Uncle Eds Oil Change Shoppe 2050 W Columbia, Battle Creek, MI 49015

Uncle Eds Oil Change Shoppe 2050 W Columbia, Battle Creek, MI 49015

Outside view of Uncle Ed's on Columbia Ave in Battle Creek



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Experience Michigan's Best Oil Change right here in Battle Creek. Conveniently located on Columbia Avenue, our friendly and knowledgeable technician staff will service your car, truck, or van with a fast and professional oil and oil filter change. But that's only the beginning!

In addition we provide a thorough 19-point inspection with advice on the condition of your vehicle. We will check your car's fluids and if they are low, we can top them off. As an added courtesy we set your tire pressure, check your exterior lights, inspect the wiper blades and hand wash the windshield. All in just 10-15 minutes!

Our Columbia Avenue location is a full-service location, meaning we can perform additional preventative maintenance services such as transmission fluid and radiator flushes, help increase gas mileage with our engine additives and treatments, and install or replace air filters, wiper blades, and bulbs.

Our service doesn't stop once you leave! As a valued customer you receive our free fluid and tire check in between oil changes - a $25 value yours free to use as many times as you’d like!

Staff Information

Asst District Manager David Houser for Uncle Eds Oil Shoppe on 2050 Columbia  in Battle Creek, MI 49015

David Houser
Asst District Manager

Ask our Customers
  • Everything was good checked and showed me everything on my car

    Hussen – Clinton Twp, MI 5/31/2019

  • They do a good job here!

    Krista – Macomb, MI 5/10/2019

  • Everything was great!

    Major – Detroit, MI 5/10/2019

Recent Customer Reviews

Brian – Battle Creek, MI 5/26/2019 Best oil change shop in town by far. Thanks for the help Drew and John.

GARY – Spring Lake, MI 5/20/2019 Very quick and professional

Shawn – Caledonia, MI 5/15/2019 The team is great. Fast, easy and professional

ASHLEY – Springfield, MI 5/9/2019 Price was very expensive.

Patricia – Marshall, MI 5/8/2019 Great service Mason and Tristan were very great

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Marc – Athens, MI 4/27/2019 Amazing job! Drew and John were great, couldn’t ask for better service.

Earl – East Leroy, MI 4/27/2019 Great job, will be back!

Rachel – Grand Ledge, MI 4/25/2019 First time actually having a good time during an oil change. Both Drew’s were very helpful and extremely fun to talk to. Definitely will be back, great job guys!

Vum – Battle Creek, MI 4/22/2019 Great service very fast oil change. Amazing job mason and drew!

Aimee – Battle Creek, MI 4/20/2019 Everyone was very kind and helpful, and seemed very professional and quick with what they did.

Andrew Lee – Battle Creek, MI 4/20/2019 The team did a great job and the store looked nice!

Bryce – Battle Creek, MI 4/12/2019 Love coming here. Fast service and they always tell me things that may be wrong even if it's something that they can't do themselves.

Haylee – Battle Creek, MI 4/11/2019 Great services

Molly – Battle Creek, MI 4/10/2019 Always take my vehicles to uncle eds, great service every time

Ty – Battle Creek, MI 3/31/2019 I needed an oil top off I came in John was nice got my tires set up for me cleaned my windshield and Mason got everything done so fast for me definitely coming back when it's time for the oil change

Joni – Springfield, MI 3/27/2019 No Thank you

Janet – Battle Creek, MI 3/24/2019 Very informative and fast service.

KERRIGAN – Battle Creek, MI 3/14/2019 Very polite, quick & easy!

DorisRB00112 – Battle Creek, MI 3/9/2019 Very clean and friendly place to bring your car for an oil change.

Sholto – Battle Creek, MI 2/24/2019 Excellent service

Marcia – Battle Creek, MI 2/20/2019 Wow! What a great first impression. Ron and Jaden were so friendly and high energy. I appreciate that they were so thorough to ensure that my car was taken care of. I’ve never felt so at ease. Thank you for the great service!

Olivia – Olivet, MI 2/7/2019 Even though you guys may get busy, you still need to provide the same service as though there are no other cars in the garage. The standard pressure for my tires was checked inside my door, but no air was ever added to them. The guy who was checking my battery and radiator fluid seemed to be speaking to himself: he said my battery was testing safe, but my radiator fluid was NOT safe. Aiden told him to hurry up and do my oil, and no one ever got back to me about the status of my radiator fluid. No one showed me the dipstick, asked about different filters, etc. The lights were tested, windshield cleaned, oil changed, but not really any other conversation. I know there were three other cars, but for me being there 20 minutes, I figured More would have been said, especially if things weren’t testing well in my car.

Bruce – Battle Creek, MI 2/2/2019 Aiden and Cole did great.

Monica – Kalamazoo, MI 1/22/2019 Nice service the manager was very knowledgeable....

Stephanie – Homer, MI 1/22/2019 While I was in, the service techs were arguing the whole time. I spent approximately 30 minutes here when I could have gotten it for a cheaper and quicker process elsewhere.

Kirk – Battle Creek, MI 1/11/2019 I usually go to the 20 dollar place down the street but this place has the best service I've ever had any where great team too Mason the manager was great and Tristan was great as well 5/⅝

Jill – Caledonia, MI 12/27/2018 Excellent service both times I've come Mason was delightful I hope he works next time I come in

Tom – Battle Creek, MI 12/27/2018 I originally did not want to come here my husband used too and I told him it was too expensive then I came in today purely out of convenience and then I soon saw why you are expensive Drew was great and Mason was very professional and very nice kind of goofy but I loved every second of it definitely worth the little extra cash

Courtney – Portage, MI 12/6/2018 No Comments. Had a great visit today.

Linda – Springfield, MI 11/30/2018 The team here at the Columbia location are awesome! I’ve always received excellent service every time I come here. They were attentive and very quick all while be efficient and detailed. Please keep up the great work!

Paul – Battle Creek, MI 11/23/2018 Your guys went above and beyond for us today. When we left, our car started doing strange things. We called and they said to come back. They looked it over and kept at it until they figured out what was wrong. Even though it wasn't anything that your guys did (some critter started making a nest in our air box), they got it taken care of and searched until they found the problem. They never once made us feel bad about returning, put our minds at ease that they would get it all resolved, and they kept apologizing (unnecessarily) for how long it was taking. We will for sure be coming back for all of our oil changes and spreading the word about how wonderful your team was.

AMY – Augusta, MI 11/21/2018 Fixed my light bulb which I have been unable to find elsewhere

Jeremy – Nashville, MI 11/17/2018 Better service this time.

Kristy – Battle Creek, MI 11/14/2018 Professional, knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Jeremy – Nashville, MI 11/10/2018 The tech had no knowledge of coupons I wanted to use. I was told on the phone I could use a $20 off coupon then when I tried to use it the tech acted like I was crazy and didn't know what I was talking about.

Malika – Battle Creek, MI 11/2/2018 Aiden, Steven and Drew were absolutely AMAZING! Talk abouy WOW! What a family/friendly service! Best birthday gift!!!

Gerald – Battle Creek, MI 11/1/2018 Nothing

DREW – Dexter, MI 11/1/2018 Fast and Friendly, not pushy with service recommendations

John – Battle Creek, MI 10/11/2018 Ron and Steven were very polite and attentive. They were positive and made sure to walk me through everything that they were doing. Super great customer service! Will be back again soon!

Eric – Battle Creek, MI 10/10/2018 Good service

Tara – Springfield, MI 9/27/2018 It was my first time coming here at first I thought it was too expensive then Mason offered to top off my windshield solvent and check my tires and they were very professional and I decided to stay definitely going to be coming back

Geoff – Battle Creek, MI 9/26/2018 It was a great visit.

Donna – Delton, MI 9/25/2018 Everything else is fully satisfying, no complaints.

Karen – Battle Creek, MI 9/22/2018 The manager did speak too fast so it was a bit difficult to understand what he was saying

Laura – Coldwater, MI 9/12/2018 First time ever coming here I had great service

Kassidy – Battle Creek, MI 9/7/2018 Great and fast service. The men that took car of me took the time to take care of my vehicles needs (recommended a product for the rust on my car), and for that I am extremely grateful. I will definitely be returning soon!

Tracy – Galesburg, MI 9/4/2018 Keep up the good work

Joan – Augusta, MI 8/30/2018 Ron and John were outstanding this morning! They were so full of energy even this early, it was a great start to my morning! They were thorough and fast, they even took time to order valvoline so that I could still use it! Thank you for the great service!

Kevin – Battle Creek, MI 8/29/2018 Thank you!

Kevin – Battle Creek, MI 8/29/2018 no comments, thank you

Samantha – East Leroy, MI 8/29/2018 The staff was very friendly. I had just purchased my 2015 Jeep and they recommended the best oil change. I think they do very well and they work together to get the job done. Team work is dream work! Thanks so much for all you all have done and I'll be back. Also, the manager was very friendly, along with the rest of the staff!

Hannah – Battle Creek, MI 8/26/2018 The service i received was fast and convenient.

Don – Battle Creek, MI 8/16/2018 I used to dread coming to Uncle Ed's because of the high pressure sales tactics. The past two times the visits were easy, no pressure and the people were very friendly and helpful. They aimed to please. It has been much more enjoyable. The assistant manager, Kenneth, was my latest contact. He was very good. I decided to fill out this questionnaire because of him.

