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Tailgating - Another American Sport

Tailgating - Another American Sport

Tailgating is about as American as baseball and apple pie. It’s well agreed that it began in the United States but there is some disagreement about when tailgating started. Sports historian, John Greenburg, believes that tailgating began in the 1960’s at Florida State. His thought is that there were not any, or very few bars near the stadium and this began the tradition of burgers and beer before the games. However, the American Tailgaters Association claims that tailgating dates all the way back to the Civil War in 1961 when soldiers met before a battle in Virginia and food was provided by a Texas cattle rancher. The first football game that included tailgating was just eight years later in 1968 at a Princeton versus Rutgers game. In case you’re wondering, Rutgers won that game.

Today, tailgating is found all over America and at both college and NFL games, although for a period of time in 2007, the NFL tried to ban tailgating before their games. By 2008, a petition was making the rounds to bring back tailgating at NFL games. Now it’s back and hugely popular. There’s a certain feeling of goodhearted one-upmanship at every game where attendants bring large televisions, vastly huge grills, and a variety of games like Cornhole and Ladder Golf. But don’t think for a second that tailgating is purely for football or even just sports. The Santa Fe Opera is famous for tailgating before performances.

According to the Bleacher Report, Ole Miss has the market on being the best tailgating school for football and they are not the only source to state the same. For Michiganders, you’ll be happy to know that the University of Michigan is Number 14 on the list for the 2015 Bleacher Report List. No matter where you are tailgating this year, make sure you check out 41 Tailgating Tips that are Borderline Genius. It’s full of great and practical information for experienced and new tailgaters alike.

Do you have a favorite tip or recipe to share for tailgating like a pro?

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