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Come experience Michigan's Best Oil Change right here in New Baltimore. Conveniently located in Chesterfield on 23 Mile Road, our friendly and knowledgeable technician staff will service your car, truck, or van with a fast and professional oil and oil filter change. But that's only the beginning!

In addition we provide a thorough 19-point inspection with advice on the condition of your vehicle. We will check your car's fluids and if they are low, we can top them off. As an added courtesy we set your tire pressure, check your exterior lights, inspect the wiper blades and hand wash the windshield. All in just 10-15 minutes!

Our Chesterfield Road location is a full-service location, meaning we can perform additional preventative maintenance services such as transmission fluid and radiator flushes, help increase your vehicle's gas mileage with our engine additives and treatments, and install or replace air filters, wiper blades, and bulbs.

Our service doesn't stop once you leave! As a valued customer you receive our free fluid and tire check in between oil changes - a $25 value yours free to use as many times as you’d like!

Staff Information

Asst District Manager Jordon Pittman for Uncle Eds Oil Shoppe on 31311 23 Mile Rd in Chesterfield, MI 48047

Jordon Pittman
Asst District Manager

Ask our Customers
  • Everything was good checked and showed me everything on my car

    Hussen – Clinton Twp, MI 5/31/2019

  • They do a good job here!

    Krista – Macomb, MI 5/10/2019

  • Everything was great!

    Major – Detroit, MI 5/10/2019

Recent Customer Reviews

Hunter – NEW BALTIMORE, MI 6/17/2019 Just awesome relatable dudes, who were willing to help out after hours!

Pam – Chesterfield, MI 6/5/2019 Definitely will be back

Kurt – Chesterfield, MI 6/4/2019 The only disappointing part was the fact that I called this location to get a price. I told the person answering phone...(of course I should have written down his name but did not) I have a 2019 Jeep Cherokee with a 3.2 L motor and want an out the door price for a conventional oil change with a $15 off coupon. I was quoted $34.00 OTD. I even asked if there was an additional charge for anything special in that vehicle and re affirmed the $34 OTD price. When my service was complete I was informed it would be $67. The tech worked with me, got it down to $52.48 before my $5.09 in loyalty points were applied. I know your employee turnover is high. If the person made a mistake regarding the $34 OTD price......oh well !!!! If I was misquoted a low price to get me in the door and I could confirm that I would not return to Uncle Eds again for any reason. I will call again for quote when I need an oil change and if I get quoted the wrong price again I will be sending this e mail to the Michigan Attorney General. I hope that does not happen. Other than that your service and your employees are great and I would recommend.

Deborah – Chesterfield, MI 6/2/2019 Love the service technicians!

Kelly – Casco, MI 5/20/2019 Great service nice guys

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Chris – New Haven, MI 5/18/2019 The first comment is I told the employee to specifically wipe any oil residue because I had oil drips in my newer driveway the last time I had an oil change here. He said they would wipe it down thoroughly. Again I had oil drips for the second straight time. I've been coming to Uncle Eds for quite a while as well my wife's vehicle and I have not had this problem before. Oh by the way there are no other oil spots in my driveway. Secondly I don't necessarily need everything checked and I will on occasion tell the employees don't bother checking my air filter or something similar but don't check off on the sheet if you didn't bother. On this last visit my blades are pretty worn. I needed washer fluid and my air filter is filthy but he didn't check any of them. No he didn't wash my windshield either. These are just what I noticed. Again not the end of the world but don't do an automatic check on the sheet just to get me out of there. I just wanted to make a comment. I don't want or expect anything else period.

Sarah – MARINE CITY, MI 5/17/2019 Great staff, slow

Patty – Chesterg, MI 5/11/2019 First time visit only negative feedback is it cost way more than I thought every little recommended extra adds up?

Jason – Lenox, MI 5/10/2019 I was very satisfied with the service

Nicole – Chesterfield, MI 5/8/2019 The manager on duty, Jordon, and all the employees did an amazing job! I have never been overly impressed with an oil change - but i was this time. I immediately recommended you to my husband and mom. Just excellent service. You could tell they cared. They went above and beyond. (I had an issue with hood latch and they all worked to fix it). Thank you!

P – Chesterfield, MI 5/7/2019 brought in 11 vehicles for fleet maintenance. called ahead to give heads up to Stephan and crew. slammed them for 4 hours. DID A GREAT JOB.....they allocated proper discounts they went threw a gallon of Red Bull...

Tracy – Macomb, MI 5/6/2019 I don't like to be upsold on everything.

Jennifer – Lenox, MI 5/3/2019 The 2 guys that waited on me were great!!!

Aaron – Chesterfield, MI 4/26/2019 The staff at this location is fantastic, friendly, and knowledgeable. All members were kind and took the extra time to make this an extraordinary visit. Showed me information about the Vechile that I didn’t know. Great job to the staff . Ian and jake did an excellent job

David – Chesterfield, MI 4/25/2019 Your workers are the best ever.

Melanie – Lenox, MI 4/16/2019 Awesome

Leslie – Chesterfield, MI 4/15/2019 This was my first visit to uncle eds oil, but you can bet I'll be back! The service was outstanding and very professional and personalized! The manger Ian was great along with his kind and friendly staff, Stefen R,Jacob M,Jacob L. I was in to do a good deed for my husband and they made me feel really comfortable with them all, thanks so much again! Keep up the great work and for the brownie points I earned by getting your services!!!

Daniel – Clay, MI 4/10/2019 Ian B and Jacob L Were both extremely friendly, and personal. As well as an extremely well job done in Verbal communication, and body language.

Grace – Cottrellville, MI 4/9/2019 Very friendly

Chris – Chesterfield, MI 4/3/2019 great quick service

Brendon – New Baltimore, MI 4/3/2019 Very friendly service,it made my daughter want to work there when she's older.

Audrey – Chesterfield, MI 3/31/2019 I think they need to slow down. There so worried about being fast they forget to do thing. They did put my air filter in and I had to go back to the store to have them put it back in. They slo say they cleaned my window they didn’t do that either. Customers rather wait a few extra mins to make sure stuff is done right.

Matthew – East China, MI 3/28/2019 Great staff

Greg – Chesterfield, MI 3/25/2019 The staff was very friendly and very fast. I am very happy with the service done and can't say enough about the people working there. Thanks!

SAMANTHA – CHESTERFIELD, MI 3/23/2019 Great service with a helpful crew!

Amanda – New Haven, MI 3/23/2019 The team was very helpful with answering all my questions. They are the reason that I keep coming back to the store.

Trent – New Baltimore, MI 3/22/2019 This place is awesome :)

Adalae – Casco, MI 3/21/2019 All is well thank you

Peyton – New Baltimore, MI 3/18/2019 Both of the workers were very helpful and friendly and they explained everything thoroughly. Excellent customer service!

STEPHEN – Southfield, MI 3/16/2019 Excellent

Madison – Lenox, MI 3/14/2019 Jacob and Stefan were great!

Petris – Chesterfield, MI 3/13/2019 Great service

Shelley – Ira, MI 3/12/2019 Manager and team Were awesome. Outstanding

Sue – New Baltimore, MI 3/12/2019 I have been using this location for the past few years for oil changes and I find the staff to be very helpful and friendly.

Scott – Lenox, MI 3/9/2019 I came today because of a coupon. I was told because first time I would get a first time customer $10 off. This was great. I chose the conventional oil change for $45.99.After oil change was finished minus windshield wash I was told my bill was $57.48 this is after $10 off on a $46.00 oil change. I was told I needed 3/4 of a quart extra of oil without any proof they used it.Also charge $10 for a oil filter.What is included in a oil change if I have to pay $10 extra for a filter and charged for 3/4 of a quart oil.Did I get over charged because I did take all the little extras they are pushing or was it to cover the salary of the manager to check the washer solvent level on the car next to me 3-4 times, or for other employees to stand around.This location could be giving away free oil changes and back rubs and I still WOULD NOT RETURN!

Aaron – Chesterfield, MI 3/9/2019 Replaced air filter when I said not to

Lisa – Lenox, MI 3/1/2019 I went to another oil change place and ill never do it again. They didnt tighten down my oil filter and my car leaked out almost all the oil. I took my car to uncles Eds and they said it only took 2 turns of the filter before it came off. Ill go no where else.

Krystle – Clinton Twp, MI 2/28/2019 They are all wonderful here and helpful thank u

Crystal – Algonac, MI 2/27/2019 My visit was amazing. This might be the best customer service I've ever received anywhere.

David – Chesterfield, MI 2/24/2019 Your company always take care of us.

Leah – Chesterfield, MI 2/20/2019 The manager i spoke to today was extremely helpful and gave me all the options i needed to know to take care of my vehicle. It was very much appreciated. I have been to other Uncle Ed’s locations and Chesterfield is by far the best one i’ve been to. This location isn’t the closest to my home but i choose to drive to this one because I always receive exceptional service.

Judy – MACOMB, MI 2/19/2019 I got a good deal on Groupon.

David – Chesterfield, MI 2/1/2019 They had no washer fluid to fill me up. Had to go buy some.

Catrina – Chesterfield, MI 1/31/2019 The manager was able to get all of my services handled quickly and safely.

Nicole – Chesterfield, MI 1/31/2019 Very helpful!

Laura – Riley, MI 1/27/2019 I usually get my oil changed there, my last visit I wasn't that pleased, and as that is the only place I get service, my power steering cap came up missing. They didn't seem that interested in what they were doing. This visit however was exceptional. The young man in charge (Stephen, I think) went above and beyond. Restored my faith in Uncle Eds. The other young man working was also very professional and knew what he was doing. I'm hoping they are there next time I come back.