Steve – Springfield, MI 8/16/2018 Very fast and friendly.

Heather – Battle Creek, MI 8/15/2018 The entire staff was very nice and friendly. They explained everything to me and they did a great job!

Hannah – Battle Creek, MI 8/12/2018 Excellent service!

Dan – Battle Creek, MI 8/10/2018 They guys could use some fans during hot weather. They did a SUPER job considering the heat. Great job!

Scott – East Leroy, MI 7/31/2018 Service was amazing today

Thomas – Battle Creek, MI 7/29/2018 Mason and Andrew were very professional! They did not try to sell me anything that I didn't need. I went to an oil change place some time ago and they tried to sell me an air filter that I already had replaced, in fact, I still had the old air filter in my back seat of my car, I showed it to them. They had no excuses. So my point, I WAS VERY PLEASED WITH THESE TWO GUYS! I look forward to have this team service my car on the next oil change. Thank you Mason and Andrew. Kudos to them and your company for keeping it honest.

Liz – Battle Creek, MI 7/25/2018 The guys here are fast and so kind, I love the service

Marshall – Battle Creek, MI 7/23/2018 Always liked the pitstop type oil change and the way they track my car's maintenance and history of what needs to be done and what's has been done...

Brian – Battle Creek, MI 7/23/2018 Two fellas were handling a busy time. They did a professional and competent job.

Alishia – Battle Creek, MI 7/20/2018 I appreciate the help from Justin... and Justin :)

Hunter – Battle Creek, MI 7/20/2018 Great service, will definitely be back. These guys are experts who helped me get my car up to date. Thank you to both of the Justins !!!

Johannes – Battle Creek, MI 7/19/2018 Good service! Everyone was respectful and professional

Rick – Battle Creek, MI 7/19/2018 Great people!

Johannes – Battle Creek, MI 7/19/2018 Hands down best service always visit this location

Greg – Sunbury, MI 7/19/2018 Service is always good regardless of who is in i have seen many different faces but the service always stays the same

Adam – Battle Creek, MI 7/16/2018 Guys are doing a great job

Franstasia – Battle Creek, MI 7/14/2018 Very good service

Trevin – Battle Creek, MI 7/13/2018 Great Service, Fast, and weren't too pushy on services they provide.

Roya – Battle Creek, MI 7/12/2018 You guys were quick fast and friendly

Tresa – Owosso, MI 7/10/2018 Awesome work!

Melody – Battle Creek, MI 6/26/2018 I usually put off coming back because high pressure sales tactics. This visit was great. Told of services needed but didn't feel pressured. The guys were great!

Cherie – Aurora, MI 6/22/2018 Great service, knowledgeable, and well functioning team.

Bethany – Battle Creek, MI 6/21/2018 Justin and his crew were very professional and courteous. Options and pricing were openly given to me throughout the whole process and at no point did I feel like I was being 'conned' into a service that I didn't need. Fitting the stereotype of a woman who doesn't know much about cars, I greatly appreciate honest and kind service.

Tonya – Battle Creek, MI 6/12/2018 Friendly, fast, excellent service. Provided valuable referral for more extensive repairs, after my service was completed.

Larry – Battle Creek, MI 6/2/2018 It bears repeating: I love the service at Uncle Ed's! SO happy to have found my new home Michigan, and SO happy to have found Uncle Ed's! THANK YOU ALL!

Stefan – Battle Creek, MI 6/1/2018 All of the staff was very friendly an extremely knowledgeable.

Jeremy – Battle Creek, MI 5/27/2018 Great team Mason and Justin are setting the example for all to follow you need 10 more of them.

Kyle – Battle Creek, MI 5/24/2018 Best customer service I have EVER had the team here communicates well.

Lucas – Battle Creek, MI 5/22/2018 Justin, Mason, and Cole helped me and were awesome. Made sure to check everything and asked before doing anything.

Ashley – Battle Creek, MI 5/21/2018 Wonderful staff and service, we refuse to go anywhere else.

Jennifer – Battle Creek, MI 5/18/2018 Prices are too expensive for oil changes so I will not be back

Mike – Delton, MI 5/17/2018 For the "What brought you back" question, maybe you can allow more than one answer.... we like the service/experience, but it's a plus to be so convenient. Always appreciate the information and recommendations provided by the staff, and the fact they don't pressure you or hard-sell you for immediate decisions and costs.

Julianne – Battle Creek, MI 5/9/2018 Was excellent! Best oil change I've had!

Danita – Battle Creek, MI 4/27/2018 Justin was very helpful and super nice!

Jessica – Hastings, MI 4/27/2018 Amazing service, very friendly and knowledgeable

Sandra – Battle Creek, MI 4/23/2018 I have been at Uncle Ed's for 15 years for all my oil changes. I have always received excellent service.

Ryan – Battle Creek, MI 4/23/2018 Great job. Professional atmosphere

Derrick – Detroit, MI 4/18/2018 Everyone on the shift was great. Justin, Cole and Caleb are very good people.

Paul – Battle Creek, MI 4/12/2018 Service great as always

Erikka – Battle Creek, MI 3/31/2018 Great job!

William – Colon, MI 3/29/2018 Took a little longer than I thought it should. I was there a half hour.

Tim – Sherwood, MI 3/28/2018 Only one person staff? What's up with that? Service was completed fast. I usually do my own oil changes and dont like the upselling of air filters and other services I don't need. Overall good visit manager seemed happy to be working alone. Had me sign my own oil filet that was weird but plesent to

Scott – Battle Creek, MI 3/24/2018 Air filter and wiper blade prices are steep

Larry – Battle Creek, MI 3/24/2018 Again, always LOVE the service at Uncle Ed's! Justin and Mason are always top notch! THANK YOU!

James – Battle Creek, MI 3/23/2018 Best staff around town

Kaitlynn – Union City, MI 3/19/2018 Don't be so pushy in things.

Hrang – Battle Creek, MI 3/18/2018 When they speak let them slow little than more.it difficult to understand for whomever less speak english.

Christina – Battle Creek, MI 3/14/2018 Everyone is friendly

Christina – Battle Creek, MI 3/14/2018 Everyone was friendly

Laurena – Battle Creek, MI 3/11/2018 Great service, friendly staff! Got me in and out in just a couple minutes!

Glenn – Battle Creek, MI 3/5/2018 Be a little more faster

Dardon – Battle Creek, MI 2/27/2018 Great service

Suzan – Battle Creek, MI 2/23/2018 The two Justin's were very friendly and informative and they worked well together.

Lincoln – Shelbyville, MI 2/16/2018 I have no idea how I could help you improve any better

David – Augusta, MI 2/15/2018 Justin and Mason did an excellent job which I have come to expect at Uncle Ed's. I have visited four different Uncle Ed's in the K'zoo-BC area and they all deliver the same excellent service. You must have an excellent training program. I hope you treat your employees well because they are an incredible asset.

Justin – Battle Creek, MI 2/15/2018 Very good service will definitely be coming back for my next oil change

Stephanie – Battle Creek, MI 2/15/2018 Justin J and Justin W were amazing. Completely explained everything they were doing, Justin w checked the cabin filter I didn't know was here and wasn't checked last time. I'm very handful for that considering the condition it was in, my daughter and I have horrible allergies. I appreciate everything Justin J did to help finding coupons for the services today as well. These men are a blessing to Uncle Ed's and the Battle Creek area!!

Roland – Battle Creek, MI 2/10/2018 GREAT SERVICE!!!

Kevin – Battle Creek, MI 2/10/2018 THank you

Kevin – Battle Creek, MI 2/10/2018 Mason cole Justin and Justin were all great and helpful

Kylie – Hastings, MI 2/9/2018 Justin & Justin were awesome! Super friendly, professional and informative! Thanks so much guys!

Jose De Jesus – Battle Creek, MI 2/3/2018 Service was great!

Austin Smith – Battle Creek, MI 1/31/2018 Justin W. And Cole W. Did a great job. From the time I pulled in to the time I left they were friendly and professional. I couldn't ask for anything more.

Justin – Portage, MI 1/30/2018 Thanks

Justin – Battle Creek, MI 1/29/2018 Chris and Justin where very helpful, nice, and quick!

Alexander – Springfield, MI 1/29/2018 Also an Email reminder.

Mindi – Springfield, MI 1/28/2018 The guys in the shop were great! Very knowledgeable, fast and friendly. A great experience we will be going there from now on!

Eulogio – Battle Creek, MI 1/26/2018 Awesome job

Nancy – Kalamazoo, MI 1/16/2018 Very informative kn what they were doing

Coles – Springfield, MI 1/12/2018 Mason and justin were a great help whenbit comes to letting me know where everything on my vehicle is at for its mechanical issuse amd keeping me informed ill always come back

Nathan – Battle Creek, MI 1/11/2018 no additional comments

Robert – Battle Creek, MI 1/2/2018 Very through and honest business. Better than the local Toyota dealer

Pamela – Ceresco, MI 12/29/2017 Very pleased with service

Gerri – Battle Creek, MI 12/27/2017 Great service!

Jude – Battle Creek, MI 12/26/2017 Very quick, friendly, and professional people. :)

Ron – Battle Creek, MI 12/23/2017 Wyatt justin and Cole were very sweet and friendly during my visit

Kyle – Battle Creek, MI 12/20/2017 Justin and Steven were awesome. Thank you both so much. ----Kyle!!!

