind enough to take their time and complete your survey to write comments. When they're finished they're finished. If people don't have additional feedback...then they don't have feedback....get over it! I may visit Uncle Ed's again but I certainly won't be taking this survey if you continue to waste people's time unnecessarily.

Max – Detroit, MI 12/14/2015 You guys do a great job every time I come in. Thank you.

J C – Southfield, MI 12/12/2015 The entire staff was friendly and engaging. I liked the fact that the supervisor and district manger introduced themselves. The entire process was seamless. The only area of feedback would be to enhance the way the additional services are positioned. The way the services were positioned felt like add ons. I was quoted an initial cost, which I already mentally agreed to, and now they're are more add ons. The sales portion of the interaction didn't seem organic.

Rachel – Hazel Park, MI 12/9/2015 Everyone was nice.

Brianna – Farmingtn Hls, MI 12/2/2015 None at this time

Jim – W Birchwood, MI 11/29/2015 Found that Ian was very pleasant to work with. He pointed out things that could be required but was not pushy. Documentation of what I should be keeping in mind for the future. We had 2 cars in at one time, an owned suv with over 170k miles and a leased vehicle with a little over a year left. Advice on what needed to be done was appropriately tailored to the very different situations.

Dean – Franklin, MI 11/29/2015 Ian and the guys did a great job

Mike – Farmingtn Hls, MI 11/28/2015 Again - Great service

Marjorie – Farmingtn Hls, MI 11/28/2015 I came in for an oil change and Zac the manager told me that I wasn't ready for one. I drive a lot of miles on this car and the team there is always really helpful when I come in. He did however tell me that it was over time for my transmission change over and differentials. I was impressed that Zac gave me enough info about what I needed and why to get me to spend $200 I wasn't intending to spend today. The discounts for the holiday weekend made it more worthwhile. All good at this store as always and Zac is great.

Claudia – Brighton, MI 11/27/2015 Both Deohnne and Chris provided excellent service. They were professional, friendly and personable. It was a pleasure having my vehicle serviced by them.

Mark – Farmingtn Hls, MI 11/25/2015 It was good

Mike – Farmington, MI 11/24/2015 Everyone was really friendly and it felt like the team was communicating and working well together.

Ken – Farmingtn Hls, MI 11/16/2015 Really? Too many numbers to enter!

Melissa – Northville, MI 11/16/2015 Great service

Darcy – Farmingtn Hls, MI 11/14/2015 Such great service, and nice people. Willie is the best!!!!

Johnny – Farmingtn Hls, MI 11/12/2015 I came to visit because at my previous visit you changed my oil and installed a fog light. I noticed the plastic exterior cover was missing and came to inquire if it was not reinstalled. Ian advised he would get back to me and I have not heard from anyone. I also advised there was oil on my garage floor and o confirm there was no leak. He advised there was no leak and it was possibly residue from the change. There is no further leakage to date. The tech also documented my mileage incorrectly (stated 163029 - but it was only 160029). Ian was going to ensure this was corrected.

Jeremy – Farmington Hills, MI 11/5/2015 Always use the coupons on every visit.

Nathan – Washington, MI 11/4/2015 The service technician told me my radiatior fulid was extremely low and that I had a missing radiatior cap. The technicain was dishonest. My radiatior is brand new. It was put into the car two weeks ago and it is perfectly fine. The technicains were not professional at all and were throwing hot oil and caps at each other and around the shop. When I asked what the air filter did, the technican laughed and gave a poor discription of its role. He then proceeded to try and sell me other parts that my car did not need. I left feeling like I was ripped off. I will never ever retun and I am telling my friends and family to never have their car serviced by Uncle Ed's. I am disgusted.

Gary – Farmingtn Hls, MI 11/4/2015 No additional feedback

Chad – Farmingtn Hls, MI 11/3/2015 Another reason I came back to Uncle Ed's is I always receive great service! Technicians are always very friendly and courteous, and provide excellent service.

Mike – Farmingtn Hls, MI 11/1/2015 Both Ian and Deohnne did a great job.

