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Experience Michigan's Best Oil Change right here in Battle Creek. Conveniently located on Beckley Road, our friendly and knowledgeable technician staff will service your car, truck, or van with a fast and professional oil and oil filter change. But that's only the beginning!

In addition we provide a thorough 19-point inspection with advice on the condition of your vehicle. We will check your car's fluids and if they are low, we can top them off. As an added courtesy we set your tire pressure, check your exterior lights, inspect the wiper blades and hand wash the windshield. All in just 10-15 minutes!

Our Beckley Road location is a full-service location, meaning we can perform additional preventative maintenance services such as transmission fluid and radiator flushes, help increase gas mileage with our engine additives and treatments, and install or replace air filters, wiper blades, and bulbs.

Our service doesn't stop once you leave! As a valued customer you receive our free fluid and tire check in between oil changes - a $25 value yours free to use as many times as you’d like!

Staff Information

Asst District Manager David Houser for Uncle Eds Oil Shoppe on 5280 Beckley Rd in Battle Creek, MI 49015

David Houser
Asst District Manager

Store Manager for Uncle Eds Oil Shoppe on 5280 Beckley Rd in Battle Creek, MI 49015

Justin Jones
Store Manager

Ask our Customers
  • Everything was good checked and showed me everything on my car

    Hussen – Clinton Twp, MI 5/31/2019

  • They do a good job here!

    Krista – Macomb, MI 5/10/2019

  • Everything was great!

    Major – Detroit, MI 5/10/2019

Recent Customer Reviews

Andrew – Battle Creek, MI 6/7/2019 I have none

Thomas – Battle Creek, MI 6/6/2019 Your guys did an outstanding job today. They jumped my car and told me they had the perfect battery for my car. Price was right, attitude was right, Service was spectacular - your guys did an outstanding job. All 3 guys were on the situation and got me back on the road in no time when I thought if I went where I was going how long would that take. Gold Stars for all of the guys.

Sunny – Battle Creek, MI 5/22/2019 Great fast service!

James – Marshall, MI 5/18/2019 Excellent, friendly, very competent service.

Rev. Lawrence – Galesburg, MI 5/14/2019 Aiden & Jordan we’re kind & exemplary with the care & concern for my vehicle!

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Greg – Marshall, MI 5/12/2019 no,your guys were thorough

Lisa – Battle Creek, MI 5/9/2019 Uncle Ed's continues to may this woman happy.

Noah & Anne – Athens, MI 4/29/2019 Great service as always!

KEN – CLIMAX, MI 4/28/2019 Drew and Logan are great, very helpful, thanks guys!

James – Battle Creek, MI 4/19/2019 Fast and easy

Zachary – Marshall, MI 4/9/2019 Was lied to. Was told my car required dexso oil and nothing else would work. Paid 100.00 for an oil change. Service manual recommends motor craft 5w30 that Walmart sells for 4 dollars a quart

Lori – Breedsville, MI 4/6/2019 Both Drew’s and John were truly great. Best oil change place no doubt about it. Can’t wait till next time.

Andrew – Union City, MI 4/1/2019 Very good service

Darcy – Battle Creek, MI 4/1/2019 I like the friendly people

Michelle – Battle Creek, MI 4/1/2019 Awesome

Andrew Lee – Battle Creek, MI 3/31/2019 Both drew and Tristan were extremely nice and helpful. Service is always great at both the one on beckley and columbia. Great work guys!

Bruce – Battle Creek, MI 3/21/2019 Tristen and Ron did a great and quick job.

Bruce – Battle Creek, MI 3/16/2019 Ron and Justin always do a great job.

Garry – Marshall, MI 3/8/2019 Great service !!! Friendly Staff.

GARY – Battle Creek, MI 3/7/2019 Justin and Ron were very friendly and worked very efficiently while very busy at the same time. I will keep coming back for the service they provide.

Ronald – Battle Creek, MI 3/4/2019 Sometimes the sales pitch on all the services and stuff can get to be a little much.

Gary – Coldwater, MI 3/1/2019 No comments

Penny – Battle Creek, MI 2/27/2019 Very professional and friendly!!

Damien – Portage, MI 2/11/2019 Great work

Michael – Battle Creek, MI 2/9/2019 Very nice, and very helpful

ETHAN – BATTLE CREEK, MI 2/8/2019 Justin provides above and beyond service, tristen was great walking me through the process and Logan and Derek the technicians were very enthusiastic walking around the store 10/10 to uncle Ed’s on beckley

Kourtney – Augusta, MI 2/6/2019 Had my oil change quick and easy thank you

Brittany – Battle Creek, MI 2/4/2019 Pricing signage somewhere in shop.

Tiffany – Battle Creek, MI 2/3/2019 Great staff! Very nice:)

Maranda – Richland, MI 1/29/2019 Service is always great!!!

Caitlin – Battle Creek, MI 1/25/2019 They were very fast and friendly. Very helpful.

CHERYL – Battle Creek, MI 1/18/2019 I don’t have any comments

Sara – Battle Creek, MI 1/14/2019 Fantastic service

Echo – Battle Creek, MI 1/12/2019 The tablet was a pain to use today, I kept pushing okay and after 20 or so times of pushing it, it finally went thru.

Tina – Battle Creek, MI 1/11/2019 Great customer service provided by drew and justin

Joel – Athens, MI 1/10/2019 Very fast and professional!

Rev. Lawrence – Galesburg, MI 1/2/2019 Both Justin & Joshua were very kind and professional, appreciated their assistance with wiper concerns and purchase!

Chrystal – Battle Creek, MI 12/27/2018 All star team! Quick, efficient, and courteous! I will definitely be back!

Joshua – Battle Creek, MI 12/26/2018 Justin and Ron were awesome during my visit! I got a very quick oil change and a 2-step fuel system cleaner that did wonders for my car! Runs like brand new! I would 100% recommend the Beckely Road UEOS! Will be back!

Stephanie – Battle Creek, MI 12/15/2018 Left with zero washer fluid in car. Hope the other fluids and oil were done right.

Lisa – Battle Creek, MI 12/14/2018 Ron, Drew, and Justin were marvelous, as always. The new district manager, Dave seems to be a good fit.

Rebekah – Battle Creek, MI 12/13/2018 Both technicians were very helpful and friendly, and always asked before reaching into my vehicle or opening my door, which I really appreciate. They answered any questions I had very politely.

Chris – Richland, MI 12/12/2018 Service is always great!

Bruce – Battle Creek, MI 12/10/2018 Justin and Francois did great.

Justin – Battle Creek, MI 12/6/2018 Mason was great he helped me learn new things about my car and was very helpful all around. people like him are the reason I come here and pay the price I do.worth every penny

Jennifer – Burlington, MI 12/3/2018 Store manager was awesome!!!

David – Union City, MI 11/30/2018 Washer fluid not filled(empty in and empty out). Was told my supplied oil filter was incorrect. Oil filter installed cross references to the filter I brought in. I okayed a new air filter. I think but haven't verified that it was changed. I was not charged for it. Employees were friendly and were communicating with each other but it was busy and they were swapping between vehicles and I think it hurt performance. Missing something obvious like washer fluid makes me a little concerned about what else may have been over looked. I will probably return again on the assumption it was an off day.

Jamie – Marshall, MI 11/29/2018 Fantastic service Mason the manager was great and Drew was very helpful all around great service

Austin – Ceresco, MI 11/29/2018 Had a fantastic experience Tristan and Mason were fun to talk to made the oil change not feel like something I have to do

Carl – East Leroy, MI 11/27/2018 I did not know an oil change could be exciting and entertaining but Josh and Mason were entertaining to watch and they got my oil change done very quickly definitely going to be back for my next one

Brianna – Battle Creek, MI 11/27/2018 Everyone was so nice and professional I can honestly say it was the best service I have ever had at any oil change place I've ever been to Drew and Justin were very nice and got me back on the road very quickly great work guys

Ray – Battle Creek, MI 11/26/2018 Very expensive, you were more then the car dealership and the car dealership does more for you on your visit.

Chris – East Leroy, MI 11/23/2018 it was great.

Merilee – Climax, MI 11/21/2018 Keep on waving

Laura – Battle Creek, MI 11/21/2018 Great job

Bruce – Battle Creek, MI 11/20/2018 Beckley Road staff are always friendly and helpful.

Doug – 11111111, MI 11/11/2018 That building was freezing,it's 33deg. with the overheads open on each end? I asked cant those doors be closed! No the District manager requires them left open. I'm a commercial HVAC mechanic(40 years)and I was in insulated clothing and cold, getting a radiator flush. Will I go back, yes only if I can take the day off to watch that manager work 8 in that crap. I do it ever day, but I'm dressed for it! Expecting a response.

Julie – Marshall, MI 11/10/2018 Convenient and thorough

Jenna – Battle Creek, MI 11/9/2018 Great service

Tony – Battle Creek, MI 11/8/2018 Always very kind.

Judy – BATTLE CREEK, MI 11/8/2018 Great at your jobs!

John – Athens, MI 11/4/2018 Great service definitly will be back, Noah and drew made my day so much better by being great people.

Dean – Kalamazoo, MI 11/4/2018 The tech drew was really friendly and we had a great talk about that restaurant a crossed the street torty taco which ended up being amazing. I highly recommend it to everyone.

Shari – Battle Creek, MI 11/4/2018 Noah and drew were both very kind and fast. Definitely will be back both of them were really informative and knew there stuff about my car!!

Maria – Olivet, MI 11/3/2018 Drew, mason and Justin made my experience truly fantastic. I will continue bringing all of my current and future cars into see this caring team!!

Aaron – Battle Creek, MI 11/2/2018 Great service Mason was very nice and professional at first I thought the price was outrageous but he saved me 10$ off and after experiencing the service I'll definitely be back for the next one

Lynette – Battle Creek, MI 11/2/2018 Mason and the rest of the guys were fantastic truly great service I'll definitely be back again

Robert & Cynthia – Union City, MI 10/30/2018 Mason and Justin did a great job! Friendly and professional.

Peter – Hickory Crnrs, MI 10/29/2018 Good stuff over all

Nathan – Battle Creek, MI 10/27/2018 Fast, clean, and professional. Thank you!

Cari – East Leroy, MI 10/25/2018 Mason was fantastic he was a great help he was really nice it was the best service I've had in a long time I'll be coming back for sure

Austin – Athens, MI 10/16/2018 Service is always super fast and very informative👍🏻

Chris – East Leroy, MI 10/12/2018 Great work Justin & Drew!

Michael – East Leroy, MI 10/9/2018 Justin, great manager. Went above and beyond.

Dave – Battle Creek, MI 9/30/2018 Definitely will be back! Then you for the discounts.

Tim – Battle Creek, MI 9/30/2018 Drew and the manager Justin were very fast while keeping me updated the entire oil change

Jim – Battle Creek, MI 9/29/2018 Very good

M – Battle Creek, MI 9/25/2018 Service was great just was very professional Mason was quick and very funny made my son laugh with a pun I'll definitely keep coming here

Mike – East Leroy, MI 9/25/2018 great service quick and easy and Mason was very friendly

Maria – Battle Creek, MI 9/25/2018 Mason was quick and very informative everyone was it really was a 10 minute oil change

Lisa – Springfield, MI 9/24/2018 Only place I'll bring my car.

Deanna – Battle Creek, MI 9/11/2018 Everyone was friendly and courteous

Canady – Delton, MI 9/8/2018 100% satisfied the only thing is is I didn't know that Uncle Ed's did a lot of the other stuff and tell your employees the manager and the people on the floor told me they did this this and this and it's just amazing

Scott – EAST LEROY, MI 9/5/2018 None at this time

Paul – Battle Creek, MI 8/31/2018 My visit today was great and I’ll be back again. Thank you

Mary – Battle Creek, MI 8/24/2018 surprised at the service and the great attitudes of those that attended to the maintenance of my car.

Bruce – Battle Creek, MI 8/18/2018 Getting to know new crew at Beckley. Loved the crew that went to Columbia.

Paul – Battle Creek, MI 8/16/2018 Happy people very efficient

Meagan – Climax, MI 8/1/2018 Great service, nice guys

Glenn – East Leroy, MI 7/31/2018 Ron is awesome

Aiden – Battle Creek, MI 7/27/2018 This store has the best service out of any of the 29 locations. The staff is always courteous and respectful. Excellent service is their priority and they never cease to astound me. Please make Ron the store manager already.

Ruth – Athens, MI 7/24/2018 took a lot longer than the "10 minute oil change" slogan

Kathrine – Lake Odessa, MI 7/23/2018 Great service, friendly staff

Laura – Battle Creek, MI 7/21/2018 This was my first visit to an Uncle Ed's in ages, this staff was OUTSTANDING! Ron is a very customer oriented and knowledgeable young man and provides outstanding service. Alexis was very friendly and helpful as well. 100% recommending this location to others as they need to experience this as well! I WILL be back!

Jacob – Ceresco, MI 7/18/2018 Staff were knowledgeable, they took great pride and professionalism in their work. I am going to recommend this oil shopping to anyone and everyone.

Dylan – Battle Creek, MI 7/18/2018 Good service

Sherie – Lansing, MI 7/17/2018 Your company is superior. I have moved to Lansing and I still make my way to a location on I94 for my service. If only you would expand to the north!

Jason – Portage, MI 7/16/2018 Great job! Fast and efficient service!

Lisa – Battle Creek, MI 7/14/2018 easy to use

Donna – Battle Creek, MI 7/14/2018 Great service always

Dawn – Battle Creek, MI 7/14/2018 Love the service fantastic crew and thank you to Ron for the fishing spots

Eric – Springfield, MI 7/13/2018 Service was excellent and Ron was delightful, very friendly and helpful!

Lisa – Battle Creek, MI 7/11/2018 The new manager, Kenneth, is outstanding ! Fill in help Drew was a good fit. And of course, Chris, the district manager, is great as always.

Tyler – Battle Creek, MI 7/7/2018 Staff was super friendly

Katie – Sherwood, MI 7/5/2018 The staff were professional, propmt, and though. I will definitely be a repeat customer.

Duane – BATTLE CREEK, MI 6/29/2018 It's hard to hear in the Bay Area. I'm getting older so you may want to take it slower with older customers.