Pennie – Chesterfield, MI 1/24/2019 Very friendly

Margaret – Chesterfield, MI 1/24/2019 Very satisfied

Brian – New Haven, MI 1/16/2019 Great Seevice as always!

Dominic – Chesterfield, MI 1/15/2019 Really cool people that share a common interest in the automotive industry. Plus very close to my house. You guys have a good team with good people.

Richard – Chesterfield, MI 1/13/2019 Good service. I have no complaints.

Jody – Chesterfield, MI 1/12/2019 great service

Gerry – New Baltimore, MI 1/11/2019 Ian B. and Stefen R. were super friendly and efficient. Very helpful. Will take my SUV back for next oil change.

Devon – Shelby Twp, MI 1/6/2019 Nothing. Everything was good

Power – Chesterfield, MI 1/5/2019 Excellent care of our fleet vehicles Powerhome Solar

Power – Chesterfield, MI 1/5/2019 Very happy

Elizabeth – Chesterfield, MI 12/27/2018 Ian and Jordan were very patient with my lack of car knowledge and took the time to speak with my husband on the phone

Sharon – Chesterfield, MI 12/26/2018 No service was really fast and good

Jennifer – Chesterfield, MI 12/21/2018 Great customer service

Anthony – Chesterfield, MI 12/18/2018 Cheaper would good

Jamie – Chesterfield, MI 12/15/2018 Front lamp needed replacing. 3 people worked on the left lamp and nobody could figure out how to complete the job. After about 15-20 minutes I told them to stop because I was not going to wait for them. I'll have a repair garage fix it instead. Very disappointing.

Eric – Algonac, MI 12/10/2018 Good work at explaining what services they have to offer. I was recommended to get an engine cleaning and vehicle is performing outstanding.

Harold – Cottrellville, MI 12/1/2018 Slow, not able to reset oil change indicator, forgot to put engine cover back on and generally bumbling in doing work. No confidence in them, the service or whether it was what I paid for!

Daniel – Chesterfield, MI 12/1/2018 They had me in and out within a reasonable amount of time.

Steven – Casco, MI 12/1/2018 Thank you

CYNTHIA – WARREN, MI 11/28/2018 Great. Service

Jillian – Chesterfield, MI 11/28/2018 Friendly customer service.


Jennifer – Chesterfield, MI 11/19/2018 They were friendly and gave it a team effort

Aaron – Chesterfield, MI 11/13/2018 Thank you for your service in the freezing cold

Jen – Chesterfield, MI 11/9/2018 I had an ABSOLUTELY wonderful experience. Everyone was very respectful and made sure to show me all of my fluids and how bad they were before replacing them. I was also very surprised at how seamlessly the employees worked together!!

Alicia – Chesterfield, MI 11/5/2018 Ian, Stefan and Angel were very helpful and polite. Excellent Service a job well done guys... Sorry, I forgot Jordan the district Manager. Thank you for keeping in touch with me.

Richard – New Haven, MI 11/3/2018 Manager was very nice and friendly. Very helpful.

Michael – Chesterfield, MI 10/28/2018 Nothing. Everything was great.

Jill – Chesterfield, MI 10/11/2018 The manager, Angel, took the time to explain things and was friendly and very respectful. I'm not always comfortable going to shops to have my oil changed, but he made the experience less stressful with his laid back demeanor. I will definitely choose this Uncle Ed's Shoppe again, simply because he is there, and for the structure and organization of the visit. A+

Matthew – East China, MI 10/9/2018 Excellent service see ya in 8,000 miles!!

Allison – Saint Clair, MI 10/9/2018 great service

Jack – Chesterfield, MI 10/9/2018 IF you're going to quote the price for wipers...as in... 28.99 w/6 month warranty, please make sure the customer knows that it's $28.99 EACH. Or it's my bad... I should have asked...I most likely would not have purchased them for appprox. $60... I thought the quote of $28.99 was for the pair.. $60 is a little steep for wipers. I know for a fact I could have replaced them myself for $35 and they're still quality, for a PAIR.. my bad...won't happen again..And I don't just go to you for convenience... I've been going to you since you opened this location.... J. Halaas

Amber – Fair Haven, MI 10/8/2018 Both Angel and Ian were professional and courteous! Great Service

Petris – Chesterfield, MI 10/7/2018 Love the service.

Chad – New Baltimore, MI 10/6/2018 Great service

Wendy – Chesterfield, MI 9/30/2018 They did not check my tire pressure which was the lotto and windshield washer solvent they never feel bad either. Seemed they were in a big hurry to get me out of there. I need a new headlight but was informed it was not easy to get to and referred me to take it to the dealership. Very dissatisfied. I live less than a half a mile from this together store but I will never come back

Sarah – Chesterfield, MI 9/28/2018 No additional feedback at this time

Brian – New Baltimore, MI 9/26/2018 If you want people to do a survey don’t make a field mandatory like this comment box

Laura – Algonac, MI 9/24/2018 Fast friendly service

Tabitha – Chesterfield, MI 9/22/2018 Service was fast and friendly

Joseph – Chesterfield, MI 9/15/2018 Everyone was very helpful, and friendly. They explained all benefits and problems I had.

Nicole – Chesterfield, MI 9/15/2018 Angle’s customer service was more than exceptional!! Early this morning, my family and I returned from Europe and my bank cards were all placed on a hold for fraud protection. I was unaware that the holds would still be there when I went to get my oil changed today so I was beginning to panic when they declined; without any cash on hand or another means of payment. Angel took out his personal card and paid my remaining balance without hesitating. I have never experienced such generosity and selflessness from a manager at any establishment before. You and your team are fantastic and I cannot say thank you enough for your help this morning! As a manager myself, I plan to return the favor and will reccomend this shop to everyone! Thank you Angel.

Tim – Kimball, MI 9/9/2018 They did a great job giving me the best service possible. Angel is a great manager, and the advisor Ian did a good job as well.

Tyler – Chesterfield, MI 9/7/2018 Angel and his team truly live up to the Uncle Ed’s promise of fast and professional service. In our daily lives we usually don’t receive nor expect such a hands-on, interpersonal experience that this shop provides. I couldn’t be more impressed with my visit.

Emily – Keego Harbor, MI 9/7/2018 The manager, Angel was very personable and friendly. He always makes sure that my car is well taken care of. The UT, Tyler was fast and efficient. Both made sure that I was pleased with my visit and is the reason why I'll keep coming back to this Uncle Ed's.

Erin – Chesterfield, MI 9/5/2018 The young men at this location were SUPER! Very knowledgable and VERY nice. I will be coming back.

David – Chesterfield, MI 8/18/2018 none at this time

Jose – Chesterfield, MI 8/4/2018 You guys do a great job

Bob – Chesterfield, MI 7/31/2018 No comments

Marci – Chesterfield, MI 7/27/2018 Angel the manager was very nice... I will be back

Petris – Chesterfield, MI 7/21/2018 Great service

Jamie – Chesterfield, MI 7/18/2018 Great job

Kimberly – Chesterfield, MI 7/17/2018 Always pleasant and great teamwork.

David – New Baltimore, MI 7/10/2018 Charge too much

Bill – Chesterfield, MI 7/9/2018 good service

Catrina – Chesterfield, MI 7/7/2018 The manager,Angel, was very nice. He explained everything that was going on and got me on my way quickly.

Tyler – Chesterfield, MI 7/6/2018 The team was great!

Brandon – New Haven, MI 7/1/2018 I purchased an online order of full synthetic for a whopping $75 on June 27th. The same day, about 30 minutes later I showed up to the Chesterfield, Michigan location expecting to be able to use my $75 oil purchase, which was already pending and deducted from my bank. No where online is it mentioned that you have to wait after purchasing an oil change, for your purchase to take effect into their system. I was notified by the manager Angel, at the location that I would have to wait 3-4 business days for my order to flow through their system in order for me to use it, I finally came back 4 days later on July 1st when I had free time, and had my oil change completed. So not only have I had to waste my time, I had to come back twice. This is my first time using uncle Ed's, and I will not be returning. I figured I'd switch up oil change companies to get a taste of what other companies do. The staff were very nice.

Candice – Clinton Twp, MI 6/29/2018 Austin-CSA, Angel the manager, Tyler-UT, and Ian were very helpful and are the reason I go to Uncle Eds! It was pouring rain out and the team went and helped me replace my year old wiper blades that were streaking like crazy so that I can be safe on the road. I did not get an oil change but I definitely felt like a valued customer. I got a great deal on the wiper blades and love the warranty. Great peace of mind. I will be sure to return as soon as possible!

Austin – Chesterfield, MI 6/23/2018 Austin and Angel are great!

Jeff – Macomb, MI 6/22/2018 No comment

Angelique – Chesterfield, MI 6/20/2018 The manager at the time, Angel, was very friendly and didn't push all the extra stuff on to me. Both technicians (Ian and Joshua) were also very friendly and completed the job very quickly! Thank you for the great&friendly service - it's not very common these days :)

Robert – Clay, MI 6/18/2018 very professional

Bonnie – New Baltimore, MI 6/17/2018 Great friendly service

Michelle – Chesterfield, MI 6/15/2018 I own a fleet of vehicles for wheelchair lift transport. The manager was very informative and helpful regarding fleet information as we are between mechanics at this time. I was very satisfied with the oil change and service to replace a burned out bulb on my back up lights. My only hint of dis-satisfaction was the front window had streaks after it was cleaned......very minor instance

Angel – Warren, MI 6/15/2018 The team is great. First time coming to this location. The service is always wonderful.