Greg – Wixom, MI 10/30/2015 I have been a long time customer and am very satisfied with the service I receive

Kaitlin – Southfield , MI 10/29/2015 The guys working at this location are always helpful, fast, and professional. The asst. manager is engaged and efficient. Willie always does great work too! You can tell he cares and takes his job seriously.

Cayley – Ubly, MI 10/22/2015 All the staff was very friendly. I felt your prices were unreasonable. For just a basic oil change your lowest price was $45. Everywhere else I have been have had prices from $19.99-25.00.

Heather – Birmingham, MI 10/21/2015 My oil was overfilled, oil dripped on my grill, down the front of my car, and smeared on my door when they opened it to scan the codes. It took around thirty minutes to get in and out, which put me over my lunch time. When I got back to work, my car started shaking violently (which was terrifying!) After my car cooled down, I checked my oil and noticed the dipstick indicated the oil was filled above the fill line. I called Ian and he said he would personally take a look at my car, which I truly appreciated. Since I was over my allotted lunch break on my first job and had to get to my second job right after, my brother had to leave his job to come pick up my car and take it back to get the oil siphoned off. Ian was very helpful, knowledgeable, and personable. I understand the staff was new and everyone was doing their best. But it was extremely frustrating and affected not only my job, but my brother's (thankfully, he was able to take the time!). I'm not sure yet if I'm going to go back. The shop is very convenient, but despite my previous positive experiences with Uncle Ed's, this was so extremely unsettling, especially after paying nearly $80.

Curtis – W Bloomfield, MI 10/16/2015 The service was great

Matt – Howell, MI 10/15/2015 Technicians did not know how to replace my turn signal bulb

Aaron – Clawson, MI 10/14/2015 Much better service than the 10 mile and middlebelt location

Marc – Commerce Twp, MI 10/12/2015 Always great service. Thanks guys!

Whitney – Walled, MI 10/11/2015 It bothered me that I only came in for an oil change and was the only car for awhile, yet the cars that pulled in after me left before me. I had to remind the staff that I needed the usual safety check

Tom – Bloomfld Hls, MI 10/8/2015 Survey should not force comment to submit almost deleted the whole thing

Nancy – W Bloomfield, MI 10/4/2015 Great Service

Lavonne – Farmingtn Hls, MI 10/1/2015 I'll be a returning because of manager Ian and his great team.

Kevin – Canton, MI 9/30/2015 Lot of up selling.

David – Farmingtn Hls, MI 9/29/2015 Great service

Debbie – Farmingtn Hls, MI 9/28/2015 The staff is very polite, courteous, friendly, and skillful. Willie is like a son to me. He's so professional. He deserves each and every promotion he's earned. Hard working staff. I love those guys!!!

Jennifer – W Bloomfield, MI 9/26/2015 Deohnne and Floyd were both great. Will keep coming back!

Janki – Farmingtn Hls, MI 9/26/2015 Nothing

William – Bloomfield, MI 9/21/2015 They showed me how dirty my cabin filter was, but they didn't have one in stock. He said he could have one in 10. I figured he meant days. But he had it there and installed in 10 minutes! Very impressive!

Doris – Farmingtn Hls, MI 9/20/2015 I have been taking mom's car to uncle ed's oil shoppe since 2011 because of the staff, price and products they sell.

Mike – Novi, MI 9/19/2015 It's always something..... Fortunately due to past issues like this (e.g., oil cap not put on, air filter case not securely closed, etc.), I didn't drive off until I checked everything myself. One valve stem cap was missing. I pulled back around and told them it needs to be silver, not black. One guy said "We don't have any silver ones." And I replied "I had four when I pulled in here." They eventually found one, although I don't think it was my original as it didn't exactly match the other three. Then after driving a mile or so and my air pressure sensors turned on, one tire was still two pounds less than the others which says they never even checked that one. And I've said this before, turn down the damn radio (better yet, OFF) so the driver can hear the person trying to talk above all of the shouting that goes on.