CELESTE – Battle Creek, MI 6/26/2018 Very friendly staff

Jared – Otsego, MI 6/22/2018 Store manager was awesome. She was very nice and knowledgeable. This was my first time coming to a place like this as I always do my own stuff and I have heard horror stories from people who have had bad experiences with businesses like these. One of the staff was also helpful with recommending a place to get a in cabin air filter. Overall very satisfied and wanted to make sure the staff was acknowledged for being very friendly and helpful and nice. Especially the manager. Thank you.

Quintin – Union City, MI 6/10/2018 Oil cleaning is a little pricey 109 just to dump a few quarts and run for 5 minutes seems a bit pricey

Altamiece – Battle Creek, MI 6/10/2018 Great service every time. No one does it like Uncle Eds.

David – Union City, MI 6/9/2018 Very friendly and professional. Suggested additional services as appropriate but not overly pushy. Rochelle in particular, was awesome and suggested a serpentine belt replacement which likely saved me from a breakdown in the near future.

Ember – Lansing, MI 6/8/2018 Always feel welcomed and they are always so helpful. Things can be kind of expensive, especially for someone in college and the lady that was kind enough to help me gave me a coupon which helps more than people think.

Michele – Colon, MI 6/5/2018 There's survey sucked really bad because every time I tried to submit it it would not submit that's why I hate surveys because something is always stupid on it

Mike – Battle Creek, MI 6/4/2018 Customer service

Serena – Athens, MI 6/1/2018 After today I will never come back to your facility. The staff was very friendly but the needed to change the air can filter. When they pulled it out there was a lot of debri, they did not have a filter so they called and had one delivered which I did not mind waiting for. The problem was after they changed the filter it sounded like a jet plane was in my truck - they were unable to get it working correctly because they did not have anything to get it out, so they left it for me to do on my own. So far I have not got the debri out because of the small space - so now I cannot turn on my air or heat and I will have to pay someone to do it because I was not able to do it on my own. U will never go there again after this!! There is wiring inside behind the glove box where this filter is so now my dash radio is not working. I have always had great service but today I am very upset about this and they left it for me to do on my own when they caused the problem. Again I will never return to your facility with my household vehicles. I paid an awful lot of money today and you left me high and dry with a vehicle I have to take somewhere to get fixed now. You have lost a once loyal customer.

Debra – Marquette, MI 6/1/2018 ENTIRE staff was extremely kind, helpful and went above and beyond my expectations! Will definitely be back and will HIGHLY recommend them to otjers!

Bruce – Battle Creek, MI 5/30/2018 Kenneth went above and beyond in his service today. Ron working hard too. Kyle worked hard also in the heat.

Chris – East Leroy, MI 5/25/2018 Great Job! Shelly is awesome! Thanks!

Chris – Battle Creek, MI 5/21/2018 Awesome job. Fast and professional, Shelly is an all star and very customer focused! Keep up the great job!!

Teri – Burlington, MI 5/15/2018 I was able to get this done on my lunch hour which was the reason that I went there. Friendly and fast service. Thank you.

BRADY – Battle Creek, MI 5/14/2018 Great job Shelly and Kenneth!

Bruce – Battle Creek, MI 5/14/2018 Rochelle and Ron always do a great job.

Nicholas – Battle Creek, MI 5/13/2018 My wife and I pulled in around 9:30, not knowing that the location wasn't open yet. Cole greeted us upon arrival, and reminded us of the opening time. I offered to come back later, however Cole was very accommodating and insisted that we come in and have the car serviced. Alexis came in for his shift about 10 minutes later and jumped right in to help Cole with our visit. Neither one of them complained about us accidentally being there before 10. They were fast, courteous, and friendly. This over and above effort is an example of why we continue to have our cars serviced by Uncle Eds. Thank you!

Preston – Battle Creek, MI 5/11/2018 Great friendly service. And coupons :)

Mary – Albion, MI 5/8/2018 It was great and friendly, very happy.

Vicky – Battle Creek, MI 5/8/2018 it was good

Eric – Burlington, MI 5/7/2018 Always friendly and fast- great service

Jim – Battle Creek, MI 4/28/2018 Great manager at this location.

Elijah – Battle Creek, MI 4/28/2018 Nonexistent

Rev. Lawrence – Galesburg, MI 4/25/2018 It was great seeing Ron, he's an outstanding individual & mgr! Kenneth is a fine young tech too!

Maranda – Richland, MI 4/19/2018 Technician was very pleasant. Service fast.

Sara – Kalamazoo, MI 4/15/2018 Very friendly and polite staff.

Chloe – Marshall, MI 4/15/2018 I've been getting my oil changed since I could drive a car at 16, and this was my first time ever going to Uncle ed's. This was also the first time I've ever felt completely scammed by a car place for taking advantage of a girl who doesn't know anything about cars or what I do and don't need. I know a lot of places do this to women but it was extremely obvious that they were trying to upcharge me for every little thing and I found it infuriating that I was treated that way. This in turn made the whole process so much longer than it needed to be and it was the absolute slowest oil change I'™ve ever had. This place is absolutely terrible and I will never go back.. train your staff to treat women with respect and to help them and 50% of the population just may decide to actually be your customers.

Bryant – Battle Creek, MI 4/12/2018 Very friendly and professional staff. The service was quick but thorough. The manager on duty listen to my feedback and responded very well. It's rare to find service of this caliber these days.

Lisa – Battle Creek, MI 4/11/2018 Shelley, Wyatt, Cole, Alexes, Marquis, they rocked !!!!!

Steve – Battle Creek, MI 4/10/2018 Good job

Marlene – Battle Creek, MI 4/10/2018 Very satisfied

Mindy – Athens, MI 4/9/2018 They try to up sell you a little too much but everything else is great

Debra – East Leroy, MI 4/6/2018 Wyatt & Kenneth were both excellent & helpful...great staff

James – Battle Creek, MI 3/30/2018 Took a little bit longer than expected but it was my first visit so they were very thorough and did an amazing job!

Dan – Battle Creek, MI 3/28/2018 this location has given me great service everytime i go there. I managed retail for 40 years and these techs are well lead and taught the way to treat a custome.

John – Battle Creek, MI 3/26/2018 The crew here is outstanding! They do a very thorough job and make sure I know what's going on with my car every time! Ron and Marquis were very quick and efficient and Shelly seemed to be very knowledgeable! I appreciate the service at this location and can't wait to return for my next oil change!

Rev. Lawrence – Galesburg, MI 3/19/2018 Ron is an outstanding and knowledgeable team member!

Holli – Battle Creek, MI 3/16/2018 Ronald and Marquis were excellent!!! Enjoyed my visit there very much!!!

Tiffany – Olivet, MI 3/15/2018 Nice to know that I can come back to have my fluids topped off.

Eric – Burlington, MI 3/12/2018 Eliminate this function. Very annoying

Tyler – Marshall, MI 3/8/2018 Very friendly

Eric – Burlington, MI 3/5/2018 Shelly and tech were great as always

Sunny – Battle Creek, MI 3/3/2018 Great fast friendly service.

Heather – Battle Creek, MI 3/2/2018 Service was great everyone seemed very knowledgeable about my Jeep. I thought the service was great and recommended to my friend to take her car there as well.

Lisa – Battle Creek, MI 2/28/2018 Ronald and Kenneth are outstanding! Love that Uncle Eds location, it is the best in Battle Creek. And their manager Chris is THE best.

Stephen – Union City, MI 2/28/2018 Did good job

Ember – Lansing, MI 2/26/2018 My name is Ember and I came for an oil change and it was my first time. I was having an emotional day and didn't wanna be there but as soon as I pulled in I was greated with excellent service. I have never been so amazed and felt welcomed. I plan on going there from now on. Also, I had an amazing coupon that really helped.

Jim – Battle Creek, MI 2/24/2018 Ron and Shelli are great

Doug – Battle Creek, MI 2/23/2018 Glad to know of your other services without high pressure to purchase.

Rob – Battle Creek, MI 2/22/2018 Shannon was amazing. Very professional, and everyone was very helpful, informative, and fast.

James – Battle Creek, MI 2/17/2018 Excellent place for vehicle maintenance

James – Marshall, MI 2/17/2018 Great service! Shelly is very knowledgeable and a great leader for her team. Marquis is doing a very diligent job.

Chris – Battle Creek, MI 2/16/2018 Great job team! Keep up the great work!

Echo – Battle Creek, MI 2/9/2018 I appreciate how honest they are.

Allan – Battle Creek, MI 2/2/2018 The manager was great and her eyes so cute

Mike – East Leroy, MI 2/1/2018 Keep up the good work

Kirk – Battle Creek, MI 1/30/2018 The Manager, Rochelle, was very friendly and professional. Felt she was very knowledgable about everything discussed.

Jacob – Battle Creek, MI 1/26/2018 Great environment and friendly staff. Congrats Shelly on the promotion, you and your team did a great job. This will be the Uncle Ed's location I'll be using for now on ðŸ-ðŸ-

Lisa – Battle Creek, MI 1/23/2018 Store Manager is great!

Teri – Burlington, MI 1/20/2018 The store manager is amazing. She does a fantastic job making me feel that I am wanted as a customer. She does a great job with her communication as well as how she treats her employees. She really seems to love her job.

Bruce – Battle Creek, MI 1/19/2018 Beckley road Uncle Eds always good and friendly.

Lillian – Battle Creek, MI 1/19/2018 everyone worked together very nice to see

Jeff – Athens, MI 1/18/2018 Friendly, fast, great service.

Susan – Waleska, MI 1/15/2018 Lucky I stopped in. I was traveling from Georgia to Michigan and back again and the crew at Uncle Eds discovered my fuel filter was leaking gasoline.

James – Marshall, MI 1/14/2018 Particularly Outstanding and knowledgeable service from the guys working today at uncle Ed's.

TERRY – Battle Creek, MI 1/10/2018 Service attendant Justin was VERY helpful, and informative!

Robert – Marshall, MI 1/6/2018 Justin was my technician and he was great, Marquis was assisting him and did well too, considering that the temperature was sub-zero. They were professional and efficient and eager to answer questions. I do not appreciate the pressure to purchase items from Uncle Ed's, although I know that this occurs with "quick oil" establishments and I know that this is what they do. I will most likely return and recommend others to go there as well.

Bruce – Battle Creek, MI 1/6/2018 Rochelle, Justin and Steven do a great job!

Matt – Kalamazoo, MI 1/3/2018 Actually warm in the shop. Great atmosphere

Chris – Battle Creek, MI 1/3/2018 Justin was really informative and fun to be around. I always visit this location. The staff is professional. It looks like they have alot of fun doing their jobs. I appreciate that they can take a chore of mine and turn it into a mini vacation. Will be back

Timothy – Somers Point, MI 12/30/2017 The whole team was very helpful, courteous, fun, efficient, and professional. Shelley smiled, and all the gentlemen working on our car seemed to get along well.

Laura – Battle Creek, MI 12/26/2017 Every time I have visited this location the customer service has been excellent, I've never had to wait, and I've never felt pressured into buying something or upgrading. I live in Chicago and am usually only back in town for holidays but I always try to time my oil changes so that I can go to Uncle Ed's. I've never had a similar experience anywhere else I've gone in terms of speed, quality of care, and friendliness. Thank you for all your hard work and great attitudes!

Roxi – Battle Creek, MI 12/26/2017 First off it was pointed out to me that one of the bolts on my skid plate was rusted & one was broken off. However, the store manager replaced all of the bolts without request. That was very kind of her & its much appreciated! Now the only complaint I have is the price. I was floored at the price of $50.00 that has to be paid for convenience. I remember "back in the day" the shops such as Uncle Ed's convenience shops etc, lowest prices started at $19.99. The ONLY reason why I will not be returning is the price. (Unless I see or recieve any coupons in the mail that beat out any surrounding competitors.) Thank You & Happy New Year!

Mark – Battle Creek, MI 12/22/2017 Shelly and her crew did a great job

Shannon – Battle Creek, MI 12/22/2017 Very friendly

Heather – Hastings, MI 12/21/2017 Excellent staff and service.

Chris – Marshall, MI 12/21/2017 The people were wonderful and very helpful. The only thing that will keep me from ever coming back is price. You are more than double the dealerships. You are way over priced!!

Kyle – Battle Creek, MI 12/20/2017 Ron and Kenneth were fast and friendly. Went on a trip for work and wanted the top notch service to check fluid levels and tires. Thank you both keep up the excellent job. ---Love Kyle!!!!

Curtis – Battle Creek, MI 12/19/2017 Justin was super educational and fast. I appreciate the level of professionalism and the amazing customer service provided by Justin. He really knows how to make you feel right at home.

Steve – Battle Creek, MI 12/16/2017 Great manager!

Bruce – Battle Creek, MI 12/15/2017 Justin, Steven and Rochelelle and others at this store do a great job.

Julie – Scotts, MI 12/14/2017 This is the only place I trust with my car.

Tara – Battle Creek, MI 12/14/2017 Rochelle was great!

Samantha – Charlotte, MI 12/10/2017 I appreciated them checking multiple areas of my car. Nice to know that if there is something questionable, they'll let you know. Justin greeted me and made me feel super comfortable and welcome, Shelly was also extremely friendly and very educational, explaining why certain services were recommended! Very friendly, very professional, completely happy with the service today, and will be coming back! :)

Nicholas – Battle Creek, MI 12/1/2017 rochelle h and gregory d are hard working employees! consider for raises and promotions

Jill – Battle Creek, MI 11/24/2017 very friendly & thorough service!

Jeramie – Battle Creek, MI 11/24/2017 Everyone was very friendly and experienced

Carrie – Battle Creek, MI 11/22/2017 Great job. Very friendly. Glad to see a woman working there!!!

Jeff – Battle Creek, MI 11/21/2017 Upsell is a pain in the bottom. I was doing my own oil changes and tune-ups with points and condenser before the manager was a twinkle in her fathers eye, but she was trying to tell me that because my oil wasn't clear after 3000+ miles I needed engine flush in my oil. If my oil was still clear after 3000+ miles I wouldn't have been in for an oil change.

Jim – Battle Creek, MI 11/19/2017 Did not have the light bulb in stock

Tiffany – Battle Creek, MI 11/16/2017 I'll continue to get my vehicle(s) serviced here

Mike – Battle Creek, MI 11/16/2017 Very helpful

Jim Valerie – Vicksburg, MI 11/15/2017 Asked to just get the oil change because I was in a rush. The team had taken good care of me and got me back on the road in time for my appointment. Manager is very friendly I believe his name is Justin.