David – Chesterfield, MI 6/14/2018 Workers are always fast and friendly.

Angela – Burtchville, MI 6/8/2018 No additions this visit was fabulous!!

Jody – Chesterfield, MI 5/26/2018 Very convenient

Jody – Chesterfield, MI 5/26/2018 Great experience!

Paul – Royal Oak, MI 5/24/2018 Awesome, fast, and efficient

Eric – Chesterfield, MI 5/15/2018 Close to home friendly technicians, quick service,

Brian – Chesterfield, MI 5/13/2018 Hunter and Tyler were very helpful.

Scott – New Baltimore, MI 4/28/2018 Price are pretty high even after coupons.

Darlene – Chesterfield, MI 4/21/2018 The guys were very friendly and checked everything to ensure it was working properly.

Kevin – Chesterfield, MI 4/21/2018 Super friendly service.

Lori – New Baltimore, MI 4/20/2018 Angel the manager along with all his techs gave me excellent service...will kee me coming back!

Ann – Marysville, MI 4/18/2018 I was pleasantly surprised with the timely but thorough service that I received.

Scott – Chesterfield, MI 4/14/2018 Over all great job

Justin – Macomb, MI 4/5/2018 ........

Jacqueline – Chesterfield, MI 4/3/2018 Friendly service

Mike – Chesterfield, MI 3/31/2018 Manager and tech were both very polite and professional.

Jamie – Chesterfield, MI 3/26/2018 Great job

Brian – New Baltimore, MI 3/26/2018 None everything was great

Nick – New Baltimore, MI 3/24/2018 Good service

Ben – Farmington Hills, MI 3/22/2018 Msnsjdjd

CHERIE – Ira, MI 3/8/2018 The guys at my shop are awesome. Always very patient professional and cover every aspect of my cars needs. We only use Uncle Eds for our oil changes. And have been for many years. Great place!!!

Jim – Clinton Township, MI 2/28/2018 Standard oil change should not cost 65$. Will check out base service from valvoline next time.

Dorian – New Baltimore, MI 2/25/2018 you always do a great job

Cody – New Baltimore, MI 2/25/2018 everything went well thank you

Donnie – Chesterfield, MI 2/24/2018 Windshield was not cleaned like it stated on check sheet handed to me at the end.

Alex – Chesterfield, MI 2/24/2018 Joe an Hunter very helpful and polite

Charles – New Baltimore, MI 2/23/2018 Did great job, very friendly

Scott – New Baltimore, MI 2/21/2018 While the service was fast and well done, the prices were astronomically high. Probably won't be back unless I need a specialty service completed.

Rochelle – Chesterfield, MI 2/21/2018 Both Hunter and Ethan were polite and knowledgeable

Joshua – New Baltimore, MI 2/20/2018 Amazing. Will return

Stephanie – Chesterfield, MI 2/13/2018 Quick and easy

Matt – Casco, MI 2/13/2018 Could do a better job washing window. Not so much tell me about the extra services recommmended.

Zachary – New Baltimore, MI 2/1/2018 No comments

Andrew – Grosse Pt Wds, MI 1/28/2018 Fast, knowledgeable, thorough.

Jamie – Chesterfield, MI 1/28/2018 Love the attention to detail.

Jamie – Chesterfield, MI 1/24/2018 Keep up the great work.

Max – Clay, MI 1/20/2018 No thanks

Brian – New Baltimore, MI 1/10/2018 Always friendly service

Sheffield – Chesterfield, MI 1/8/2018 Stefen and Hunter were very friendly and helpful. They made me feel I was getting the best service possible.

Adalae – Casco, MI 1/8/2018 Stefen and Hunter were fast, friendly, and efficient.

Adam – New Baltimore, MI 1/6/2018 Professional, fast, and friendly service.

Jennifer – New Baltimore, MI 1/5/2018 I was there from 440-530. Too long for an oil change.

Terry – Chesterfield, MI 1/5/2018 My tires were low when I arrived and the low psi on all 4 tires lights was still on after. Hudband had to go to belle tire for proper air.

Tyler – Chesterfield, MI 1/2/2018 I had recently noticed my radiator fluid was leaking, and didn't have the time or money to really fix the problem. I filled my vehicle and fluids and had left to take my daughter and wife to the in-laws. I pulled in, considering that my cousin had so highly recommended this certain store. Upon arrival, I was greeted by the manager, Mr. Stefen R, and Mr. Hunter J. They immediately began their proper protocol per inspecting my vehicle, with great care. As quick as their inspection had began, they had already figured out that my radiator cap was not retaining any pressure whatsoever. They had me in and out very efficiently, and handled their jobs with an ever so professional attitude. I will be recommending this store to everyone who needs a fast and friendly service on the go!!

Allie – Chesterfield, MI 12/31/2017 Stefan was great

Damon – Lincoln Park, MI 12/29/2017 Excellent service

Jeremy – Chesterfield, MI 12/27/2017 They took care of me with my car in a timely fashion

Donovan – Eliot, MI 12/26/2017 Awesome experience. Technicians were friendly, professional and hard working.

Tom – Chesterfield, MI 12/20/2017 None at this time

Jonathan – Chesterfield, MI 12/19/2017 Tony is very personable. Hunter was very welcoming. It was a pleasant experience and good care provided.

Robert – Chesterfield, MI 12/18/2017 Tries to be charged for something I didn't have.

Timothy – Lenox, MI 12/9/2017 Stefen and Anthony were extremely professional and helpful during my visit to your New Baltimore MI location. Their upbeat personality and hard work ethic made for a great experience at Uncle Eds! I will be back to this location again and will be reccommending your servies to my feiends and family.

Josie – Sterling Hts, MI 12/7/2017 Very kind!

Aaron – Chesterfield, MI 12/1/2017 Amazing service

Victoria – New Baltimore, MI 11/30/2017 All good.

David – Chesterfield, MI 11/27/2017 They do great work.

David – Chesterfield, MI 11/27/2017 Great Service

David – Chesterfield, MI 11/27/2017 Nothing to say

Jacqueline – Chesterfield, MI 11/22/2017 Great service

Sarah – Chesterfield, MI 11/22/2017 They were awesome. Answered every question we had. Was a wonderful experience. Felt like we were in the 1950s. Excellent communication. Ryan was very knowledgeable and very efficient.

DIANE – Chesterfield, MI 11/17/2017 All vgood

Jenna – Chesterfield, MI 11/17/2017 Very good and professional service

Sue – 1, MI 11/15/2017 None at all

Rochelle – Chesterfield, MI 11/6/2017 Always polite and knowledgeable

Frank – Cottrellville, MI 11/5/2017 Great service

Killian – New Baltimore, MI 11/2/2017 The technician spilt oil on my engine which in turn made it smoke when I got home from the run off oil he spilt. Other than than it was decent work.

Bret – Chesterfield, MI 10/27/2017 These are some super nice dudes and I love coming here because of it

Jared – China, MI 10/26/2017 By the time I got into the bay I was there for 1/2 hour for simple oil change. It's seemed as if one employee had no clue what the other was doing. Nobody checked my tires until I requested it to be done.. I'm not even sure if they hacked any other fluids. By far the worst experience at that location ever.

Laura – Chesterfield, MI 10/24/2017 Fast and friendly!

Lance – Richmond, MI 10/22/2017 Great service!

Linda – Macomb, MI 10/21/2017 Overall good experience.

Frankie – New Haven, MI 10/20/2017 Had the service of Lawrence H and Austn J, they dd a great job! Thank you!

Diane – Clay, MI 10/19/2017 It seemed like the service was slower than usual. I could be wrong but seemed like techs were standing around talking with each other and I was sitting waiting for them to finish so I could leave. Although I will say that the employees were much more pleasant than my last experience.

Erik – Chesterfield, MI 10/18/2017 Nice place

Brian – Chesterfield, MI 10/8/2017 Fast friendly and great service

Michelle – New Baltimore, MI 10/7/2017 A great experience

Patrick – New Baltimore, MI 10/7/2017 Employees here are always nice, explain services, and do the oil change fast. Thank you

David – Chesterfield , MI 9/30/2017 These guys are super courteous and professional. Joe and Tony are good dudes.

Doreen – Chesterfield, MI 9/28/2017 They were great! Thank you!

Lori – New Baltimore, MI 9/22/2017 Manager Joe and Assistant Manager Stefen took wonderful care of me...quickly, efficiently and made sure both my vehicle and myself were satisfied with the service.

Michael – Harrison Township, MI 9/21/2017 Service was great.

Kyle – Richmond, MI 9/20/2017 The engine clean and fuel injector clean worked amazingly. My cousin Stefan Roth who did the service recommended it along with the top of the line oil and my Camaro is running so much better. Its more responsive and has more grip (thanks to the nitrous in the tires).

Denise – Ira, MI 9/19/2017 The staff was very friendly but my oil change took an hour and 20 minutes to do.. it was the first time that they have done a 2017 fiat spyder before so they weren't familiar with it.. I really didn't mind waiting but I'm sure that some people might complain..

Paula – Chesterfield, MI 9/18/2017 I went to UNCLE EDS for the convenience.. I left very glad I did .. Very friendly service .. Very helpful telling me what my engine needed as well as going over my inspection.

Amy – New Baltimore, MI 9/11/2017 Thanks for helping us get to 200,000 miles!