Sheryl – Farmingtn Hls, MI 9/13/2015 Well this is my second time doing survey and I have to say I am disappointed. It does not look like the washer fluid was filled. Not that this is he concern. However, today is the 20th. Just a week since we have visited and apparently we have a dead battery! I thought this was surprising after we just had over $300 of work. Is this a service that is supposed to be checked? I have been taking my cars to Uncle Eds for many years. I am thinking its time to visit other places that don't charge me such an enormous price! Especially if there is no additional services. I have to say I am disappointed.

Sheryl – Farmingtn Hls, MI 9/13/2015 Sometimes the service is not FAST

Darrin – Farmingtn Hls, MI 9/11/2015 I have and will continue to patronize uncle eds oils shop because of the professionalism and service I receive as well a the competitive price points. I always feel as if I am being informed of any issues I am currently having or will have in the future without felling the pressure of purchasing additional services. As an aside, Ian, the manager, was extremely knowledgeable, personable, and controlled everything around him. Ian was an absolute pleasure to deal with and is an asset to your company.

Joyce – Farmingtn Hls, MI 9/9/2015 oil change made easy and friendly

Jaymie – Detroit, MI 9/4/2015 Keep up the good work!

Richard – W Bloomfield, MI 9/4/2015 Staff is cordial and professional.

Vanessa – Farmington Hills, MI 9/2/2015 Great and friendly workers. Prices are average and the location is in a great spot. They always take care of my jeep and I know I am safe on the road. Thanks

Timothy – Southfield, MI 9/2/2015 Great service

Olivia – Southfield, MI 9/1/2015 These guys are absolutely GREAT! Why go anywhere else?

Kimberly – Farmingtn Hls, MI 9/1/2015 Ian H (Manager) was great. Explained exactly what i needed and why i needed it. Very professional!

David – Farmingtn Hls, MI 8/29/2015 Great service.

Ashleigh – W Bloomfield, MI 8/28/2015 The staff working on my car were very friendly and polite. They kept things lively while I was there and seemed to all enjoy what they do. I will be coming here again for my future changes!!

Romemar – Detroit, MI 8/27/2015 No complaints service was great

John – Plymouth, MI 8/25/2015 I like the teamwork that goes on in your facilities

Donald – Farmingtn Hls, MI 8/24/2015 Today was the best service yet and I have been patronizing Uncle Ed's for the past 13 years. I brought my son in to experience the oil change process and your crew was fantastic. We bought the car 6 months ago not knowing what need to be done and Willie was out standing. He found an issue with the power steering fluid and clearly explained the hazards of not changing it as required. In addition, the other members of the store were great as well. They took the time to explain to my son the benefits of taking car of his first vehicle. Thank you for such outstanding service.

Robert – W Bloomfield, MI 8/23/2015 The service was ver good

Todd – Franklin, MI 8/21/2015 I was very pleased with the professionalism, courtesy and friendliness of all of the people who worked on my vehicle.

Rachel – Farmingtn Hls, MI 8/21/2015 Good service.

Chris – Farmingtn Hls, MI 8/20/2015 Great service today. Ian was so friendly as was every other guy there!they were very informative and completed the work quickly!

Daryl – Southfield, MI 8/19/2015 WONDERFUL SERVICE!!! Everyone was professional and took care of me.

John – Pontiac, MI 8/18/2015 I don't like a sales pitch..every thing else was good

Joseph – Auburn Hills, MI 8/18/2015 Live in Auburn Hills but come to this location because of the great service

Danielle – Plymouth, MI 8/17/2015 Guys were great. Professional, honest and explained things in a matter that I could understand.

Gary – Farmington Hills, MI 8/15/2015 The whole team checked it out my car, i needed a battery they had it zack is awesome, d is great angelo kept me at ease knowing i was hypervntilating about my battery but damn, it all worked out, i gave them some money to get a pizza for everyone cause it was so hot there and they save me alot of time That whole team is awesome

Donald – Farmingtn Hls, MI 8/13/2015 I always go with Uncle Ed's. Great job.