Corissa – Battle Creek, MI 12/20/2017 I would highly recommend anyone here. They are super nice and get the job done in timely manner. They communicate with you every step of the way.

Mohamed – Battle Creek, MI 12/9/2017 Too expensive!

Scott – Dowling, MI 11/21/2017 Awesome. Was driving by. Wasn’t even open yet and they took care of me

Pam – Battle Creek, MI 11/21/2017 I’ve been a regular customer for many years - and many vehicles!

Mlke – Bellevue, MI 11/20/2017 I enjoy getting my oil changed at this location. Justin and the other guys are always incredibly nice and helpful to me.

Joshua – Battle Creek, MI 11/11/2017 It was excellent service

Kristy – Battle Creek, MI 11/10/2017 Great service from Gregory D! He was very polite and personable. The store manger, Justin, introduced himself and was very professional. Justin also followed up with me on the phone and thanked me for stopping in. See you next time!

Julian – Battle Creek, MI 11/10/2017 Visit was fine

James – Battle Creek, MI 11/10/2017 Great service as always. I did a couple this today got my engine flushed my air filters changed and they gave me some saving so that was great looking forward to my next service 😊

Pamela – Battle Creek, MI 11/3/2017 Wyatt Mason and Justin were all excellent and very helpful definitely coming back

Chris – Battle Creek, MI 10/31/2017 Outstanding, Professional and Competent service provided by Uncle Ed's employees. Staff (Steve and Cole) were knowledgeable and extremely helpful. The service provided was fast and professional. I witnessed a customer show up with a burnt out headlight. The bulb was not in stock, but the staff was able to have the part delivered within 5 minutes! Happy customer. Will recommend to all my friends. Will be back to service all other vehicles next time!

Paige – Battle Creek, MI 10/24/2017 Service was great and fast! Always happy with my visits here!

Jennifer – Battle Creek, MI 10/18/2017 It was good.

David – Battle Creek, MI 10/7/2017 The guys were great

Ken – Kalamazoo, MI 10/2/2017 Excellent service keeps me coming back

Brooklynn – Charlotte, MI 10/2/2017 Amazing service!! Will DEFINITELY be back for all oil changes in the future! :)

Stephen – Belleville, MI 9/29/2017 I always bring coupons and I enjoy the service I receive from this Uncle Ed's.

Wanda – Kalamazoo, MI 9/25/2017 Another great visit. Jason was very nice and polite. The manager Justin came over to introduce himself to me. Also I talked to Chris, the district manager. He made himself available to come over and welcomed me back to this location. We engaged in great conversation. The guys always make me feel very special when visiting this location. Also the coupons are very much appreciated. Another great experience...Wanda!!!

Cara – Battle Creek, MI 9/19/2017 Everyone was super friendly!!

Jennifer – Battle Creek, MI 9/14/2017 Steven P. And Justin J. Assisted with this visit. Bothe gentlemen were very friendly and informative. I cannot stress how awesome the customer service was. It always is and I will continue to get my oil changed at my local store. Please tell Steven and Justin how awesome they are!!

Angie – Battle Creek, MI 9/9/2017 They were very helpful getting a replacement air filter.

Sara – Battle Creek, MI 9/8/2017 As always the service was exceptionally fantastic. Great staff!

Doreen – Battle Creek, MI 8/31/2017 Very friendly service. Easy to talk to. 😃

James – Battle Creek, MI 8/31/2017 Had an excellent time at the shop as always the manager Justin helped me up with some saving so that I could get the wiper blades and the nitrogen.

Damon – Battle Creek, MI 8/30/2017 Good afternoon. I would like to say Thank You for the GREAT SERVICE Justin J and Cole W provided to me and my family. I needed 2 lights replaced. I was in a accident a couple years ago were someone hit me from behind. I did receive a insurance check but did not get my van fixed because I had lost my job and had fallen on tough times. Fast forward to this past Monday. My trunk had to be opened to change the lights. My trunk would not open like it normally would. My day had been really stressful at work and then my trunk not opening made it even more stressful. I was in tears. So in between helping other customers Justin worked on getting my trunk open. Which he finally did after about 35 min. I am so thankful to him and Cole for going above and beyond to help me and my children out. We will be back and will also pass on the great and friendly service we received at your Uncle Ed's Oil Shoppe!!!

Maria – Battle Creek, MI 8/17/2017 The technician and manager were phenomenal. They actually showed me the dirty air filter that needs replaced, and they showed me my oil too. I like seeing that they are really doing the things and not just charging for them.

Devan – Battle Creek, MI 8/15/2017 I appreciate that Uncle Ed's is always very honest about their pricing. I have seen too many places lately that advertise one price, then tack on additional fees for non-optional items like "oil filter installation fee," etc. I always go into Uncle Ed's knowing how much I am going to end up paying, and I appreciate that.

Jacqueline – Battle Creek, MI 8/12/2017 The way they acted in theatrics was cornball. They should just act like normal people. Way to out there for my taste.

MARY JO – BATTLE CREEK, MI 8/3/2017 Very satified

Tamara – Whitmore Lake, MI 7/28/2017 Regular crew working and also training a newbie - impressed by their method to have him perform the tasks and then one of regulars would validate his actions. Good job.

Jennifer – Battle Creek, MI 7/21/2017 No. They were awesome.

Barbara – Battle Creek, MI 7/15/2017 Friendly guys. Saw them out waving and.had to stop and get oil. Neededone any 2ay. Great job guys

Brian – Battle Creek, MI 7/11/2017 Good for me in a hurry.

Robert – Battle Creek, MI 7/11/2017 Brandon was helpful, informative and friendly

Karen – Battle Creek, MI 7/8/2017 I always get great friendly service

James – Battle Creek, MI 6/30/2017 Expensive - but I needed it quick - Tires were not inflated as Discussed either

Alvin – Battle Creek, MI 6/28/2017 Great job overalls

Keith – Marshall, MI 6/27/2017 Took a while under the hood conferring about something, as if something was wrong, but never told me what it was.

Tami – Battle Creek, MI 6/26/2017 Thanks guys

Tramaine – Battle Creek, MI 6/23/2017 The service was quick, the guys were friendly and knowledgeable so I'd recommend anyone.

OWEN – Battle Creek, MI 6/20/2017 Not at this time

Karl – Battle Creek, MI 6/17/2017 Guy did a good job. Got me in and out fast. Appreciate the opportunity to come back for a top off.

Brooke – Battle Creek, MI 6/8/2017 Very friendly and did everything fast and got me back on the road!

Cody – Battle Creek, MI 6/6/2017 I've always been very satisfied with this Uncle Ed's!

Zach – Battle Creek, MI 6/1/2017 Needed aquapel

Charin – Battle Creek, MI 5/25/2017 Informed me of brake light burnt out.

Sam – Hastings, MI 5/24/2017 Perfect as usual

Tamara – Whitmore Lake, MI 5/22/2017 I find that even though the faces change - this location is usually great for my needs!

Bryce – Battle Creek, MI 5/19/2017 I enjoy the service and quality of people at this location. Always friendly and ready to do what needs to be done to my car.

Wanda – Kalamazoo, MI 5/19/2017 Great service...another good experience.

Susan – Battle Creek, MI 5/17/2017 Great joc

Jenny – Battle Creek, MI 5/12/2017 Very friendly.

Tim – Battle Creek, MI 5/9/2017 As usual, The guys at Uncle Ed's are great!

Kathrine – Battle Creek, MI 5/5/2017 Always happy with the service

Jake – Battle Creek, MI 5/2/2017 I thought the price was very high for standard oil. Will go to the local auto shop for half the price next time.

Christy – Battle Creek, MI 4/22/2017 No additional feedback

Diana – Battle Creek, MI 4/22/2017 I love Uncle Ed's but you guys are a bit pricey. But I love the prompt oil change and thorough checks

Tracy – Galesburg, MI 4/21/2017 I love uncle eds

Tim – Battle Creek, MI 4/18/2017 I came to The Columbia location because I read online that this location is the top rated oil change shop in Battle Creek. And they're absolutely right about that. I'll never go to a different oil change l. Zach and mason did a awesome job keep up the good work with your team here.

Richard – Battle Creek, MI 4/17/2017 Overall great and quick visit.

Anita – Kalamazoo, MI 4/17/2017 Very expensive

Joshua – Battle Creek, MI 4/14/2017 Good service with awesome people 👌

Jaylah – Battle Creek, MI 4/11/2017 The people working were super friendly and helpful!

Craig – Battle Creek, MI 4/11/2017 Very efficient and thorough. The workers there were also very friendly.

Scott – Battle Creek, MI 4/11/2017 Quick and easy

Dennis – Cabool, MI 4/11/2017 First time ever at uncle Eds and I got to say it's not exactly what I thought it would be. I thought I was going to have some guy just selling me thing I dident need, but the manager this morning was great! Didn't try pushing anything, very professional and polite, and the best service at a oil change place. If I wasn't just here visiting this would be my go to shop. Great job guy!

Nancy – Battle Creek, MI 4/10/2017 Fast and friendly. Grate service!