Donald – Washington, MI 9/8/2017 My issue is that I asked for the "exact" price of a full synthetic oil change so they said they needed to scan the vehicle VIN for an accuracy quote which makes complete sense. I was then presented the iPad that showed $99 for the Kendall, $79 for the generic full synthetic. Based on that info, I went with the $99. Later in the process, I noticed that it required 7 quarts, not 5 so $22 more was added on to the total bill. It is very misleading when I asked for an exact quote, they scan my vin to determine # quarts but just show you the 5 quart price to make your decision on. If the intent isn't to mislead, what is the point of showing the customer the $99 screen to pick an oil grade? Am I only going to put 5 qts into a 7 qt motor?

Ryan – Chesterfield, MI 9/6/2017 No complaints, good service

Kenneth – New Baltimore, MI 9/5/2017 Outstanding service

Charles – Metamora, MI 9/2/2017 Your prices are OUTRAGEOUS!!! The service was average for the price you charge. Rediculous Will never be back

David – Oak Park, MI 8/30/2017 Great and fast

Hunter – Chesterfield, MI 8/19/2017 I originally went to Uncle Ed's because I needed an oil change then and there and didn't have time for an appointment and was blown away by the friendliness of the staff as well as the speed of service. From my first visit I knew I was going to be continuing to stop by Uncle Ed's for my oil changes in the future.

Brenda – Clay, MI 8/16/2017 Everyone was very helpful and friendly

Kathy – Lenox, MI 8/4/2017 Service was excellent!

Jim – Richmond, MI 8/4/2017 Everything was great

Cindy – Chesterfield, MI 8/1/2017

Cincinnati Insurance – New Baltimore, MI 8/1/2017 Good team work

Alexis – Ira, MI 8/1/2017 Very nice service and no complaints.

Ron – Clay, MI 8/1/2017 fast service

Sakae – Texarkana, MI 8/1/2017 Joes eyes are as deep and blue as the ocean

Geraldi Ne – Chesterfield, MI 7/31/2017 Everyone was very nice

Michelle – Chesterfield, MI 7/29/2017 Great customer service

Edward – Chesterfield, MI 7/24/2017 The store manager Ryan & his helper Hunter were both awesome. Ryans the man & i got nothing bad to say about either him or Hunter. Great service & great attitudes from both

Steve – Chesterfield, MI 7/20/2017 Great Job

Kevin – Chesterfield, MI 7/19/2017 The prices here are unworthingly higher here than at comparable competitors such as Valvoline. The technicians weren't as talkative and annoying as they can be at oil change places, but they were still friendly - this was a nice change. But everything seemed ala carte. Who pays to have their coolant topped off?! $60 for coolant? Are you kidding me?? Valvoline tops mine off for free, at every oil change and in between! I was offered the nitro air, to which I agreed until he said, "okay, that's just $9.99 per tire." Lol, no thanks! I also noticed the prices of the services offered...also higher than competitors. This is the last time I'm coming to any Uncle Ed's location. Not because of the people, but because of the business model.

Michael – New Baltimore, MI 7/13/2017 I was very pleased with the service and the work done, but I was pretty displeased when I received my bill. There were additional charges for items that I felt should have been included, like an oil filter.

Tasha – Port Huron, MI 7/12/2017 Great service

Paul – Chesterfield, MI 7/5/2017 I am very satisfied. One comment, may want to clean up the public restroom.

Jason – Macomb, MI 6/29/2017 To pushy on selling stuff they must work on sells comishion??? Turn off mostly not retuning

Jennifer – Chesterfield, MI 6/20/2017 My service at Uncle Ed was great. The only thing that left a bad taste in my mouth was the fact I got charged an extra $10 for a special oil filter. Then charged for extra oil, so basically my $20 off coupon covered those items. My usual oil change place does not charge extra for a "special filter", so I will most likely return to that place for my next oil change. Uncle Ed is much higher priced than my normal oil change business, but I thought with my coupon, it would make you competitive. Not so. You guys have great service, but are too high in price.

Christina – Lenox, MI 6/17/2017 Service tech was very nice, but was not thorough. Did not check my wiper blades, which I wanted replaced, did not let me know if my air filter was dirty and needed replacing, which I am sure it does (was last replaced almost a year ago), did not review my lights, check tires or refill my wiper fluid. Very disappointed.

DENISE – Lenox, MI 6/6/2017 Andrew and the guys were awesome. Everyone was friendly and gave me sound advice about my mother's car.

Lori – New Baltimore, MI 6/2/2017 Ryan and his staff took excellent care of my vehicle and me and I will be back

Steve – Croswell, MI 5/30/2017 Service was perfectly fine, just overpriced is all. Normally get service done near my house, but couldn't wait due to time of day and needed it done today. Both locations I've been to very extremely professional and courteous, not a complaint about any employee.

Charles – Lenox, MI 5/24/2017 Great service

Jay – Chesterfield, MI 5/23/2017 Awesome crew

George – Chesterfield, MI 5/20/2017 Joshua and Luke were very professional and very quick.

Janet – New Baltimore, MI 5/19/2017 Ryan and Jacob were extremely helpful and serviced my vehicle quickly.

Paul – Washington, MI 5/18/2017 Jake always does a good job, and should get a pat on the back from Management.

REBECKA – Chesterfield, MI 5/15/2017 Good overall service.thank you

Jessica – Chesterfield, MI 5/11/2017 I am new to the area and was in desperate need of an oil change - I'd driven by Uncle Eds several times, so it was the name that came to mind when I was looking for somewhere to have my truck serviced. After reading some favorable google reviews, I decided to try it out. I made an appointment over the phone with Ryan, who was friendly, knowledgeable, and who gave me the name of the manager who would be on duty while I was there. When I went in, Marcus introduced himself to me, and immediately started working on my truck. The difference is tangible - my truck is running better already.

Bruce – Chesterfield, MI 5/9/2017 Uncle Ed's is lucky to have the Mgr. (Ryan). I've known Ryan for some time now, and he has a lot to do with my decision to keep coming back. He is totally committed to Uncle Ed's, in every aspect. I could be having a bad day, and when I leave Uncle Ed's, I'm a happier person.....

Sharon – Chesterfield, MI 4/28/2017 Lower the prices a bit.

Paul – Livonia, MI 4/27/2017 Very friendly guys!! Josh and his fellow co-worker were very professional and friendly as well as informational.

Jason – New Baltimore, MI 4/21/2017 Great service!

Ginette – Chesterfield, MI 4/18/2017 Always a pleasant experience at this Uncle Eds.

Bonnie – New Baltimore, MI 4/15/2017 Tyler and Jake were very courteous and professional.

Kim – New Baltimore, MI 4/7/2017 The service technicians are always friendly, courteous, knowledgeable. They let you know about all of the services they provide but do not pressure you. They are efficient and fast. Thank you!

Shaun – Chesterfield, MI 4/5/2017 They did a great job

Kevin – Chesterfield, MI 4/1/2017 Great service

Kevin – Chesterfield, MI 3/27/2017 Pricing seems really high. Even with $20 coupon, an oil change was $76.38. An extra $10 for the cartridge oil filter seems high.

Annmarie – Washington, MI 3/20/2017 no comment

Debra – New Haven, MI 3/16/2017 Did not like the fact that the tech kept trying to sell me more. I told him 3 times I just wanted an oil change. I went because it is close and convenient but this time took almost one hour.

Sara – Algonac, MI 3/12/2017 Awesome service!

Steve – Not Given, MI 3/11/2017 I have nothing to add. Service was great.

Bruce – Chesterfield, MI 3/8/2017 I've known Ryan S., the Manager for some time now. He is unbelievable when it comes to representing Uncle Ed's. He's Top Shelf, and I'm always feel welcome when I come in to have my two vehicles serviced. I only hope that Corporate appreciates him as much as my wife and I do............. Bruce McCalpin

Barbara – New Baltimore, MI 3/6/2017 Very pleased with service fast Very friendly.I will be returning. Thanks

Edith – Ira, MI 3/1/2017 Ryan and Kyle were amazing today. I've been coming to Uncle Ed's for more years than I can even recall ... at least 14 or 15. I was proud to see Ryan moved up from his days as a mechanic to a manager now. I hadn't seen him for a while because he was moved to a different store for his promotion before. Even though I hadn't seen him in probably a year or so ... he actually remembered my name and past times as a customer WITHOUT looking at the computer or tablet. I was pretty impressed with that. One reason I come to Uncle Ed's is the good performance and customer service that I receive there. Ryan went through everything thoroughly. I thought I was going to need one service, but he said that one was fine ... Then he brought up that I was due for the engine treatment/cleaning instead. I was happy to get that taken care of. I like that the managers and mechanics do not talk down to me because I am a woman. I do know many things about cars and repairs. It was a passion of my grandfather and I. The very first time I came to Uncle Ed's they treated me nicely and never talked down to me or tried to sneak something in. Ryan continued that great tradition by being clear about why he thought one thing or another should/shouldn't be done. I like that I can ask questions and have them answered kindly and respectfully. We currently have 2 cars we taken there, but we've serviced up to 3 at a time for a while. I also bring other family member's and friends cars to Uncle Ed's because of great experiences like today with Ryan and Kyle. Thank you! Those guys were great!!

Claudia – Chesterfield, MI 2/25/2017 Everything was good!

Paul – Chesterfield, MI 2/25/2017 Outstanding service from Mike and his tech jake. These guys are first rate. They are a great asset to your company.

Linda – Harsens Is, MI 2/21/2017 Excellent staff

Audrey – Chesterfield, MI 2/20/2017 A small wait but everyone was friendly! I will be coming back. Literally 5 mind from home. Such a convenient location

Sue – New Baltimore, MI 2/20/2017 Michael the manger is very honest and helpful

Damian – Chesterfield, MI 2/18/2017 prompt service and excellent quality of workmanship

Mary Jane – Chesterfield, MI 2/17/2017 Great survice

David – Chesterfield, MI 2/17/2017 Great service.