Donald – Farmingtn Hls, MI 8/13/2015 Great service

Donald – Farmingtn Hls, MI 8/13/2015 A bit distracted right now because this great movie (What's Eating Gilbert Grape) but there's great service every time I visit and there isn't a long wait.

Jon – Farmingtn Hls, MI 8/11/2015 It is very annoying that you try to push expensive unnecessary special kinds of oil, when standard oil is all I need. I had to repeatedly ask to be shown the price of an oil change with standard oil, when the tech kept trying to tell me that he "recommends" the higher priced oils. Also, I received an engine warning light that I noticed a few minutes after I left Uncle Eds at the end of my oil change, so I had to make a second trip back to your place, where the tech checked and found that he had forgotten to re-connect something, which he then fixed to get rid of my warning light.

Diane – Wixom, MI 8/8/2015 Always pleased with their work.

Michael Bruno – Southfield, MI 8/7/2015 The price for oil changes are high and coupons are just to make sure that they bring down the price. But the coupons are not really savers.

Jackie – Novi, MI 8/7/2015 Everyone was very professional the whole time, and I didn't have to wait for them to start. Got in and out in a very reasonable amount of time, even when they did some extras.

Anne – Farmingtn Hls, MI 8/5/2015 I always appreciate the respect and courtesy from your employees - they know their jobs but they are also pleasant.

Drew – Detroit, MI 8/4/2015 Computer system went down, causing a delay, but I was made aware. Not the fault of technicians, but it delay resulted in a much longer service.

Fred – Farmingtn Hls, MI 8/4/2015 Have been your customer at the same store for over 20 years. Always satisfied.

Allan – W Bloomfield, MI 8/2/2015 while i have been an uncle ed's customer for many years, i think your charges are becoming outrageous and this will cause me to consider future visits. service was adequate but i have had much better in the past.

Darcy – Farmingtn Hls, MI 8/1/2015 Great team, good to see Willie again. Being a widow, I appreciate how they help and explain things to me.

David – Brighton, MI 7/31/2015 All good. Great crew!

Amanda – Farmingtn Hls, MI 7/30/2015 Very helpful and friendly staff!

Johnny – Farmingtn Hls, MI 7/30/2015 Great service

David – W Bloomfield, MI 7/29/2015 Both Deohnne J and Ivory F were very friendly and helpful during the visit.

Nancy – Farmingtn Hls, MI 7/25/2015 Willie is a huge asset to your company and keeps me coming back. He explains everything very well with what my car needs now and what it needs in the future. Zach and Tyler work very well with him and also did a great job.

Juan – W Bloomfield, MI 7/25/2015 Keep up the good work,

Susan – Farmingtn Hls, MI 7/24/2015 This is my favorite Uncle Ed's store. In fact, I pulled into a bay at a different Uncle Ed's on my way home from work. I was greeted with a very low energy "I'll be with you after I finish this other car" and I thought - "NOPE! I'm going to 12 Mile!" I left and did just that. Now, the other guy didn't really do anything wrong, but it's not the same experience. If I'm going to sit in the heat for 45 minutes for an oil change, it's going to be somewhere I enjoy! Deohnne J. greeted me and took excellent care of me and my vehicle. He and his associate did a synthetic oil change, installed new wipers and applied Aquapel, all while pleasantly engaging in light conversation and having a few laughs. I learned that Willie's shift had ended prior to my arrival, but I know he runs a top notch crew because they're great even when he's not there! Yes, this is my store - I'm not going anywhere else!

Tammy – Farmingtn Hls, MI 7/24/2015 They didn't clean my windshield as part of the visit until I asked them at the very end if they could do it since I knew it was suppose to be part of every oil change.

Eileen – Bloomfld Hls, MI 7/23/2015 It's expensive but I feel like the staff is knowledgeable.

Betty – Farmingtn Hls, MI 7/17/2015 guys are pleasant helpful and know what they are doing- Very helpful

Donald – Farmingtn Hls, MI 7/15/2015 My family has been getting oil changes at Uncle Ed's for years, still great every time.