Mark – Battle Creek, MI 11/15/2017 Great service as always Kenneth is very professional. Justin was very thoroughly going over services with me and keeping me informed the whole way along.

Wayne – Battle Creek, MI 11/15/2017 Kenneth was friendly. Justin is very informative. Will be back

Brooke – Kalamazoo, MI 11/13/2017 Nothing that comes to mind

Rachel – Augusta, MI 11/12/2017 Very fast!

Bill – Battle Creek, MI 11/12/2017 Justin was very professional and informative, Mason was fast. Overall I will return again

Nancy – Portage, MI 11/11/2017 It took 40 minutes to get my oil changed. Too much time to wait as customer pays for quick service. Maybe an explanation from employees would have helped.

Cody – Battle Creek, MI 11/11/2017 Everybody was super helpful especially Shelly the manager on. 😀

Barbara – Athens, MI 11/11/2017 Justin is very professional and friendly!

Jim – Battle Creek, MI 11/10/2017 I have been a loyal customer for over ten years and never had a problem. Yesterday when I arrived my car was running fine and after the service was completed my car would not idle properly. The crew tried everything they could to fix it and finally after nearly two hours they said a sensor was dirty and they cleaned it and the idle ran better. The crew said they did not know how it could happen as it was not in an area that they were working (I disagree). They took an additional $3.00 off my $65.00 bill and now I have to take it to a dealer as my throttle light is flashing. Not happy at all with being stuck there for that long of a period given a lame excuse and oh here is an additional $3.00 off your bill and a trip to the dealer to pay how much more for who knows what. I will not be back with the three cars that I service there and that may not may not mean much to your bottom line but know you lost a loyal customer.

Angela – Springfield, MI 11/9/2017 Justin W was get helpful. Even though I was unable to afford additional services he was get polite and showed me what I should be aware of. I appreciate the honesty and will return in the future to get these services preformed. Keep up the great work.

Garrett – Battle Creek, MI 11/9/2017 Staff was nice, explained everything quickly and it was very convenient! Great experience

Eva – Mason, MI 11/3/2017 The service was great as always

Donna – Scotts, MI 11/2/2017 Great Team Work

Jason – Battle Creek, MI 11/2/2017 The service was good.

Nathan – Battle Creek, MI 11/2/2017 Ronald Jr., Kenneth M., and Rochelle H. all provided excellent service of my car. They were friendly and fast!!! Thanks again Uncle Ed's Oil Shoppe for another enjoyable visit.

Lisa – Battle Creek, MI 11/1/2017 I have been using Uncle Ed's for over 30 years. Love it. The new manager Shelly is fantastic, keep her around.

Lisa – Battle Creek, MI 11/1/2017 The manager, Shelly, and the technician were very professional, polite, respectful, and knowledgeable. They communicated well and provided quality service. I appreciate their approach and will definitely return!!

Jenn – Battle Creek, MI 10/30/2017 Awesome customer service and very knowledgeable.

Justin – Battle Creek, MI 10/24/2017 Ron, Steven and Kenneth were very loud and proud and made me feel as if my purchase was a smart one

Jim – Augusta, MI 10/22/2017 Manager of this location is a STAR. He understands customer service and would excel anywhere. I believe his name was Justin. BETTER service from him then from the service manager at the BMW dealer in Kalamazoo!!! THANK YOU.

Brad – Kalamazoo, MI 10/20/2017 Great service fast and friendly very efficient

Wade – Battle Creek, MI 10/20/2017 Justin and Shelly were fast and a good team

Christen – Battle Creek, MI 10/19/2017 Very entertaining!

Richard – Battle Creek, MI 10/18/2017 Very friendly and did very well. Informational

MICHAEL – Battle Creek, MI 10/13/2017 Was a great experiance

Peter – Lake Odessa, MI 10/12/2017 Your team was excellent.

Janine – Jackson, MI 10/2/2017 My only disappointment with my first visit was I had been told I was getting $10 off for my first visit. After my credit card was processed, and I was already running behind on time, I saw that I had NOT been given $10 off. I had even pre-paid my next visit. ON a positive note, the staff seemed competent and communicated well. The manager made sure my air filter was properly put back, as a coiple of the techs were struggling with it.

Lisa – Springfield, MI 9/18/2017 So happy to meet Shelly! She is terrific! So glad I waited until I was back in Battle Creek (from Springfield, IL) to have my car serviced. I have such confidence in Uncle Ed's. I'll be back again!

Rev. Lawrence – Galesburg, MI 9/18/2017 Greetings! I feel it's important to mention precisely how meaningful it is to me that Rochelle is both a professional & very knowlegeable individual. Having her in a managerial capacity proves invalueable! Wow, what an amazing team @ Beckley! Thank you so much!

Joe – Battle Creek, MI 9/17/2017 Both gentlemen did an excellent job!

Patti – Battle Creek, MI 9/16/2017 Thank you for the exceptional service.

Matthew – Battle Creek, MI 9/15/2017 Don't like them taking stuff off my car without asking

Steven – Bellevue, MI 9/14/2017 Justin w. , Rochelle h. , and ronald j. Were all great. Very good at there job.

Mike – Battle Creek, MI 9/8/2017 Excellent service!

Wesley – Battle Creek, MI 9/7/2017 Very fast and friendly service.

Mike – East Leroy, MI 9/6/2017 Well done

Mike – East Leroy, MI 9/2/2017 Well done

Nicholas – Battle Creek, MI 9/1/2017 Such a great and friendly environment.

Ryan – Battle Creek, MI 8/31/2017 It was wonderful

Dugald – Battle Creek, MI 8/29/2017 None would like to receive survey while getting service,

Timeaka – Battle Creek, MI 8/29/2017 Great customer service

Bruce – Battle Creek, MI 8/29/2017 Shelly H., and Justin did a great job. Very friendly.

Deineira – East Leroy, MI 8/25/2017 Shelly, Ronald, and Justin did a superb (as always) job taking care of my kia soul. I've been coming here since I've had my soul and I don't plan on coming to anybody but these guys as long as I can, I trust them completely.

Bill – Battle Creek, MI 8/24/2017 Great service and positive attitudes!

Rocky – Fulton, MI 8/23/2017 Always have to order Special size Mobil 1 oil filter. Did accommodate my request to order fuel and water separator Filters.

Brad – Battle Creek, MI 8/22/2017 The crew at Uncle Ed's was professional, respectful, informative, and friendly. They tried to sell me on some wiper blades, bulbs, and services which I understand. I would prefer that they ask as opposed to suggestive sell. Other than that, I fully appreciated the service I received from my visit.

Simone – Battle Creek, MI 8/17/2017 Gave great survice, very nice managerthat let me know what was going on.

Sarah – Battle Creek, MI 8/16/2017 THE SIGN SAID COME IN FOR A SMILE, LOL

Noah & Anne – Punta Gorda, MI 8/9/2017 Great service as always!

Terri – Battle Creek, MI 8/9/2017 Computers were running slow, but still somewhat fast

JIM – BATTLE CREEK, MI 8/8/2017 I have noticed a distinct adjustment in the "performance" aspect of visiting Uncle Ed's over the years, from the initial monster clock (to time the 20 minutes) to the current iteration of a "whole team" interaction, something that is at first amusing, and ultimately, endearing. It creates the impression of a coordinated group, but more importantly, given the current sense of a generation incapable of human interactivity, it provides a means of building a team, regardless of how scripted it may appear at first. For this, I commend the folks at Uncle Ed's for taking a routine, literally mechanical task, and elevating it into a state of social consciousness. Whether the current group at this location were acquainted before this work experience, they certainly are trained to interact well and efficiently, and will take this training with them in other workplace interactions. I also commend the management for shifting the gender bias associated with auto maintenance and introducing women to both the workplace, and notably, the management. Shelly (Rochelle H.) is a particularly attentive manager, with a very engaging presence that exudes confidence, care, and capacity to coordinate and lead. Justin (Justin W) did a fine job with his ability to process the layers of options and is able to channel Shelly's enthusiasm. And Steven (P), albeit as a disembodied voice, is nothing if not a keen vocal accompaniment to the proceedings. Sure, it was a mere oil change, but this team you have built made it a pleasant experience, and I was grateful for this opportunity to express my satisfaction -- not just to your company for creating this team, but also for providing them with invaluable skills that will make each member much happier when a frequently wearing world does its best to derail the joy in one's work. And, no, I am not related to Shelly, to Justin, or to Steven. (insert smiley face here) ...and I would make these comments regardless of whether a coupon awaited me at the end of this survey...

Austin – Athens, MI 8/2/2017 My car was taken care of and it was very professional and very kind.

HOWARD – SPRING PORT, MI 8/1/2017 Thank you guys !!

Bruce – Battle Creek, MI 7/30/2017 Brandon and Logan did a great job.

Sheryce – Battle Creek, MI 7/28/2017 Great Service! Keep up the great work

Rick – Battle Creek, MI 7/27/2017 Xxxxxxxx

William – Kalamazoo, MI 7/26/2017 Happy with the quick service

Kim – Marshall, MI 7/25/2017 Everyone was very friendly,polite and knowledgeable.

Wendy – Battle Creek, MI 7/24/2017 Truly enjoy the staff. Always friendly and cheerful!

Jeff – East Leroy, MI 7/22/2017 Quick, easy visit.

Keegan – East Leroy, MI 7/21/2017 Helpful and knowledgeable staff

Rev. Lawrence – Battle Creek, MI 7/19/2017 Greetings! It was great seeing Ron this afternoon, haven't seen him in ages! He's always been courteous and professional along with Shelly! This dynamic duo seem to be genuinely concerned about the overall upkeep of my older vehicle along with my safety as a driver! Their efforts and dedication do not go unnoticed! In conclusion, Uncle Ed's Oil Shoppe has outstanding personnel, for certain!

Rev. Lawrence – Battle Creek, MI 7/15/2017 Greetings! As you're probably aware, it's a pleasure having my vehicle serviced by Shelly & Brandon, two kind & dedicated individuals! Their knowledge & professionalism is very important to me! Having visited Uncle Ed's Oil Shoppe, I feel safe & comfortable while on the go!

Emily – Augusta, MI 7/13/2017 Asst mgr was very helpful and friendly.

Jeff – Battle Creek, MI 7/11/2017 First class service as always

Deineira – East Leroy, MI 7/7/2017 The team at this location is always amazing, I will miss them when I move away (but still plan to use Uncle Eds for sure)

Lawrence – Galesburg, MI 7/5/2017 We were extremely satisfied with the UE personnel at the Beckley Rd. location; they were outstanding! We can't wait to receive our new specialty wiper blade, was wondering how long it typically takes?

Lawrence – Galesburg, MI 7/5/2017 Both Shelley & Justin were professional & amazing!

Jim – Battle Creek, MI 7/3/2017 Great team

Gabriel – Marshall, MI 7/2/2017 Logan V. and Brandon K. were very knowledgeable and courteous during my visit for an oil change. They explained every step of the process as it was being performed. Excellent job!

Ryan – Battle Creek, MI 6/29/2017 Great service and extremely nice and professinal

Nicki – Colon, MI 6/28/2017 Love how they seem like that are motivated to work.

Jeffrey – Battle Creek, MI 6/25/2017 Although Logan V and the other technician were very busy, they maintained their professionalism and efficiency. I was extremely impressed with how well two technicians could function in such a high-pressure situation. They are to be commended on their friendly service and professionalism.

Noah – Battle Creek, MI 6/24/2017 Excellent service

Ian – Olivet, MI 6/24/2017 Rochelle was the best service rep you could've had. She deserves a raise.

Daron – Battle Creek, MI 6/22/2017 Great As Always

Kyle – Galesburg, MI 6/16/2017 Great Job!! Fantastic service!

Adam – Battle Creek, MI 6/13/2017 Good service and communication.

Donna – Battle Creek, MI 6/12/2017 No comment

Bill – White Lake, MI 6/9/2017 I was travelling and needed an oil change. I was pleased to see a nearby Uncle Ed's and pulled in; and I'm happy that I did.

Morgyn – Battle Creek, MI 6/5/2017 This is actually my car i had my daughter bring it in im very upset. I called and asked for a price with a coupon and was told 49.00 and I said I have 20 dollar coupon i want synthetic blend and this is what kind of car im sending my daughter and I need to know how much can u look it up for me. His name was Justin well my daughter calls me almost in tears saying 92 dollars. Then I get him on phone he tells me 82 and I said is this Justin and I called and u told me 49. Dollars i just called so he talked to your manager logyn that didnt want to charge me like I got told. They finally tokd me 47.00 and I look at my recruit and it says conventional oil. This is bullshit I will never bring another vehicle to uncle eds as long as I live been theyre 2 time in last year and I never like that logan you guys have for a manager. Who pays 90 dollars for oil change my daughter is in collage. I was told a price when I called i told him make year of car and told him what i wanted. I like Justin but I do not like Logan he's an asshole to people was the first time I went. I have to tell everyone I work with how bad uncle eds oil is. I work at post cereals i make money and I'm not paying 92 dollars for an oil change biggest rip off ive ever seen. Trying to take advantage of a young girl and women is what it seems like to me anyways im sorry I dont Luke the treatment i have and I expect more from a company than that. My name is kim gruell 2694205425 if u have any further questions about your service

Jeff – Battle Creek, MI 6/2/2017 Nice and helpful

Kalyn – Climax, MI 6/1/2017 I am impressed with the fast and friendly service. Super convenient!

Stephen – Union City, MI 5/28/2017 Very helpful and friendly

Meri – Battle Creek, MI 5/27/2017 Rochelle H. And her team were wonderful as always. I enjoy going to the Beckley Road shop. They always make me feel welcomed.

James – Battle Creek, MI 5/26/2017 Nothing, it was fast and professional

Darren – Battle Creek, MI 5/24/2017 Excellent service

Bruce – Battle Creek, MI 5/16/2017 Beckley Road staff are great, Ron and Steve working hard.

Katie – Battle Creek, MI 5/16/2017 very convenient

Susan – Waleska, MI 5/16/2017 I now live in Georgia, but time my oil changes with visits to my 93 year old mother. I have been having my oil changed and other maintenance services for over 20 years. I recently gave my grandson my 1995 Ford Taurus that is in perfect operating condition due to Uncle Eds.