David – Chesterfield, MI 2/16/2017 No, we brought both cars in the same day.

David – Chesterfield, MI 2/16/2017 We allways get GREAT service when we come.

Joe – Chesterfield, MI 2/12/2017 Great job---fast and thorough

Kristen – New Baltimore, MI 2/3/2017 Mike the manager was great. Very friendly and knowledgeable

Vicki – Saint Clair, MI 2/1/2017 None at THIS time

Kevin – Chesterfield, MI 1/30/2017 Stopped by last night. Store did not have my oil filter. I was told the truck would be there at 11 AM tomorrow (Monday). I went back and they did not have the filter. Allegedly they were supposed to tell me that the filter would be in stock on Tuesday. They called and had the filter dropped off. It might have added 10 minutes to my oil change experience.

Alexandra – New Baltimore, MI 1/21/2017 Great service

Greg – Chesterfield, MI 1/18/2017 Way overpriced, dealership 45 bucks with tire rotation for full synthetic oil change. Why pay 98.

Helann – New Haven, MI 1/18/2017 None, good visit

Allie – Chesterfield, MI 1/15/2017 Did not check lights tires. Asked about fluids by they did not too anything off Super fast but not the same service as usual just drained the oil and new oil in Have gone here for years seems to have reduced service level but same price

Lori – New Baltimore, MI 1/13/2017 I come back to Uncle Eds and this location particularly, all because of The manager Mike. I pull in and he greets me by name when he sees me. He always has a great crew working for him and this keeps me coming back even when I get offers of deals elsewhere for cheaper services.

Marissa – Chesterfield, MI 1/6/2017 Manager Mike took great care of us and was super friendly. My boyfriend had brought his car there a week before and he remembered us and talked to us some more and asked about his car as well. Super knowledgably and super friendly great person to have in a managerial role.

Carl – Chesterfield , MI 1/3/2017 Manager Mike was awesome, highly impressed.

Scott – New Baltimore, MI 1/3/2017 Mike the manager was very friendly and helpful. I am a firefighter and he being a veteran was happy to offer this survey as a way to save me some money which is always nice. Very professional service from competent technicians!

Alayna – Chesterfield, MI 12/30/2016 Great location, very honest

Diane – Clay, MI 12/28/2016 I was due for oil change 1 month ago (3000 miles). The day I came for oil change Mike the manager was off. Was turned away by person filling in. He told me "my oil was to clean to change". After a phone call to my mechanic I was advised that even though oil is clean - it breaks down and needs to be changed. Surprised that your staff didn't know that. Also on this visit, Mike the manager was, as always, professional and pleasant. The tech working with him though was obviously very loud and agitated because he could not get the oil filter off my car. This was very un-professional.

Lisa – New Haven, MI 12/26/2016 Everything great!

Donald – Macomb, MI 12/23/2016 Manager is great

Savanah – Chesterfield, MI 12/12/2016 Very well & fast service! Friendly workers!

Trevor – Chesterfield, MI 12/11/2016 Mike was super friendly, only sold me what I needed and did a great job explaining everything. I would come back just for him! I really appreciate all the help he gave me. Also made the visit enjoyable!

Kim – Chesterfield, MI 12/3/2016 I won't take my cars anywhere else. Always exceptional service.

Harvey – Chesterfield, MI 11/26/2016 The manger answered any questions I had.

Catrina – Chesterfield, MI 11/26/2016 Both of the guys that I interacted with today were extremely friendly. Based on my experience today, I would recommend this store to everyone.

Jeff – Chesterfield, MI 11/21/2016 Great work boys

Doreen – Chesterfield, MI 11/16/2016 Awesome work - fast and friendly

Rachel – Chesterfield, MI 11/10/2016 The two gentlemen that helped me were very friendly, kind and personalable. I enjoyed my visit this time compared to the last time. They definitely gave a great representation of the company and made me feel welcomed to come back next time.

Sabrina – Ira, MI 11/2/2016 I'm always very happy with the service I get at Uncle Ed's, but this time was a little less impressing. I got a regular oil change and also an engine flush. Took a little longer because the fella couldn't find my oil filter (a little odd) and had a rough time with the skid plate. Before leaving the shop one of the guys sprayed something all over the engine. I've had my engine flushed before and I may be wrong, but I don't remember this as being part of the process. And after I left, I smelled something burning bad. Well for one, they never put the dip stick back in all the way, and then whatever was sprayed all over the engine was burning off and smoking. This hasn't happened before when I worked with Mike. Always came back because Mike was great, but this time was not nearly as great.

Walter J – Lenox, MI 10/29/2016 Very good service

Craig – Mason, MI 10/26/2016 They did not check the air pressure in the tires, or notify me of any other services that may be needed now or in the near future.

Benjmin – Chesterfield, MI 10/26/2016 I did not notice my tire pressure being checked.

Sarah – Chesterfield, MI 10/16/2016 Staff are great!

Jennifer – Chesterfield, MI 10/14/2016 Great service and great guys to go to. Mike is so friendly and helpful.

Kristin – Fyhg, MI 10/5/2016 The gentlemen who helped me were very friendly and did a great job.

Leah – Chesterfield, MI 10/4/2016 Jake and Mike were great to work with.

Lisa – New Haven, MI 10/1/2016 Quick service

Genenne – Eastpointe, MI 9/25/2016 Very nice gentlemen. Thank goodness they didn't try to scam me. I'm not a newby with life and they were professional and honest.

Jamie – Chesterfield, MI 9/23/2016 Great work.

Mark – Chesterfield, MI 9/13/2016 Nothing to add

Jason – New Baltimore, MI 9/12/2016 Great manager

Andrea – New Baltimore, MI 9/3/2016 The technician answered all my questions promptly.

Christine – Marine City, MI 8/30/2016 Quality service just like last time. Must say it was wonderful to see my last review was given praise to the manager that it was printed out in the office! What a great crew at this location!

Marie – Anchorville, MI 8/26/2016 Been going to uncle Ed as long as I can remember. Fast, convenient, freindly. Keep up the good work!

David – Chesterfield, MI 8/25/2016 You know you are good when you spend money at Uncle Ed's and leave out happy.

Diane – Clay, MI 8/25/2016 Getting my oil changed at Uncle Ed's is always quick and thorough and Mike and technicians are always pleasant and professional.

Lorraine – Ira, MI 8/17/2016 .......

Phillip – Chesterfield, MI 8/7/2016 Very good service

Kindra – Chesterfield, MI 8/4/2016 Mike is always very friendly and I don't feel like he is overly aggressive when it comes to recommending services and products, he just explains them so I can make an informed decision. I really appreciate that.

Stacy – Macomb, MI 7/28/2016 Staff here is always friendly and in a good mood. They know their stuff and work fast.

Austin – Chesterfield, MI 7/27/2016 Very good customer service

Annmarie – Washington, MI 7/26/2016 The oil change was good, however, I also had a transmission flush that did not go well, my dipstick was not returned and I had to come back the following day, out of my way.

Annmarie – Washington, MI 7/26/2016 Disappointed with this visit. I am a faithful customer to Uncle Ed's because of the convenience and the friendly and trustworthy technicians. I had to return the next morning to get the dipstick to my transmission. It was forgotten. I received the phone message late, because the call was on my house phone and I didn't get home until late from my day. I was heading out of town in the morning to Indiana for a long weekend and had to go to the store in the morning first. This is the 2nd time my dipstick has been left out. My previous oil change at the 21/22 mile & Vandyke store left the oil dipstick out my last oil change. Same thing, got a call on my house phone but got it after store hours. I had to go into work late waiting for the store to open at 8AM. I have since changed my phone number with Uncle Ed's to be my cell # but am thinking I need to try another oil change place.

Benjmin – Chesterfield, MI 7/23/2016 Very informative

Dave – Chesterfield, MI 7/22/2016 Great Staff, Very Friendly, Fast Service

Wendy – Chesterfield, MI 7/19/2016 Always fast and great service at this location!

Kathleen – Ira, MI 7/13/2016 No comments

David – Chesterfield, MI 7/12/2016 Great Service

Sharon – Sarnia, MI 7/11/2016 Very friendly and fast service! Very personable staff!

Tom – New Baltimore, MI 7/11/2016 Very nice young men.

Maryellen – St Clr Shores, MI 7/8/2016 The service is great

Jody – Chesterfield, MI 7/7/2016 They forgot the service for the headlights, the wire was loose causing me to only have brights and they said it was included to check it and see if I needed additional service at Midas but failed to do so.

Paul – Chesterfield, MI 7/6/2016 Very fast and freindly service.

Janet – New Baltimore, MI 7/6/2016 Adam and Mike were helpful, polite and quick.

Ron – New Baltimore, MI 7/2/2016 Exellent service as always !!!

Mary – Chesterfield, MI 7/2/2016 The staff were extremely helpful, especially the store manager, Mike.

David – Chesterfield, MI 6/26/2016 Great Service

Amy – New Baltimore, MI 6/25/2016 Very helpful and professional service

Theresa – New Baltimore, MI 6/20/2016 Great people! Mike was very helpful. Very fast and imformative!