Luther – Southfield, MI 7/12/2015 I had to ask twice to see a menu of oil change services. The first service colleague didn't profide it, the a second employee came, I had to ask again and he finally showed me a tablet menu of services. This should be presented with out having to ask, especially since prices are not posted.

Mike – Farmingtn Hls, MI 7/11/2015 Angelo and Willie were very friendly and informative.

Rohan – Farmingtn Hls, MI 7/11/2015 Everything was great.

Brittney – South Lyon, MI 7/10/2015 The team at the Orchard Lake location is exceptional! I will not only be back but I'll refer everyone! :)

Michael – W Bloomfield, MI 7/9/2015 Too much sales pitch. No means no.

Saura – Farmingtn Hls, MI 7/9/2015 It was wonderful.

Lauren – Rochester Hls, MI 7/8/2015 Both the manager and the technician were incredibly kind and professional.

Duraid – Farmingtn Hls, MI 7/7/2015 The professional way that your staff take care of each customer as their only customer. Keep up the great customer service.

Perry – Farmingtn Hls, MI 7/7/2015 Great to see a group guys who take pride in there Jobs.

Mark – White Lake, MI 6/24/2015 No comments at this time

Acie – W Bloomfield, MI 6/22/2015 Always professional service

Kevin – Farmingtn Hls, MI 6/22/2015 The thing I hate most about visiting is the constant "upsell" that takes place. I just want my oil changed, every time I come in I have to hear about the special oil or something else I don't need. It's exhausting.

Linda – W Bloomfield, MI 6/17/2015 The service was very professional. I was not pressured into doing something that I did not want to have done.

Todd – Farmingtn Hls, MI 6/15/2015 All was good

Juan – W Bloomfield, MI 6/13/2015 everything was great. keep up the great work!

Ioan – Farmingtn Hls, MI 6/13/2015 Great service

Crystal – Farmingtn Hls, MI 6/12/2015 Willie and Malik were excellent, courteous, and very professional.

Julie – Farmingtn Hls, MI 6/10/2015 Very quick,efficient,and friendly service.I was very pleased.

Matt – Farmingtn Hls, MI 6/9/2015 Very easy.

Wanda – Farmingtn Hls, MI 6/9/2015 Terence was a delight to speak with. He walked me through every checkpoint on my car and offered the necessary services. Angelo greeted me first and very attentively listened to my concerns (car being German made) and acknowledged that he fully understood and would make sure the tech knew about them as well. Malik show extreme skill when the gasket wasn't seating properly, and though the consensus was to get another from another store, Malik figured it out! Wow, what a team!

Chris – Farmingtn Hls, MI 6/4/2015 Great work!

Randy – Farmingtn Hls, MI 6/2/2015 Way to much up-selling, all. Wanted was a simple oil change and was told of the other services regardless. This type of hard sell makes me want to not stop

Mia – Southfield, MI 6/2/2015 Everyone was super nice. I had a great experience

Terry – Southfield, MI 5/31/2015 Awesome service.

Deepak – Southfield, MI 5/30/2015 everything good keep going like this only

Michael – W Bloomfield, MI 5/29/2015 Service is always excellent and fast!

Michelle – Farmingtn Hls, MI 5/28/2015 I"m glad they now check for all lights. One time I had a burned out tail light and didn't know about it until a police officer pulled me over.

Julia – South Lyon, MI 5/27/2015 I'm a girl so going to get an oil change can be intimidating, I don't want to get screwed or taken advantage of because I'm a girl. The guys were so nice and helpful and didn't pressure me into buying anything I didn't need. Great experience I felt like they really took care of me.

Jackie – W Bloomfield, MI 5/26/2015 I have been going to Uncle Ed's for over a year now and love the fast friendly service.

