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Keeping the Interior of your Vehicle Germ Free and Safe!

How clean is the interior of your vehicle?

Every time you jump in your car you are bringing everything that might have been on your hands or gloves and spreading it directly to your steering wheel, shifter, start button, door handles, seat belt, radio and temperature adjustments, and anything else you might touch.  Even if your hands were perfectly clean when you got into your vehicle and you are able to keep from touching your face during your trip - chances are the interior of your vehicle probably already had something on it from your last trip.  And because we unfortunately do not have a sink and soap to wash our hands when we are in our vehicle, it is important to keep the interior as clean and safe as possible.

Disinfecting Wipes can definitely help!  Be sure to wipe down every surface where you or your family's hands might touch when inside your vehicle.  Although the steering wheel is typically the worst culprit, there are plenty of other surfaces where you regularly touch.  Avoid using products that contain bleach, ammonia, and hydrogen peroxide cleaners as they can cause damage to the upholstery or touch screen surfaces.  

Just like for your hands, Soap and Water is a great and safe solution that can help get rid of most germs.  Using a lightly damp clean sponge or microfiber towel, thoroughly clean all hard surfaces.  Don't forget to vacuum off the upholstery and floors.

Here are a couple of other articles on how to keep it clean and help keep you safe:

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