Butch – Chesterfield, MI 6/20/2016 the last time there very satisfied not with todays visit

Matthew – Rochester, MI 6/17/2016 They where waving outside and it reminded me I needed an oil change, I've been to this location before. They took excellent care of me and I really appreciate the fast friendly service

Tyler – Chesterfield, MI 6/17/2016 They were out waveing people in an it reminded me that it was time for an oil change

Cate – Chesterfield, MI 6/16/2016 Michael and Tony performed a wonderful job for me during my oil change! FAST, friendly and efficient! Thanks again.

Joe – Chesterfield, MI 6/14/2016 Mike did great

Donnie – Chesterfield, MI 6/13/2016 Andy was very professional, courteous and trustworthy.

Justinz – Chesterfield, MI 6/10/2016 Service is always great! Love coming here

Anita – Ira, MI 6/10/2016 I actually can't remember how many times I've been to Uncle Ed's, I bring my car here for an oil change whenever needed with the exception of when I need dealer work done (body work or something Uncle Ed's doesn't do) and if it's already there and it needs an oil change, the dealer will do it, otherwise, it's always Uncle Ed's.

Daniel – New Baltimore, MI 6/10/2016 I think there needs to be a loyalty rewards program for customers such as I that spend so much at Uncle Ed's.

Jessica – Utica, MI 6/9/2016 Manager Michael was very polite and knowledgeable. Very fast and great service.His great service is the reason I would come back for sure. Other staff members were also very nice and friendly.

Diane – Clay, MI 6/1/2016 Lights were not checked

Cassandra – Chesterfield, MI 5/25/2016 AWESOME SERVICE!!! will be back 100%

Bob – Chesterfield, MI 5/24/2016 Always great service.

Christine – Marine City, MI 5/21/2016 Mike and Andy were extremely helpful and pleasant. Explained everything thoroughly! Wow I have never felt more comfortable at an oil change location! I've had bad experiences before but not here. This will definitely be my go to location from now on!

Lori – New Baltimore, MI 5/13/2016 Mike the manager always gives me wonderful service and he keeps me coming back to this location to have all my vehicle needs handled.

Larry – Chesterfield, MI 5/6/2016 My biggest concern is the oil drain pan plug was NOT tighten. I had other service preformed on my car on 5/5/16 and was informed the plug was loose, which explains since the oil change, why I had a slight smell of burnt oil while driving. Seems is was running along my drain pan onto my exhaust system. Very lucky the plug did not come completely out - allowing all the oil to run out. Also, in looking at my receipt a bit closer, I see they say they washed my windshield, check radiator fluid & cap and air filter - honestly, they did none of that.

Amanda – Chesterfield, MI 5/4/2016 The guys were very friendly and fast.

Michael – Chesterfield, MI 5/3/2016 Pleasant experience. Will return for next oil change!

Shaun – Chesterfield, MI 4/30/2016 Everyone was great and very friendly!!

Lisa – Ira, MI 4/28/2016 They even changed my air filter and I'm in a Subaru

Christina – Chesterfield, MI 4/19/2016 Manager and employee extremely helpful and courtious.

Jessica – Chesterfield, MI 4/4/2016 I travel for work and pass many different Uncle Eds locations. I always go back to this one because I have never had a bad experience there and the staff is always extremely friendly! Dealing with customers all day myself, it is refreshing to be greeted with a smile. Thank you!

Rhonda – New Baltamore, MI 4/1/2016 Chris was very professional and friendly.

John – Chesterfield, MI 4/1/2016 no comments

Kenneth – Chesterfield, MI 3/23/2016 Maybe, don't press so hard to sell me additional services. Mention them, then move on.

Sean – Ira, MI 3/23/2016 Friendly Staff and very thorough!

Marcia – Chesterfield, MI 3/19/2016 Very fast and convenient.

Marissa – Warren, MI 3/15/2016 You guys are awesome! Thanks again for everything!!

Sue – New Baltimore, MI 3/15/2016 Chris gave me addional information about my car that I asked for. Chris was great

Ron – New Baltimore, MI 3/10/2016 Exceptional service keeps me coming back.

Cynthia – New Haven, MI 3/10/2016 very good service

Dan – New Baltimore, MI 3/9/2016 not at this time

Diane – Clay, MI 3/7/2016 Great service. Have been telling everyone I work with since my office is next door.

Jose – Chesterfield, MI 3/6/2016 Alex and Blake were extremely helpful and made our oil change a pleasure! They really cared!

Jason – Ira, MI 3/1/2016 na na na na

Debbie – Chesterfield, MI 2/28/2016 I used to come to go to Uncle Ed's for all my oil changes. However in recent years I have gone to Valvoline - they do not try to high pressure up sale me, their prices are typically better, they include a free car wash and they typically complete the service much quicker and without all the pomp and circumstance. I tried Uncle Ed's again yesterday due to convenience, but experienced the same as in the past. Convenient or not, I do not believe I will be back.

Larry – New Baltimore, MI 2/27/2016 Mgr was very helpful with a great sense of humor Last visit changed air filter that was impossible to get to

Catrina – Chesterfield, MI 2/20/2016 The service was quick given the amount of customers there. The service technician didn't do the safety check and the when asked by the manager, he lied and said it was completed. My sister and I were both there at the same time and neither of us received a lights safety check.

Tracie – New Baltimore, MI 2/20/2016 Great job!

Rhonda – Chesterfield, MI 2/18/2016 Chris was very helpful friendly and honest. Everytime I bring my car here I'm always satisfied with the service That I receive!!

Mary – Chesterfield, MI 2/18/2016 although the staff was courteous and friendly, I will NEVER go to Uncle Ed's again. It cost me $91!!!!!! that is ABSURD!!!!! I have NEVER paid more than $32 ever! I was gonna go to the dealership on Hall Rd. but was tired and Uncle Ed's was right there and I had a $10 coupon but when I got the bill $91!!! I was outraged, the manager gave me a $15 discount but still almost $77 doolars. After speaking with quite a few of my co workers, men and women they all said the same thing............I GOT RIPPED OFF!!!!

James – New Haven, MI 2/15/2016 Friendly staff

David – Chesterfield, MI 2/11/2016 Great service

Sabrina – Ira, MI 2/11/2016 Love this place! Awesome guys that know what they are doing! Mike is the bomb! He remembers me and my car everytime I come in! He even remembers everything I've gotten done each time! Now that I've started coming I will never go anywhere else! Uncle Ed's on 23 mile in Chesterfield is the place to go!

Jamie – Chesterfield, MI 2/10/2016 Great work. Glad I made the move from the "other" oil change places.

Gary – Chesterfield, MI 2/3/2016 very good

Michelle – New Baltimore, MI 1/24/2016 Blake and Mike were incredibly friendly and funny! Their personalities kept me laughing and makes me want to come back to see them again!

Lisa – New Baltimore, MI 1/22/2016 Forgot to check tires

Carole – Clinton Twp, MI 1/15/2016 Great service as usual!!

Jill – Algonac, MI 1/14/2016 Mike and Chris were great!

Marie – Anchorville, MI 1/13/2016 Great service is what keeps me coming back

Annmarie – Washington, MI 1/13/2016 Always great service.

Paul – Washington, MI 1/12/2016 The two guys who were working in a snow storm yesterday did a great job. One was the Manager, who has helped me in the past on my cars. He along with his team member, I believe his last name was Phillip, did the job that I would expect my employees to do - very professional and helpful. You need to thank those two guys they are good representatives of your Company.

Gregory – Ira, MI 1/12/2016 Micheal and Killian were very friendly, courteous and thorough!!!

Carrieann – Chesterfield, MI 1/4/2016 I came to my local uncle Ed because I saw a $35.99 conventional oil change. I was then told there is a $7 charge for the mounting plate removal. When I asked if they could top off my engine coolant which was at half they said it was another $6 charge. So I declined. They never even refilled my washer fluid or checked my tires. When they gave me the total they told me it was $45.99. When I asked about the $35.99 ad online they said I would have had to purchase it online first. Had I known I would have. My total charge came to $58.99. I am extremely disappointed with the service and I will not go back to an uncle Eds

David – Chesterfield, MI 12/31/2015 Your workers are the BEST EVER.


Melissa – Chesterfield, MI 12/30/2015 Michael and Kurt were very professional and friendly. They gave me excellent service and should be recognized for it.

Beth – Chesterfield, MI 12/30/2015 I purchased the wiper bladeso the last time I was there and they were squeaky and didn't work well. I was less than two weeks from when the warranty expired on the blades and they wouldn't honor the warranty. I will not be back.

Janet – New Baltimore, MI 12/28/2015 Manager and technician were super helpful and friendly. Great customer service.

Joel – Virginia Bch, MI 12/26/2015 Great service and friendly atmosphere. Loved talking cars with the guys.

Rachel – Chesterfield, MI 12/18/2015 It was a good visit

Sarah – Cottrellville, MI 12/18/2015 The service was wonderful, but the price was a shocker!

Jason – Chesterfield, MI 12/11/2015 Very nice staff

Deborah – New Baltimore, MI 12/9/2015 Everything was great

Amy – New Baltimore, MI 12/8/2015 This was the first time ever that I was not able to combine the $3.00 survey credit with my other coupons, so it went to waste. If the survey credit can no longer be added on in addition to other coupons, this will be the last time I participate in the survey.

