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Gearbox-Differential Service

Keep your vehicle 'in gear' by replacing the oil in your gearboxes (front & rear differentials and transfer case - Price is per axle/transfer case).

Protect Your Gears With Regular Differential Service

When most think of 'getting an oil change' they tend to think only of their motor oil and filter.  However multiple types of oil are used throughout your vehicle, and to achieve proper maintenance all oils should eventually replaced.

Gear oil is designed to lubricate the gears for protection, keep heat and friction levels low, prevent leaks and controls rust and oxidation from happening to keep the life of the system intact. All of these benefits are lost when the fluid becomes overdue, affecting the transfer of power from your vehicle's transmission to its wheels.

Having new fluid in the differential gearboxes will promote better fuel economy, help prevent leaking, but most importantly, it will reduce the heat and friction, which will ultimately lead to a longer lasting and more efficient differential. 

Does My Car Need Differential / Gearbox Service?

Stop by your nearest Uncle Ed's service location - depending on your car's current mileage and vehicle history, we will suggest the Gearbox / Differential Service per your manufacturer's recommendation.  Some vehicles, including all-wheel drives, Recreational 4x vehicles, rear-wheel drive performance cars, and commercial trucks may benefit more from this service.


*Plus tax. Most vehicles. Includes up to five quarts of oil; additional quarts of oil cost extra. Additional charges may also apply for premium oil filters and skid plate removal charge (where necessary).

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