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Woodward Dream Cruise

Woodward Dream Cruise


Which came first, Uncle Ed’s Oil Shoppe or the Woodward Dream Cruise

The answer is a little easier, or maybe a little clearer than the age old chicken or egg question. Uncle Ed’s came first being built in 1985 while the Woodward Dream Cruise began its first year in 1994 when Nelson House, a plumber from Ferndale, came up with the idea for the cruise in order to help raise money for a children's soccer field in his community. The Woodward Dream Cruise was an immediate success surpassing the expected 30,000 people coming and instead had 250,000 people participate that first year. Uncle Ed’s has happily been a part of the Woodward Dream since its beginning in 1994 which can now say has about 1 million people visiting Detroit each year.

The Woodward Dream Cruise is well known for its love of classic cars, something Uncle Ed’s Oil Shoppe can appreciate. With an average of 40,000 classic cars lining the streets of Detroit, you can’t help but enjoy the enthusiasm displayed by the participants who have washed, waxed, and shined their cars for show. The Woodward Dream Cruise starts just one mile north of Detroit in Ferndale and goes all the way to Pontiac. Although Uncle Ed’s Oil Shoppes are located all over Detroit, we have only one location on Woodward but it’s located only a half mile from one of the most popular cruise areas near the live broadcast at 13 Mile and Woodward.

Uncle Ed’s Oil Shoppe is celebrating its 33rd Anniversary this year at Dream Cruise, which will be celebrating its 21st year. Although our Woodward location will be closed to make room for all those classic cars, we hope to see you there celebrating classic cars, Detroit, and Michigan.

If you find that you need an oil change on August 15th, don’t worry. We have 29 locations throughout Michigan and the other 28 will be open to serve you and your vehicle.

To learn more about the Woodward Dream Cruise, visit their official website at: Woodward Dream Cruise 2015.




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