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Car Care Tips for your Idled Vehicle

Stay Safe in Your Car at Uncle Ed's Oil Shoppe

Vehicles were meant to run.  
Is your vehicle one of the millions across the United States that is sitting idle during this past month?  Even the occasional short trip to the grocery store or local restaurant for take out isn't what your vehicle was designed to do. Here are some tips to keep your vehicle healthy:


  • Your vehicle's battery drains slightly everyday that it is not run and recharged.
  • Letting it sit too long without allowing it the time it needs to recharge could leave you finding a dead battery when you go to finally start it. 
  • Short trips to the store may not give it the time needed to recharge.
  • TIP: Let your car run for about 5-10 minutes once a week.  If the store you are going to is shorter than a 5 minute trip, take a different route to give your battery that little extra time to recharge.
  • Uncle Ed's would be happy to test your battery charge anytime you need it - free of 'charge'.


  • The oil inside your engine wasn't meant to sit for weeks at a time.
  • When your vehicle runs, the circulating oil lubricates all of the vital parts throughout the engine.
  • The Michigan weather with sharp temperature fluctuations can lead to moisture getting inside your engine.  When a vehicle runs and the engine gets hot, some of this moisture is able to evaporate.  Water can lead to the formation of sludge in your engine.
  • Rubber hoses and belts inside your engine can get dry or even get chewed by animals that decide to move into the newly parked house on wheels.
  • TIP: Similar to helping your battery, letting your vehicle get out on the road and drive is helpful to keep your engine lubricated and avoid excess moisture build up.  The engine running allows your belts to move as intended and helps keep your hoses from getting dry and brittle.
  • Follow the manufacturer recommendations on how often to change the oil on your vehicle. You may find that you need to change the oil based on time instead of mileage this time around.


  • Tires can get 'flat spots' when left sitting in the same spot for weeks at a time.
  • TIP: Driving for a 15 minute period can help keep your tires even.
  • Tire pressure low?  The team at Uncle Ed's would be happy to adjust - no need to get out of your vehicle - and it's FREE anytime you need it.


  • Rust can form on brakes as they sit unused.  
  • TIP: The same drive that will help the rest of your vehicle will help to remove this thin layer of rust. 

Fuel System

  • Similar to the engine, your fuel system will accumulate moisture as it sits through fluctuating temperatures.  
  • When a vehicle runs, some of this moisture evaporates.
  • TIP: You guessed it - letting your vehicle run and burn off some of this excess moisture is the best answer.
  • Uncle Ed's has a Fuel Injection Cleaning Service where your vehicle gets to run for over 10 minutes.  Why not get your Fuel System back in great shape while letting your battery recharge and engine fluids flow.

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Stay Safe in Your Car - We'll Do the Rest!

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