Mary – Marshall, MI 5/15/2017 I like the service but not the up selling approach.

Douglas – Battle Creek, MI 5/13/2017 great service

Bruce – Battle Creek, MI 5/11/2017 Our family has always been pleased with the Beckely Road Uncle Eds.

Pam – Bronson, MI 5/6/2017 The staff was very helpful and fast.

Tim – Battle Creek, MI 5/6/2017 Ronnie Johnson always does a great job and is a wonderful employee to his customers!

Nick – Battle Creek, MI 5/6/2017 Excellent work. Very knowledgeable. Not pushy on 'extras'. Super helpful with answering questions regarding my vehicle. Awesome work. 11/10, will return, will refer.

Shay – Battle Creek, MI 5/5/2017 Very nice staff..most favorite place. Love the professional staff.

Felisa – East Leroy, MI 5/1/2017 I am very impressed with the stores new manager, she was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions with a smile, wonderful crew!!!!

JAZLIE – Battle Creek, MI 4/26/2017 The staff was friendly and fun to interact with. Overall a great experience.

Jeff – Battle Creek, MI 4/26/2017 Great team working together today.

Lawrence – Galesburg, MI 4/24/2017 It was great seeing Shelly today! Both she & her professional staff facilitated outstanding customer service! Thank you for being located in Battle Creek, it's most appreciated! I'm also pleased, however, UE was able to accommodate my old vehicle's needs too!

Wendy – Battle Creek, MI 4/22/2017 Great service.

Nancy J – Battle Creek, MI 4/21/2017 I had a reason to travel out of state and knew I needed an oil change. My dealer didn't have time for me for the second time. I will remember that. My daughter (who owns two companies) told me she always sends her trucks there because you give such great fast service. I do agree. I was in and out quickly and had a bad lite bulb replaced. Thank you, I will be back.

Dawn – Sherwood, MI 4/21/2017 Always service with a smile

Eva – Mason, MI 4/20/2017 The manager was not present when I was there. And the service was great as usual!!

Jessica – Battle Creek, MI 4/19/2017 Great service

Larry – Gary, MI 4/18/2017 I would like to give praise to the employees, Dustin, Ron, and Steven. They did an excellent job on my oil change. I was very pleased with the service I received. Keep up the good work.

Jacob – Battle Creek, MI 4/15/2017 Everything was good.

Dustin – Albion, MI 4/15/2017 The crew at the shop at Beckley rd are some of the hardest working individuals! They are fast friendly and professional. I will be back for another Oil Change.

Archie – Augusta, MI 4/15/2017 Great bunch of guys. Service with smiles

Andrew – Bellevue, MI 4/14/2017 Always great service. Everyone always goes the extra mile for me

Teresa – Athens, MI 4/12/2017 worth the little more I paid for the service

Stephen – Union City, MI 4/6/2017 Very friendly. Fast and did good job

Bruce – Battle Creek, MI 4/6/2017 Great service at Beckley Rd center.

Lisa – Battle Creek, MI 4/4/2017 Dustin, Steven, and Logan were incredible. They definitely know what they are doing. Beckley Road location is the BEST!!!

Joseph – Battle Creek, MI 4/4/2017 Justin, Steven and Logan did an excellent job. Justin interacted with his staff professionally but also friendly. Service was refreshing. Obvious Justin likes what he's doing and also respects his staff. Their interaction with each other was awesome. Building was spotless.

Emily – Battle Creek, MI 3/31/2017 I'm not sure if I will be back more than once. The manager wasn't very friendly and seemed annoyed with me when I chose the conventional oil change that wasn't even an option he gave me. After that he really just acted short like I was an annoyance. The service was fast and not too expensive with the coupon and the other guys working were friendly, but I have zero interest in going somewhere where my business is only appreciated if I spend the extra money. I am a single mom with no secure income at the moment and a lot of bills to pay. And I have had the privilege of being very well off in the past. I spend money on extras when I can and don't intend to go somewhere that isn't going to be pleasant when I cannot afford the extras.

Oaks – Battle Creek, MI 3/24/2017 It is always a great pleasure to get my truck serviced at this location! The service manager as well as his crew is always curious and professional! Not one time have I ever had any issues with the work that is being done on my truck. You should use this location as your model and have your other locations follow the example of it! Good work job well done!!!!

Cynamon – Springport, MI 3/23/2017 The staff at this location is always friendly! Alix and Dustin were thorough.

Brad – Battle Creek, MI 3/17/2017 Our store manager, Dustin, does an excellent job relating with customers and taking care of our vehicles. He gets to know us and what we care about and what we want for our vehicles and he makes sure that our needs are met. Of all the people and all the places I have encountered when receiving car care services, there have been none as friendly, efficient, personable, and professional as Dustin. He leads a great crew and retains his staff and you can tell that they enjoy working with one another. Though I would hate to lose him from our location, I would think Dustin is one to tap for increased levels of training, leadership and responsibility within the Uncle Ed's organization.

Nicholas – Battle Creek, MI 3/16/2017 Dustin f and alix r excellence employees!

Lisa – Battle Creek, MI 3/13/2017 I am a regular customer and have gotten to know the staff. It's so great to be greeted with a smile and a "Hi Lisa!".

Clint – Battle Creek, MI 3/4/2017 Vrry good

Meri – Battle Creek, MI 3/4/2017 As always, Beckley Road team are awesome!

Sheri – Marshall, MI 3/1/2017 Nothing Thank u

Dustin – Albion, MI 3/1/2017 It was great coming in seeing the guys excited to work. Ron , Logan and Joe were quick and friendly!

Susan – Waleska, MI 3/1/2017 I have been com8ng to this Uncle Ed's for years. I have now moved to Georgia and have not found an oil change place like Uncle Ed's, so when I visit my mother once a month in BATTLE Creek, I bring one of my cars to be serviced. Love the staff who have served me over the years.

Jerika – Battle Creek, MI 2/24/2017 Great service

James – Battle Creek, MI 2/23/2017 More staff 2 in shoppe due to under staffing

James – Marshall, MI 2/23/2017 Great service!

Molly – Albion, MI 2/21/2017 Service was great all of the technicians were very friendly and knowledgeable.

Joey – Springfield, MI 2/18/2017 Very excellent customer service

Bruce – Battle Creek, MI 2/16/2017 Dustin and Steve did great.

Aaron – Battle Creek, MI 2/16/2017 Great job as always!

Stephen – Union City, MI 2/15/2017 Did nice job freindly

Grace – Albion, MI 2/11/2017 Dustin and Ron took great care of me once again! I love coming here, the guys make a menial task fun, it's like visiting friends :)

Carrie – Battle Creek, MI 2/8/2017 Very friendly. I arrived close to closing time. They were very kind and stayed late to finish serving me. Kept assuring me that "the time didn't matter, they were there to help me.

Scott – Battle Creek, MI 2/4/2017 Dustin and all of the additional technicians available were extremely professional, friendly and courteous. They are a great team that definitely make the trip worthwhile. I would like to say thank you for taking great care of my family's vehicle and keeping us safe!

Oaks – Battle Creek, MI 2/4/2017 As always exceptional service! No matter how far away I am, I will always have my vehicles serviced at this location! Kudos to the entire staff at the Battle Creek location!

Dan – East Leroy, MI 2/4/2017 I can't think of anything else.

Terry – Fulton, MI 1/26/2017 great service and friendly people.

James – Marshall, MI 1/25/2017 The cost was 2x more than the dealership.

Kevin – Battle Creek, MI 1/23/2017

Abigail – Chicago, MI 1/16/2017 The service at this shop is so good that even though I'm not a local (I live in Chicago!) I'm happy to make the drive! This is the best shop I've EVER visited for my car needs. Everyone is friendly and fun and I have a great time throughout the visit. Dustin even remembered me and details of our previous visit which was my first visit and I was so impressed. My partner and I were just in Columbus and I knew I needed an oil change really bad. Instead of going straight home to Chicago, we took the 4 hour drive to Battle Creek, and once we're done here at Ed's we'll be headed home. Totally worth it! Love this place!

Jennifer – Battle Creek, MI 1/13/2017 It was a great experiexperience going to Uncle Ed's for my first time ever.

Cicilee – Battle Creek, MI 1/13/2017 I always get such great service, and the workers are very friendly.

Jesse – Battle Creek, MI 1/12/2017 The guys are great, very friendly and keep you informed on the vehicle.

Rebecca – Battle Creek, MI 1/10/2017 Dustin was awesome and they showed me how to use the coupon. All the work they did first fast and to perfection

Lisa – Battle Creek, MI 1/9/2017 Guys were great! Always a pleasure. Fast and convenient.

Grace – Albion, MI 1/5/2017 Came in for an oil chance, I had an appointment to get to and the guys were great at getting me out in time! Thanks Ron, Logan, and Matt!!!

Susan – Waleska, MI 1/4/2017 I have been having cars serviced at this location for over 15 years. Excellent service always.

Bruce – Battle Creek, MI 1/3/2017 Dustin, Mathew, Logan and Steve doing great work.

Pamela – Battle Creek, MI 12/29/2016 Excellent staff!!!!

Natasha – Springfield, MI 12/23/2016 Absolutely wonderful service! The manager was very friendly and knowledgeable; the other employees were fast and efficient! I will definitely be returning!

Allison – Battle Creek, MI 12/23/2016 Dustin and employees are always so friendly! Great people and service.

Chris – Battle Creek, MI 12/22/2016 none.....

James – Marshall, MI 12/22/2016 I'm an UE regular and always go back to UE's for the exemplary service from the entire staff! Great team and great customer focus!

Grace – Albion, MI 12/20/2016 I love seeing the guys having fun! They always make me smile and put me in an awesome mood!

Mike – Battle Creek, MI 12/19/2016 Great customer service!

Beth – Ceresco, MI 12/16/2016 I actually had a flat tire a month ago right next to Uncle Ed's. The manager came over and changed my tire for me with wanting no tip at all. I couldn't thank him enough. I had great service when I went and will go back for sure.

Bruce – Battle Creek, MI 12/13/2016 Dustin and his crew are great, Mathew, Logan, Ronald, Jacob and Jeffrey.

Bruce – Battle Creek, MI 12/9/2016 Dustin and crew are Great.

David – Bellevue, MI 12/9/2016 Guys did a quick and great job. This was a great first visit! I will definitely be back, Dustin and Logan are a great management team!

Julie – Kalamazoo, MI 12/5/2016 Always go here

Meri – Battle Creek, MI 11/28/2016 The Team at Beckley road are awesome. Always impressed with their service.

Randal – Battle Creek, MI 11/26/2016 No comment

Apllegate – Battle Creek, MI 11/25/2016 Fast wiper replacements

Katie – Battle Creek, MI 11/23/2016 friendly service

Mike/Karla – Battle Creek, MI 11/22/2016 Good job

Angela – Battle Creek, MI 11/19/2016 Kind of Expensive for me.

Jeff – Battle Creek, MI 11/19/2016 Dustin did a reat job leading he team. I'll definitely be back.

Jim – Battle Creek, MI 11/19/2016 Great. Team!

Autumn – Marshall, MI 11/17/2016 All technicians did a great job.

Bruce – Battle Creek, MI 11/14/2016 Dustin and his crew are friendly, work hard and give recommendations on car care that Uncle Eds doesn't handle.

Ellen/John – Battle Creek, MI 11/10/2016 Excellent and fast service - as usual!

Christine – Portage, MI 11/10/2016 Very friendly staff.

Walter – Ceresco, MI 10/31/2016 Overpriced, every car i own has extra oil capacity and a special filter. I am done with the scam

Julia – Marshall, MI 10/31/2016 Although they have said their spiel 1 million times the manager did talk rather fast and sometimes it was hard to understand what he was saying. The entire crew worked well and fast together

Bruce – Battle Creek, MI 10/28/2016 Beckley Road guys are great.

Lyle – Anderson, MI 10/28/2016 I loved the service and thought everything was great except the price. I can go to the dealership and get this service done for half price.

Sue – Battle Creek, MI 10/28/2016 Like the new rewards system!. Have been coming to Uncle Ed's for years and multiple cars. It is always always Super service. These guys go the extra mile every time. I am always confident that things are done right and efficiently. They always make you smile with their little "chants", are happy upbeat and sometimes even sing and dance!! Nothin' but positive things i have to say!!

Amanda – South Haven, MI 10/27/2016 Manager was great and took great care of me

Rebecca – Battle Creek, MI 10/23/2016 Everyone was friendly and made sure I got the correct oil for my car

Sandy – Battle Creek, MI 10/21/2016 Always great service!!

Andrew – Bellevue, MI 10/21/2016 Very good service as always

Lori – East Leroy, MI 10/20/2016 Easy to use

Eugene – East Leroy, MI 10/19/2016 thought Logan V was very professional and courteous

Christina – East Leroy, MI 10/15/2016 Great service as usual

Kandra – Battle Creek, MI 10/14/2016 I had a excellent and professional experience.

Sara Grace – Battle Creek, MI 10/14/2016 Great service

Donna – Battle Creek, MI 10/12/2016 Once again Logan, Tanner and Dustin were professional and helpful. Besides recommending other services, they gave me great advice on my battery! So cool they can check that out! Nice technicians doing a thorough job.

Sue – Battle Creek, MI 10/10/2016 Everyone there very friendly and helpful.

Paul – Battle Creek, MI 10/7/2016 Fast and efficient service

Grace – Blissfield, MI 10/4/2016 The assistant manager on duty Ron was very in depth and thorough today! The technician Jeff moved quick and had my oil change done quick!

Lisa – Battle Creek, MI 9/30/2016 Perfect as usual.

Kyle – Battle Creek, MI 9/30/2016 Very friendly and helpful always looking forward to an Uncle Ed's oils change

Lisa – Battle Creek, MI 9/29/2016 Perfect every time.

Connie – Hastings, MI 9/28/2016 As always, friendly and efficient service.

Bruce – Battle Creek, MI 9/22/2016 Always great service at this store. Like Dustin and his crew.

Jerry – Battle Creek, MI 9/12/2016 great job

Susan – Waleska, MI 9/2/2016 I have been to this Uncle Eds for all my oil changes for the last 20 years. They are fabulous. Have moved to Georgia, but still visit Michigan once a month to visit my 92 year old mother. Always get my oil changes at this location while I am in MI.

Oaks – Battle Creek, MI 9/2/2016 I always receive excellent service! The manager it top notch!