Semiko – Farmington Hill, MI 5/21/2015 awsome that employee knows sign language to communicate with me for put service on my van (oil change)

Dean – Franklin, MI 5/19/2015 Great job by Zachary and Terence. Congrats to Willy and promotion. Great service! Enjoy the professional manner! Good luck Will! Sincerely, Dean

Dean РFranklin, MI 5/19/2015 Congrats Willy on the promotion. Keep up the good work. Zachary and Terence took good care of me.great job.continued success! Sin̤erely, Dean

Jennifer – Farmingtn Hls, MI 5/16/2015 The staff at this location of Uncle Ed's are absolutely fantastic, and always assure me that my car is in great hands. I trust them far more than I do the dealer itself. I will be taking my car back for regular oil changes.

Duraid – Farmingtn Hls, MI 5/15/2015 Nothing. just keep up the great work.

Ashley – Royal Oak, MI 5/15/2015 Very friendly and helpful

Stephen – Farmingtn Hills, MI 5/14/2015 The service was great and receiving the coupons always keeps me going back. I would like to start a rewards program with you guys because I've been going to you guys for 6 years.

Karole – Sterling Hts, MI 5/14/2015 No comments

Amy – Farmingtn Hls, MI 5/14/2015 The service from the manager and Karl and the other guy who worked on the car but I didnt get his name was professional, welcoming and I will definitely be back.

Matt – Farmingtn Hls, MI 5/13/2015 thank you very much!

David – Northville, MI 5/10/2015 Was told on pbone price was 74.99 for mobile 1 full synth. After i drove there was told different story. Mobile 1 was $90 after i arrived. Mgr. admitted he told me wrong but made no attempt to even offer to make amends. I have very little time to do these errands and i had the cupons from a friend who recommended your place(but the friend used a different branch than Farmington Hills) so i let them perform the cheaper oil change since i couldn't afford the $90 one. I didn't notice till a few days later how over filled the oil seems to be on the dip stick-twice as high as the upper filled mark. Is this even safe or healthy for my car? And only god knows if he even changed the oil filter since the mgr. neglected to show me the old one as he promised. And when I told them my mileage was inaccurately entered by a lot-10000 miles, they just said, "dont worry we'll catch it next time". Just not at all a good confident feeling when leaving. Maybe i went to the wrong branch but that shouldn't matter when visiting a business.

Daemon – Novi, MI 5/10/2015 Superb! Keep up the great work.

Linda – Farmingtn Hls, MI 5/7/2015 Not applicable

Craig – Southfield, MI 5/3/2015 It was good.

John – Shelby Twp, MI 4/29/2015 Would like to see additional savings in the form of customer loyalty or number of returned purchases.

Juan – W Bloomfield, MI 4/25/2015 Great Service

Anitra – Detroit, MI 4/23/2015 Too many offers to get additional services

Tom – Farmingtn Hls, MI 4/22/2015 was in need of wipers and was quoted a price, unfortuntely the price uoted was for a single wiper not for the pair...i purchased them anyway but i think it needs to be stated better in the future...we did discuss this with the store manager who was very receptive to our comment...

Mike – Farmingtn Hls, MI 4/18/2015 Tyler was have very friendly.

Tinia – Novi, MI 4/16/2015 During my original oil change visit, the service technician failed to re-install my engine cover bolts. A few weeks following my visit, my engine cover unseated and interfered with my radiator fan causing damage. I contacted the shop and requested to speak with the manager, Willie Pompey III. Willie was extremely attentive to my needs. He immediately contacted the district manager, procured new parts for my vehicle and arranged for installation of the new parts. Willie was professional and communicated with me during the entire ordeal. I was extremely satisfied with his service. I truly recommend that he receive some sort of recognition for his service, professionalism, courtesy, and attentiveness.

Robert – West Bloomfield, MI 4/14/2015 Mgr. Willie is very good and have had no reason to go anywhere else...

Aquilla – Redford, MI 4/10/2015 I enjoy going to Uncle Ed's every technician Is friendly, knowledgeable, and gives great Customer Service.

Michelle – Northville, MI 4/8/2015 Angelo was very kind and helpful. Got me in and out of there quickly during my lunch break!