Jan – Potomac Falls, MI 12/7/2015 The service was great. No pressure but extremely helpful regarding added service that may be needed. The ONLY drawback was how long I waited to get in the bay. We are in the process of moving to Anchor Bay Area and I will definitely return for service. However, if they are that busy next time I will probably check out other options after that visit just to see if that's the norm for the area for service or if it wouldn't take as long. While I was waiting - the service tech kept giving updates so that was very nice. I wasn't in a hurry at all so the backup was fine on that day. I assume once we move there and I begin working - waiting that long won't be an option. Looking forward to our relocation to the area and to further service at Uncle Ed's

Nikki – Macomb, MI 12/7/2015 Raymond and Michael provided excellent service. First time visit, going to be a repeat customer for life and tell my family and friends. They were Knowledgeable, friendly and being a woman I usually feel taken advantage of at traditional dealerships and other shop's but not here. They recommended what my car needed but didn't pressure me here which made me feel comfortable to make the decision to get the recommended work done for my car. These guys were completely awesome!

Anita – Ira, MI 12/3/2015 I usually go to Uncle Ed's. Only exception is when I have to go to the dealer.

Dennis – Clay, MI 12/3/2015 Both Chris S. and Joshua C. were friendly and very knowledgeable.

Paul – Chesterfield, MI 11/27/2015 Fast and friendly. I like having my oil changes done at this store.

Cassidy – Chesterfield, MI 11/23/2015 I think it was still too much money when I didn't even need a full oil change.

Steve – Chesterfield, MI 11/22/2015 Exceptional service! Blake your assistant Manager answered all my questions completely and made sure I understood his answers. He is a great asset to Uncle Eds.

Alicia – Chesterfield, MI 11/21/2015 Very knowledgeable staff

Mark – Chesterfield, MI 11/20/2015 I was provided with great service ! I feel my truck is in great hands and the customer service is one the best I have ever encountered. The Manager is there awesome!

Jaclyn – Sterling Heights, MI 11/20/2015 Chris S., Michael H., Ricky B., and Killian P. We're all so helpful! I'm happy to say that I will be returning to uncle eds oil shoppe. It was a great experience everyone helped me with everything I needed and answered all of my questions.

Brian – New Baltimore, MI 11/15/2015 Nice guys working polite

Scott – Shelby Twp, MI 11/13/2015 I spoke with the Manager, Mike. Very friendly, knowledgable and best of all not pushy. I told him I was getting ready to go on a long road trip and he recommended a lot of thing, ran tests (a few of which he said I didn't need...which to me shows honesty), and provided a lot of great advice. He really took the time to help which I really appreciate. I will be returning to this location based on my great service and good conversation.

Laura – Chesterfield, MI 11/12/2015 The service was great and friendly. They got busy just as I got there, but they took their time and did a great job. Even though they were busy the Manager made sure things were done correctly. I had a battery replaced and rear differential service based on their recommendation, in addition to the oil change.

Olin – New Haven, MI 11/12/2015 fast and friendly. treated my vehicle as if it was their own.

Alicia – New Baltimore, MI 11/11/2015 Thank you!

Gary – New Baltimore, MI 11/8/2015 I do not usually use Uncle Eds for my oil changes because it's expensive. However, due to the hours I work, on occasion I must find a place that's open and close to get a much needed last minute oil change. Your employees were all perfect gentlemen. It was a pleasant and fast.

Tracy – Algonac, MI 11/3/2015 Everyone was great and fast and friendly

Diane – Clay, MI 11/2/2015 Service was excellent . Did not wash windshield. I will definitely be back and have already recommended to others

Brandon – Clinton Twp, MI 10/29/2015 Micheal and Josh got me all fixed up! lights and fluids. The works! Michael's got upper management written all over him. Use him while you got him - someone may offer him a great opportunity duringing one of these fantastic oil changes. Super job! Thanks guys! Robert was great too after 10 hours of work. Great group! PT Cruiser is mint once again!

Kim – Chesterfield, MI 10/28/2015 Kurt & Robert were extremely helpful, knowledgeable & very polite. They walked me through everything they were doing, including the engine clean, the power steering flush, & filling all the fluids. Top notch service! That's why I choose to return time & again for service work.

Jody – Chesterfield, MI 10/28/2015 While your service was outstanding, your prices were shocking. While impressed with technicians, your prices were terribly high. My husband and I, while game fully employed, are not interested in just giving money away when I can get great service elsewhere without such inflated prices.

Ted – Chesterfield, MI 10/25/2015 First of all, my Oil Change took approximately 2 Hours due to the difficulty they had in getting my oil filter off. They finally had to call in a technician from another store to assist in getting the filter replaced. There was a lot of banging and forced actions that hopefully did not cause any damage. I did not feel comfortable with Uncle Ed's and will likely not return there for another oil change.

Marissa – Warren, MI 10/24/2015 Michael and Chris both did an awesome job on my car, I really have no complaints. I had a great experience! Thanks again guys.

Nickole – Chesterfield, MI 10/23/2015 Very friendly staff. Thanks Mike, Ray and Chris :)

Sabrina – Ira, MI 10/22/2015 This was only my second time visiting this place and Mike the manager remembered me and my car from last time. Talked about everything he did last time and what was needed this time. Very good service and awesome people! Would NEVER go anywhere else!

Kim – New Baltimore, MI 10/18/2015 Blake & Robert were very helpful.

Susan – Chesterfield, MI 10/17/2015 Very pushy!!( Jordon a visiting tech from a Warren Michigan Uncle Ed'd ) Told me I needed fuel injection flush. $109.00 plus charged me $29.99 and did not tell me about $29.99. So I did it. Messed up something with my brakes could not leave, husband came and picked me up. Finally fixed about 2hrs later. (Chris really a nice guy.) My family - myself, hubby & son have been your customers for a least 10 years.

Kimberly – Richmond, MI 10/17/2015 Two other people were in and out before I was...(in the other bays) I prepaid for an oil change and bought the Mobil 1(no longer offered) with premium oil filter They had a REALLY hard time getting my prepaid oil change to go thru on the system and had to do it numerous times. Also, I watched him grab a regular oil filter and slip it in his pocket. This upset me and I called him out on it and he said "did I? sorry, guess I really need lunch" I felt betrayed and like he was trying to screw me over, not giving me what I paid for. I still don't know if he put the correct filter on because he never put he standard one back and he put the Fram one on a table. I am very upset about this!! My vehicle doesn't leak oil either, but now I have a few little oil spots in my garage. I feel like the guy that serviced my vehicle was dishonest.

Christine – Chesterfield, MI 10/17/2015 Jordan and Chris are very cheerful and honest employees. When I informed them that I am selling my car soon, they were quick to state what "should be done now" and what "could wait." As all 3 stalls filled, the were singing out to each other, keeping the customer informed on thiier status and working it!!t was refreshing to see someone that actually enjoys thier job.

Tammie – New Haven, MI 10/17/2015 The assistance manager did assist me but manager was out of state for conference.

Diane – Chesterfield, MI 10/16/2015 Robert helped me with my remote start issue.

Shelby – Harrison Twp, MI 10/8/2015 Great experience! And the employees were great!

Rachel – Chesterfield, MI 10/6/2015 Great service but very expensive. Can't see myself returning, I can get the same oil change done for half the price.

Greg – New Baltimore, MI 10/5/2015 always professional

Jamie – Chesterfield, MI 10/4/2015 Great service.

Robert – Fenton, MI 10/4/2015 Very pleased with service

Kindra – Chesterfield, MI 9/29/2015 Chris did indeed check all of my lights however this being my second visit, no one has ever checked my tires or washer fluid

David – Ira, MI 9/27/2015 Excellent Service.

Gregory – Ira, MI 9/24/2015 Mike was awesome!!!

Noelle – Clay, MI 9/19/2015 All three of the gentlemen who worked with me today were friendly, honest and courteous (Michael, Blake & Chris). I'd definitely come back to the Uncle Ed's location in New Baltimore in the future.

Sue – New Baltimore, MI 9/17/2015 Ourservice advisor robert d. Was verygood and fast.chris s. Was friendly

Annmarie – Washington, MI 9/12/2015 Appreciated the great service and friendliness of the manager Mike.

Tony – Clat, MI 9/11/2015 Great quick service

Stephanie – Wyoming, MI 9/9/2015 Good, quick service. Friendly staff.

Jeff – Marine City, MI 9/5/2015 The asst. Manager was very rude to another employee and done it in front of me, very unprofessional.

Tracy – Lenox, MI 9/5/2015 Very freindly service

Amy – New Baltimore, MI 9/4/2015 Thank you for the quick service when I was in a hurry.

Jennifer – Chesterfield, MI 9/1/2015 Great friendly staff!

Robert – New Baltimore, MI 9/1/2015 Great knowledge of cars and extremely helpful.

Patty – Warren, MI 8/26/2015 Needed to have my Anti Freeze checked. The guys were great. I needed a few other services done and they completed them with very little wait time. I will go back again for sure.

Parker – Macomb, MI 8/25/2015 Amazing service, went above and beyond my expectations. Very friendly and helped recommend the correct products for my car. Would definitely return and recommend to anyone!

Gail – Chesterfield, MI 8/25/2015 Great job. No hassle. Mike and Cameron did a great job and were very pleasant and helpful.

Terry – Chesterfield, MI 8/25/2015 Great service

Ashley – Chesterfield, MI 8/24/2015 Very friendly, quick and knowledgeable. We were in and out in less than 20 minutes. I'll definitely be going back! Thank you guys 😊

Rachel – Chesterfield, MI 8/23/2015 No comments

Elizabeth – Chesterfield, MI 8/21/2015 Very friendly and efficient service!

Silvana – Macomb, MI 8/21/2015 Great service and friendly staff

Jake – Chesterfield, MI 8/18/2015 The high prices may be the only thing that will keep me from coming back.