Larry – Battle Creek, MI 4/8/2017 Seriously, since moving to Michigan 6 months ago, I am SO GLAD to have found Uncle Ed's! Thank you (ALL) for actual good service in this day and age! :-)

Dardon – Battle Creek, MI 4/4/2017 Fast service

Tim – Kalamazoo, MI 3/31/2017 Very friendly and informative.

Pam – Battle Creek, MI 3/30/2017 The guys are friendly, fast & thorough. I'm a regular!

Michael – Battle Creek, MI 3/27/2017 Fast and friendly

Jon – Holland , MI 3/16/2017 On the service slip, it says that washing of the windshield was completed, it wasnt. It says that the radiator fluid was tested, it wasn't. Ive had great service before but this time was bad. Manager took a while to get me out of there because another customer was not understanding her bill.

Corissa – Battle Creek, MI 3/8/2017 None at this time

Brandi – Battle Creek, MI 2/24/2017 No additional fees back

Brian – Battle Creek, MI 2/21/2017 Friendly service.

Jerry – Battle Creek, MI 2/20/2017 Fast friendly service

David – Ceresco, MI 2/18/2017 Excellent staff at this location. Very polite and helpful.

Clementina – Battle Creek, MI 2/18/2017 It felt like because I wasn't getting the full service that I normally do that I wasn't getting full service. I opted out of going with the "more" expensive service because funds are a little tight right now. However, with that being said. I didn't get the service at this location that I always have in the past. The rep did not check my tire pressure, did not give me options on an oil filter, did not show me my air filter. It just was not the same visit as in the past and I have been coming to this location for years. Pretty disappointed with this visit. I questioned the rep afterwards and asked why he did not do any of the above referenced. Because I just went with the "basic" oil change. It's all about customer service, isn't it?

Jason – Battle Creek, MI 2/17/2017 Good Service

Brett Or Donna – Augusta, MI 2/14/2017 For the first time, EVER, Kevin offered to change my cabin air filter! It was located behind my glove box & was disgusting!! THANK YOU for finding that & getting me a new filter! Super friendly & low sales pressure, now my car is purring!! THANKS!

Amya – Battle Creek, MI 2/14/2017 The manager went the extra mile for me trying to get a prepay that had expired to work. Thanks!

Johannes – Battle Creek, MI 2/11/2017 Good service! The employees are friendly and fast at doing their job

Nicholas – Springfield, MI 2/10/2017 The guys at the garage seemed a bit chatty. This was my first visit to the Battle Creek location. The guys in Kalamazoo took better care of explaining services. Today's visit was great, but I've had better service in Kalamazoo. I will for sure be back as I have utilized Uncle Eds many years. Today, it just seemed a little chattier than normal. The team was fast on the services preformed.

Jo – Bronson, MI 2/1/2017 Chase is the shit.... love seeing him there when I come in.

Krista – Springfield, MI 1/29/2017 Just reading about the rewards member benefits. I would have signed up, if I was told about this benefit. Especially since I spent $230. If I sign up to become a reward member at my next oil change, will that $230 be put towards it? I'd think it's only fair, /since I was unaware of this.

Laurena – Battle Creek, MI 1/27/2017 All of the guys at the shop were extremely nice and guided me through everything that they were doing on my car. I was very satisfied with my visit and I'm very happy with my service.

Cody – Battle Creek, MI 1/25/2017 Outstanding customer service!

Tim – Battle Creek, MI 1/21/2017 The guys are great at the Columbia St shop.

Del M – Houuston, MI 1/17/2017 I have been an Uncle Ed's customer since 2003. Even though I live in Houston Texas, I still come back to Uncle Ed's when in Michigan. They take good care of my car. I drive back and forth to take care of my parents. Car trouble is not something need. Your technicians help me to stay on top of my car maintenance. It is always a good experience. They are a good respectful group of young men. I truly appreciate them. They are awesome!

John – Augusta, MI 1/14/2017 Great visit nice people to deal with

Mikel – Battle Creek, MI 1/13/2017 It was good visit

M J – Augusta, MI 1/12/2017 They assured me my car was in good shape

Nicki – Battle Creek, MI 1/6/2017 pricing to high

Noah – Battle Creek, MI 12/30/2016 Enjoyed my service with you guys I did not have any problems and I appreciate all the hard work.

Jo – Bronson, MI 12/30/2016 I love the customer service that I receive at this store. Like I have said before.. I drive 45 miles for my oil change.

William Perkins – Rockford, MI 12/30/2016 The guys were standing out by the street waving at people to come in as we were getting in to Michigan to visit family.So we decided to go in since we needed an oil change. They were exceptionally nice. Only problem we may have had was it was a little more expensive than what we normally pay in Illinois. Other than that the service was fantastic.

Christina – Delton, MI 12/22/2016 Friendly staff

Katie – Battle Creek, MI 12/19/2016 Extremely professional and knowledgeable staff. I was in and out in no time and was 100% satisfied. I received better customer service and professionalism from the Uncle Ed's staff than any dealship I've ever had my oil changed. Thank you!

Anthony – Coldwater, MI 12/16/2016 Good service

Loreli – Battle Creek, MI 12/15/2016 Now issues

Alexxas – Grand Rapids, MI 12/12/2016 Not all services noted on the checklist were provided. Tire pressure check and windshield washer fluild were not topped off. Other than that, service was great, fast and proficient! Each technician was very professional and courteous. Will definitely recommend their services to others.

Daniele – Lansing, MI 12/6/2016 Was not told what the price would be before they began the process. Then I was charged for removing a part to perform the job. Lastly, this was the most expensive oil change I have EVER paid for in my life! I could have went to the dealership for less than half the price plus tire rotation. To top it off, it took 20 mins to do the job, not 10 minutes!

Mikel – Battle Creek, MI 11/19/2016 Great job

Mike – Battle Creek, MI 11/18/2016 All was good.

Joseph – Battle Creek, MI 11/16/2016 1101 is the best store. State is very friendly and very quick

Clayton – Battle Creek, MI 11/12/2016 Joshua is fun and I enjoy coming when he is here

Nathan – Battle Creek, MI 11/11/2016 No additional comment.

David – Battle Creek, MI 11/7/2016 Awesome!

Timothy – Battle Creek, MI 11/1/2016 The guys were great as always!

Ronald – Battle Creek, MI 10/31/2016 Gerrrrraaaattteeeee

Sandra – Battle Creek, MI 10/31/2016 Zach and mason were very polite and didn't try to give me anything I didn't need. Uncle eds has earned my trust for sure. I hope every uncle eds employee are as professional and helpful as these two.

Irene – Byron Center, MI 10/27/2016 I had a great first time experience...the manager was very clear on explaining to me what he was doing and what he was checking on my van. Great customer service, was treated like one of the family. I am looking forward to coming back for my next oil change..

Justin – Battle Creek, MI 10/27/2016 Josh and his fellow technician had amazing customer service skills. You are lucky to have both of them; extremely knowledgeable, friendly and seemed to enjoy their jobs.

Tracy – Galesburg, MI 10/21/2016 I wish you had Valvoline

Jason – Battle Creek, MI 10/20/2016 No Thank You!

Caryl – Battle Creek, MI 10/20/2016 always very friendly service and complete

Meredith – Marshall, MI 10/19/2016 Dustin and Zach were enthusiastic and excellent. Highly recommend this place

Eric – Springfield, MI 10/12/2016 Very friendly quick service.

Jesse – Battle Creek, MI 10/10/2016 Always satisfied with the provided services

Troy – Battle Creek, MI 9/20/2016 Light bulb fast

Tim – Springfield, MI 9/17/2016 The guys took good care of me as always. Great Team!!

Lee – Bronson, MI 9/15/2016 Love the guys at Uncle Ed's!

Chasity – Battle Creek, MI 9/12/2016 I had a gift certificate because of an oil filter mishap my last trip in. I was greeted by familiar faces who remembered me and my car! They were extra attentive to the mishap from my last trip. Even thanked me for giving them another chance!

Bethany – Battle Creek, MI 9/9/2016 Great service this is the only place I will go for oil changes and maintenance.

Bethany – Battle Creek, MI 9/9/2016 Great service I will continue coming back!!

Bethany – Battle Creek, MI 9/9/2016 The team is very nice and knowledgeable!! Really enjoy the customer service that they provide. They even remember the clientele.

Robert – Battle Creek, MI 9/8/2016 Good job

Alexandria – Dowling, MI 9/7/2016 Awesome guys!!

John – Battle Creek, MI 8/31/2016 The guys were awesome!!!

William – Gobles, MI 8/31/2016 No additional feedback

Christena – Battle Creek, MI 8/29/2016 I came when there were four cars in the garage, and an employee promptly greeted me and told me all of them were wrapping up. As soon as one bay opened up, I was pulled in and the service was not hindered by the wait. All three gentleman working had a sense of urgency and took pride in their work.

Susan – Battle Creek, MI 8/29/2016 I was third of four cars that pulled in within 5 minutes of each other. The crew did a fantastic job getting to all of us quickly. Really impressed with their ability to work together to get us out the door in a timely manner.

Pam – Battle Creek, MI 8/25/2016 Always great service!

Susan – Battle Creek, MI 8/24/2016 Great guys! Thanks for hiring excellent gentlemen. Pls provide them with air conditioning. Thank you!!

Rebecca – Bellevue, MI 8/22/2016 Need to be closer to the 10 minute oil change time rather than 60 min

John – Albion, MI 8/15/2016 Upselling is a turn off.