Allison – Battle Creek, MI 9/2/2016 All of the staff are super friendly and honest!

Sharon – Battle Creek, MI 9/2/2016 Awesome guys!! Took care of me fast and efficiently! Love coming here.

Clarence – Marshall, MI 9/1/2016 Location ,friendly service

Glenn – East Leroy, MI 9/1/2016 Ron the assistant manager is awesome!

Colette – Kalamazoo, MI 8/31/2016 None needed

Scott – Battle Creek, MI 8/31/2016 Great service!

Colleen – Battle Creek, MI 8/31/2016 No comments

Carmelo – Battle Creek, MI 8/29/2016 The guys took excellent care of me! Ron the manager helped me by saving me money and that allowed me to change my power steering fluid! Thank you!

Brandon – Grand Rapids, MI 8/29/2016 Every time we come to this uncle Eds it's always an amazing breezy service!

Echo – Battle Creek, MI 8/25/2016 I live on the other side of town and pass several oil change places,I prefer to drive across town to this location.

Jennifer – East Leroy, MI 8/24/2016 Excellent customer service!

Rebecca – Battle Creek, MI 8/23/2016 Dustin was awesome! The whole crew was hilarious and entertaining. I love coming here

Michelle Michael – Battle Creek, MI 8/18/2016 Battle creek, beckley road has professional caring staff who treat all with respect. Though, I have been offered many extra services, sometimes our budget does not allow. I appreciate not having high pressure. Please do not ask your employees to do this. I understand there is probably some kind of bonus for the extras, but we cannot always afford them. High pressure causes my husband and I to stop using a business.

Destiny – Battle Creek, MI 8/15/2016 Usually when I come through to get my oil change I usually have a better experience. When my oil was changed usually they show me the stick so I can see that everything was good to go. Also, the associates usually have better communication with me about what is being done when. For example my tire pressure. If they added any air or not and that they were good to go. It was definitely a different experience then the past.

Robert & Cynthia – Union City, MI 8/15/2016 Always have a great visit when I go to Uncle Ed's. Dustin and Jeffrey was fun and professional.

Scott – Battle Creek, MI 8/13/2016 None at this time.

Darciana – Battle Creek, MI 8/12/2016 The guys are always great when I come through! I love seeing Ron!

Joseph – Battle Creek, MI 8/7/2016 Good employees

Joseph – Battle Creek, MI 8/7/2016 Good service

Jim – Battle Creek, MI 8/6/2016 Great staff!

Terry – Battle Creek, MI 8/4/2016 Awesome as always....

Shelbie – Battle Creek, MI 8/1/2016 Dustin and Jeff did an amazing job!! Would come back every time.

Rebekah – Athens, MI 8/1/2016 The manager is great to work with

Amy – Marshall, MI 7/31/2016 Very professional here. They do great job. The manager remembers my name and knows his business well.

Dixie – Battle Creek, MI 7/30/2016 None at the moment

Derrick – Albion, MI 7/30/2016 Everything thumbs up

Kathy – Battle Creek, MI 7/30/2016 Great technicians!

Joey – Battle Creek, MI 7/29/2016 Great visit

Vince – Athens, MI 7/24/2016 Great service

Patrick – Kalamazoo, MI 7/24/2016 Came in looking for an oil change. The manager Chase wenth though and checked my oil and informed me that, even though it has been 4000 miles since my last oil change, my oil looked okay and he didn't recommend an oil change at that time. The honestly and integrity is something of a rarity in this business and I respect that. Uncle Ed's just earned itself a repeat customer.

Nicole – Kalamazoo, MI 7/22/2016 I love coming to this shop the manager makes me feel like I'm a welcome addition to his store .

Kevin – Battle Creek, MI 7/18/2016 Each of the service technicians were courteous and helpful!

Chad – Ceresco, MI 7/15/2016 Very satisfied.

Ashlyn – Battle Creek, MI 7/12/2016 Great service

Robin – Round Lk Bch, MI 7/5/2016 I met Dustin and Erik when They serviced my car in Kalamazoo last year...my oil was low and I was in Battle Creek on the 4th but the shop was closed...on my way home I decided to stop if they were open...Dustin remembered me(even my name)...I felt like I was visiting an old friend...Dustin, Cole and Ron took very good care of me and my care...

Grace – Blissfield, MI 7/2/2016 Great survive! Ron, and Cole were awesome today!

Terral – Battle Creek, MI 6/26/2016 I might have been talking to the Managers since there were two guys helping me above ground.

Dustin – Albion, MI 6/24/2016 Great service

Michelle – Battle Creek, MI 6/24/2016 Everything was fantastic. Everyone was very friendly and professional

Glenn – East Leroy, MI 6/22/2016 Ron is awesome and Cole is great. These guys had a touch and busy and hot day and they were SO friendly.

Steve – Kalamazoo, MI 6/21/2016 The manager, Dustin, is friendly, knowledgeable, and (shockingly) can remember my name despite months since my last visit(s).

Allison – Battle Creek, MI 6/21/2016 All men were extremely helpful and honest!

Meri – Battle Creek, MI 6/18/2016 Battle Creek - Beckley location - you guys are always awesome! Keep it up

Danielle – Battle Creek, MI 6/16/2016 I felt there were a lot of add-ons to choose from. It was an oil change, and there were over 500$ of add ons that confused me. The service techs were amazing and friendly, I just feel there was way too much extras.

Sherrie – Oxford, MI 6/13/2016 The store didn't have my oil filter on hand. The manager worked very quickly to get the filter there. He went over and above to make it a better experience.

Lisa – Battle Creek, MI 6/4/2016 Dustin, Chase, Cole, and Jeff are very pleasant, professional and fun to interact with.

Richard – Battle Creek, MI 6/4/2016 Probably the most professional out of all the oils services

Cynamon – Springport, MI 6/1/2016 In addition to convenience. The employees have a fun energy and entertain me while I wait. They appear to like their jobs and customers.

Patti – Battle Creek, MI 5/18/2016 None...........

Douglas – Battle Creek, MI 5/17/2016 no comments

Becky – Battle Creek, MI 5/15/2016 Very nice

Ted – Battle Creek, MI 5/14/2016 Great service and exceptional care.

Alysia – Battle Creek, MI 5/14/2016 The guys told us about the mold and how hazardous it was. I feel they were concerned for are safty.

Katie – Battle Creek, MI 5/9/2016 Manager was very friendly and made me feel comfortable

John – Battle Creek, MI 5/8/2016 ok today

Brian – Battle Creek, MI 5/7/2016 I have three vehicles that I take to this location for oil changes. At a previous visit, the manager noticed I had a pre-paid oil change for a different vehicle. He asked if I wanted to apply it to a different vehicle that day. I agreed and they completed the service. At this visit, I said I wanted to do the same thing. After some searching, the manager found the pre-paid oil change, but couldn't get the computer to allow me to use the pre-pay. Maybe it is a training issue. This should be easy to do.

Helen – Richland, MI 5/6/2016 great service

Diana – Battle Creek, MI 5/6/2016 Dustin, the manager was very friendly and informative. Great visit!

Jeff – Battle Creek, MI 5/5/2016 None at this time

Larry Draughn – Athens, MI 5/4/2016 Great job!

Kylie – Charlotte, MI 5/3/2016 The assistant manager in training did a great job

William – Battle Creek, MI 5/1/2016 nothing more to add.

Bruce – Battle Creek, MI 5/1/2016 Beckely Road store has always been very helpful and professional.

Tina – Battle Creek, MI 4/28/2016 Excellent customer service. Manager friendly and knowledgeable.

Letrice – Battle Creek, MI 4/27/2016 Excellent from Dustin and Josh!

Theresa – Battle Creek, MI 4/27/2016 They guys where great they made it for for an oil change

Lawrence – Galesburg, MI 4/21/2016 It was great seeing both Jacob & Chase, miss Chase at this particular location though!!

Thomas – Battle Creek, MI 4/21/2016 These guys were awesome! Keep up the great work, highly recommend coming here!

Bruce – Battle Creek, MI 4/20/2016 Always pleased with this Uncle Eds.

Joe – Edwardsburg, MI 4/20/2016 I'm a lifetime customer!

Donna – Battle Creek, MI 4/19/2016 Dustin Ron and Logan did an awesome job!

Amanda – Clinton, MI 4/16/2016 thank you!!

Eva – Mason, MI 4/15/2016 It was a great visit as always keep it up!!!

Libby – Battle Creek, MI 4/13/2016 Friendly staff, quick and efficient service.

Lawrence – Galesburg, MI 4/11/2016 Outstanding service!

Eric – Burlington, MI 4/9/2016 Chris Josh and Anthony were awesome

Max – Battle Creek, MI 4/8/2016 Dustin is great and efficient every time!

Lawrence – Galesburg, MI 4/4/2016 It was great being assisted by Shelly & the outstanding Beckley team! I wasn't aware that Josh was promoted to assistant manager. I also wanted to comment, however, regarding Chris Vella's dedication; he's definitely a fine young manager that cares about the company and its client base!

Derick – Battle Creek, MI 4/4/2016 Great service today.

Todd – Battle Creek, MI 4/2/2016 The manager and his staff were great! The main reason I return to UE is because they care and if something is not right, they do what is necessary to make it right. Great Team!

Bruce – Battle Creek, MI 4/1/2016 Dustin and staff are great at Beckley Road store.

Dustin – Kalamazoo, MI 3/31/2016 Completely satisfied.

Mike – Galesburg, MI 3/31/2016 stop trying to sell other services.

Pamela – Battle Creek, MI 3/29/2016 Travis and Logan were very professional yet friendly. Explained everything that was being done with my car. Will definitely use Uncle Eds again.

Steve – Kalamazoo, MI 3/23/2016 I've been going to this Uncle Ed's since I moved to Michigan over a year ago. There's been a bit of turn-over, but the past 2-3 times I have visited the manager was the same (very friendly, very knowledgeable, very professional). The staff has also been very friendly and professional as well.

Jeff – Battle Creek, MI 3/23/2016 Great job

Lawrence – Galesburg, MI 3/22/2016 I don't always have the ability to have my vehicles checked on a consistent basis, but I was very pleased that Dustin and his dedicated crew performed an outstanding job today! I am glad that UE selected a presence in Battle Creek, also two great locations! THANK YOU!!

Jennifer – Athens, MI 3/20/2016 Joshua N & Travis B did fantastic!

Jamie – Battle Creek, MI 3/19/2016 Great service. Friendly staff.

Grace – Blissfield, MI 3/19/2016 During my visit, the guys made sure my vehicle was safe and would last as long as possible! It's nice to know the guys care so much about me and my car!

Linda – Battle Creek, MI 3/19/2016 All the employees were very friendly and helpful!!!! Very informative and I learned somethings I did not know!!

Seth – Albion, MI 3/19/2016 Everything was very smooth and very good service

Levi – Springfield, MI 3/18/2016 Great automotive advice, suggestions and service ! ;-)

Nijah – Battle Creek, MI 3/18/2016 Great service

Lynn – Battle Creek, MI 3/17/2016 Thank you!

John – Easton, MI 3/17/2016 Coupon was a bonus as well

Jahmaniiy – Marshall, MI 3/17/2016 I love the service that they provided and loved that the manager of the store knew so much about my vehicle and understands the care and maintenance that I needed.. Job well done!

Levi – Springfield, MI 3/11/2016 Completely satisfied ! :-) The crew at uncle ed's store # 1118 were friendly, very knowledgeable, and professional ! Thankz again, looking forward to my next visit.

Maya – Battle Creek, MI 3/9/2016 There is a closer location near my house but this is the only store I go to. This location has the friendliest and kindest staff. They go above and beyond to make sure that my car is in great condition and that I am happy.

Meredith – Battle Creek, MI 3/9/2016 Great store and experience

Josh – Battle Creek, MI 3/9/2016 The customer service is phenomenal at this location, after 3 visits I am very impressed. I used to visit Rusty's Auto, switched here due to a multiple day, sometime next week appointment time. Originally used Uncle Ed's for convenience however the customer service has made me a return customer. Great job fellas!

Lisa – Battle Creek, MI 3/8/2016 How great is it that when I rolled in I was, once again, greeted by name before they looked up my information? Dustin, Travis and Jacob were excellent! I was alerted to needed service and what I might need to address in the next visit or two. My cabin air filter wasn't in stock so it's been ordered and I'll stop in soon to have that replaced. It's always an excellent experience at Uncle Ed's!

Nancy – Battle Creek, MI 3/5/2016 The Manager, Dustin F., is absolutely wonderful. He always has a smile on his face, remembers us every time, and is great to his staff. He loves our dogs; they never leave without a treat! Dustin and his staff, Travis B and Anthony B, are professional, kind and friendly. THEY bring us back...every time. Thanks guys!!

Chris – Battle Creek, MI 3/2/2016 Manager a bit pushy in his recommendations....

Susan – Waleska, MI 3/2/2016 I have always been very satisfied with Uncle Ed's

Bill – Battle Creek, MI 3/2/2016 Dustin, Anthony and Jacob were all great! Dustin has a happy crew working with him. All three were very friendly and did a great job. Will definitely return to this shop!

Jordan – Sherwood, MI 2/26/2016 Excellent!

David – Battle Creek, MI 2/25/2016 Very professional and friendly.

Candice – Battle Creek, MI 2/23/2016 Exceptional service.

Darla – Fulton, MI 2/23/2016 This is a great Uncle Ed's Oil Shoppe! The manager is always very courteous and kind and they always explain every thing that they do!

Lisa – Battle Creek, MI 2/21/2016 I visited as I wanted to have my fluid levels checked. The new manager came to me and introduced himself. He let me know the former manager had let him know to expect me as I was a regular and a favorite! They checked my fluids and let me know I needed a new wiper blade. I had it replaced. Loved having the guys all greet me by name!

Sandy – Battle Creek, MI 2/20/2016 Great service!!!

Mark – East Leroy, MI 2/20/2016 Driving down Beckley and saw the fellas waving and I remembered my dad said that they were great so I came in.. Soon as I pulled up Dustin and Travis and the crew were all over..! Very energetic and knowledgeable

Nicole – Freeland, MI 2/20/2016 Travis, Logan, and Dustin provided great service with a smile! They were very fast with my oil change and I was quickly on my way.