Johnny – Farmingtn Hls, MI 4/7/2015 Good service!

Harsh – Sterling Heights, MI 4/6/2015 Awesome

Mike – Farmingtn Hls, MI 4/3/2015 Angelo was very courteous and professional.

Karl – Farmingtn Hls, MI 4/1/2015 The manager was very friendly yet professional at the same time. I only wish I had more money to pay for replacements which were needed and recommended by the manager; other than that, the oil change for my car went well for a first timer.

Kathryn – Canton, MI 3/31/2015 Everyone was very friendly and helpful. However, the price was a lot higher than I expected and at that point they had already done their safety check and washed my windshield so I felt guilty driving off. My oil changed are normally $52 and this was $78. Although I appreciated the customer service, I don't really care when it comes to an oil change. For that reason alone I'll probably go back to my normal less expensive place, where the customer service isn't above and beyond but also isn't horrible.

Victor – Southfield, MI 3/30/2015 The manager and his team were extremely professional in their appearance and demeanor. It was clear that they were a TEAM. Kudos to the store manager for maintaining such a well trained and cohesive team. The manager and his team were also very courteous and gave me the impression that they actually cared about my needs and wanted to please me. This is, unfortunately, something that is rare nowadays, and I do indeed appreciate it very much. Overall, I was very happy with the service experience. Notably, I have had the same experience at other locations, so I must assume that the corporate culture fosters values that I appreciate, and that upper level management is doing their job well imparting the culture down the line to the individual stores. Congratulations on a job well done!

Wesley – Southfield, MI 3/28/2015 I only go to the 12 and orchard lake location, as they are the only ones who consistently go through the routine.

Maryann – Farmingtn Hls, MI 3/25/2015 I was kind of in a hurry, but I DIDN'T mention that! So I can't find fault w/my service! The guys were ALL busy! All three bays had cars in them for services! I like Uncle Ed's, especially this store! Everyone is always friendly! And that makes every difference!

Vernon – Farmingtn Hls, MI 3/23/2015 Willie, the Store Manager, took the time to explain each step of the process. He also interacted well with his team, double checking to see that the correct parts were used and nothing left behind.

Michelle – Farmington Hilks, MI 3/22/2015 Excellent service very professional best oil change experience ever the staff is A1

Anne – Ferndale, MI 3/21/2015 The service at the Orchard Lake and 12 Mile Michigan store is always exceptional. They never push you to buy additional items but provide you with valuable information about why additional services or goods would be helpful. There are always coupons and smiling faces!

Sheryl – Farmingtn Hls, MI 3/19/2015 Always receive good service and they rememeber us also. Very personable.

Gary – Farmington Hills, MI 3/14/2015 The assistant manager really kept me at ease and made sure i was getting the attention he made this the best service I ever had here

Stephanie – Indianapolis, MI 3/14/2015 So quick and professional. Felt very valued and respected. There were 5 guys working on the car making for fast service. Angelo, Willie, Brandon, and Deohnne were awesome!

Ernest – Farmingtn Hls, MI 3/13/2015 Great service. Very thorough.

Fred – W Bloomfield, MI 3/10/2015 Willy was a wonderful representative of Uncle Ed's. Very kind and courtesy. I had a excellent experience during my visit! Thank you Willy (maybe Willie, not sure!

Richard – Lathrup Vlg, MI 3/6/2015 Will and his staff was outstanding! Larry I met for the first was great taking me through the process

Robert – Farmingtn Hls, MI 3/5/2015 Very helpful and knowledgable employees!

Taylor – Farmingtn Hls, MI 3/4/2015 This was my first time getting my oil changed in my 03 Jetta at Ed's and the service was wonderful. They were so friendly and always smiling and didn't mind my cluelessness. I believe the service rep was in training, and he did so well! Overall it was a great experience and I'll be sure to come back for my next oil change. Please give the staff a big thumbs up from me!

