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Diesel Oil Change

Our full service exclusive 19-point check, plus up to 8 quarts of oil for your diesel vehicle.

During your visit, we will:
Change Oil with up to 8 Quarts of Diesel Motor Oil
Change Oil Filter
Lubricate Chassis

Check and advise on the condition of the following:
Air Filter
Cabin Air Filter
PCV Valve
Radiator Cap
Radiator Fluid
Serpentine Belt
Fuel Filter

Check and fill the following fluids, if needed:
Transmission Fluid
Differential/Transaxle Fluid (upon request)
Power Steering Fluid
Windshield Washer Fluid

Safety check of the following items:
Tire Pressure
Wiper Blades
Exterior Lights
Wash Exterior Windshield


*Plus tax. Most vehicles. Includes up to five quarts of oil; additional quarts of oil cost extra. Additional charges may also apply for premium oil filters and skid plate removal charge (where necessary).

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