Kristy – Battle Creek, MI 8/13/2016 I stopped in for tire pressure check and to check oil level. The manager Phillip was super friendly and professional. He also explained to me the next service I should get. I don't put a lot of miles on my car so I wasn't quite ready for an oil change. I like that I can just pop in for oil level checks. Phillip and Chase worked as a team and were very professional. Good and friendly atmosphere and service every time I stop in.

Jessica – Battle Creek, MI 8/8/2016 They were very helpful

Kevin – Battle Creek, MI 8/6/2016 n/a no additional comments

Karen – Battle Creek, MI 8/5/2016 I get consistently great services from this store.

Michael – Galesburg, MI 8/5/2016 Good job

Mickey – Battle Creek, MI 8/3/2016 They did not refill the washer fluid.

Jo – Bronson, MI 8/2/2016 I love this store!

James – Marshall, MI 7/31/2016 None. Thank you

Matt – Battle Creek, MI 7/31/2016 Fast and friendly, great job Uncle Eds!

Nicki – Battle Creek, MI 7/30/2016 very friendly, fast service. Great group of guys at this location

Jim – Waterford, MI 7/27/2016 I will be back.

Chasity – Battle Creek, MI 7/21/2016 Your prices are so high. My oil filter was not secure and caused me to leak 2 quarts of oil when I left. When I returned, it was fixed, but I felt that I should have received money back or a future incentive to return.

Sarai – Battle Creek, MI 7/15/2016 The guys are always happy and Kyles a great leader. I service my own vehicle but if I ever come across something I can't do I know they've got me covered. Keep up the great work!!

Lisa – Battle Creek, MI 7/13/2016 Was disappointed I didn't see Kyle or Chris. I brought brownies! Hey guys, you snooze, you looze..... Met James...he is great. No surprise. You only hire the best Chris!

Mikel – Battle Creek, MI 7/10/2016 The guys were great.

Ken – Battle Creek, MI 6/26/2016 Great survice. My grandson works at this location and said to come and get my wipers replaced o

Julie – Battle Creek, MI 6/18/2016 The two young men that did my oil change were great. James r. And Phillip g. did a wonderful job. They were busy it was just the two of them, and they still made me feel like a important customer.

Tim – Springfield, MI 6/18/2016 These Guys are great and always take good care of me!

Shanay – Battle Creek, MI 6/17/2016 I am not sure this is real or not.

Wanda – Kalamazoo, MI 6/10/2016 Thanks again to all the guys who helped out today. During my oil change yesterday I was informed that I needed an "Air Filter". Because of how nicely I was treated yesterday, I came back today to have the air filter installed. When I pulled in Josh immediately said "Hi Wanda", I was so very impressed that he remembered my name. Before I left all of the Crew made a special effort to come to my window and speak to me. Thanks again Josh, Phillip Zach, and Chase, you guys Rock for real. Yet another great experience that makes me keep coming back :-)

Michael – Galesburg, MI 6/10/2016 Good service

Debbie – Battle Creek, MI 6/9/2016 I was told I needed a left break light. They took my light cover off and discovered they did not have the bulb I needed. I went home and told my husband I needed a new bulb. He checked it and it was working fine.

Bryce – Battle Creek, MI 6/9/2016 Was very friendly and helpful in showing me everything that should be replaced. They gave me pricing before making an informed decision. This was very courteous. Enjoyed my entire visit.

Wanda – Kalamazoo, MI 6/9/2016 Another great experience from the Crew. Thanks to Joshua, James and Robert, they treated me very kind and also were very professional. I come on my lunch hour and they got me in and out but still did a great job in servicing my Jeep. Thanks Guys keep up the great work:-)

Olivia – Battle Creek, MI 6/5/2016 Awesome service!loved the help.

Darciana – Battle Creek, MI 6/1/2016 Ron and James were Great as always!!

Brett Or Donna – Augusta, MI 5/31/2016 All of the service personnel were out front of Uncle Ed's waving at passers-by which reminded me to get my car in! I was over due for my oil change, so that was great. Every person in there was incredibly friendly and not pushy with other service work. I appreciate low pressure sales people. This particular Ed's usually has very friendly staff. THANKS!

Christena – Battle Creek, MI 5/31/2016 I love the upgrade options, but hate listening to the same long winded sales pitch each time, but I don't want to be rude so I do. I would prefer a would you like to hear about some other options today?

Kara – Kalamazoo, MI 5/26/2016 Kyle was great.

Wanda – Kalamazoo, MI 5/18/2016 Came back for Top Notch Service

Anastasha – Battle Creek, MI 5/17/2016 They guys were great.. Very knowledgeable and customer care driven.

Jesse – Battle Creek, MI 5/16/2016 Very friendly every visit

Richard – Battle Creek, MI 5/14/2016 Kyle and Rob were great

Larry – Battle Creek, MI 5/11/2016 I have no feedback at this time.

Misty – Battle Creek, MI 5/10/2016 That was the best service I have ever gotten from one of your shops!! Keep up the good work guys!!

Darciana – Battle Creek, MI 5/4/2016 The guys were great

Dawn – Battle Creek, MI 4/29/2016 The manager Phillip was great, the two techs, Ronald and chase were fast, courteous, and very knowledgable in their jobs. I've come to Uncle Ed for years, I'll always be a loyal customer. Thanks Ron, Philip and Chase you guys were awesome.

Katherine – Battle Creek, MI 4/20/2016 The crew was knowledgable and professional, I love coming to this location they always take care of me! Great job!

Farrah – Battle Creek, MI 4/20/2016 I am very satisfied with the help they have gave me I will be back and also tell others about them !

Anthony – Battle Creek, MI 4/14/2016 I trust the technicians and their opinions on what my vehicle may or may need at that current time. I don't feel like anybody is just trying to sell me something, but that they are trying to help with the customers best interest in mind. Their honesty is very helpful for someone who is not the most knowledgable about cars. Keep up the honesty and customer service! It's what keeps people coming back.

Angela – Bellevue, MI 4/9/2016 Service was as expected.

Cody – Battle Creek, MI 4/9/2016 Ronnie is a breeze and pleasure to work with. He's the reason I come back time and time again and will continue to do so. Give that dude a raise!

Ken – Allegan, MI 4/7/2016 The guys did a great job, they even had to order an air filter from O'Reilly's and had it installed as soon as it arrived!

Jo – Bronson, MI 4/5/2016 I love the customer service I receive there. I drive 45 miles just to go to that shop. Kyle is the best.

Chase – Battle Creek, MI 4/4/2016 Awesome atmosphere, Chase is the best!

Paul – Battle Creek, MI 4/3/2016 Excellent service techs. Very professional and helpful.

Keshawna – Battle Creek, MI 4/1/2016 This was my first visit to Uncle Ed's! It was very professional and quick! Ron and Kyle are great employees! Thank you!

Tracy – Galesburg, MI 3/23/2016 Keep up the good work

Karen – Battle Creek, MI 3/22/2016 I would like to thank Kyle and Chase. Chase indicated I might need a fuel filter but was having difficulty finding it. Kyle and the other manager were able to find it but it was behind 3 metal screens. Kyle spent quite a bit of time getting those off and replacing the fuel filter all with his arms held above his head. It was quite an ordeal but he did it with a smile and all the patience of the professional he is. I have always received excellent service at this location and continue to come back because of it. Thanks to all the guys( and girls) who help to keep my old car in such good shape!

Kristy – Battle Creek, MI 3/22/2016 Came in to have oil and fluid levels checked, to make sure the lights worked and tire pressure checked. Both Kyle and Zach were professional, upbeat and full of energy. Kyle gave me a brouchure that explained the Pure Power Plus service. Great visit!

Jane – Springfield, MI 3/19/2016 Everyone very helpful, professional,friendly. Kyle and Ron..very helpful...all the guys are always helpful/friendly

Robert – Pinckney, MI 3/18/2016 While the service technician did inform me of additional services, most of what he said was untrue and had been done a few months ago. he even said I had a light out which was untrue.

Bruce – Battle Creek, MI 3/18/2016 Every time I have visited Uncle Ed's I am very pleased with the customer service from the Manager and everyone involved in taking care of my car. If I ask a question, that has nothing to do with the oil change, they are very informative and forthcoming with an answer. You can certainly tell that they know about vehicles and maintenance. Ron, the manager, also asked me if I had any coupons and explained how I would save the most. Kyle was very entertaining with his energy, personality and knowledge. Zach did a thorough job making sure everything was done correctly and my car was handled with care. I would hope that Uncle Ed's is compensating their employees by making sure that they are paid a high wage that reflects the responsibility they possess for taking care of customers vehicles. You have a great team working at the Columbia Avenue store.

Pam – Battle Creek, MI 3/17/2016 Fast, easy and thorough service. Checks out things that my dealership guys never even look at or ask about!

Kalieb – Battle Creek, MI 3/15/2016 Very satisfied

Linda – Springfield, MI 3/11/2016 Chase and Robert were friendly, knowledgable, and very professional. I

William – Battle Creek, MI 3/10/2016 The guys are always friendly yet not overly so. I appreciate that.

Ray – Battle Creek, MI 3/10/2016 Techs were very rough with tools. They broke my trans dipstick tube then told me it was like that when I showed up.. And said it was rusted out but my truck has only 30,000 miles.