David – Saline, MI 3/4/2015 The young men that worked on my car were very polite and got things done in a very timely manner. They were able to tell me if any other things were wrong with my car and what services they offer that could help fix the problem.The manger was also very nice and was very knowledgable about the services getting done on my vehicle. Overall it was a great visit.

Ryan – Farmingtn Hls, MI 3/1/2015 Most oil change places do this but I hate how you upsell expensive extras. Wiper blades, radiator fluid, oil upgrade. My wife is not comfortable getting an oil change because of this. We will do it at the dealer.

Terry – Franklin, MI 2/27/2015 Uncle Ed's provides great service but including my kids vehicles I have 6 total. When the dealership can change the oil and filter for $14.95 it is difficult to justify $50+ at Uncle Eds.

Joseph – Farmingtn Hls, MI 2/22/2015 Great service, by far the best I have ever experienced at a service location!

Kimberly – Macomb, MI 2/21/2015 I previously had Tyler service my car, but this time I had Willie. All of my experiences at this store have been remarkable. This store is the only place I will take my car, due to the employees that work at it.

Mike – Farmingtn Hls, MI 2/21/2015 Excellent service. I am very pleased with the support of the team at this location.

Carol – Farmingtn Hls, MI 2/20/2015 The entire staff was very friendly and professional. I did notice though when I got home that one of my valve stem covers was missing from my tire.

Bonnie – Howell, MI 2/20/2015 This was the most friendly oil place I have ever been to. Very professional , positive , motivating .

Melanie – Farmingtn Hls, MI 2/18/2015 Manager who helped me, Angelo D, was extremely kind and helpful. Technicians Larry P and Deohnne J were great too. Very professional and sweet.

Drew – Detroit, MI 2/16/2015 Fantastic service - fast, professional, and personal. Offered coupon deals which convinced me to purchase additional serviced other than the one I initially came in solely for.

Marc – Commerce Twp, MI 2/10/2015 Manager very friendly, great service!

Leslie – Farmingtn Hls, MI 2/10/2015 The assistant manager Tyler is very helpful and friendly. He is a great member of your team.

Daemon – Novi, MI 2/8/2015 Service was great and I plan on sharing how good the service is with others.

dennis – W Bloomfield, MI 2/8/2015 They were all execptional

Brandi – Southfield, MI 2/5/2015 Everyone here is extremely friendly. As a woman, I never feel taken advantage of at this location.

Nancy – Farmingtn Hls, MI 2/2/2015 This was SOOOO easy. I called to see if they could perform the services. They told me how long it would take. I came in, the work was done and because of the coupon it cost less than expected. How easy is that! REALLY EASY.

Deborah – Farmingtn Hls, MI 1/31/2015 The entire staff were exceptional. The only issue was when the radiator flush service was completed, my car battery was dead, and my vehicle wouldn't start. It was a heart stopping moment. The Manager recharged the battery and all seems to be fine. Willie told me to call immediately if I had any additional problems.

Arin – Farmingtn Hls, MI 1/31/2015 Angelo D went above and beyond to make this a great experience.

Brad – Plymouth, MI 1/29/2015 Was greeted by Matt who took me through a full safety inspection, was very well educated on the wipers and aquapel service, told me the benefits of the premium blades so I upgraded to the premium style for the winter. Even though my car only has a thousand miles on it Angelo checked my oil and informed me my oil was low, which I great for me to know so I can follow up with the dealership. Willie has a clear presence on the floor and it is obvious he is in charge. Call outs were great and energy was high, something all should strive to emulate.

Jon – Farmingtn Hls, MI 1/24/2015 Experience was great. Angelo, willie, and Tyler were all extremely professional and helpful.

Cathy – Detroit, MI 1/24/2015 Angelo D, Brandon b, willie p, Tyler p were great

Brent – Farmingtn Hls, MI 1/10/2015 Great store and care.

Diana – Southfield, MI 12/27/2014 I am always pleased by the friendly and professional attitude if the workers. I started coming to this store when it received the new manager Willie, such a kind young man. This visit I met Angelo who was just as kind. I will tell my friends to visit this store.