Lisa – Hickory Crnrs, MI 2/19/2016 Everyone was wonderful! I will definitely go back. Even my 10 yr old daughter talked about how nice everyone ones

Madison – Battle Creek, MI 2/16/2016 Came in for a power steering fluid change for my daughters car. Received prompt service, and made sure everything was right before completing the service. Great job!!

Scott – Battle Creek, MI 2/13/2016 I would just like to acknowledge the following technicians that went above and beyond in their treatment, knowledge, and resources for me and my family on the day I came in for service. Marty, Josh, Travis, and Jacob helped me in my time of need when I wasn't sure what was going on with my vehicle.. I cannot convey how appreciative and thankful I am and was for all of their help.. Thank you so very much!

Nancy – Battle Creek, MI 2/13/2016 Excellent service, very good recommendations. I switched from using uncle ends years ago, because of poor service in portage Michigan. The service I received today will bring me back time and time again. I defiantly will pay the higher price to receive the service that was provided today, and the extra touch of receiving a carnation was outstanding. Thank you for the excellent service, I will defnately recommend this location.

Jennifer – Marshall, MI 2/12/2016 Dustin the manager and his crew Josh Travis Jacob and Logan were kind friendly and very professional. Would recommend this location to everyone.

Corey – West Bend, MI 2/12/2016 I have no feedback

Rick – Ceresco, MI 2/10/2016 Marty and Dustin were super friendly and good at their jobs. I will be back in the future.

Lynn – Battle Creek, MI 2/7/2016 Hello, I was just at store 1118. Invoice # 178607. I have a jeep grand Cherokee. In January 2014 A remanufactured motor was put in my jeep. To insure warranty stands you need documented proof of oil changes.This store is the only place I have my oil changed. Faithfully for 8 years. In one years time they have stripped out the threads of my oil pan drain. I have no assurance of the plug system they put in place of keeping the oil from draining out. I am a Mechanic even owned a service shop for two years. The service men at this store are responsible for the stripped threads. The pan, gasket and replacement oil and labor will cost minimum $300 in repairs. To say the least I am very unhappy. Realistically I am furious. I look forward to further discussion on this irritating incident. Please feel free to email me or contact me. Sincerely disappointed, Lynn Kline

Jeffrey – Battle Creek, MI 2/6/2016 Consistent high level of service

Mikayla – Battle Creek, MI 2/5/2016 Great job

Sloane – Battle Creek, MI 2/5/2016 The only reason I would not use Uncle Eds is the cost

Linda – Battle Creek, MI 2/4/2016 Dustin was very very kind, informative, friendly and not pushy. MARTY Was also very great and friendly.

Na – Battle Creek, MI 2/3/2016 Was so happy to see that Travis B is now working at this location. He assisted me last time at another location (that I rarely visit). He is my favorite and Dustin was just as awesome.

Carol – Tekonsha, MI 2/2/2016 I am particular on who works on my vehicles. I was really surprised on how very helpful, nice and at ease they had put us. I will only use this store because they are what I am looking for in keeping my car maintained. They care about the vehicles they work on as much as I do.

Travis – Battle Creek, MI 1/31/2016 I love getting the coupons in the mail - economically its a great deal! However, the most important part, the part that keeps me returning to uncle eds is the quality people! I like to know that the people looking at and taking care of my vehicle are trustworthy, knowlegable and care about what they are doing! I continuously feel this way when I take all 4 of my vehicles to uncle eds! This specific visit; Logan V., and Joshua N. did a great job! Very happy with their service! Thank-you!

Sean – Olivet, MI 1/31/2016 Satisfied

Joseph – Battle Creek, MI 1/30/2016 Josh and travis were great!!

Lawrence – Galesburg, MI 1/26/2016 I am very appreciative that Chris Vella & company were able to obtain the proper Interstate Battery readily for our family's 2nd vehicle!!

Denise – Battle Creek, MI 1/24/2016 Other reason for visit: coupons and rewards program.

Aubrey – Springfield, MI 1/23/2016 The staff there is absolutely friendly and amazing. I always look forward to my next stop in. The manager, Dustin, is a great guy. Very honest with what needs to be done. The workers such as Logan, Marty, and Josh are great with what they do. They work very fast but are make sure everything is right. I've had my oil changed there, and I've went in just to get my head light changed because they are great people to be around and give me great service. Everyone there is very upbeat and definitely make me want to return. When I go to this Uncle Ed's I feel very welcomed, and that is a great feeling.

Karla – Battle Creek, MI 1/16/2016 Great service

Tom – Battle Creek, MI 1/15/2016 Very helpful and pleasant!

Dan Lara – Galesburg, MI 1/15/2016 Very friendly and informative. Awesome service!

Derek – Olivet, MI 1/12/2016 Cannot think of a negative. Always helpful and informative.

Brianne – Battle Creek, MI 1/11/2016 Everything was great and explained well, District manager was knowledgeable and walked me through the entire process.

David – Unknown, MI 1/9/2016 Great service

Lawrence – Galesburg, MI 1/8/2016 I was quite impressed with Travis' ability and professionalism along with his talented crew members!

Tinashe – Kalamazoo, MI 1/8/2016 Keep up the good work

Diane – Union City, MI 1/7/2016 Go back to the old system of coupons!!!!! When they come in the mail I have them with me when I need the oil changed.

Lawrence – Galesburg, MI 12/31/2015 Outstanding service! Wishing everyone at Uncle Ed's a terrific New Year!! See ya soon!!

Bruce – Battle Creek, MI 12/29/2015 Beckley road staff are great.

Lawrence – Galesburg, MI 12/28/2015 Boy, it was extremely beneficial for my vehicle to actually de-ice during today's Top Notch Service! FYI: Dustin, Marty & Josh are exemplary employees!!

Mari – Battle Creek, MI 12/28/2015 Thanks again!

Lawrence – Galesburg, MI 12/27/2015 Ron & Cameron were very helpful.

Chris – Battle Creek, MI 12/26/2015 Convenience, speed, coupons, perceived value....

Jim – Battle Creek, MI 12/26/2015 Thank you

Stephanie – East Leroy, MI 12/24/2015 I came to Uncle Ed's per my husbands request for he had been working more lately and hadn't had time to change the oil yet. Upon arriving and had driven over the well, (and had been there for at least 5 min. before I was shown what the amount was going to be), I didn't feel that I could decline further service. Assuming that possibly the oil had already been drained, I then called my husband and told him our price options, and he was shocked. I guess that's the price we pay for convenience at Uncle Ed's. If need be, we will now use one of the other, professional and quality service oil changers that we know , but at that time chose( Uncle Ed's) The story was told to family members as well as friends who told to me that as a woman, I was taken advantage of. I really hope not, but I now realize I should of asked for the price beforehand as I think the driver next to me did, and left a few minutes after. My mistake for sure. I do feel that the service of the employees was very friendly and professional, they did their job. I'm left to wonder if maybe the other tactics of washing windows and working under the hood before revealing prices, are tactics used by Uncle Ed''s to encourage their employees, to allow any unsuspecting customer ( who isn't familiar with current oil change prices) to believe they don't have option elsewhere.

Jim – Battle Creek, MI 12/24/2015 great staff - Ron (I think was his name) Always helpful and friendly.

Jeff – Battle Creek, MI 12/23/2015 Maybe asking the customer if tgey are interested in any additional recommended service. I am not interested in additional recommended service such as trasmission cleaning or fuel system flush. The time saved by not having to respond to the question would increase my satisfaction.

Andrea – Battle Creek, MI 12/23/2015 Staff was great! Friendly and informative! The appointment took a very long time. A piece of equipment was not working correctly.

Elizabeth – Ceresco, MI 12/22/2015 Staff was very friendly and helpful, but I thought the prices were high compared to where I've gone before. We are new to the area and I am not sure if I will return due to the price. Overall though, I was satisfied!

Evan – Battle Creek, MI 12/22/2015 Very helpful and informative in everything they were doing. Explained all packages and reasons. No pressure to do anything that wasn't needed or wanted. Would highly recommend and will be returning.

Amber – Athens, MI 12/21/2015 Travis B. and Dustin F. we're very friendly and helpful. I recommend people to come here. Great service!

Lawrence – Galesburg, MI 12/17/2015 I was shocked to learn that a few team members will no longer be at this particular location! I'm sure Kyle, Rob, and James will sorely be missed by many patrons including myself and family! I was relieved to hear, however, that Dustin will be managing the Beckley location; he's definitely a seasoned veteran and also an excellent fit indeed!

Cathi – East Leroy, MI 12/16/2015 My first time experience, with your service was way above my expectations. The staff at this location was A+ in customer service skills, vehicle inspection and explanation throughout the whole service. Overall, I must say the best customer and maintenance service I have experienced in a very long time. I will most definitely be recommending this location to others as a very skilled and most friendly location.

Michael – East Leroy, MI 12/15/2015 They did awesome! Some of the best service I've had. Super friendly.

Doug – Battle Creek, MI 12/10/2015 The guys at the Beckley Rd. are just GREAT.

Emily – Bellevue, MI 12/9/2015 Great service!

Andrea – Holt, MI 12/5/2015 Love this Uncle Ed's! Everyone is always friendly and I know I can trust the recommendations they give me! I don't live here anymore but still come back to visit this location!

Vince – East Leroy, MI 12/5/2015 Visit was great. Tech and Manager both worked diligently to upsell, but I only wanted to use the discounted prepaid email purchase.

Jurgen – Sherwood, MI 12/4/2015 great service would recommend to my friends.

Bill – Battle Creek, MI 12/3/2015 price is a little steep, service is great

Bessie – Tekonsha, MI 12/2/2015 Both guys were very friendly and efficient.

Bonnie – Climax, MI 12/2/2015 Very professional and friendly staff.

Chris – Battle Creek, MI 11/30/2015 Professional, polite,

Nicholas – Battle Creek, MI 11/29/2015 Great service

Shane – Battle Creek, MI 11/29/2015 Great service

Gavin – Battle Creek, MI 11/29/2015 Too early for Christmas music!

Ben – Galesburg, MI 11/28/2015 Everyone was friendly and helpful. We will be back!

Mike – Bellevue, MI 11/28/2015 Fast Convenient Friendly

Bruce – Battle Creek, MI 11/27/2015 Beckley road staff are always friendly and helpful.

Bruce – Battle Creek, MI 11/27/2015 Beckley Road store has always been great!

Stephen – Battle Creek, MI 11/25/2015 None at this time

Lisa – Battle Creek, MI 11/24/2015 Last week I was on my way to work and noticed my tire pressure light was on. I quickly drove into Uncle Ed's and announced "I'm late for work but my tire pressure light is on!" The tech quickly greeted me by name and took care of the problem. When I went in today for an oil change, he came over and asked if I'd made it to work on time!!! How sweet was that? I love Uncle Ed's...the location I go to is exceptionally good. All the staff are so focused on customer service. I know I'll get my car well taken care of and I don't need to worry about it. They're always letting me know what other services will extend the life of my car which is important. I feel safe going to Uncle Ed's.

Kristy – East Leroy, MI 11/23/2015 Good, clean-cut guys; and great music too

Bruce – Battle Creek, MI 11/21/2015 We bring five cars to this Uncle Eds, great service.

Steve – Battle Creek, MI 11/20/2015 Nothing to add

Eric – Albion, MI 11/18/2015 Great job. Good value

Jessica – Portage, MI 11/16/2015 The manager and technician were so very kind and did a great job as always. It's very comforting to me knowing that my car is taken care of at each visit by this A+ team here in Battle Creek. Keep up the amazing work you guys do here!!! I'll be back in 5,000 miles!!

Lisa – Battle Creek, MI 11/16/2015 Kyle, Robert, and Josh were fantastic to day. As usual Uncle Ed's hires only the best.

John – Union City, MI 11/10/2015 Great teacher

Leeann – Battle Creek, MI 11/5/2015 The whole staff was great!

Timothy – Battle Creek, MI 11/4/2015 Best location around appreciate these guys a lot great team the assistant manager is super super knowledgable

Lawrence – Galesburg, MI 11/3/2015 I haven't been to this location in quite awhile and enjoyed having our vehicle serviced there!!

Angel – Portage, MI 11/2/2015 Polite and friendly service team: Chase and Phillip

Eva – Mason, MI 10/31/2015 It was great as always and I would like to see an annual drawing for 1 free service up to a $150 value around Christmas time.

Mari – Battle Creek, MI 10/30/2015 The staff was friendly and knowledgeable.

Laurie – Battle Creek, MI 10/30/2015 Years ago I had a bad experience with this store. I called a manager and complained and was offered a free oil change which I declined. If I didn't think they did a good job before, why would I want to come back? I started using a different place and was happy with the service there but missed the convenience of your store # 1118. Recently I returned and was very surprised at the difference in service. I actually feel like I'm getting what I am paying for. Thanks for the great group of guys that are now taking care of my vehicle!

Brian – Battle Creek, MI 10/30/2015 Techs seem genuinely concerned about doing what's in the best interest of keeping my car running properly, not just selling products. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff

Kimberly – Battle Creek, MI 10/30/2015 The guys were all wonderful. Chris was really helpful and Joshua N was great with the information. We were discussing the need for a free radiator flush...just sayin. *wink* Thanks for all the greatness...I'll be back (terminator voice)!

Josh – Battle Creek, MI 10/28/2015 Great work!

Chris – Coldwater, MI 10/23/2015 Went in for a oil change and I luckily noticed they were putting in a cheaper oil than what I was paying for so I told the manager and found out I was telling the truth so he had them drain the oil and get me the high milage I asked for. Also ask if I could use a coupon on line he said not today cause I just came in but the other tech I ask said yes I'll accept that for you.

Luke – Kalamazoo, MI 10/19/2015 Kyle is the man!

Janet – Battle Creek, MI 10/15/2015 Kyle and Bob we awesome....

Meredith – Battle Creek, MI 10/12/2015 Whatever happened to a $20 oil change, the prices are getting out of control!!!!

Doug – Battle Creek, MI 10/10/2015 Always have great service from the guys on Beckley Rd., sure wish you would lower the price of your air filters. $34.95 for a cabin air filter.....really.

Doug – Battle Creek, MI 10/9/2015 Very happy with your service.

Amber – Kalamazoo, MI 10/2/2015 Expensive. It would be nice to be offered services that are necessary and not just profit making.