Susan – Battle Creek, MI 3/6/2016 Great Service! Polite and helpful.

Melissa – Olivet, MI 3/3/2016 Guys forgot to do my safety check... Lights and tires. Their excuse was that they were busy. There were only two cars in the shop at the time. I had to specifically request that they check my tire pressure and ask them to check that all my lights were functional. This is unusual for this uncle Ed's location.

Rebecca – Battle Creek, MI 3/3/2016 Stay fun and funny

Paula – Urbandale, MI 3/2/2016 I was coming in to get my fluid levels topped off and to get a wiper replacement. Both were handled professionally and quickly. I liked how the young man placed a towel under my broken wiper so it wouldn't scratch my windshield. Nice touch.

Zach – Battle Creek, MI 3/1/2016 Fast serpentine belt replacement. Less then the estimated 5 minutes

Craig – Battle Creek, MI 2/29/2016 Very good service.

Jeremy – Battle Creek, MI 2/27/2016 No manager on Duty but the asst manager was

Isabel – Battle Creek, MI 2/24/2016 You guys are always awesome!!

Paul – Battle Creek, MI 2/20/2016 The service was excellent as always.

Mlke – Bellevue, MI 2/14/2016 Your guys are smart and fast

Samantha – Battle Creek, MI 2/13/2016 I had to say a couple times only an oil change I don't have any extra money. I am a single mom and I'm on a tight budget. So I don't like being hassled about spending money I don't have when I say I don't have it.

Daryl – Battle Creek, MI 2/12/2016 They let me leave,and go to the bank to get more money, and were very very informative of what services were top priority

Wanda – Kalamazoo, MI 2/10/2016 Great Service, however getting a bit expensive. The coupons somewhat help!

Wanda – Kalamazoo, MI 2/9/2016 Always A Great Experience. The Crew Is Always Professional & Friendly!!!

Monica – Springfield, MI 2/4/2016 Please turn down the music as it is hard to hear employees

Susan – Battle Creek, MI 1/31/2016 Explained all options and didn't pressure me during the upsells.

Garrett – Battle Creek, MI 1/28/2016 Service was great Travis was very knowledgeable and helpful. Thanks for the coupon

Mike – Battle Creek, MI 1/22/2016 Great service

Sandra – Battle Creek, MI 1/19/2016 it is a pleasure to do busness with the guys!

Dan – Battle Creek, MI 1/18/2016 The window washer fluid used was apparently diluted as it froze during my trip the very next day. Temperature was 14 degrees and within the first 50 miles on a 200 mile trip, the lines were frozen. This is the 2nd time I've had this BAD experience with Uncle Ed's. STOP DILUTING THE WASHER FLUID TO SAVE A NICKLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The last 2 visits cost $100+ each and I expect top quality materials to be used!

Todd – Battle Creek, MI 1/16/2016 Kkkkkk

Timothy – Springfield, MI 1/9/2016 Digital tire guage for greater tire pressure accuracy would be a plus for the crew

Zachary – Marshall, MI 1/8/2016 Good work.

David – Augusta, MI 1/7/2016 fast service

Jacob – Battle Creek, MI 1/4/2016 The best service I have ever gotten from an oil shop they were vary busy and I was still out the door in less than 10 mins.

Jason – Battle Creek, MI 1/4/2016 Great service

Barbara – Battle Creek, MI 1/2/2016 Awesome job guys!!

John – Battle Creek, MI 12/31/2015 Very nice place but try to sell you the world way over priced I will just go to my mechanics shops from now on

Grant – Battle Creek, MI 12/30/2015 Communications and service excellence

Zach – Battle Creek, MI 12/29/2015 Fast and friendly

Kristy – Battle Creek, MI 12/24/2015 I came in for an oil change. I always use Uncle Ed's because they are professional and fast. Phillip (Kyle) G., Robert W., and James R. were super and were happily singing along with the Christmas music while quickly working. It's great to see people having fun while doing their jobs and showing teamwork. Uncle Ed's for always providing superb service and a great experience.

Arthur – Battle Creek, MI 12/24/2015 The Manager/Customer Service Advisor, Kyle (Phillip G) and Utility Advisor, James R., were both very friendly and professional. My car light bulb was quickly changed and I was on my way. I will continue to use Uncle Ed's as my go-to place for car services.

Robert – Kalamazoo, MI 12/24/2015 Very polite and efficient

Todd – Battle Creek, MI 12/24/2015 Kyle was VERY rude! With the customer ahead of me Kyle was very chatty, smiled and seemed very interested in providing good customer service. I pull ahead and it was like turning a light off. I needed a new headlight and he was like he had to walk on glass! He had to take out the air filter compartment and proceeded to shake the entire car. It appeared that he pinched his hand or something and mouthed the "F" word. He came to show me the old headlight and in a pissed off voice, "here's the old light and thru it in the trash", then he fought again with the air filter to put a new one in. Now I understand that these things can be a challenge to do with the way they make cars nowadays, but his attitude, facial expressions and body language all said to me, "I don't care that you're paying my wages by coming in here, I'm treating you like crap!" I can go ANYWHERE and get my oil changed for HALF as much at 3-4 other stores in town. I don't need to be treated like an inconvenience AND pay 50-60 dollars at the same time! I have been coming to UE since I moved to Battle Creek in 2009 and I'm seriously considering going elsewhere to be treated insolently for less.

Chris – Kalamazoo, MI 12/22/2015 None today

Pam – Battle Creek, MI 12/18/2015 Always great service - friendly, fast & efficient!

Barry – Springfield, MI 12/17/2015 Very nice workers

Destiny – Battle Creek, MI 12/16/2015 Good experience

Jeremy – Battle Creek, MI 12/13/2015 Very Helpful and very friendly the store Manager was not there when I was in but the assistant manager was in and he was very helpful and did a lot of the work

Tim – Springfield, MI 12/12/2015 Ron and the entire crew did an outstanding job performing services on my car. They were all very friendly and explained all the services they were performing. I will definitely be a return customer! Thanks Guys!

Dominick – Battle Creek, MI 12/12/2015 I will NEVER come back! I went for a simple oil change and ended up having to pay over a 100 DOLLARS. I simply stated that I wanted a oil change, I ended up with a oil system cleaner, needing lights replaced. I appreciate the fact that they tried to discount a tad bit but it's still not adding up. I feel I was took advantage of being a single female who is cluess about cars. I am very displeased with the service and I will not return and I'll be sure to spread the word. I work to hard to just be throwing away money.

Linda – Springfield, MI 12/6/2015 My husband maintained my SUV, through the Toyota dealership. However, he passed away, Nov 23rd. I've been very happy with your service, in the past, especially the convenience, so decided to come by today.

Travis – Vicksburg, MI 12/1/2015 Proud to do business with Travis and his crew. Top notch professionals!!

John – Battle Creek, MI 11/27/2015 Travis did an excellent job!

William – Battle Creek, MI 11/25/2015 Although I see cheaper offers I trust uncle ed's to check all the important systems accurately.

Craig – Battle Creek, MI 11/25/2015 Quick and friendly service was provided.

Robert & Cynthia – Union City, MI 11/23/2015 I am always impressed at the service I receive at any of your shops!

Mark – Battle Creek, MI 11/14/2015 During my visit, I was informed by the technician that the two light bulbs illuminating my license plate were burned out. I asked him the price for the light bulbs, and I figured I could replace them cheaper myself. When I got my car home, I inspected the two license plate light bulbs and found them to be operational. I do not appreciate being lied to to generate business, and I WILL NOT be bringing any of my vehicles to any Uncle Ed's location for an oil change.

Stephen – Battle Creek, MI 11/6/2015 I have been going to Uncle Ed's for many years and have been part of the reward program you have: Uncle Ed's Reward Program. After 2012, for some reason I stopped receiving the rebate checks. On 12/23/13 I started the process of contacting your customer service personnel on the issue (Spoke with Claudia and Kayla at different times) By, 2/2014, they had apparently resolved the issue and I received some coupons. Since that time, I still have not received any rebate checks. In summary, the service at the Uncle Ed's Service Stations has been consistent and enjoyable; however, the experience with the Reward's program has not been enjoyable or rewarding for nearly two years again. Sincerely, Stephen Walsh

Daniel – Colon, MI 11/4/2015 Great servise and friendly staff.

Erin – Marshall, MI 11/2/2015 Service was exceptional

Travis – Battle Creek, MI 10/31/2015 Driving by and seeing how clean that shop was and how professional the workers looked is what drew me to that place. It was a little pricey but they did a great job. I would recommend going there if you want a HONEST oil change by a knowledgeable staff. Travis W.

Tom – Battle Creek, MI 10/31/2015 Great, Fast Service. Ron, Travis, James, and Zach all did great.

Lorin – Battle Creek, MI 10/31/2015 Ron is excellent.

Jackie – Battle Creek, MI 10/31/2015 I've been impressed with your work throughout the years I've been with you!

Jessica – Battle Creek, MI 10/31/2015 Great services!

Carmen – Battle Creek, MI 10/31/2015 Very friendly and knowledgeable

Dennis – Battle Creek, MI 10/24/2015 Ronald J and Travis B were most friendly. 10/10 would go again.

Francisco – Springfield, MI 10/17/2015 Great service and friendly people.