Todd – Memphis, MI 8/16/2015 One of the best oil change we've had. Very friendly staff that made us feel welcomed and also seemed to care about their jobs. Only negative I can say if that for the price it would have been nice if our window was washed, doors oiled or even tire pressure checked. We've spent less and have gotten more at other places. But over all a very pleasant experience. Thank you!

Charlie – New Baltimore, MI 8/13/2015 Nice and friendly were loud so we could hear him

Karen – Saint Clair, MI 8/11/2015 Workers were very helpful.

Rene – Chesterfield, MI 8/8/2015 I wish that someone would have checked the tired and wiper blades.

Kathleen – Algonac, MI 8/6/2015 Very good

David – Chesterfield, MI 8/4/2015 Went to take my wife car in for a check up.

David – Chesterfield, MI 8/4/2015 Nothing to say

Wendy – New Baltimore, MI 7/31/2015 Visit was pleasant. Will definitely come back.

Jose – Chesterfield, MI 7/28/2015 Michael and Cameron were great! They really explained all the work to me, and made me feel like I was getting the best for my vehicle!

Lynne – Chesterfield, MI 7/25/2015 I had a great first experience. I will be back in the future.

Mary – Clay, MI 7/20/2015 The team at this location is always very professional and friendly. In the past I have been treated poorly at dealerships and auto repair shops because my automotive knowledge is lacking but not at this location. The team always answers my questions and never makes feel stupid or uncomfortable. Michael was very helpful and gave me some great information about my vehicle. I will continue to frequent this location in the future.

Marcene – Chesterfield, MI 7/18/2015 Keep friendly faces around longer so we can build a trusting relationship

Danielle – Macomb, MI 7/17/2015 No need for the manager to stop by, the others were very pleasant and knowledgable. The only thing noted on the paperwork that was not done was the windshield washing---which really didn't need to be done. Robert, Chris and Cameron did a fantastic job!! All very professional and seem to enjoy their job--despite the heat.

Kathryn – Chesterfield, MI 7/16/2015 All was good.

Derek – Port Huron, MI 7/16/2015 The service was very convenient and the technicians were very friendly

Bryan – Chesterfield, MI 7/11/2015 Helpful group.

Jason – Ira, MI 7/8/2015 na na na na na

Annmarie – Washington, MI 7/7/2015 The gentleman at Uncle Ed's are always kind.

Sabrina – Ira, MI 7/6/2015 You guys are the best! First time ever coming here and I felt like Iv'e been going to them for years! Very friendly, honest, and amazing work! Totally the OIL CHANGE GODS!

Jamie – Chesterfield, MI 7/5/2015 Keep up the great work

Kathleen – Chesterfield, MI 7/3/2015 Excellent service

Josh – Chesterfield, MI 7/3/2015 Mike is the man. Very friendly, and clearly knowledgable about what he does. Plus I hear he's a sick guitarist.

Jessica – Chesterfield, MI 7/2/2015 Very professional, friendly, and quick.

Jamie – Ray, MI 6/26/2015 Great staff!

Rachel – New Baltimore, MI 6/26/2015 Awesome serivce!

David – Chesterfield, MI 6/25/2015 none at this time.

Melissa – Chesterfield, MI 6/17/2015 Blake and Chris were very professional and knowledgeable. They provided me with excellent customer service. I will be returning for my next oil change.

Marcene – Chesterfield, MI 6/15/2015 Keep familiar faces longer to build trust with the customers.

Beth – Chesterfield, MI 6/10/2015 Cost was a bit much. Oil changes at my dealer are cheaper.

Alandra – Chesterfield, MI 6/10/2015 Great service

Lori – New Baltimore, MI 6/9/2015 I love this location, the staff goes above and beyond to service my vehicle and makes me feel confident in my vehicles performance and safety .

Mike – Lenox, MI 6/8/2015 Great service, like usual.

Kaitlin – Chesterfield, MI 6/8/2015 Team did a great job

Mike – Lenox, MI 6/6/2015 I have been a customer for many years and always receive great service.

Cathy – Chesterfield, MI 6/6/2015 Mike the manager was very helpful in the business.

Mark – Chesterfield, MI 6/5/2015 The Manager was very professional and very informative.

Charles – Chesterfield, MI 5/31/2015 Friendly staff and very informative

Lucy – New Baltimore, MI 5/30/2015 I have an 08 Patriot and have had every oil changeother than 3 for my Patriot.

Jamie – Chesterfield, MI 5/30/2015 Fantastic service.

Fernando – Algonac, MI 5/27/2015 Very satisfied...will be back

Ross – Clinton Twp, MI 5/21/2015 No Comments

Deborah – New Baltimore, MI 5/16/2015 Loved the fast service!

Linda – Chesterfield, MI 5/5/2015 No comment

Miranda – Chesterfield, MI 5/4/2015 Michael and Robert were awesome! Wonderful service and very kind!

David – Chesterfield, MI 5/3/2015 I have no feedback on this one.

David – Chesterfield, MI 5/3/2015 Your company have the best workers EVER.

Bob – Lenox, MI 4/24/2015 It was a bit more expensive than other oil change places I have been to in recent years. The place we normally go to is priced at 32 dollars and they include 2 car washes with the service.

Mike – Shelby Twp, MI 4/23/2015 Even with a $15 coupon my bill was $80 for a high milage oil change. Yes, I did get an air filter but with all these $20 oil change shops I can help but feel taken advantage of. Not sure if I will he back for a third time.

Aimee – Clay, MI 4/6/2015 Both employees were very polite and helpful. Mike (I believe he said he usually works at the shop on Hall Rd.) was very thorough in explaining what needed to be done and why. To note: the service wasn't extremely fast due to everything that needed to be done, not because of the employees.

Natalie – Ira, MI 3/31/2015 Good job

Bill – Chesterfield, MI 3/29/2015 Uncle Ed's is the best service oriented business I have ever visited. Keep up the good work. However, I'm curious why the emergency flashers aren't included in the inspection, along with checking the air pressure in the spare tire along with the other tires on the vehicle. There is no worse feeling than changing your tire only to find that the spare is low or out of air completely. I would think that adding these items would make your other customers completely satisfied.

Leslie – Chesterfield, MI 3/26/2015 The whole team was fantastic. Although Uncle Ed's is further away from my house than the previou oil change place I went to, I will be returning to Uncle Ed's. They are very pleasant and really do a great job.

Gary – Chersterfield, MI 3/20/2015 Blake and Cameron showed great customer service skill and they made me feel like my car was there car. Excellent work from the both of them and I recommend a pay increase or some type of incentive for there hard work

Derek – Marine City, MI 3/17/2015 They did not check my tire pressure.

Leonard – Apgonac, MI 3/9/2015 on my way home

Lisa – Ira, MI 3/6/2015 Wonderful professional service.

Jake – Chesterfield, MI 3/5/2015 The price may be the reason I might not come back.

Cheryl – Chesterfield, MI 3/4/2015 The only problem was the technician completed my bill (credit card) and had me sign it and forgot to include my $5 off coupon from the time I was there before.

Kindra – Chesterfield, MI 3/1/2015 There were two outstanding young men that were extremely courteous, and a third that I didn't have much interaction with but I overheard him talking to other customers and he was great too. The two guys I had interaction with are named Robert and Cameron (I think). They are excellent.

Greg – New Baltimore, MI 2/28/2015 you guys always do a great job

Cynthia – New Baltimore, MI 2/23/2015 I prepurchased this current oil change. Andrew W. was my customer advisor. The manager, Robert W or Joseph W. (I rec'd 2 receipts, same day,same time, different manager names). Regardless, I was given the tablet to confirm my info. As Icon't thru the pages, I was asked if I wanted to prepurchase my next oil change. I would get $5.00 off my current oil change and $20.00 off the next. I asked Andrew how was I to get $5.00 off this oil change if I had already purchased it. He then got his manager because he was unsure of the answer. The current manager on duty turned and said "you only get the $20.00 off your next oil change", and walked away. The screen clearly said if I prepaid I would save $25.00. It didn't say for the 1st prepurchased oil change only. And do I understand this to mean I cannot use any coupons I may receive because I prepurchased my oil change? Also what about the coupon for $5.00 off I get on the windshield sticker? And also what about the coupon I'm supposed to get from filling out this survey?

John – Chesterfield, MI 2/22/2015 Robert D and Alex were very well mannered and personable. They talked to me like I was friend and not like I was an idiot like other oil changeslaces (valvoline instant oil change)

Alison – Chesterfield, MI 2/16/2015 Not getting any coupons used to get them mailed now nothing will be using competition next time spent 200 and received no discount

Amanda – Chesterfield, MI 2/13/2015 Amazing young men there!!!! So polite, friendly & helpful. For sure will be back next time.

Jason – Ira, MI 2/8/2015 was told one of the bay doors was not working

Deborah – New Baltimore, MI 2/7/2015 All who provided services we kind, friendly and energetic.

David – Chesterfield, MI 1/25/2015 I love the friendly service.

Bill – Chesterfield, MI 1/18/2015 If this service continues visit after visit, I'll be a customer for life.

Paul – Warren, MI 1/13/2015 Robert D was very helpful...

Bill – Chesterfield, MI 1/11/2015 Very courteous, professional and speedy service. Expressed extreme care and concerns about potential problems on my vehicle that may occur in the near future.

Tammy – Chesterfield, MI 1/10/2015 Awesome!

Nicole – Chesterfield, MI 1/6/2015 My service technician, Jordan, was super ultra mega friendly and professional during my visit. He was very personable and funny. I could tell that he really enjoys his job and helping people.

Ralph – Chesterfield, MI 1/3/2015 very nice people and a nice store, thanks guys