Noah & Anne – Fulton, MI 10/2/2015 Appreciated the quick and thorough service we got today. Thanks for taking time to answer our questions, and the friendliness of all the personnel. Marty, Chase, and Robert ( I think that was his name) were all on top of things and great today. Thanks again for the great service and visit.

Alan – Paw Paw, MI 10/2/2015 Kyle, Sarai, Jason all did a great job working as a team, they all had the routine down, and did a great job of suggestive selling, Even though it was near the end of the day, it was hot and humid out, can tell they were taxed that day, but really didn't show it with the attitude of getting the job done with a couple more vehicles to go. Keep up the good work, SHOW TIME OVER!

Mark – Battle Creek, MI 10/1/2015 Marty did a great job! He is a great company asset.

Sandra – Marshall, MI 9/29/2015 The whole team helped.

Lawrence – Galesburg, MI 9/29/2015 Team members exhibited an incredibly contagious attitude this particular morning, not only professionally efficient, but extremely upbeat and I'm really loving it! I thoroughly enjoyed the presence of Chris and Shelly too! Terrific job Uncle Ed's! Hey, when will you consider vacuums, similar to Jiffy Lube? Our cars' interiors can always use a quick tidying!

Lisa – Battle Creek, MI 9/22/2015 It was very busy the day I visited but the technician was very good about addressing my needs as quickly as possible.

Cindy – Sturgis, MI 9/21/2015 I was leaving work and low oil light came on What a great choice I made by going to Uncle Ed's on Beckley Rd Battle Creek MI. Kyle Chase Logan and James all did an amazing job checking everything on the car. I will be going back thank you

Angela – Battle Creek, MI 9/21/2015 Keep up the great job & service

Jim – Battle Creek, MI 9/20/2015 great as per usual

Ashley – East Leroy, MI 9/20/2015 Chase and Corey were outstanding! Very helpful and patient with my questions!

Levi – Springfield, MI 9/20/2015 No,not at this time.Happy customer,I was very pleased with the service that I received at store #1118. Mr. Austin L. & Mr. Chase C. Were both very knowledgeable about my vehicle detail oriented,and friendly ! Thanks a lot ! And I'm looking forward to my next auto service visit !

Jim – Battle Creek, MI 9/19/2015 Great service from Kyle, Marty, Corey, Rob and Chase. I enjoy coming in and getting my cars serviced by fast, efficient and friendly staff!

Amy – Battle Creek, MI 9/19/2015 Excellent customer service!!! You should all be very proud of those guys!!

Lawrence – Galesburg, MI 9/17/2015 Thank you for the fine service!!

Lawrence – Galesburg, MI 9/16/2015 It's been awhile since I had Top Notch service with our Chevy.

Donna – Battle Creek, MI 9/15/2015 Very pleasant.

Chelsea – Vicksburg, MI 9/9/2015 Kyle, Marty and James were awesome! Kyle handled the multiple cars that we're being serviced along with mine with professionalism at every turn. He's very personable and I trusted him when he told me I should get my radiator fluid exchanged. I will definitely come back, I came back this time because I got my oil changed there last time and I loved the atmosphere. I live 40 mins away and will travel to Battle Creek to have Kyle and his team work on my car.

Rebecca – Valparaiso, MI 9/8/2015 You are way overpriced for an oil change!

Samantha – Battle Creek, MI 9/6/2015 The service is awesome and very fast but the price is a little higher than what I would pay to go to a chain or other 'quick' stations. I'd get my oil changed at Uncle Ed's every time if the price was 29.99 for an oil change and not 39.99 or 49.99 for a standard oil change without a coupon. I can go to Walmart and get an oil change for 29.99 and only have to wait a half hour, or I can go to Monro's and get an oil change for 9.99 and only have to wait for an hour. I know we're paying for the convenience of speed but I'd rather save money than time.

Richard – Battle Creek, MI 9/4/2015 No more Mobil 1 and the price went up

Brian – Battle Creek, MI 9/4/2015 The only drawback was the kid talked the standard lines so fast that he was unintelligible. I had to ask him to repeat himself several times.

Bruce – Battle Creek, MI 9/3/2015 Beckley Road staff are great!

Lawrence – Galesburg, MI 9/1/2015 Chase & James are absolutely terrific!!

Eva – Mason, MI 8/29/2015 Keep up the great service!!

James – Battle Creek, MI 8/29/2015 Was SHOCKED I had to pay twice the cost of any other oil change I've ever had just for the oil. I paid less for synthetic oil change on my car then just the cost of your NoNamed oil.

Lawrence – Galesburg, MI 8/27/2015 Shortly following this UE visit, I was unable to start my vehicle, however, at neighboring Mission Car Wash. Marty was kind enough to provide a boost for my poorly charged battery. Thank you again and again for your outstanding customer service, your dedicated efforts do not go unnoticed!! Thank you Uncle Ed's!!

John – Battle Creek, MI 8/27/2015 I cannot explain how wonderful the service was, I literally felt like royalty. They provided the best service possible and even found some important paperwork of mine that had fell behind my glovebox while they were doing their routine maintence checks. The crew was awesome.

Candice – Battle Creek, MI 8/26/2015 Service was great

Lawrence – Galesburg, MI 8/26/2015 I believe Chase will blossom as a great manager, he's a fine young man! I met the new guy James too, can't believe there's currently 2 techs named James! Would one of them consider being called Jim or Jimmy?

Lawrence – Galesburg, MI 8/25/2015 I enjoyed meeting Tom today, a UE associate from the greater Detroit area. Kyle, James, and Marty are outstanding employees too!!

Erica – Battle Creek, MI 8/23/2015 When I returned home this evening, my vehicle was overheating. I was absolutely impressed with Chris Vella's willingness to assist when I could no longer continue traveling in my vehicle on I-94 the following day to Battle Creek. His remarkable dedication went beyond the call of duty by picking-up my wife from her place of employment and then inspecting my vehicle where I was stranded in nearby Galesburg! Thank you Uncle Ed's Oil Shoppe for recruiting kind and professional employees such as Chris Vella and his district's fellow team members!!

Douglas – Battle Creek, MI 8/19/2015 great service

Laura – Battle Creek, MI 8/19/2015 Everyone was extremely friendly and it was the most thorough oil change I've received.

Kristy – Battle Creek, MI 8/19/2015 I originally came in to get my oil changed but was informed that the oil still looked very clean (as I don't put many miles on my car). I thought that showed honesty and integrity on the part of the Manager (Phillip G.) and the Customer Service Advisor (Chase C.) because they did not take advantage of me just to make a sale. In this day and age it is so rare to feel that some service industries really care about the customer. Uncle Ed's employees do care! Since I saved on the oil-change for now, I had my power steering fluid exchanged--it was so dirty. My car steering is so much better now. Thanks so much! :-)

Lawrence – Galesburg, MI 8/17/2015 It was great seeing Mr. Vella this afternoon, he's an outstanding individual and UE Manager.

Bruce – Battle Creek, MI 8/17/2015 Beckley road staff are great!

Arthur – Battle Creek, MI 8/15/2015 The manager, Kyle, was extremely professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I also thought Chase provided me a detailed overview of the services that were included in the oil change. As always, Uncle Ed's and the fine young men (Kyle, Chase, Austin and Corey) working provided me with great customer service. I will definitely visit the Beckley Road Uncle Ed's store the next time I need my oil changed.

Dean/Debra – Climax, MI 8/14/2015 None very satisfied. Thank you!!

Lori – Fort Bliss, MI 8/14/2015 The gentlemen at your store on Beckley RD were the best. They could have charged me to just look at my car but they did not and checked over my car and topped off everything.

Jennafer – Augusta, MI 8/13/2015 I really enjoyed the friendly atmosphere. The teamwork was great. Great communication all around and everyone was smiling.

Ashley – Battle Creek, MI 8/10/2015 I came in around 8:25, but my service wasn't started until closer to 8:45. I had an interview that morning and was disappointed my services weren't started as quickly as normal. Otherwise, my appointment went smoothly and the service was great as usual.

Jeff – Battle Creek, MI 8/10/2015 Awsome service with respect.

Lawrence – Galesburg, MI 8/9/2015 Needed bulb for rear blinker.

Doug – Battle Creek, MI 8/8/2015 Ron, Was very friendly and knowledgeable.

Bruce – Battle Creek, MI 8/6/2015 Beckley Road staff are great!

Dara – Battle Creek, MI 8/6/2015 The oil change was quick.

Laurie – Battle Creek, MI 8/6/2015 Austin and Corey quickly helped me out. Headlight out and needed to drive tonight. It sure was a blessing that both guys were able to get me all fixed up in no time at all. Thanks guys.

Mark – Battle Creek, MI 8/4/2015 Kyle and his crew were extremely professional and effiecent.

Thomas – Battle Creek, MI 8/3/2015 Didn't have a air filter in stock and had to stop back

Caci – East Leroy, MI 8/3/2015 Great service and the guys were very helpful!

Jessica – Battle Creek, MI 8/1/2015 Visit was fine

Jamie – East Leroy, MI 7/31/2015 Already threw my receipt away so unable to give you store # or invoice #. Went to your Beckley Road location in Battle Creek, MI. The technician that helped me was awnry the whole time I was there. Slammed things down, threw his gloves and clip board down. Totally unprofessional. Besco Water guy showed up. He went downstairs and got the empties for him. Slammed them down in front of the car in bay 1. Besco guy asked him if he had done something wrong and he told him no and apologized. Didn't get his name. But had a tattoo on back of right forearm--I believe the letters N S A F. Thought you should know. Very unprofessional and shouldn't be working around people. Made me very uncomfortable.

Todd – Scotts, MI 7/31/2015 I have had problems in the past but remain a loyal customer!!!

Katie – Battle Creek, MI 7/30/2015 easy, convenient

Jay – Hopkins, MI 7/29/2015 Thank you 😊

Travis – Battle Creek, MI 7/28/2015 Helpful and friendly. Did a good job

Lawrence – Galesburg, MI 7/26/2015 For an extremely hot & humid Sunday afternoon, Beckley's UE Team was very upbeat & enthusiastic, hope they're keeping hydrated too!!

Julia – Battle Creek, MI 7/25/2015 The visit and service were good, just slow. The shop was busy, and it took 45 minutes for the oil change.

Jim – Battle Creek, MI 7/25/2015 nice team

Earl – Battle Creek, MI 7/24/2015 The technician failed to check my tires until I reminded themm failed to wash the entire window. Lost my green stem cap on the right front tire. Service was slow due to volume of customers and only two technicians.

Bruce – Battle Creek, MI 7/22/2015 Kyle, Austin and Chase, were great.

Sandy – Bellevue, MI 7/20/2015 I love this shop. They are always helpful and very friendly!

Sandy – Bellevue, MI 7/20/2015 I love Uncle Ed's. The people working on my cars have always gone the extra mile giving me little tips to help me. They care about my car and me. They are friendly and extremely quick!

Sam – Galesburg, MI 7/19/2015 ???????????

Denise – Battle Creek, MI 7/17/2015 If someone doesn't want to give additional feedback you shouldn't make them write in this space. The service was great but the survey needs to be worked on.

Andrew – Bellevue, MI 7/17/2015 Very good service. Went out of the way to try to fix a tail light problem.

Lawrence – Galesburg, MI 7/16/2015 I deeply enjoy having our family's cars serviced and maintained by Uncle Ed's and always look forward to my frequent visits for Top Notch Service, it seems to ease any worries or concerns while on the road! Prior to this particular oil change, I was asked to pay about 2 bucks for a pint or 2 of motor oil; I didn't realize this was company policy if the serviced vehicle exceeded 3,500 miles.

Angela – Battle Creek, MI 7/13/2015 The only place i will take my cars to get a oil change keep up the good work !!!

Danielle – Battle Creek, MI 7/10/2015 I was only coming in for an oil change as I stated in the beginning. I know that companies have policies and procedures they follow such as offering other services but when the tech continued to bug me about purchasing air filters, wipers, and other services I began to get irritated. I know my car needs some things here and there but what I did not appreciate was the attitude I got when I said no to additional services. In the end, the tech handed me my change abruptly causing me to drop it in my car all over and he did not even apologize. I am 9 months pregnant and I did not appreciate having to find my change on the floor of my car. The price of the oil changes are very high, even with coupons.

Lisa – Battle Creek, MI 7/8/2015 I choose Uncle Ed's, and specifically this location because of the quality of customer service. I feel I am a family member and am given the highest quality of care. I leave knowing the service I received was just as much as was needed and not anything more. All my questions are answered and the interaction with the staff is unbeatable.

Roy – Battle Creek, MI 7/6/2015 Staff was very professional

Ellen – Battle Creek, MI 7/6/2015 My service experience at this location is always "top notch!" Will continue servicing my vehicle with Uncle Ed's. Hats off to the most friendly staff.

Brandon – Mendon, MI 7/3/2015 I would like to thank Kyle and Marty for doing a great job taking care of my Jeep. Also Marty's special ordering transmission oil for me to come back and get that changed too.

Lawrence – Galesburg, MI 7/1/2015 Thanks for the continued terrific service and have a safe and enjoyable 4th!!

Greg – Dexter, MI 7/1/2015 I like that all my recommended service and history of services are handled so professionally!

Shane – Battle Creek, MI 7/1/2015 Very friendly service

Pam – Battle Creek, MI 6/28/2015 None at this time

Satori – Battle Creek, MI 6/27/2015 Best place in town! I'm from elkhart Indiana and I'll always come up here to get my car up to speed.

Lawrence – Galesburg, MI 6/25/2015 I wish to express my deepest gratitude to the excellent crew employed at the Beckley Rd location, especially Ron, Nikki, & Corey! I was quite impressed with an e-mail I received from Chris! I believe he's the current regional mgr? He indicated that he's very pleased with my UE patronage and frequent survey participation! Kindly express my thanks to everyone! I hope your associates are due for a review in the not too distant future! Perhaps an increase in wages? Thanks again and best wishes always!!

Lawrence – Galesburg, MI 6/24/2015 Although I don't know everyone's names and as I've emphasized in the past, UE has several outstanding employees at the Beckley location: Kyle (Phil?), Ron, Chase, Nikki, Corey, Travis, and last, but not least, Jim!! Hey, where's Marty, miss his presence too!

Bruce – Battle Creek, MI 6/23/2015 Great staff at Beckley rd staff.

Donna – Battle Creek, MI 6/23/2015 Ronald J. Is an awesome Asst. Manager! I will be back!

