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The Uncle Ed's Story

The Uncle Ed's Story

Uncle Ed’s story begins in Battle Creek, Michigan back in 1982. That’s when the original Uncle Ed’s Oil Shoppe opened. Right away, people knew this wasn’t a typical oil change place. It looked different – clean and welcoming. The service was different, too. The technicians were friendly and knowledgeable. They only used the best products made for specific driving conditions. And they were fast. Really fast, completing oil changes in just ten minutes. What really stood out was the impeccable service. Soon, people were driving from miles around to the friendly little oil shop that always went the extra mile for their customers. Thirty three years, 29 stores throughout Michigan and over ten million oil changes later, Uncle Ed’s Oil Shoppe is still going strong.

Who is Uncle Ed?

We wish everyone could have an Uncle Ed in their family. He’s the friendly voice you trust. He’s the knowledgeable friend who knows his way around an engine. Always ready to roll up his sleeves and lend a hand, he’s the guy you turn to for help. He’s there when you need him, letting you know you can come by anytime. And best of all, he always makes you feel like family. That’s Uncle Ed. We may not have set out to create an icon, but that’s what Uncle Ed has become. Recognized for good, old-fashioned, quality service, Uncle Ed is a testament to what happens when you put customers first. We never forget that people have lots of other options when it comes to getting an oil change for their cars. Some places may be closer. Some may be cheaper. But nowhere else provides the knowledge, service, convenience, quality and friendliness of Uncle Ed’s Oil Shoppe.

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