Samantha – Battle Creek, MI 10/17/2015 The technicians Chase and Cameron were great! They got everything checked in a timely manner and Ron even let me know what fluids needed to be changed! Keep up the great work!

Jill – Battle Creek, MI 10/16/2015 The last 5 years of coming to Uncle Ed's I have had phenomenal service all but once. For this reason I not only highly recommend you to all my friends but I look forward to receiving service from you. Thank you for making oils changes fun!

Josh – Battle Creek, MI 10/14/2015 Great, fast service. Everyone is always friendly!

Anthony – Battle Creek, MI 10/9/2015 I come for the thorough check of everything.

Misty – Battle Creek, MI 10/8/2015 I bought wiper blades while there and they are to small for my truck do not clear my windshield. And passanger side was not on properly and almost fell off while using i had to pull over and put it on!

Karla – Fulton, MI 10/7/2015 great job

Mike – Battle Creek, MI 10/6/2015 These people need a pay raise because of the amazing work they do with my car. My car battery was dead and the team was kind enough to get my car started too.

Stewart – Battle Creek, MI 10/4/2015 okkkkkkkkkkk

Angela – Bellevue, MI 10/2/2015 Thank you

Na – Battle Creek, MI 10/1/2015 Travis and James were by far my favorite tech's ever. I only get my oil changes done at uncle Ed's because I have never had a bad experience but these two young men had me laughing so hard.

Jennifer – Battle Creek, MI 9/26/2015 Great service

Dom – Springfield, MI 9/25/2015 You guys rock

Lee – Vicksburg, MI 9/24/2015 Very good job pleased with the service

Lee – Kalamazoo, MI 9/24/2015 Everyone who assisted me was very friendly and knowledgeable!

Amanda – Kalamazoo, MI 9/22/2015 Thank you for speedy service!

Samantha – Springfield, MI 9/21/2015 Friendly staff

Ted – Battle Creek, MI 9/20/2015 Ron was very patient and professional in dealing with me.

Diana – Springfield, MI 9/19/2015 Very good service good advice to keep my vehicle on the road and working thank you for your service.

Jeff – Otsego, MI 9/18/2015 N/A ......,..

Jill – Battle Creek, MI 9/14/2015 I love the friendly and thorough service. I know you guys are always honest about what needs to be done.

Alexandria – Battle Creek, MI 9/6/2015 Very nice people work here! Everytime I come in no matter who it is I feel accepted.

Roschenne – Battle Creek, MI 9/6/2015 Always happy

Karen – Battle Creek, MI 9/4/2015 Very energetic and nice techs!!

Phyllis – Bronson, MI 8/31/2015 no comment

Ashley – Battle Creek, MI 8/25/2015 Tom, James and their crew were, very thorough, knowledgeable and efficient. Will definitely be returning for future recommended services and routine maintenance.

Michael – Cedar Springs, MI 8/25/2015 First, it was extremely expensive, I have never paid more than $45 for the same service $75 is ridiculously expensive, then they wanted to charge me $7 more to remove a shield from over the oil filter. I have never paid any additional amount for that. Then I felt like I was being up sold from the minute I pulled in

Sharon – Springfield, MI 8/24/2015 They were very friendly!

Lawrence – Galesburg, MI 8/23/2015 Although it was great seeing Travis and his team, I typically don't visit this UE location, not usually in this part of town. Keep up the outstanding work!!

Corey – Battle Creek, MI 8/22/2015 Great visit!

Tito – Springfield, MI 8/21/2015 In addition to checking tire pressure, add checking tires for uneven ware and advising vehicle of tire condition.

Melissa – Olivet, MI 8/20/2015 None- n/a

Aria – Battle Creek, MI 8/19/2015 Very nice! Fixed everything including my high beam for a reasonable price!

Mario – Battle Creek, MI 8/15/2015 Just great service

Jolen – Battle Creek, MI 8/15/2015 great service

Richard – Battle Creek, MI 8/12/2015 N/A Gf Gf dub

Gbruce – Battle Creek, MI 8/10/2015 Travis was very friendly, professional, as well as knowledgeable during my visit. His whole staff, James and Ashley, worked together thoroughly and efficiently. He did mention his "District Manager" was there at the time, but he never came over to introduce himself. I am very impressed that a mostly male dominated profession has a female working for them. Ashley seemed to know her way around my vehicle's engine and looked to be to enjoying what she was doing. I have been a customer of Uncle Eds for many years, and for these reasons I will continue.

Phillip – Battle Creek, MI 8/5/2015 I have none. The curtness and professionalism i saw during my visit was exemplary in the extreme

Aaron – Battle Creek, MI 8/5/2015 Manager on Duty, Travis B was very friendly and helpful. You can tell he likes his job and wants to go the extra mile for his customers. Same for Alison G and Ryan P. Super friendly and highly professional staff. Two thumbs up. Thank you for treating me well. Much appreciated.

Teresa – Battle Creek, MI 8/4/2015 very nice guys and good service.

Kathy – Nicholasville, MI 8/3/2015 Alison & James were professional & friendly.Joshua was prompt in oil change.

John~Paul – Battle Creek, MI 8/3/2015 Keep up the good service!

Russell – Battle Creek, MI 8/3/2015 Excellent

Taylor – Kalamazoo, MI 8/3/2015 Ronald J and Alison did great today! Both were talking to me makin sure I understood what was going on and what they were doing. They worked awsome as a team together! I will for sure be back to see you guys! THANK YOU!!

Jennifer – Galesburg, MI 7/28/2015 Ronald J and Joshua N were extremely friendly and helpful. I will return in the future because of their great work!

Tabitha – Battle Creek, MI 7/27/2015 Vey good

Rhonda – Delton, MI 7/24/2015 Friendly, great job

Megan – Bedford, MI 7/24/2015 Great service

Brian – Bloomington, MI 7/21/2015 Very professional. Well run store.

Ben – Grand Rapids, MI 7/20/2015 My car is a diesel, which is always a bit more challenging. You team did a fantastic job of making sure that everything was done properly.

Doug – Fort Wayne, MI 7/20/2015 Josh and his team always do an excellent job when I come in. Service is excellent and customer service always highly professional. As a military service member I would recommend this team to everyone. Thanks again for great service!

John – Springfield, MI 7/20/2015 Very happy with the service

Roland – Battle Creek, MI 7/20/2015 AWESOME SERVICE ALWAYS!!!

Karen – Kalamazoo, MI 7/15/2015 I ended up having a slow fluid leak and noticed it about 3-4 weeks after my oil change due to engine light. I took immediately to dealership. It was a loose oil cap which they noted was likely from the oil change. The service was $50. I have never had the problem and this was my first time at uncle eds. Super disappointed.

Mike – Battle Creek, MI 7/15/2015 I have had many other oil changes at other places and they seem to take forever. I remember waiting over an hour at Sears in battle creek. This was my first time at "Uncle Ed's Oil Shop". It felt like I was out in less that 5 mins. I have been a loyal guest at Sears auto for over the last 5 years. I think, I will become a loyal guest at Uncle Ed's Oil Shop" after today. I would also like to add that the employees here are friendly and inviting. After my first visit they fixed my powers steering. I have not had any problems with it. They fixed it right the first time. Can't wait until my next oil change.

Mike – Battle Creek, MI 7/10/2015 Best place I have ever been to for my car! They do it right the first time!

Staci – Battle Creek, MI 7/8/2015 Overall, a good visit.

Cassidy – Battle Creek, MI 7/7/2015 Great service.

Mellissa – Battle Creek, MI 7/7/2015 Ron Johnson definitely deserves a raise Great customer service and very professional.

Kevin – Battle Creek, MI 7/6/2015 Technicians were very friendly and professional

Susan – Battle Creek, MI 7/5/2015 Technicians treated me with respect and clearly explained additional recommended services.

Doug – Battle Creek, MI 7/5/2015 People there were friendly and professional.

Emily – Battle Creek, MI 7/3/2015 Very pleased with service ... great assistant manager!

Corey – Battle Creek, MI 7/2/2015 No additional comments at this time.

Wanda – Kalamazoo, MI 6/30/2015 Another great experience.

Austin – Battle Creek, MI 6/30/2015 Travis B was the manager that helped me with the oil change. He was extremely friendly and easy to talk to. He recommended other services that I may need in the future to keep my old truck in good running condition. Travis B and the other staff members did very well during my visit!

Karen – Battle Creek, MI 6/29/2015 all staff were very pleasant, explained what I needed in detail and answered all questions. Also very helpful with helping me to save money with coupons. Great customer service and that is what brings me back time and again.

Evan – Springport, MI 6/29/2015 Friendly staff

Laurie – Battle Creek, MI 6/29/2015 Travis was awesome. He has a lot of pride in his job and goes the extra mile for the customers! He should absolutely be promoted if that is in his life plan.

Tracy – Galesburg, MI 6/29/2015 Great service

Brett Or Donna – Augusta, MI 6/26/2015 ALL of the guys that serviced my vehicle were SUPER friendly! Joshua N., Travis B., James R., and Ryan were pleasant and informative. I did ask some challenging questions of Josh and he was happy to answer to my satisfaction. You should definietly commend them all for being such incredible employees! The reason I was Somewhat satisified with the quickness of my service is because I did have 2 flushes to be completed which kept me there a little longer than I expected. However, I'd reather have it done right than just done fast for sure!