Lawrence – Galesburg, MI 6/22/2015 With the frequency of rain in our area, wipers needed replacement.

Thomas/Barbara – Climax, MI 6/22/2015 the gentlemen were real friendly and easy to talk to.

Lawrence – Galesburg, MI 6/21/2015 After the torrential downpour our vehicle needed a new wiper blade. We're trying out the "economy" line this time, hope it's satisfactory!

Bruce – Battle Creek, MI 6/20/2015 Beckley Rd staff always great.

Melissa – Battle Creek, MI 6/19/2015 Great service

Elizabeth – Battle Creek, MI 6/17/2015 Marty was very nice

Lawrence – Galesburg, MI 6/15/2015 I felt better replacing all wiper blades today! Kyle & Marty were most helpful as always!

Lawrence – Galesburg, MI 6/15/2015 UE Crew was friendly and attentive!

Rex – Battle Creek, MI 6/15/2015 Great stff

Lawrence – Galesburg, MI 6/14/2015 From prior experience I customarily don't have to wait too long for servicing, not typical with three vehicles being serviced this afternoon.

Julie – Battle Creek, MI 6/12/2015 Kind and friendly service personnel who explained details of what was completed .

Lawrence – Galesburg, MI 6/11/2015 Wonderful staff!!

Richard – Battle Creek, MI 6/11/2015 Good overall-a little pushy about buying extra services/products

Lawrence – Galesburg, MI 6/10/2015 Prior to lengthy trips, I feel comfortable & safe with an oil change & overall inspection!

Stephanie – Battle Creek, MI 6/9/2015 Great environment and chris was awesome he took really good care of me when i came in i will be returning!😀

Shuler – Battle Creek, MI 6/4/2015 Windshield wash was not completed but marked as done

Amber – Kalamazoo, MI 6/4/2015 Expensive

Denise – Battle Creek, MI 6/3/2015 Great customer service...guys have good personalities.

Bobbi – Dewitt, MI 6/3/2015 Had just gotten oil changed (not uncle ed's) in Dewitt, where I work. While on the highway driving home to Kalamazoo, several dashboard lights came on, including the oil pressure. Made what I would call an "emergency" stop at the nearest place possible, which happened to be this location. After discovering that the oil filter cartridge gasket had not been properly seated and the cartridge re-installed, Ron and Corey fixed the issue, went above and beyond, including staying late, made sure everything was done right, including rinsing the messy undercarraige. They also provided me with photographs and documentation for me to take back to the other oil change place. I will be doing that on Friday, as I will not be going back til then. But I cannot praise Ron and Corey highly enough for their professionalism and genuine concern. If Uncle Ed's gives out awards of any kind for customer service, these two fine employees deserve it!!!

Jeff – Battle Creek, MI 6/2/2015 Professional - courteous service - as always.

Lawrence – Galesburg, MI 6/1/2015 Beckley's dynamic trio provided outstanding service once again!!

Tracey – Battle Creek, MI 6/1/2015 Very please with the service I received today!

Jared – Portage, MI 5/31/2015 Great as always!

Victor – Battle Creek, MI 5/30/2015 great service

Lawrence – Galesburg, MI 5/28/2015 Prior to traveling, I customarily visit Uncle Ed's. I feel much safer, however, on lengthy trips when my vehicle's properly checked-out: fluid levels, lights, tire pressure, serpentine belt, windshield's visibility, etc. Kyle & Ron were most accommodating during this visit to UE and it was nice seeing Shelly too, she's much more prettier than the familiar crew! I'm expressing my deep gratitude for the outstanding and courteous customer service at the Beckley location! Keep up the great work Uncle Ed's, it's highly appreciated!

Amanda – Kalamazoo, MI 5/26/2015 Kyle and Ron were very helpful, and remained cheerful and professional despite a delay in service due to being busy. Thanks again!

Lawrence – Galesburg, MI 5/26/2015 The Beckley Team was very energetic and enthusiastic today! It was great seeing Kyle too, he's an outstanding individual!

Samantha – Athens, MI 5/26/2015 Ron and Cory were very helpful. Ron ordered a headlight and new dipstick! They were very fast and friendly. I have been going to Quaker state for 2 years and they Uncle Eds has won me over for sure! Thanks!

Bruce – Battle Creek, MI 5/24/2015 Great people at Beckly Road Uncle Eds!

Bill – Climax, MI 5/24/2015 great service....no pressure

Ashley – Battle Creek, MI 5/22/2015 Had trouble resetting the oil warning light/sound, they were able to help me (even after I paid and left).

Jurgen – Sherwood, MI 5/22/2015 Friendly staff and great service

Victor – Battle Creek, MI 5/20/2015 service was ok but they told me that my battery and my radiator was fine but I did not see them test neither of them.

Lawrence – Galesburg, MI 5/13/2015 Marty, Chase, & Nikki were all very helpful with today's oil change! I enjoy UE's prepaid promotion too! I also wish to express my sincere gratitude, however, with Chris' concern and dedication with the oily residue remaining on our garage floor. His visit to our home today made a noticeable difference which my wife will certainly be pleased with! Thank you for the kind and outstanding care for your clientele, it truly makes a profound difference!

Kyle – Battle Creek, MI 5/12/2015 Very good service.

Derek – Olivet, MI 5/11/2015 Was a little pricy, my only concern.

Lawrence – Galesburg, MI 5/10/2015 I deeply appreciate your commitment for excellence!

Ashlyn – Battle Creek, MI 5/5/2015 The assistant manager Ron was absolutely awesome

Tamesha – Battle Creek, MI 5/5/2015 Everytime I'm happy with the service!

Lawrence – Galesburg, MI 5/4/2015 Ron & Chase are truly dedicated employees!!

Brenda – Battle Creek, MI 5/4/2015 Chase, Chris and Ron were very nice. My children especially liked talking to them.

Darrell – Battle Creek, MI 5/4/2015 Good service.

Cnstance – Battle Creek, MI 5/2/2015 I accidentally pulled in to Uncle Ed's on my way to get a car wash, but since I hadn't checked my oil yet, I figured I'd give them a try. My customer service advisor was Travis B. Him along with all of the other men that checked my fluids were all very friendly and very polite. I usually do my own oil at home, but I would definitely come back due to the great service I received. Would no doubt recommend to a friend. -Constance

Bruce – Battle Creek, MI 4/30/2015 Great crew at Beckly road store. Marty is great.

Carol – Sherwood, MI 4/29/2015 I was surprise how fast it was

Josh – Battle Creek, MI 4/29/2015 Everyone was friendly and service was great. I used to go here before I moved to Tulsa, OK with my Fiancee and Uncle Ed's wasn't there so I had to go to a different place for oil changes. It was time for an oil change so we decided to take the cars to Uncle Ed's and the service here blew away the place we went to in Tulsa (Jiffy Lube).

Regina – Battle Creek, MI 4/29/2015 The staff were very welcoming and helpful. I love that I can come back and have my fluids checked and tires. These guys did a fast wonderful job!

Molly – Battle Creek, MI 4/28/2015 Great service, very helpful!

Charles – Battle Creek, MI 4/23/2015 Valve cap left off right rear tire, and the air cleaner housing was left completely unfastened. Frankly, I could do without the sales pitches for other service during a visit.

Lawrence – Galesburg, MI 4/23/2015 For the first time I had the opportunity of meeting Wes, a kind young and well qualified manager. This particular character's caliber will definitely help propel Uncle Ed's to new bright heights! He was extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and accommodating! Wes' Beckley location team is also professional and outstanding!

Rachel – Clio, MI 4/23/2015 Trainee manager was annoying not knowing what to stop talking. Pricing was higher here then I normally pay by $50. That is not pocket change.

Jill – Battle Creek, MI 4/20/2015 Ron, Marty and Chase provided excellent service today. Marty has assisted us before and has excellent customer service skills. I always receive excellent care here and refuse to go anywhere else!

Noah & Anne – Fulton, MI 4/14/2015 Marty, Nikki and Travis all did a great job! It was great to meet Chris the manager too. Thank you for the excellent service. Thorough, prompt, friendly. Thanks again!

Lawrence – Galesburg, MI 4/14/2015 Besides the outstanding service Marty and his team are providing at the Battle Creek location, the new and energetic manager also seems to be most accommodating and professional! Keep up the excellent work!

Mickey – Battle Creek, MI 4/10/2015 Travis, chase, and Ron do great work thanks guys

Monica – Battle Creek, MI 4/10/2015 Ron, Travis, Nikki and Chase provided excellent service

Virginia – Bellevue, MI 4/10/2015 Ron and Travis were great- thorough, efficient, and fast.

Kristy – Battle Creek, MI 4/4/2015 Stopp d in to have my oil topped and check engine light reset. Also had a lightbulb replaced. Ronald was very nice and professional...had me in and out in a flash. Thanks again for the great service I always receive!

Mark – Battle Creek, MI 3/28/2015 No tire check till I asked for it, no windshield wash,no wiper blade inquire,no air filter check.

Sarah – Jackson, MI 3/27/2015 You shouldn't advertise 10 min oil change if in 25 mins all you can do is check the lights. Tires were not checked. It took 50mins for an oil change. For the price and time I will take it else where for better FASTER service.

Mason – Union City, MI 3/27/2015 There were 3 cars being serviced at the same time, so it was REALLY busy. They checked my lights & wipers, but not my tires. Then, I sat there for about 20 minutes before anyone came back to talk to me b/c they were so understaffed. All of a sudden, the service advisor said, "ok, you're all set." I didn't know they were even working on my vehicle?

Ashley – Battle Creek, MI 3/21/2015 I did not receive the tablet during this visit.

Bruce – Battle Creek, MI 3/19/2015 Like all the guys at the Beckley Road shop!

Brad – Battle Creek, MI 3/17/2015 Service and manager and technician were all very friendly, thorough, helpful, and professional. My only negative comment was the suggestive selling of premium products and services. That bothers me. I don't mind knowing about the full range of products and services available, but setting that as the default on the tablet was a turn off.

Eric – Battle Creek, MI 3/14/2015 This was the first time I have been back to Uncle Ed's in years. The reason I don't go there is because of the ridiculously high price ($47 for a standard oil change, come on), and the constant effort to upsell everything. I normally take my car to the dealership and get the oil changed and a better inspection for $30. After the last trip to Uncle Ed's, I was reminded why I go to the dealership.

Noah – Fulton, MI 3/13/2015 Weston and Travis did a great job. Thanks!

Lawrence – Galesburg, MI 3/12/2015 Ron is very pleasant and most attentive during my visits to Uncle Ed's. Although I never knew her name, Nikki, always exhibits courteous professionalism. Uncle Ed's Beckley location definitely has an exceptional team!!

Lawrence – Galesburg, MI 3/8/2015 My recent visit to UE was absolutely perfect, what a fine team Ron's leading at the Battle Creek location! I wish to alert you, however, of the present situation with my '10 Chrysler Town & Country. I wholeheartedly appreciate Kevin McCallum sending me to a local garage to correct its power steering issues. I'm currently waiting for a particular part to arrive from Lansing which will enable them to complete the job. The local mechanic indicated that UE is unfortunately using power steering fluid which in not compatible with the manufacturer's recommended specifications. On the other hand, I can't begin to express my wife's disgust with the complete mess in our garage from the leaking reservoir. I've repeatedly told her that the car will be repaired soon!

Lincoln and Barbara – Athens, MI 3/4/2015 Different people this time,not as friendly:-( Your staff is normally very friendly and professional thats why I choose Uncle Eds over other places but this time felt like get in and get out, still very quick though.

Eric – Battle Creek, MI 3/2/2015 getting very expensive to get just an oil and filter change....may start looking for a less costly place to have this done.....price keeps going higher every change

Lawrence – Galesburg, MI 2/27/2015 I'm so glad I learned of the "Pre-Paid" Oil Change Discount, this promo really helps with our family's budget! On the other hand, My wife and I are extremely frustrated with our Chrysler Town & Country's steering fluid issues. We recently had its steering fluid serviced at Uncle Ed's, but it seems that the air bubbles continue to resurface. It wasn't a pleasant feeling last night to embark on our 50+ mile return trip home with the annoying steering dilemma! We're fed-up, please advise!

Lawrence – Galesburg, MI 2/23/2015 Steering continues to be noisy since servicing on 22 February 2015. No evidence of any leakage in my home garage though.

Mary – Union City, MI 2/13/2015 It took twice as long to be serviced than what was told to me by mgr. had a new guy doing my oil change which I didn't have a problem with. My oil filter cap was dropped between my radiator and the front of the car and it took 4 of your workers 10 minutes to get it out. When I was told I was all done. (Per your checklist that was provided by your company and was told by your employees that was complete I asked why my 4 tire pressures were different and not even close to each other. I was told by the mgr that my expensive oil change would last 10,000 miles by my new window sticker reminder was for 3 months. What normal customer of yours drives 10,000 miles in 3 months????

Doug – Battle Creek, MI 2/13/2015 I have never been as pleased with any service anywhere, as I have here, and it is always consistently "top notch."

Bruce – Battle Creek, MI 2/3/2015 Thank you, I finally got your coupon books in the mail. Mickeys coming in today for an oil change. His college classes in Ohio were cancelled today and tomorrow.

Lawrence – Galesburg, MI 1/29/2015 Representing Uncle Ed's, both Travis and Chase are outstanding individuals and exhibited professionalism, accommodating me with various concerns. Thank you.

Lawrence – Galesburg, MI 1/27/2015 Besides Ron doing an outstanding job, please be sure to include Chaz too! Is his formal name Charles?

Lawrence – Galesburg, MI 1/20/2015 Mr. McCallum welcomed me during my brief visit.

Ellen – Battle Creek, MI 1/14/2015 The manager and staff are always very friendly - it makes your day!!

Chris – Portage, MI 1/14/2015 Christian was great to work with! Very friendly and fast! Corey did a great job and paid extra attention to my vehicle! Great job! Thanks guys!

Lawrence – Galesburg, MI 1/13/2015 Personnel were concerned regarding my safety with a filthy salt ridden windshield and rear window, thus cleaning thoroughly, like night & day! Quite often, it's those small minute things that matter the most! UE has two outstanding individuals in Battle Creek! Thank you Christian, Ron (not to mention the excellent Tech Staff!) My entire family sees first hand your untiring and dedicated efforts towards your clientele too!!