Marissa – Battle Creek, MI 6/24/2015 Travis was awesome.

Jamie – Coldwater, MI 6/23/2015 Last visit was awesome! Quick, nice, efficient! Josh and Austin are the best!!

Laurena – Battle Creek, MI 6/22/2015 Joshua N and Austin L were very helpful and had a smile on their face the whole time. We we're in and out in lighting speed. Will definitely be back again.

Josh – Battle Creek, MI 6/19/2015 Fast, friendly service! Nothing but smiles every time I come to this shop.

Cody – Battle Creek, MI 6/19/2015 Travis was great! Thanks for the hook-up dude!

Stephen – Battle Creek, MI 6/18/2015 The staff was very friendly.

Chris – Springfield, MI 6/15/2015 Always awesome!

Sedreyana – Battle Creek, MI 6/15/2015 Very welcoming and committed to make sure that everything was done properly and quickly. Gave great advice on what needed to be done and what didn't have to be done right away. Not all pushy on customers like some places and friendly guys that remember their customers and always give great service every time.

Anastasha – Battle Creek, MI 6/15/2015 The men and women at Uncle eds are very knowledgeable, helpful and polite! I recommend this store every time!

Burleigh – Bellevue, MI 6/12/2015 Fast and friendly

Joan – Augusta, MI 6/12/2015 Everyone , every time.. Are so friendly

Jessica – Springfield, MI 6/11/2015 Service was great. Manager had great customer service skills, communicated very well!! Very deserving of a raise!

Suzan – Kalamazoo, MI 6/10/2015 Josh, Ron and Alison worked very well together and I felt they knew what they were doing and didnt try to sell me things I did not need.

Debra – Allegan, MI 6/9/2015 The crew working on my car were great.. very happy... they worked well together....

Janet – Battle Creek, MI 6/8/2015 First place I always go to get my oil change. The last oil change I had done at a garage because I was having other work done. Most always come to Uncle Ed's. Years ago they messed something up on my car and made it right paid for the repairs.

Angela – Springfield, MI 6/8/2015 My tech Austin was amazing and super kind he explained everything so easily. I will never go anywhere else for service! !!

Rob – Battle Creek, MI 6/8/2015 All good

William – Battle Creek, MI 6/7/2015 The workers were very pleasant and professional. I will always take my business to Uncle Eds.

Terry Z – Battle Creek, MI 6/7/2015 Territory Mgr present and I think made the trip poor, Was trying to run things to much and sell to hard. New Mgr trainee appeared ok. They indicate on invoice I was there at 12:32pm but actually was in bay around 12 after 12pm. They started service, then stopped, then had me drive to front bay to complete service. They were extremely pushing extra service and I had to ask for standard oil, they wanted to add more expensive oil. Then they wanted to replace my air filter, but they were not careful and snapped the closure clip off and it fell somewhere. They told me I did not need it. Believe me,two clips time number of cars produced, manufacturer would not use two if not needed. I was already there half hour and they said they could go get a clip at the dealership. I use to be a customer all the time when Uncle Ed first opened. $47.49 for an oil change is at least $17.00 more then I ever have paid. I won't be returning and I won't refer anyone. I don't want anything from Uncle Ed's, I will purchase the clip they carelessly lost and place this in my learning file. I do believe if the Territory mgr was not there, the events might have went better. He seemed to be showboating if I was asked to do his evaluation. He must remember, customer first, then low sell. They also had be compete my info on computer notepad and you can see that did not go well by the invoice. Not completed well. That should be there job. One good point, I have not had such customer service in a long time, now I have something to share with my friends! On Survey-- "Why did I choose Uncle Ed's"--worthless capture, none of the choices is my reason for choosing Uncle Ed's (You need someone who wants to really help your sales help with this survey as well. My anser is wrong on this one, because canned answers are wrong.

Rachael – Battle Creek, MI 6/5/2015 Travis is awesome! My car wouldn't start and he spent a long time locating my starter and banging on it.

Brad – Springfield, MI 6/3/2015 Wow where do I even start! On June 3rd I decided to stop by the 1101 Columbia ave store to have my oil changed. From the time I pulled into the bay until I left the service was absolutely incredible! My customer service advisor Josh was extremely professional and very informational, he not only made me feel comfortable but assured me that he knew what he was talking about. Austin and Alison worked under my hood and car and were also very impressive. Both were very professional and extremely friendly. Without being asked Alison double checked my tire pressure which made it very comforting to know that she cared. Austin made sure to introduce himself and make sure that my experience was a great one. Thank you all very much for an incredible experience and making me feel comfortable. This crew made it very easy to trust this company and successfully reeled in a very happy customer for life! You guys should be very proud, see you in 3000 miles

Dave – Battle Creek, MI 5/30/2015 Very professional

Stephen – Battle Creek, MI 5/18/2015 The personnel working were friendly and a pleasure to work with.

Sandra – Battle Creek, MI 5/13/2015 Very nice and professional staff

Olivia – Battle Creek, MI 5/13/2015 Super fantastic, everyone is super sweet (:

Nicholas – Springfield, MI 5/11/2015 I had to miss work the next day because I found out that I only have 7 psi in my front driver's side tire. The only people who touched my tire were the people working at this Uncle Ed's location. Will never go back to this or any other Uncle Ed's location.

Peter – Battle Creek, MI 5/10/2015 The two guys that were working were very nice and informative.

Jami – Battle Creek, MI 5/8/2015 Travis and his team were extremely helpful and professional!

Wanda – Kalamazoo, MI 5/4/2015 I always have a great experience, However today Weston, Austin and Alison were great, professional and a lot of fun. We had good conversation and a few laughs. It was yet another great experience plus they all were professional and fun. A Team like that makes you want to come back. FYI - I missed Corbin on today!!!

James – Springfield, MI 5/2/2015 Had good service and I'd recommend these guys to anyone.

Michelle – Battle Creek, MI 5/1/2015 offer tell a friend coupon half off next visit

Tim – Dowling, MI 4/28/2015 I thought the price of things at this shop was high. An air filter should not cost $25.99

Rebecca – Battle Creek, MI 4/22/2015 The uncle eds team was very friendly and helpful, they made me feel comfortable.

Mikel – Battle Creek, MI 4/10/2015 TravisB,Alison,and Corbin did a great job today very friendly and fast thank you.

Sherrie – Springfield, MI 4/10/2015 Travis,alison.josh,austin.chris were very helpful. .great service with a smile and great conversations

Wanda – Kalamazoo, MI 4/4/2015 Another Great visit.

Hillary – Dowling, MI 3/31/2015 The service was exceptional! And friendly. Also as a female who grew up with a dad who made sure I knew how to change my tires, batteries, brakes etc. it was refreshing to see two ladies provide the service today. They were knowledgable and friendly. The entire team was just great.

Rex – Battle Creek, MI 3/30/2015 Good job

Chad – Battle Creek, MI 3/26/2015 Very friendly staff.

Amanda – Battle Creek, MI 3/25/2015 You guys are great! No wait, no hassle, and I love the coupons I received in the mail. Corbin and crew were fast and all smiles during my oil change. I also added in new wipers and I love the rain treatment on my windshield!

Charlie – Galesburg, MI 3/13/2015 The high pressure sales is really getting old. It is a standing joke among SO MANY people. Then, when I got home I noticed "shop supplies" on my invoice! Really? Does that mean that your providing this service at your direct cost? If not, that is what your mark-up is for; like electricity, paper, garbage service ... it's part of the cost of doing business. This is an absolutely deceptive practice and I will certainly be getting the word out on social media about it. If there was a disclosure about this hidden extra cost, I sure didn't see it and wasn't told about it before the oil change. It amounts to stealing another $1.75.

Bryan – Battle Creek, MI 2/28/2015 I have been going to this shop for years, at first it was because I lived in the area, now its because I simply cant get better service anywhere else. I drive from Pennfield passing about a dozen shops along the way. Sure there are some closer, and some cheaper, but I have never had a bad experience at your shop. Wesley has been there to great me the last few times, I have to say I am impressed. This young man knows how to treat customers.

Jason – Battle Creek, MI 2/22/2015 Top Notch Service. Nice to see people enthusiastic with the job.

Suzie – Battle Creek, MI 2/20/2015 Always feel that they know what they are talking about and I never feel pressured to add additional costs to my visit. I am shown other options, but never pressured to take advantage of them. Also, being a women, never feel like they feel I don't know what I'm talking about - which is major to me!!!

Alexandria – Woodland, MI 1/20/2015 Travis B and Weston W were both extremely nice and east to talk to. They kept me company while we waited for my engine to be cleaned. Overall I felt comfortable being there and when I come back I hope to see them both again Weston W has worked on my vehicle twice now and each time I have had no complaints Very nice team!

Florence – Battle Creek, MI 1/16/2015 I had telephoned this store location a couple of days prior and talked with Austin. Austin was very helpful, informative and the reason I brought my Mothers vehicle there. I telephoned first, talked with Austin and upon arrival he was very professional, friendly and introduced himself. Also, the manager (Weston) introduced himself too. There were very knowledgeable, thorough and helpful. Recommended we return within to follow-up. I live in Kalamazoo, my mother lives in Battle Creek and would recommend this location. Thank you Austin and Weston!!! Tamera